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Welcome to the Astoria Singles Club!! We know that Astorians have immense neighborhood pride and love to keep things local. We thought it might be fun to try and help some fantastic singles make a love connection right here in the neighborhood. Thank you to everyone that applied, we wish we could feature ALL of you—seriously there are amazing people in Astoria. If you are interested in reaching out to any of our featured singles, we’ve included ways to contact them through their dating app profiles, or social media. But remember don’t be that person that ruins all the fun for everyone. Stay classy and don’t be weird in a bad way

chris w. I love exploring Astoria on foot so an ideal date would be grabbing a coffee, walking perhaps to Socrates or Astoria Park or up to Ditmars (I live on Broadway) and getting to know someone. We’d end things with a drink at a fun bar.

best date you’ve been on One of the best dates I’ve ever had was when I went to Il Bambino and enjoyed crostinis and wine under the stars (it was summer) in their backyard. I had only had their Paninis before and was blown away by the food, and the conversation made it even better. The atmosphere was perfect! @_cjwolff

hannah p. I’m new to New York, and love living in Astoria! By day I work at a local health department on Long Island, but after hours I’m a fun-loving free spirit who likes to try out new restaurants, go to concerts, and explore my city by foot.

astoria date idea I want to go to Pye Boat Noodle on Broadway, because I’ve never been before and would love to try a new restaurant with someone who also has never been there!

justin d. I’m a Midwestern heart living in New York City. Raised in Iowa, I’ve successfully managed to not let NYC beat the Midwestern charm and niceties out of me over the last 7 years. I’ve just finished my masters, and I currently work in marketing for a rather large nonprofit arts organization. Outside of the arts, I try to live an active lifestyle—I lost about 90(ish) pounds about five years ago and I strive to live a healthy life and be outside as much as possible; running, hiking, and yoga are my go-to’s. That said, I’m a total foodie and plan any trip around the food first. I love museums as a first date option—they’re active, you can learn about the person you’re with, and there’s always a conversation starter somewhere in the room. I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never been to THE MUSEUM OF THE MOVING IMAGE in the five years I’ve lived in Astoria. I think that going to MoMI followed by a casual dinner nearby—say, Milkflower or Il Bambino—would be a great date.

best date you’ve been on I didn’t realize I was on a date until I showed up at one of my friend’s house where he had a movie ready, he got all dressed up, and he brought out some food for us. I really enjoyed the surprise! @kweenvenus93 18

instagram: @wadedewey OkCupid: justinewade10


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