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Weight loss diet plan Sticking to Your Weight Loss Diet Plan - Even During the Working Week! Losing weight isn't difficult, but trying to stick to a good exercise routine and a balanced diet can be difficult if you don't plan ahead. Here is a great 5 weekday diet plan which you can use: Monday • Breakfast - Low fat whole grain cereal, 1 apple, glass of water/milk. • Lunch - 3 bean wrap with cheese, 1 orange. • Dinner - Salmon and broccoli mix ready to microwave. • Snack - Carrot sticks and 2tbsp hummus. Tuesday • Breakfast - Muesli, skimmed milk and 1 banana. • Lunch - Turkey wrap, bunch of 20 grapes • Dinner - Chicken pasta with salad and 2 tbsp vinegar dressing • Snack - 1 orange

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Wednesday • Breakfast - Omelette with 3 egg whites and spinach • Lunch - Avocado and salad in pita bread, fat free yogurt. • Dinner - Lemon chicken, broccoli and rice • Snack - ½ cup Fat free yogurt, 1 cup dried apricots Thursday • Breakfast - Toasted English muffin with ricotta cheese and 1 pear. • Lunch - Grilled chicken breast salad, 2 tbsp low fat yogurt dressing. • Dinner - Salmon steak, salad and steamed string beans. • Snack - 1 banana, 1 tbsp peanut butter Friday • Breakfast - Low fat Greek yogurt, 1 grapefruit. • Lunch - Ploughman's sandwich on whole grain bread or roll. • Dinner - Vegetable chilli with rice • Snack - 1 orange As you can see, each lunch is easy enough to make the night before you go to work and taken with you as a packed lunch.

These meals are between 1200 and 1600 calories a day, so are better suited for women who want to lose weight. Remember, for the best weight loss help you need to exercise on top of eating well. Men and women have different daily calorie intakes per day. Depending on your height and amount of exercise you do, the amount of calories need to consume per day to maintain or lose weight can vary. Men should consume between 2400 and 3000 calories a day to ensure they have enough energy to support them in their day to day routine. The less active you are, the fewer calories you need to consume - it's that simple. It is recommended that women who are active should consume 2000 calories per day but if you want to lose weight you need to reduce this to about 1500. Cutting back your calorie intake by 1000 calories has been proven to help you lose 2lbs a week, and cutting back by 500 calories a day can help you lose 1lb a week. If you want to lose weight fast, make sure that you aren't eating less calories than can support your active lifestyle. If you starve yourself for 2 weeks leading up to a holiday for example and begin to eat a lot afterwards, you will put weight back on quickly. It is better to lose weight slowly and keep it off. If snacking is your main problem, just stock your fridge full of healthy food so you can graze throughout the day and don't get hungry!

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Weight loss diet plan  
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