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SADIES INTERPRETATIONS ANGELS BY ALEX COSTER “Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dreams may seem so complex at times , but when we begin to break the symbols down , they can make so much sense .... Steps we should take when analysing : 1. Write down your dream, people, weather, colours, numbers and most importantly the feelings, as to why am I feeling like this? as these can relate to the symbols shown. 2. Underline the main subjects and descriptions actions and feelings eg .bright day , happy , blue sky , running , large house 3. Put the dream then into sentences like a story and the picture can become alot clearer . 4. What are the main feelings and why ? What symbols are they relating to ? 5. If you were to read this story as not your own ,what title would you put on it ? 6. Choose the main word that stands out in the title as this will give you the main information on what you're dream is centred on , therefore making the surrounding symbols easier to understand Examples of dreams and how to interpret them : Dream One... Last night I dreamt I was at a pound saving a dog. Only she was my 6yr old daughter. I fell in love and was heart broken when some time later a man (rough muscly horrible looking) came and snatched my dog (daughter) and said 'I've been looking for her everywhere' and walked off. I woke up just as I was calling police and trying to work out how to get her back. My family saved a dog from the pound 6 weeks ago, and my daughter was born premature 26 weeks and was in hospital 7 months before she was home with us. Not sure if that has anything to do with it but I thought you might like that info Always look for the emotion in a dream first , you feel heart broken but the symbols tell us why u feel that ......a dog in a dream although a domestic animal , suggests anxieties and fear domestically or in the home etc but also stands for human nature and loyalty being probably the most common animal dreamt of , your daughter can represent your female side which is our emotional , sensitive side , the dream doesnt have to be about her , as our dreams are about us , but you may feel at the moment at a very emotional level about something , the male in the dream suggests a male that you may feel may be strong in character , but also tells you to use ur male side too , as we all have both female and male aspects to our characters , our female side is our emotional side, our male side is our career, determined , get up and go, side. Perhaps there is a male in ur life that also finds it hard to open up and show emotion or how they truely feel.

Calling the police...the police suggest guides or people who help us in real life , calling them suggests communicating better, anxieties, emotions , career or anything else that may cause any stress. Dream Two ...

Last night I dreamt that I was in my house my two sisters where there we were talking and trying dresses and stuff on. I looked out the window (it was night time) the stay looked stormy there was like lightening but it was blue purple lilac and a bit of green. I went outside to look at it because it was beautiful my sisters couldn't see it though. When I looked towards my house out of the chimney came the san coloured lights like a car on full beams but still I was the only one who could see it Firstly your sisters suggest ur spiritual side and also communication and emotions ,looking thru a window suggests how u may view life at the moment or your outlook on life .Nightime can suggest feeling in the dark with regards to something ,storms are stress ..however the lightning asks you to take a different view ,blue suggests expression and ur philosophy and attitude ,purple and lilac suggest spirituality ,green is healing of emotions and heart ...the house is the physical body ...and looking at the house from the outside is how u feel others view you ,they know u have an extremy positive attitude but ur also aware that u may not show it as much as you should . Dream Three ... Last night I dreamed of giving birth to twin boys. (I am not

pregnant, nor have I ever been.) The birth was oddly calming, though I kept telling the doctor how I wanted it to go. He kept insisting on inducing me and I said no. Right after saying no the first boy was born, then a nurse came in because I said I felt pressure still. She told me it was not the "afterbirth" but another baby. I was surprised and said "twins!?" The nurse was surprised too. The same thing occurred the doctor came in and started giving orders, and I said no I'm fine. The nurse turned to him and said "she knows what she is doing, please go." Sure enough the rest of the birth went smoothly. The only other detail I remember is there was an IV running through my hand, with some mild calming medication. I did not see the twins faces, I just felt at peace and knew they were healthy and woke up. A birth in a dream suggests that you have let go of something that uve carried for a long time , it may be something that was emotional for you , but as you say u feel calm now , feelings are always the main symbol in a dream and meaning worked round the feelings .a doctor is a guide or a help and may suggest a male that was trying to help you , although you listened to the nurse more , she suggests your emotions .now however you have become stronger and are using your male side more ie the boys ...our male side is our determined , career , get up and go side , the twins themselves suggest communication, good intuition ..the iv in your hand is a healing process you are experiencing through communication.

TESTIMONIALS L . Morrison ..UK I just wanted to leave a wee post to say how wonderful Alex Coster is at her readings .I only know her through Facebook so she has no idea what is going on in my life , yet on MANY occasions when I got her to do a dream (many many of them , so weird I thought im going mad ) , she broke them down and made perfect sense of them , it was like she was in my head , like she was my best friend and knew exactly what my dream meant . Anyone who is thinking of getting a dream done , go for it , she can make the weirdest of dreams make sense ....she is amazing xxx I do short dream readings , detailed dream readings ie analysis of longer dreams , mini numerolgy readings and also have now started to do Angel card readings , all at very reasonable prices . If you would like any of these readings feel free to message my facebook page , which now stands at just over 4,300 members, Dream Interpretation ( by Alex) or message my personal page Alex Coster.

t’s a hectic time here at Sadie’s Angels but a very exciting time! I am currently working on a few projects which are all very exciting in their own right. So make sure to pick up next month’s article to hear all about my first leap of faith! I have been asked so much lately about my readings and treatments that this month I am going to give you a detailed description of the treatments and readings I provide. I provide all these from Evolv Health store in Enniscorthy.


Angel Card Reading In an angel card reading, I use angel cards to provide the client with guidance and clarity. The angels use me as a channel in order to get their guidance across to the client. I have talked to and worked with angels and spirit for most of my life. For me it is a part of everyday life. I am very lucky and privileged. My gift has provided me with the ability to help people which is what I am happiest doing. Readings can be either 30 minutes or 50 minutes. I also can read the clients energy and aura and all this together provides the client with an insight into their life and how to go on from here. Angel card reading is for everyone young and old, men and women, believers and sceptics. I also do healings. I have a few different types of healing • Healing with the Archangels In this healing I channel different Archangels and use their energy to clear each chakra and provide balance and clearing to the client. For this healing I work with Archangel Michael, Raphael, Jophiel, Chamuel, Uriel, Gabriel and Raziel. This healing takes an hour. It is a very powerful healing that deeply heals, clears and balances each chakra, and your entire body. Clients have felt ‘very empowered’ and noticed their body ‘lighter and less stressed’ after this healing. All my clients say it is ‘deeply relaxing’. Some clients have even felt the archangels with them during their healing. Also while this healing is happening the angels give me little messages for the client, these little messages are usually guidance and helpful tips for your life. • Releasing and clearing healing This healing takes usually 1 hour. It is mainly focused on cutting the ties and healing negative connections we have with negative situations from our past. It also helps with releasing old patterns and old beliefs and creating a new path for new ones. It is a very powerful healing and can be very emotional as it is clearing your past emotions. Every one of my clients who have this healing

have said to felt a bit emotional for a few hours after the healing but then felt a sense of peace and calm. This healing is very beneficial for people with a lot of anger issues and anyone with a fear of moving on. It works on the past and clearing our emotions connected to the past. • Chakra clearing and balancing

This is one of my shorter healings it takes 30 minutes. It is a very basic healing. It unclogs the chakras of stale energy. It clears all the chakras and balances them, creating a positive flow of energy in your body. • Distance Healing I provide distance healing to clients who live far away or abroad. The healing is the same as healing with the Archangels but done on an energetic level. This type of healing has proved very popular with clients who live far away and have come to me for a healing and wanted a boost after a few weeks. I do this regularly and have done it as near

as Barntown or Cork or as far away as Canada. Angel Card Parties These parties have proved very popular as girl’s nights in, birthday parties, hen parties and I have even done a divorce party! You host a party in your own home with your friends and I conduct one to one readings in a private setting. The max amount of people I can take in a party setting is 10. I also run a raffle at each party all money from the raffle goes straight to charity of my choice for the year. House Clearings Usually people get this done before moving into a new house or after buying a new house. I also do this for people dealing with separation or divorce as these times in our lives can create negative energy in homes. I clear the stale or negative energy and replace it with positive clear healing energy. This is done in private and not done in conjunction with angel parties.

A LITTLE ABOUT ME A few years ago I embraced my gift to communicate with the angels and the changes since then have been huge. I believe I was chosen as a light worker to provide help and guidance to people. I love sharing my gift with others and that is what made me set up Sadie’s Angels. The angels use me as a channel to pass on their messages and healings to my clients. These messages are ones of good will and guidance. I do this through one to one readings in a private setting. I currently work from Evolv Health store in Enniscorthy, but I also travel to people’s homes for readings as they also like to have their house cleared too. Recently I have started Angel parties which are hosted by someone in their own home and I come to their house to the group of people and I do one to one private readings for all at the party in a separate room. These have proved very popular and I regularly do these as birthdays or hen parties or a girl’s night in. I also give angel workshops and one to one lessons on how to use your angel cards. As well as angel card readings I also provide spiritual and angel healings, I’m also a fully qualified Reiki master. My angel healings provides my clients with a powerful, relaxing and unique healing. Reiki works with the energy points in the body and help creates a positive flow of energy in the body.

If you would like further information please visit my facebook page sadiesangels101 or feel free to ring me on 085-8414470 Love, light & happiness

Sadie Testimonial; ‘Sadie the angel card reader was first brought to my attention by my sisters who had both gone to her for a reading. So I was curious and skeptical about the whole thing so I began to ask questions. My sisters were quick to tell me that she had told them both things that they had only ever thought about and never actually confided in anyone. This grabbed my attention as there was no vagueness or putting words in their mouth when she gave the reading so with my slightly skeptical curiosity, I went and decided to make an appointment myself. I had recently enough ended a long term relationship and was in need of some sort of guidance or answers so I sat down with Sarah for a reading and boy am I glad I did! She mentioned to me some of my personal traits which I could not deny and may not admit to my friends, but my big question was should I try to get back with my ex or should I just move on? When she spoke to me she was able to describe to me in detail my ex but also described another girl who I may meet. I asked which girl is the best option and she said she didn't feel a great comfortable feeling from my ex but I decided to try work things out and boy was I wrong a not a comfortable feeling was a nice way of putting it! I have since met the other girl she described and life couldn't be better. It has been a few months since my reading and as the weeks pass more and more of the reading seems to be coming to pass or make sense. So would I recommend it? The answer is quite simple I was a complete skeptic at first but have since had to change my views regarding the whole spiritual world and hey you never know unless you go! ‘ From Donal ‘Sadie has been doing distance healing for me for a couple of months. It has been a hectic time and without the healing I am not sure how I would have kept my head above water. Now that things have settled down I notice the healing more strongly - I smile more and I feel lighter. Thank you Sadie xxx’ – Nollaig Co. Cork

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