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Lake Winnipesaukee

by Dawn Dawn Thomson Thomson by

of Reuben's Reuben's Rescue Rescue Ranch Ranch of

17 Harris Shore Rd.

(Junction of Rte. 11 & 11B)

Gilford, NH


Thomson from 1

heard quite the commotion coming from inside. Expecting to at last experience the miracle we’d only imagined up until then, we quickly swung open the barn doors and flipped on the lights with great anticipation! An immediate hush filled the air. Disappointment washed over us, as we realized that, once again, we had missed the big event. We were, however, in for a different surprise. Instead of the animals being cozily bedded down in their stalls, as we’d left them earlier that evening, our donkeys, goats, horses and even our llama, were all congregated in the center aisle of the



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After a While Life Catches Up to You!

“We’ve often wondered if this festivity was really for the animals, or more for our own enjoyment. Well, one year, we found out the answer to that question.â€? barn. No animal talking could be heard‌.. probably because their mouths were too full, as they blissfully consumed


their entire Christmas Tree, including paper ornaments and candy canes‌.wrappers and all. Our resident lock-master,

Benjamin the goat, had a “who me?� look on his face, as we chuckled and accused him of being the mastermind behind this Christmas Eve celebration. No, we didn’t actually hear the animals speak that year, or any other for that matter. But if we had, we feel pretty certain we would’ve overheard exclamations that included words like: “Splendiferous�, “Holiday-sational�, and “Balsamicious� beSee thomson on 12

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As you may or may not know I tend to think pragmatically about everything. I owe much of that practical thinking to the Marine Corps. “Situational Awareness�, “Presence of Mind�, “No decision is a decision by default�, and on and on it goes. The whole notion that planning and common sense are essential in helping you to live a better life is also consistent with retirement. In spite of what I think is common to my way of thinking there are people who come to my office that think very differently. Many still believe that growing their monies with an abundance of risk troubles me. In other words getting a few more percentage points is worth risking the vast preponderance of their family’s wealth!! Why? I believe in part this is due to “Social Disinformation�, and the mentality that the stock market will continue to rise indefinitely. In meeting after meeting there is no telling these good hard working American’s anything differently. The markets they believe go up and down naturally. However; when you are in retirement mode like many Senior Americans protecting and growing retirement dollars safely is more important than making a little extra at the expense of your wealth! The idea of making the right choices with your monies is understanding Core Concepts of income payments in perpetuity with your “tax qualified accounts�. Simply stated my clients cannot afford to lose their monies to a major correction in the stock market. Many of the people that visit with me after one of my dinner meetings try to understand, but in many instances still opt for the risk, and unfortunately that can be tragic. It’s difficult to get those monies back after a major correction. So it is what it is, sadly!

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So when do you know it’s time to pull your monies from the risky stock market? Well when the Federal Reserve stops the printing of 75 billion a month. If you hear that the Federal Reserve is tightening the money supply and you hear of inflationary pressures. These are key phrases that may signal that a correction is imminent. Remember the past doesn’t have to equal the future be “aware�. Pay attention this time and have the “presence of mind�, and pay attention to the economic indicators that spell a train wreck coming to your IRA, 401(k) or Nonqualified accounts. Talk with your Investment Advisor about reducing risk in your portfolio. If you have tax qualified monies making asset allocation changes will not trigger off a taxable event. Many 401(k)s allow for reallocation and rebalancing so it’s easy to make a correction with the help of your financial advisor. —DAK Dave Kutcher is a featured contributor on FOX Business News! Certified in Long-Term Care Planning (CLTC), he owns and operates DAK Financial Group LLC. Dave has almost 25 years experience working with retirees, and previously served as a Captain in the Marine Corps for 15 years. Call or write to be on his mailing list for quality newsletters, it’s free!

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12/04/14 Weirs Times  

A Farm Christmas To Remember

12/04/14 Weirs Times  

A Farm Christmas To Remember