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THE WEIRS TIMES & THE COCHECO TIMES, Thursday, April 2, 2015


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by Dawn Dawn Thomson Thomson by

of Reuben's Reuben's Rescue Rescue Ranch Ranch of

Home away from home for your pets! 640 Suncook Valley Road, Alton, NH A LT O N B E D A N D B I S C U I T. C O M

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interest in eating. Instead, she had continued to hibernate in the back of her tank and blatantly ignore them. Needless to say, their summer furniture remained indoors. This was the discouraged state I found my friends in, when I arrived at the store that day. When Brad and Jim told me this did not bode well for the end of winter being in sight, I felt a sudden surge of panic overtake me. Now, you may think I’m a little crazy…alright, if you read my column, you KNOW I’m a lot crazy, especially when it comes to animals…but it was obvious to me that Diane held all the power in that cute little shell of hers. Longing for the end of dreadfully cold days, I did what any sane person, (or insane, as may be the case), would do. I decided to join the crusade of convincing Diane she had to eat…for spring’s sake, of course. So, I uttered the words: “Take me to her!” After lifting her head in a brief salutation, Diane quickly turned her back on me, resuming her meditative stance at the far side of her tank. Feeling definitely snubbed, and more than a little desper-

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Dawn Thomson visits with Diane’s cartoon counterpart, on the summer bench outside Twin Designs, celebrating the talented turtle’s declaration of spring this past March 4th. ate, I decided to appeal to her ego. I told Diane that everyone needed a break from this year’s very long winter blues, and we were all counting on her and only her, to give us the hope that spring was on its way. (I also mentioned how beautiful she was more than once, thinking flattery couldn’t hurt my case.) As I unabashedly begged and pleaded with Diane, to all our amaze-

ment, my tactic started to work! Diane slowly turned around in her tank and stared at me for a moment. Then she swam to the top of her tank, stuck her head out of the water, and opened her mouth wide. I was elated as I offered Diane a strawberry and she swallowed one single glorious bite. Then, she turned around to face See dawn on 10

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Meet The PET OF THE WEEK Say Hello to Chia!

3 Years Old • Female • Neutered Breed: Chihuahua • Size: Small

Waiting for a forever home since February 24th, 2015

Little chubby CHIA really is the perfect pet. She found herself deposited like lost luggage at a shelter in Texas. Luckily for her, she found herself travelling north to NH where the weather may be cold, but the people warm. Chia loves, loves, loves to be cuddled. It’s her primary job, to simply sit in a lap and snuggle. Pick her up and hear the most adorable snuffling sounds and then be ready to spend however much time you wish cuddling this irresistibly cute tan Chihuahua girl. Chia has done well with the dogs and cats she has met here, but given her ready devotion to a human that will love her, she really is all the dog anyone could need. She is not recommended for any aged children. Obviously she requires a woolen coat when venturing outside, but really, it’s time now, for her forever home. Come meet this sweet girl in person and be ready for love at first sight!

Call 524-3252 or check

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Move Over Punxsutawney Phil!

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