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of South Carolina

“To describe our growing up in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, I would have to take you to the marsh on a spring day, flush the great blue heron from its silent occupation, scatter marsh hens as we sink to our knees in mud, open you an oyster with a pocketknife and feed it to you from the shell and say, ‘There. That taste. That’s the taste of my childhood.’” Pat Conroy

Hilton Head Island


Okatie/Sun City

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Index Page 4............................................................... Lowcountry at a Glance Page 7........................................................................................ Housing Page 11....................................................................... Finances & Taxes Page 12....................................................................................Education Page 15..................................................................... Life & Community Page 16...........................................................................Assisted Living Page 18......................................................... Hospitals and Urgent Care Page 19.................................................................Getting Here & There Page 20........................................................................................Golfing Page 22................................................................................Places to Go Page 26.................................................................................... Art Scene Page 28............................................................................ Retail Therapy Page 30.........................................................................Cooking & Food Page 32............................................................. Hilton Head Island Map Page 33.............................................................................. Bluffton Map Page 34..............................................................................Beaufort Map HILTON HEAD OFFICE 1038 William Hilton Parkway Hilton Head Island, SC 29928 o 843.341.3700 f 843.341.5666

BLUFFTON OFFICE 2 Rose Hill Way Bluffton, SC 29910 o 843.815.9191 f 843.815.9192

SUN CITY OFFICE 16 William Pope Dr, Suite 101 Bluffton, SC 29909 o 843.705.3351 f 843.705.3352

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BEAUFORT OFFICE 1613 North Street Beaufort, SC 29902 o 843.379.3010 f 843.379.3015

Welcomes you to the


The Lowcountry possesses character of its own, a unique personality that

informs every detail of this destination. Moss-draped oaks dance gracefully in the soft sea breezes. Antebellum mansions stand proudly like the wealthy who once called them home. Gullah descendants carry on their ancestral culture, weaving artwork from sweet grass and preparing cuisine that will make your mouth water. Each evening brings a picturesque sunset, as the sky sparkles in the many shades of the season. There is an energy to this area, an invigorating spirit for every passion. History buffs and romantics savor the old architecture. Boaters and kayakers play in the rivers and creeks winding through the Lowcountry. Beach-goers delight in the miles of unspoiled sandy shores. All of this can be found just minutes away from wherever you are. You'll want to spend every day soaking in the sights, even a lifetime. Plentiful Southern hospitality and our laid-back atmosphere allow you to experience the area as a native. Whether you are sipping sweet tea in a highback rocking chair, or chatting with new friends over morning coffee, you will undoubtedly find a friendly "hello" wherever you go.

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Lowcountry at a Glance Hilton Head Island History and nature are inextricably mixed on Hilton Head Island. The first islanders were Indians who lived here as early as 4000 B.C., supported by the earth and sea. In 1663, the fertile land of the New World drew English sea captain William Hilton to explore the Island on behalf of a syndicate of Barbadian planters. His report was enthusiastic, and in honor of his pioneering explorations, the Island was named Hilton’s Head (a reference to the headlands that marked the way into Port Royal Sound). However, it was not until the later years of the seventeenth century, when English colonists would settle permanently in the area. As the eighteenth century dawned, the Island prospered with large indigo and, later, rice plantations. When sea island cotton was first successfully cultivated in the 1780’s, the planters became wealthy beyond their dreams. By the mid 1800’s, at the height of the plantation era, more than a dozen large land owning families divided the Island's riches among themselves. The onset of the Civil War brought an abrupt end to the cotton dynasties. The fine homes and fertile fields of the planters were destroyed by occupying Union troops after the largest naval engagement of the entire war, the Battle of Port Royal. A freedman’s village called Mitchelville, sprang up briefly, but its life was short, and when the Union troops left, the Island returned to a long period of bucolic quiet. Those who remained making a modest living farming, fishing and harvesting. © 2018 Weichert Realtors Coastal Properties, All Rights Reserved 4

Bluffton Bluffton's historic riverfront community still welcomes visitors with as much charm and vibrancy as it did in its antebellum heyday. Its location on the May River was originally loved by lowcountry planters and their families as a refuge from the harsh plantation environment, mosquitoes, and heat. The high bluffs welcomed breezes that kept possible Yellow Fever infection at bay. Bluffton was a place where children could attend school and planters could socialize.

In 1863, Bluffton was burned and raided by the Union Forces. The Heyward House, Campbell Chapel AME Church and the Church of the Cross were among 17 structures to escape destruction. Those three historic buildings and seven other houses can be found today in Bluffton’s Historic District.

Bluffton's reputation as a summer retreat helped it grow into a commercial center. Welcoming packet ship trade between Beaufort, Hilton Head Island and Savannah. From the Revolutionary War to the Civil War, this region is full of history lessons. As a hotbed for political rhetoric in the 1840’s and 1850’s, cries of secession were first given a serious voice and debate in Bluffton.

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Beaufort In the mid 1500’s, Beaufort became home to two of the first european settlements in south carolina. This was because of its deep harbour and safe geographic positioning which allowed it to be hidden from incoming enemies. Beaufort and sister-city, Port Royal, offers visitors a glimpse of historic sites and homes of the antebellum South. In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries the Spanish, French, and English feuded over the coastal plains. At the same time the native Yemassee Indians fought to protect their lands. Beaufort entered into its golden era in the eighteen hundreds when sea island cotton debuted. It was then that many of Beaufort's loveliest mansions were built by the wealthy owners of cotton, indigo and rice plantations. This rich history peacefully coexists with todays culture. Guided tours let you choose your favorite mode of transportation. Whether that be walking, a horse-drawn carriage, an air conditioned van or paddling your own kayak along the salt marshes. Š 2018 Weichert Realtors Coastal Properties, All Rights Reserved 6

Housing in the Lowcountry Contents: Planning your Move Living in the Lowcountry Taxes and Finances

You have made the journey and know how to get around, it's now time to look for your new home in the Lowcountry. The area offers so many choices that you'll want to tap into insider information and evaluate your options. This section is filled with useful information about the cities of Beaufort, Bluffton, Okatie/Sun City and Hilton Head Island.

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Planning Your Move Relocating to a new home can be one of the most stressful situations in life, whether you are moving a couple of blocks or across the country.

moved to your new home or stored until you are ready for it to be delivered. Research rental truck options and compare them to the portable storage option.

Is your family growing? Are you in search of lower rent or moving to live in a better home? Has a new job or job transfer landed you in a new city? Whatever the reason for your move, it is a good idea to make a solid plan well in advance of your move. What kind of things should be included in your relocation strategy?

While the cost of a professional moving company is higher, in some cases it might be worth the money to skip the headache of moving household belongings across long distances, along with the physical strain it takes to move large amounts of furniture. Obtain quotes from several professional movers and compare them to ensure you get the best deal. If you are making a long-distance move ask about shipment tracking so you can monitor where your belongings are. Make sure to ask about the company's policies if your goods are damaged in the move.

Consider a do-it-yourself move if you are making a short move across town, or to a neighboring city. Moving on your own can ease the financial burden of relocating for work without financial support from your employer, or if you just want to cut down on costs. A doit yourself move means you should be prepared for everything, including the heavy lifting. You also might want to consider a portable storage option to make your doit-yourself move a little easier. You can arrange for a portable storage unit to be delivered to your home. After you have filled it, the unit can be

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Living in the Lowcountry Hilton Head Island Population.........................37,099 High Temp in July.................89.0 Low Temp in January..........37.30 Annual Rainfall.................52.52”

Sunny, beautiful Hilton Head Island is known for its top-notch golf courses and tennis facilities. It is also home to great shopping, long stretches of pristine, sandy beaches and some of the best fine and casual dining in the South. Hilton Head has no billboards, neon signs, roller coasters or skyscrapers. Signage ordinances keep signs low key and unobtrusive. Nature abounds as residents live alongside deer, osprey, pelicans, alligators, herons and bottlenose dolphins. Located 90 miles south of Charleston and 30 miles north of Savannah, Hilton Head Island is the second largest barrier island on the East Coast.

Bluffton Population.........................12,932 High Temp in July.................90.0 Low Temp in January............40.0 Annual Rainfall...................50.4”

Located just over the bridge, once just a quiet summer getaway in the 19th century for wealthy planters, Bluffton has now become a thriving center of activity, with increasing development in residential and commercial communities. Situated on the bluff of the May River, you will catch glimpses of the beautiful marsh and hint of refreshing breezes. The town's boundaries have grown from the original square mile that is now its Old Town historic district. Bluffton is alive with rich history, boutique shopping, a vibrant arts community and mouthwatering local cuisine. Bluffton is sure to welcome newcomers and greet old friends by it's unofficial motto, "Bluffton is a State of Mind", reflecting the makeup of this southern community known for its leisurely independent attitude.

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This is a region that begs to be explored... by foot, bike, boat or horse-drawn carriage

Beaufort Proud to be off the beaten path, Beaufort is often described as a smaller version of its historic big city sisters, Savannah (40 miles to the south) and Charleston (70 miles north).

Population.........................12,788 High Temp in July.................90.0 Low Temp in January............39.0 Annual Rainfall................. 49.76” Website............

Beaufort is also a gateway to dozens of sea islands, which feature a rich Lowcountry mix of culture and ecology, history and adventure.

Chartered in 1711 Beaufort is the second oldest city in South Carolina behind Charleston. Southern Living readers consistently rate Beaufort as one of the "Best Small Towns in the South" in the magazine's annual survey, and the area also makes regular appearance on the lists of the "Best Places to Retire”.

Take in the city's historic highlights by a horse drawn carriage or a walking tour. You will discover how many well-known movies were filmed in this lovely city.

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Taxes & Financial South Carolina Property Taxes The first $50,000 of the fair market value of a home is exempt from property taxes for citizens who are 65 or older; citizens who are permanently disabled; and citizens who are legally blind, if they have been a South Carolina resident for at least one year.

Sales Tax South Carolina's sales and use tax rate is 5%. In certain counties, a local option sales and use tax of 1% is imposed in addition to the 5% state rate. Counties and cities also may impose local sales taxes for road improvements, capital projects, schools, etc. However, most local taxes require voter approval.

The county tax assessor bases real estate taxes on an appraised value of the property. The appraised value is computed on comparable sales, condition of property, etc. The appraised value is then multiplied by 4% for residents and 6% for non-resident property owners and corporations to obtain what is known as the assessed value. The assessed value is multiplied times the millage rate for the appropriate district.

Prescriptions, dental prosthetics and hearing aids are exempt from the sales tax. In addition, those over 85 are exempt from the 1% sales tax. A maximum sales tax of $300 is imposed on the purchase of motor vehicles, recreational vehicles, boats, motorcycles and airplanes.

South Carolina has a personal property tax on automobiles, recreational vehicles, airplanes and boats based on an assessed value of 10.5 % of the total purchase price. The assessed value is multiplied by the appropriate millage rate of the district in which the taxpayer resides.

Websites to visit for info:

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Education in the Lowcountry

Area Schools

With a myriad of educational opportunities, students

and their parents may choose from a diverse array of schools that reflect the area’s varied culture and cater to specific educational needs and desires.

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Public Elementary Schools Hilton Head Island Phone Grades Hilton Head Island Elementary 843-342-4100 1-5 School for the Creative Arts 843-342-4380 1-5




Bluffton Elementary School 843-706-8500 PK-5 Michael C. Riley Elementary 843-706-8300 PK-5 Okatie Elementary School 843-322-7700 K-5 Pritchardville Elementary 843-707-0500 PK-5 Red Cedar Elementary School 843-707-0600 PK-5

Beaufort Phone Grades

Beaufort Elementary School 843 322-2600 PK-5 Broad River Elementary School 843-322-8400 PK-5 Coosa Elementary School 843-322-6100 PK-4 Joseph S. Shanklin Elementary 843-466-3400 PK-5 Mossy Oaks Elementary School 843-322-2900 PK-5

Public Middle Schools Hilton Head Island Phone Grades Hilton Head Island Middle School






Bluffton Middle School 843-706-2049 6-7 H.E. McCracken Middle School 843-706-8700 8-9

Beaufort Phone Grades

Beaufort Middle School 843-322-5700 6-8 Robert Smalls Middle School 843-322-2500 6-8

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Public High Schools Hilton Head Island Phone Grades Hilton Head Island High School






Bluffton High School



Beaufort Phone Grades

Battery Creek High School 843-322-5500 9-12 Beaufort High School 843-322-2000 9-12

Private Schools Hilton Head Island Phone Grades Heritage Academy 843-842-8600 5-12 Hilton Head Christian Academy 843-681-2878 K-12 Hilton Head Preparatory School 843-671-2286 PK-12 Sea Pines Montessori Academy 843-785-2534 NS-8 St. Francis Catholic School 843-681-6501 K-9




Cross Schools 843-706-2000 NS-8 May River Montessori School 843-757-2312 K-5 St. Gregory The Great School 843-815-9988 K-8

Beaufort Phone Grades Beaufort Academy 843-524-3393 PK-12 Beaufort Christian School 843-525-0635 PK-12 EC Montessori & Grade School 843-525-1141 NS-6 St. Peters Catholic School 843-522-2163 K-9

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Life & Community in the Lowcountry Once you arrive, the natural

splendor of the Lowcountry will spoil you. The stunning views and local charm of the communities in the area offer plenty to see and do. Information on healthcare facilities and transportation options will help you as you settle into your new life in the Lowcountry.

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Assisted Living in the Lowcountry

“Recognizing when an elder needs help and how to find the best place for them.”

Knowing when a parent is ready for

• • • •

assistance is difficult for both the senior and the adult child. Children tend to view their parents as fully capable, and seniors may not want to give up their independence. Intervene if you see: •

Weight loss and the refrigerator is full of spoiled food, which may indicate cooking or grocery shopping has become a challenge.

Frequent and unexplained hidden bruises which may be a sign of mobility difficulties. A change of personal hygiene, such as wearing the same clothes over again or clothing inappropriate for the season which might indicate confusion or that the bathroom or laundry facilities have become difficult to use. Memory loss that impacts the ability to take medication or manage finances. The house or yard is not being kept up.

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Find the best community... Know what type of housing is offered in the part of the Lowcountry that you are interested in. Ask what services are included in daily/monthly fees and what services require additional fees. Inquire about available transportation and social activities, as well as rules for pets. Tour the community and note if it is well maintained and the friendliness of the staff. Talk to residents, are they pleased with the community?

Be an informed consumer... Assisted living communities are licensed Community Residential Care Facilities by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control. Pay close attention to the pre-admission fees and ask for an explanation. These fees may also be called an administrative fee, a community fee or an application fee. The monthly cost of assisted living depends on circumstances and most people pay privately. For more information, visit the Administration on Aging at Š 2018 Weichert Realtors Coastal Properties, All Rights Reserved 17

Hospitals and Urgent Care in the Lowcountry Hospitals

Urgent Care cont’d

Hilton Head Hospital 25 Hospital Center Blvd Hilton Head Island, SC 29928 (843) 681-6122

Cross Island Medical 157 William Hilton Parkway Hilton Head Island, SC 29926 (843) 681-8260

Beaufort Memorial Hospital 955 Ribaut Way Road Beaufort, SC 29902 (843) 522-5200

Global Family Medicine 14 Oak Forest Road, Ste C Bluffton, SC 29910 (843) 815-6468

Beaufort Memorial Coastal Care 974 Ribaut Road Beaufort, SC 29902 (843) 524-3344

Lowcountry Urgent Care 182 Sea Island Parkway Beaufort, SC 29907 (843) 322-1933

St. Joseph’s/Candler Hospital 5353 Reynolds Street Savannah, GA 31405 (912) 819-8440

Doctors Express 272 Robert Smalls Pkwy, #320 Beaufort, SC 29906 (843) 521-4357

Memorial Health Medical Center 4700 Waters Avenue Savannah, GA 31404 (912) 350-8000

Southern Urgent Care 4717 US Highway 80 E Savannah, GA 31410 (912) 898-2227

Urgent Care

Urgent Care Sandfly 7400 Skidaway Road Savannah, GA 31406 (912) 373-6921

Sea Pines Urgent Care 2 Greenwood Drive, # C Hilton Head Island, SC 29928 (843) 341-3232

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Getting Here and There By Car As you travel through the Lowcountry, you will travel on Interstate 95 connecting with Beaufort, Bluffton, Hilton Head Island and Savannah with a short drive.

By Air Choose from a trio of major airports in the region all served by national carriers, to fit your budget and schedule. Savannah/Hilton Head International (SAV) 400 Airways Avenue Savannah, GA 31408 (912) 964-0514 Hilton Head Island Airport (HHH) 120 Beach City Rd Hilton Head, SC 29926 (843) 255-2950 Charleston International (CHS) 5500 International Boulevard Charleston, SC 29418 (843) 767-7000

By Train Amtrak's Silver Service/Palmetto line runs from New York to Florida with daily stops in North Charleston, Yemassee and Savannah. (800) USA-RAIL

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Golfing in the Lowcountry "Each golf course has its own set of unique characteristics and challenges to keep even the most skilled player motivated."

Hilton Head Island Arthur Hills (Palmetto Dunes) 2 Leamington Ln., (843) 686-9138, Arthur Hills (Palmetto Hall) 108 Fort Howell Dr., (843) 342-2582, Barony Course (Port Royal) 10 Clubhouse Dr., (843) 681-1700, Shipyard Golf Club 45 Shipyard Dr., (843) 686-8802, Country Club of Hilton Head (Hilton Head Plantation) 70 Skull Creek Dr., (843) 681-2582, George Fazio Course (Palmetto Dunes) 2 Carnoustie Ct., (843) 686-9139, Golden Bear Golf Course (Indigo Run) 72 Golden Bear Way, (843) 689-2200, Harbor Town Golf Links (Sea Pines) 11 Lighthouse Ln., (843) 363-8385, Hilton Head National Golf Club 60 Hilton Head National Dr., (843) 842-5900, Heron Point (Sea Pines) 100 N Sea Pines Dr., (843) 363-4475, Oyster Reef Golf Club 155 High Bluff Rd., (843) 681-1764,

Ocean Course (Sea Pines) 100 North Sea Pines Drive (843) 842-1477,

Robber's Row (Port Royal) 10 Clubhouse Dr., (843) 681-1760, Robert Trent Jones Course (Palmetto Dunes) 7 Trent Jones Ln., (843) 686-9137,

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Gifford Golf

Crescent Pointe Golf Club 1 Crescent Pointe Dr., (843) 706-2600, Eagle's Point Golf Club 1 Eagle's Pointe Dr., (843) 757-5900, Hampton Hall Golf Course 170 Hampton Hall Boulevard, (843) 815-8720, Island West Golf Course 40 Island West Dr., (843) 689-6660, May River Golf Club 476 Mount Pelia Rd., (843) 706-6580, Old Carolina Golf Club 89 Old Carolina Dr., (843) 757-8311, Old South Golf Links 50 Buckingham Plantation Dr., (843) 785-5353, Rose Hill Golf Club 4 Clubhouse Dr., (843) 757-9030,

30 Grober Hill Rd., (843) 521-9555 Lady's Island Country Club 139 Francis Marion Cir., Lady's Island (843) 524-3635, The Legends at Parris Island 14 Belleau Wood Road, Port Royal, SC 29905 (843) 228-2240, Sanctuary Golf Club on Cat Island 8 Waveland Ave., (843) 524-0300, Secession Golf Club 100 Islands Causeway., (843) 522-4600,

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Places to go in the Lowcountry Contents: Attractions Arts Scene Retail Therapy Cooking

Those who are fortunate to call the Lowcountry

home, work hard and play hard with nearly limitless options. Check out where to shop and learn why shopping local is the way to go. Get to know what each city has to offer, as well as the fresh, local fare featured at Farmers Markets and in local restaurants. Discover the Lowcountry - whatever lights your fire, we have got you covered.

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Lowcountry Attractions Below, you will find well-known attractions popular with tourist and locals to get you started as you explore all the area has to offer.

Hilton Head Island

Zip Line Tour at Broad Creek Soar with Hilton Head's zip line tour. An adrenaline-pounding trip over massive oaks and tall pines, with views of Broad Creek, the boats, birds and marshes. 33 Broad Creek Marina Way Hilton Head , SC (843) 682-6000


Bluffton Bike Trails 25 miles of bike-friendly roads and trails that wind through wooded areas and along the parkway. Bring along a picnic lunch and enjoy nature and fresh air. Call for Maps and Trails (843) 757-6293 Bluffton Oyster Company The oldest continuous operating oyster shucking facility in South Carolina, this oyster company opened in the early 1900s on a 4.5 acre site on the pristine May River. 63 Wharf St., Bluffton, SC (843) 757-4010

Shelter Cove Hosting the island's most unique speciality shops and restaurants, Shelter Cove has glorious harbor and sunset views. Every Tuesday from June through August there is a fireworks show. 1 Shelter Cove Lane Hilton Head, SC (843) 842-7001

Church of the Cross Episcopal This beautiful old church survived an attack by a Federal gun boat during the Civil War. 110 Calhoun St., Bluffton, SC (843) 757-2661 Heyward House Historic Center Built in 1841 as a summer cottage for a Lowcountry planter. The Heyward House is only one of eight antebellum homes remaining in the area. A slave cabin and the summer kitchen also remain on the property. Today this house remains virtually the same as it did when it was built over 170 years ago and is considered Bluffton's official welcome center. 70 Boundry St., Bluffton, SC (843) 757-6293

Harbor Town and the Lighthouse At the end of Lighthouse Road in Sea Pines Plantation, visitors can see the Harbor Town Lighthouse, Harbor Town Yacht Basin and many charming boutiques and restaurants. Sea Pines Resort Hilton Head, SC (800) 561-8802

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Beaufort Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park Winding along the glistening Beaufort river waterfront park, rewards strollers with a vista of marsh islands and intersecting waterways. Bay Street (843) 470-3513

Penn Center Inc. (cont’d) Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. reportedly began his “I Have a Dream” speech here. 16 Penn Center Cir. West St Helena Island, SC (843) 838-2432

Parris Island Parish Church of St. Helena (Museum & Marine Corps Recruit Depot) St. Helena Parish was formed in 1712. The 10,000 square foot Parris Island MuDuring the Civil War, this church was used seum houses thousands of artifacts that tell as a Union hospital. the story of the marines' history and tradi507 Newcastle Street (843) 522-1712 tions. Nearby at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, family members and interested visPenn Center Inc. itors can watch recruits officially become Served as the country’s first school for Marines at one of the weekly graduation freed slaves and later played a role in the ceremonies. Civil Rights movement. USMC Museum Parris Island, SC (843) 228-2951 Beaufort National Cemetery One of the first cemeteries established during the Civil War. 1601 Boundry Street (843) 524- 3925

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Daufuskie Island Daufuskie Island became famous when Pat Conroy wrote about his experiences as a school teacher there in a book "The Water is Wide". The Gullah culture is prevalent through many historic sites where visitors can get a sense of what life was like when freed slaves owned Daufuskie after the Civil War.

With no bridge to Daufuskie, it is recommended to take a tour using companies such as Calibogue Cruises, Outside Hilton Head. A water taxi is also available through H20 Watersports out of Harbor Town in Sea Pines. Calibogue Cruises (843) 342-8687 Outside Hilton Head (843)686-6996 H20 Watersports (843) 671-4386 Daufuskie Island Adventures Harbour Town Adventures offers day trips to Daufuskie Island from Harbour Town. Daufuskie Island Adventures (843) 384-4354 Š 2018 Weichert Realtors Coastal Properties, All Rights Reserved 25

Lowcountry Art Scene The pristine beauty of the Lowcountry makes great subjects for the local artists. Many of the local artists have grown up in the Lowcountry and their art is inspired by rich stories making their art something to be taken home, enjoyed and remembered.

Hilton Head Island On Hilton Head Island, you can become an artist and paint your own pottery. You can also find golf and sports prints along with paintings and sculptures. Hilton Head entertainment consists of world-class Arts Center of Coastal Carolina that welcomes Broadway caliber performances to the stage; the two local Hilton Head art leagues boast more than 200 talented members. Places to go... • Art League of Hilton Head Island • Arts Center of Coastal Carolina • Camellia Art • Gullah Sweetgrass Basket Creations • J Costello Gallery • Muse Gallery Hilton Head • Smith Galleries Inc. • Red Piano Art Gallery • The Art of Sonja Griffin Evans © 2018 Weichert Realtors Coastal Properties, All Rights Reserved 26



The galleries in Old Town Bluffton are often in old Bluffton cottages. They are as much about the artists as they are about the art. Potters, photographers, folk artists, iron workers, sculptors and painters display and share their wares along the streets and within a variety of gallery settings.

Beaufort consistently earns recognition as one of America's top arts towns. Hundreds of local artists representing every discipline, and a diverse array of venues including several galleries.

Beaufort Arts Must Do:

• Count how many locally painted and designed mermaid statues you can find around Beaufort. • See different exhibits and working artists at the ARTworks community facility located in Beaufort Town Center. • Shop the Four Corners community on St. Helena Island. • Browse local vendors at Fordham Market on Bay Street in downtown Beaufort. • Attend performances and events throughout the year, from children’s plays to Beaufort Orchestra to worldclass chamber music at USCB’s Performing Arts Center.

Places to go... • Fantozzis Wrought Iron Design • Fishbone Gallery & Gifts • Four Corners Art Gallery & Fine Framing • Gallery Without Walls • Jacob Preston Studio • Maye River Gallery • Old Town Vintage Posters • Pluff Mud Art • Society of Bluffton Artists • The Filling Station

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Lowcountry Retail Therapy Hilton Head Island Whether you are hunting for a deal on your favorite brand of clothing or trying to find a unique souvenir of island life, you will easily find a wonderful selection of shopping opportunities at more than 200 Hilton Head stores. Island shops are located in intimate plazas, quaint marinas, elegant harbors and each compliments the island history, environment and architecture. A wide selection of distinct art galleries, antique stores, distictive specialty gift shops, gourmet stores, sporting good shops and jewelers complete the Island shopping experience. The newest island addition of Shelter Cove Towne Centre overlooks beautiful Broad Creek is a unique lifestyle village featuring retail, restaurant and entertainment! Some other retail areas are Shelter Cove Marina, Coligny Plaza, Village at Wexford, Main Street, the Shops at Sea Pines Center and more.

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Three Reasons to Shop at Locally-Owned Businesses 1. Competition and diversity leads to more choices: small businesses select products based not on a national sales plan but their own interests and needs to their local customers, guaranteeing a broader range of product choices. 2. Customer service is better: Local business often hire people with more specific product expertise. 3. Local business invest in the community: Local business are owned by people who live in the community, and are therefore more invested in the community’s future.


Beaufort's historic downtown is ready-made for strolling. Bay Street, which parallels the riverfront, is the heart of the downtown district. Providing a contemporary shopping experience in an atmosphere of yesteryear, dozens of locally owned boutiques occupy renovated 19th century storefronts. From one-of-a-kind gifts and accessories, antique furniture, works by local and regional artists, each store provides a unique experience for each shopper.


Plan a day of shopping and antiquing in Old Town Bluffton. Here you will find art galleries, antique shops, clothing boutiques, home and gift stores housed within quaint cottages along Calhoun Street, Boundry Street and May River, just to name a few. Do you have a passion for antiques? Bluffton invites you to explore its antique nooks or larger furniture displays emphasizing the history of the area, including European and Oriental collections. Bluffton also features the best Outlet shopping in the Lowcountry. Tanger Outlets 1 & 2 are located on Highway 278 and offer top name brands.

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Lowcountry Cooking & Food From land to sea, Lowcountry cuisine delights every palate.

Lowcountry cuisine goes beyond its

Like the region itself, Lowcountry dishes date back hundreds of years. For example, the ancient cuisine of the Gullah, whose African ancestors were brought to this area as slaves. Through the centuries, the Gullah culture has been preserved, particularly through their distinctive grilling style that is heavy on grilling, roasting, and stewing -- and of course, seafood is the key ingredient.

ingredients by embracing the region's traditions, history and way of life. The food of the Lowcountry's coastal plain combines English, French, African, and West Indian culinary customs. Fresh local produce (corn and squash) and seafood (shrimp, crab, fish and oysters) provide delicious bases for this style of comfort food.

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If you are in the mood for fresh produce, make sure to check out the local farmer's markets and the fresh produce stands; Wexford Outdoor Market on Hilton Head Island with fresh local produce and other delicacies is open every Wednesday June through August from 11am to 4pm. Bluffton Farmers Market sells seasonal selections from heirloom tomatoes, blueberries, eggplant, organic eggs and even homemade bread. It is open every Thursday from March to December. Habersham Marketplace Farmers Market on Market Street in Beaufort. It is open year round on most Fridays and features crafts and goods from local artisans and farmers, as well as live entertainment. They also supply local restaurants with produce.

Here are some local flavors that you don’t want to miss: She Crab Soup: The Lowcountry is credited with adding the "she" to the traditional crab bisque. Today, she-crab soup is a creamy cross between a bisque and a chowder with hearty doses of sherry and blue crab. Lowcountry Boil: This dish originated in the Beaufort area. Chef's cook up fresh shrimp, corn-on-the-cob and spicy sausage into a hearty stew. Shrimp ‘n’ Grits: When Lowcountry fisherman added leftover shrimp to their morning grits (boiled, coarsely ground corn) they named it “breakfast shrimp.” Over the past few decades, restaurants have transformed shrimp ‘n’ grits into a dinner entree.

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Welcome to the Lowcountry  
Welcome to the Lowcountry