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Wang Qiang industrial design portfolio



01. Communicating wheelchair................................4-31 02. Resting Kiosk.....................................................31-36 03. Redesign............................................................37-39 04. Aerated clothes-hanger....................................40-43 05. Others................................................................44-45

01. Communicating wheelchair This is my graduation design. During my whole senior year in university, I decided that my research project would focus on creating a new life style for special population. The project studies the influences that art therapy and new technology exert on special population. My entry point lies in cerebral palsy patients (notably children).



Approximate 10% of the world population, i.e. 650 million people, are disabled, of which the death rate of disabled children amounts to 80%. In the majority of the cases, disabled Department For International Development, UK (DFID) children can not survive at all. The number of cerebral palsy children is progressively increasing with the speed of 46,000 per year. International Brain Health Seminar Only 3% disabled people and 1% disabled women worldwide have reading and writing ability. United Nations Development Program(UNDP)

01. Treatment

02. Education

90% disabled children are deprived of education。

United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

Just in China, approximate 5 million cerebral palsy children are suffering difficulties that are far beyond medical domain. Many children from poor distant rural areas would suffer from permanent disability and even death because of being short of medical treatment expense. China Hunan Radio Station 20% of the world poorest people are disabled, and they are the weakest population in their communities. The World Bank

My brother is a cerebral palsy patient, who was born in 1999. The photo was taken when he was 10 years old. He was sitting under the sunshine. Warm sea breeze was blowing. He is indeed a clever and lovely little boy. During these 15 years, he has never walked or talked. He is not able to feel the speed of wind when he is running. However, he has a pair of nimble eyes. It seems that he can see the whole world and all the feelings – pleasure, angry,

The Beginning:

sadness and joy could be expressed through his On August 25, 2006, the protocol of Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the biggest project of the UN in 21-centry are passed. On December 13, 2006, the text was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly. It is really the blessedness for the disabled. In the same year, I was accompanying and looking after my seriously ill brother, who just gave up his chance of taking the National College Entrance Examination. I decided to do something for them.

eyes. The function of his eyes is the best. Though he can not live normally as us, he loves sunshine and is full of hope towards life. I spend half of my time together with him. We grow up and enjoy all the happiness together. He is the most important person to me. So I hope that he could get better. That is the reason why I started my project.

03. Assistance

01. 1 2 3




During the process of treatment, cerebral palsy children have difficulties in communicating with their doctors.

Most cerebral palsy children have language disorders, thus doctors can not judge their health conditions accurately and timely. During the body recovery training, doctors sometimes are not able to adjust appropriate training intensity, which would lead to serious medical malpractice such as fracture.

The treatment effect is not obvious, and the treating period is long.

cerebral palsy is a medical problem worldwide. With the growth of patient children’s age and weight, recovery will become a battle against stamina limit in terms of parents and nursing personnel.

The treating period is a long

Generally speaking, the training period of cerebral palsy children

term, and the training process is also boring.

Big Problem Treatment Cerebral palsy children can not express their feelings timely because language barrier , which would decrease the treatment effect and even leads to medical malpractice. Meanwhile, children’s psychological health is not attached to sufficient importance. This is extremely detrimental to their future development.

is between 6 to 9 months. In the long recovery training, both the children and their family are suffering from enormous pressure. Parents often pay more attention to the physical function training instead of children’s psychological changes during their growth. This would greatly increase the probability of self-abasement and autism and is detrimental to mental health.


Goals:: Assisting patients with their communication through other medium and decreasing the probability of medical malpractice, improving treatment efficiency Creating a product that could reduce the parents’ and medical care personnel’s burden

The treatment of cerebral palsy children is more difficult due to their communicating disorder.

Adding psychological health guidance to the treatment, ensuring a good mental condition during the boring training

The psychological health guidance should be considered in to the content of treatment. The picture above illustrates the situation that my brother suffers from left leg spiral fracture in the recovery training due to his communicating barrier on 2006.

Zhao Jing Age: 24 She has basic self-care ability. Longterm hospital life leads to her autism. So her mother has been accompanying her.

01. 1 2 3




Because of lacking the ability of self-living, cerebral palsy children are not able to attend the school independently.

Cerebral palsy children can not get access to school education as ordinary children and thus can not form accurate consciousness such as team spirit, etc., which would lead to their deficiencies in some abilities.

Rehabilitated medical institutions are not specifically required to set up educational departments.

Even though part of the children that own self-living ability could have the access to education, they could not receive normal school courses on account that the recovery training takes the majority of their time. If treatment institutions do not set up educational departments, children’s education rights would be directly deprived.

Compared with ordinary children’s parents, most cerebral palsy children’s parents’ education consciousness is relatively less.

Parents of cerebral palsy children often pay more attention to the physical function training and accordingly reduce their standard for education. Consequently, their children usually receive less knowledge than ordinary children since they are short of abundant information sources.

Big Problem Education Due to dyskinesia, cerebral palsy children are deprived of most education chances in school. A large quantity of recovery training impedes their sources of acquiring information. After recovery, they are not able to judge the barriers in life or remove the barriers without sufficient knowledge. They can't identify obstacles in life, and removed it. This is not positive in terms of their life development.

Evidence Cerebral palsy children’s education should be emphasized.

As it is written in Karen Horney’s Neurosis and Human Growth, human being has the tendency of selfrealization. She holds that if the barriers are removed, human being will develop mature naturally and fully achieve selfrealization, just like an oak tree seed will grow into a big oak tree.

Goals:: The chance of having enough access to education should be ensured. The information sources should be provided to guarantee the knowledge acquisition. Education consciousness of cerebral palsy children’s parents should be improved

01. 1 2 3


Issue Public health projects can not be relied on in the long term.


Big Problem

Public health projects are limited and can not be relied on in the long term. Many cerebral palsy children from poor distant rural areas are still suffering from permanent disability and even death because of being short of medical treatment expense.

Social assistance is utterly inadequate in dealing with the severe situation.

Social assistance to cerebral palsy children and the disabled is increasing along with the rising attention. However, compared with the long-term treatment and various difficulties in life, social assistance is utterly inadequate in dealing with the severe situation.

Not every family that has cerebral palsy children can obtain help from their relatives and friends.

Nearly every cerebral palsy child could impact three families. They require ceaseless 7*24 hour accompany from one person and recovery training under the cooperation of many people. These daily expenses will cost plenty of human and financial resources. As it seems that the treatment has not ended yet, there always will be disagreements on whether the treatment should be carried on. This normally leads to breakdown of family relationships, and children are not ensured healthy growth in loving environments.

Assistance The long treatment period of cerebral palsy children will cost plenty of human and financial resources in the family. Social assistance can not fundamentally solve the problem. The overburden that the family bears could cause disagreement or even breakdown of family relationships. As a result, some children can not grow up in a loving environment.


Goals:: The nursing personnel in the treatment center should be reduced, and the medical expenses are therefore cut down. The burden that poor children patient’s family bears is accordingly eased.

Cerebral palsy children will cost plenty of human and financial resources in the family.

Only by helping poor children patient’s family with their daily problems and liberating their constraint could the assisting problem be fundamentally resolved. Wang Meng Age: 5 Her parents divorced because of the cerebral palsy. Her mother is not willing to give up treatment and accompanies the child alone. The financial source is the mother’s parents’ home.

Liu Zichen Age: 11 He is accompanied by his paternal grandfather and maternal grandfather. His parents go out to earn money to make up the medical expenses. Hebei Shijiazhuang Cerebral Palsy Children Hospital Electrotherapy Room


concepts:: Psychological health – art therapy

Preventing the deforming spines due to incorrect sitting postures

Because cerebral palsy children have bad body coordination ability and their sitting posture is incorrect, their spines commonly deform. It is necessary to prevent their spines from deforming due to incorrect sitting posture.



Hopefully, the art therapy could be added to their treatment, which has great beneficial influence on children’s psychological health.



Helping the shoulders stretch

Education : Parent & Child Parents could do reading with their children in limited time and make their children receive better education from parents.

Some cerebral palsy children have myasthenia, and can not stretch their shoulders. Shoulders’ stretch is beneficial to the waist strength. Helping the shoulders stretch is an important part of treatment.


Preventing the spines from deforming



Keeping the head upright

The information source is just beside them. There is no need to search for information on purpose. This could be realized in the duration of hospital stay.


Broaden the vision Cerebral palsy children’s chances of going out should be increased, which could broaden their vision.

Keeping the head upright is to help the sitting independently.





concepts:: Reduce the training personnel

direction: Direction::



To reduce the training personnel, is to reduce the medical expenses fundamentally.


Reduce the accompany personnel

After research, I find that wheelchair as the most common instrument for physically handicapped people could be my researching carrier. I decide to choose wheelchair as my starting point to resolve cerebral palsy children's difficulties in treatment, education, as well as assistance combined with my own understanding about the design.

product inspiration:: 15

16 To reduce nursing personnel, is to resolve the most common difficulty in cerebral palsy children's family.

I am inspired by advanced technology, magnet therapy, art therapy, and wheelchairs that already exist in the market.


refinement:: vehicle body design


detail design

02 vehicle body design


In terms of the body frame of the wheelchair, I consider that it should be foldable and is therefore convenient for carrying. However, it is contradictory between that the wheelchair body frame is light and the fact that patients need training on wheelchair. Hence, I focus on the function of assisting rehabilitating treatment instead of convenience in this project.


refinement:: System detail design - art therapy

Detail design

System detail design - Eye control

Art therapy: it is not equal to some psychological therapeutic methods such as painting therapy and music therapy. Art therapy is a kind of non-linguistic psychological therapy with art activities as the medium. It is a

Eye control

therapeutic method that helps patients to find harmonious relationships from the internal and external relationships to achieve personality growth and development by means of making patients produce free

therapy possess better language capability, creative thinking and expressive ability than those who have not an instrument that is close to subconsciousness, and has already become an important supplement for drug

need rest

therapy and speech therapy.

take a fresh breath,

need to go to the toilet

software for daily entertainment and information sources


go for a walk 公园特点分析——湖面积大

Screen is also added my own design a system, I give a name to the system is "com" system, whcih comes from the word of "communicate". It is based on the basis of art therapy and eye control. Now the system is still in development stage, but the basic function is achived.

accepted the therapy in the same level. Art therapy is

feel unwell (itch pain)

The Artist As Therapist, Arthur Robbins [America] 1987 World Publishing Corporation 04/2006 Edition 1 The Gift of Therapy Irvin D. Yalom [America] 2002 China Light Industry Press

满足游人观湖的需求,补充了设 施的空缺

As the facts turn out, children who have accepted art 应为钓鱼者提供一个方便垂钓的公 共设施,同时满足其他人群使用

art therapy


Eye control can help with communication by choosing their needs through the program interface that is already set. Most cerebral palsy children do not have cognitive ability due to long-term training, which requires more simple using functions. Icons are the best expressions. They refer to graphic symbols that have explicit referential meanings and have characteristics such as high enrichment, quick information deliverance, and easy memory. In the interface, icons are functioning symbols.

emergency call






'Communicating wheelchair' is specifically designed for special population, notably cerebral palsy patients and those who have poor physical coordination. The wheelchair mainly consists of the body frame as well as the system inside the screen. The wheelchair's body frame is customized according to the patient's body size. Besides, gearing device is added. Sitting and leaning cushions are made from slow rebound materials based on modes that are customized according to the patient's special sitting postures, which could ensure the comfort level. In addition, inside the cushions there are magnet therapy boards, thus the patient's blood circulation is improved and pains are eased. The screen system has the new technology -eye control that creates a new communicating mode in line with the art therapy method. This system is a key to communicating for people who have language disorder and reduces the communicating barriers among patients, family and medical personnel. As a consequence, the recovery quality is promoted. Meanwhile, the system satisfies users' entertainment needs and provides their information sources. Their lives are not boring any more. To cerebral palsy children, 'communicating wheelchair' could bring them convenience in life and mental pleasure, as well as firm faith and happy childhood. It also helps the parents with the rehabilitation treatment under the condition that the number of medical workers is reduced.

head protection

com system


control system

waist protection

adjusting pneumatic rod backrest adjustment

electric motor

leg protection


wheelchair body frame folding device

01. making:: If there is a need for special customization, the followings are to be considered. I made the wheelchair according by my brother’s body size as standard. His weight is 32kg, and the height is 140cm, which is rather thin. The color of the body, which is coated grass green due to they liked.

BH (Back Height) : LUB (Length, Crus) SD (Seat Depth) : SW (Seat Width) :

48cm :32cm 34cm 25cm


finished product::

02. Lounge kiosk With the improvement of lifequality, more people have begun to enjoy the leisure time by rock climbing, fishing and skiing etc. I have found out that there are a large number of anglers in the park. However, there are not enough half-way houses. So, I design the half-way house themed WOOD.FISH. Based on the theme, the location of the house should be near the lake, offering anglers convenience. I locate it in the Dongfeng Park of Baoding, a park of small area but large number of visitors. Besides, the infrastructure of the park still needs improving.


research:: Park Visitor Analysis

Dongfeng Park of Baoding Location reasons and geographical location characteristics Small area Located on the roadside in bustling section of Baoding Large visitor rate

The following data are from the investigation, anglers compose a large proportion of the visitors (visitors to amuse themselves occupy the most; and visitors to have a break or take exercise take the second place)




Internal environment specialties The lake goes across the lake and occupies large proportion of the park, with glistening and shining riddles forming the picturesque scenery. However, there is poor infrastructure for anglers and other visitors desiring to appreciate the beautiful lake.










concept:: 设计理念




Large lake Large number受用人群分析——钓鱼者多 of anglers

Infrastructure for fishing and other 应为钓鱼者提供一个方便垂钓的公 共设施,同时满足其他人群使用 purposes should be受用人群分析——钓鱼者多 established

Convenient for anglers (they have too much them) Meet the needs of visitors to enjoy the scenery of the lake; supplementing the infrastructure 方便钓鱼者,以免携带太多东西

应为钓鱼者提供一个方便垂钓的公 共设施,同时满足其他人群使用 stuffy carrying with



满足游人观湖的需求,补充了设 施的空缺

满足游人观湖的需求,补充了设 施的空缺

满足游人观湖的需求,补充了设 施的空缺

Common sense for fishing decides the 设计理念 trend of the lounge

Considering other infrastructure, the wooden sticks are applied as basic elements to experimentally build up space. 设计理念

Modeling experiment on the twisting square space: Twisting in the limited space, in a mess



应为钓鱼者提供一个方便垂钓的公 共设施,同时满足其他人群使用

公园特点分析——湖面积大 受用人群分析——钓鱼者多  

应为钓鱼者提供一个方便垂钓的公 共设施,同时满足其他人群使用


方便钓鱼者,以免携带太多东西 应为钓鱼者提供一个方便垂钓的公 共设施,同时满足其他人群使用




In spring, fish at shoal; in summer, fish 公园特点分析——湖面积大 at abyss; in fall, fish at the shadow; in 受用人群分析——钓鱼者多 winter, fish at the sunny side. In summer, do not fish in the southeast wind; in the afternoon, fish in west; in the evening, fish in the east; in morning, fish in the east; and in morning and evening, fish nearby, in afternoon, fish far away; rather fish after sunset than before thunderstorm

方便钓鱼者,以免携带太多东西 满足游人观湖的需求,补充了设 施的空缺

方便钓鱼者,以免携带太多东西 满足游人观湖的需求,补充了设 施的空缺

Modeling experiment on the twisting hexagon space: Increased usable area but frivolous space

应为钓鱼者提供一个方便垂钓的公 共设施,同时满足其他人群使用


满足游人观湖的需求,补充了设 施的空缺

The fish scale fracture composes of transparent glass, translucent and accommodating large numbers of people. However, it is not convenient for anglers. Thus, this idea was abandoned. Modeling experiment on the interlayer hexagon space: Neat space but small usable area


Final direction::

Program Narratives Means: design a overlapping hollow hexagon space with the basic element of wooden sticks; the hollow wooden sticks present zones of different functions Material: preserved timber colour:Primary Lighting: ground glass prospective in the day light, LED lighting at night time.

function: The side offers visitors space to recline

Entering from the back to the middle, there is space for visitors to sit face to face

The two seats of different heights in the front are for anglers



plan elevation section::







B (D)








early ideation:: This is a subject in 2010. Centering on the theme of redesign, each student selected 50 different products, picked up 10 for further design, and worked out 50 drafts according to the 10 products, and finally chose the most satisfied draft for further study.

EASY POT-COVER Redesign-two in one This product is a redesign of traditional pot. The pot cover can be used as frying pan; the filter screen functions differently when placed in stockpot and flat pan to meet different needs.


Module makingďźš

04. FLY

Product introduction::

Portable Blow-Up Hanger

The portable blow-up hanger is designed for clothes made of ductile materials such as real silk, cashmere and silk fabrics so on according to the inflation principle to avoid the protrusion of clothes on shoulder, which may cause deformation. Meanwhile, it is portable and reusable and is very useful for consumers who travel a lot. Instructions: Open the air filler valve, fill in the air and close the air filler valve when the hanger is full of air.



Through product research, I find out that the some hangers in the market impose graphic sense; some change the colors or other way to make them interesting. However, the essential problem of destroying the clothes on the shoulder is not solved. Therefore, the idea of making hangers with the air inflation principle comes to me and I have designed the portable air-inflation hanger by imitating human shoulder.

Advantages of hangers made of plastics: 1.Low cost 2.Light weight 3.Rich color Disadvantages of hangers made of plastics: Harmful for environment in production and recycling

Advantages of hangers made of steel: 1.Wearable 2.Weight-bearing

Advantages of hangers made of wood: 1.Close to nature 2.Unique texture

Advantages of hangers made of cloth: 1.Warm and lovely 2.Good touch

Disadvantages of hangers made of steel: 1.High cost 2.Rustiness harmful for appearance and use 3.Heavy and not portable

Disadvantages of hangers made of wood: 1.Warped or cracked if contacting water 2.Vulnerable for mould

Disadvantages of hangers made of cloth: 1.Narrow scale of use 2.Not easy to clean


model making::

ideation: Material: stainless steel Frivolous for use

Material: Plastic Cement Caution: 1.Please do not over-inflate or fill in high pressure gas. 2.Please keep the hanger away from sharp objects in the process of inflation. 3.Please keep the hanger away from kids under three year-old.

According to the ancient form with top flanges

Material: wood The hook is square, making the clothes on it not easy to fall

The final design is a slotted hanger which avoids the limitation of tools and makes the appearance unique. Besides, it saves space and more portable

This is a picture of a real silk dress hanging on the hanger. There is no protrusion on the shoulder.



When I run across something I like, I will take down their appearance with water color and color pencils. I like this way of

This serial of self portraits is not the result of accidents. I began to have colored

Space is the requisite factor in furniture and building.

pictures in 4 years old. The black-and-white pictures always remind me of some

I often work out three-dimensional constitution to

feelings which I desire to grasp and value. These are my self-portraits from 1

analyze problems. Following are some simple models

year-old to 21 year-old according to my photos.

by me.

taking notes for it provides me rich materials and exercises my sketch skills.

I also often do handiwork on some free time; the following is for the p ro d u c t i o n o f h a n d p i e c e s w i t h e b o n y a n d s t a i n e d g l a s s l a m p s a n d I love design household products and accessories and keep studying. I have formed my own way of taking down note, which I think is helpful for my design.

lanterns. Â

Thank You. Wang Qiang

Portfolio by qiang wang  
Portfolio by qiang wang