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THE WEIRS TIMES & THE COCHECO TIMES, Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Year, Old Memes Baby New Year is only weeks old and the s c y t h e wielding old man of 2015 has passed away. Beyond the by Ken Gorrell symbolic Northfield, NH. hand-off little has changed. Same old resolutions made and quickly broken, same challenges, same hopes and dreams. Unfortunately, being an election year, the 2016 Baby will live most of its life enveloped in the smog of political lies. If only 2015’s Old Man could have cut through the smog with his scythe, he might

have given Baby a chance for a better life. More than a decade ago, R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., founder of The American Spectator, coined the term Kultursmog. Defined as the “popular culture of the United States, polluted utterly by a weird politics…that is often called liberal but is actually simply leftish and adolescent,” its values are “incompatible with traditional American social, cultural, and economic ideals.” Air quality has improved in the USA since Tyrrell wrote those words, but Kultursmog has extended its noxious fumes across the land like the toxic air in China that contributes to the deaths of an estimated 1.6 million people annually. While Kultursmog

Middle East and Terrorism First and foremost the USA, the Arab states, and Russia must redouble their efforts to solve the Syrian conflict which has taken 300,000 lives. While recent United Nations efforts to bring the warring parties together for a durable cease-fire seem quixotic, there’s simply no alternative in stopping this spreading political cancer.

falsely that women earn 77 cents for every dollar earned by men. Never addressed is the question, all things being equal, why don’t evil Capitalists simply hire more women and cut personnel costs? Of course, all things aren’t equal. The “studies” Clinton cites create job “equivalencies” instead of providing head-to-head comparisons. The fact that the most dangerous jobs in America are See gorrell on 26

Remembering 2015

How shall we remember 2015? Or shall we try to forget it? It is always hard to know when a turning point has been reached, by Thomas Sowell and usually it Syndicated Columnist is long afterSyria must be solved this year. wards before Beyond the pure carnage, Syria offers a grisly playground for Is- we recognize it. However, if 2015 lamic State and a gaggle of other has been a turning point, it may terrorist groups. According to the well have marked a turn in a UN relief agencies, over four mil- downward direction for America lion Syrians have fled their coun- and for Western civilization. This was the year when we estry and another 6.5 million are internally displaced; that’s half the sentially let the world know that entire population! Over one mil- we were giving up any effort to try lion Syrian migrants have flooded to stop Iran -- the world’s leading into Europe, mostly going to Ger- sponsor of international terrorism many and Sweden. Millions more -- from getting a nuclear bomb. are camped in neighboring Turkey, Surely it does not take much Lebanon and Jordan. Refugees at imagination to foresee what lies at Europe’s borders pose a searingly the end of that road. It will not matter if we have more poignant reminder of a problem nuclear bombs than they have, needing solution. ISIL is stirring this witches brew if they are willing to die and we through its occupation of large are not. That can determine who surrenders. And ISIS and other swaths of Syria and Iraq. But beyond the calculation of terrorists have given us grisly conflict, the wider human tragedy demonstrations of what surrender is often not seen. Persecution and would mean. Putting aside, for the moment, attacks on the ancient Christian communities in Iraq, Iran and Syr- the fateful question whether 2015 ia continues in 2016! And killings, is a turning point, what do we see rape, and persecution of other when we look back instead of lookgroups such as the Yazidi minor- ing forward? What characterizes ity, highlights a particular target the year that is now ending? More than anything else, 2015 of Islamic State intolerance. ISIL’s attacks on Christians and Yazidis has been the year of the big lie. pose a glaring case of Darkness There have been lies in other years, and some of them pretty versus Light. Beyond the region, Islamic ji- big, but even so 2015 has set new hadi terrorism has carried out two highs -- or new lows. This is the year when we learned, See Metzler on 20

Looking Ahead at 2016; Light vs Darkness? NEW YORK— It’s time to consult the crystal snow globe for a look at both the likely and unexpected events which will shape the by John J. Metzler New Year. SeSyndicated Columnist rious strife both in the Middle East, and Africa to a lesser extent, have expanded leading to a culture of conflict with the ensuing reverberations of refugees which have swamped into neighboring countries and deeper into Europe. The appalling violence affecting Syria is no longer a regional crisis but widened through humanitarian challenges and international players, thus creating a serious threat to the global status quo. Let’s look at the map.

doesn’t kill outright, it certainly does deaden minds. One mind-deadening meme that Baby New Year will have to live with is the so-called War on Women. Like the mythical Hydra, no matter how many heads are cut off, i.e., no matter how many times the lies are disproved, the creature lives on. Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton unleashes the beast in TV ads and speeches, repeating

from Hillary Clinton’s own e-mails, after three long years of stalling, stone-walling and evasions, that Secretary of State Clinton lied, and so did President Barack Obama and others under him, when they all told us in 2012 that the terrorist attack in Benghazi that killed the American ambassador and three other Americans was not a terrorist attack, but a protest demonstration that got out of hand. “What difference, at this point, does it make?” as Mrs. Clinton later melodramatically cried out, at a Congressional committee hearing investigating that episode. First of all, it made enough of a difference for some of the highest officials of American government to concoct a false story that they knew at the time was false. It mattered enough that, if the truth had come out, on the eve of a presidential election, it could have destroyed Barack Obama’s happy tale of how he had dealt a crippling blow to terrorists by killing Usama bin Laden (with an assist from the Navy’s SEALS). Had Obama’s lies about his triumph over terrorism been exposed on the eve of the election, that could have ended his stay in the White House. And that could have spared us and the world many of Obama’s disasters in the Middle East and elsewhere around the world. That is why it matters, and will continue to matter in the future. Lying, by itself, is obviously not new. What is new is the growing acceptance of lying as “no big deal” by smug sophisticates, so long as these are lies that advance their political causes. Many in the meSee Sowell on 26

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