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like California still have great weight in the Electoral College, but it isn’t as much of swing as if the election was only a popular vote count. (Consider; all of Hillary Clinton’s popular vote win can be traced to California) But because we have the Electoral College, Trump winning 30 states to Clinton’s 20 and winning, according to the AP, 2,626 counties to Clinton’s 487 counties gave him the Presidency. (The county map of the 2016 Presidential election looks like someone spilled a red paint can over a map of the US.) Quite simply, the Electoral College gives smaller states a bit more of a voice. I understand that many on the left are upset with the Electoral College as it has lost them two recent elections (2000 and 2016). However, it would be worth metzler from 7

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Put in less arithmetical terms, China sells the USA four times as much as Americans buy from the People’s Republic. American trade teams negotiating in Beijing played commercial hardball regarding the deficit; Commerce Secretary Wilber Ross visited to present planned tariffs on $50 billion in Chinese ex-ports unless China would buy more American products. Beijing’s state-run media blustered back, “Let them prepare for an epic trade war.� Uncertainty and unease will pervade markets for American exporters too as we tip toe round the tariff issue hoping to avoid the minefield of a trade war. American consumers and companies would naturally be affected and not in particularly positive ways. For consumers the lack of choice would likely lead to higher prices. No question that there’s a price to pay to protect American jobs, many people are willing to share the burden to do so, but I’m not so certain these peo-ple actually realize the depth of the dilemma and the hollowing out of our industrial base. For business the chal-

while for them to examine the important reasons why our Founding Fathers wisely established it in our Constitution. We should judge the Electoral College based on its merits, not based on whether our candidate won. Isaac Hadam is a 17 year old who studies and writes about issues that involve the Constitution. He is the President of the Constitutional Awareness Pact, which strives to help people read and understand the U.S. Constitution. For more info please visit He lives in Madison, NH and will be contributing editorials on the constitution from time to time.

lenge is compounded. What will the tariffs be? Will Washington switch pol-icy in six months? Shall American agricultural produce exports be blocked from China? The sanctions have faced stiff criticism from many U.S. exporters and Republican lawmakers. Facing a “trade war� the United States made a tough stand at the G-7 Summit in Canada. Here amidst the splendid St. Lawrence River in the Quebec’s Charlevoix region, the leaders of Canada, Japan and the European power economies France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom came together with the U. S. at a particularly awkward time. We are not just talking about trade and markets here, but political relationships and shared part-nerships, and enduring friendships with each of the Summit participants. Let’s not endanger that with wars of words. John J. Metzler is a United Nations correspondent covering diplomatic and defense issues. He is the author of Divided Dynamism The Diplomacy of Separated Nations: Germany, Korea, China.

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06/14/18 Weirs Times  

Lifelong Love Of Historical Markers Leads To New Book

06/14/18 Weirs Times  

Lifelong Love Of Historical Markers Leads To New Book