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SADIES INTERPRETATIONS ANGELS BY ALEX COSTER Last night I dreamed I ate a ten pound Marshmallow and when I woke up , the pillow was gone ...Tommy Cooper

any questions are asked about our sleep cycles along with our dreams, our sleep can be broken by a stressful dream but also we have those dreams that are so nice that we try to go straight back into that dream if we relax and visualize the main symbols , alot of the time we can drift back. There are four phases to our sleep cycle; Firstly , we go from wakefulness to sleep . Our second phase is our actual sleep where we become unaware of our surroundings or outside influences . Phase three then comes in gradually, where our sleep becomes a little deeper. Phase four, we sink into a deeper sleep we breathe more in rhythm and breathe deeper, our heart rate and blood pressure drop, our metabolism slows down, our brain activity is different from when we are awake . When all phases are complete, we move back and go from four to one, its like we are about to wake, but it is actually harder to wake someone at this stage, even tho we're back to stage one ie, our pulse beats faster, our blood pressure increases, we move around, but yet we are deeply asleep, the electrical activity in our brain feels like it is when we are awake . Phase four is also known as REM, or rapid eye movement, where our eyes move rapidly from side to side, even though our eyes are closed. This can mark the beginning of our dream state, although we can still dream in phases one to three, phase four or "REM" give us more vivid dreams, as if by moving the eyes we are observing events and seeing things clearer .


What is lucid dreaming? Lucid means a clear understanding of something. Lucid dreaming is when we are aware that we are dreaming, ie when we can fly, or do something we cant or haven't done in our waking life. It gives us a freedom but also can uncover messages. In lucid dreaming we can face fears, rather than run, we are aware that we are dreaming and therefore face our fears, eg instead of coming to a wall and being afraid, we climb over it or break it down, making us realise that our fears can be faced, you can become so aware and less afraid that instead of running from someone, you may actually face them and talk to them, you realise its a dream and you can't be harmed. Many dreams seem so short but yet carry so much detail, we may only remember snippets,

but each little detail can be analysed, a colour, a number, a feeling a place, a person. eg. I had a dream I was in school, I saw the number 3, I was doing an exam but yet became stuck and couldn't finish it, I became panicked I haven't been in school in over 10 yrs? Here the dreamer is on a learning project in life with a view to improving themselves (school), the number 3 suggests commitment, putting you mind body and soul into something, however the panic feeling and not being able to finish the exam, suggests that although we want to improve something, we are letting ourselves lack in confidence, therefore the short dream tells us to put our full commitment into something and stop letting fear take over. We can have several dreams in one night and although we may not think they're linked, when we break down the symbols, all the dreams link in someway subconsciously to events in our waking life. When we become more familiar with symbols it becomes easier for us to understand our dreams and we find alot of common themes popping up again although perhaps with different symbols. More common ones include the following: FLYING

Flying in dreams can be fairly common but as we cant really fly, this refers to our ability to literally fly or soar over problems. It represents that we have a strong mind and intellect. It shows the ability to be able to step away from problems and see them from a different angle or perspective. It literally gives us an uplifting feeling, although it may feel scary at first. By flying we can also project good thoughts to others, e.g. absent healing. To dream of flying with others can suggest a guide for us, someone who helps us on a spiritual journey. DREAMING OF LOST LOVED ONES When we dream of lost loved ones, it is their way of letting us know they are around us and there for us, they can give us messages for ourselves but also for others. 90 percent of our dreams are about us, even if others appear in them, the other people are often references to a current situation or our own feelings. Passed loved ones can give us messages either through conversation or showing us symbols, or both – for instance, just to show us the colour green can refer to healing for us, or telling us to open up our emotions more. They can also show us numbers - e.g. 2 ... telling us to communicate more, or 4 ... telling us to stop limiting our abilities so much, they may not show us much but even a small symbol can have a significant meaning.


Doors in dreams can have different meanings all depending how they are viewed. They can represent opportunities to us, if we fear going through a doorway it means we are afraid to take an opportunity, to close a door represents refusing an opportunity, locking a door has the same meaning. Large glass doors represent how we use our intuition, as glass represents how we are instinctively seeing certain situations. TEETH Dreaming about teeth can be quite common, and can represent different meanings depending what else is in the dream or what situation we are experiencing at the time. Just as animals carry their young in their teeth, dreaming of them can suggest reproduction or a worry over our children, as animals carry their young in their teeth, so we may feel we are losing control over a situation, e.g. if our children are becoming more independent, moving house, starting a new school etc. Teeth can also refer to us being more alert, or getting a better grip on a situation. Dreams of loosing teeth can be set off by any of these factors where we may feel we need to be stronger in a situation. TELEPHONES Telephones in dreams represent communication. If you have lost your phone or it is broken, it suggests that you may be having problems communicating or sharing feelings over a matter. Depending on other symbols in the dream, telephones can also represent the ability of telepathy or being a clairvoyant. These symbols can be the colour purple, as it represents spirituality, or numbers - e.g. the number 7, which refers to our more spiritual side, (your spiritual centre is your seventh chakra). Also the number 9, which although not very commonly seen in dreams, can suggest that we are spiritually advanced and therefore tells us to follow in the path in which we are gifted. DEATH Don’t be concerned, as seeing death in dreams can be very common, and although it can be scary, it suggests that we need to leave any negative thoughts that we may have firmly in the past. We need to let go of the negativity that we are feeling, in order to move into the future with positivity. A lot of times, when we may dream of loved ones dying, this just suggests our closeness to them and our fear of losing them, the dream tells us that we need to stop stressing and worrying so much, and leave our stress in the past.

rystals are beautiful stones that have fantastic beneficial energy. Each crystal has different benefits and uses. I work daily with crystals and never go anywhere with one on my person. Their benefits range from healing a broken heart to absorbing negative energies. These are the basic crystals everyone should have in their position. • Clear Quartz - It helps clarify issues. It is a very calming stone and often used as a worry stone. • Amethyst - A purple stone. This is my favourite crystal of all. It is a huge protective stone. It absorbs negative energy and purifies it and releases positive energy. It aids sleep. Promotes balance and self-control. • Rose Quartz - A pale pink stone. Is for attracting love into one’s heart both self love and with others. Releases emotional stress. • Rhodonite - A pink to dark pink with dark areas. Aids us to express emotions. Great meditation aid. Helps us make our true selves be heard. Stabilises emotions. • Sodalite - A blue stone with white lines. Improves communications. Cleanses the lymphatic system and enhances the immune system. Promotes pea • Jade - A pale green stone. Heals emotional pain especially in relation to matters of the heart. A very relaxing stone. Raises our natural instinct. • Emerald - Dark rich green stone. Speeds up emotional clearing and cleansings. Great for when detoxing the body. Brings balance and peace to your mind. Related • Carnelian - Dark red orange colour. A huge grounding stone, helps keeps your head when your life is in upheaval. Boosts your courage and confidence. Releases stress and trauma. Boosts creativity.


How to care for your crystals? Keep your crystals out of direct constant sunlight. Sunlight can fade your crystals. Do not keep them all in one box as they can become heavy and the will chip each other. Keep crystals on a soft tissue base. Buy yourself a good crystal book I recommend The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. How to cleanse your crystals? Brand new stone bought from the shop will benefit from washing in warm soapy water. Then it must be cleansed properly. It can be done in many ways • Running water - hold the stone under running water e.g. a tap. Or in a mesh bag and held in a stream or river. • Incense - by holding the stone in the smoke from burning sage or dragon’s blood incense. • Salt - place your crystals in a bowl of dry sea salt cover them and leave them overnight. Do

not put crystals in salt water as it erodes them. • Other crystals - Amethyst clusters are a great and easy way to clear tumble stone crystals. Place your small crystal on top of the cluster and leave over night by morning it will be full charged and cleared. Where to carry crystals? Crystals only can help you heal if they are within your aura, so you need to keep them close. They are perfectly fine to put in your pocket or handbag. Jewellery made from crystals is hugely beneficial too. Also beside your bed at night time on your locker or in your pillow case. How do I use my crystals? Crystals work my just being near you. Holding a crystal in your hand and releasing your aliment into it is one great and easy way. Another is taking a bath with your crystal.

Meditation with crystals is very beneficial but please be careful which crystal you use first as some crystals heighten visions and your ability to connect to spirit which if you are unaware of can frighten people. My top tips for using crystals: • When in the shop pick the stone you are drawn to. Note its name. • Invest in a crystal book with picture. I recommend The Crystal Bible 1 & 2 by Judy Hall • When you get it home cleanse and charge it. • Keep it close. • Hold it in your hands and close your eyes for a few minutes and just focus on your breathing. You will feel its benefits immediately. • If you are really interested in crystals please do take a crystal workshop! • Don’t be afraid to use them!!!

A little about me A few years ago I embraced my gift to communicate with the angels and the changes since then have been huge. I believe I was chosen as a light worker to provide help and guidance to people. I love sharing my gift with others and that is what made me set up Sadie’s Angels. The angels use me as a channel to pass on their messages and healings to my clients. These messages are ones of good will and guidance. I do this through one to one readings in a private setting. I currently work from Evolv Health store in Enniscorthy, but I also travel to people’s homes for readings as they also like to have their house cleared too. Recently I have started Angel parties which are hosted by someone in their own home and I come to their house to the group of people and I do one to one private readings for all at the party in a separate room. These have proved very popular and I regularly do these as birthdays or hen parties or a girl’s night in. I also give angel workshops and one to one lessons on how to use your angel cards. As well as angel card readings I also provide spiritual and angel healings, I’m also a fully qualified Reiki master. My angel healings provides my clients with a powerful, relaxing and unique healing. Reiki works with the energy points in the body and help creates a positive flow of energy in the body. If you would like further information please visit my facebook page sadiesangels101 or feel free to ring me on 085-8414470 Love, light & happiness Sadie

Testimonial; “I heard of Sadie through a friend. As I am very interested in Angelic connections, I decided to call Sadie for a 1:1 appointment. Sadie amazed me with the fine detail descriptions of past, present and future, personal events. Sadie has a very special way of making you feel completely relaxed while she connects with the Angelic realm. She has a very friendly and caring nature while giving guidance and support. I was so impressed with the messages Sadie received and her gentle way of conveying these messages that I have had many appointments with her since and recommended her to lots of family and friends, who have in turn gone for repeat readings with her. I highly recommend Sadie and thank her for sharing her amazing gift.” Jan Kennedy

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