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FAVORITE COFFEE SHOP/CAFE 60 BEANS: The Dossaints are a must OK CAFÉ: Try the Red Bean Latte. Creamy, sweet with a hint of spice, and it’s caffeine free!

FAVORITE WINE STORE ASTORIA PARK WINE & SPIRITS: Their Friday tastings are lovely!

FAVORITE NATURAL FOODS STORE GREENBAY: The “make your own” salads make for a great healthy lunch!

FAVORITE BAKERY LELI’S: Their Maltese pastries—Qassatat and Pastizzi— are unique and delicious PARISI: Two words—Cake. Pops.

FAVORITE BAGEL SHOP BROOKLYN BAGELS: Don’t let the name fool you, Brooklyn Bagel started here in Astoria. Break from the normal routine and give their weekly cream cheese specials a try. Past flavors have ranged from Girl Scout Cookies to Bacon Buffalo.

FAVORITE BURGER JOINT FLATTOPPS: Where else can you get a burger with raspberry jam, Cap’n Crunch–crusted bacon, and Gruyére cheese served on French Toast Brioche? Only at Flattopps. PETEY’S: The In & Out of Astoria, get the double cheeseburger; it’s the most popular item on the menu. They also make a mean grilled cheese. SWEET AFTON: Sure the burger is great, but the Fried Pickles shouldn’t be missed. They’re thick cut, spicy, with a shot of lip smacking dill. Be careful, though, they are REALLY HOT when they come out.


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