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WEILUN CHEN 陈炜伦 Selected Works 2016-2018

WEILUN CHEN 515-510-2069 5114 Buchanan Maney Ames, IA 50013

EDUCATION: Ames, IA Aug 2013 - Present

Zürich, Switzerland Feb 2017 - Aug 2017

IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY, COLLEGE OF DESIGN Bachelor of Architecture Expected to graduate May 2018. Participated in 7 architectual design studios and 5 architecture technology courses which include knowledge about the structure, sustainability, and construction. ETH ZÜRICH Visiting Student Engaged in architectural design studio held by Prof. Joseph Schwartz. The studio is built on the reconciliation of the disciplines of engineering and architecture.

Tianjin Urban Planning & Design Institute Tianjin, China Summer - 2015

Involved in competition phase of a culture center in Jining, China. Cooperated with RSAA Gmbh. Responsibilities include schematic design, graphical presentation, competition document, communication and translation between two design teams. The proposal won the competition in the area of performance center and site planning. Jining Culture Center is expected to be built in 2018. AWARDS:

CSI Competition Award 2017


H. Kennard Bussard Award 2017

Revit, SketchUp. AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, 3ds Max, Maxwell Rhino, Grasshopper, Vray for Rhino, Microsoft Office Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.)

ARCHITECTURAL INTERN Involved in the schematic design phase of a residential project in Aarau, Switzerland. Responsibilities include conceptual design, building code calculation.


Formulated in the final design phase of a residential project in Zürich, Switzerland. Responsibilities included interior design, graphical presentation and final documentation of the project.

English: Speak fluently, read and write with high proficiency Chinese: Native language REFERENCES:

Iowa State University College of Design Ames, IA Jan 2016 - Dec 2016

Iowa State University Department of Residence Ames, IA Aug 2015 - Dec 2016

DSN S 102 PEER MENTOR Teaching assistant in first-year design studios. Worked alongside professors with 30 students, participated in a seminar about design teaching. COMMUNITY ADVISOR Served Residence Hall as advisor and leader. Responsibilities included offering resources to over 100 community members for personal and academic success, advising and providing training for the leadership in th community.



EXPERIENCE: BB&I Architeckten AG Zürich, Switzerland Summer, 2017


Iowa State University College of Design Ames, IA

PETER P. GOCHÉ Assistant Professor 515-520-3384

Iowa State University College of Design Ames, IA

BOSUK HUR Lecturer 515-294-5676

University of Cincinnati College of DAAP Cincinnati, OH

JUNGWOO JI Adjunct Assistant Professor 914-419-4589

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SCHOOL OF METAPHYSICS “Burnt Wood” on Governor’s Island, New York 02


NEO-MONUMENTALITY SPACE Robot IT Office in San Francisco, California 03


THE OLYMPIC ODYSSEY Tower for Olympic Games on International Water 04


SIGNAL TOWER Vertical Structure in Leuk, Switzerland


SCHOOL OF METAPHYSICS “Burnt Wood” on Governor’s Island, New York Work with: Greta Norris, Jiayu Dong Instructor: Peter P. Goche Fall 2017 The physical world is the area where humans dwell while the metaphysical world consists of the intangible elements of life. Because humans understand abstract concepts through concrete forms, this project uses phenomenology to heighten the participant’s senses in order to provoke metaphysical reactions.

1 | School of Metaphysics

3 mile

2 mile

1 mile

site: 0 mile

1 mile

2 mile

3 mile

3 mile

2 mile

1 mile

site: 0 mile

1 mile

2 mile

3 mile

4 mile

Site The site is located on the northwern side of Governor’s island (approximately 800 yards from the southern tip of Manhattan Island) looking out toward lower Manhattan and The Statue of Liberty. The site map depicts the water as solid leaving the island as a void seperated physically from the surrounding city. 03 | School of Metaphysics

Drawing The initial drawing studies the relationship between the tangible and intangible by using varying line types and layers of medium to create dense areas that are connected by elongated lines. The space between the lines creates a tenuous condition which describes the atmospheric relationships within the boundaries of our site. 陈炜伦 Weilun Chen | 04

Wood The distortion and compression of burnt wood creates delicate openings between layers and provides a tenuous spatial relationship which echos the relationship between tangible and intangible on the site.

05 | School of Metaphysics

陈炜伦 Weilun Chen | 06

Sketches Phenomena happen after the wood pieces get burnt. By observing and sketching the burnt wood, we depict those phenomena and transfer them into architectural language with the consideration of spatial experience.

07 | School of Metaphysics

Models The architectural language captured from the burnt wood evolve into models, which include the consideration regards structure, material, light and spatial experience eventually.

陈炜伦 Weilun Chen | 08

Proposal The building, represented as a burnt piece of wood is placed along the edge of the island where the topographic lines conform to the outline of the wood. The progression through the building consciously hides or reveals elements beyond the site. At the core of the school is a fissure that reflects both lights and the sound of the crashing waves into the building.

On the Boundary The building is separated by the coast into two sections, classrooms and session rooms. Classrooms sunk into the earth which bring the landscape closer to the interior space. Meanwhile, the session rooms are supported right above water surface and adapting high tide daily.

Session Rooms The individual session rooms are uniquely designed to control the participant’s relationship to the sky, city, and water, for example, by blocking one’s view to the city but allowing sound to come into the space. Because the participant is attentive to their present state of being and removed from their known perception of their surroundings, they are able to transcend into the metaphysical realm.

11 | School of Metaphysics

陈炜伦 Weilun Chen | 12

13 | School of Metaphysics

high tide low tide

陈炜伦 Weilun Chen | 14


NEO-MONUMENTALITY SPACE Robot IT Office San Francisco, California Work with: David Matto, Wenjie Zheng Instructor: Bosuk Hur Fall 2016 This robot IT office is designed as a neo-monumentality space. The site is located by Market street in Downtown, San Francisco. On this street of heavy traffic, there are several renowned IT companies such as Twitter, Uber, Dolby, etc. This building shouldn’t only be an efficient office that designs robots, but also a branding tool to exhibit the city how robots can affect their life. The nature of monumentality has its base in the desire to reach the eternal; the concern about social dimension opposed to the private interest, our short and existence and last the desire to connect to the surrounding to share the images and values of society.

15 | Neo-Monumentality Space

陈炜伦 Weilun Chen | 16

Site The site is a triangle shape formed by Van Ness Avenue and Market Street which are the two main stems in San Francisco downtown. Market Street has a large amount of pedestrian. Van Ness Avenue, on the other hand, is crowded with traffic. On the west side, the quietness of 12th Street forms an unexpected contrast with main stems. The design strategy is forms to echo these three different atmospheres.

17 | Neo-Monumentality Space







Social Expectation



Way to Present

Turn into Architectural Elements


陈炜伦 Weilun Chen | 18

Initial Form


Break Through






Neo-Monumentality and Site Neo-Monumentality emanates from monumentality sharing its eternity, enigma, and emotional contribution. Neo-monumentality is the belief that architecture should focus more “than merely utilitarian needs into a functional manner, but rather is should seek to meet society’s cultural expectations”, as described by Nicholas Bullock. Architecture should be able to attract the gaze by its adaptation to different times; this should be attained by the creation of atmospheres connecting the illogical to the logical for architecture to be eternal.

19 | Neo-Monumentality Space

Layout The building is formed by two wings and interlaced by four bridges in the middle. The longer wing by Van Ness Avenue has offices, meeting rooms, dining rooms, etc. The shorter wing by 12th street is supported by modular structure. On the street side, there are moveable boxes that contains different robots. The bridges between the two wings have their own functions which are exhibition, library, classrooms and gym. Those spaces can be shared with staffs and visitors. The ground floor is outdoor public space with landscape and stores. The intersection spaces between the bridges and two wings serve as indoor public spaces for staffs and visitors.

陈炜伦 Weilun Chen | 20

View on Bridge

Section: Wing on 12th Street

21 | Neo-Monumentality Space

View from High-Rise (Under Construction)

Section: Wing on Van Ness Street

Structure for Robot Containers

Removing Robot Containers

Robot Containers Robots with different functions are contained inside the containers. After being coded and prepared in the IT office, they will be shipped all around San Francisco to offer service. Through the hallways on the bridge side, visitors can observe the preparation of these robots.

陈炜伦 Weilun Chen | 22

Market Street + 12th Street

23 | Neo-Monumentality Space

12th Street + Van Ness Avenue

陈炜伦 Weilun Chen | 24


THE OLYMPIC ODYSSEY Tower for Olympic Games on International Water Work with: Praveen Bhardwaj, Suk Lee, David Matto, Wenjie Zheng Instructor: Bosuk Hur Spring 2018 In the past over 100 year, the Olympic Games have been the symbol of sportsmanship and world peace. However, Olympic Games seem to become a huge burden to the host countries in recent year. Scandals like incitant and corruption start to appear with Olympic Games. Many Stadiums specifically built for the Olympic Games are abandoned right afterward. The Olympic Odyssey is designed to bring back the purity of Sports back to the Olympics and keep it away from the influence from politics and corruption.

陈炜伦 Weilun Chen | 26

Creation of a Single Olympic Venue for the Athletes

"A tower which works to bring back the purity of Sports to the Olympics" Since the revival of its ancient form in 1892, the Olympic Games has established itself as a major athletic festival of the world.Precisely through this biennial event, the collective conscious of a globalized world can engage in varied competitions where the best athletes compete for the ultimate glory, while promoting inclusive values of unity, pride, effort, achievement, and peace. As the magnitude of the Olympics has expanded over time, so too has the criticality of the host city. While a significant part of its universal cultural force, the host city of this global event has become increasingly destabilized as the Games have become so overshadowed by financial burden and corruption. Many cities are left increasingly destabilized due to the massive economic costs of hosting an international event with such magnitude. We believe that the deliberation of such large quantitiWes of money into the Olympics has diverted its purity: the authenticity of sportsmanship is transcended by a politically charged spectacle. The objective of “The Olympic Odyssey� is to defer from continuing this economically and socially destructive history and reinforce the purity of sports that the Olympic Games symbolize. With a profoundly monumental form, the Olympic Odyssey provides the necessary collection of archetypes, such as: stadium, tracks, pools, and fields. To escape the political territoriality of land, we seek a paradise in the unclaimed territory on the international waters of the temperate zones, which also provides a wide variety of temperatures throughout the year, allowing the tower to be the location for both the Summer and Winter games. Access to the Olympic Odyssey is primarily for competitors and staff to ensure fairness without interruption. Smart technology will provide the public with an autonomous form of inclusive and three-dimensional access. Through Virtual Technology people will have access at their homes and to the sports of their interest while also enjoying a family gathering. Close Interaction through Virtual Reality will create a different way of living the Olympic Games. The Olympic Odyssey reflects the history, human diligence, and sportsmanship. It avoids disruptive elements that diverge the purpose of the Olympics. It gathers the world together to construct and participate in the ultimate Olympic Dream.

27 | The Olympic Odyssey

Choosing a Site


Choosing a site in the international waters, raising a circular tower to fit all the sports location and service spaces.

Creat osseum the tow athletes

1. People at Home

Provides people throughout the wor an easier, cheaper and more assessa way of attending the Olympics.

ting an Entrance

Creating Levels

Sculpting the Tower

Virtual Reality

ting a circular colm as an entrance to wer also to house the and provide service areas

Creating different levels and zones in the colosseum to divide space and house the outdoor water sports.

Placing the sports programs in the tower, while sculpting it to fit each program and space needed.

Adding virtual reality to provide the audience and promotion. the VR surrounds the tower to provide a 180-degree experience.

rld able

2. Options

3. Through the VR System

Provides people with the option of attending multiple games at the same time. They can see the other audience in the VR system, preserving the authentic cheering crowd feeling.

With people being in the VR environment, they can get closer to the players by choosing the field views to add another level of to the sports experience.

陈炜伦 Weilun Chen | 28

Athletics Track Plan

29 | The Olympic Odyssey


1. Entrance 2. Lobby 3. Ring Required Sports (Boxing, etc) 4. Athlete Tracks 5. Mechanical Space 6. Bobsleigh Finish Line 7. Snowboard / Mountain Bike (Seasonal) 8. Mechanical Room 9. Ice Rink Sports (Short Track, etc.) 10. Bobsleigh Starting Point 11. Ceremony / Multipurpose 12. Diving 13. Pool Related Sports 14. MBX 15. Ski Related Sports End 16. Tennis 17. Gymnastics 18. Badminton 19. Volley Ball 20. Observation Deck 21. Soccer / Rooftop 22. Colosseum / VR Projection 23. Boat / Water Sports


陈炜伦 Weilun Chen | 30

Bobsleigh Tracks

Athletic Tracks 31 | The Olympic Odyssey

陈炜伦 Weilun Chen | 32

33 | Signal Tower


SIGNAL TOWER Vertical Structure in Leuk, Switzerland Work with: Alexander Böhm Instructor: Joseph Schwartz Spring 2017 Leuk, Switzerland is a small town that located in the middle of Alps. With more than 3,500 hours of sunshine, the region is one of the sunniest areas in Switzerland. Therefore, Leuk is chosen to be the location the new ground station. The program for the new ground station for Earth observation will combine a communication tower, a data center, a research hub and facilities for visitors.

陈炜伦 Weilun Chen | 34

Visibility Study

Situation Study

View Study

Structural Explorations


Rotational Effects 35 | Signal Tower

Site Analysing the site and village´s meetings we found the desire of Guttet-Feschel to preserve their landscape as much as possible. Topographically the site is very exposed, almost peaking out of the mountain. Making it very visible especially from Leuk, the next largest town in the valley. Access to the site almost always passes through Leuk, making the view from there a very important one. Looking at the program and the concerns of GuttetFeschel´s population we decided to create a space centre that will also be a tourist attraction. Our main concerns then became the search for a structure that has monumentality and landmark character while having a small footprint and effect on the landscape. We decided on a tower. The experiments of Robert Le Ricolais in the early 60´s inspired us to further develop the structual system to finally come up with the proposal. This has then been further developed into this project.

First Proposal 陈炜伦 Weilun Chen | 36

37 | Signal Tower

Proposal The project is located on the slope of the mountain, allowing for maximum visibility from Leuk and along the path towards it. It is oriented towards the villages centre with its short side, allowing light and views to pass through and minimise visual impact. The wide side is rotated towards Leuk to achieve the opposite effect, creating a monumental appearance. Visitors are expected to proceed towards the tower´s entrance through the village´s core then down the slope, creating a sequence of appearances for visitors to experience. This makes the journey towards the structure as much a part of the experience as its inside. Additional access is possible at the bottom of the tower, allowing deliveries to be made with ease. 陈炜伦 Weilun Chen | 38


Exhibition Space Exhibition Space

Restaurant Conference space storage

Conference Space office Data Center


39 | Signal Tower

Structure and Material The opaqueness of the structure covering membrane, determinedby qualities of appearance and visibility supports this further. The patches on the short edges are transparent, to allow light and views to pass through, while the long sides are more opaque, to create landmark character and protection from the sun.Verticallly, the tower is structured by considering the sequences visitors would likely visit the different spaces. All non public spaces are grouped at the very bottom. Visitors will pass by these when going up. The conference space forms a transition area between public and private functions. Visitors are expected to either take the elevator to the top and then experience the tower walking down the stairs or climb the stairs to experience the tower in the opposite order. Either direction a great emphasis was put on experiencing the verticality of the building. Technical functions like receivers are located at the very top of the structure. The structure is enclosed by ETFE cushions attached to the tower covering cable network. The connections and support frames were carefully designed to minimise visual impact, as ETFE was chosen for its transparency and lightness. Opaqueness is controlled by adding small white dots on the cushion, gradually controlling the surfaces´ appearance in five opacity levels.

陈炜伦 Weilun Chen | 40

Construction Sequence

Construction As the tower is very unstable in its unfinished state, its construction will be conducted in several steps, gradually adding height while maintaining stability. For this, the structural slabs will need to be built in reverse order on ground level, then lifted along the already built reinforced concrete columns to be temporarily connected to stabilise the tower while construction continues. The formwork building the tower´s columns will have a crane attached to it. This will allow the lifting of floorslabs while later serving to carry heavy equipment up the tower if necessary. Detail Section

Connection Floor

ETFE Connection 41 | Signal Tower

After erection, the tower´s structural floors will be connected by a network of cables. This will add stiffness to the loadbearing columns, allowing for greater thinness. On ground level the cables will be connected to anchors, further stabilising the tower against rotational movement and bringing the cables´ tension forces to the ground.

陈炜伦 Weilun Chen | 42

THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME Weilun Chen 陈炜伦 515-520-2069 : Weilun Chen

Weilun Chen's Selected Works 2016-2018  
Weilun Chen's Selected Works 2016-2018