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Year 4 Class News Spring

Key Skills

Our key skill this half term will be independence. We will be encouraging children to

Creative curriculum! Our topic this term is India! We will be exploring the culture, religions and

develop their independence skills and grow in confidence. Part of developing their independence will be children completing their weekly

geography of the country. We will be exhibiting our work at the end of the term in our Indian museum.

homework. Children need to take responsibility for completing this work themselves.


Homework will be sent out again from Friday 17th January. Children will be excepted to

WE NEED YOUR HELP! This half term we will be creating models of the Taj Mahal in India. We are

complete 3

asking if you could support us in this by collecting any household junk you think we could use.

Education City

For example:

maths activities and 10 spelling sentences each week.

Cereal / Any cardboard boxes

Due in on Fridays.



Washed out yoghurt pots 

Plastic bottles

Look what else is happening... Welcome to our new school OTIS You may have heard about an oversized bird walking the corridors of Monteney: Welcome OTIS! ( On Time In School) Children will have the opportunity to win lots of prizes based on their attendance.

Monteney Houses! We are thrilled to now have our Monteney House system up and running! Every child in school now belongs to one of four houses; red, yellow, green and blue, with siblings being kept in the same house.

Attendance in Y4! We are feeling really proud of Year 4 and their superb attendance last half term! Lets keep up the hard work and get lots of children to Flamingoland at the end of the year!


Mr Murch is super excited to be house captain of Red house and Miss Champion is captain of the Green house.

We are really pleased with the progress children in Y4 have been making and we will be running lots of extra intervention groups this term to make sure this continues! 

Boy’s Secret Reading Club 

Superstar readers

Writing Wizards

Maths Magicians

Swimming! We are really excited to announce that swimming lessons will begin on Friday 14th February! More details to follow soon regarding kit, transport and other information.

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