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Body Solid Endurance B2R Manual Recumbent Bike Introduction There are basically two types of stationary exercise bikes that people looking for good cardiovascular workouts often use.

Click Here For Body Solid Endurance B2R Manual Recumbent Bike One is the upright type exercise bike which resembles a regular road-type bike in the sense that it is oriented vertically and has similar handle bars protruding up front. The other type is the recumbent stationary bike where the rider is seated with his back fully supported and legs extended up front onto the pedals. These two types of exercise bikes offer different levels of health benefits to users, but many users find recumbent exercise bikes much more convenient and comfortable to use than the upright version, although experts find the workout you can get from such bikes less intense. A good manual recumbent bike unit is the Body Solid Endurance B2R which can give you an effective low-intensity workout that will give great benefits for your cardiovascular health and fitness. Product Description The Body Solid Endurance B2R Manual Recumbent Bike is a stationary exercise bike that is said to be durable enough to last you a lifetime, giving you the cardiovascular workout routine you need to keep in shape.

It features a contact heart rate monitoring system which you can monitor through an on-board display system. It also features 15 magnetic resistance tension levels that you can adjust to suit your fitness levels and condition. Product Features The Body Solid Endurance B2R Manual Recumbent Bike features a sturdily built frame with an oversized seat and back seat padding made from DuraFirm™ upholstery to provide you with the maximum comfort you can get while working out. The seat is set on an aluminum rail system allowing users to adjust the seat distance from the pedal in a way that will not cause back pains and stress to the knees. The machine is also built with front transport wheels made from durable caster wheels that you can use to move or roll the bike easily particularly when not in use. Aside from the inherent structural properties of the machine, it also makes use of technical innovations such as the matrix LED display that will show the exercise statistics such as calories spent, distance traveled, speed, time and much more. It also measures the heart rate by measuring your hand pulse allowing you to monitor your health and fitness while in use. The console is battery operated allowing you to move the machines around without the cumbersome power cables. Pros Users will find the Body Solid Endurance B2R Manual Recumbent Bike a great exercise machine that provides them with a quiet, comfortable and enjoyable workout while protecting their lower back and maintaining good posture.

The magnetic resistance system offers a friction-free routine that is a lot easier to pedal as compared to upright bikes or traditional road-type bikes – but users still get the full range of health benefits by using this machine. The saying goes in the exercise world as “no pain, no gain” but users find recumbent bikes more preferably as they can get all the gain they want – without the pain. Cons Although users find the Body Solid Endurance B2R Manual Recumbent Bike much more comfortable and easier to use than other exercise bikes, fitness experts find the kind of workout in recumbent bikes less intense. They believe that it will take a longer time for people to get the amount of workout they need with this bike. Aside from that, recumbent bikes focus only on the cardiovascular and strengthening the legs aspect and would not provide sufficient upper body workout and should be supplemented with other weight bearing exercises. Conclusion A recumbent exercise bike is good equipment for keeping fit and healthy and the Body Solid Endurance B2R Manual Recumbent Bike would be a good addition to any home or commercial fitness center. There are limitations to its capability though that you can get from other Body Solid exercise equipments that are more expensive and have much more features. Overall, the B2R is a great tool to have for getting a good cardiovascular workout that will not only good for your overall fitness but health as well. Click Here For Body Solid Endurance B2R Manual Recumbent Bike

Body Solid Endurance B2R Manual Recumbent Bike