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Dream, Wish and Believe... By Aoife Rose O’ Brien n life, as we all know, at times we can bear the weight of the world on our shoulders. Be it financial issues, health issues, or something that just gets you down and you cannot see a light at the end of the tunnel. Don`t fear though, you are not alone. We tend to create a barrier while going through a tough time, one where others can see in, but we cannot see out. We believe we are alone. We believe life is unfair for picking us out as individuals, throwing this problem on our path of life, creating a disturbance we did not need to deal with. Also, we negatively single ourselves out to be the only ones that have it so hard. This, my friend, is natural. It`s natural to get caught up in a problem and become so low we don’t know where is up. Sometimes we cannot solve this problem, but what we can do is learn how to deal with it. Have you ever noticed how we are so critical on ourselves, but we are oblivious to other people`s flaws? Generally, at one point in each and every day, we will feel uncomfortable about ourselves. Be it our appearance, our behaviour, or our material world. My question to myself, and to the rest of the world is....why? Why can we not see our full potential, like everyone else? Yes, it is good not to live perched on a high horse, towering over others... but why should we think negatively about ourselves, putting down our spirits, making us lose our smiles and our inner joy? Why should we lose that “something special” that makes us unique? Somebody once told me, “love yourself before you love others”. This quote has stayed with me through my up`s and down`s, because I believe it contains the truth we must remember on a regular basis. We must remind ourselves that it is ok to be true to who we are. What sort of life would we live if everyone was the same? Life has became more constricted as the years go by, so would it not make sense to cherish any bit of freedom we have in ourselves? The freedom to be yourself. I believe, it is the most valuable gift we can ever receive. The control is in our own hands, nobody else`s... You know what to do... As we go about our day, how about trying a little exercise to lighten the load, and find that forgotten smile that`s longing to come out again. If or when a negative thought approaches your mind, don`t dwell, instead turn it into something positive. If you are unhappy with your body shape, think about how lucky you are to have the ability to walk. If you are unhappy with your appearance, think about how lucky you are to have the ability of sight. And if you are unhappy with who you are, think about how you can


change these flaws to become a better person. Remember, every idea begins small. The control is in your own hands to manifest this idea and create something magnificent. Next, try do the same exercise, when you notice something envious in another person. If you tend to see how others have beautiful hair, a great smile or a bubbly personality, then match their great characteristics with something great about yourself. Maybe their something special may not match what you are recognising in yourself, and that`s ok. Usually, what we envy in others, is something we seek in ourselves. What we must realise, though, is that we are envied in the eyes of others, also. If we could see ourselves the way others do, I bet we would all be smiling a little brighter. I believe that balance is the key to living a successful life. Every single part of who we are, what we do and the lives we live must have balance. If not, how do we ensure a long term success? How do we expect to find happiness, if everything is top heavy? If we give too much of ourselves, always helping others, complimenting them and never receiving anything in return, how do we expect to be happy? We deserve help too and we deserve compliments too. This balance is what motivates us to give, and helps us appreciate what we are receiving. The fear of being individuals is something that I cannot fathom. Why would we want to hide something that deserves to be celebrated? Why would we want to live like clones, never expressing our real feelings, never showing our actual personalities? Do not fear of what others think, as they may not be saying what is really on their minds. If they insult you for being true to yourself, believe me, somewhere deep down they are jealous of you, and wish they had your courage. Imagine our lives as a blank canvas. Wouldn`t we find it boring if it had no colour? We would not want to decorate our homes with dull, boring images... so why live a life that represents one? Try visualising your life thirty years from now: will you be content that you lived your life to the best of its potential, being who you truly are? Or will you regret wasting years upon years of hiding your true colours to “blend” among the rest? Your life is exactly that— your own! You are not here for somebody elses benefit, so don`t behave as if you are. You are here creating your own story, making your own movie... Would you watch it if it didn`t interest you? If the answer is no, then don’t live it! You are living it now, right now, so if changes need to be madethere`s no time like the present!

So remember, treat yourself a little better, accept yourself a little more, and love yourself a little deeper. Smile your biggest smile, then smile even wider! Life is brilliant, the world is a beautiful place and you deserve to enjoy all the trimmings! “Why put off for one day that decision you`ve been pondering... Aren`t you just putting life itself on hold?” --Neale Donald Walsch Don`t have shame in failing... Have shame in not attempting. You are strong. You are beautiful. You deserve happiness. Dream your biggest dreams, make your biggest wishes, and believe that one day, however far away, they can come true.

Hold My Hand Mommy Hold my hand Mommy and give me a smile, Tell me its fine, even just for a while. My chest is shaking, Im feeling numb, Tell me when the good times will come. I hear their laughter when I close my eyes And when I wake the same applies. I cannot remove it from my mind I`m so confused, I thought they were kind. I gave them no reason to laugh and tease, All I wanted to do was please. I wanted acceptance, I wanted love Now all I want is to fly above. Up there they will love me no matter what I know if I go there the pain will soon stop That place seems so pretty, it seems so free I know in my mind, in that place, I`ll be me. So hold my hand Mommy, while I say goodbye, And do not let a tear fall from your eye, This world was nasty; this world was too mean The place where I`m going is like in a dream. And one day you`ll come here, I`ll wait for you I`ll show you everything I said is true!Until then please help me, let my story be told, Of how I grew up in a big scary world. Teach people kindness; laughter is for joy Not to hurt another little girl or boy. Teach them acceptance, new things aren’t bad And please teach them not to make anyone sad. Hold my hand Mommy, I`ve got to go, Know how much I love you so I`ll miss you, Mommy, but don`t be scared Wherever you go, I`ll always be there. And when you feel scared or a little sad I`ll be there with you, holding your hand Don`t let them hurt you, don’t be afraid, I know we`ll meet again one day. -AOIFEROSE O`BRIEN

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Essential oils PART 1 By Niamh Hogan alking down the aisles of the supermarket, I am struck by how much stuff there is. Shopping has become more difficult with the huge choice that is now out there. If you are like me and you read the ingredients list of everything you buy, you would have to set aside a few hours just to do the weekly shop. I read the ingredients of all the food. I read the ingredients of cleaning products and of toiletries because I really care about what I put in my body and indeed on it. I also care about what products I spray around my home to clean it as those products can be inhaled when we use them. The long aisles with the pretty packaging to lure you in are a chore to navigate and I for one do not have the time to do so. I am also a sucker for pretty packaging, if it has flowers on it, I want it! So to save me money and time, I tend to stay away from those isles. So, how do I get away with not spending time on these isles? How can you do without surface cleaner or toilet cleaner? I will tell you how. Essential oils! Obviously anyone who knows my Skincare products will know my passion for Essential oils. Essential oils are oils that are taken from plants - from the blossoms, or the leaves, or the bark, or the stems. You could call them the essence of the plant. It is the life energy of the plant, and that life energy is very powerful. These oils have the power to fight bacteria and fungi. They can energise the skin, the body and the mind. They can fight stress and encourage relaxation. They can help heal wounds and clear up burns. They can help to relax muscles and encourage circulation. Their benefits go on and on. Essential oils come in small bottles usually purchased in your local health store. When you are buying essential oils, I would recommend that you buy only from your local reputable health store as they will stock therapeutic oils. A great Irish brand that you can thoroughly trust is Atlantic Aromatics. Essential oils have a variety of aromas, some you will like, and some you will not. It is worth mentioning that the oil in the bottle is very concentrated and in most instances must be diluted. The aroma will be more subtle once diluted. So why would you buy essential oils in the first place, you may ask. Essential oils have so many uses in the home and in everyday life. I will start with the aromas. Very simply, they smell great and when used in a burner, they make your home smell great. You can get a burner in your local health food store or


in a gift store. You place a tea light in the bottom and some water and 4 or 5 drops of whatever oil you have chosen in the bowl above. After a few minutes the aroma will fill the room. Have fun choosing your favourite smells. I love citrus aromas for the home, like orange and lemon. A wonderful one for the kitchen is lemongrass. I burn Lavender in my daughter’s room if she has problems going to sleep, I burn Eucalyptus in my room if I have a cold and my sinuses are blocked. In summer, I burn flowery oils like Rose and Jasmine. At Christmas I burn Cinnamon and Orange and other festive oils like Cedarwood and Pine. Another way of introducing aromas into your home is to place a little bowl of water with 4 or 5 drops of essential oil, on your warm radiator. The aromas are powerful enough to affect you physically and indeed mentally. Inhaling the aroma of Eucalyptus by steaming is a very powerful and natural way of clearing the respiratory system when you have a cold or your sinuses are blocked. You place 5 drops of Eucalyptus in a bowl of hot water. Cover your head with a towel and hold your head over the bowl and inhale. It is amazing! You could also place a few drops of eucalyptus on your pillow when going to sleep to help you breathe more clearly. Placing Lavender on your pillow will help you relax and get to sleep. Because I mentioned cleaning products at the beginning, I will tell you how you too can avoid those isles of the supermarket. Marketing companies will have us believe that we need different products for different things. We need one for cleaning glass, one for counter tops, and another for the shower and the toilet. In reality we do not. All we need is some water, some white wine vinegar and Essential oils. Hold onto an old spray bottle, half fill it with water and fill the other half with the vinegar and add 100 drops of essential oils. I use Teatree always as it is a powerful antibacterial oil. I mix it with Lemon for the kitchen and bathroom. 50 drops of Teatree and 50 of Lemon and hey presto, you have a surface cleaner and a glass cleaner. You can also use it for the toilet and the shower. To spray on upholstery, leave out the vinegar. Just use water and Teatree and perhaps Lavender or Orange or both. Use 30 drops of teatree and 70 drops altogether of the other oils. This is very useful if you have animals in your home who like to curl up on your furniture. If you use a dryer to dry your clothes, placing a cloth soaked in water and essential oils is a lovely way of getting a natural

clean smell onto your clothes. Again, chose the aromas you like. Lavender, Rose, Jasmine, Neroil, the list is endless. Using Essential oils in the bath is another great way of releasing the aromas but also of absorbing the oils in through the skin and into the body. This is a great way of both treating the skin and also other issues you may have. When using essential oils in the bath, it is important to use a carrier. When you drop Essential oils into the bath neat, they will sit on the water and not disperse and so the skin cannot absorb them. However if you put drop 10 drops of Essential oil into a capful of milk (the carrier) and then put in the bath, the skin can absorb them as they will disperse in the water. To relax in the bath, use Lavender and Chamomile. To energise, use Lemon and Orange or any citrus oils. After childbirth, bathing in Lavender is very healing and deeply relaxing. Rose and Geranium are luxurious and balancing. All of them will make you smell great! Next month I will tell you more about how essential oils can shorten your time in the Supermarket. I will tell you about massage, skincare, hair care, first aid and more. So, stay with me. Until next month!

By Niamh Hogan 086 3183369 Facebook – Holos health and wellbeing Twitter – @Niamhhogan Niamh




South East of Ireland and is a Natural Health Practitioner founder


and Holos

Skincare from Nature, a new Irish natural skincare range available on line and in selected outlets


Ireland. She is passionate about health, beauty



lifestyles and likes to write about all kinds of everything.

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