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by Dawn Dawn Thomson Thomson by

of Reuben's Reuben's Rescue Rescue Ranch Ranch of

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Farewell My Friend... by Dawn Thomson Contributing Writer

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He came to us when he 640 Suncook Valley Road, Alton, NH was barely three years old. We received a frantic call A LT O N B E D A N D B I S C U I T. C O M from a woman, saying her The Weirs Times is printed on recycled newsprint goat had done an expensive with smudge-free, environmentally safe inks. dance on her husband’s antique car and therefore must go‌.or be put down. We agreed to meet her goat immediately. He was extremely afraid of people, so it took much coaxing for him to come anywhere near us. When he finally Benjamin in the vitality of his younger years. got up the nerve to apJerico’s Salon & Spa would like to introduce proach me, his owner’s Daisy, and he took comfort months afterward. Then, you to a new member of our team... husband reached through in following them outside some years later, Hyacinth Jo is joining us with an the fence, grabbed him by by day, and back inside and Benjamin fell victim to JOTimes SMITH extensive education in The Weirs is printed on recycled newsprint the horns and screamed at the barn by night. It wasn’t human foul play that took Medical skincare. Her goal is to withAdvanced smudge-free, environmentally safe inks. educate you in taking care Esthetician, LPN me to grab his collar. This long before Benny and Dai- Hyacinth’s life and reverted of your most important of course sent the already- sy were totally smitten with Benny to again being terripart of your defense system. YOUR SKIN!! untrusting fellow careening each other, and completely fied of people‌..even us. Jo will be featuring a fantastic new skin care away, more terrified than inseparable. We spent the next several line. “Skin for Lifeâ€? products where nature Gradually, Hyacinth’s months using positive reever. We knew we had to meets science and delivers a unique LSS “life sustaining systemâ€? for your skin. and Daisy’s trust of us hu- inforcement techniques to bring him home that day. It was no easy feat to mans rubbed off on Ben- remind him that he could Her extensive menu of services includes hook a lead rope to his col- jamin, and he let us get still trust us. Eventually, but is not limited to: t09:(&/'"$*"-SFNPWFTJNQVSJUJFTBOE lar and get him into our somewhat closer to him. with lots of love and paUPYJOT 4UFGBOZ$VOOJOHIBNQIPUP van, but several hours and In time, he began following tience, we won him over t.*$30%&3."#3"4*0/TLJOSFTVSGBDJOH lots of patience later, we us around the paddock once again, and his bond t.*$$30$633&/5JTB'BDF-JGUXJUIPVUTVSHFSZ PòFSFEGPSCPUIGBDF finally succeeded, and he and taking treats from our with us grew even stronBOECPEZJUUJHIUFOT UPOFTBOENPSFJNQPSUBOUMZ-*'54 hands. When the day final- ger. was headed home. t.*$30/&&%-*/(IFMQTSFEVDFBDOFTDBSJOHBOETUSFUDINBSLT He came with the name ly came that he leaned on During Ben Ben’s long t4"/7/$0-%-"4&3'"53&%6$5*0/XJUIBTFSJFTPGUSFBUNFOUTZPV of “Benâ€?, but we deemed me for a petting, I knew we life, he survived several DBOMPTFTFWFSBMJODIFTPòBMNPTUFWFSZQBSUPGZPVSCPEZ it much too ordinary a had finally won him over. medical issues, some that Relaxing facials, spray tanning and eyelash extensions are also some of the Eventually, Benjamin required months of treatname for such a handsome other services we offer for those that are interested in pampering themselves. gentleman as he. So we became fast friends with all ment to get him through. So if you are interested in making changes or just coming to relax and changed it to “Benjaminâ€?, the other farm residents. In his senior years, he even rejuvenate please call and set up a complimentary minifacial, skin analysis and which subsequently mor- He loved grazing with the lost one of his horns, which treatment plan. ($50 Value) Weather your young or old there’s a treatment plan for you. Let Jo help you reach your skin care goals. phed into “Ben Benâ€? or donkeys, dozing amongst granted him the title of (Set in Dom Casual, or some“Bennyâ€? by our then 3 year the horses, and carrying “One-Horned Wonderâ€?. But thing similar the chickens around on his Benjamin had an extremeold son. No matter, our if possible) new Caprine friend would back. His favorite trick was See dawn on 16 eventually learn to answer to open all the stall doors, letting each of his buddies to all of the above. Visit us on Facebook For several weeks after out into the paddock. This Benjamin joined us, we daily ritual was a constant didn’t ask anything of him. source of amusement for OPEN FOR VISITORS: Saturdays, 10am-5pm, May - October He got to simply hang out all of us. Bring the kids to feed the goats, pet the donkeys or meet our Ben Ben’s life was not, with the other animals special horses Reuben, Tiny, Mr. Beans & Eternity ....and just‌.be a goat. however, without tribulaIt always amazes me to tion. He lost his girlfriend Free for All, but Donations are Welcome, or Purchase Something watch our farm residents Daisy, in a tragic accident, from our Thrift Shop to Help Support the Animals. aid in the transformation when one of his horns /)3UF %BOCVSZ /)ttXXXSFVCFOTSFTDVFSBODIXFFCMZDPN of a new arrival. Benny got got caught in her collar, to share a stall with two leaving him heartbroken other goats, Hyacinth and and depressed for several

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