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TRAY DRYING CHAMBER Weiber Tray Drying Chambers are convectional heated units suitable for drying powders, granules and many other materials which are loaded in trays and placed inside the chamber and then material is dried using gas circulation method. Our chamber made from the PUF thermal insulation material that allows significantly reducing heat losses and saving energy. This chamber is always combined with the use of a vacuum pump, which permits the extraction of the vapours of solvents and the water contained in the products to be treated. These chambers are suitable where drying and the heating are the essential parts of manufacturing industries such as the pharmaceutical, drugs, chemicals or food products etc.





Ÿ RS232C computer interface

Ÿ Pharmaceutical

Ÿ PUF insulation

Ÿ Bakery

Ÿ Low maintenance

Ÿ Powder processing

Ÿ Energy efficient

Ÿ Drugs productions

Ÿ Reliable

Ÿ Plastic drying

Ÿ Corrosion resistant

Ÿ Powder drying

CONSTRUCTION DETAILS Chamber body: Double walled heated and convection unit, with the outer rust proofing wall made up powder coated PCRC sheets and inner wall made up of stainless steel of grade 304. Insulation: is a method of retardation for the flow of heat, this process reduce the heat loss or gain for energy conservation thus saving the energy. Weiber thermal shock chamber provides insulation either through fibrous insulation i.e. mineral glass wool or through cellular insulation i.e. polyurethane foam (PUF). Ÿ Fibrous Insulation: Composed of air finely divided into interstices by small diameter fibers usually chemically or mechanically

bonded and formed into boards, blankets, and hollow cylinders. Ÿ Cellular Insulation: Composed of air or some other gas contained within a foam of stable small bubbles and formed into boards,

blankets, or hollow cylinders

Heating: Desired positive temperature is provided through stainless steel sheathed air heaters, these heaters do not affect the test specimen directly as they are placed in conditioning plenum proving indirect heat. Air Circulation: Air circulation efficient motor fans are provided, ensuring uniform temperature throughout the chamber. Cooling: Negative temperature is maintained through ultra low temperature application compressor and non CFC eco friendly R 404a refrigerant used. Refrigeration: It is provided through hermetic and half-hermetic compressor cascade refrigeration system. Hermetic compressor is completely sealed, especially against the escape or entry of air and semi-hermetic compressor is partially sealed units and these units are mainly utilizes for real refrigeration work. Temperature Control: The temperature is efficiently controlled by PLC based HMI interactive control panel


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