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Precor Stretch Trainer Introduction If you are the kind of person that doesn’t know how to stretch properly or avoids stretching, the Precor Stretch Trainer is a great item for you.

Click Here For Precor Stretch Trainer This great piece of exercise equipment is a top of the line company and provides you essential stretching before your workout. Precor Stretch Trainer Features The Precor Stretch Trainer features 8 essential stretches that gets 10 different body parts properly stretched while you are comfortably seated on the machine. This machine is a Precor model, so it is stable and safe to use. It is well-crafted and of very good quality, as are most Precor machines. Precor 240i Commercial Average 17 total customer reviews...


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The machine features easy programming, a Quickstart button, and a very easy to read screen, which are all very popular aspects of Precor equipment. The screen displays muscles that are being stretched with each and every different stretch motion that you do. That way, you can keep track of what muscles of your body are being stretched. Pros 1. This machine is excellent for people that don’t know how to stretch properly or feel a little silly getting on the floor in a gym and doing stretches. It stretches your body properly while keeping you on a machine. 2. This machine is very stable and great to use, as are most Precor machines. It is also very easy to program and use, which is something about Precor machines that are very popular. Cons 1. If you are thinking of buying one of these for your home, it does take up a lot of room and only allows you to stretch, so unless you have a lot of room in your home, it really may not be a very good choice. 2. Customers have complained that this machine does require extensive flexibility to use. This can be a major problem for some users, especially heavier ones. It can also be very uncomfortable for some users that are not as flexible. 3. The stretches done on this machine can all be done on your own with regular floor stretches, so some customers claim this machine is very superfluous. 4. This machine, as many Precor machines tend to be, is very expensive. This is a common complaint with customers involving Precor because its high quality machines tend to be very expensive. This one will cost you somewhere near $1,000 in price for a new model. On average, you will pay about $700.

This, to some customers, was way too much just for a stretch machine. Conclusion The Precor Stretch Trainer machine is a great thing for commercial use. It allows people that go to the gym to not have to get on the floor and stretch. If you don’t like to stretch or don’t know how to do so properly, then this machine is very beneficial to you. Buying one for the home, though, is often not done because of many factors including price and the space it takes up in the home. Some people express difficulty using it as well. Click Here For Precor Stretch Trainer

Precor Stretch Trainer  

Introduction If you are the kind of person that doesn’t know how to stretch properly or avoids stretching, the Precor Stretch Trainer is a g...