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Monteney Mail Reflection Our Skill for Learning this half-term is Reflection. Throughout the halfterm the children will be focussing on developing their reflection skills. This also links to our SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) which is “Changes”. Within our Skills framework, there are several strands within Reflection, these include:  make a list of ideas

  

   

make a plan showing what I want to do talk about the kind of thinking I am doing communicate which ideas are better than others and why communicate what will happen as a result of my choice do what I have decided use what I already know to help me learn and make choices communicate what I did, what happened

and how well it went  think of ways to make my work better  listen to what others say about my work and give them my ideas  take the time to stop and think

Healthy Week Last week was our annual Healthy Week. During the week all of the children took part in activities about being healthy, including input on SRE (Sex and Relationships Education). There was a particular focus on the importance of drinking water. We

have been encouraging the children to drink water and letting them know how being hydrated supports health and learning. The children also had opportunities to try different fruit and vegetables. We’d like to thank all of you for your support and say a

huge well done to the children who took part in our water-themed Healthy Week Quiz. The winners received sporty prizes to help them keep fit.

Monteney Primary School

Volume 6 Issue 13 Newsletter Date 13.6.2013

Coffee Morning Our coffee morning is held every Thursday from 8:50-10am. On Thursday 27th June, Joanne Ward, our school nurse will be attending the coffee morning to offer advice on health issues and healthy eating.

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Flora Tubs 4 Tablets 2 Class Moves


Here comes the sun


Flora Tubs4Tablets

Monteney Primary School Monteney Primary School Monteney Crescent Parson Cross Sheffield S5 9DN Phone: 0114 2467916 Fax: 0114 2467965 Email: enquiries@monteney.sheffield.sch. uk Website: Through the broad and well-enriched curriculum, and its promotion of pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, pupils’ academic and personal development is well-promoted. Ofsted 2012

1.98 oney is £ Dinner M eek. w a £9.90 per day,

Start collecting Flora Tubs4Tablets tokens now! This summer Flora, in partnership with Tesco, is launching an amazing new scheme called Tubs4Tablets which aims to help our school bring cutting edge technology into the classroom. The scheme gives schools in the United Kingdom the opportunity to collect tokens from special tubs of Flora on sale at Tesco and exchange them for FREE touch screen tablets! Our school has already registered to take part in the scheme, now all we need to do is to collect as many tokens as possible. Tokens can be found on special tubs of Flora Original and Flora Light 500g, available at all Tesco stores from the 24th June. Hand us your tokens and we will exchange them for FREE touch screen tablets. Tokens can be left in our collection box or put into an envelope and handed to the school office. Just 100 tokens will get our school one brand new ASUS MeMO Pad™ 172 so help us to claim as many as we can.

The Big Green Clean Please join us on Wednesday 3rd July from 9:00am to support in tidying the Science Garden.

Structured Conversations

Please see Mrs Vigrass, Mr Reilly or Miss De Silva for more information

The final Structured Conversations in Years 4, 5 and 6 for this school year will be taking place during w/b 17th June. Wherever possible these will also double up as review meetings as well. Please keep an eye out for any correspondence about these (parents will also be contacted by phone).

Here comes the sun!

Class Moves

With the warmer weather finally with us, we’d like to take this opportunity to ask that your child comes to school dressed appropriately for the sun. Please encourage your child to bring a sun hat and sun cream to school.

We are at the time of year when we look at the teachers and support for classes for September. We are also looking at the classes moving up into the next year group and we are wanting to get your views on any potential friendship groups for the pupils in our current Y2 and Y4 classes. In the coming weeks we will be splitting the classes in Y2 and Y4 and creating new classes for Y3 and Y5. If your child is in Y2 and Y4 and you have any requests about the class splits please put your request in writing and hand in to the school office by Friday 21st June. We will try and accommodate your requests if possible.

Monteney Mail June 13  

Monteney Mail June 13