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yao wei hua


MIT Media Lab

Summer Intern (Changing Places group) MAY, 2016

Young Designer Exhibition JERRY WEI-HUA YAO TAIWAN R.O.C +886 935299804 EDUCATION B.Des in Industrial Design, 2012-2016 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Department of Industrial and Commercial Design

Graphic Art Communication, 2009-2012 Taipei Municipal Da-An vocational high school

Department of Graphic Art Communication

Exhibitor. Taipei, Taiwan JUL - SEP, 2015

MIT Media Lab Summer Intern MAR ,2015

TEDxNTUST Annual Conference Organizer

JAN, 2014 - MAY, 2015

Tsung-Ying System Integration Co., Ltd Design Assistant FEB, 2015

Developed voting system in NTUST UX / Web designer

LANGUAGE CHINESE / Native Speaker ENGLISH / Fluent TOEFL iBT: 106 IELTS: 7.5

JUL - SEP, 2016

Developed student check-in system in NTUST Web designer


Open Data IAC

Golden Medal (First Prize) The open data IAC (a.k.a Innovation Application Competition) hosted by Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs. Project "I-care" won the first price of the national competition.

AUG ,2015

MIT Future Mobility Workshop Winning Team

Project "FAB++" was one of the winning teams in the Future Mobility workshop hosted by MIT Media Lab.

MAR ,2016

Technology transfer and Patent received Well reputed project "Easyringe" was technology transferred to and patent protected by Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in Taiwan.

NOV ,2015

National Taiwan Education Radio Guest Speaker

MAY ,2015

Taipei City Government Open Data Hackathon Winning Team Project "Monstery" is a google chrome extension that helps control and manage the electricity usage of Taiwan. This project was one of the finalist teams in Open Data Hackathon hosted by Taipei City Government.

Invited to speak on National Education Radio program in Taiwan as awarded on the excellent performance among Taiwan's

DEC ,2014

technological and vocational college students.

Social Innovation Hackathon Silver Medal

OCT ,2015

MIT Media Lab Workshop First Prize

Won the first prize in the workshop hosted by Massachusettes Institute of Technology Media Lab from the US. Our project "Undergo" was the winning team among 200 competitor teams.

Project "UVOTE" is an online voting system that helps college students to get involved in school's policies and enable students to report the problems to the school instantly. This voting system won the second place of the Hackathon hosted by National Tsin Hua University, and actually has been used by several schools.


/01 /02 /03 /04



project assosciate with

With the coming era of autonomous vehicles and people having no longer the need to drive by themselves, they will focus more on the comfort and experience while sitting in the cars, Denso seat is a muti-functional car seat which can increase the efficiency of energy and fuel in cars. It could detect users’ body condition and adjust the temperature by generating special air flow from the bionic pipes inside the cushion, creating a more comfortable environment for individuals in cars.

Problems People need different temperature while sitting in the car. Sometimes the air conditioner could not meet everyone’s demand. For example the passenger at the back might feel hotter than those at front under the same temperature condition. Therefore, the temperature has to remain low in order to cool down the certain area, even though others might not need such low temperature.

Inspiration In order to create airflow for indivisuals instead of all passengers sharing the AC, the interior of denso seat was comprised of mutiple pipes, allowing air to go through the seat. It applies the rules of leaf veins. Leaf vein plays a major role in the cycle of leaves’ life. The leaves absorb nutritions by phtosynthesis and deliver it to the trees.

Research process






Parametric model study (rigid structure layer)



Air layer (pipes)

Air layer is the pipe layer attached behind the rigid structure, allowing the air to go through with. Inlet (air)

The position of the outlets were based on human heatmap (red points), easily cool/heat the certain part for passengers while sitting inside a car.

The blue points are the centroid of the red points, and the green points are the centroid of the blues’. This would make sure that the route from inlet (green points) to outlet (red points) are the shortest and the best route. Also, it makes sure that the airflow of every outlets would have the same amount.


Cussion structure layer (rigid) air layer (pipes)

Prototype testing


3D print the partial of the seat to see if the pipes were well-connected, also test different materials for the surface of the seat.

Heat-detect The seat could detect body temperature and create airflow to heat/cool the seat, adjusting the suitable temperature for users.


Concept Astro Stereo is a special stereo which can visualize the music by light projection. Through the interaction between music and the light, stereos are no longer just a simple music player. It creates a brand new type of hearing experience, not only can we hear the music, but can also see and feel the rhythm while listening. Astro Stereo also improves the sleep quality as well, it creates a nightsky on the wall by projection while playing music. People could be shrouded in a milkyway and fell asleep as the lights faded out, just like the starry stars shining and singing in your home.


Creates a milky way in your room

The light changes along with the music

Gesture control

Function with bluetooth technology

Wireless microphone speaker

Why combine astro with stereo? Throughout recorded history, human beings can only relate the known universe through light, such as sunshine in the daylight and sparkling stars at night. We’ve always thought that space is a silent world. In fact, the space can actually fluctuate like drums and play like gramophones, emit vast sound throughout the whole universe at the same time. Therefore, whenever we look upon the stars, we know the stars are also walking toward us, as if they were carrying a song from the time space.


How can we design a product which can visualize the invisible sound to visible object?

Analyze and visualize the audio (Software) Using FFT open source to analyze audio spectrum, and set threshold for the music and their frequency. By dividing the audio into different types of frequency, it allows me to design the interaction between the light and the music. Frequency(Hz)



Represent instrument



The lower human threshold of hearing

Lowest note for tuba, large pipe organs



Rhythm frequencies

Lowest C on a standard 88-key piano



Gives a tinny quality to sound

C in middle of treble clef



Labial and fricative sounds lie

Highest note for a flute



The sounds of bells

The ringing of cymbals



Just passing the upper human threshold of hearing

CRT television emit while running

Sleep like an astronaut Most astronauts suffer serious levels of insomnia that could be putting their lives in danger, a lot of them even have to take sleep meds. Therefore, NASA spends 11.2$ million and hope to use the science of light to reduce astronauts' dependency on drugs. Sleep scientists have found that people feel more alert when they are exposed to a particular wavelength of blue light, because the brain suppresses melatonin,a key hormone in regulating sleep. In contrast, red-spectrum light helps increase the melatonin, allowing people to sleep better. Therefore, NASA created a new fixture for astroauts. It has three modes, each with a subtly different hue: White light is for general vision; a cooler blue-shifted light promotes alertness which is useful in the morning or during mid-sleep emergencies. And a warmer red-shifted light triggers sleepiness (helpful at bedtime).

How does Astro stereo improve sleep quality? More and more people like to sleep with music playing nowadays, users can play the relax melodies from their phone and had them visualized by Astro Stereo. Furthermore, Astro Stereo can also helps improve sleep


quality by changing the color of its lights. With the Astro Stereo app, users can change any colors they want in the environment. Certain light can help people sleep better, for example, reddish light can help stimulate melatonin which makes a person feels sleepy when its levels rise in their blood.













Wave length (nm) 400








Frequency (THz*)

yellow orange


Sketches and prototype testing

Structure (Hardware)


Epoxy resin

Projection layer

LED die

Spinning layer (motor)

Light-emitting region

cla e co r


Fiber lights ng cla



Drive r, Ardu ino pane l Gest ure recog nition

total internal reection occurs here

Visualization Frequency




512 Hz



2048 Hz

Cool colors (Baby blue, Benzo blue...etc)


8192 Hz

Warm colors (Salmon, Red...etc)

The light flashes with the bass and spin with the beats

To use

UP / Turn on

RIGHT / Turn up volumn

DOWN / Turn off

WAVE / Connect bluetooth

HOLD / pause

LEFT / Turn down volumn

PUSH / Next song

PULL / Previous song

Personal Electronic Vehicle UI / UX Design

Michael Lin

Recently, your home city has introduced a fleet of small, electric, self-driving vehicles – the Personal Electric Vehicle (PEV). PEV is an autonomous tricycle system that could play a key role in future public transportation in cities. It possesses the qualities that a new generation of urban vehicles need: sharing ability, electric powertrain, and autonomous navigation. My part of the project was to help develop the design of PEV as well as the UI/UX scenario design.

How users interact with their autonomous vehicle? This project involved different solutions of how people can interact with their vehicles, designed a better user experience for future mobility.

Augmented Reality Once you and your PEV are at the pick up location, you can use your phone or any other wearable that enables augmented reality (like Google Glass) to identify your PEV. Additional information will be displayed on your phone or by your wearable showing you which PEV is yours.

Scenario sketching Voice recognition 1.Annie opens the app on her smartphone, identify the location. 2.Annie meets PEV at the chosen location. 3.PEV front camera confirms her identity via facial recognition API, and reply “How can I help you today Annie?” Facial recognition PEV light will be changed base on the rider’s emotion. (Emotion API→front camera→ROS→LED) Package delivering a.designated drop-off/ pickup b.dynamic drop off/ pickup Gait recognition / Augmented Reality / Mobile authentication / Password / app interaction

Flashlight Once you and your PEV are at the pick up location, you can request your PEV to flash its warning lights using the PEV app.

Gait recognition The PEV is able to recognize users by using the rear cameras. Based on the way you walk and your body posture the PEV is able to recognize you when you approach it. If you approach it, it will give you visual feedback using its lights.

QR code The PEV will show a QR Code on the vehicle exterior. Using your PEV app you can read it to find out if it is yours.


easyr nge a n e asy syringe for every user

Patent Received and. Technology Transfer to Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital

Concept Easyringe is an easy syringe which allows patient and their family to have a better nasogastric feeding experience. The special equipped rubber ball inside the syringe would float along with the fluid as it pourd in and decend while feeding.

Therefore the air cuold be effectively blocked from entering the patient’s stomach, reducing the opportunites of abdominal distension.


20% According to the research from NTUH (National Taiwan University hospital), nearly 20% of the patients in their hospital need nasogastric feeding everyday.

61% Of the elderly people in nursing home need NG-feeding (around 50,000). The total amount of NG-feeding people in Taiwan are around 500,000, higher than Japan and US.

Nasogastric Feeding Patients in the hospital, as well as home care settings, often require nutritional supplementation with enteral feeding.Enteral feeding can be administered via nasogastric, nasoduodenal and nasojejunal means. Nasogastric tube feeding is defined as the delivery of nutrients from the nasal route into the stomach via a feeding tube.

Problems Patients and their family need to pay very much attention during nasogastric feeding, because once the air goes into patients’ stomach it will easily cause abdominal distension.

1) It requires others’ help to prevent the air from going into patient’s stomach by pinching the joint of the tube and syringe. 2) Normally the feeding process would be stopped while there is still residual left, because once the fluid runs out it woul cause the patient abdominal distension.

There are too many details to notice, making nasogastric feeding process very intense.

can an adaptive syringe be re-designed that ? How can prevent the air from goning to patient’s stomach?

Buoyancy experiment

? Can I find a meterial which floats and decends along with the fluid?

and make this material into a little ball, so it can block the outlet and prevent the air from going inside the patients’ stomach effectively as the fluid runs out.

Feeding fluid (Ensure) 1.1g / cm3

Styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) 0.94g / cm3

Ethylene Propylene (EPDM) 0.87g / cm3

Chloroprene rubber (CR) 1.23g / cm3

Polyacrylate Rubber (ACM) 1.13g / cm3

Chlorosulphonated Polyethylene (CSM) 1.18g / cm3

Structure fixture rubber hoop (preventing water-leaking)

Gravity Surface Tension

Upthrust Fluid


rubber ball (EPDM) Buoyancy


Pull back the syringe

plunger and check for

stomach residual amount.

The rubber ball will float up along with the fluid.

Scratch and detatch the rubber ball.

The rubber ball will

Pour in the fluid.

The rubber ball will block

descend while feeding. the outlet of syringe as the syringe runs out of fluid.

Diffurifier Concept Research have shown that the amount of Asian people suffer from allergies are getting higher and higher each year. Mostly because the weather condition in Asian cities is perfectly suitable for dust mites to grow. Therefore, the needs of a quality purifier are growing as well. Diffurifier is an air purifier which fits in the environment perfectly. The original idea was inspired by lotuses which tend to grow in the environment that is similar to the weather in Asia (hot and humid). With different purifacation techniques, Diffurifier gives a frsher and better environment for people to live in.



average relative humidity in Taiwan. (easy to have dust mites)


people in Taiwan have allergies. Some with allergic rhinitis.


of the allergic people suffer from asthma.


Lotus tends to grow in the envirronment where is hot and humid, just like the environment where people need an air purifier. Lotus is a heat-producing plant as well, maintained a temperature of 30–35 °C(86–95 °F) of all time, even when the air temperature dropped to 10 °C(50 °F). Apply the function of lotus seeds on the purifier, creating air holes on the surface allow water and steam comes out.

Below are the different stages of Diffurifier, imitating the life cycle of lotus. Turn on Diffurifier by a single tap. The second stage (with an angle of 20 degree) indicates Diffurifier is purifying the air. While Diffurifier open a wider angle of degree (stage 3) means that the air has been purified and was in good quality.

Structure Clean air

Polluted air



Photo catalyst

Activated carbon


Electric static

HEPA filters High Efficiency Particulate Air filters, which are proven to eliminate 99.97% of common airborne allergens sized at 0.3 microns and larger. HEPA air purifiers are regarded as the most effective air purifiers on the market.

Photocatalyst filters The photocatalytic reactivity of titanium oxides can be applied for the reduction or elimination of polluted compounds in air such as NOx, cigarette smoke, as well as volatile compounds arising from various construction materials.

Cap (twist to open) Pre-filter Composite filter Photocatalyst filter Compressor

The nature in your home Leaflet

Vascular tissue

Petiole After stimulation


I-CARE Web Design

Introduction People who are not IT (Information Technology) background often find it hard to access the open data online due to the complexity of the website interface. Meanwhile, it is even harder for users to find the open source they need when the data scatters in different websites. I-care aims to create an user-friendly website that allow every users to access the data information easily. It gathered the data from different websites for users (basically government’s open data by far) and visualize it with simple diagrams. After choosing the data information, the users can then choose the from they prefer (bar chart, pie chart, line graph...etc.). This allows the users to compare different data more easily, make the open data truly be opened to everyone. Also, I-care provides the function for business to upload their personal open data, increaing the diversities of open source.

I-care collects the data for users

Select the data to be compared

Select the form (bar, pie...etc.)

Select the data you wish to compare

Different forms of visualization

1.15 Taipei City

Keelung City

0.55 Taoyuan City 1.19 New Taipei City

Sources Filters

particulate matter (map)

New Taipei city Hsinchu city Hsinchu county Chiayi city

Line graph

Chiayi county Changhua county


Taichung city Taichung county

Pie chart

Taipei city

Bar chart

Taitung county

Time line

Tainan county

Tainan city

Bubble chart Map Colors

Particulate matter(Îźg/m3)

particulate matter (trend)

Ilan County Hualien county Kinmen county Nantou county

Services Customize

Pingtung county Miaoli county Taoyuan city Kaohsiung city

About us

New Taipei City


Yunlin County



City: Air Quality (%):

particulate matter (bar chart) Keelung city



Kaohsiung county Keelung city Lianjiang city Yunlin city New Taipei city Hsinchu city Hsinchu county Chiayi city Chiayi county

0.14 Ilan County

1.19 % 1,756

Easy access Always find it hard to collect the data? I-care collects the open data from different websites and visualize it for users. Users can simply click and match different data information which they select. I-care saves the irritated searching and converting time for users, increasing the working efficiency at the same time.

Flexibility Not only do I-care collect the open data from government website but also provide users to upload their personal data. Users could obtain more data which is more diverse and comprehensive. Compare to traditional open data website, I-care porvides more opportunities for users to collect the data in their lives.

User-Friendly I-care visualize the data by the simplest interface design, allowing users from different background can use the data information effectively by clear charts and diagrams. I-care hopes that open data information can be truly opened to every users, let everyone can enjoy the fun of open data.


MUJI’s concept of emphasizing the intrinsic appeal of an object through rationalization and meticulous elimination of excess is closely connected to the traditionally Japanese aesthetic of “su” –– meaning plain or unadorned –– the idea that simplicity is not merely modest or frugal, but could possibly be more appealing than luxury.

History Mujirushi (no-brand) Ryōhin (quality goods) began as a product brand of the supermarket chain The Seiyu, Ltd. in December 1980. The Mujirushi Ryōhin product range was developed to offer cheap good quality products and were marketed using the slogan “Lower priced for a reason.”

1983 - The first directly operated Mujirushi Ryōhin store opened. 1985 - Mujirushi Ryōhin started overseas production and procurement 1986 - started to place direct factory orders 1987 - Muji started to develop material globally. 1989 - Ryohin Keikaku Ltd became the manufacturer and retailer for all Mujirushi Ryōhin products and operations (including planning, development, production, distribution and sale.) 1991 - Mujirushi Ryōhin opened its first international store in London. 1995 - shares in “Muji Tsunan Campsite” were registered as over-the-counter shares of Japan Securities Dealers Association. 1998 - Ryōhin Keikaku listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. 2001 - It was listed on the first section. (Sells more than 7000 products)


Focusing on true quality and scrutinizing processes. Manufacturing processes eliminate waste and reduce costs. Simplifying packaging.


Emphasizing the intrinsic appeal of an object through rationalization and meticulous elimination of excess . Simplicity is not merely modest or frugal, but could possibly be more appealing than luxury.



Target Market 20-40 years old people who are open-minded and willing to pursue a high quality life. MUJI appeals as such to ethical, simplistic, minimalist yet practical shoppers that yet desire for furniture that enhances their lives and are willing to pay more for a lifestyle choice and for the environment.

Competitor Analysis Brand



Target Audience

Product Positioning

Price Level


Furniture Appliances Stationary Clothes Food

20-40 years old adults

Valuation Plain Eco-friendly



Appliances Furnitures Necessities Food

20-60 years old adults

Diverse Practical



Furniture Necessities Kitchenware

20-60 years old adults

Considerate Innovative


SWOT analysis Weakness

Strengths Unique shopping experience: The smell of cedar,

Innovation drain: The simplistic designs, despite

the sounds of light instruments in the shop gives a

practical and beautiful, loses out to the colorful

better shopping experience.

IKEA shops.

The “made in Japan” quality

Low awareness

Strong Identity




Truly environmental-friendly brand:

Price inconsistency between markets:

MUJI focus mainly on innovation within simplicity,

The brand faces the difficulty to align its prices with other

finding alternative materials to replace what they

competitors. In order to have lower prices on the market,

currently use (plastic, polyester etc…).

MUJI will have to shrink its margin profit.

Product images





Product identity Appearance / based on square shape with streamline Color/ achromatic, wood-like Trend/ Simplified the function and the product’s appearance

product concept 2018

Combining technology with appliances. “Old things, new life.�

げ ん せい

原生 。

“Ken-Sen” means origin : Return to the origin, start a fresh life. The brand new concept of MUJI household products of 2018 is based on the idea of family, extending a series of household products at the same time. The theme aims to make everyone who is far away from home to remember their family. 旅とは何か?それは多彩な体験なのか?それとも見た風景、聞こえた音なのか? 2018年、無印良品は「原生」をテーマに、旅の本質に戻り、最もシンプルな商品で 旅する意味を見つめ直し、最高の感動をお届けします。

Return, Reborn 2018 MUJI

2018 MUJI Image Board Health



2018 product design The concept of 2018 MUJI branding is to combine technology with daily household products. This season products aim to bring a focus on enhancing the bond between technology and human while remain the warm image of MUJI’s concept. Steam cooker

Water oven

Product analysis



オ ーブンレンジ M-E10C






オ ーブ ンレンジ M-E20B

オ ーブンレ ン ジ MOR-MJ16A


電子レンジ MO-MJ19A

- technological - user-friendly

- plain harmonize colors - plain and mild, immerse into life


オーブントースター MJ-OT10A



オーブンレンジ・15L MJ-OR15A

電子レンジ・19L MJ-ER19A


オーブントースター ・ MJ-OTL10A

Product analysis

Rice cooker


炊飯器 ECJ-MJ30




1869 IHジャー炊飯器




炊飯器 M-RC5D


炊飯器 MJ-RC3A

product design 2018

Water Oven

Steam Cooker


mu l ti p l e c ho i c es of re c i p es o n A P P c o nn e cte d to w at er o v en w i th B l u e to oth te c h squa re shape with fillet achromatic color

touc hscreen' s sur face i ncrea se. simp lified i nterf ac e, hav e no u nneces s ary e x pl an a ti o n.

yao wei hua

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