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Lewis Sa ys My Name is Lewis Old and I study here at Suffolk new college doing level 2 media studies. I have autism but that doesn’t stop me from learning all the stuff I need to know! Anyway I’m going to talk about something that has got my attention in the news in the last week.

Now you may have heard of the man from Ipswich who was branded the world’s fattest man weighing in at an enormous 70 Stone. Well in the news recently he had lost an incredible 48 Stone taking him down to 22 Stone and he has found love as well. Well recently he has found love in a surprisingly unexpected place that place being in the USA. His story touched his former girlfriend – Rebecca Mountain who is from Massachusetts, which is 3,322 miles from Ipswich that she started supporting him and started talking over Facebook and Skype etc. He hopes to see her soon and go on the much-anticipated first date. The reason I chose this story is because I think it that it proves that “love can come in all shapes and sizes”. I also think that he has achieved his goal of losing weight and as a bonus he has found true love.

And whilst on the subject – “Goals”, Goals are important to set because they help keep on track in life and they help you to achieve. I have set goals in my life and I am always checking my goals to make sure I achieve. If you set yourself goal and stick to it, you are sure to achieve and do well in life. See You Next Time!