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Precor C846i Upright Cycle/ Exercise Bike Introduction This Precor C846i Upright Cycle/Exercise Bike (Used), is a commercial grade machine.

Click Here For Precor C846i Upright Cycle/ Exercise Bike It has been manufactured to an extremely high standard. This means that you will get a virtually new bike at a significant saving to purchasing a new one. The unit is smooth and quiet and will ensure that you enjoy your time spent exercising on it. This machine is used in gymnasiums and health clubs worldwide, so you know it is a quality unit. Precor AMT100i Experience Series Adaptive Motion Trainer Average Rating: 30 total customer reviews... Precor UBK 815 Commercial Series Upright Exercise Bike Average Rating: total customer reviews... It will give you many years of trouble and maintenance free use.

From the moment you sit on the comfortable padded seat and start to pedal you know that you will want to use it over and over again. Also, the manufacturer has had many years of experience, building quality exercise equipment for commercial and home use. The machine is sleek and modern in design and will suit anyone from the stay at home mum to the professional athlete. You can exercise while watching the television or listening to your favourite music. Precor C846i Upright Cycle/ Exercise Bike Features This exercise cycle has numerous features and functions, which include 25 different levels of resistance to really maximise your workouts. They range from level 1 at 18 watts and 20 RPM up to level 25 at 500 watts and 100 RPM and if you are an advanced user level 25 at 750 watts and 150 RPM. The resistance is provided by way of a magnetic, no-contact, 3 phase generator system. The eddy current resistance system does not require any batteries for back-up because it is belt driven, and very smooth. This ensures virtually no maintenance. The machine is self-driven. There is a double step-up drive system, and the 3 piece crank tightens positively, therefore eliminating the need for adjustments. The crank arm itself is 9/16� and will accept any pedal including a racing or mountain bike pedal. The comfortable padded seat is height adjustable. There is heart rate monitoring in the hand grips, and the unit is compatible with an optional chest strap, for heart rate telemetry.

The bike weighs 130 lbs and has a maximum user weight of 350 lbs. Its dimensions are L 57” x W 24” x H 60”. The programs include manual, interval, cross country, random, custom resistance, fitness test, weight loss, hill climb, watt control. On the easy to read and use console, the display shows things such as speed, average speed, heart rate average, % complete, calories burned, calories burned per minute and per hour, goal, heart rate, maximum heart rate, target heart rate, time in heart rate zone, SmartRate, language, profile, resistance level, segment time, RPM, time, time elapsed, watts, units, workout summary. The console also has an accessory holder for things like your cell phone and MP3 player and magazine. Pros 1. Fully refurbished machine. 2. Commercial quality. 3. Fantastic value. 4. Self-powered. No need for electricity. Cons 1. Does not come with a chest strap for heart rate telemetry. Conclusion If you are in the market for a professional, commercial grade unit, the Precor C846i Upright Cycle/ Exercise Bike (Used), could be just the machine you have been looking for. Click Here For Precor C846i Upright Cycle/ Exercise Bike

Precor C846i Upright Cycle Exercise Bike