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Year 2 News Autumn Term 1... Welcome back! We hope you have all had a wonderful summer! This half term our creative topic will be the history of our Royal Family.

ing our own version of this story. Hopefully this will help to develop our key skill of creativity and allow the children to use their imaginations.

In Literacy we will be looking at text surrounding the Royal Family and the new baby and producing fact files. We will also be looking at the fictional tale: The Queen’s Knickers and writ-

In Numeracy we will be learning the 2x, 5x and 10x tables, number sequences and doubling and halving. In Science we will be developing our knowledge of fair

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tests and predictions. In Art we will be looking at colour mixing and collages then going on to evaluate our work. We will do this in the form of creating thrones, outfits and crowns. In Design and Technology we will be designing our own palaces and making them out of 3D shapes.

Volume 1, Issue 1 September—October 2013

Special points of interest:  Assembly days for Y2 this term are :  Praise Assembly Thursday@ 8:55pm  Class Assembly Y2JS: 7th October  Library visits will be announced.

Reminder’s… WATER: Please ensure your child has a water bottle in school with fresh water each day

Reading Mornings... We will be holding a reading morning alternate Wednesday mornings 8.35– 8.50 am. This will allow you to listen to your child read their reading book, share a story

book with you or look at non– fiction books to find out more about our topics. We would appreciate as many people as possible coming to support us as we contin-

ue to help the children to develop valuable reading skills.

READING BOOKS: Please encourage your child to change their reading book each morning and fill in their reading diary each evening.

Non Negotiable Targets This year we will be working towards targets called ‘non–negotiables’ that we would like every child to achieve by the end of Y2. Targets we will be particularly focusing on this term are stated below. Reading To read high frequency words independently. A list will be sent home. Writing To consistently use capital letters and full stops/question marks accurately in sentences. To begin to use commas in lists. Maths To know all number pairs to 100 (e.g. 30 + 70 = 100). To know by heart 2x, 5x and 10x tables.

Creative Projects

Contacting the Team

Our key skill this half term is creativity. Could your child show their creativity by having a go at one of the projects below?

We hope that you have found this first edition of the Y2 class news informative. We will send you an updated version each half term.

We will be showcasing creative projects in the last week of half term, the date will be confirmed and we look forward to the entries! Ideas… 

Build a 3D palace fit for Her Majesty

Write a Royal poem.

Design a toy for Baby George.

Research and create the Royal Family Tree.

Design or make a home for the Royal corgis.

Create a powerpoint presentation about what you would do if you were Royal for a day.

If you have any concerns or issues regarding your child we are more than happy to speak to you about these We are available before school: 8:35 to 8:50 or after school: from 3:05. We can always arrange another time to suit you should you wish to make an appointment. Monteney Primary School Monteney Crescent Sheffield S5 9DN Phone: 0114 2467916 Fax: 0114 2467965 Email: Website:

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