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UNIT 3:3D Visual Communication In ART AND DESIGN

Practice Analysis MUSIC VIDEO ANALYSE Buddha with a thousand hand - dance -it is about a lot people dancing ,focusing on their hand movements. When they dance, they look like a thousand hand Buddha. -those people dancing are wearing the long gold nail on their fingers. -the effect of outcome is it was a very beautiful dance, when they training this dance with a big difficulty ,because they can’t talk or hear. The music they using are just go along with dancing. -yes, I like it very much. Because their dancing had attract a lot of people, it is a very artistic dance

Music video analysis Owl city-firefly -There is a lot of light color, they are red, yellow, and blue. -There were a lot different type of toys lying all around on the floor -Its talk about childhood and personal life style -90’s toy come to life -It’s similar to the film, toy story. -Dreams and memories of childhood -Material are different color of lights. -installation of rule, like a theater set. -the light light up, the piano start to sing

Django Django – default -the photograph always have in sequence -they are using black electrical tape on the side of the frame -stop motion -black and white photograph -paint pattern use as decoration, colour was introduce through pain


Wire man

Shredder tissue paper &P.V.A. glue


Are there also undesired/unsuccessful EFFECTS of what you have done? What are they? Yes I shouldn’t put too much shredded paper to it, as it makes my work look messy. What am I going to do now? If I did it again, what would I do the same/differently next time? Why? What is the next step from this piece of work to progress my idea? If I do it again I will decrease the volume of the shredded paper, and others will remain the same. Because I realised that I had use too much time on putting the shredded tissue paper on this work. It make my work look messy and doesn’t come out with the good effect.



Web by Antony Gormley-2010 What does the work communicate? -Has it got a meaning? Yes, it looks like a wire robot. -Is it telling a story? I think it is trying to tell us that the robot which made of black colour wire that had fell on the one space on the floor and it was can’t get up easily. We can see clearly that the robot is form from the square shape. It’s texture looks smooth and its tone is grey. It is in 3D shape. -Does it serve a purpose? No, may be it was done by the artist, as he want to make this robot look special in this photo -Has the artist worked from memory or real life I think he work from toy robot, it is just look like a toy robot sculpture. -And how can you tell I can tell from the shape, as it is just look like a robot


How to analyze art work u  Do not describe what is on the page. u  Subject matter- what is the work about? What’s the focus u  Materials- consider the effect the use of the materials has on the viewer u  Technique- skillful use of materials? Could it be improves? What’s the effect on the


u  Success- Does the work communicate what the artist want it to? Does it makes you ask

questions? Does it makes you think? Does it challenge the viewer?


Composition-The layout of the work Arrangement, make-up, formation, build, weave, construct, order, focus, balance, symmetry, asymmetry, harmony, scale, repition


Is a design?


Does it look balanced?


Are there any repeated shapes or symmetry?

The formal element -color -texture -space -line -form -tone


Birds Trying to Escape their Drawing, 2005

What does the work communicate?

-Has it got a meaning?

The birds were trying to escape -Is it telling a story? I think it may is trying to tell that the bird is hurt by the children by using the toy gun. -Does it serve a purpose? I think it is serve a purpose, because I think the author is trying to show other people how the bird was hurt, and how poor that they were trying to escape. I think that the bird is a cute animal, may be the author is also trying to ask everyone should protect those poor birds. -Has the artist worked from memory or real life? The artist is work form the real life. May be the author saw the real bird hurt by the children and lying on the floor trying to escape. -And how can you tell? As I saw the injured birds lying on the floor trying to escape. This can happen in real life.

THE FORMAL ELEMENTS Color-pure white color and different grey color in the shadow Form-it is a 2D object turn into 3D object Shape-it is in a bird shape Space-I think there is space inside the bird’s body. As well there is the space between each bird where they lay. It is not big is just a A4 size paper cut. Line- there is the line on birds wing. Texture- the texture is smooth, it is also flat. Tone- there is a very little shadow under bird’s wing which is in light grey color.


Artist Work Inspire by Peter Calesen

River Thames Buried Treasures

Plaster Object of the River Thames Pieces

Artist Analysis for 3D Project Katja Strunz 19 July 2011 “If times were not falling and folding over each other.� The works of Katja Strunz bear the traces of lived experience, of a past that manifests itself through the use of recycled materials. I chose his work because I like use recycle material to fold things too.

Artist Work Analysis I think katja Strunz’work there are no meaning, but it gives me a feeling of sharp weapon, it looks hard and violent. I think may be he read violent news or he saw violent fighting happen using knife or the sharp weapon. It is colourful and it was spread out on the wall.

Idea-RECYCLE -uses magazine to folding origami -get the idea from Katja Strunz by paste it on the wall -use the string connect together -got the idea from Cancer Research UK -I used the shape of the logo to create my Origami idea.

Final work

Final work

Final work

Final work

Final Work Analysis I place the bigger birds in front as it shows the adult birds are protecting their baby birds . As the weather getting colder they are flying to north, wait for the spring and come back again. I stick the birds on the wall facing the same direction where they are going. It also represent the winter is coming. I uses magazine to fold them, the different colour of magazine is so amazing.



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