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— THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, July 2, 2020 —

Live Free Or Die:

Death Is Not The Worst Of Evils.

— General John Stark

VOLUME 29, NO. 27



Racky Thomas At Pitman’s Freight Room

As we celebrate America’s Independence on The Fourth Of July, Robert Hanaford Smith, Sr., reminds us that even though the Declaration Of Independence was signed on that day in 1776, America was also at war, and companies and regiments of colonists were still being raised up to fight in it.

Raising Something For The 4th The Cost And The Celebration -Part 2 by Robert Hanaford Smith, Sr. Contributing Writer

Fireworks and the Fourth of July have for many years been associated with each other as Americans engage in their yearly celebration of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, though I don’t recall ever attending

a reenactment of the event. Towns all over New Hampshire have traditionally either provided funds from their yearly budget or provided fund-raising campaigns to pay for the fireworks display on the night of July Fourth. Other traditions include starting the day’s festivities with a flag-raising

ceremony where that symbol of respect for and loyalty to the United States of America is raised on a pole as spectators stand and/or salute and sing the national anthem. Some towns hold annual fourth of July parades where patriotism is also emphasized. Picnics with hot dogs and hamburg-

ers have long been part of the holiday’s tradition for many families. Watermelon was often an added treat for the special day in our family. I remember attending baseball games on the Fourth back in those long-ago days when there were summer leagues with teams See SMITH on 24

Saturday, July 18 at 8pm spend an evening with the Racky Thomas Band as they bring their eclectic, authentic brand of traditional blues and roots to the Pitman’s stage, Live in-person. The Racky Thomas Band has been a torchbearer for the blues since its formation in 1995. The band, in various formations, forged ahead, releasing four critically acclaimed, independently produced CD’s, including their most recent effort: Hard Travelin’, and making numerous club and festival appearances, opening for such luminaries as Luther “Guitar” Jr. Johnson, Ronnie Earl, and Sue Tedeschi; and highlighted by a trip to France in 2010 to perform at the Terri Thouars festival. Call ahead to make reservations as there will be limited seating 603527-004. Pitman’s Freight Room is located at 94 New Salem Street. Laconia. For more information on this and upcoming shows visit pitmansfreightroom.com RE ONLINE FOR & SHA F RE D A E RE






— THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, July 2, 2020 —

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Tom Ploszaj For State Rep To The Editor: To The Weirs Times and its readers of whom I have enjoyed over the years, I would like to announce that I am running to represent New Hampton and Center Harbor for the NH House - Belknap District 1 and asking residents to consider me for that honor and their trust. Contact me at Tom@TomPloszaj. com and 279-9965 Coming out of the NH shutdown which caused a halt or delay in many aspects of our lives has made many of us appreciate our rights during a time in being socially responsible. The November 3rd election will be the time that we need to choose a representatives who you want to Listen to, helps and would represent the residents, not a political party or their own agendas. I really believe you and your neighbors knows what is best for them, their families and the state, not political parties or representatives with preconceived, one fits all ideologies. I’d like to meet, understand your expectations, know your issues, gain your support in working together to maintain and improve life in NH Lakes Region. November’s election will decide how our economy and New Hampshire itself will recover from the NH COVID-19 shutdown along with our lifestyles and pocketbooks. New

Hampshire should not try to accomplish a recovery just by throwing more of your money at it or making more constraining laws. Fiscal policies within the constraints of the NH Constitution can be obtained without taxes that negatively affect NH workers, property and business owners. There is plenty of unfinished legislative work to be done in helping and representing Granite Staters without NH legislators getting mired in party politics and agendas. I pledge that I will attempt to make all meetings and votes, keep our representatives accountable with roll call votes, will oppose any increase in taxation that places greater burdens on families and businesses while maintaining an efficient social safety net. To fulfill this pledge to represent the needs of Belknap District 1 and the NH Constitution, I ask for your support and vote to work towards what you would like to see happen in Concord. Wife and I live in Center Harbor, proud parents of four children, three grandchildren. Having had a range of work experience I’m a retired analytical research scientist with a degree in chemical engineering, 44 years a volunteer with EMS; EMT, EMT-I, emergency dispatcher, vol. fireman, medical safety teams. I belonged to Civil Air Patrol, Lions, held civic, private and elected positions as, communication commission, cemetery trustee,

ambulance, planning board (alt.) Tom Ploszaj Center Harbor

Democrats’ Favorite Fraud

To the Editor: The Democrat Party’s greatest fraud is that it cares about black people. Using lies, virtue signaling, alarmist charges like “white supremacy” and “institutional racism”, and media support, Democrats blame others for the enormous harm done to blacks by the Democrat Party’s own actions, policies, and laws. President Johnson’s Great Society still causes enormous suffering due to the resulting increase from 24% to 75% of births to unwed black mothers. As President Obama said, fatherless children are 5 times more likely to live in poverty, 9 times more likely to drop out of high school, and 20 times more likely to end up in prison. Democrats force many inner city students into bad and dangerous schools resulting in high drop-out rates and graduates who are unprepared for most good jobs. For example, a 2017 study showed that no more than 1% of the students tested at grade level in math in 48.7% of Baltimore high schools. With high taxes, burdensome regulations, and unchecked crime, Democrat city See MAILBOAT on 29

Our Story

This newspaper was first published in 1883 by Mathew H. Calvert as Calvert’s Weirs Times and Tourists’ Gazette and continued until Mr. Calvert’s death in 1902. The new Weirs Times was reestablished in 1992 and strives to maintain the patriotic spirit of its predecessor as well as his devotion to the interests of Lake Winnipesaukee. Our newspaper’s masthead and the map of Lake Winnipesaukee in the center spread are elements in today’s paper which are taken from Calvert’s historic publication. Locally owned for over 20 years, this publication is devoted to printing the stories

of the people and places that make New Hampshire the best place in the world to live. No, none of the daily grind news will be found in these pages, just the good stuff. Published year round on Thursdays, we distribute 30,000 copies of the Weirs Times every week to the Lakes Region/Concord/ Seacoast area and the mountains and have an estimated 66,000 people reading this newspaper. To find out how your business or service can benefit from advertising with us please call 1-888-308-8463.

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A Strange Year For Bird Feeding by Chris Bosak Contributing Writer

A yellow-rumped warbler, left, and pine warbler share a suet feeder this spring in New England. must have been somewhere fairly close. It was surprising because there isn’t what I would consider typical bluebird nesting habitat anywhere in my neigh-

borhood. I have seen catbirds at my feeders before, but only on rare occasions and it has been years since the last time. This spring and

summer, however, I am getting at least two different catbirds visiting every day eating suet. They are bold and noisy, belting out their cat-like mew from mere feet away from me, Speaking of suet, it was the attraction that lured my first Baltimore orioles. I have tried for years to attract orioles with all of the things that are supposed to attract them, such as grape jelly, orange halves and nectar (similar to hummingbird food but less sugar). No luck. This year, they visited for several days in late April and early May and always went right for the suet. I hear them calling from high in the treetops on occasion still, but I haven’t seen them at the feedSee BOSAK on 21

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I cut back on my bird feeding last week as my visitors have dwindled to a handful of species. I am still putting out enough to keep those birds coming back and happy, but I retired many of the feeders until the fall. A big, homemade platform feeder is still on the deck keeping the downy woodpeckers (family of four), cardinals, catbirds and house finches around. At my previous houses, by this time of year only house finches would be coming around so I would stop feeding altogether in the summer. With the nice variety of birds still coming around, I will continue to throw out a little seed and suet. Taking down some of the feeders made me think about what a strange year it has been for feeding birds, at least in my yard. I have been feeding birds for decades now and this year marked several firsts. It started in February with the eastern bluebirds. I have never had bluebirds at my feeding station before this year so you can imagine how thrilled I was to see them arrive. They showed up every day from February until the end of May and even brought their youngsters around for most of May. I still don’t know exactly where they nested, but it




— THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, July 2, 2020 —

ture & Matt

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— THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, July 2, 2020 —


Rafting For Wishes 4th of July Weekend Craft Fair at Gunstock Come and celebrate at the 4th of July Weekend Craft Fair at Gunstock on July 4-5 - Sat & Sun 10 am to 5 pm both days. A special feature will be Elise Ford, an amazing female chainsaw wood carver! See more on page 19

Rafting for Wishes is an annual fundraising event benefiting Make-A-Wish New Hampshire. Held in Meredith Bay and on land at Hesky Park, this year’s event will take place Friday, July 17th - Saturday, July 18th. We will have a kickoff celebration beginning at 5pm on Friday.The 24 hour event will start at 6pm. This event is open to the public and we encourage everyone to get involved! A team is made up of 1-20 participants and is tasked with the goal to have their team raft “manned” for all 24 hours. Each team of 10 is challenged to raise at least $3,000, a minimum of $300 per individual. Each additional team member (after 10 team members) is expected to raise $300, increasing the overall team minimum goal. Every team is given one raft to house their belongings and provide shelter/place to sleep during the 24 hour event. Top fundraising teams going into the event weekend get first dibs!

John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band will be at The Flying Monkey in Plymouth on Friday, July 10th at 6pm. began their career in 1972 and achieved mainstream success in the 1980s with the “Eddie & The Cruisers - Motion Picture Soundtrack”. The hit single “On the Dark Side” held the “Number-One” position on the Billboard Rock charts and the MTV video charts for “five” consecutive weeks. The album sold over 3 million copies and was certified triple Platinum by the RIAA. The title track from the group’s 1985 follow-up album “Tough All Over” became their second “Number-One” single on the Billboard Rock charts and the song “C-I-T-Y” reached the Billboard Top 20. John Cafferty’s solo track “Hearts on Fire” was featured in the Sylvester Stallone film “Rocky IV” and he received his second double Platinum soundtrack award. Over the years John has placed 35 songs in major motion pictures. Today John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band continue to tour and bring their exciting live shows to fans around the world. In 2012 they were inducted into the Rhode Island Music Hall Of Fame.

Aviation Museum’s Annual Classic Car Show - The Aviation Museum’s annual Classic Car Show takes place on Saturday, July 11 from 10am. to 2pm (Rain date is Sunday, July 12.) Vehicles of all makes and eras are welcome, including odd or unusual vehicles. Trophies will be given out for the People’s Choice Award and the Museum Award. All registered entrants will be included in a raffle for valuable prizes. A separate 50/50 raffle will be held as well as a yard sale, with all proceeds to benefit the non-profit Aviation Museum. Admission/registration is $10 per vehicle entry plus occupants. To facilitate orderly set-up, owners are asked to arrive between 8 and 9:30 a.m. at the grounds of the Aviation Museum, 27 Navigator Road, Londonderry, N.H. Admission for the general public is $5 per adult; children 12 and under free. Admission is cash only.


Loon Center Reopens To Visitors The Loon Center in Moultonborough will open to visitors on July 1. They will be implementing several changes to their daily operations as well as asking that visitors follow a few simple guidelines during their visit. • All staff will be following CDC recommendations and guidelines with regards to increased cleaning frequency, the wearing of face masks, and monitoring their own health for COVID-19 symptoms. • The picnic area on the screen porch will be closed to the public. • Curbside pickup is available for online orders. • Do to continuing concerns about COVID-19, all hands-on children’s activities will be unavailable for the time being. Children’s activity and coloring sheets are available upon request for your enjoyment at home after your visit. To learn more, please visit us in person at The Loon Center, 183 Lee’s Mill Rd, Moultonborough, NH, or online at www.loon.org.


— THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, July 2, 2020 —


in brendan@weirs.com


Live Free or Die.


Not In The Mood I had planned to write a more serious column this week about how Independence Day by Brendan Smith has basically been Weirs Times Editor canceled this year due to the coronavirus. I was going to write about how parades and large gatherings have been called off. Fireworks displays are still going on in some places, but you have to watch them from the safety of your own home or, if you want a closer look, bring the family and sit in your car in a parking lot. I was going to write about how this year we aren’t permitted to gather and cheer for our veterans in parades and thank them for their service in wars that helped preserve that independence. I was going to write about how so many kids will lose out on that opportunity to understand more about the freedoms we have that many in the world do not and how precious those freedoms are. I was going to write about how especially important that is this year after being inundated with social media and news stories about a few terrible isolated incidents that are framed in such a way as to make us believe that we are the worst country on the face of the earth. I was going to write about how there will still be large gatherings of people around the country marching on July Fourth, not in parades to celebrate our precious independence, but demonstrating because they think America is such a horrible place to live. But after much consideration I decided, why bother? I won’t be

changing anyone’s mind. Some will agree with me, others will not. Most of us are getting tired of all of it anyway. Instead I thought I’d try to write something funny, but I found I wasn’t really in the mood. So, I’ll just rerun this column from 2010. Celebrating The Fourth Taking The Fifth This year I am celebrating the Fourth of July on July First. Different towns around New Hampshire celebrate the Fourth of July on the Third of July and some even celebrate it on the Second of July. It seems that since the Fourth of July falls on a Sunday, some people find it more convenient to celebrate it on the Third of July or even the Second of July. I work a lot of weekends so, since Thursdays are pretty wide open for me, I’ve decided it’s more convenient to celebrate the Fourth of July on the First of July in my particular circumstance. Actually, Wednesdays are my easiest days but I thought celebrating The Fourth of July on The Thirtieth of June or the Eighth of July was a bit of a stretch. In honor of the Fourth of July, which falls on a Sunday, the United States Post Office won’t deliver mail on the Fifth of July. In fact, the entire Federal Government is celebrating the Fourth of July on the Fifth of July. I have heard, from some of my friends who work for the Federal Government, that they will be doing their celebrating of the Fourth of July on the Fourth of July and may not actually celebrate it on the Fifth of July, the day they are supposed to. Now, I am not one to complain anytime the government is shut down for an extra day, but the fact that some workers are taking advantage of the extra day and not celebrating the Fourth of July on the Fifth of July, like they are supposed to, just seems

wrong. Maybe even a scandal in the making. You won’t be able to do any banking on the Fifth of July either. I know this for a fact because a sign on the door of my bank reads: “Closed on Monday, July Fifth, to Observe The Fourth of July.” So, I guess, bank employees all celebrate the Fourth of July on the Fifth of July. If there are any bank employees I know who I see observing the Fourth of July on the Fourth of July, are there authorities I can report them to? These are the kinds of things that keep me awake at night. Some will argue with me that we are really celebrating Independence Day and they are correct. Still, the exact date for Independence Day has always been pretty clear; just like New Year’s Day is always January First, unless, of course, it falls on a Sunday. Then we celebrate the first day of the year on the second day of the year which would, by my calculations, make January First, New Year’s Eve. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter to me which day you celebrate the Fourth of July on. That is really the whole point of our independence; we can do whatever we want. You can even celebrate the Fourth of July on the Second of February, if that’s your choice. Just don’t expect me to show up for the barbecue. So, here on the First of July, I wish everyone a happy and safe Fourth of July, whenever you decide to celebrate it. Brendan is the author of “The Flatlander Chronicles” and “Best Of A F.O.O.L In New Hampshire”. His newest book “I Really Only Did It For The Socks -Stories & Thoughts On Aging” will be available later this year. Brendan has also entertained audiences around New Hampshire with his storytelling presentations. To find out more visit his website at BrendanTSmith.com

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— THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, July 2, 2020 —

Hoaxed By #FakeNoose Again You are being lied to, America. Again and again and again. Hysterical journalists are in on The Big Hoax. Simpering politicians in both parties are in on The Big Hoax. Celebrity opportunists are in on The Big Hoax. Stop letting them get away with it. Stop bowing and scraping every time they attempt a new smear - or recycle an old one. Stop panicking. Stop caring so much about by Michelle Malkin what names they call you, what racial priviSyndicated Columnist lege they accuse you of, and what societal guilt they try to impose on you. Newsflash: This is 2020, not 1920. We live in a diversityobsessed country where every major corporation from Amazon, AT&T, and Ben & Jerry’s to Lexus, Nike, Pepsi, and Ticketmaster, to Wendy’s, Yelp, and Zoom bends to Black Lives Matter. MAGA hats and “OK” hand gestures are hate symbols. Every videotaped squabble in groceries, parks and streets between nonwhite and white people is a national human rights catastrophe. Baseball is no longer the national pastime. Selfflagellation is. It needs to be repeated because The Big Hoax still won’t die: Cops are not lurking on every corner waiting to strangle and murder minorities. Arsonists are not hiding in every bush plotting to burn down black churches. Racist kidnappers are not conspiring in every neighborhood to snatch black children from their beds. Hooded phantoms are not running around every downtown with ropes planning to string anyone from lampposts and trees. Last week, I debunked the white supremacist lynching hoax. After my column was published, the family of one of the alleged black victims, Malcolm Harsch, admitted, after being shown surveillance video of him committing the act, that Malcolm had indeed sadly died of suicide. But no sooner had that social media-manufactured epidemic du jour died down than a new white-on-black horror emerged: The Return of the Swinging Nooses. In Oakland, unhinged Mayor Libby Schaaf claimed that five “nooses” had been discovered wrapped around tree limbs in a city park. A “hate crimes” investigation was immediately launched. It didn’t matter that a black Oakland resident, Victor Sengbe, immediately came forward to explain that the ropes were part of a larger swing system not to kill black people, but to promote exercise. “Out of the dozen and hundreds and thousands of people that walked by, no one has See MALKIN on 28

The Only Good People in History

Truly, we live in auspicious times. Those who have sinned will be cast down; those who are sinless will set new social standards for the rest of us. After all, we now live in the only generation ever to by Ben Shapiro produce truly virtuous Syndicated Columnist human beings. What else should we make of the graceless religious wokeness promoted by our moral betters, such immaculate moral personages as Robin DiAngelo, author of “White Fragility,” and Nikole Hannah-Jones, Pulitzer Prize-winning creator of The New York Times’ pseudo-historical 1619 Project? DiAngelo informs us that all white people are sinners by nature, inculcated in the evils of whiteness and utterly incapable of repenting such sin ... unless, of course, they purchase a diversity training course. DiAngelo says that it isn’t enough to oppose racism: we must “interrupt” the systems in which we live in order to become “antiracist,” a vaguely defined term apparently meaning nothing so much as parroting the more purple writings of Ibram X. Kendi. Hannah-Jones, meanwhile, happily takes credit for the rioting and looting that has wracked the country and that she has spent time justifying -- she recently thanked a critic online for terming this unrest “the 1619 riots.” Furthermore, we are informed by this arbiter of the great and the good that we must never say that figures like Ulysses S. Grant -- a man who wrecked the Confederacy and devastated the Ku Klux Klan but also held one of his wife’s slaves in bondage before freeing him -- were “men of their times.” After all, “Hitler was a man of his time. Osama bin Laden was a man of his time,” she said in a now-deleted tweet. We, however, live in an age of true heroes -- people who live outside of time; people of sterling quality who need no context, require no nuance and brook no dissent. All who

stand before them must bow or be canceled. Old tweets will be resurfaced; old comedy sketches will be censored. All those who came before were complicit in the system, and thus, must pay. So young woke leftists cheer as they tear down monuments of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson; Generation Z college students chide their parents and grandparents -- many of whom, in minority communities, experienced actual discrimination and hardship -- as insufficiently committed to the cause of anti-racism. Gisselle Quintero, 18, told The Washington Post about her grandparents. “(T)hey were prohibited from drinking at ‘whites-only’ fountains after long, hot days of working in the fields,” The Post wrote, and “tried to distinguish themselves by their hard work and achievement.” But, clearly because they lacked enthusiasm for the current woke revolution, “They just kind of suppressed those memories.” Quintero’s grandparents may have overcome actual racism, but she posted news of a protest at a local mall on her social media. Perhaps we have truly reached the apex of humanity. Or perhaps we are living in a particularly arrogant and self-serving moment when dissociation from America’s history and from other Americans substitutes for actual decency; when canceling others is the point, not a means to an end; when joining the woke mob isn’t about building something better but merely signaling your own saintliness. Perhaps in reality, those who pull down statues of Washington and Jefferson have accomplished little other than feeling special at the expense of the most special country in human history, and at the expense of their fellow citizens. Ben Shapiro, 36, is a graduate of UCLA and Harvard Law School, host of “The Ben Shapiro Show” and editor-in-chief of DailyWire. com. He is the author of the No. 1 New York Times bestseller “The Right Side of History.” He lives with his wife and three children in Los Angeles.


— THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, July 2, 2020 —

The New Censors Do you say what you think? That’s risky! You may get fired! You’ve probably heard about a New York Times editor resigning after approving by John Stossel an opinion piece Syndicated Columnist by Senator Tom Cotton that suggested the military to step in to end riots. Many Times reporters tweeted out the same alarmist wording, “Running this puts Black NY Times staffers in danger.” Really? How?

In my new video, Robby Soave, a Reason Magazine editor who writes about young radicals, explains, “They only claim it because that’s their tactic for seizing power in the workplace.” They learned this tactic from socalled woke professors and fellow activists at expensive colleges, says Soave. Last year, Harvard students demanded that law professor Ron Sullivan resign as a resident dean. Why? He’d agreed to be part of Harvey Weinstein’s legal defense team. A female student said, “I don’t feel safe!” although Sullivan had been a dean for many years. Sul-

livan resigned. At UCLA, business school lecturer Gordon Klein rejected a request to give black students different treatment on their final exam because of George Floyd’s death. Klein pointed out that since the class was online, he had no way of knowing which students were black. He also told students: “remember that MLK famously said that people should not be evaluated based on the color of their skin.” The activist group Color of Change (which once demanded that I be fired) launched a petition to have Klein “terminated for his extremely insensitive, dismissive,

and woefully racist response.” UCLA quickly caved. Klein is on mandatory leave. Now that many former college radicals have jobs at elite media companies, they demand that newspapers not say certain things. When, in response to looting during George Floyd protests, the Philadelphia Inquirer ran the insensitive headline, “Buildings Matter, Too,” 44 staff members claimed that “puts our lives at risk.” Their letter didn’t give any evidence as to how it threatened their lives (in fact, today both blacks and whites are safer than ever), but they won. See STOSSEL on 26

Korea’s “Forgotten War” Key to Future Asian Peace Seventy years ago, on June 25 1950, North Korean troops attacked South Korea launching an unexpected military blitz. Kim by John J. Metzler Il-sung’s commuSyndicated Columnist nists had as their aim the forcible reunification of the divided Korean peninsula, itself a recent legacy of Japan’s defeat in WWII. The South was stunned and Seoul, the capital, soon fell to the onslaught. The United States though caught militarily off guard, was diplomatically surefooted and called an Emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council; American Ambassador Warren Austin

acted with alacrity and focus summoned delegates on an early Sunday morning. The U.S. passed a resolution calling for an immediate halt in the North’s offensive. But despite world opinion on the side of beleaguered South Korea, how did Washington avoid a certain Soviet veto in the Security Council? In a fortuitous twist of good fate, Moscow’s delegation was boycotting meetings given their preference for the seating of Communist China in the UN. Since the Nationalist Chinese held the seat, (Britain, China, France, Soviet Union, and the United States) were founders of the UN five years earlier and held the coveted veto. The Soviets had scored their own goal! Resolution #82 demanding an immediate cessation of hostilities

was quickly passed with only the abstention of socialist Yugoslavia. Needless to say the powerful North Korean offensive did not stop for a UN resolution in far off New York Two days later, the Council passed Resolution #83 which authorized UN military action; “to furnish assistance to the Republic of Korea as may be necessary to repel the armed attack and to restore international peace and security.” On 7 July U.S. General Douglas MacArthur, hero of the Pacific campaign, was designated to command the multinational operation. Sixteen countries would join the war effort in Korea; Australia, Britain, Canada, France, Ethiopia, Greece, Turkey and the USA among others, though approximately 90 percent of allied forces

were Americans. The war’s early days saw a staggering rout for South Korea; Seoul fell on June 28th and before long UN forces were encircled in what became known as the Pusan Perimeter, an impending Korean Dunkirk with South Korean and UN forces bottled up, backs to the sea and inside a tightening vice of the North Korean encirclement. General MacArthur’s unexpected seaborne Inchon landings recaptured the initiative and launched a mighty Autumn offense deep into North Korea turning the tide of war until the Chinese communist intervention in late 1950. The Korean War wasn’t supposed to happen. The Allies had decisively defeated I m p e r i a l See METZLER on 26


— THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, July 2, 2020 —

— THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, July 2, 2020 —

Cancelled Seasons And Dashed Dreams berlain and Helen Keller. You can have the hand-wringing, dream-crushing, riskaverse school administrators.

by Mike Moffett Contributing Writer

Last week Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, became the first school in the New England Small College Athletic Conference to cancel its fall sports season. The college will refrain from intercollegiate athletic activity until 2021. One wonders how many other schools will follow suit. Ouch. The questions and ramifications are many. Schools that do opt for fall schedules now have Bowdoin holes to fill, especially the likes of Bates and Colby Colleges. What will they do? It all comes down to risk management. The more we hunker down and isolate, the less chance of catching the COVID-19 virus. But college kids are a far different population compared to nursing home residents. Do the risk standards applied to the elderly really need to be applied to the young and healthy? It depends upon whom one talks to. Generally speaking, educational administrators are particularly risk averse, politically correct, and overly fearful of lawsuits. That’s why light snowfall results in ever-more school cancellations. That’s why Bowdoin student-athletes will miss out on pursuing their sports passions this year. Dreams are being

Sports Quiz What is the nickname for Bowdoin sports teams? (Answer follows)

Joshua Chamberlain. dashed at schools like Bowdoin. Dreams not only of athletes but of coaches, parents, friends and relatives. One only gets one senior year. One could perhaps see the greater risk inherent in contact sports like football. But why can’t competition continue for cross country runners, for golfers, or for tennis players? It’s nonsensical and heartbreaking. Perhaps Bowdoin’s most famous alum is Joshua Chamberlain, who commanded the 20th Maine Regiment at the Battle of Gettysburg. He and his men held the position on the Union Army’s far left flank. The Confederates felt if they could turn that flank they could shatter the Union lines and win the battle. Chamberlain knew the position must be held at all costs. The Mainers successfully stood their ground against repeated Rebel attacks, until they ran out of ammunition. Chamberlain, already twice wounded, knew they could not with-

stand another attack— which was imminent. As the Confederates began their assault, Chamberlain gave the order to fix bayonets and charge down the hill. The rebels were stunned by Chamberlain’s risky gamble. The Mainers captured many and the Confederates gave up their attacks on that critical Union position. The northerners won the battle and Chamberlain received the Medal of Honor. He later was elected governor of Maine and also served as Bowdoin’s President. With risk comes reward. If one doesn't risk something, one doesn’t gain anything. In order to mitigate a minimal risk Bowdoin officials unnecessarily shattered the dreams of hundreds, who perhaps could have been allowed to make their own personal decisions on the extent of the risk, instead of having it made for them. As Helen Keller said, “Security is mostly a superstition. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” I’ll take Joshua Cham-

Born Today That is to say sports standouts born on July 2 include NASCAR champion Richard Petty (1937) and former See MOFFETT on 29



— THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, July 2, 2020 —

Enjoy the Scenic Beauty of


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Classic 18-Hole Donald Ross Championship Course Memberships Available Public Welcome 24 Kingswood Rd. Wolfeboro kingswoodgolfclub.com


Books for the Soul Jewelry for the Heart Gifts for the Spirit Clothing for the Body 603-569-9100 33 N. Main Street Wolfeboro, NH


Winnipesaukee Winery


New England Made & New England Inspired 11 Railroad Ave • Wolfeboro, NH


PATIO Now Open!

Old Style Pizzeria

2 OFF Any Large


Specialty Pizza!


*Limit one per customer; not available on delivery orders; expires 12/31/20

35 Center St., Clark Plaza, Wolfeboro Falls, NH anthonys-pizzeria-nh.com/



603.569.0400 27 SOUTH MAIN ST. WOLFEBORO, NH


Wine Tastings!


Thin Crust New York Sty le!

Offering a wide selection of dry to sweet wines

Wine Slushies!

Fun Candy Fine Chocolates Party Favors Corporate Gifts

Open Thurs - Sun noon - 5pm 458 Center St., Wolfeboro

Hours : Mon - Sat 10-6; Sun 11-5

winniwinery.com 603-455-0182

15 North Main Street, Durgin Stables, Wolfeboro, NH


Cardio Room Nautilus Circuit Hammerstrength Basketball Court


— THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, July 2, 2020 —

Wicked BREW Review



Summer Seltzers

by Jim MacMillan Contributing Writer

We are in the midst of a pretty hot summer overall and activities of all sorts probably require you to replenish your fluids. Warmer temps and bigs beers may lead to lethargic conditions. No one

wants to waste valuable summer playtime hours on trying to keep a clearer head without being too full of carbs and calories. Well, there are refreshing thirst quenchers aplenty waiting for you to enjoy in the name of sparkling seltzers. The seltzer craze is in full swing and since writing my first article last summer on seltzers, more offerings

have hit the shelves. A variety of flavors, intensities and discovering the most important angle of the craze; low sugar, low carbs. If a

provider can deliver bigger taste with low sugar/carb numbers, they will be very successful. Many of these producers of hard seltzer arrive at their numbers by using natural stevia leaf sweetener instead of cane sugar. This idea seems to be the leading cause of their popularity with diet-conscience imbibers. One of the hottest contenders for sales

is from the well-know Corona brand, making a zero carbs, zero sugar and only 90 calorie spiked seltzer water. Flavors included in the variety 12 pack are Tropical Lime, Mango, Cherry and Blackberry Lime. As with any of these seltzers, they are crystal clear and fizzy. Being gluten-free and 4.5% ABV makes them a big contender in the spiked seltzer marketplace. Our next participant in the seltzer wars has

The Loon Center

& Markus Wildlife Sanctuary The Loon’s Feather Gift Shop

Selling “all things & more! THE loon” PLACE FOR -SITE ON

CLASSES: Pilates/Yoga Fusion, Barre, Cardio X-train, Pilates, Zumba, HIIT/Kickboxing, Yoga, Pump it up, Spin, & Strength Plus COMING THIS FAL

L! D CARE CHILAdmission • Free • Award-winning videos, exhibits & trails! FITNESS E L B T A R IL X A




Now Open Daily TENNIS RACQUETBALL 9am-5pm KID’S CLUB FITNESS (5666) 603-476-LOON • www.Loon.org Lee’s Mill Rd, Moultonborough, NH

Grapefruit and Pineapple flavors with only 100 calories and no added sugars. Gluten free like many of these seltzers, High Noon is terrifically popular and the 4.5% ABV fits in with summer activities. Vizzy Hard Seltzer takes a slightly different advertising method. The words ‘Antioxidant’ and ‘Vitamin C’ are catch words to get the buyer’s attention. Flavors of Black Cherry Lime, Pineapple Mango, Blueberry Pomegranate and Strawberry Kiwi come from Acerola Superfruit and are 100 calories per can at 5% ABV. These seltzers are naturally delicious, light and great for between activities this summer. One of my favorites out of this group examined today is from Truly Hard Seltzers. They combine lemonade and seltzer with full delicious flavors of Black


Tennis & Fitness Club 45,000 S Q. F T. FAC I L I T Y!





EQUIPMENT: Free Weights Cardio Room Nautilus Circuit Hammerstrength Basketball Court CLASSES: Pilates/Yoga Fusion, Barre, Cardio X-train, Pilates, Zumba, HIIT/Kickboxing, Yoga, Pump it up, Spin, & Strength Plus COMING THIS FALL!






FREE WELL ASSESSMENTS Seeking area residents interested in having an on-site assessment of their private wells. This service is grant funded by the USEPA. It is free and is confidential. Many times, well owners are unaware of the possible causes of contamination in their wells. The well assessment considers site conditions, geology, land use practices, well construction, and maintenance in determining if conditions exist which would impact your well water quality. Site specific recommendations and best practices will be provided to help keep your water safe from contamination.

a different twist in that it uses real vodka along with real juices to capture fans. High Noon Sun Sips offer Watermelon, Black Cherry,

Cherry, Mango, Strawberry and Original Lemonade producing only 100 calories at 5% ABV and 1 gram of sugar. My See BREW on 17

Contact Mmistretta@rcapsolutions.org or 603-312-7901 to schedule an assessment.


— THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, July 2, 2020 —


Cigar, Pipe & Tobacco Shop — 603-528-4092 —

71 Church St., Downtown Laconia Open Mon - Fri 9- 5:30 • Sat 9-5

Keep Calm & Enjoy A Nice Premium Cigar!

Interior & Exterior De ta

il New Hampshire Marine Patrol

Get your New Hampshire Safe Boater Education Certificate!

Gelcoant tio a r o t s e R

29 Gilford East Drive • Gilford, NH

gettyshine.com • 603.707.0293

New Hampshire has a mandatory boating education law. Everyone 16 years of age and older who operates a motorboat over 25 horsepower on New Hampshire waters must have a boating education certificate. The New Hampshire boater education course covers a range of topics from safety instructions to boat handling to reading the weather and prepares you for a variety of situations you could find yourself in while on the water. To search/register for a Boating Education Class visit our website at www.boatingeducation.nh.gov or for information regarding boating laws and regulations visit www.marinepatrol.nh.gov

Remember to wear your life jacket!


— THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, July 2, 2020 —

PAUL C. DUPONT & SON BUILDING Installing Harvey Building Products


Visit HarveyBP.com


603-387-0015 / 603-387-0026


Stage Boats Here!

(603) 842-3572


by Tim Moore Contributing Writer

Etiquette is defined as: The customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group. Like driving a car, one operator can cause huge delays and backups, especially at times when traffic is highest. Etiquette is not appreciated more than at a boat ramp, as it shows that one boater cares for the timeliness in which other boaters can get on the water and often brings about a sense of community among folks who barely know each other. Here are some tips for good boat ramp etiquette. Use Staging Areas Almost every boat ramp I have ever been to has a designated (with signage) or an implied staging area. This is an area that was designed for boaters to stage their boats prior to backing down the ramp. The staging area is an out of the way place where you can take your time rigging your tie-off lines and fenders, get life jackets out of storage compartments, and transferring items such as fishing gear, coolers, and whatnot from your vehicle to your boat, without holding up others who would otherwise be able to get on the water faster than you. Whatever you do, do not stage your boat in the middle

B OAT T R I P S : S A L M O N , L A K E T R O U T ,



P R I VAT E 1 : 1 K AYA K T R I P S



Courtesy docks are just that. A courtesy that helps boaters so they can park their vehicles after launching. of the ramp. I wish I had a nickel for every time I saw someone drive right by the sign saying, “Stage Boats Here” and do so in the middle of the ramp. Turn Off Your Headlights Many boaters launch and land at dawn or dusk. Turning off your headlights may not be intuitive, until you’ve tried to stage or launch your boats while another boater’s headlights are beaming in your face. Turn off your headlights while staging and launching your boat. If your vehicle has day running headlights that stay on while the vehicle is running, shut

the vehicle off. Use your parking lights or bring a headlamp if you need additional light. Use The Courtesy Dock Most marinas, and some town or state ramps, will have a courtesy dock for boaters to tie up to after they launch their boats. These docks are a place to tie up your boat while you park your vehicle. They are not for staging your boat. This is not the place to load up coolers and fishing gear. This is a temporary place to tie up your boat. Some marinas have larger courtesy docks, so you might have a little more time

to be there depending on the traffic, but most marinas expect boaters to help them keep things moving by limiting the amount of time spent tied up to the courtesy dock. If you have a friend who can take the boat out and raft while you park the vehicle, take advantage of that. Take Turns Often times, especially on weekends, boat ramps are busy with people launching and landing. It’s hard to know for sure exactly who goes next all the time, but if there are boaters waiting to launch or land when See MOORE on 23


— THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, July 2, 2020 —


Yankee Magazine’s “Best 20th Century History Museum in New England” - New for 2020: Newly renovated galleries & displays!

Browse over 14,000 items in our collection: WWII military vehicles & weapons; a 1939-1945 Time Tunnel; a real Victory Garden, Movie Theater & Army barracks; as well as period toys, books, music, clothing… and MORE.


THE WRIGHT MUSEUM OF WORLD WAR II OPENS FOR THE 2020 SEASON ON JUNE 22... As we reopen, our top priority is the health and safety of our visitors, volunteers, and staff. With that in mind, we will be implementing State and CDC suggested safety measures. A full version of our re-opening procedures will be available on our web site www.wrightmuseum.org


VIETNAM:: The Real War VIETNAM Photographs from the Associated Press Organized by the Huntsville Museum of Art and the Associated Press

ut Ask Abonual Our Anships & Membemr berships Gift Me


Museum Members - Free | Adults $12.00 Children (5-17) $8.00 / (4 and under) Free All Military and Seniors (60 and over) $10.00

MUSEUM OPEN DAILY Show AAA card for 10% discount on adult admission fees.

Thru Oct. 31st

Monday – Saturday, 10am-4pm Sunday, Noon-4pm

603-569-1212 • www.WrightMuseum.org • 77 Center Street, Wolfeboro, NH


— THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, July 2, 2020 —

Aviation Museum To Livestream July 4TH Flight Exploring Ties Of U.S. Founders To Ancient Rome LONDONDERRY - When the founders signed the U.S. Declaration of Independence, they looked forward to a new era of freedom. But they were also looking to the past: specifically, to ancient Greece and Rome, from which they drew inspiration for the new nation. The strong connection between the U.S. Founding Fathers and the classical civilization will be highlighted on Saturday, July 4, when the Aviation Museum of N.H. takes online visitors on a virtual flight over Italy, including Rome's many surviving ancient sites such as the Colosseum and the Parthenon.





In-store purchases only


(Previous purchases excluded. Brand exclusions may also apply. Sale ends July 5th)

The livestream event, which will run from 10 a.m. to noon Eastern Time, is part of the Aviation Museum's 'Around

the World Flight Adventure' online learning program. Generated on a flight simulator and available free online,

the program is taking students and teachers on an ongoing global journey. See FLIGHT on 16

Meredith, NH 279-7463 • •Wolfeboro, NH 569-3560 MEREDITH, NH 279-7463 WOLFEBORO 569-3560 CONWAY, 356-7818 • • LACONIA, NH NH 524-1276 NorthNORTH Conway, NH NH 356-7818 Laconia, 524-1276


All of us here at Mosquito Shield would like to thank

PHONE: 332-3506 HOURS: MON-SAT 9-8 SUN 10-5


FIRST RESPONDERS & MEDICAL WORKERS especially during these challenging times.

*Offers based on Mosquito services with 1 acre of treatable area or less, larger properties priced accordingly. Call today for more information. Not to be combined with any other offer. Offer is for new customers.

Your daily acts of heroism are greatly appreciated! THANK YOU!


— THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, July 2, 2020 —

OUT on the TOWN Great Food, Libations & Good Times!

FLIGHT from 15 The July 4 virtual flight will take off from Naples in southern Italy and will first fly over the

ruins of Pompei, the Roman city destroyed in 79 A.D. by an eruption of nearby Mount Vesuvius. The two-hour jour-






Serving Lunch & Dinner 7 Days A Week


Featuring 36 BEERS on Tap!

69 State Route 11, (just south of the Alton circle) New Durham, NH

603.859-7500 | EatAtJohnsons.com


u V a j é Café D


Copper Kettle


Turkey • Steaks • Prime Rib • Seafood

ney will head northwest along Italy’s Tyrrhenian coast and then inland to Rome, where it will fly over the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Pantheon, and other famous Roman sites. The virtual flight will be made with a simulated vintage C-47 transport plane, the U.S. Army’s military version of the iconic Douglas DC-3 twin-engine airliner. The route, flown using the Museum’s Elite professional qsimulator, will include flight deck views as well as external viewing angles. Flights are flown using the museum’s simulator and enhanced terrain software that can render realistic landscapes and weather conditions around the globe. A new

segment is posted online once a week, complete with a flight deck video TICKETS- $20 WITH ROBBIE PRINTZ of highlights and information about science, A UNIQUE FUNCTION HALL FOR ALL OCCASIONS Weddings • Birthdays • Bar / Bat Mitzvahs • Buffets • Conferences geography, history, and Proms • Fund Raisers • Sports Banquets • Receptions • Anniversaries local culture. 94 New Salem Street, Laconia • 603-527-0043 The flight is expected www.PitmansFreightRoom.com to return to Manchester in mid-August. The ‘Around the World Flight Adventure’ program will be repeated this fall to enable teachers and students to take full advantage of its potential as a learning tool. The Aviation Museum of N.H., 27 Navigator Road, Londonderry, N.H. is a non-profit 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. Housed in —OPEN DAILY FOR DINE IN & TAKE-OUT— the original 1937 pasMon - Fri 5:30am - 2pm / Sat 5:30am - 12:30pm senger terminal at Man& Sun 6:30am - 12:30pm chester-Boston Regional Airport, the museum is dedicated to celebrating 311 Court Street • Laconia, NH New Hampshire’s role s 603.527.8144 in aviation history and ak tomorrow’s pie t myrnascc.com inspiring S od oneers, innovators and • aerospace professionals. sta eafo a For more information, P S Italian & American Comfort Food visit www.aviationmuFormerly known as seumofnh.org or call Nadia’s Trattoria, voted (603) 669-4820. Follow one of the top ten restaurants the Aviation Museum Veal Francese and Eggplant Rollatini on social media at www. in NH by Boston Magazine. facebook.com/nhahs. — Join us Tue-Thurs from 3-5 p.m. for Small Plate Specials — Hours: Tues. Wed. & Thur 3-9pm Fri. & Sat. 3-9:30pm

FRI 7/17 9:00PM


The livestream event, which will run from 10 a.m. to noon Eastern Time, is part of the Aviation Museum’s ‘Around the World Flight Adventure’ online learning program.


Myrna s Classic Cuisine ’



Exit 23 off I-93 • 233 Daniel Webster Hwy • Meredith Connect 603-279-6212 • HartsTurkeyFarm.com With Us!


Located under the canopy at 131 LakeatStreet At Paugus Bay Plaza,Bay Laconia Located under the canopy 131 Lake Street at Paugus Plaza Hours: Tues. Wed. & Thurs. 3-9pm; Fri. & Sat. 3-9:30pm




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OUT on the TOWN Great Food, Libations & Good Times!

Shibley’s Drive-In Ice Cream

All Flavors Hard and Soft Serve

Breakfast & Lunch

Gourmet Coffee, Espresso & Tea 33 N. Main St. • Wolfeboro

BREW from 11 personal favorite was the Mango since it was the most rich and flavorful. Truly does make lighter flavor regular seltzers but I love the lemonade aspect. There are many other makers of hard seltzers, soda waters, etc. The many diverse varieties is wide and deep. Go


Fresh Ground Burgers Daily Open 7 days 11 am to close 875-6611 for Takeout • Next to Mini Golf • Alton Bay GPS: 15 Mt. Major Hwy

—Since 19

45 Dine on the Water at Alton Bay, Lake Winnipesaukee

and search for yourself but know that the ones selected here for this week are among the best. You can find all of these products and so much more at Case-nKeg in Meredith as well as other fine providers. You might be surprised at how good they taste without the calories and carbs to bog you down!

Homemade Soups, Sandwiches & More!

Seafood • Lobster Rolls

Specializing in American Cuisine Seafood | Beef | Poultry | Pasta Veal | Lamb | Lobster Roll Full Liquor License Boat Docking Available Dine on Our Sundeck

FRESH Right SEAFOOD Located by the• GRILL Water FAVORITES • SUBS • ROLLS Route 11 • Alton Bay, NH • 875-3636 GPS: 42 Mt. Major Hwy

Best Whole Clams on the Lake! Kids meals served fries, drink & a fris with bee!

55 Mt Major Hwy, Alton Bay • 875-6363 • popsclamshell.com


OPEN Thurs - Mon • 11:30am - 8pm • Closed Tue/Wed

OPEN 7 DAYS 603-677-7132

2 Pleasant Street, Meredith, NH • lakesidenh.com

Always Lots Of Fun On Tap!

“Th e Fin est Sze chu an & Ma nda rin Cui sin e in the Lakes Reg ion ” Celebrating

For Health Conscious People ...

Serving Lakes Region!



CALL FOR TAKE OUT Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 11:30am - 8pm 331 SOUTH MAIN ST., LACONIA

603-524-4100 SHANGHAINH.COM

Located in a quiet corner Exceptional Craft Beer List Specialty Cocktails of Funspot, steps away Made to Order Pizza from lots of fun stuff... Pool • Darts 20 bowling lanes, 18-hole mini-golf and the largest arcade in the world including a huge collection of classic video & Keep Up To Date pinball With Our Rotating games! Selection of Craft TAVERN HOURS

Open Every Day, year round

Sun. - Thur. noon - 11pm Fri. & Sat. noon - 12am

Drafts... We’re A Verified Venue on the Untappd App!

Located Inside Funspot, Rte. 3, One Mile North Of The Weirs Beach Sign 579 Endicott Street N. • Weirs • NH • 603-366-4377 • funspotnh.com

Open Daily at 11am for Lunch a

Summer Fun!


— THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, July 2, 2020 —

The Best Summer Ever Starts Right Here!

Popular Dinner Music Nights Return To Castle In The Clouds


Historic estate. Unmatched views.

MOULTONBOROUGH - Castle in the Clouds is home to a 1914 mountaintop estate, offering mansion tours, awardwinning dining, a free exhibit gallery, hiking trails, a gift shop, and some of New Hampshire’s best mountain and lake views. One view favored by visitors can be enjoyed from the terrace of the Carriage House, while eating lunch or attending the Castle’s summer Dinner Music Night series, which was awarded “Best Music Nights in NH” in 2018 by New Hampshire Magazine.

This season, the Carriage House Restaurant plans to offer a special dinner menu alongside local musical talent including Audrey Drake, Ben Cook, Cindy Duchin, Eric Grant, Harmony Markey, Joel Cage,

Mark Bartram, Mitch Alden, Sweep the Leg Entertainment, Taylor Marie Music, Tim Hazelton, and Wooden Nickles. Dinner Music Nights will take place every Monday, Tuesday and

Mansion Tours • Lake & Mountain-view Dining Programs • Hiking Trails • Waterfalls & Vistas Open daily through Oct 25 • 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM Open daily July 1 - Oct 25 • 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Featuring our NEW Exhibit! Featuring our Built NEWthe Exhibit! The Shoes that Castle The Shoes that Built the Castle Upcomin Upcoming Pro Programs rams & & Events: Events:

Meredith Station

154 Main St., Meredith, NH

Weirs Beach Ticket Booth



• 12-4pm • Solar Solar Gazing Gazing Every Every Mon Mon through through Sep Sep 77 • 12-4pm••FREE FREE Nights Every • Music Nights Every Mon, Mon, Tues Tues & & Thurs• Thurs• Jul Jul 6-Sep3 6-Sep 3 fee required. required. 5:30-8:30pm. $10 $10 per-person per-person reservation reservation fee 5:30-8:30pm. Generously supported supported by by The The Laker. Laker. Th•LAKER4l TheLAKERM_ Generously

Castle CarWed: Show Sat,on Julthe 11•Castle 10am-3pm •• Wellness Yoga Lawn Wed, Jul 1•6pm $5 spectators, autos. Generously supported byHospital. $15 per person. Generously sponsored by Huggins Some$25 of our operations have changed

TMS Architects. • Castle Car Show Sat, Jul 11 • 10am-3pm in response to the COVID-19 guidelines.

1920s Gatsby$25 Gala Fundraiser Fri,supported Jul 17•RSVP • $5 spectators, autos. Generously by by Jul 10

For up-to-date information please check www.castleintheclouds.org Sponsor, F.L. Putnam Investment Management. ■AIPIH\i■

TMS 6pm.Architects. $150 per person. Generously sponsored by Platinum


1 or 2 hour train rides along Lake Winnipesaukee!

Thursday from July 6-September 3, from 5:30-8:30pm. Reservations are required, with a $10 per-person cover charge paid online in advance. In compliance with COVID-19 guidelines, seating will be especially limited this year and it is recommended that guests make reservations one to two weeks in advance. Upon arrival, guests’ tables are theirs for the entire evening so attendees can mingle on the terrace or peruse the exhibit gallery and always have their seat - often accompanied by a spectacular sunset over the lakes and mountains. To learn more about their updated policies and procedures regarding COVID-19, please visit their website castleintheclouds.org STAND UP PADDLEBOARDS KAYAKS • CANOES

211 Lakeside Ave., Weirs Beach, NH

80-minute train rides along the winding Pemigewasset River! Hobo Junction Station 64 Railroad Street, Lincoln, NH

Sales Rentals Activities

• 1920s Gatsby Gala Fundraiser Fri, Jul 17• RSVP by Jul 10 1


6pm. $150 per person. Generously sponsored by Platinum Sponsor, F.L. Putnam Investment Management. 2020 Presenting Sponsors: Pre-register for [programs:

��- ..

2020 Presenting Sponsors:


Pre-register for programs: or 603-476-5900 castleintheclouds.org or 603-476-5900 Route 171

0 l.!.i O #castlemoments 0 � 0 #castlemoments

Moultonborough, NH

Route 171 Moultonborough, NH



6 Whittier Hwy. Moultonborough “At the Lights” in Center Harbor

— THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, July 2, 2020 —

Summer Fun! The Best Summer Ever Starts Right Here!

4th Of July Weekend Craft Fair At Gunstock

Come and celebrate at the 4th of July Weekend Craft Fair at Gunstock on July 4th & 5th, 10 am to 5 pm both days. A special feature will be Elise Ford, an amazing female chainsaw wood carver. Elise will demo on Saturday & Sunday. There will be live music with North River, food, and awesome arts & crafts. Some of the exhibits will include vintage boat decor, inlaid wooden furniture and mirrors, cedar wood furniture, jewelry, ceramics, fiber arts, quilts, gour-

Chainsaw wood carver Elise Ford. met food items, amazing positivity wall signs, beautiful handpainted wood/slate/glass, kettle corn, wildlife photography, handsome dog collars & leashes, amazing African animal photography & ceramics, handpoured soaps,

& lots more. Friendly, Leashed Pets Welcome. Social Distancing & Masks Required. HeldRain or Shine Under Canopies. Free Admission & Free Parking, www.joycescraftshows. com for more info.



— THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, July 2, 2020 —

Meredith course now open with NEW greens!

The Adventure Is Open Rules Daily @ • Both **Safe Social Distancing BothLocations Locations TH ORIGINAL THE Ad d Adventure Golf


$ 00

with this coupon

Test your skills!

Known throughout the country for family fun!

Routee 3 • W Winnisquam i niisq in qua uam m 528-6434

Bring the camera and the family!

Route 3 • Meredith 366-5058

Thurston’s Marina on Lake Winnipesaukee


Starcraft Pontoon • Fishing - Runabouts Evinrude Volvo - Mercruiser

Platinum Service & Repower Center NH Temporary Boating License Agent


Largest & Newest Fleet on the Lake! Brand New 2020 Models Pontoons - Ski Boats

603-366-4811 • www.thurstonsmarina.com

Summer Fun! The Best Summer Ever Starts Right Here!

Local Sailing School Announces Partial Reopening

The Lake Winnipesaukee Sailing Association (LWSA) has announced that on July 6 it will be opening its popular youth sailing school for the 33rd season. While the school had earlier announced that it would be suspending the entire season, they have developed a way to operate in a safe manner and will be offering small group classes beginning on July 6. Executive Director Amy Tripp explained that “We have put a great deal of effort into ensuring that the program will be safe for our students, for their families, and for our staff.” Tripp emphasized that nobody is turned away because of inability to pay. “We offer scholarships to those who need help, and the requests are handled in complete confidence.” She further stated that “In addition to our youth sailing program, we will also be offering adult lessons and private lessons with new safety guidelines in effect.” In order to operate safely in

the COVID 19 environment, class sizes have been greatly reduced, classroom sessions will be held outdoors, and start times will be staggered eliminate congestion. Students will only be paired in boats with siblings or with children approved by their parents. Additionally, strict sanitizing and social distancing procedures will be in effect. “Over the years, thousands of local kids have learned to sail


n o i n

and experience the joy of being on the water,” commented head instructor Seth Wilkinson. “Because of the reduced class sizes this year, our students will get a great deal of personal attention from our certified staff. The kids will sail in Optimist dinghies, O’Pen Bic dinghies and 14foot 420s, and adult and private lessons will be taught in our 26-foot J/80 keel boat.” Class descriptions and schedule may be found at www.lwsa. org as well as a detailed description of our COVID 19 procedures and policies. Please email sailing-school@lwsa.org with any questions or with your confidential request for scholarship assistance.

Street AntiqU



We’ve Cleaned & Have Re-opened With Lots of New & Fresh Items!

Located in Downtown Rochester with Plenty of Easy Parking Browse our store Open Mon. - Sat. 10am-5pm on Facebook. Sun. 11pm-4pm Find us and like us!

19 UNION ST., ROCHESTER, NH • (603) 332-0202 • www.UnionStreetAntiques.com


— THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, July 2, 2020 —

Summer Fun! The Best Summer Ever Starts Right Here!

BOSAK from 3 ers since early May. I’ve also never had robins at my feeder before. This year, they visit daily to grab a few mealworms. Mealworms were the main food source that kept the bluebirds coming back as well. Earlier in the spring, I had daily and frequent visits from pine warblers and yellowdumped warblers. I have had pine warblers in the past, but that was about three years ago. I had never had yellow-rumped warblers before this year and several showed up daily for weeks on end. After all these years of feeding birds, it seems strange to get so many first-timers and ones I hadn’t seen in so long all in the same year. Could it be that they have been coming all these years and I just never noticed be-

cause I’ve been going off to work every day? Has the opportunity to work from home allowed me to see things that I’ve been missing previously? I don’t think that is the case as even in years when I am going to work daily, I still have mornings, evenings and weekends to stare at my feeders. There must be another explanation. But what is it? I don’t know the answer, but I will think of some theories as the summer wears on and the birding continues to be relatively slow. At any rate, I am not complaining, of course, it has been great to see all these new birds in the yard. Chris Bosak may be reached at chrisbosak26@gmail.com or through his website www.birdsofnewengland.com

Bow Riders • Deck Boats • Pontoon Boats All Boats equipped with AM/FM Stereos

Weekly Rentals Available 1258 Union Ave (right across from Mc Donalds), Laconia, NH www.anchormarine.net Reservations Encouraged • Major Credit Cards Accepted


— THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, July 2, 2020 —



YOUR FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT SUPER CENTER SINCE 1952! 18 Hole Indoor Mini-Golf 20 Lane Bowling Center Braggin’ Dragon Restaurant D.A. Long Tavern Cash Bingo Kiddie Bumper Cars Kiddie Rides Birthday Parties Group & Corporate Outings


Including: Occupancy Reductions, Increased PARTY ROOM Sanitization, Plexi Shields at POS Locations, Masks Perfect for birthdays! Recommended for Guests & Required for Employees Discounts for corporate or business Whenparties! Safe Distancing Is Not Practical.

603-366-4377 · FunspotNH.com

Route 3, 579 Endicott Street N, Laconia, NH


— THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, July 2, 2020 — MOORE from 13

tion on guided trips visit www.TimMooreOutdoors.com. You can also follow TMO on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/ TimMooreOutdoors.

you arrive at the ramp, get in line and wait your turn, even though the line is figurative. Marinas often have dock workers that know who’s next and will help keep everyone in line. Don’t Park Like a… Okay, you staged your boat in the staging area, with no headlights, you launched quickly and tied up to the courtesy dock. You did everything right. You head to the trailer parking area, pull into a space, and head to your boat, but you missed one very important piece to the etiquette puzzle. Your trailer is at a weird angler, making it difficult for other people with trailers to get around it without hitting it. Maybe you noticed and thought it was no big deal, but some trucks and trailers are longer than others. The truck next to you might not be able to get out, or others may not be able to get theirs in, so you’ve essentially taken up two spaces. Proper launch etiquette isn’t something new, and it isn’t exclusive to just some launches. It applies to every launch, everywhere you go. You may be thinking, “What about kayakers? They use the launches too, and they clog them up as much as boaters do.” You’re right, I’m a kayaker and a boat owner. I’ve seen kayakers using some horrible launch etiquette as often as I’ve seen it with boaters, which is why my next column will talk about proper launch etiquette for kayakers. Whether we are fishing or just pleasure boating, we all spend time on the water for one reason, to have fun, but proper launch etiquette isn’t just about having more fun. It’s about making sure

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The sign at Roberts Cove Basin Marina indicates where the marina wishes boaters to get their boats ready before launching. the flow keeps moving, but a little courtesy goes a long way toward that fun. Tim Moore is a fulltime licensed New Hampshire fishing guide and owner of Tim Moore

Outdoors, LLC. He offers guided fishing trips on Lake Winnipesaukee and kayak trips for striped bass. He is a member of the New England Outdoors Writers Association and the producer of Tim Moore Outdoors TV. For informa-

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24 SMITH from 1 from the various towns competing against each other. I don’t remember my home town of New Hampton ever fielding

— THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, July 2, 2020 — one of those teams, but I do remember attending games in Bristol and Ashland with those two town teams in competition. Those

United States flag made by Betsy Ross in 1776. were the days when the pitcher-catcher combination made up of the Marston twins from Bristol was the talk of the local sports

scene. I recall at home, probably during one of those years when there wasn’t a ball game to go to of engaging in a shooting game with my brothers on that important July day using cap pistols and hiding behind trees as we pretended to shoot each other. None of the shots could be “fatal,” however, because the game had to go on. Some years, before they were outlawed, my Dad would purchase a few firecrackers and we had our own minifireworks display. Back in 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed, but America was also

at war, and companies and regiments of colonists were being raised up to fight in it. It was not fun and games back then. New Hampshire militiamen who were asked to serve in the war were required to provide their own guns and other equipment needed to engage in warfare, but if they were unable to supply the needed items the selectmen from their town were required to supply them. The Continental Congress in September of 1776 voted to raise 66,000 enlisted men for the war, asking the different States to pro-

vide the men, with New Hampshire being asked to provide three battalions. According to Judge Jonathan Jones, writing in the Granite Monthly magazine, each enlisted man was offered by Congress “... a bounty of twenty pounds, a suit of clothes, consisting of two linen hunting shirts, two pairs of overalls, a leathern or woolen waistcoat with sleeves, a pair of breeches, a hat or leathern cap, two shirts, two pairs of hose, and two pairs of shoes, all of the value of twenty dollars, and one hundred acres of land..” In addition the State was to pay twenty shillings a month as wages, and was to provide a blanket and one penny a mile for travel. It appears that after New Hampshire was directed by Congress to provide three battalions for the war that there were periodic orders given to recruit men to fill the regiments as the enlistment periods of previous recruits ended. Colonels of the regiments and captains of the companies in those See SMITH on 25


— THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, July 2, 2020 — SMITH from 24 regiments were ordered on March 20, 1777, by General Folsom, who was the Commander of the State Militia, to raise the needed men. The recruiters were authorized to hire men from any area of the State. In November of 1779 another campaign to fill up the three battalions was made by encouraging the soldiers whose terms of service were ending to re-enlist. They were offered 100 acres of land instead of a bounty to enlist, or they could receive a sum of money equal to that which Massachusetts offered to its soldiers. Apparently the filling up of the ranks was not easy because in December of 1779 General Folsom was ordered to fill up three battalions immediately. In March of 1780 recruiters were offered 30 pounds for each man they could persuade to enlist, and on June 8th of the same year it was voted to draft men into service to obtain the men needed to fill the battalions. On June 16th the militia officers were ordered to enlist or draft 600 men for the three battalions. Men refusing to comply with an order to serve in the army or to provide a substitute to do so were subject to a fine of five hundred dollars. Towns were expected to provide men for the Revolutionary Army and if they did not supply the number they were asked to then the cost of hiring men from other towns was assessed to the delinquent town. The individual towns also offered bounties to residents who would enlist in the army. Jonathan Smith wrote that “By 1778 most of the men had

ers. So as we celebrate the Fourth of July, though this year will, no doubt, be different than the usual celebration, let’s remember that freedom comes at a cost. It took more than a declaration, more than words, to be free of tyr-

anny from those across the sea. It took the shedding of blood and loss of life. Robert Hanaford Smith, Sr. welcomes your comments at danahillsmiths@yahoo. com.



In 1776, the Continental Congress formally declares the name of the new nation to be the “United States” of America. This replaced the term “United Colonies,” which had been in general use. had a taste of military service, and many of them did not like it. Large numbers of the militia were men of mature years, owning farms and having dependent families. The calls came in the busiest season, planting or harvesting time, when their presence at home was absolutely necessary to keep their wives and children from want.” But they served in the cause of freedom as the officers struggled to keep the battalions supplied with enough men – men who were sent to New York, Rhode Island, Canada, and as far away as Virginia to fight the enemy and bring freedom to the land. Some were assigned to protect the borders of New Hampshire from invaders, many going to Portsmouth to guard the coast, others assigned to stand guard along the Connecticut River, and some sent to the northern border. Others went to other New England States. Some deserted and others, having completed the terms of their enlistment, were said to have

uttered, “I have had my term. I have fought bravely. Let my neighbor do likewise.” Of the 25,000 American deaths in the Revolutionary War, though no one knows for sure exactly how many there were, around 8,000

were battle deaths and the rest died from disease. Over four hundred men from New Hampshire died in the war. They were not well-trained soldiers, but militia men who had jobs and families to support. Many were New Hampshire farm-

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— THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, July 2, 2020 — the overlooked Korean trary foreign division peninsula, a former of this ancient land Japanese colony, was in 1945 at the 38th Save $10 Off with parallel, divided between the this coupon and the forSoviets in the North malization of two sepand the Americans in arate governments in the South. The arbi- September 1948, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in the North and the Republic of Korea in the Chimney Swe ep South, codified the division in classic Cold Chimne War political stenogo e Sweeps • Stonework id raphy. Brick Repairs • Liners Korea was overCaps • Installations looked. The American Fire Place Makeovers In spection focus was on occupyFully Insured ing, rebuilding and politically transforming Japan, rehabilitating the Philippines, and STEPHANIE LERP watching nervously REALTOR® as an expanding civil war in China between the Nationalists and Communists engulfed Mainland China. Korea, well, we will g e t to that in “due 603-998-0555 • Stephanie.lerp@nemoves.com course” as FDR ca348 Court Street, Laconia, NH

METZLER from 7 Japan five years earlier; demobilization and economic prosperity was predictably on the horizon in the post WWII era. But






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sually and callously brushed off Korea’s post-war status after a half century of Japanese occupation. Contemporary South Korea has created an amazing socio/economic success story. By the late 1980’s the ROK later evolved into a political democracy. Both Korean states joined the United Nations in 1991 and surprisingly a South Korean Ban Ki-moon, whose family fled North Korea during the war, became UN Secretary General in 2007. The Korean Peninsula forms the vortex of competing power interests; China, Russia, Japan and the USA. But Korea’s strategic standing has only increased in recent years. As a prosperous and tech savvy democracy, South Korea is no longer just viewed as a geopolitical piece on Asia’s chessboard, but as a key player in the global economy. North Korea on the other hand has sunk into a dystopian socialist quagmire ruled by a Marxist Monarchy, the Kim family. Nuclear weapons nonetheless give Pyongyang its bargaining chips. Yet the conflict remains unresolved, ended by a truce in 1953 not a formal peace treaty. For the USA and South Korea, resolving the Korean war remains one of the last legacies of the Cold War and ensuring future peace in East Asia. John J. Metzler is a United Nations correspondent covering diplomatic and defense issues. He is the author of Divided Dynamism The Diplomacy of Separated Nations: Germany, Korea, China.

STOSSEL from 7 The editor resigned. A week later, young activists at NBC news tried to silence The Federalist, a respected conservative site that NBC labelled as “farright.” The Federalist had published a column that said, correctly, that the media falsely claimed that violent riots were peaceful. But the column did contain a mistake. It quoted a government official saying tear gas was not used, when it had been used. NBC then ran an article bragging that Google blocked The Federalist’s ads after an “NBC news verification unit” brought The Federalist’s “racism” to Google’s attention. NBC’s reporter even thanked left-wing activist groups for their “collaboration.” But NBC was wrong. Google didn’t cut off The Federalist. Google merely threatened that if the Federalist didn’t police its comments section. It was one time when the activist mob’s smears failed. But they keep trying to kill all sorts of expression. Some now even want the children’s TV show “Paw Patrol” canceled because it suggests law enforcement is noble. When activists decide that certain words or arguments are “offensive,” no one must use those words. “(But) we’re supposed to occasionally offend each other,” says Soave, “because you might be wrong. We have to have a conversation about it. We have to challenge dogma. What if we were still with the principle that you couldn’t speak out against the King?! That’s the history of the Middle Ages.”

That’s when authorities arrested Galileo for daring to say that the earth revolved around the sun. “That’s the condition that all humans lived under until just the last 300 years, and it was a much less happy place,” says Soave. “Then we came to an idea that we improve society by having frank and sometimes difficult conversations about policy issues, philosophy, about how we’re going to get along and live together.” Life has been much better since people acquired the right to speak freely. Elite colleges spread the idea that speech can be a form of violence. “Words are like bullets!” they say. But words are words; bullets are bullets. We must keep them apart. When entitled leftists declare themselves the sole arbiters of truth, it’s crucial that we all speak up for free speech. John Stossel is author of “Give Me a Break: How I Exposed Hucksters, Cheats, and Scam Artists and Became the Scourge of the Liberal Media.” For other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit www. creators.com.


— THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, July 2, 2020 —


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— THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, July 2, 2020 —

MALKIN from 6 thought that it looked anywhere close to a noose. Folks have used it for exercise. It was

really a fun addition to the park that we tried to create,” Sengbe told KGO News. “It’s unfortunate that a genuine

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gesture of just wanting to have a good time got misinterpreted into something so heinous,” he told the station. Mayor Schaaf and the hysteria harridans didn’t just make a mistake, however. They willfully and purposefully spread The Big Hoax despite Sengbe’s explanation because “(i) ntentions don’t matter when it comes to terrorizing the public,” she said. And that is how a reign of ridiculous error involving a black man placing exercise ropes and bands around trees transmogrifies into a reign of racial terror. The Oakland #FakeNoose ruse fell apart seven days ago, but no sooner had that fiasco ended than the NASCAR hoax erupted on Sunday. Racecar

driver-turned-Black Lives Matter mascot Bubba Wallace claimed a “noose” was discovered in his team garage. A literal virtue-signaling parade convened. Establishment conservatives such as Ben Shapiro, Scott Walker and Nikki Haley joined anti-American liberals in condemning “despicable” racism and declared that they “stand with Bubba.” Wallace appeared on “The View” to say that anyone who questioned his selfserving narrative was a “simple-minded” bigot who “offends me.” Turns out, thanks to citizen journalists’ sleuthing and observant pit crew workers, that the “noose” was a typical garage door pull rope present in the garage at least eight months before Wallace

moved into it last week. It took a massive 15 FBI agents to figure out the obvious. Not a single mainstream outlet bothered to recount, as I did on Twitter on Sunday night, the long history of #FakeNoose that I’ve exposed in my columns for the past 13 years -- from the Baltimore firefighter in 2007 who faked a noose and death threat to distract from a cheating scandal to the University of Delaware agitators who whipped up a frenzy in 2015 over “nooses” that turned out to be metal “remnants of paper lanterns” hung as tree decorations to the Kansas State University grievance-mongers who turned discarded nylon parachute cords used for knot-tying practice into terroristic “nooses” to the shoelaces mistak-

en for nooses at Michigan State University in 2017. I’ll say it again: When you’ve seen one social justice huckster, you’ve seen ‘em all. Remember who calls out the horse manure when it matters. Remember who cringes and whinges. Stop buying into The Big Hoax. Have some self-respect, for heavens’ sake. America is falling apart over lies. Michelle Malkin’s email address is MichelleMalkinInvestigates@ protonmail.com. To find out more about Michelle Malkin and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at www.creators.com.

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— THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, July 2, 2020 — MAILBOAT from 2 governments drive away businesses offering jobs and affordable goods. Democrats support open borders and protect illegal aliens who compete for scarce jobs, increasing black unemployment; suppress black’s wages; and bring drugs and crime to many black neighborhoods. Democrats refuse to provide the policing needed to make black neighborhoods safe. Democrats now use government power, rather than slavery and the KKK, to oppress black people. In a population of over 41 million blacks, there were 2458 victims of anti-black incidents in 2017, committed by people of all races, according to FBI reports. Any such actions are unacceptable and all perpetrators must be con-

demned. By comparison, millions of blacks suffer every year because of Democrat laws and actions by Democrat, often black Democrat controlled city governments. Most evidence of institutional anti-black treatment is committed by government entities controlled by Democrats for whom most blacks voted! When situations like the current riots occur, Democrat politicians excuse, allow, and some encourage the spread of the lawless, violent, and destruction that disproportionately hurt blacks. Without opposition these riots have grown into domestic terrorism, looting, destroying, burning, stealing, injuring, killing, and destroying the symbols of our nation’s history including monuments

to abolitionists and to the authors of our founding documents. Democrat politicians rejected President Trump’s calls to stop the riots to protect people and property, and they rejected his offers of assistance. Now Democrats call for defunding the Police which will only result in the spread of violence…perhaps to your family’s neighborhood. To Democrat politicians and many of their supporters, most lives and certainly most Black Lives DON’T Matter. Don Ewing Meredith, NH.

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— THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, July 2, 2020 —

Super Crossword



by Parker & Hart


— THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, July 2, 2020 —




PHOTO #812

My contract says “Stand Up Only”, I’m not doing the clown car routine. -Robert Patrick, Moultonborough, NH.

Runners Up : Cindy thought the bears at Clark’s Trading Post were going to be real Dave Merrill, Union, NH. Lucille was certain the circus bear was supposed to roll the barrel, not stand for attention. - Alan Doyon, Meredith, NH. Let’s see them come closer than six feet to me now. -Jim Ferlito, Saugus, Mass.


The Winklman Aeffect

PHOTO #814 Send your best caption to us with your name and location within 2 weeks of publication date... Caption Contest, The Weirs Times, P.O. Box 5458, Weirs, NH 03247 email to contest@weirs.com

by John Whitlock


— THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, July 2, 2020 —

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