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Year 2 News Spring 2 This half term the Y2 pupils will be undertaking project work based on famous voyages such as the moon landings. We will learn all about Neil Armstrong being the first man on the moon.

reading and orienteering skills. We will also be working on our ball skill though a variety of games.

In Science we will be learning all about electricity by making circuits, looking carefully at power In Literacy the pupils will be writ- sources to see how the electricity ing reports, space poems and writ- gets into the home and the ing from the point of view of dif- possible dangers of electricity. ferent characters. We will also write fantasy stories about space. In Numeracy will be learning times tables. We will look at strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems, including money and real life problems.

Feb-March 20112 Special points of interest: ☺ Assembly days for Y2 this term are : ☺ Y2SC Class Assembly— 14.3.12 at 8:55am. ☺ Praise Assembly—Tuesday at 2:35pm. We will let you know if your child is in Praise Assembly

Y2OP 19.3.12 Y2 SC 27.2.12

Inside this issue:

Class Trip animals. The cost is £10.00. Thank you to those of you who have already paid. You are very welcome to pay for the trip in instalments if you prefer. We think this trip will be enjoyable

Issue 4

Ecclesfield Library visits:

In P.E. we will be learning map

As you are probably aware we have booked our class trip to the Tropical Butterfly House! This visit will link into out next terms topic all about variation in

Monteney Primary School

for the children. They will get to handle different animals and learn lots of new facts. We are keeping our fingers crossed for nice weather!

This term


Class trip


Assembly days


Thank You


Science Afternoon


Creative Homework




Monteney Primary School Monteney Primary School Monteney Crescent Sheffield S5 9DN Phone: 0114 2467916 Fax: 0114 2467965 Email: Website: http://

Thank you!! Thank you to parents who joined us for maths lessons last half term. We hope you found it useful to see how we teach calculation strategies in school. If you have any other questions regarding mathematics please don’t hesitate to come and ask! Can we also remind you that we set maths homework on the ezone each week. This is on Education City games and links into what we have been learning in class. They children are very familiar about how to use the ezone but if you have any questions please come and ask.

Science Parent Afternoon Come along and join us as we learn all about electricity! Y2OP -Thursday 29th March 1.10pm onwards

Ideas For Creative Homework For our Space topic this half term your child could complete one or more of the following creative homework tasks to then present to the class: •

Make a moon buggy

Research using the internet to find out about other space expeditions

Create a meal that could be eaten in space

Design an alien/ creature that could live on another planet

Design a new planet/ galaxy that has just been discovered and describe what the climate is like there

Write a diary entry of a day in a space shuttle

Create a poem to describe the moon

Alternatively if you have an idea of your own for a project then we would love to see it. Have fun!

Head lice Unfortunately we appear to be having a recurrent problem of head lice in Year 2. We have been in touch with the school link nurse for advice on this matter. In the meantime to help decrease the number of cases please check your child’s hair regularly using the bug busting home. Thank-you for your co-operation with this.


Headlice 2 Thank You 2 This term 1 Feb-March 20112 Class trip 1 ☺ Praise Assembly—Tuesday at 2:35pm. ☺ Y2SC Class Assembly— 14.3.12 at 8:55a...

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