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Landice L970 Club ProSports Trainer Introduction The Landice L970 Club ProSports Trainer is a well-crafted treadmill with designs that are at par with other workout products in the industry. It is fully designed for commercial use and is a step up of Landice’s L7 and L8 series.

Click Here For Landice L970 Club ProSports Trainer This treadmill allows constant usage every day without giving you worries that the deck or the frame would give in. Landice L970 Club ProSports Trainer in a Nutshell: The Landice L970 Club ProSports Trainer is a hip, sturdy treadmill which can meet your basic fitness needs. For some people who likes to see advanced statistics such as heart rate and cardiovascular details, this may be a letdown. But for most people who would just like to simply hop into a treadmill without worrying about such statistics, this treadmill can be a great company in meeting their fitness goals. Here are the features of the Landice L970 Club ProSports Trainer: 1. A personal storage of statistics for up to 5 users 2. QuickGrade and QuickSpeed numeric controls. These allow you to easily adjust the acceleration and elevation while in the middle of your workout.

3. Two Shock Absorption Systems: the VFX and ElliptiMill. The VFX is five times softer than grass while the optional ElliptiMill is seven times softer. These allow the user to run through the treadmill without injuring the knees and joints. 4. Five user-defined programs 5. Five preset programs with adjustable time limit and difficulty levels 6. Comes in black or titanium color 7. Large running deck measuring 32 x 82 inches 8. A magnetic, wrist-strap that allows you to stop the overall operation in emergency cases Other specifications of the Landice L970 Club ProSports Trainer include: 1. A heavy-duty 4HP motor that produces speed of up to 12 miles per hour without any danger of overheating 2. A durable aluminum frame that can support up to 500 pounds of weight 3. A reversible deck with 3000 hours life span on each side 4. Huge rollers that lessen the friction between them and the treadbelts Pros Being a part of the Club series, the Landice L970 Club ProSports Trainer is ideal for commercial setting where there can be successive users during the most part of the day. There is practically no usage restrictions unlike the LTD series and most gym owners will find this very appealing. The built-in fitness programs are also very helpful in achieving your workout goals because they are proven methods that had worked on many people. If coupled with good nutrition diet, it is only a matter time before you see optimum results.

Cons The Landice L970 Club ProSports Trainer falls short in terms of cardiovascular display. It does not have heart rate, pulse, and advanced workout programs. Users seeking for treadmills with these statistics would go well with the Executive Trainer or Cardio Trainer models. Conclusion: The Landice L970 Club ProSports Trainer can be used any time of the day without any danger of the deck or the motor giving in. Working out with it is a real treat for people who are into regular and methodical approach to fitness. Landice L970 Club ProSports Trainer

Landice L970 Club ProSports Trainer