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The lounge Fresh Food and Coffee

[ the food ] - 4 large succulent bits of chicken coated in our own

tasty breadcrumb mix £3.00

- Tiger Prawns coated in Marie Rose sauce on a bed of

fresh lettuce £2.50

- 8oz Steak cooked to your liking and put to rest on top of

a bed of Mediterranean vegetables

- Jumbo Cod served with green beans, a wedge of lemon

and tartar sauce £4.00

- Whole Chicken breast with a rasher of bacon, BBQ sauce

and cheese served with chips and a side salad £5.00

- Lava’s Beef Burger served with chips and a side salad



- Lava’s special nacho breadcrumb coated full chicken

breast served with chips and side salad £4.00

- Israeli Couscous with chickpeas, sultanas, apricot and

red pepper with a spicy dressing £4.00

- 3 Scoops of vanilla ice cream with crumbled flake and

chocolate sauce £2.00

- Whole baked strawberry cheese cake made using soft

cheese with strawberry’s in a fruit flavoured jelly £2.50

[ the drink ] Coffee






Cappuccino Mocha



Hot Chocolate


Bottled Water


Glass of Juice Hot Tea



Red Wine Bottle

Glass (275ml) White Wine Bottle

Glass (275ml) Rose Wine Bottle

Glass (275ml)





£14.95 £5.10

Lava Lounge brings you this brand new menu called THE LOUNGE designed by its chefs to produce fresh vibrant food in a quick but well presented and relaxed fashion, We have included many items to complement the summer and the seasons. We hope you enjoy your meal with us today and we welcome any comments.

Lava Lounge accepts reservations please call us on (01793) 641777 Or email us on

If you would like to order food to take away then please speak to a member of staff and we will be happy to accommodate

The lounge Fresh Food And Coffee

Lava Lounge

24 - 25 Fleet street Swindon SN1 1RQ

Phone: (01793) 641777


Lava Lounge Menu  
Lava Lounge Menu  

Our Brand New Lava Lounge Menu