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Landice L870 Home Cardio Trainer Introduction A great treadmill makes for a great exercise. For years, Landice has crafted only the finest treadmills. Landice L870 Home Cardio Trainer is one of them.

Click Here For Landice L870 Home Cardio Trainer Built on durable, aluminum frames, this treadmill is a sight to behold. It houses a simple yet complete console that features important workout statistics such as time, speed, and distance as well as structured programs that could help you in having effective workout activities everyday. The Landice L870 Home Cardio Trainer in a Nutshell Beneath the hood of the Landice L870 Home Cardio Trainer lies a powerful machine running on 4 horsepower and on a continuous basis. This delivers efficient and strong output especially on the speed aspect of its running surface. The running surface is made of a 4-ply treadbelt which measures 63 x 22 inches. To an experienced workout enthusiast, a fast and smooth running deck is attractive and compelling. And this is exactly what Landice L870 Home Cardio Trainer offers.

If you are a novice in fitness and workout and you want to have some tested programs to guide you through the course of exercising, the Landice L870 Home Cardio Trainer offers 5 built-in programs designed just for you. These programs may run in as little as 1 week or as long as 3 weeks. You can vary the time, speed and difficulty levels to suit your mood and temperament. You may also try them over and over until you reach your desired score. After undergoing these programs, you are now ready to take the 3 fitness tests of the Landice L870 Home Cardio Trainer. These are the Firefighter, Army, and the Balke. These tests are designed to measure your fitness progress and you will even have an opportunity to compete a virtual opponent. If you beat him, you can now say you’re as healthy and strong as a horse. Features of the Landice L870 Home Cardio Trainer 1. 2 built-in and 2 customizable heart-rate monitoring programs. These allow you to observe your cardiovascular activities while working out and whether you stay within the normal heart rate limit or not. 2. A fitness machine that can run hours and hours on end. This motor operates on 4 horsepower. 3. Up to 15% gradient elevation 4. Acceleration of 0.5 to 12 miles per hour 5. A wireless chest strap monitor for heart rate. 6. An option to use the Accutrack which also measure heart rate and other cardiovascular functions

7. Keypad featuring Quick Speed and Quick Grade Control 8. A maximum capacity of up to 500 pounds. This is generous enough and can support any overweight people. Conclusion You may use the Landice L870 Home Cardio Trainer in the comforts of your home or in open spaces. This treadmill has practically no restrictions. It is easy to install and with its 300-pound weight, you can easily transfer it from place to place. This device is an excellent purchase and can provide you a better alternative to costly gyms and fitness classes. Click Here For Landice L870 Home Cardio Trainer

Landice L870 Home Cardio Trainer