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THE WEIRS TIMES & THE COCHECO TIMES, Thursday, September 3, 2015

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Lakes Region Kennel Club DOG OBEDIENCE CLASS Meredith Community Center 7 Weeks Starting Tue. Sept. 8th AKC STAR Puppy, Canine Good Citizen Novice and Open

Child’s Park, Meredith Ctr. Starting Thur. Sept. 10th Breed Handling Basic Manners Novice and Advanced Rally O

Frank working with Ayasha, a Navajo filly rescued two years ago from a round-up in New Mexico. by Scott Philbrick Live & Let Live Farm

At some point in our lives, in quiet or introspective moments, I think we all reflect on those moments we’re not particularly proud of; moments when we’ve harmed others for whatever intentional or inadvertent reason, given in to letting emotion eclipse rational thought, or simply made a bad decision. Now, try to take a moment to identify the worst decision you’ve ever made. Hopefully it isn’t one you’ve spent your life paying for ever since. But what if it were? So many of our “bad decisions” thankfully whiz by us with little or no consequences. As you think of your worst moment, ask yourself, “what if I had to pay for that bad decision for ten years?” Or how about twenty? Or twenty-five? Every day— day in, day o u t — your entire life reconfigured to pay for that one instance of poor judgment? Would you

want a second chance? I think it’s a safe bet to say we all would. This past week I had the opportunity to meet and chat with an interesting gentleman— a new volunteer at LLLF. Frank has been volunteering at the farm one day a week for six weeks now, doing everything from cooking to hanging drywall to caring for and cleaning up after newly arrived puppies, and any other task that comes his way. Tall and lean, with a healthy tuft of salt & pepper hair and crisp blue eyes, Frank has been paying for his bad choice, and waiting for his second chance for twenty-eight years. And that wait is about to come to an end. Frank is one of six NH State Prison inmates currently participating in LLLF’s newest ventures. It’s called Inmates in Transition; a new outreach program to assist inmates preparing for the massive emotional impact and effects of transitioning from

a life of incarceration, returning as productive members of society. The inmates, accompanied by NHSP Corrections Officers, spend about six hours every Tuesday at the farm, engaging in a variety of important tasks each week. To date, it has been quite successful. Frank is eagerly awaiting final word on his exact release date, which should be coming up any day. Because he loves cooking so much, Frank’s dream is to own one or two mobile food and sandwich trucks. Long term, this program could be a winwin-win for LLLF, inmates approaching release, and society. And in the short term, it’s getting off to a fantastic start. In the vast majority of instances, today’s inmates are tomorrow’s


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“Miss Kitty”

Age: 4 years | Sex: Spayed female | Breed: Domestic Longhair Beautiful Miss Kitty is 4 years old and was surrendered because she did not do well with the other cats in her previous home. She is a sweet girl who would be happiest in a home where she could be your only pet. In her previous home, she was an affectionate lap cat. She is happy to be a couch potato but also has a playful side. She can be a bit of a rough player, so she might do best in a home with older kids.

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09/03/15 Weirs Times  

Military Appreciation Day At Funspot

09/03/15 Weirs Times  

Military Appreciation Day At Funspot