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Remembering our history Canada becomes a nation The history of Canada dates back to the arrival of Paleo-Indians, and its territory has been inhabited by Aboriginal peoples for millennia. Canada officially became The Dominion of Canada on July 1, 1867. The formation of the Dominion of Canada was the result of the Charlottetown Conference and Quebec Conference. The seventy-two resolutions established the framework Marcia Pensa – Snelgrove, a member of the Association of Port Stanley under which the North AmeriArtists sits to paint before the art show and sale on June 30 to July 1 in can colonies of Great Britain Port Stanley. would be unified into a federation. The resolutions were adopted by most Canadian ings, sculptures, ceramics, provinces and became the First summer show The newly formed Associa- glasswork, and mixed media. basis for the London Confertion of Port Stanley Artists The Port Stanley Art Associa- ence, which took place in (APSA) is announcing an art tion celebrates and fosters 1866. Sixteen delegates from New show and sale for the weekend emerging and established of June 30 and July 1. The artists by providing opportuni- Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and show is planned outdoors near ties and support for exhibitions the Province of Canada gaththe Royal Canadian Legion on and sales. Group workshops ered with British officials to and meetings enrich and de- draft the British North America George St. in Port Stanley. The group first exhibited a velop the unique creative abil- Act of 1867. This conference variety of new and recent ities of the members and was the last of the series of works in several different encourage expressive freedom. conferences of the Confederamediums on May 26, & 27, More shows scheduled for tion. Sir John. A. MacDonald where visitors to Port Stanley July 28-29 and August 11-12. became the first Prime Minister. were treated to a show of fresh The federation emerged due new art at the town’s legion. More info . . . to the fact that all major playThe new group of artists, all The Association Port Stanley ers pursued their interests. The residents of Port Stanley will Artists Maritimes sought to have raildisplay different styles of art: Cost: Free admission road connections, and the oil, watercolour, acrylic paintBritish Empire wanted the Do-

New Port Stanley artists

Canadian Company, Canadian Inventory, Canadian Pride Save $500 on any in-stock vehicle and receive a $500 gas card with the purchase of any in-stock vehicle. Only until 8th July, 2012 Closed Saturday June 30th and Monday July 2nd

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Phil James

Flag flies high on July 1.

minion of Canada to defend itself. British-Canadian nationalists worked to unite all regions into one country, dominated by British culture and the English language. French-Canadians, on the other hand, sought to exert political control within the province of Quebec. Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland opted out and joined in 1871 and 1949, respectively. The Colony of Vancouver Island and the Colony of British Columbia merged into one colony in 1866, called the


Colony of British Columbia. In 1871, it was incorporated into the confederation. Alberta and Saskatchewan joined as provinces in 1905. Due to the abundant wheat crops, both provinces attracted immigrants from Central and Northern Europe, Britain, and the United States. Ultimately, Canada became an independent country in 1982 as a result of small contributions made by several Prime Ministers in different periods. Another significant step

taken towards Canada’s independence was Borden’s insisting that Canada should have its independent seat to sign the Treaty of Versailles, after World War I. It was an attempt at separating from Great Britain’s policies of international affairs. The last step was taken by Trudeau towards Canada becoming an independent nation. He brought home the Constitution in 1982 which legally allowed Canada to amend its own constitution instead of depending on Great Britain. For more info:

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2 June 28, 2012 - St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News

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Happiness is Yelling Bingo!

Local heroes

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14 and 28 starti ng at 10:30 a.m.

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July 9 – Pasta Day July 11 – Soup & Sandwich July 13 – Cabbage Rolls July 23 – Shepherd’s Pie July 25 – Ham & Scalloped Potatoes July 27 – Chicken Wings

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Proud medal winners by Tim Harvey

The 2012 Special Olympics Spring games were held in Kingston, Ontario from May 31 to June 3, with 1,000 athletes from across the province in attendance. The event is held every four years. There are six official spring sports: five pin bowling, ten-pin bowling, basketball, bocce, power lifting, and swimming. Eight

The medal winners: Peter Martens (back row), swimming; Noreen Lanning, power-lifting coach; Gordie Michie, swimming; Matt Morrow, power-lifting; Michael Hutchingame, 5 pin bowling; Heather Calvert (front row), power-lifting and Lindsay Luscombe, five pin bowling. (Photo by Tim Harvey)

proud Special Olympians from St. Thomas and Aylmer attended and each athlete came home with medals. All athletes had to qualify in order to compete. Kim Manual and Greg Bryant from the St. Thomas Police Force ran the last leg of the

torch run in the opening ceremonies. “There are over 18,000 Special Olympic athletes in Ontario, and some like Heather Calvert have been competing for over 30 years,” said Noreen Lanning, certified coach.


Steve Bond, BSc.Phm., CDE, FASCP

Pharmacy Operation Manager

A Stroke of Genius: recognize the symptoms and know what to do It’s the talk we all hate to have. We wish that it didn’t have to occur. But it can’t to be taught in school. It’s better coming from a loved one. The Dreaded S-talk. Not Sex (that can be covered in the classroom and by the internet). I’m talking about the Stroke talk. A stroke is a sudden loss of brain function. It is caused by the interruption of flow of blood to the brain (ischemic) or the rupture of blood vessels in the brain (hemorrhagic). The interruption of blood flow or the rupture of blood vessels causes brain cells in the affected area to die. Your brain is the most complex organ in your body. It consists of more than 100 billion specialized nerve cells called neurons and it acts as a command centre for everything you do, think, sense and say. These neurons cannot regrow themselves, so once they die, they are gone forever. The five principle warning signs

of a stroke are: Weakness; Trouble Speaking; Vision problems; Headache; and Dizziness. A number of risk factors exist for strokes. You can't control your family history, gender, ethnicity or age (and unfortunately, lying about your age doesn’t reduce your risk.) But luckily, you can do something about other factors that could increase your risk of having a stroke, including obesity, diet, diabetes, smoking, high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol. Being aware of the symptoms above and getting help right away may reduce negative outcomes from a stroke. In the last few years, important new advances have been made in stroke treatment. However, these new treatments must be  started within a few hours of the onset of symptoms in order to be effective. That's why it's so important to recognize the warning signs of a stroke as soon as they appear and call 9-1-1 or your local emergency number for immediate medical assistance. For more information, check out our blog:



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Success with technology New ways to learn Is it possible that these technological gadgets that so many own today can enhance learning in high school students? English teacher Mr. Andrew Kesteloot from Arthur Voaden Secondary High School in St. Thomas would definitely agree. “It’s one of those things where you can either fight technology or use it appropriately,� said Andrew, “If a smart phone helps a student learn-why not?� Educators and school administrators from across Canada were asked by CDW Canada, a leading provider of technology solutions for Canadian organizations for public and private sectors to write about how technology has improved or enhanced the learning experience in their classrooms or schools. Mr. Kesteloot’s entry in Canada’s Teaching and Technology Story contest won one of two CDW Canada gift certificates worth $5000. “We were very excited when we received the call that we won,� said Mr. Kesteloot. His entry showcased how he used technology to keep students engaged. He encouraged

his grade 11 english students to submit assignments via the web and found that students were much more comfortable and focused using a more modern way of communicating. Using social media platforms as a teaching aid, Mr. Kesteloot had students analyze YouTube clips and submit their assignments in the form of tweets. “Inevitably, whenever we try something new with technologically in class, I hear a few,


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Wow, this is pretty cool comments,� said Mr. Kesteloot, “Really, that engagement is the key to keeping students interested and motivated to learn and succeed. That’s why technology has been so important in my class.� The $5000 gift certificate was used towards the purchase of CDW Canada’s Teaching products, allowing the teachers to continue to make a difference in the classroom.

!# $)#(,0' +# .   / '  



• Factory Trained Technicians • Full Machine Shop • Pick-up and Delivery Available

St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News - June 28, 2012 3

On June 22, Mr Kesteloot grade 11 class won a $5,000 gift certificate for Canada’s Teaching with Technology story contest. Mr. Andrew Kesteloot (back row), English teacher; Chelsea Clyke, Tyler Whitney, Clayton Hatfield, Connor Judge, and Brodie Dunley. Melody Runhare (front row), Amanda Lumani, Nicole Waitson, Ryan Stern and Behnoosh Taherzadeh from CDW Canada

The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it. Terry Pratchett

- %& !)' - $"%( # !!#' - #$*& &')&' - $!!( !'




4 June 28, 2012 - St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News

Support your local St.Thomas Kinsmen Club

FIREWORKS! FIREWORKS! FIREWORKS! BEST PRICES IN TOWN! NO TAX! All proceeds support community projects

Canada Day: filling in the pieces Trivial Pursuit By Jamie and Sue Silcox-Grant

Who doesn’t like to play a game once in a while? Hopefully, everyone has seen the game of Trivial Pursuit©. It’s a game of mixed-up colour pie sections that fit into a puckshaped player marker - a game made by Canadians, Chris Haney and Scott Abbott of Montreal, for the world to enjoy. Thus, it is connected to Canada Day celebrations. Open Open Wednesday Wednesday June June 27th 27th Our country has become a to to Monday Monday July July 2nd 2nd collection point for all persons of this planet to call home; Canadians are not from six colour types (or simple game pieces) but a medley of all the skin tones under a blue sky. Beer Beer Gardens Gardens open open at at 11:00 11:00 am am Part of the beauty of living in Canada is that each compoSt.Thomas Kinsmen, Serving the community’s greatest need nent of our mosaic provides


Timken Centre Parking Lot

Fireworks held at Pinafore Park this year, all day event!

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unique and amazing contributions, no one less significant than another. Starting with a blue wedge category of Geography, Canada is noteworthy as number two in the world as far as sheer size. Most readers will already know this fact from shading in the provinces and territories of the Canadian map from grade nine. The pink wedge (Entertainment) immediately elicits pride in all of the Canadians who keep us, and the world entertained. We love to laugh at ourselves, sing our favourite tunes, dance like no one is watching and question what can be done to right all that is wrong. The yellow questions are probably the most relevant when Canada Day and its patriotism beckons. Our History is a collection of events that has filled many books for such a young country. Our remarkable fighting spirit in times of conflict has allowed us to bring peace to others who have not had the luxury of having a

neighbour as a friend. A brown wedge conjures up the notion of the Canadian Arts and Literature scene: artists who are as accomplished, revolutionary and varied as the Group of Seven, Margaret Atwood, and Rachel McAdams. We hope that Science and Nature will always be green; however every Canadian knows that while we may think on a global scale, we must always start at home in making our environment truly a priority.

Finally, orange represents Canadians’ joy in Sports and Leisure. From a pick-up game to the playoffs, a jump in a lake, or planting a garden, Canadians are dedicated to pursuing the “good life”, especially among neighbours and friends. That’s what we can do this Canada Day: enjoy Canada for the freedom, friendships and the many fun ways we welcome the world to our doors. There is no doubt about it, EH!

Trivial Pursuit, a game made by Canadians, Chris Haney and Scott Abbott of Montreal.

The Turkey Shoppe

“Celebrate Our Anniversary”

Canada Day Weekend

on July 1, 2012

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St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News - June 28, 2012 5

July 1, 2012

Elgin County Canada Day events Fireworks Southwold (Shedden and Fingal) sponsored by the Optimist Club of Fingal and Shedden When? Saturday, June 30 Where? Ballpark Fingal Time? Gates open at 7pm Events: Face painting, clowns, cake and performances by Bill Farquhar and Austin Gagnier Donations will be set up for caring cupboard Fireworks Port Stanley – Canfest starts June 30 When? July 1 Where? Main beach Time? 10pm Events: June 30 – July 1 will be featuring live outdoor music concerts in a variety of genres at stages in Glover Park, Cenotaph Park, GT’s main stage and other local establishments. Boat Parade: July 1 at 2pm Other activities: face painting, Veteran’s March and garden party, dance sessions, karate and life guard demonstrations, petting zoo, strawberry social, fish fry, train rides and much more.

Aylmer – Canada Day Celebrations When? July 1 Where? East Elgin Community Complex Time? 5pm – 9pm Events: Free public skating from 5pm to 7pm, carnival games, cotton candy, mini golf, buggy rides, photo booth, crafts and activities. St. Thomas – Canada Day Celebrations Fireworks start at dusk When? July 1 Where? Pinafore Park Time? 8am – 11pm Events: 8am Lions Club pancake breakfast, 2pm – 8:30pm free games and inflatables,

545 Talbot St., St.Thomas 519-631-1680

classic car display, food, vendors, face painting and much more. St. Thomas Public Art Centre is hosting a kid’s junction with arts and crafts Other events: Music from 10am – 10pm Bayham-Port Burwell – Canada Day Celebrations When? July 1 Where? Port Burwell Time? 1pm Events: Parade at 1 pm followed by Canada Day birthday celebration ceremony, cutting the cake, children’s activities, and take a tour of the museum and lighthouse.

Have a safe and happy Canada Day!

“On behalf of City Council, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Canada Day! Join us for all day festivities at Pinafore Park.”

Mayor Heather Jackson and City Council

Pinafore Park, 95 Elm Street, St. Thomas Enjoy a day packed full of fun in the sun. Music, food, local vendors and free kids activities! 8 am – 10 am 11 am – 10 pm 2 pm – 8:30 pm 2 pm 2 pm

Lions Club Pancake Breakfast (main West Dance pavilion) Kinsmen Club Beer Garden (main West Dance pavilion) Free games and inflatables for kids of all ages, courtesy of iFAST Parties Classic Car Display (all afternoon) St. Thomas Art Centre will host a kids junction located in the Street Railway pavilian beside the splashpad with arts and crafts and free face painting (all afternoon)

Art, crafts, clothing, accessories, weight loss, baked goods, jewelry, Shaw’s Ice Cream, Spicer’s Bakery and other unique vendors Food served all day from the Lions, Kinsmen, Rotary and Optimist Clubs trailers Enjoy the splash pad and playground & visit the myFM cruiser! Musical Entertainment at the Morris F Jones Bandshell from 10 am – 10 pm 10 am - 1 pm OPEN MIC plus Studio Arts Little Rockers                     1 pm – 2 pm             John & Carol (Folk) 2 pm – 2:20 pm        Vinyl Tap (Teens 15 - 16 yrs - today's music) 2:20 pm - 2:40 pm    DJ Squared (Guys 13 - 15 yrs: variety) 2:40 - 3 pm                 Young Gunz (Guys 15 - 16 yrs: Classic Rock) 3 pm – 3:30 pm            Life Is Sweet (Girls 7 - 12 yrs: pop) 3:30 - 4 pm               Dragon's Breath (boys 5 - 8 yrs) 4 pm – 5 pm            Dennis Wiley (Country) 5 pm – 6 pm             Shuug & the Temporary Men (Folk Country Rock) 6 pm – 6:30 pm        Vinyl Tap (Teens: today's rock) 6:30 pm – 7 pm       Marissa Amaral / Amy Rola (pop / rock / originals) 7 pm – 7:15 pm        Ceremony (O Canada) Dignitary speeches (Mayor Heather Jackson, Joe Preston MP, Jeff Yurek MPP) 7:15 pm – 7:50 pm   Rush of Adrenaline (teens:  pop & classic) 7:50 – 8:30 pm           Stink Beatles (kids 9 - 13 yrs:  Beatles Tribute) 8:30 pm – 10 pm      Denis Gauthier 10 pm - Spectacular Fireworks Display Courtesy of the St. Thomas Kinsmen Club! Goodwill donations will be collected by the Kinsmen Club. Fireworks will be set off on Emslie field with the viewing area inside Pinafore Park. There is no entry or viewing permitted inside Emslie field.

Please note there is limited parking inside Pinafore park. Parking is available within walking distance at Memorial arena, 80 Wilson Ave. Our appreciation to St. John’s Ambulance for providing First Aid Support A special thank you to St. Thomas REACT for their traffic & parking coordination

6 June 28, 2012 - St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News


Anita LaRue

Proud to be Canadian Canada day, it’s a time to reflect on what made our country so amazing? As I write, and read on all the celebrations coming up this weekend, I begin to wonder – have I been as grateful to my nation as I should be? The freedom I’ve been allowed, the voice I’ve been given (such as this column), the choices I’ve personally made without fear. Have I given clear thought to how fortunate I really am? History has never been my forte, if anything it was one of my worst subjects, well, other than math. But you don’t have to completely understand the history of our country to appreciate the sacrifices of so many that made Canada what it is today. My father, as a young child lived through WWII, and came to Canada at the young age of 16. He completely understands the freedoms that he now lives, and appreciates everything Canada

Terry Carroll

Options for the aging look On Wednesday June 20, Mark Girdauskas did an excellent job of making The Weekly News and Elgin This Month staff look pretty spiffy in a photograph following the Chamber Free Enterprise Master Award presentation. Before that presentation, the Chamber ran a video highlighting our operation as well as some shots of me in various roles over the years. Frankly, it was: me, then; and me, now. Just about every grandfather in the world who has good health will say the same thing, “I don’t feel that much different than I did when I was a young guy.” But the camera tells the truth. How you feel and how you are – these two are not necessarily the same things. To make matters worse, I prepared for the Chamber event by getting my hair cut. Looking at your face in front of a large mirror for half an

St.Thomas/Elgin A Community Newspaper, published by Carroll Publishing, Inc. 15 St. Catharine St., (Lower) St. Thomas, N5P 2V7 519-633-1640 Fax: 519-633-0558

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editorialpage stands for. I, on the other hand was brought up to work hard, but was given so many choices. I’ve never experienced the pain of war, I’ve never had to hide in fear, and I’ve never witnessed family and neighbours murdered to protect their loved ones. Pure sacrifice and one I have no understanding of. Yet, what I do know is this. I have health care when my children are sick, I can be passionate about my beliefs and not be punished, food is available in every corner of my committee, and education is available if I work to achieve it. Yes, life is not perfect, and we will struggle to make sure bills are paid and food is on the table, which at times seems never ending. Yet, if we look at how other parts of the world live, just for a moment, Canada is the true north, strong and free. We all had a hand in building this country, so this weekend, when you see the flag of red and white flying high, and hear the song of pride, take a moment to say to yourself – I am proud to be Canadian.

hour . . . there’s another wake-up call. Now, some people maintain there’s not much any of us can do about this. It is the aging process, blah, blah. But, hey, even little things can make quite a difference. Let’s start with the hair that’s getting a little “blonder” all the time. There are products out there that can help. Or there’s going the other direction, doing the Bruce Willis. Look at all the young guys with shaved heads. Just thinking of it puts me in mind of the nickname for a farmer in the Ottawa area – Bullet Rice was his name. I could become Bullet Carroll. As for the lines in the face, the advancing craggy look, again a couple of options come to mind. Instead of losing weight as I get older, I could start putting it back on. Nothing looks after those rivulets like a little pudge in the cheeks. And there’s always the Joan Rivers solution. A little nip here, a tuck there and my face could be smooth as a bowling ball. Just like my head. Does he or doesn’t he? Only he and Doctor Knife will know for sure.

Community Snapshot

Young at heart On June 21, Dave Hoy from St. Thomas entertains the crowd YAH (Young at Heart) at the Salvation Army. The group gathers for a lunch-in every third Thursday of the month with a cost of $5. All proceeds return to The Salvation Army.

Guest Editorial

Cutting programs I am and always have been a friend to the CBC. Even when I was gathering news for private radio and television, I looked to CBC to do things that my smaller operations couldn’t do. It was a question of economy. For a long time, the network paid to get enough foreign correspondents to allow us to understand other parts of the world and how we related to one another. The latest round of cuts at the Corporation have cancelled Mark Kelley’s program “Connect”, which took the time to go deeper into stories that might not get more than a minute-and-a-half during regular newscasts. Kelley is a terrific broadcaster and won’t be out of work for long. I’m surprised that he hasn’t had a few offers from the States. It’s curious that CBC-TV will kill “Connect” and continue to import American programming. I’d like to think my

Terry Carroll - Publisher: [Ext. 25] Nancy Kelly Carroll - Sec./Treasurer: Anita LaRue - Editor: [Ext. 26] Heather Haight - Circulation: [Ext. 33] Linda Axelson - Sales: [Ext. 27]

by Ric Wellwood

tax money would go to something better. Even worse than the television cancellation, was the death of “Dispatches” on CBC Radio. Rick MacInnes-Rae is a wonderful host and he has edited very important stories that don’t often get onto mainstream newscasts. His program was about college education in current affairs and politics. It has delved into society at a level found nowhere else. We have been robbed. His program was repeated in different time-slots, so it went three times as far in filling the on-air schedule. There are those who tune in just for the repeat broadcasts. The federal government doesn’t like the corporation because it has pointed out some of the mindless moves in the past few years and has commented on the cover-ups and cost overruns. For a government that has done as much as it can in secrecy, the CBC’s openness has been an embarrassment. I wouldn’t be surprised if they could find a way to get rid of the position of Auditor-General.

Chris Heil - Sales: [Ext. 23] Doug Golding - Sales: [Ext. 24] Laura Bart - Office Manager: [Ext. 21] Jim McHarg - Creative Dept:

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St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News - June 28, 2012 7

S.W. Ontario’s Energy Superstore 13.0





Fun in the shade One and a half year old Addison Begg from St.Thomas enjoys playing outside in the shade during a hot day on June 21.

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WHERE WERE YOU IN /62? Drag Racing Is Back! Come and celebrate 50 years of drag racing history. We have the longest NHRA race track in Canada. We feature: Nostalgia Should be Nostalgia Car Show June 29-July 2, Jet Cars, Pro Mod Door Slammers, Chi Town Hustler Dragster Challenge. Every Friday evening is Street Legal Dragracing, 6 to 10 pm. Every Saturday we have Steak & Chicken Dinners. So come on down for some great action, meals and hear the thunder!

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8 June 28, 2012 - St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News

St.Thomas City Council


At the June 25 meeting of council, a letter was received from Sylvia Thibault, teacher from Pierre Elliot Trudeau School requesting use of the Athletic Park and Cowen Park at a reduced rate for the school soccer tournament April 30, May 1, 5, & 6, 2013. Sylvia said in her letter that the school would like to run the tournament again but in the spring,

Allan Hughson

so they do not conflict with the football season and the training of the Voaden football team. Council approved the proposed dates. Iron Horse Festival – Bella Jack’s Mexican Cantina A letter was received from Rob Fairfield, Bella Jack’s Mexican Cantina, requesting a letter from the City of St. Thomas stating that there is no objection to a proposed extended license during the 2012 Iron Horse Festival. Rob, owner of Bella Jack’s said in the letter

Gary Hughson

Owner / Funeral Director Owner / Funeral Director

Owen Boughner Craig Harwood Licensed Funeral Director

Licensed Funeral Director

Ron Fish

David Gifford

Licensed Funeral Director

Licensed Funeral Director

Delivered to over 30,000 addresses - WEEKLY

that Bella Jack’s has applied for a temporary extension of its liquor license during the Iron Horse Festival to accommodate a 20-ft by 20-ft outdoor patio during the closing of Talbot Street. In order to obtain this license Bella Jack’s requires a letter from the Municipal Clerk stating there is “No objection to the extension of the proposed extended licensed area.” Council approved the proposal of an extended license.

We invite you to discuss Funeral Preplanning at any time with any one of our qualified Funeral Directors. Williams Funeral Home has proudly served the families of St. Thomas & Area with care and professionalism for over 116 years. From the very beginning, the Hughson family and the staff of Williams Funeral Home has continued to meet the needs of the families we have had the honor to serve. We unite the time honored traditions that have served our families over the years with the willingness and ability to grow toward meeting the needs of those we serve.

If you have any questions concerning preplanning or prepaying funeral arrangements, please take a moment to discuss them with any one of our licensed Funeral Directors.

Optimist Club of St. Thomas John Ewanick, Optimist Park of St. Thomas requested that a special occasion permit include a patio area adjacent to the concession stand at the Douglas J. Tarry Sports Complex for a slow – pitch tournament taking place from July 6 to 8. John said, “we are planning on selling alcohol at this event, and are making an application to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario for a special occasion permit.” Alcohol consumption will be limited to the patio area under the pavilion and area at the park. This event is to help raise funds for the Optimist Club of St. Thomas. Councillors voted in favour of the permit for the event. Canada Day Canada Day celebrations will be held July 1 at Pinafore Park in St. Thomas. Mayor Heather Jackson said “I am looking forward to a full day of fun in the sun at Pinafore Park; it is not

going to rain. We are going to have a beautiful day on Canada day.” Mayor Jackson said many events are taking place from arts and crafts, pancakes breakfast, vendors, music, bake good, and lots of

food. The Mayor said, “Come out and enjoy the day, lots of entertainment and activities, and we encourage everyone to have fun and enjoy all the events taking place on Canada Day in the park.”

Summer blast in Belmont On June 23, Sydney Bertlesen (left), Lexie Bertlesen and Cassandra Baker enjoy the Hub Belmont Summer Fun Day activities. (Photo by Linda Baker)

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St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News - June 28, 2012 9







Despite what is being termed a sagging economy, there are stories of success all around us, and since these people prefer to work than brag, we thought you’d like to join us in celebrating sucess in our city.

10 June 28, 2012 - St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News

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The home of affordable quality

Providing experienced hearing services to all of Elgin County

When it comes to servicing vehicles, the people at Ron’s Auto Service are in a class all their own. Ron Buchanan says Ron’s Auto Service is the oldest auto shop in St. Thomas under the same name and owner. This is a family business, through and through. Ron’s wife Mary handles the office duties, and their son Tim is lead technician. Ron attributes their business success to putting customer service first. “We try to keep it very affordable here. We are known as the ’Home of Affordable Quality.’” This comes with a personal warranty. ”All repairs are done to the best of our ability, but if we happen to fudge it up, we fess up and we fix it up. We look after what we fix.” Ron started his career at a Ford dealership in Goderich in 1965 and then moved to an AMC dealer chain. When he relocated to St. Thomas, he became the parts and service manager at Beaudry Brothers. Following that, he moved to a GMC dealership.

In 1984, he decided to open his own business at 940 Talbot St. The desire to be his own boss outweighed the risks that always go with starting your own business. Ron’s Auto Service was born, and in 1987, he moved to the current location on Edward Street. With five service bays and four journeymen technicians, they focus on every aspect of car and light truck repair and service. The exceptions are body work and transmission overhauls. Additional services include motor vehicle emissions testing and associated repairs, if needed, under the Clean Air act. Customers looking for accurate estimates and prompt repair times need look no further. And the people at Ron’s Auto are strong community boosters for a wide range of causes. Ron’s Auto Service, located at 255 Edward St. in St. Thomas, is the home of affordable quality. Call 519-633-6130.

Over the past 20 years, the Audiologists from Elgin Audiology Consultants have experienced a tremendous amount of change and achievement. Audiologists, David Pfingstgraef and Joanne Parsons have noticed not just changes in their practice locations, but also in the phenomenal advancement in hearing aid technology. Pfingstgraef and Parsons started as Staff Audiologists at the St.Thomas-Elgin General Hospital in the early 1990s. As their practice grew there, changes occurred in 2001 to OHIP funding and, in 2002, restructuring resulted in the Audiology Services at the Elgin General being closed. However, both audiologists never questioned leaving the Elgin community. They soon found another location at 66 West Avenue in St.Thomas to continue on with their passion for providing hearing services in this community. Throughout the years, the practice provided intern placements for the University of Western

Ontario’s Audiology school. As well, Elgin Audiology was chosen as the centre for the Ministry’s Infant Hearing Program for Elgin and some of the surrounding areas. Through these current partnerships, Elgin Audiology provides the latest and most up to date diagnostic, treatment and hearing aid services for every age group. All five experienced audiologists currently with the practice thoroughly enjoy their ability to help their patients hear well. Offices were opened in Aylmer at 17 King St and most recently in “the Hub” at 146 Munroe St. in West Lorne. Elgin Audiology now can truly say they provide service in all areas of Elgin County. The group has opened the Lambeth Hearing Clinic at 2386 Main St., London in order to provide access to great Audiology services for patients that were coming to St.Thomas before, as well as individuals that have moved into London. Newer digital hearing aids can be fit more precisely to correct more types of hearing loss than ever before. Light and easy to use, these devices allow people to hear more clearly in background noise. Devices such as Lyric now even can be worn continuously for up to 4 months before changing, offering a whole new avenue of possibilities. Call 519-637-5925 today to begin your journey to better hearing.

TRAVELLING THIS SUMMER? Be sure your car’s all tuned up and ready to go Come to the Home Of Affordable Quality for:


The contact lens for your ear.

Invisible. Effortless. 24 / 7. Call us today and find out whether Lyric is suitable for you.

255 Edward St., St. Thomas

66 West Avenue, St. Thomas 519.637.5925

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Car audio, home audio and home video, all right here For over 20 years, Century Sound has been providing car audio, home audio and home video to St. Thomas. Locally owned and operated, we are located at 930 Talbot Street and hours of operation are Monday to Thursday 96, Friday 9-7 and Saturday 9-5. We pride ourselves on knowledgeable staff and customer service. We listen to our customers’ needs to determine the best solution. Whether it’s a new home construction or renovation, Century Sound offers custom prewiring, television wall mounting, cable concealment, media integration and home theatre design. We carry a large selection of LCD, LED, Plasma Televisions and Home Theatre Systems. You will find manufacturers like Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, Yamaha, Harman Kardon, Infinity, JBL, Cerwin Vega and many more. Smart TVs have been a growing market by giving you the ability to stream music or movies from your pc. Surf the NET, Skype, Facebook,

The people at Century Sound: (left) Dallas Posthumus, Kris Sietsma, Carl Jones, Matt Tyson

Twitter or watch your favourite movie through Netflix on the latest advanced televisions. If automotive sound and video is your preference, Century Sound has several complete lines of car audio suppliers from Pioneer, Kenwood, Alpine to Rockford Fosgate plus many more. We carry custom subwoofer enclosures, amplifiers, in-dash navigation touch screens, Android and iPhone unification. Marine speakers and in-dash players will liven your pleasure water craft for your summer fun. For your patio, deck, cottage or campground, Century Sound has outdoor speakers, rock speakers, wireless systems to get the party started. Keep an eye for the most recent Shaw Direct offers that are available through the store. With over 500 channels, 90 of which are in HD, you won’t want to leave your seat. We can now offer on demand over 1000 movies and TV shows at your fingertips. With any purchase Century Sound can offer delivery and installation. Century Sound has big box store prices with small town service.

The Sounds of Summer

Omage QRS8 8" 2-Way Rock Speaker Reg $219.99

$185 ea.

GR406 Indoor/Outdoor Wired Speaker with Bracket, Reg $249.99

$189 Soundcast Outcast 300 ft. wireless range Premium audio quality Portable and ready to take anywhere Reg $1199.99

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Valuable contacts and services for constituents by Jeff Yurek, MPP

As the new MPP for Elgin-Middlesex-London, my office staff and I have dealt with a number of current and new businesses within our community. My office acts as a liaison for the Government of Ontario to the constituents of my riding by offering many services that help assist and aid all constituents that come to us with their questions, concerns, and issues. We also offer valuable contacts to the constituents of the community so they are equipped with the resources they need. During my time as MPP I have attended many grand openings and revitalizations of new and current/expanding businesses in our area. It is important that we as a community continually support local business in order to improve the local economy.

The St. Thomas area is home to many success stories; too many to be able to list them all here. In my travels as MPP, I’m continually promoting St. Thomas and Elgin County as an ideal place to start a business or relocate. I also derive great satisfaction from addressing the Legislature to highlight some of the terrific volunteer and charitable activities in the community. The success of our small businesses and not-for-profit organizations are what make St. Thomas and Elgin County a great place to live. My office staff and I are excited to continue to support and promote the efforts of those making a positive impact in our community. Congratulations St. Thomas and area on all your success.

Wishing the businesses and organizations in St. Thomas and Elgin County continued success in all the good work you do.

JEFF YUREK, M.P.P Elgin-Middlesex-London 930 Talbot Street, St. Thomas 519-633-5404 Monday to Thursday 9-6 Friday 9-7 Saturday 9-5

CONSTITUENCY OFFICE 750 Talbot St. (CASO Station) Suite 201 – 2nd floor, St. Thomas, ON N5P 1E2 519-631-0666 Email:

12 June 28, 2012 - St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News



Geerlinks store – award winner within the Home network of dealers Geerlinks HHBC is owned and operated by Harry and Frank Geerlinks. These two brothers have been Home Hardware Dealers since February of 2000. With their leadership and knowledge in the business community and the willingness to go that extra mile for the customer, Geerlinks HHBC expanded from a 21,000 sq. ft. at 7 First Avenue to a 48,000 sq. ft. store at 295 Wellington Street. Likewise, in August of 2004 the Geerlinks brothers expanded their business into the world of Home Furniture. Their continued community support has enabled them to be the most recognized retailers not only in our community but also within the family of the corporation of Home Hardware.. Home Hardware Stores Limited is owned and operated by independent Home Hardware,

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Home Building Centre, Home Hardware Building Centre and Home Furniture Dealers across Canada. Founded in 1964 by a small group of hardware retailers, it has grown from an idea into the largest Dealer-owned hardware and building supply wholesaler in Canada, with a membership of over 1000 stores. Home Hardware Stores are supplied through four Distribution Centres across Canada featuring state-of-the-art material handling technology. One serving Western Canada in Wetaskiwin, Alberta with 560,000 sq. ft. coverage; one serving Ontario and Western Quebec in St. Jacobs, Ontario covering 1.5 million sq. ft.; one serving Atlantic Canada and Eastern Quebec in Debert, Nova Scotia with 450,000 sq. ft. coverage and a Home Furniture Distribution Centre located in Elmira, Ontario covering 225,000 sq. ft. Also, a high-tech Home Hardware Paint and Home Products facility in Burford, Ontario covers 180,000 sq. ft. with production of paint, stains and cleaning products. In 2010, Geerlinks Home Hardware was recognized with the Proud of My Home store of the year award. Winning stores were selected from among 1,070 stores from coast to coast for achieving the highest standards in retailing, merchandise presentation, staff performance and overall quality of the store.



A world of knitting right here in St. Thomas In three short years, Little Red Mitten has grown to become the largest yarn shop in Southwestern Ontario, with regular customers from St. Thomas, London and throughout the region. When the store opened at 86 Talbot Street (west end, opposite Jumbo), a whole new generation of knitters was meeting on-line, primarily through the website Owner Joan Janes describes the site as a “Facebook for knitters” with two million active users around the world. “Knitting is now the second most popular hobby, after gardening,” she says. Although knitters are active through the website, they need the store to see exact colours, check needle sizes and match colours. “For a three-colour mix, you can’t put them side-byside on the screen,” Joan says with a smile. “Little Red Mitten is where they get community and help with their projects.” On Wednesday afternoons and Friday evenings, the store becomes a gathering place

Joan Janes inside the Little Red Mitten store

for knitters who come to socialize, get help and inspiration, and just enjoy some time with friends and new acquaintances. For this community, classes were a natural development with topics such as felting, sock making, seaming, spinning and weaving. “Spinning has become very popular again,” Joan says. Internationally renowned author and teacher Sally Melville is coming in September and in July, Catherine Forbes is at the store for an Estonian mitten weekend workshop. Yarns come from around the world, with some of them very close to home, in Belmont and Sparta! Little Red Mitten has become a destination. Knitters make it part of a day-trip or they stop in during their vacations, whether that’s from Sarnia, Windsor, the Yukon, North Carolina or Europe. When they arrive, they meet the friendly, knowledgeable staff who work hard to make sure every customer has a great experience.

SPECIALIZED TRAINING ASSURES YOU OF YOUR BEST FURNITURE BUY Geerlinks Home Furniture Sales Staff l.-r. Dave Chipchase, Department Manager, Craig Cline, Henrietta Everett, Sue Bullock, Alan Taylor

Geerlinks Home Furniture is proud to announce the successful completion of Furniture Sales Specialist and Furniture Fundamentals Specialist course. Under the guidance of Manager Dave Chipchase the staff is continually learning to serve our customers better. This training includes principles of design, psychology and use of colour, accessorizing rooms, arranging furniture and helping customers design rooms to fill their wants and needs. Congratulations to Craig and Henrietta who have completed Selling with Service, Furniture product knowledge, Room Design and Professionalism and to Sue who has completed Selling with Service, Furniture product knowledge, Room Design. Al, who brings 40 yrs selling furniture experience to our staff, is currently taking these courses. Home Owners helping homeowners


295 Wellington St., St. Thomas Corner of First Ave. & Wellington 519-631-8346 Open: Mon-Fri. 9-8, Sat. 9-6, Sun. 10-5

We Know Knitting Experience Southwestern Ontario’s Largest Yarn Shop. Helpful, friendly service awaits you in a charming 1842 heritage home where you’ll find an inspiring selection of quality yarns, patterns, books and tools.

See what everybody’s talking about 86 Talbot St. (west end across from Jumbo) St. Thomas ON N5P 1A5


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A high-tech learning envi- Personnel business has a ronment at a local campus special affinity with St. Thomas St Thomas/Elgin Campus Thoroughly modern, the St Thomas/Elgin Campus provides a high-tech learning environment with equipment and resources comparable to that found in state-of-the-art work environments, including Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) turning centres and milling centres, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), hydraulic & pneumatic trainers and laser alignment systems. For the Personal Support Worker program there is a complete clinical lab. This September, St Thomas will be home to the brand-new Renewable Energies Technician program. Many of the programs offered are unique to this campus. Home to 350 full-time and 2,000 part-time students, the St Thomas/Elgin Campus offers a close-knit friendly environment with small class sizes of between 20 and 40 students. The Campus has a full service cafeteria, library Resource Centre and a variety of services available to support student services.

Unlock your Team’s Potential! Corporate Training at Fanshawe College, St Thomas Professional Development . . . Experience the difference a day can make. Explore a variety of professional development opportunities in Business, Health & Human Services and Information Technology. We have the ability to customize to your needs. Join us at our campus location or have one of our highly skilled professors’ train at your organizations’ facility. Make a Difference – Continue YOUR Education Fanshawe College offers part-time certificate and professional designations. There is a wide range of courses that can be completed through classroom learning and/or online. Our Continuing Education Division also conducts customized business and industry training services, conferences and seminars. Call 519-633-2030 or visit us online

HCR Personnel Solutions has played an important behind-thescenes part in St. Thomas's success since 2010. The Ontario owned and operated company provides temporary, permanent, full-time and part-time staff including experienced trades, admin, manufacturing and warehouse team members. The business has grown steadily and now has over 500 people working at a range of St. Thomas businesses, from manufacturing to not-for-profits. The company has a special affinity for St. Thomas. The region had been hit hard by the economic downturn, but HCR thought it was the right place to be. At the Grand Opening, HCR's President, Peter Raback said, "We're very happy to be here. St. Thomas has historically played a key role in Canada's auto industry and, as it transitions to become one of Canada's

great manufacturing cities, we want to be part of that growth". Raback explained that HCR was first invited to St. Thomas by one of their existing customers, but "as we did our homework we were impressed with the city's manufacturing history and the local government's role as an active partner supporting local businesses". There are seven full-time staff in the company's office, located on the east side of First Avenue, across from Home Hardware. The team takes the company slogan 'The Best People for the Job' seriously, taking great pride in the quality of the workers it provides - selected and trained through HCR's JobReady process, part of its ISO certification. No business is too large or too small to benefit from HCR's professionalism, attention to detail and very customer-focused approach.

Does your workplace have the HCR JobReady™ Advantage? If you currently utilize temporary staff, or are considering this option, don’t make compromises. We have people you can count on for performance and productivity. With JobReady™, HCR will meet your toughest standards Ontario owned and operated • IS0 9001:2008 certified

519 637 3918 Temporary | Contract | Permanent Solutions

14 June 28, 2012 - St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News


ST.THOMAS Talbot Trail Physiotherapy maintains steady growth with happy patients Talbot Trail Physiotherapy recently announced the opening of its sixth clinic in Blenheim. The first clinic opened in Aylmer in 2002. The first St. Thomas facility opened in 2006, followed by the opening of a 22,000-square-foot clinic in the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital in 2008. In 2010, a clinic in Woodstock was added, followed by West Lorne in 2011 and now Blenheim. “Our growth over the years, especially in these hard economic times, is the culmination of quality work and making patients feel better as quickly as possible. Our staff is on a continuous learning cycle, scouring health information, techniques and treatments options from around the world. We know our success is the direct result of our patients’ success every time they leave our clinic, which is confirmed by Customer Satisfaction Survey results that show a 99% patient satisfaction rate.” said Chris Streib, Owner and Physiotherapist at Talbot Trail Physiotherapy. Talbot Trail Physiotherapy includes a team of dedicated health care professionals: Or-

Delivered to over 30,000 addresses - WEEKLY

thopaedic Surgeon, Rheumatologist, Physiotherapists, Chiropractor, Occupational Therapists, Certified Hand Therapist, Kinesiologists, Massage Therapists and Orthotics Consultant, utilizing the most progressive treatment programs to ensure the best possible recovery in the shortest amount of time. Clinics feature a complete multi-disciplinary, hands-on approach to rehabilitation for a variety of conditions including: Back and Neck Pain , Joint Sprains, Muscle Pain, Sports Injuries, Carpal Tunnel, Dizziness & Balance/ VestibularAchilles Tendonitis, Ankle/Foot Pain, Tennis Elbow, Bursitis, Knee Pain, Shoulder Injuries, Athletic Therapy, Bracing, Acupuncture, Bell's Palsy, Joint Injections, Whiplash, Headache pain/Migraines, Vertigo, Arthritis and Fibromyalgia As well as rehabilitation following motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, surgery and occupational (WSIB) injury Visit and sign up to receive the special newsletter that is full of the latest information about health and wellness from around the world, delivered right to your mailbox. You also have the option of receiving personalized article alerts based on your particular interests and/or conditions. Looks like Talbot Trail has positioned itself for many great years to come!



Metcalfe Gardens – An alternative style of living for seniors Metcalfe Gardens opened its doors in November of 1988 with the intent of being successful in providing an alternate style of living for seniors in our area. Real success is measured not only financially, but more importantly in the impact we make in the lives of others, in this case our seniors, their families, our staff and our community. Metcalfe Gardens employs over 55 trained, dedicated staff who also live and raise their families in St. Thomas. Customer Service is their number one priority. We provide respite care services, vacation stays, trial stays, and permanent residence – the choice is yours. Quality of life means more than just a roof over your head. Home cooked meals shared with friends, personal care performed by trained staff, in-house professional physiotherapy, hair salon, housekeeping and laundry, as well as state of the art fire safety are provided. Equally

important are the social and spiritual needs of each and every resident that are met through a recreational program suited to each individual taste. From billiards and shuffleboard to cards, music, mystery tours, shopping and theatre, there is something for everyone. Designated parking spaces are provided at no extra cost, which also means clean off and start up on those wintery days. The Metcalfe Gardens bus is also available for those who want to sit back, relax, tour the countryside, see a play, or do a little shopping. Metcalfe Gardens has provided a quality of life for our seniors, peace of mind for our families, community involvement through our many fundraising efforts, partnerships, sponsorships, etc. We have enjoyed many awards both corporately and community wide. Clearly the measure of success has been achieved. One of our own residents put it best when she said, Metcalfe Gardens is the “Next Best Place to Home”

These happy faces show that Metcalfe Gardens really is

“The Next Best Place to Home!”

Talbot Trail Physiotherapy features a complete hands-on approach to rehabilitation for a variety of conditions including: • Car Accidents • Hip/Knee/Ankle/Foot Pain • Fibromyalgia • Back and Neck Pain • Sports Injuries • Headache Pain/Migraines • Custom Braces/ Orthotics • Muscle Pain • Work Injuries (W.S.I.B.) • Shoulder/Elbow/Hand Pain • Arthritis • Acupuncture

Call us to book your free physiotherapy scan! St. Thomas (STEGH): 189 Elm St., N5R 5C4 . . 519.637.7171 St. Thomas: 102-460 Wellington St., N5R 6H9. . 519.637.1831 Aylmer: 5-424 Talbot St. W., N5H 1K9 . . . . . . . . 519.773.7400 Woodstock: 12 Perry St., N4S 3C2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . 519.533.1999 West Lorne: 146 Munroe St., N0L 2P0 . . . . . . . 519.768.3998 Blenheim:12 Talbot St. W., Box 429, N0P 1A0. . 519.676.1192

Your Source for Quality Physiotherapy and Musculoskeletal Services

Comfort and Safety are the number one priorities for Metcalfe Gardens Residents. Drop in for a personal tour and we’ll treat you to lunch and tell you about our specials.

$500.00 off your first 2 months rent. If you would like to book a tour call Lori Lackey at Metcalfe Gardens 519-631-9393 45 Metcalfe Street, St.Thomas


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Honest and fair practices continue to be Number One for this family business The business that has evolved into Elgin Carpet One and Wallpaper Loft had humble beginnings when Jan Versteeg started Elgin Floor and Wall Tile in his garage in 1965. But the principles that Jan – and later his brothers George and Tom Versteeg – established to build the business have continued with the next generation. Current co-owners Rob and Tom Versteeg (sons of two of the original owners) understand that excellent products are important to their success. But even more important are having a strong ethical base, and being honest and fair with their customers. It’s been quite an evolution. After Tom joined Jan and George in the 1970s, the brothers incorporated as Elgin Floor Covering Ltd., bought the building at the 1026 Talbot Street, and expanded from tile into carpet and vinyl flooring in 1976. Three years later, they added Wallpaper

Loft upstairs at that location. In 1991, the family-owned business became a Canadian charter member of Carpet One, with a name change to Elgin Carpet One. This move to a co-op gave them “group buying power and a very large national presence,” Rob Versteeg says. The next large expansion happened in 1997 when the retail space next door became available, and Wallpaper Loft’s paint and wall covering line moved downstairs. This allowed the two sides of the business to operate side-by-side in the modern, bright premises they occupy today. “We doubled the square footage at that time,” Tom Versteeg says. The business has continued to grow and reflect the changing times and needs of clients. Rob talks about the “strong relationships we’ve had with builders since the 1960s” and Tom

points out how much they value “the high percentage of repeat customers we’ve had for many years.” Some of these customers have used their services following the purchase of as many as four homes, from the time of their wedding to becoming empty nesters. Today, they offer 15 to 20 times more types of floor coverings than were available when the business first started. They are part of a permanent trend to more eco-friendly products such as cork flooring, Torlys Smartstrand flooring with

37 per cent fibres made from corn, and Benjamin Moore’s eco-friendly paints that maintain or increase quality standards. In addition to paint, wallpaper and flooring, they have expanded into blinds and shutters, with innovative Hunter Douglas products as a lead brand. With nine employees and nine professional installers, Wallpaper Loft and Elgin Carpet One are prepared for the future while the owners and their employees carry on the family tradition established in 1965.

Rob and Tom Versteeg, ready to serve you

New Cork Collection


Summer Flooring Sizzler

ON SALE NOW! Styled by designers. Loved by nature. WALLPAPER LOFT 1026 Talbot St St Thomas 519-631-1187

Add striking looks and natural warmth and comfort to your home with the newest cork collection from TORLYS smart floors. This new styling includes on-trend colours, thicker planks and first-ever extra long planks measuring almost 6 ft.

TORLYS smart cork – Starts Beautiful. Stays Beautiful.

(')-K8C9FKJKI<<K›J8@EKK?FD8J#FE›519-631-8428 (' )-K8C9FKJKI<<K› J8@EK K?FD8J#FE› 519-631-84 428 JKFI<?FLIJ1Dfe$=i`1/Xd$,1*'gdJXk10Xd$+1*'gd J KFI<?FLIJ1Dfe$=i`1/Xd$,1*'gdJXk10Xd$+1*'gd

16 June 28, 2012 - St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News

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Petals of Love – a passion for flowers and so much more The name alone – Petals of Love – hints strongly at one important aspect of this successful business: Toby Visser and her staff care deeply about flowers. They offer just about anything anyone could ask for in the area of cut flowers, silk flowers and floral design as well as complete wedding arrangements and preparation. In the beautifully restored red brick school premises at the corner of Talbot and Centennial Streets in St. Thomas, Petals of Love offers fresh and silk floral arrangements; fresh fruit, gourmet or “junk food” (chocolate and candy) baskets; and mylar or latex balloons. One specialty is customized sympathy flowers. Toby points out that if people making funeral arrangements want the special touches offered by Toby and her floral designers at Petals of Love, all they have to do is mention this request to the funeral director. Delivery of flowers is local or world-wide

through FTD and Teleflora. Then there’s the $9.99 weekly special. People love these fresh flower arrangements, and the weekly special includes the vase! “It’s a nice gift if you are meeting someone for lunch, want a pick-me-up for a coworker (or yourself) or are looking for a little something special for the sweetheart in your life.” As “the only wedding store in St. Thomas,” Petals of Love offers fresh and silk flowers for the wedding party, tuxedo rentals as well as rentals of arbours, candelabras, table linens and chair covers. In fact, this experienced staff works with brides from the beginning through to full decoration of the wedding venue. “You really don’t need a wedding planner when you work with us,” Toby says. Flower can be ordered through or by calling Toby, Laurie, Liz, Erin or Angela at 519-637-5777.

“Every success is built on the ability to do better than good enough” Focus the full power of all you are on what you have a burning desire to achieve.

Petals of Love….where Flowers say it all!

Weekly specials VASE ARRANGEMENT


Specializing in Wedding & Sympathy Flowers

$9.99 (pick-up only)

We deliver locally or worldwide through FTD & Teleflora No time to drop in? Place your order by calling 519-637-5777 (with credit card) Or online:

1258 Talbot St. at Centennial St. Thomas

Winners of the St. Thomas & District Chamber of Commerce 2012 Free Enterprise Master Award The Carroll Publishing team. [Back Row - left to right] Chris Heil, Linda Axelson, Doug Golding, Laura Bart, Jim McHarg [Front Row - left to right] Anita LaRue, Dorothy Gebert, Nancy Carroll, Terry Carroll and Greg Minnema (Unavailable for photo: Heather Haight)

Photo generously provided by Photos by MG


A Community Newspaper, published by Carroll Publishing, Inc. 15 St. Catharine St., (Lower) St. Thomas, N5P 2V7 519-633-1640 Fax: 519-633-0558

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Central Elgin Council


by Melissa Schneider

New ATV ‘a workhorse’ “There’s nowhere you can’t get with the new All Terrain Vehicle” District Deputy Chief Wayne Cummings of the Central Elgin Fire Rescue, Port Stanley station said. As a rescue vehicle, Cummings said it is a workhorse that will do nothing but enhance the service provided by the station. The ATV can be used on the roadways and is mainly needed for areas inaccessible to regular vehicles. During one of its first outings it carried two firefighters, one patient and one attendant. The Port Stanley Lions Club donated the ATV. Port Vegas gets a date Keep Friday, September 14 free for a Las Vegas style fundraiser held by the Port Stanley Festival Theatre. The event, to be held at the Port Stanley Arena, will feature live music and gambling and all profits raised will be used to produce future theatrical performances at the theatre. 2012 Community Heritage Recognition Awards Deadline for the 2012 Community Heritage Recognition Awards nominations is approaching fast. Submission in the Young Heritage Leaders, the Heritage Community Recognition Program and the Community Leadership Program categories is well underway. If you know anyone in your community who shines with their exemplary commitment to building or preserving our cultural and natural heritage submissions can be made until June 30 at YWCA Project Advisory Committee The YWCA St. Thomas-Elgin is hoping to attract a wide variety of individuals to create a community plan for the economic

St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News - June 28, 2012 17

security of women. Through a Project Advisory Committee the YWCA will spend the next three years identifying the barriers and opportunities for women living in the region. Those interested in joining can contact Lindsay Rice, Manager of Community Programs, at Councillor Russ Matthews volunteered to sit on the committee. The lights are on Lights will be installed on Hill, Larry and Beamish Streets in

Port Stanley as part of the 2012 Streetlight Conversion Program. Residents wrote to council requesting the lights citing safety and security concerns.

“Excuse me, this coffee tastes like mud.” Waiter- “Yes sir, it’s fresh ground.”






Stow & Go, loaded, 38,000 km.

6 cyl, auto, loaded, 28,000 km.

2008 MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE SPYDER Convertible, loaded, 94,000 km.



Pl, pw, cruise, 128,000 km.




Pl ,pw, cruise, 101,000 km





Auto, loaded, 30,000 km.

4x4, loaded, 91,000 km.

2007 CHEV AVALANCHE LTZ Leather, loaded, 97,000 km.


2003 CHEV SSR Leather, loaded, 108,000 km.




2008 VW GOLF

Auto,loaded, 69,000 km.



2010 CHEV EQUINOX LT Loaded, 116,000 km.


2008 NISSAN ROGUE SL Awd, pl, pw, cruise, 70,000 km.



Have you visited one of our wineries, beaches, restaurants, artisans, or heritage sites? Do you have a favourite event or spot in Elgin County & St. Thomas? If you have a photo, video or want to write about a positive experience you had in Elgin County & St. Thomas we want you to share it with us and others. Starting arting July 1st, enter online for your chance to win $1000 1000 inn Elgin County & St. Thomas Downtown Dollars att SPONSORED BY All prices are plus HST

USED CARS 420 Talbot St. E., Aylmer 519-765-1047

Contest is open from July 1, 2012 to September 4, 2012. Contestants must be 16 years or older to enter. Promotional $1000 prize includes $500 in St. Thomas Downtown Dollars and $500 in Elgin County Dollars to be used at participating businesses only. No cash prize. One contest entry per person. The winner will be notified by September 12, 2012. By entering the Share Your Experience in Elgin County & St. Thomas contest you agree to the contest rules found at:

18 June 28, 2012 - St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News

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Going back 180 years

[left] Al Goulding, owner of Railway City Brewing Company explains the process of making beer on June 17. The tour was lead by local historian Steve Peters to raise funds for the local chapter of Architectural Conservancy of Ontario. (Photo by Brian Wilsdon)

“With With help, help we’ve successfully re-entered the Work Force.”

Beer Tour by Brian Wilsdon

“St. Thomas has a long heritage of making beer,” said Steve Peters on June 17 as he gave a fundraising tour of downtown beer establishments. “It started 180 years ago, and was active until 1916 when the last local brewery went out of business. It wasn’t until 2008 that the local Railway City Brewery Company revived the business with creative products like their famous ‘Dead Elephant Ale’. There were several dozen people that took part in the Beer Tasting Tour, a project that raised money for the local

chapter of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario. “At one time, St. Thomas had 40 pubs catering to the needs of an ever growing railway town,”

Celebrate Canada Day With great looking plants for the Holiday Week-end

Sale – Sale – Sale *Designer Planters *Hanging Baskets *Wave Petunias

*Begonias *Petunias *Tomatoes *Peppers

AYLMER GARDEN CENTRE South of Aylmer at 8467 Imperial Road S. (Hwy. 73) Mon. – Fri. 9-5:30, Sat. 9-4, Sun. 12-4 CLOSED SUNDAY JULY 1

519-773-8969 Geerlinks

Steve said. “Presently, there is only one establishment that has been a pub for over a cen-

tury, the old Dominion House on the corner of Ross and Talbot Street.”


Bonusing down active business earnings in excess of the annual business limit may reduce the overall tax. However, leaving corporate active business income over this amount presents a tax deferral. Professional advice is needed in this area.

Are you Feeling “Inspired Inspired Not Retired”? Retired

Targeted Initiative for Older Workers

(TIOW) • Aged 55 to 64 (in some circumstances, unemployed workers aged 50 to 54 or 65 and over may participate) • Unemployed Call today to register for the next program in August.

“Our Strength Is Beyond Numbers” 450 Sunset Drive St.Thomas N5R 5V1 519-633-0700

25 John Street S. Aylmer N5H 2C1 519-773-9265

Employment Services Elgin

400 Talbot St., St. Thomas P: 519.631.5470 Mon-Thurs 8:30am-6pm • Fri 8:30am-4pm This Employment Ontario program is funded by the Ontario Government

Aylmer Community Services 25 Centre Street, Aylmer P: 519.765.2082 Mon-Fri 9am-4:30pm Tues 9am-6pm

West Elgin Support Services

Floor Model Clearance Sale Continues

Save up to 50% off Regular Prices Sofas, Loveseats, Chairs, Tables, Dinettes, Lamps, Bedrooms, Bedding, Appliances 295 Wellington St. St. Thomas, Corner of First Ave. & Wellington • Mon.- Fri. 9-8, Sat. 9-6, Sun. 10-5.

160 Main Street, West Lorne P: 519.768.0020 Mon-Fri 9am-5 pm

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St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News - June 28, 2012 19

Owner horses around in Port Stanley

Up, up and away

Horse and wagon rides

On June 23, the main event at the Hub Belmont Summer Fun Day was The Canadian Raptor Conservancy Birds of Prey Show setup by the Kettle Creek Conservation Authority. (Photo by Linda Baker)



10 Progress Drive, St. Thomas â&#x20AC;˘ 633-7703

Call or See Terry Metcalf or Jerry Nevill today 2010 NISSAN VERSA 4 door, 4 cyl., automatic, ps., pb., pdl., pw., pm., keyless entry, tilt wheel, dual front & side air bags., air/cond., 60-40 split rear fold down seats, 56,000 kms, balance of new car warranty.

Peter Weese takes passengers Karen Chylia and her daughter Nadia, and friend Ryann Carpenter on the grand tour on Sunday. The weekend rides will be extended to Thursdays through Mondays starting in July. (Photo by Brian Wilsdon)

Port Stanley is going back in time with the old tradition of horse and wagon rides. Elgin County Economic Development announced that the areaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s tourism industry continues to grow with the opening of Port Stanley Horse and Wagon. When local business owner Peter Weese realized that no one was providing horse and wagon rides in Port Stanley, he stepped in to fill the gap. "Horse and wagon rides scream tourism," said Weese who is looking forward to the villageâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s busy festival season. Helping Weese will be two percheron horses, Dolly and Dixie, purchased from the Amish Community north of Aylmer. The horses will pull a wagon purchased from Dr. Jack and Glenda McKenzie of

St. Thomas. The wagon has not been out of the barn since its retirement from the Canada and United States circuit in 1994, but some repairs and a set of new brakes have it in prime working condition. The inaugural wagon ride left from the Telegraph House Bed and Breakfast at 205 Main St., Port Stanley on June 23 at 10 am. In June and September wagon rides will be available on Saturdays and Sundays from noon until 6 pm. In July and August wagon rides will be offered Thursday to Monday from noon to 6 pm. The rides will cost $5 per person with children under three riding for free. For more info: Peter Weese


Priced at + taxes For a test drive see Terry or Jerry or call 519-633-7703

itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ss time to itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;


H[W  H[W Newest SEB Bu Newest Business siness Start-ups Star t-ups for for o Elg Elgin gin include: Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021;Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021;Â&#x2021;




H[W  H[W

20 June 28, 2012- St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News

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Love to read?

The little used bookstore by Gloria Austin

The Elgin mall was chosen as a temporary home during the renovations that were done recently to the library. This was great for all the condo and apartment dwellers across the road on Wellington Street, and just about anyone out for a stroll who loves to read. One thing that came from the temporary stay was a little store for selling used books. When you walk through the Elgin Mall any day between 9 am and 3 pm with the exception of Sunday, you will find what looks like a little second-hand bookstore. Don’t be fooled. This is a large second-hand bookstore. Its narrow front fools you. Deep inside you will find mystery, romance, science and whatever else you like to read, the library has discarded most books, and the public donates many. The workers are all volunteers and all proceeds go back to the library. On Saturday mornings at the Horton Farmers market you will find a little group of volunteers selling books. For many years, there was a sale in the basement of the library. Once a month, on a Monday, a sale was held, and proved

Lois Warden (left) and Susan Butlin volunteers at the St. Thomas used bookstore in the Elgin Mall, stock the shelves for avid readers in the area.

to be very popular thanks to the generous people who donated their time and efforts. Now everyday is a sale!

Dancing for gold

To Your Health

Expressions Studio Arts of St. Thomas holds a garage sale on June 23. The sale is to raise funds for their upcoming trip to the Dance World Cup. This is the 3rd time the students will be performing, the last two years they have brought home silver. Jessica Vader (left), Callista Tryon, Alex Johnson, Rebecca Lanteigne, Mallory Braam, Rebecca Chouinard, Rebecca Williams, Erin McAdams, Autumn Mills. Absent: Claire Macpherson (Photo by Dianne Bonner)

A night to remember. Relay For Life St. Thomas June 1-2 2012 Thank you to all the sponsors, donors, team captains, teams and volunteers for their support! Thank you St. Thomas and area for picking a fight against cancer and raising just over $141,500! Stay tuned for next year’s Relay on June 7 - 8 2013! Be sure to like us on Facebook!

Dr. Doug Pooley

Fibromyalgia The Pain That Never Goes Away

Fibromyalgia is one of the most confounding and frustrating of clinical conditions for both patients and practitioners. Although this disease affects only 2-4% of the population, for those afflicted, it is devastating and often life altering. Although many potential triggers have been postulated, there is no consensus as to cause or cure, leaving sufferers often confused and alone in their fight to regain their lives. Researchers from the prestigious Mayo Clinic believe that repeated nerve stimulation causes a lower pain threshold by increasing the sensitivity of the brain to pain signals. In other words, the more the brain is pounded with pain stimuli over time, the less stimulation needed to create discomfort. Now, as a fibromyalgia sufferer, you know that the greatest source of your suffering comes from the joints, ligaments and muscles. Control of symp-

toms from these sources is key to any effective treatment strategy. This in turn makes chiropractic a logical first line treatment option. By improving joint function and easing irritated tissues, chiropractic can be of massive benefit in helping to decrease the bombardment of pain and nerve irritation from these areas. We have found that reducing muscle and joint irritation also allows the patient to sleep more comfortably and therefore heal more effectively. We believe that Pro-adjuster chiropractic may even further heighten your chiropractic experience.

Dr. Pooley has been a practicing Chiropractor for over 30 years in St. Thomas. He is the founder of the Soteria Centre for Health Excellence through C.A.R.E. Chiropractic & Acupuncture.

Luminary Sponsor



Supporting Sponsors


170 Wellington Street, St. Thomas, ON N5R 2S1 T. (519) 633.1444 F. (519) 631.5729

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Something To Think About...

Work is a four-letter word Some of you, who know me, know I'm not a real baseball fan. However, I recently read of a pine tar situation with relief pitcher, Joe Peralta. Apparently, batters are allowed to use pine tar – as sticky as it sounds – on their bats. They can get a better grip that way. Peralta's mistake was using pine tar in his glove – which is a no-no.   Peralta is the guy who likes to cut corners. He wants to get the job done easier, quicker and get

St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News - June 28, 2012 21


Pastor Cusick:

the advantage over the other guy. Work is that four letter word that has the ability to scare the wits out of many. I am reminded of something a person told me once.  'We should all aim at being good workers, not ones who are ashamed.  We need to work hard even when are bosses are not looking our way.' When we try to cut corners to achieve a certain advantage, we run the risk of watching from the dugout like Peralta had to. Wouldn't it be better to play by the rules? Initially, it may seem like a good idea to try to get some sort of advantage but, in the long run – maybe not.   Maybe it all comes down to faithfulness, trust and integrity.  When we are given a

task or a job, simply applying ourselves faithfully to the task will go a long way. Vince Lombardi is quoted as saying:  “The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.” And that, is something to think about.

One morning I saw my husband in the pantry trying to decide between two different types of cereals. “Maybe you should take half a bowl of each”, I said jokingly. “Wow,” he said with a smile, “you really thing out of the box.”



Sunday – Roast Beef Dinner with Yorkshire Pudding, includes soup, your choice of potato and vegetable. Mondays – Meatloaf Monday! Buy 1 meatloaf dinner at the regular price and receive the 2nd meatloaf dinner at ½ price. Tuesday – Liver and Onions! Buy 1 liver and onion dinner at regular price and receive the 2nd liver & onion dinner at ½ price. Wednesdays – All You Can Eat Pasta! $8.99 includes a slice of garlic toast and a side salad. Three different pastas & sauces to choose from. Thursdays – ½ Roast Chicken Dinner includes soup, your choice of potato and vegetable. Fridays - Fish & Chip Dinner includes soup, Exit 195, Highway 74 & 401 your choice of potato and vegetable. Home of the Big Canada Flag Ask your server for details.

Remember this Summer... If you’re drinking, please don’t drive.

MADD St.Thomas Elgin Chapter



To make sure you don’t miss this valuable advertising opportunity: call us at 519-633-1640 • PICKUP OR DELIVERY • BULK OR BAGGED

ASK ABOUT OUR BOBCAT, BACKHOE & DOZER SERVICE *Decorative Stones & Boulders * Mulches * * Sands * Gravels *


* Topsoils * Patio Stones * * Retaining Walls * * Retail Store *

36312 Talbot Line, Shedden

For Small Business and Personal Inquiries, Call Gail Dennis • Job Costing • Cash Flows • Financial Reports • Tax Planning

Natural Gas and Dishwasher Hookups

Personal and accurate returns • Fixed Income Returns at reasonable rates

4th Generation Business Since 1962 7 Hydro Road, St. Thomas ON


Gail Dennis



Service or Tune-Up Offer expires May 15, 2012 43588 SPARTA LINE, RR #4, ST. THOMAS 519-633-3784 Like us on Facebook

Prosperity Coach for Your Business and You • 300 South Edgeware Rd., St. Thomas, ON N5P 4L1 519-633-7597 (Ext. 405)

Getting Ready For The Water!

“SAVE THE TAX” on any bulk product purchase Offer valid from June 29 till July 5/12. “Not to be used in conjunction with any other promotion”

What Makes Your Money Make Money!


Rob Blaxall: President

• Voice/Voice Mail • Data Communications • CCTV Video Surveillance • Security • Sound/PA Systems • Business Phone Systems

“Our customers are not just satisfied...they’re satisfied...they’re impressed!” Now offering

voip business systems

P.O. Box 20155, St. Thomas (519) 633.0080 •

Residential • Commercial • Industrial

22 June 28, 2012 - St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News St.Thomas/Elgin

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Advertise your community Do you have some spare time? VON has event here volunteer opportunities WEEKLY! FREE OF CHARGE! Please email your non-profit event to before Monday at 10am (25 words or less). No web addresses or email addresses please. Limit of one listing per organization per day. Space permitting . No attachments please.

Community Bulletin Board Has your life been affected by someone else’s drinking? If so, AL-ANON is for you! We will help. Call 519434-2613 or 1-8884al-ANON.

Troubled by someone else's drinking? We will help! Alateen Mondays at 6:30pm, St. Thomas Christian Church, 451 Wellington Street, St. Thomas.

Delivered to over 30,000 addresses - WEEKLY

Phone 519-434-2613.

Worship Services

for you. Call VON at  519-637-6408 for more information.

Girl Guides of Canada is accepting online registrations now, check it out for September, all ages from 5 years to adults. Local units in Port Stanley, Sparta and St. Thomas 519637-8448.

Need an extra set of hands? The Student Employment Office can help!  Call  519-631- Port Stanley Public Li8820 for more details. brary, 302 Bridge St.,

Knox Presbyterian Church

St. Andrew’s United Church 60 West Ave.

Rev. Joan Golden Worship Service 10:30am

Hincks Street at Wellington Street 519-631-2414 Minister: Rev. Mavis Currie Organist and Choir Director: Dr. W. D. Carroll July 1st., 2012 - 10:30am Sermon: “Holy Ground”

Won’t you please join us! We’re celebrating 175 years! COME AND WORSHIP WITH US, EVERYONE WELCOME

New Sarum Baptist Church

In Air-Conditioned Hall

Pastor Phil Butler Hwy 74 & 3 519-765-1108

10:30 am - Coffee Break, 11:15 am – Worship Service

Everyone Welcome 519-631-4558

Notice of a Public Meeting Concerning a Proposed Official Plan For the County of Elgin Take Notice that the Council of the Corporation of the County of Elgin will hold a Public Meeting pursuant to Section 17 of the Planning Act to consider Elgin County’s, first ever, Official Plan. Date: Tuesday July 24, 2012 Time: 7:00 p.m. Location: Elgin County Council Chambers 450 Sunset Drive St. Thomas ON N5R 5V1 The Purpose and Effect of the Elgin County Official Plan is to provide direction and a policy framework for managing growth and land use decisions over the planning period to 2031. The Official Plan will implement the Provincial Policy Statement at the County level and will set a framework for coordination and cooperation amongst the local municipalities and the County on planning and development issues that transcend municipal boundaries. The Proposed Official Plan applies to the entire municipality of Elgin County and as such no key map is provided with this notice. Please note that this proposed Official Plan does not apply to the City of St. Thomas, as it is not part of Elgin County. Take Notice that if any person or public body does not make oral submissions at a public meeting or make written submissions to the County of Elgin before the proposed Official Plan is adopted, any person or public body is not entitled to appeal the decision of the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). The approval authority for the Elgin County Official Plan is the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. Any Person or Public Body that does not make oral submissions at a public meeting or make written submissions to the County of Elgin before the proposed official plan is adopted may not be added as a party to the hearing of an appeal before the Ontario Municipal Board unless, in the opinion of the Board, there is reasonable grounds to add the person or public body as a party. If You Wish To Be Notified of the adoption of the Official Plan you must make a written request to the Clerk of the County of Elgin at the address below. Copies of the Proposed Official Plan will be available for viewing at the County of Elgin Administrative Services Office 3rd Floor, County of Elgin Administration Building, 450 Sunset Drive, St. Thomas ON N5R 5V1 during regular office hours 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Copies of the Proposed Elgin County Official Plan are also available at all local municipal offices, Elgin County Branch Libraries and online at

All welcome.

Large selection of Cottage Furniture and Mattress Sets 429 John St. N. (Tall building behind Beer Store)

519-773-3991 Delivery can be arranged

Local moves by D&M Moving

The Church with the Purple Steeple

Summer Service 9:00am only

(BCP) Eucharist Father Jawn Kolohon Officiating

Please come and join us 519-631-7000

St. Thomas Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Come Celebrate in Joint Services with Central United Church. Service 10:30am Sunday School Provided

451 Wellington St., St. Thomas, ON N5R 5X8 519 631-7490

displays the work of Guild members Ursula THANK- YOU Rudd and Linda Jones so much to everyone through June. Call who attended my for birthday open house on 519-782-4241 June 9th. It was lovely to times.


Open Mon. – Sat. 8-6

Trinity Anglican Church

From Professionals you can Trust! Contact us today for a free estimate:



see so many family members and old friends. The cards, flowers and gifts were appreciated as well. A special thank-you to my family for organizing this day.

Love you. Hazel Rowe

Elgin County Council is seeking Comment from the public on a draft policy that is to be introduced for use in the county’s three long-term care homes for seniors. The ‘Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Therapies Policy’ Was drafted as a response to Requests by residents in the homes for alternative therapy. The draft policy covers treatments ranging from alternative medical and herbal Remedies to naturopathic medicine and therapies. The 19-page document may be reviewed by visiting the county’s website at or a paper copy may be obtained at the county office, 450 Sunset Drive, St. Thomas, third floor administration Office. Deadline to comment: Friday, July 13, 2012

29, 5-7pm, Adults $10, Children 5-12 - $5, Beef on a Bun, Coleslaw, Beans, Strawberries, Cake, Ice Cream.

June 29, Spaghetti Dinner, Odd Fellows & Rebekahs Hall, 54 Moore St. Doors open 4pm, serving 5-7pm. Call for Info 519-6313494.

Aylmer Charity Auction, Support Mennonite Community Services and MCC, Saturday, June 30, Curling Club, 245 Sydenham Road E, Aylmer, 9am. InformaPort Stanley United tion 519-639-7848. Church, Strawberry 3rd annual Port Stanley Supper, Friday, June Continued on next page

Over 30 years experience. Quality Professional Work Free Estimates All work guaranteed!


Come and check out our Tween cats for the month of July. They are not kittens anymore and they are not teenagers yet. They are very loving adults looking for a forever home and take advantage of our SAT (Super Adult Tweens) adoption fee of $100. Full list is at 333 Talbot St.


Delivered to over 30,000 addresses - WEEKLY St.Thomas/Elgin

your pages • Inform • Buy • Sell • Find •

Classified Word Ads: Just



plus HST

for 25 words (32¢/word after 25 words)

Community Bulletin Boards continued from page 22

15 St. Catharine St., Lower, Canfest, June 30 and July St. Thomas: 1. Come visit the village

Next Deadline is Monday, by 10am : and experience pony rides,


519-633-1640 ext. 21 Prepayment Required

live music, bbq's, fireworks and much more! Port Stanley Public Library,


YARD SALE, Saturday, June 30, 8 to Noon, 41 High Street. Household 302 Bridge St., displays the WILSDON COMPUTER SERVICES - and furniture items work of Guild members Basic setup, operating system inRowena Spersrud in July. stall/upgrade, internet setup/repair, SERVICES OFFERED Call 519-782-4241 for Tune-Up, recommended safety suite, rescue disc, data transfer, data ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS – Drinking times. backup. In-Home service available. is your business. Helping you to stop Call Sara or Ian Wilsdon 519-633- is ours. Call 519-633-0430 or Write Belmont Canada Day, Bike P.O. Box 220001, St. Thomas, ON Rodeo 9am. LCBO, Deco9638. N5R 4P5. rated Bike Parade


MOVING SALE/GARAGE SALE, Furniture, Assorted Items, 150 Lake Margaret Trail, 7am-noon, June 30th.

Non-profit groups, send your Community Billboard announcements (25 words or less per item by text email, no attachments or email/websites in ad) to


Our 4 yr old son Brayden Pearse has been recently diagnosed with LEUKEMIA. I would like to sincerely THANK “The Theissens”, “The Pipes” and Walmart for having a BBQ fundraiser for Brayden on June 23, 2012. Thank you to the Community for your generosity, and support, it is very much appreciated. Thank You. Clint, Marcy, Cassandra and Brayden Pearse T H E P E A R S E FA M I LY

11:30am. BBQ Noon $2. Birthday Cake, Activities/Games Ages 512, 7:30pm. Karaoke, Fireworks Donation at Gate. 4th Annual Bottle Drive at the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital. Wednesday,





7 First Avenue, St.Thomas 519-633-7300


Monday morning 10:30 a.m. July 2nd (Preview 9 a.m.) At The Vienna Auction Center, 6227 Plank Line, Vienna ON (#19 HWY.) Selling contents from Hickory Hills Tillsonburg, contents from Aylmer Estate, new home furniture from Brampton along with additions. Antiques, Fine Furniture, Decorator Furniture, Glass, China, Clocks, Primitives, collectables, Coins, Jewellery, New Mattress Sets, New Furniture, Household Effects, Appliances, Cottage Furniture, Tools, As New 20HP John Deere Hydrastatic Riding Lawn Mower, Contents from St. Thomas Storage Unit (items not available for advertising) Paintings, Prints, Boxed Lot Items, Various sizes of new Decorator Carpets, Bed Comforters, Furniture from The Netherlands, Lamps, Occasional Tables, Upholstered Furniture, Resin Veranda Furniture, Desk, Garden Tools & 100s of unlisted items. Terms: cash, cheque with I.D, 10% Buyer Premium. Food served on the B.B.Q. Don’t miss this special Holiday Auction Monday morning at 10:30 a.m. July 2. Phone Vienna Auctions Centre 519-874-4888 Auctioneer: Morris Kikkert

MOWER NEED FIXING? We repair: push, rider, tillers, weed eaters and much more Pickup & delivery available


July 4th - 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Bring your liquor/beer bottles to the east parking lot. Proceeds will help patient needs in Emergency and Operating Room. Call 631-2030 ext. 2190 if you have questions. Fourth annual free fishing Derby from Bear Adventures for children, July 6, 9–2pm, Pinafore Park, register at YMCA, sponsored by Kids Cops & Canadian Tire. Info 519-6316184 or YMCA. The St. Thomas Garden Tour will take place on Sunday, July 8. Tickets are available from Canadale Nurseries Ltd. and Bell's BookBin. Information: Richard at 519-633-3939. Decoration Day Fingal Cemetery, July 8, 2pm. Speaker John VanEyk, Piper Noreen Lanning.

Bring lawn chair, if raining, service at Knox Presbyterian Church, Fingal. Memorable Mondays, July 9, 2-3pm, AylmerMalahide Museum. 14 East St. Aylmer, 519-773-9723. Topic: Fans and Their Language, includes program, refreshments and handout. Members – Free, Nonmembers $5. Vacation Bible School theme "Bug Zone-transformed by our big God", Open Bible Baptist Church, 9060 Hacienda Rd., Aylmer. For ages 2-12, July 9-13, 6:30-8:30pm, 519-773-3303. Wallacetown W.I. celebrates 100th Anniversary, Thursday, July 12 at Wallacetown Hall, 2pm. Join us for music & refreshments & fun. Info 519762-5495 Louie.

St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News - June 28, 2012 23

Seniors Picnic in the Park, Wednesday, July 13, 9:30am-3:30pm, Pinafore Park, Entertainment, Food, Prizes, Free Admission, for more information call the VON office 519-637-6408. Field Naturalist Butterfly Count, Saturday, July 14, 9am, meet at Woodland Pavilion, Pinafore Park . Info 519-769-2094.

Vacation Bible Camp, Knox Presbyterian Church, Fingal, July 16-20. Info or registration call Ruby Cromwell 519-769-2519. St. Thomas Seniors Centre, Christmas in July. Full Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings! Wednesday, July 18. Dinner at 5:00pm, Tickets $10 Advance, $12 Day of. 225 Chestnut St. Cactus, Cattle and Cowboys, Battle of the Bands, July 21, Miller Park, West

Lorne, 9am-6pm. Free entrance & concert by 76 South, 7pm. Horse parade, vendors galore, dog agility and more. Port Stanley Public Library, 302 Bridge St., displays the work of Guild members Judy Ross and Aganeta Sawatzky in August. Call 519-782-4241 for times. Memorable Mondays, Aug 13, 2-3pm, AylmerMalahide Museum. 14 East St. Aylmer, 519-773-9723. Topic: Let’s Go Swimming: includes program, refreshments and hand-out. Members – Free, Nonmembers $5. Shopping Bus to Walden Galleria Mall and Target in Buffalo NY, Sat. August 18, $42pp includes return transportation only, must have valid passport. For tickets/info please call 519-852-2161.

DEATH NOTICES ASHTON, ILENE (nee CARTER) of Kincardine, formerly of St. Thomas, passed away Thursday, June 21, 2012 in her 87th year.  A memorial service was held June 27, 2012.  Sifton Funeral Home. DURDLE, DOUGLAS of Aylmer, passed away Wednesday, June 20, 2012 in his 88th year. A graveside service was held June 23, 2012. H.A. Kebbel Funeral Home. FALKENHAM, JOEL DERYK “JODY” of Aylmer, passed away Thursday, June 21, 2012 in his 44th year. A private family service held. H.A. Kebbel Funeral Home. FINLAY, JEAN THOMSON of St. Thomas, passed away Tuesday, June 19, 2012 in her 81st year. A celebration of life was held June 21, 2012. Williams Funeral Home Ltd. GUTTMAN, H.E. DONALD passed away Sunday, June 24, 2012 in his 85th year. Visitation June 28, 2-4pm and 7-9pm. Legion service at 6:45pm and prayers at 7pm. Funeral service held June 29, 2012 at 1pm at H.A. Kebbel Funeral Home. HEPBURN, MURIEL IRENE of St, Thomas, passed away Friday, June 22, 2012 in her 84th year. A public memorial service held at the Kingdom Hall, St. Thomas on Saturday, June 30, 2012 at 1pm. Williams Funeral Home Ltd. HILL, SHARON of St. Thomas, passed away Saturday, June 23, 2012 in her 60th year. Visitation June 28, 79pm, funeral service held June 29, 2012 at 11am. H.A. Kebbel Funeral Home. HUNINK, AGNES (SCHOLTENS) of Aylmer, passed away Tuesday, June 19, 2012 in her 90th year. A funeral service was held June 22, 2012. H.A. Kebbel Funeral Home.

JACKSON, BETTY (nee BOLDY) of St. Thomas, passed away Thursday, June 21, 2012 in her 86th year. Cremation.  Private graveside service for the immediate family.  Sifton Funeral Home. LEMON, DONALD S.G. "DON" of St. Thomas, passed away Thursday, June 21, 2012 in his 91st year.  A memorial service was held June 23, 2012.  Sifton Funeral Home. MARTIN, SENZIANA of RR #2, West Lorne, passed away Wednesday, June 20, 2012 in her 90th year. A funeral service was held June 25, 2012. West Lorne Chapel of Denning Funeral Directors Ltd. SMITH, CORRIE (ANGYAL) of Aylmer, passed away, Wednesday, June 20, 2012 in her 72nd year. A service was held June 23, 2012. H.A. Kebbel Funeral Home. WHITEHEAD, MADONNA IRENE of St. Thomas, passed away Tuesday, June 19, 2012 at the age of 66. A funeral service was held June 22, 2012. Williams Funeral Home Ltd.




Sifton Family Owned Since 1926 We offer a full range of funeral planning options


118 Wellington Street, St. Thomas

24 June 28, 2012 - St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News

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Mon-Fri 9:30am-9pm • Sat 9:30am-6pm • Sun 12pm-5pm •

sale Summer


Friday June 29 - Sunday July 8 Shop in air-conditioned comfort and find everything you need for summer!

Join Alia N Tan Jay on July 3 at 7pm for their Canada Day Fashion Show, featuring their New Fashion Collections STORE DIRECTORY Bentley .................................................................. 637-8021 Charm Diamond Centre..................................... 637-8020 Dairy Queen / Orange Julius ............................637-2542 Dorlene...................................................................637-1255 Elgin Mall Dental Office .....................................637-1811 Elgin Travel & Cruises.........................................633-6300 Experts Tailoring & Alterations.........................852-1035 Flair Jeans & Alterations ...................................633-4794 GNC.........................................................................637-0023 Galaxy Cinemas ...................................................631-2261 GoodLife Fitness .............................633-8475 & 631-1501

Hairmasters...........................................................633-2440 Hallmark.................................................................633-7675 K&K Locksmith.....................................................631-4110 Knockout Fashions..............................................633-0530 LifeLabs ......................................................1-877-849-3637 Magic Nails...........................................................631-3413 Mags, Smokes & More ......................................633-9773 Metro......................................................................633-8780 Northern Reflections ..........................................633-4853 OMAC Mortgage .................................................637-1850 Payless Shoe Source .........................................637-7796 Pharmasave..........................................................631-5551 Rayna......................................................................633-4944

Rogers Wireless ..................................................637-0384 Riverbed Aqua Massage ...................................207-3225 Smithbooks............................................................633-4717 Sport Mart .............................................................631-4006 St Thomas Town & Country Realty..................207-3000 Stitches ..................................................................631-4600 Subway ..................................................................631-0331 Suzy Shier..............................................................633-1336 TD Canada Trust...................................................633-4640 Tan Jay ...................................................................633-5524 The Perk.................................................................631-3242 Wok Express.........................................................637-6426 Zellers.....................................................................633-4645

Elgin Mall will be OPEN Sunday July 1 from 12-5pm, CLOSED July 2 for Canada Day

Visit for more exciting offers!

June 28, 2012 Issue  

News and views from in and around St.Thomas and area.

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