Know Different Types of Cardio Machines.

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Know Different Types of Cardio Machines

Ropeflex RX2000 OX Rope Pulling Resistance Machine Hipeq equipment is used by top UFC fighters to prepare for their fights! Hipeq Rowing machines provide functional training for mixed martial arts, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, grappling, and other sports. Hipeq equipment is unrivaled in terms of adaptability, combining strength, cardiovascular, and muscular endurance training in a single machine.

Xtreme Monkey The Chaimberg RXM Airbike

Xtreme Monkey listened to suggestions from club owners, professional teams, strength trainer, physical therapists, and fitness enthusiasts to design the ideal AirBike. The Chamber RXM AirBike combines the greatest features of several different air bikes into a single super AirBike.

Stable & Durable, Heavy Duty for professional ride. Belt direct drive system.

Weight training for fitness We provide weight training for fitness to achieve your fitness goals.

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