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THE WEIRS TIMES & THE COCHECO TIMES, Thursday, September 1, 2016

VOLUME 25, NO. 35



A Country Boy My Story by Robert Hanaford Smith, Sr. Contributing Writer

Columnist Robert Hanaford Smith has been a welcome addition to this publication over the past several months presenting interesting articles on New Hampshire history. This week Robert tells us a little bit about his own history from his childhood. It makes for great reading and we are sure will being back memories for some. Enjoy! My wife suggested that I write an article about my

boyhood summer activities and, after dismissing the idea at first, reasoned that it was far enough in the past to be labeled history (maybe ancient history to my grandchildren). So here goes. There are differences from yesterday’s country boy to today’s. I realized that when being informed that my grandchildren were being given baths after visiting the beach. The purpose of my going to the beach on a Saturday evening was to take a bath, along with a bar of See smith on 40

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There’s still some good summer action to take advantage of on the lakes and mountains and in the towns of New Hampshire. These photos come from EKAL Activity Center in Meredith where you can rent stand up paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, bicycles and an Aqua Cycle. There are also SUP Yoga and SUP Barre classes as well as private charters for up to 10 on a 26-foot pontoon boat as well as the popular antique boat rides aboard the Miss Meredith (top photo). Check out our Summer Fun section for EKAL’s advertisement as well as other great summer fun ideas.

A rather remarkable rescue unfolded recently for Teresa Paradis and her team of volunteers at Live and Live Farm Horse Rescue and Sanctuary in Chichester. Each individual rescue operation has its own set of peculiarities that, in retrospect are seen as a bit unforeseen, but there are those more serendipitous times where it’s enormously clear that circumstances aligned for the orchestration of a much needed rescue. This was one of those times. On August 12 three hors-

es, a large draft horse cross, a gray gelding, and B-miniature horse were rescued from situation south of Peterborough, and just north of the Massachusetts border. They were not even given the dignity of names; they were simply “things” to be owned, like a lawnmower or a chair or a shed. Ten days earlier, on August 2, a young woman was driving along a lonely road,


by Scott Philbrick



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09/01/16 Weirs Times  

A Country Boy - My Story

09/01/16 Weirs Times  

A Country Boy - My Story