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Landice L770 Pro Trainer Home Introduction Landice L770 Pro Trainer Home is the earliest version to come out of the L770 series.

Click Here For Landice L770 Pro Trainer Home While it embodies the sturdiness and durability of a Landice treadmill product, it somehow lacks the sophistication of the later versions like the Landice L770 Cardio Trainer Home and the Landice L770 LTD Pro Trainer. Both have advanced fitness programs that are customized to help you with your workout activities. But for beginners who are just on their way to discovering the wonderful world of fitness and exercise, the Landice L770 Pro Trainer Home is good enough to help you achieve your desired statistics in no time. Horizon Fitness Average 111 total customer reviews...


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Landice L770 Pro Trainer Home Benefits The Landice L770 Pro Trainer Home preserves the Landice tradition of delivering strong treadmills. The overall engineering technology ensures that it can withstand the harshest conditions. Its frames are made of aluminum, which makes it lighter but strong. It doesn’t compromise the durability but compliments it with its weight. The aluminum component also prevents it from rusting and decay so that it can last for years. It’s powerful motor is also something to consider. It runs on a 3 horsepower drive which provides a speed range of 0.5 mph to 12.0 mph. It can continuously run on a 3-horsepower output without the danger of overheating. If you are worrying that the Landice L770 Pro Trainer Home will eventually wear out due to constant usage, worry no more. It’s Shock Absorption System is designed to reduce the impact of constantly running through its board. This gives the running surface an outdoor feel which is five times softer than grass. Its 4-ply belt is stronger than the usual 2-ply belts. You also have an option of installing the ElliptiMill Shock Absorption System which increases the soft feel by 7 times.

Landice L770 Pro Trainer Home Features 1. A strong reversible deck which can take continuous pounding for over 30 years. The life of each side of the deck can reach 3000 hours without lubrication. 2. An elevation motor with a 1000-pound upward thrust. This prevents sagging of the running surface. 3. Huge rollers which prevents contact between them and the belt. The bigger the roller is, the smoother the ride will be and the lesser strain it imposes on the motor. 4. A console which displays the time, speed, distance you’ve run, and the calories you’ve burned Other specifications include 1. A 400-pound maximum user weight 2. A total weight of 300 pounds 3. Color choices of either black or titanium 4. A four-ply belt with dimensions of 20 inches x 58 inches 5. A frame built on an aircraft hardware 6. A console panel with simple configuration which allows users to set their speed and time Cons The Landice L770 Pro Trainer Home has very basic control panel with no builtin tutorials or fitness programs. The user needs to be resourceful if he wants to undergo an established program that will last for days or weeks. It also lacks the state-of-the-art features of other advanced treadmills like heart rate monitor and body mass index (BMI).

Conclusion The Landice L770 Pro Trainer Home is perfect for workout novices who are into simple and regular workouts. Its strong frames are built to ensure that the entire treadmill will last for years to come. Click Here For Landice L770 Pro Trainer Home

Landice L770 Pro Trainer Home