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THE WEIRS TIMES & THE COCHECO TIMES, Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bartolo Governanti, Agent

Bartolo Governanti, Agent 103 Hanover Street 103 Hanover Street Lebanon, NH 03766 Lebanon, NH 03766 Bus: 603-727-9440 Bus: 603-727-9440 Monday-Friday 9:00am-6:00pm Monday-Friday 9:00am-6:00pm Saturday 9:00am-12:00noon Saturday 9:00am-12:00noon Other Hours by Appointment Other Hours In the meantime, what will by Appointment State Farm, Bloomington, IL

Be Informed, NH Is Important Through Primary Day Feb. 9! Many of us have feared the future; that is the last year of the evil one being president. Not that in his by Niel Young Advocates Columnist first seven years did he do enough to lead to the demise of our America, within the next eleven months we will witness the last three minutes of a fireworks show. There will be will a barrage of “Executive Orders� that will NOT be challenged by members of the Congress and the Senate. Many of those who voted for this man TWICE will question that wisdom. Too late! For that man to boast that his administration would be the �most transparent ever�, take the oath for the presidency, abide by the US Constitution, is on the edge of being considered a TYRANT; “a ruler who has unlimited power over other people, and uses it cruelly and unfairly.� ******** Obama on guns: Do what we can to protect our families from gun violence. Here’s the question others will not ask Hussein Obama. YOU, Barack, have allowed Gitmo killers to go free to join other killers. YOU, have opened our borders to ALL who walk through without knowing who they are. YOU have made it possible for enemies of our religious beliefs and OUR ideology of laws to enter with hate in their hearts for us. And YOU say more control on OUR speech, and guns are YOUR answer for a safe America? ******** I am a registered republican for primary selection only. That is where I get to winnow out the RINO ES-

TABLISHMENT republican candidates. History will show that in the past two decades republican “leaders� have their Republicans for (fill in Democrat’s name) Shaheen and Lynch come to mind in print and TV. That’s our “Party� working for the other Party. Do you ever see this sign or ad: Democrats for a Republican candidate? Not with me, you don’t! Principled conservatives are withholding contributions to a Party Without Principles. We are seeking that fiscal and social conservative we can believe will vote accordingly. Stop your laughing. Yes Kelly is closer to Jeanne than those of us who voted ONE Time for her. BTW, McCain has a primary opponent in the upcoming 2016 republican primary. ******** Greg Walden NRCC Chairman 12/31: “Next year’s elections will be a tipping point for our country. If we don’t stand up to the liberal agenda of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi, then our nation will feel the negative effects for generations. That’s why I’m asking you to commit to a Republican victory next November with a contribution before the New Year’s Ball drops at midnight. “Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi have made it their goal to divide, then conquer us in the 2016 election for a complete liberal takeover of Washington. We can’t allow that to happen.� But Chairman, how do you convince me to believe that your team of Establishments would do this? The NH Prez Primary is not far away. I suggest you sell this to the uninformed. As for me, I am anti Ayotte, Ryan, McConnell, Bush, and Rubio. As for me; sticking with TED CRUZ. ********

1211999 Republicans do to Farm, combat State Bloomington, IL the TYRANT in the White 1211999 House?  WĞƚŽĨƚŚĞtĞĞŏ For the full report by Geor gi Boorman: “President CAROLINE & LEO Obama’s Department of Dogs really do live in the moment, Housing and Urban Develwhich is why they keep putting one paw in front of the other and don’t opment is plotting a power dwell at all in the past. A lesson we grab under a new rule humans should take to heart. that came into effect this past July, and we have the Caroline & Leo have been enjoying the royal treatment at NHHS since Supreme Court’s recent they arrived in the autumn of 2015. ruling on disparate impact Truly a bonded couple, they stay in housing policy to thank together at every moment. for it. Leo is a portly Italian Greyhound, a “HUD intends to insert somewhat rare breed in New Hampshire, his regal demeanor and itself into local zoning efoutgoing nature not lessened in the forts through the AFFH least by the fact that he had surgery to remove an eye at some point in his (Affirmatively Furthering distant past. Fair Housing) program to push affirmative action in Caroline, his feisty terrier companion leads the duo. We do not wish to split them up. Being small of stature, their housing policy, directing ages shouldn’t be a deterrent for adoption. Both enjoy playing with the HUD grant recipients to plethora of toys they have accumulated at the shelter. Cuddle time is equally important too! “affirmatively further the Act’s goals of promoting If appropriately dressed, a quick winter walk is something they are still fair housing and equal opinterested in. Let’s ring in the New Year with these two adorable dogs finding their forever home. They would be fine in a home with cats, but portunity. given their senior status, no small children please. “But former elected officials Ken Blackwell and Ç Ç Ç Í˜ĹśĹšĹšĆľĹľÄ‚ĹśÄžÍ˜Ĺ˝ĆŒĹ? ϹώϰͲϯώϹώ ĨĂÄ?ÄžÄ?Ĺ˝Ĺ˝ĹŹÍ˜Ä?Žž͏ŜŚŚƾžĂŜĞ Rick Manning argue the “AFFH rule seeks to radically reinvent local zoning laws in the United States – reengineering America’s neighborhoods based on racial and ethnic quotas. Under the rule’s assessment tool, local governments Whether you are a vacationer or a full time resident of the Lakes Region, are required to ‘identify Skelley's Market is the place to go for your shopping needs. Located on route neighborhoods or areas in 109 in beautiful Moultonboro, New Hampshire, we are very easy to find. the jurisdiction and region where racial/ethnic groups Skelley's Market services include: t(BTIPVSTBEBZ t#BJMFZhT#VCCMF*DF$SFBNtPizza Special are segregated.’â€? t'SFTIQJ[[B t.BQT  GPSt5PQQJOHT ******** t/)-PUUFSZUJDLFUT t.PWJFSFOUBMT &WFSZ4BU/JHIUtQN A very important remindt#FFSBOE8JOF t'BNPVT-PCTUFS3PMMT tClam & Scallop Special er that after February 9 t4BOEXJDIFT t'JTIBOE(BNF  &WFSZ'SJ/JHIUtQN the primary is over. If you t%BJMZQBQFST 0)37MJDFOTFT 4VNNFS0OMZ plan to be an active parStop by Skelley's Market today and enjoy some great food, Bailey's Bubble Ice Cream, a ticipant two things you can lobster roll or anything else you may need. You will be glad you did. do from your living room. You can listen to my radio (PWFSOPS8FOUXPSUI)8:t.PVMUPOCPSP /) program Monday through $BMMt'tXXXTLFMMFZTNBSLFUDPN Friday 9-10 am, 1350 and, and on Saturday Come visit our other location: 8-Noon. Call in 524-6288 or email advocates@wezs. com. Please do not tell me of Wolfeboro “I don’t vote in primariesâ€?. Waiting for November is $FOUFS4Ut8PMGFCPSP /) NOT the answer. Join me!

Skelley’s Market


Skelley’s Market


01/07/2016 Weirs Times  

Pitmans Freight Room and our Healthy Living Section

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