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Nautilus Universal Decline Bench Introduction Among the many varied weight lifting exercises available out there, the bench press is the most effective in growing and expanding the muscle groups in your chest area.

Click Here For Nautilus Universal Decline Bench There are basically three types of bench presses and the decline bench press is performed with your head positioned at a lower level than your feet usually at a 20 to 30 degree angle. This type of press is focused on working out the deltoids, triceps and lower chest muscles. You can have great decline press routines right in your homes with the Nautilus Universal Decline Bench, using a barbell or a set of dumbbells so you can focus on the lower part of your chest muscles and have an overall workout that will give you a uniform and better-looking chest. Product Description The Universal Decline Bench is a quality strength training product from fitness company Nautilus that gives users a durable platform where they can perform efficient free-weight workouts to improve their muscles and build up strength.

It is a very versatile and compact decline bench that allows users to work on different core-strengthening exercises through very cost-effective means. Nautilus Universal Decline Bench Features Measuring 17 inches in width, 23 inches in height and 45 inches in depth, the Nautilus Universal Decline Bench is designed for a 200-pound maximum user weight. This bench allows you to have two comfortable decline positions where you can perform core strength trainings, sit-ups, twists and a whole lot more. This bench also features eight-inch padded foam rollers to keep your legs and knees securely and safely in place for maximum comfort and to avoid lower back strain. Pros The Nautilus Universal Decline Bench has received several positive reviews from various fitness sites, many of whom reported satisfaction from this decline bench they purchased. Many like the padding used with the roller pads, giving users more comfortable situps and weight training sessions that are much better that conventional routines. The structure is robust and durable and can easily be assembled but will not eat up much space in any room of location in the home. The bench is made from a smooth and comfortable surface that will not stick to the user’s skin during workout. Cons Despite the great reviews many users reported about the Nautilus Universal Decline Bench, there are still some minor complaints highlighted by some users which were made evident during the course of their workout sessions with the machine. Many noted that the bench would not be comfortable to use for big users that measure 6 feet and up.

At these heights, users find the height limit for the bench lower than what they would want it to and some may find the bench not inclined enough for their preference. Some complained about the knee pads that are quite narrow and the end plugs from the roller pads that are of poor design and would easily come off while in use. Conclusion Aside from some minor complaints about the pads and end plugs, the Nautilus Universal Decline Bench is a generally good bench to have that is sturdy and durable enough to withstand constant use for years to come. The bench can easily be set up and would not eat up much space, allowing users to work on their chest muscles in no time. For the small price you have to pay for this equipment, users can really get a great deal from their purchases. Click Here For Nautilus Universal Decline Bench

Nautilus Universal Decline Bench  

This type of press is focused on working out the deltoids, triceps and lower chest muscles. Click Here For Nautilus Universal Decline Bench...

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