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major attacks in France as well as the USA in the recent San Bernardino, California killings. While Barack Obama may have wished ISIL away, the terrorist group persists and poses a clear and present danger to the U.S. The security ramifications of the controversial Iran nuclear “deal” are unfolding; since the accord the Islamic Republic has tested two ballistic missiles. Moreover Tehran has flexed its political muscles both in Iraq and Syria. Afghanistan also poses a serious challenge for global interests; shall the central government hold on against the fundamentalist Taliban terrorists or shall this land descend back into the darkness?

Latin America There’s an amazing opportunity here if Washington seizes it. Elections in Argentina have led to a positive change in government away from the Christina Kirchner’s socialist/statist regime to a free market and U.S. leaning administration of Mauricio Macri. Here’s a great chance for the USA to revive once close ties with Argentina. Equally, legismon of our 2013 trip and a personal lative elections in Venezuela, repudiated the Chavez

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Asian states including Vietnam and the Philippines. Moreover, PRC policies to put the South China Sea under Beijing’s sovereignty, a Mare Nostrum, pose a wider threat to trading states such as Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. The USA must support the Freedom of the Seas doctrine in this vital region. On the electoral side in January, the Republic of China on Taiwan will hold free presidential elections, the outcome of which will greatly impact on the balance of peace across the Taiwan Straits between the Mainland and democratic Taiwan. Significantly the U.S. Presidential election holds the key to either reinvigorate the American economy and reengage the USA as a global political player or to look inwards and create a wider balkanized social dependency culture. The hinge of fate comes in November. At this time let me wish my readers a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2016!

East Asia Actions by the People’s Republic of China in the South China Sea pose a looming danger to global John J. Metzler is a United maritime states. Beijing’s Nations correspondent coveroccupation and expansion ing diplomatic and defense The Weirs Timesinisthe printed on recycled newsprint issues. He is the author of of islands and reefs Divided Dynamism Diplodisputed Islandenvironmentally withSpratley smudge-free, safeThe inks. group impinge upon the macy of Separated Nations: interests of six Southeast Germany, Korea, China.

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ogy. Do an online search and you’ll discover these in minutes. They come in a variety of colors. Once they cure, they produce a tenacious bond with the two concrete slabs. It’s very important that you follow the directions to the letter when working with these caulks and sealants. I beg you to read the instructions on the label as well as any other printed literature that comes with the sealant. You don’t fill the entire depth of the gap with the sealant or caulk. You’ll use a special foam backer rod that the sealant manufacturer recommends. Once again, use the exact backer rod that they say works best with their sealant. This ensures you’ll never have to do this repair again. Getting the color to match is step one of making the gap look great. In two of my videos that you didn’t see, I show a trick or two how to make cracks in blacktop and concrete disappear. It takes a little work, but it’s so worth it. When I look at the photo you sent of your patio slab, I can clearly see some coarse sand particles in the concrete. You need to locate sand that’s got this same colored rock in it. Understand that sand is just small tiny pieces of rock. Go

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lakes are lowered in the fall. Some lakes are lowered six feet or more to accommodate extra water from spring snow melt. Lowered water levels can leave launch sites high and dry, if not completely inaccessible. Since our kayak fishing trip, winter has arrived. The temps are getting colder and we have even had our first snow of the season. It won’t be long before our lakes and ponds will be frozen and kayak fishing will turn into ice fishing. For now I will begin the task of put-

to local sand suppliers and get a small bucket of sand that matches what you see in your slab. I’d probably not grind off the high spot at the edge of the patio slab. I’d first try to use a wider cold chisel and knock off the highest points. This will make less dust and achieve the same goal. Start filling the gap at the farthest corner where you don’t look so much at the gap. I want you to fill the gap as the sealant instructions say and only do about a foot of the gap. As soon as you get the sealant to the correct height, I want you to cover the caulk with a 1/8-inch layer of the dry sand. Carefully pat the sand into the caulk. Stop working and allow the caulk or sealant to dry or cure. It could take 24 hours or more. Once you’re sure the sealant has hardened, then carefully brush off the excess sand and save it. Look to see if the joint is aesthetically pleasing. I can guarantee you it will look better than it would have if you hadn’t put the sand onto the wet sealant. Adjust the amount of sand you apply to get the look you like. All of Tim’s past columns are archived for free at www.AsktheBuilder. com.

ting all of my kayak fishing gear away for a long winter’s nap, and making sure my ice fishing gear is ready for that first trip. Tim Moore is a yearround professional fishing guide in New Hampshire. He owns and operates Tim Moore Outdoors, LLC and guides ice fishing trips on Lake Winnipesaukee. He is a member of the New England Outdoors Writers Association and the producer of Tim Moore Outdoors TV. Visit www. for more information.

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Pitmans Freight Room and our Healthy Living Section

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