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Reception News Spring Term 1 Welcome back! We hope you have had a great Christmas and a wonderful start to the new year! As may of the children have a keen interest in superheroes, we have decided to begin our learning this half term with a superhero theme! As the spring term progresses, our focus will turn to the topic of ‘People Who Help Us’. We have noticed that many of the children seem to be interested in fire engines, ambulances and police cars, so we hope to develop this further through this topic later in the

Reading This week we have been focusing on phonic assessments with your child. This will enable us to set your child’s reading book at an appropriate level. By the end of next week you will receive a leaflet telling you which level reading scheme book your child should now be taking home. This will also have some tips for helping your child with learning to read at home. Our whole class target in school this term is to point to each word as we read (we call this one to one matching). This is a really important skill that children have to have in place before they move further on with their reading. If you would like any more information on helping your child learn to read and with filling in reading diaries, please see your class teacher after school.

New Faces You may have heard you child talking about children new to school, we have three new children who have joined us and we would like to say a big hello and welcome to school to these children and their families. Over the next few weeks in Reception we also have a Year 3 teaching student, Eloise Procter, with us who will be working in Miss Faraday’s class. Again we would like to welcome her to our school and wish her all the best for her teaching practise.

Monteney Primary School Issue 3 January—February 2014

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Superher Costumes! We would like all the children to make a Superhero costume in school this half term! To do this we would like all children to bring a plain white T-shirt or vest into school that they can decorate to become their superhero costume!

Super Story

We would like all children to have a t-shirt in school by Friday 31st January.

Super Numtum! The children love the NumTums, a Number based programme on Cbeebies. We use Numtums to support the children’s maths learning at school and they love the character called ‘Super Numtum’ who loves to hunt for and zap numbers! Numtums can be watched at home on CBeebies or on the CBeebies iPlayer and activities can be accessed via the CBeebies website.

The creative learnin half term is to creat ry box! 

Cut an empty sh long side so tha flat. Create a scene o box (stars and p anywhere a sup found! Add a superhero could draw thes you print out or of yourself dress clothes!


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Superhero Books! A list of Superhero books to look out for at the library or on any visits to a bookshop! Reading with your child about superheroes will link to our work in school and extend their learning!

Eliot Jones—Midnight Superhero! - By Ann Cottringer Charlie’s Superhero Underpants—By Paul Bright and Lee Wildish Super Daisy - By Kes Gray and Nick Sharratt How To Be A Superhero—By Rachel Yu George Saves The World By Lunchtime— By Dr Jo Readman and Ley Honor Roberts Superworm—By Julia Donaldson Traction Man Is Here—By Mini Grey Superhero ABC—By Bob McLeod Super Spud and the Stinky Space Rescue—By Sam Lloyd The Adventures of Max and Pinky, Superheroes—By Maxwell Eaton Max—By Bob Graham

Monteney Primary School Monteney Primary School Monteney Crescent Sheffield S5 9DN Phone: 0114 2467916 Fax: 0114 2467965 Email: Website: http://

ers are School Dinn 9.90 y£ £1.98 per da per week

Library Visits The children love going to visit Ecclesfield library every half term. Thank you to all parents who have already supported us by coming along on these visits. Your support is invaluable as we would not be able to take the children on these visits without it! If you are able to join us on our visits please let a member of Reception staff know! Dates to be confirmed shortly. Please look out for a sign-up sheets in the classroom. Thank you!

. Snapshot Observations Thank you for all your ‘wow’ sticker observations form home—these have been really useful when assessing your child’s progress in school. We use the stickers you bring from home alongside the observation stickers we write in school to make judgements about your child’s development. These stickers need to be in school at all times so that we can file them in the children’s Learning Journal. If you have taken any home, please return them to school as soon as possible, so that we can add them to your child’s profile!

People Who Help Us As our topic for the next half term is ‘People Who Help Us’, we would like children to have first hand experience of talking to people who work in jobs in which they have to help people e.g. doctor, nurse, vet, fire service, paramedic, police, shop assistant, superhero. We would love to have some visitors into school to talk to the children about their jobs and how they help people. If you work in a job in which you help people and would be happy to come into school to tell the children about what you do (or you know someone who does!), please talk to a member of Reception staff to arrange a time to do this!

PE The children are really enjoying their P.E. lessons at school! Please ensure your child has a P.E. bag containing black shorts, white t-shirt and a black pair of pumps. Please check that all clothing fits (especially pumps!) Please also ensure that every item is labelled.

If your child wears ear-rings, you need to make sure that they have some surgical tape in their PE bags so that we can help them to cover them up and make it safe to join in PE. Alternatively, you could remove their ear-rings. PE takes place on Monday (CF) & Tuesday (AA). We do support the children with changing for PE. However, as you can appreciate, supporting a full class with changing themselves can be very time consuming and the children can become frustrated with themselves and upset. Our target for this term is for all children to be able to dress and undress themselves independently. You can help at home by asking your child to dress and undress themselves without your support.

All P.E. Bags need to be in school—your child can not join in P.E. sessions without a full kit!

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