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St.Thomas/Elgin Volume 8 No. 9

New Listing 6501 Iona Road Open House Sat. 1-3

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July 5, 2012

Real Estate Brokerage

Nick Visscher

Beautiful 2 storey on very private 1/2 acre.


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Railway Nostalgia Weekend Rich heritage in St. Thomas by Tim Harvey

Mr. Horton (left) and Mr. Suffel, tech camp teachers at Parkside.

Camp for kids Summer fun

awareness of Technology programs in schools across the Thames Valley District School Board. The camp costs $15 for the week. These funds will help to offset the costs of the camp and provide a pizza party on the final day. Parents will be expected to drop off and pick up their children within 15 minutes of the beginning and ending of the camp day.

Technology Camp is being held at Parkside Collegiate Institute this summer. This opportunity is designed for the student with an interest in Technological Studies or an interest in learning more about the fascinating world of tech. Students in Grade 6 and 7 planning to choose Parkside as their secondary school are the target audience for this camp. This summer program is partially funded by the Ontario For more info . . . Youth Apprenticeship Program Parkside Collegiate Institute (OYAP) to provide heightened 519-633-0090

Railway Nostalgia Weekend drew a good crowd to the Elgin County Railway Museum and the CASO Station, home of the North American Railway Hall of Fame. St. Thomas has a rich heritage as a railway city and is vying to be the Railway Capital of Canada. Ron Bareham, president of the Museum, said some of the popular displays were: the 5700, a 330 – ton steam locomotive; railway artifact displays; the St. Thomas Railway City Exhibit; and the large, working HO – model railway exhibit modeled after local communities of St. Thomas, Springfield, West Lorne, Port Stanley, Waterford, and Highgate. There are over two scale miles of track modeled after 250 miles of Southern Ontario. Event organizer, Chuck Beckett, said he was pleased with the turnout and hopes the museum will continue to draw people in. Founded in 1988, the property was purchased in 2009 after many years of fundraising. There are talks underway to have the Port Stanley Terminal Railway extend its sightseeing runs into St. Thomas to a station just north of Talbot Street.

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8th July, 2012

On June 23, John Parsons a volunteer with the Elgin County Railway Museum sits in the Engineers seat with his hand on the throttle of 5700 at the Railway Nostalgia Weekend. (Photo by Tim Harvey)

It would also connect the Museum and the CASO station. Andy Bowie, a director of the Museum, explained the Railway Hall of Fame. He stated that for a small donation, you can have a brass 2 x 4 plaque mounted on the display. Anyone who presently or historically earned his or her living with the railroad is eligible. As with all donations, a charitable tax receipt is issued. Sherry


Johnstone, a volunteer with the CASO station gave a tour of the refurbished station. There are rented offices including our MPP Jeff Yurek, as well as areas that can be rented for meetings and weddings. John Parsons has worked for over 30 years in the shop maintaining steam locomotives like the 5700 and later diesel locomotives. He was a wealth of knowledge on the operation

and servicing of these complex machines. The 5700 was built in Montreal in the 1930s and was capable of pulling seven to eight heavy passenger cars and travelling at over 100 miles per hour. They would load 14 tons of coal and consume three to four tons per hour. St. Thomas was a division point where the locomotives were in need of service and fuel.

All vehicles fully reconditioned and certified 175 South Edgeware Rd., St. Thomas

519-631-6420 Mon-Thurs 8am-7pm, M Th 8 7FriF8am-6pm, i 8 6 S Sat t 88am-3pm 3


2 July 5, 2012 - St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News

"Things change over time. If your preferences have changed over time, a simple phone call to us is all it takes.  We will handle any changes you wish to make.  If you have questions about this or any other topic, call us any time." Shawn Jackson Funeral Director / Owner

“With With help, help we’ve successfully re-entered the Work Force.”

Keep the mind youthful Age is not a factor When life moves in different directions choices, must be made. From a young age, Irma Foley from St. Thomas understood these choices and began to dedicate herself to higher education. Now 73, Irma continues to strive for both professional improvement and personal growth. “I look forward to learning as much as I can about my life and myself,” said Irma. As a young adult, Irma returned to school to finish her grade 12. “That was just the start, it just continued from

Irma Foley taking time away from her studies to enjoy her grandchildren. Logan Snyder (left), Irma Foley and Taylor Snyder.

there,” she said Irma studied programs at Fanshawe College in St. Thomas and later at Fanshawe in London. She took courses in stenography and shorthand,

Are you Feeling “Inspired Inspired Not Retired”? Retired

Targeted Initiative for Older Workers

Come in. Start again.

(TIOW) • Aged 55 to 64 (in some circumstances, unemployed workers aged 50 to 54 or 65 and over may participate) • Unemployed Call today to register for the next program in August. Employment Services Elgin

400 Talbot St., St. Thomas P: 519.631.5470 Mon-Thurs 8:30am-6pm • Fri 8:30am-4pm This Employment Ontario program is funded by the Ontario Government

Aylmer Community Services 25 Centre Street, Aylmer P: 519.765.2082 Mon-Fri 9am-4:30pm Tues 9am-6pm

Debts spinning out of control? Feeling overwhelmed? We’re here for YOU. For a FREE financial assesment, meet with us and learn about our solutions. Learn how you can stop the collection calls, protect your assets, make one manageable payment on debt and start again.


(519.310.3733) or visit us at

West Elgin Support Services

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160 Main Street, West Lorne P: 519.768.0020 Mon-Fri 9am-5 pm

Helping people throughout Southwestern Ontario with debt relief for over 20 years.

which lead her to a position at Psychiatric Hospital in St. Thomas. As a single mother of two, she understood that learning new skills was a priority in providing for her family. “This helped supply a life for my children,” said Irma. Irma’s portfolio of achievements is ongoing and impressive. She is the second female in Ontario to earn her Government Insurance Adjustment License, “It took two years, one year for studies and the second year to be out in the field.” She trained as a nurse and attendant for St. John’s Ambulance, obtained a four-year diploma in personal administration, took courses in french, sign language, computers, accounting and this April finished

the DSW (Developmental Service Worker) program at Fanshawe in London. Irma has worked for the CLE (Community Living Elgin) off and on for over twenty years. “I’ve never stopped my studies. Even when working, I wanted to stay current, there is something inside me and I just need to continue to learn.” Irma plans on taking the summer off from her studies to enjoy time with her children and five grandchildren. “At this time in my life, I’ve never felt so much peace and contentment. It’s been a journey, and a lot of goals have been met personally,” said Irma. She may be taking the summer off, but plans are already in the works for this upcoming fall.

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St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News - July 5, 2012 3

Learning early Four-year-old entrepreneur

come out and enjoy the refreshments. The garage sale was a success, as well as Ben’s lemonade business. Even Ben’s teacher, Mrs. Singer, from Forest Park, St. Thomas came out to support young Ben’s ambition. At the end of Saturday’s sales, Ben had earned $59. “I was so excited,” said Ben. And as a result of this hard work and success, Ben decided to try again on Sunday, June 10. This earned him another $28

Figuring out how to make money is not everyone’s forte – we all want the green, but where do you begin? Benjamin Macleod of St. Thomas may just have the secret we’ve all been longing for. And he’s only four. For the past few months, Ben has been eager to have his first taste of what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. His thought: open a lemonade stand. It can take many people to assist a four year old with his idea, so with the help of his parents, and a generous neighbour, Bonnie Baker, Ben’s wheels began to turn. It started during a neighbourhood garage sale. Ben’s neighbour Bonnie, placed an ad in the paper listing a garage sale on June 9. She also informed the community that Ben would be selling his lemonade that day and encouraged them to

Adam Mahovlich, BSc. DVM Veterinarian, Partner/Owner

Heat Stroke and Your Pet

Heat Stroke Heat stoke is a condition that results from an individuals internal body temperature increasing to dangerous levels. This causes the nervous system to malfunction and leads to lethargy, weakness, collapse and coma. Animals at Risk All pets are at risk and can develop heat stroke if they are allowed to overheat. Pets with greater risk (and ones who need to be monitored more closely for signs) are puppies and kittens, older pets, overweight pets, very active pets, breeds with shorter snouts (Persian cats, Bulldogs, etc… ), pets with heavy coats, sick pets, and pets on certain medications. Signs to Watch For • Heavy Panting • Hyperventilation • Drooling • Weakness • Confusion • Vomiting / Diarrhoea • Seizure / Unconscious or Unresponsive

Things you can do to help avoid a problem include: get your pet a “summer haircut”, avoid being outside during the hottest parts of the day by taking walks in early morning or late evening, have a small “doggy pool” available for your pet, and limit exercise on hot days. Make sure when you are out with your pet, they have plenty of drinking water and shaded areas to go to. Finally, NEVER LEAVE YOUR PET IN THE CAR UNATTENDED! The temperature inside a parked car can reach 48 °C in minutes.

If you suspect your pet has heat stroke – take them immediately to a veterinarian! Heat Stroke is a LIFE THREATENING condition. By taking a few precautions with the heat, you and your pet will be able to enjoy those “Dog Days of Summer” all season.

Elgin Veterinary Clinics Elgin Animal Hospital – 9789 Sunset Rd. St. Thomas 631-0430 Talbot Animal Clinic - 930 Talbot St. St. Thomas 633-5970



Call or See Terry Metcalf or Jerry Nevill today


3 door hatchback with 60/40 rear folding seat, ps., pb., pw., pdl., pm., keyless entry, cruise control, 4 cyl., automatic, air conditioning, am/fm cd player with MP3 port, 54,000 kms

OUR PRICE $10,995. plus taxes Balance of New Car Warranty For a test drive see Terry or Jerry or call 519-633-7703

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Ways to Minimize your Pets Risk

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10 Progress Drive, St. Thomas • 633-7703


Paw Prints


Workin ’m


Four-year-old Benjamin Macleod gets a good taste of the business world, selling lemonade on June 9.

in sales. Both his parents and grandparents donated money, which brought Ben’s overall total to $187. Ben will put part of his earnings towards his post-secondary school education and will also make a donation to the Alzheimer’s society.

The STEGH Foundation is extending invitations to businesses throughout Elgin County to participate and ‘work for their Hospital’. By raising funds to help acquire life-saving equipment, we can have something exceptional right here, close to home.

Here are some possible ideas – or feel free to host your own “fun time” event to help us out

Hold Your Own: • • • •

BBQ Potluck Lunch Car Wash Bake Sale

• Bottle Drive • Yard Sale • Or Any Other Event

You are only limited by your imagination To register: 519-631-2030 ext. 2246

4 July 5, 2012 - St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News

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Settlement stories quilt trails Beauty to be seen There is nothing like a homemade quilt. Now imagine the beauty of a quilt on a 5 x 5 large painted quilt block. On June 28, Aylmer launched their Settlement Stories Quilt Trail. The Quilt Trail is in combination of tourism attraction, business marketing and unique community history. The quilt blocks will symbolize that of a ‘place’. A story of a business, the importance of its history to the settlement area and the reason for the quilt block is assigned

to each site. For example: the migrating geese quilt block is the Mennonite Community Service (MCS) pattern depicting the migration of the community and the leadership patterns of geese formation. The Quilt Tour is honouring MCS culture and its place in Aylmer, as well as including all the cultures in the community. MCS will be working closely with the rural and cultural communities, the library and museums to develop historical stories and translation of stories.

The Quilt Tour will also highlight new technology. Each quilt block will be inserted with a QR code, which is similar to a bar code read by a smart phone or blackberry. If a picture is taken of the quilt block, the story will appear and direct you to the website. This method is being used in real estate, historical building tours and in other countries, yet, even though advancement in technology has been made, not everyone carries a cell phone. A story will be attached to each quilt block.

MCS has received funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation and 35 quilt blocks will be installed throughout Bayham, Malahide Township and the town of Aylmer. The Settlement Stories Quilt Trail is expected to increase the

understanding of our diverse members and the businesses in the community, increase tourism, and employment. For more Info…

On June 28, Donna Lunn, coordinator of the ‘Quilt Trails Project’ stands beside one of 35 quilts that will be on display throughout Bayham, Malahide Township and Aylmer. This beautiful 5’ x 5’ quilt is called ‘The Elizabeth Streicher Quilt.’



SINCE 1989

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Table For Two Tony and Rosa Costa sit in the Canada Day table for two set up by their Port Bruce neighbours, Mack and Jen Perry on July 1. (Photo by Brian Wilsdon)

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St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News - July 5, 2012 5

If Life Were Like A Computer: You could add/remove someone in your life using the control panel. You could put your kids in the recycle bin and restore them when you feel like it! You could improve your appearance by adjusting the display settings. You could turn off the speakers when life gets too noisy. You could click on “find” (Ctrl, F) to recover your lost remote control and car keys. To get your daily exercise, just click on "run"! If you mess up your life, you could always press "Ctrl, Alt, Delete" and start all over!

Diamond Jubilee Medal Terry Carroll, publisher of the St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News and Elgin This Month magazine, along with 47 other recipients, was honoured with the prestigious Diamond Jubilee Medal on June 29. The ceremony was held at the Canada Southern Railway Station in St. Thomas. The presenters were Joe Preston, Member of Parliament, and Jeff Yurek, Provincial Member of Parliament. The Diamond Jubilee Medal celebrates the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Terry was recognized for his contributions for Community Involvement and Entrepreneurship. Joe Preston (left), MP for Elgin – Middlesex – Elgin; Terry Carroll, publisher of the St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News and Elgin This Month magazine and Jeff Yurek, MP for Elgin – Middlesex – London. (Photo by Tim Harvey)

Family-Centred Care When Conlan was born at the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital, we could not have been happier with our experience in the Family Centred Maternal Child Care Unit. Our entire family received exceptional care, and we knew our son was in very capable hands which made us feel confident and relaxed. We are fortunate to live in a community that has its very own health care facility where families of all ages can receive great medical care. Visit:

Delivering an excellent patient care experience

Jena, Brian and Conlan Dempsey St. Thomas

6 July 5, 2012 - St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News


Anita LaRue

Have we lost our senses? The five human senses: smell, taste, touch, hearing, and sight. These perfect human entities make us human and guide us through our daily lives. When we lose one of these extraordinary senses the other senses will ultimately take over. Loss of sight will heighten hearing, and loss of hearing will strengthen sight. It is how the body works; it’s how the body masters the world around us, protecting us from danger, or allowing us to live and love with less than five. I’ve personally witnessed people love stronger and more intensely than those with all their senses. But, with the five, I believe we have forgotten one very important aspect in life – communication. This combines all five senses. Texting does not allow for body language, or emotions, email is very much the same. Recently, I’ve felt this first hand. Instead of giving me the consideration of words, speech or human-to-human interaction, a dislike button was pressed. A button that does

Terry Carroll

Paint the barns red The day after Canada Day, we decided to start scraping and wire-brushing the ceiling of our front porch in preparation for painting. I can’t say I’ve met anybody who actually enjoys this job, although it’s possible I haven’t asked enough people. You know how you go to a family picnic and you make small talk? I don’t follow sports, so there goes half the usual conversation – the other half being the weather. There are possibilities here. “Yeah, you’re right. It’s sure been hot and dry. So how do you feel about scraping and wire-brushing?” I’ve met people who claim to like the next stage . . . painting. Personally, I like having finished painting. Part of this could go back to my youth when my dad decided that the barns needed painting. Three barns. I think my dad hated painting as much as most people hate scraping and

St.Thomas/Elgin A Community Newspaper, published by Carroll Publishing, Inc. 15 St. Catharine St., (Lower) St. Thomas, N5P 2V7 519-633-1640 Fax: 519-633-0558

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editorialpage not inform the receiver of anything. It’s easy to scroll a mouse over a dislike button and quickly press. Yet, if communication is necessary to all humans, which I believe it is, then communication should be received, whether positive or negative. My first thought . . . coward. Yet, being the person I am, I started to feel sorry for the people or person that would hit a button without giving an explanation. It takes a strong individual to confront others. Which is not easy in any situation for anyone. This is where communication becomes vital. We live in a new world, a world that is amazing and allows us to Google any question, which will inevitably give us the correct answer. I’ve done this myself, countless times. But this will never take away the need for human contact. An iPod, iPhone and a computer should be known to all, as gadgets, computerized components to help us explore the universe. We should never forget the need for human touch, the human voice, and the insight we can all give to one other. We have the five senses for a reason. Be kind, state your case, give your knowledge and let’s move on . . . face to face.

Community Snapshot

Cool kids The Central Elgin Jazz Band kicks off the Summer Swing event at Quai du Vin Estate Winery June 24. The afternoon of music and dance from the big band era was a fundraiser for the Stork Club Big Band Museum and Hall of Fame in Port Stanley.

Guest Editorial wire-brushing, so he did what parents got away with, back in the day. He got the boys to do it. You know that story about Tom Sawyer and the fence? That was a town story. In the country, there was nobody else to sucker, except our sisters, and they were too little, and I think I was in the phase where I disliked girls almost as much as anything to do with painting. The job was interminable. No matter how much better the boards looked with red paint on them, all we could think about (when we weren’t fooling around instead of painting) was how many boards were still to go. Days and days of boards to paint. We never did finish. We reached a point where the neighbours could not see the unpainted part of the back barn from the road, and Dad said we could stop. I wish there were a life lesson out of this, something about the value of work. But really, it is a lot like hitting your head against the wall – it does feel good when you stop. It did then, and it still does.

At a loss for words A few weeks ago, I received a news release from the Shaw Festival in which the publicity director used the word ‘besotted’. Since it is not frequently used, I wrote a note to her to tell her how much I enjoyed seeing that word once more. English is a fluid, growing, changing language and many good words fall out of usage. I recall when I was in a play called ‘Harvey’ that Elwood’s sister used the word ‘festooned’ to describe how the decorations in her home were displayed. It’s a word that stuck with me. Words have been my tools of the trade for decades and I appreciate them at all levels, even if I am not as erudite as Rex Murphy. Teachers use words to reveal and politicians use words to conceal. I recall a certain Arkansas politician who swore up and down that he did not have “sexual intercourse with that woman”. He was right if you define the term strictly and

Terry Carroll - Publisher: [Ext. 25] Nancy Kelly Carroll - Sec./Treasurer: Anita LaRue - Editor: [Ext. 26] Heather Haight - Circulation: [Ext. 33] Linda Axelson - Sales: [Ext. 27]

by Ric Wellwood

he used this wordplay to conceal. They didn’t call him ‘Slippery Bill’ for nothing. Words can do a lot of good and a lot of harm, so they must be used carefully. Just last week, my wife was reading an Agatha Christie novel when she found that someone had “ejaculated” a phrase. At the time, it meant to spring something forward. It has since changed meanings, much as the word in Christie’s time: ‘gay’. It used to mean happy and cheerful. Now it is used as a qualifier for pride and a guide to sexual preference. Every year, the Oxford English Dictionary adds a new word that has evolved in contemporary society. I guess it makes them official English, even if I choose, you know, like, not to use them. I guess as Twitter continues its invasion, the bigger words will give way to codes and abbreviations. In a way, the language suffers because flowers are always choked out by weeds if left unattended. Like, our only hope is that people will continue to read and to grow, much as our language, you know.

Chris Heil - Sales: [Ext. 23] Doug Golding - Sales: [Ext. 24] Laura Bart - Office Manager: [Ext. 21] Jim McHarg - Creative Dept:

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Letter to the


Recently, I answered a knock on my door and a very pleasant, normal – speaking young man asked if he could enter my home to check my hot

water heater. He knew that I rented one, and he stated a company for which he was working, but suggested that he was assisting my company in

verifying the efficiency of my heater. I asked for him to wait, while I verified the situation. I closed the door, made the call and by the time I returned, he had walked away. I called him back and very pointedly told him that he had misrepresented his current situation. He

was not working for, or with, my company and that I was unpleased with his manner/approach. He stated that many people in my neighbourhood had agreed, and had signed an agreement. He further went on to state that there would

4th Annual Warden’s

Charity Golf Tournament

An amazing $37,000 was raised for Elgin-St. Thomas United Way Thanks to our Generous Sponsors:


St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News - July 5, 2012 7

be/was a five-year contract. I am writing this letter to help empower neighbours and friends. Please, be aware. It is not the fast talking door-todoor sales rep. It is the nice, young man/woman, who is canvassing the neighborhoods. They are looking to sweet talk you into a sweet deal that may or may not be so sweet. The Ontario Consumer Protection Agency told me that they have information on their website. Please, check it out before signing any contracts. A door-to-door salesman is not necessarily looking out for your best interest.

St. Thomas police investigated a break and enter that occurred at a Talbot Street restaurant sometime between 12 am and 6 pm May 10. Police say culprit (s) forced entry through a glass framed North back door. Once inside the premises an undisclosed amount of money was stolen from the night Police are continuing to investigate the incident. Anyone with information is asked to contact the St. Thomas Police Sharon Noad Service at 519-631-1364 or Crime 519-637-4479 Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477

Medical Pharmacies


Blue-Con London MediSystem Pharmacy


Aveiro Avertex Dowler Karn Duncor Enterprises Inc. Elgin St. Thomas EMS Paramedic (Thames)

Eastlink Elgin Business Resource Network Ellis Don Frank Cowan Company Gary D Robinson Contracting Ltd. Hennessey Gibson Hogan, LLP

ICPG Ethanol Inc. Interdev Norjohn Contracting and Paving Limited St. Thomas Elgin Weekly News Spriet Associates, Engineers & Architects Stringer Management Lawyers, LLP

SILVER Royal Fence Green Lane Community Trust

IBI Group Ontario Clean Water Agency

Charles T. Raven Professional Corp.

BRONZE Aaroc Aggregates Ambrose Plumbing Archibald Gray McKay Engineering Bernardo Group Limited C.D. Drywall and Acoustics Cedar Signs Climate Control Erth Holdings Inc. (CRU)

Special Thanks to:

H.D. Decorating & Painting Contractor Laemers Excavating MC Imaging Medical Mart Meridian Planning Consultants Inc. Mosey & Mosey Nicli Aggregates

Nine years old

and working like new. Tune-up your Massey Ferguson combine today with genuine AGCO parts. From headers and rasp bars to concaves and sprockets, your AGCO

Polar Imaging Protek Roto-Mill Suma Engineering Van Gorp Farm Drainage Limited Voyageur Transportation Whalls Electric Limited Yarmouth Metal Fabricators

Aylmer Express, Fine Print Division, Kathy’s Catering, McBain Signs & Graphic Design Inc., Spectrum Communications, Tarandowah Golfers Club, and all those who graciously donated Door Prizes, Silent Auction Items and Monetary Gifts

Proceeds from the 4th Annual Warden’s Charity Golf Tournament were donated to the Elgin St. Thomas United Way.

Parts dealer has the parts and expertise you can depend on. Only your AGCO Parts dealer has the OEM parts manufactured by the people who engineered and built your combine. AGCO Parts and your dealer are dedicated to keeping you in the field every harvest season. An easy way to stay ahead of regular maintenance is to sign your equipment up for the AGCO Parts PM360 Preventative TM

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8 July 5, 2012 - St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News

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Justice Corner Addressing the issue





Ask pediatrician Dr. Margaret Bertoldi about repeated immature behaviour which results in young persons coming into conflict with the law, and she will caution not to overlook the possi-

Compare & Save! Sale runs: July 6th to July 12th

Pickling Salt


/lb Oats quick and slow /lb Popping Corn /lb Thompson Raisins  /lb

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$2.49 Have you visited one of our wineries, beaches, restaurants, artisans, or heritage sites? Do you have a favourite event or spot in Elgin County & St. Thomas? If you have a photo, video or want to write about a positive experience you had in Elgin County & St. Thomas we want you to share it with us and others. Starting arting July 1st, enter online for your chance to win $1000 1000 inn Elgin County & St. Thomas Downtown Dollars att SPONSORED BY

Contest is open from July 1, 2012 to September 4, 2012. Contestants must be 16 years or older to enter. Promotional $1000 prize includes $500 in St. Thomas Downtown Dollars and $500 in Elgin County Dollars to be used at participating businesses only. No cash prize. One contest entry per person. The winner will be notified by September 12, 2012. By entering the Share Your Experience in Elgin County & St. Thomas contest you agree to the contest rules found at:

Chocolate Chips semi sweet /lb Pecans  halves and pieces 

By Bob Upsdell

ble involvement of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). In a recent lunch hour presentation sponsored by the Elgin Human Resources and Justice Coordinating Committee, Dr. Bertoldi explained to a group of local judges, lawyers, police, social workers, and others involved in the justice system, how alcohol consumption during any stage of pregnancy can cause irreparable damage to the brain, “the organ most sensitive to prenatal alcohol damage.” Written materials accompanying Dr. Bertoldi’s address claim that FASD is the most frequent birth defect in North America, and affects at least one out of every 100 Canadians. In early childhood, tell tale facial features can appear, and it is also not unusual for problems with memory, attention, concentration, and sensory irritations to begin to surface. By adulthood, developmental milestones for emotional maturity, social skills, money and time concepts, and comprehension lag drastically behind at age six and eight levels. In her remarks, Dr. Bertoldi singled out defence counsel for

special words of advice. She emphasized a long list of behaviours requiring particular attention, and the possible need for a psychological or neurological assessment. Her materials stressed the need to sometimes be prepared to ask the tough questions, including inquiring about the mother’s alcohol consumption during pregnancy. According to Dr. Bertoldi, managing the disorder places large burdens on families, and the education and justice systems. There is no known cure, and the disorder does not go away over time. A diagnosis only provides an understanding of how best to support the child. Those children who are the most successful in combating the disorder are those who enjoy periods of intense supervision, something difficult to manage in the day-to-day lives of most families and in our schools. All in all, this was a very informative talk by one of our many dedicated and caring local physicians, sending those in attendance away with things to ponder in their respective professional lives.



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Face Painting in the park Sisters Jalissa (left) and Mya Milli had their faces painted at Pinafore Park during the Canada Day celebration, July 1. (Photo by Dianne Bonner)

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St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News - July 5, 2012 9



Thirsty anyone? On June 27, grade six students from Southwold Public School set up a lemonade stand to help raise funds for ‘Free the Children.’ This has been a two-year initiative by student council to raise money to help build a school in Kenya. Sam Popen (backrow), Jacob Molyneau, Devon Sargeant, Jolie Kennedy (frontrow), and Amada Vlasman


271 Jubilee Road, Muncey 519-289-0004

Directions: Hwy 401 to Exit 157 • Exit North on Iona Rd. • Continue North for 7km • Turn east (right) on Jubilee Road • 3 km on your left.

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Pickup Times: 11:15, 2:45, 5:45 *Note bingo sessions are 2hr. 30min. London Pickup Locations: 190 Cherryhill Circle and 140 Cherryhill Place

If your name is drawn, have it submittted twice for the 50” draw to be held on the 26



BREAKFAST 11am-1pm $4.75









BREAKFAST 11am-1pm $4.75








BREAKFAST 11am-1pm $4.75






4 Ball Progressive Jackpot • Big 5 Progressive Jackpot • Pocket Slots LOOK FOR OUR FACEBOOK PAGE

Customers may call Paradise for the lunch special that day! Great food, great fun and friendly staff!!! Get all the latest Bingo Info on our web site:

GIANT BINGO! First Sunday of Every Month!

Smoking room for players. Wheelchair accessible.

$7500 Prize Board

Book Prices $8 per regular game strip Double Prize Payouts on Regular Games


The first male and female to bingo on a number will be King and Queen for that session. Each time their bingo number is called that session, those winners will receive $10 Best of luck to all players!!!

Coming Soon!! • New Food & Beverage Menu • New bingo bus pick up locations in London • New barrier free washrooms


10 July 5, 2012 - St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News

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The Corporation of the Municipality of


 Grasscycling REASON #1 TO GRASSCYCLE Grasscycling improves lawn quality. When grass clippings are allowed to decay naturally on the lawn, they release valuable nutrients, add water-saving mulch and encourage natural soil aeration by earthworms. WHAT IS GRASSCYLING? Grasscycling is the process of recycling grass clippings by leaving them on your lawn. Grasscycling saves time, reduces waste and leads to a deeper, healthier root system that increases your lawn’s resistance to disease, drought and insects.

Something To Think About... Affirmation of eternity It came to me the other day as I sat with a buddy of mine in a funeral service. Funerals are actually quite weird. A guy sat down beside us and wanted to talk horses and slot Geerlinks

Notice of Public Meeting - Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment On Monday, July 16, 2012, Council will hold a public meeting at the following time to consider the following application: 12:50 pm – 315 Colborne Street The applicant has made application to amend the Zoning By-law in order to support a development proposal to construct a townhouse development consisting of four singlestorey dwelling units. The townhouses will be rentals. All four units would front onto, and have individual access from, Colborne Street. Each unit is proposed to have one-bedroom with approximately 97.54m2 (1,050ft2) in gross floor area and an attached garage. The public meeting will be held in the Council Chambers of the Elgin County Administration Building, 450 Sunset Drive. A copy of the complete formal notice of public meeting is available at by clicking “Public Notices” or from the Municipal Office and the Central Elgin Planning Office. For additional information, please contact the Central Elgin Planning Office at 519-633-2560.

Committee of Adjustment Hearings On Monday, July 16, 2012, the Committee of Adjustment will hold public hearings, at the following times, into applications for minor variances respecting the following properties: 12:30 pm. - 42371 Dexter Line (COA 12-12); and 12:40 pm. - 10844 Wellington Road (COA 13-12 The hearings will be held in the Council Chambers of the Elgin County Administration Building, 450 Sunset Drive, Central Elgin. A copy of the complete formal notice of public hearing is available at by clicking “Public Notices” or from the Municipal Office and the Central Elgin Planning Office. For additional information, please contact the Secretary Treasurer, Committee of Adjustment, 519-631-4860 Ext 286.

Tender PW-12-001 2012 Crew Cab Long Box This tender is to supply one (1) crew cab long box pickup truck, one tonne diesel automatic4x4 drive, single rear wheel, 4491 kg to 5670 kg / 9900 to 12,500 lbs. GVWR Tenders close on: Thursday July 12, 2012 - 11:00 a.m. For further information view tender on the Central Elgin Website:


! w o N p o h S T GREAS DEAL

Yard Waste Depot Yard waste can be deposited at the Municipality's White Station Operations Centre at 42343 Fruit Ridge Line (approximately 1 km west of Sunset Road). The depot is open year round at the following times: Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm Thursdays from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm Yard waste must be in kraft paper bags. No plastic bags permitted. There is no charge to dispose of yard waste at this Depot.

machines. He was going on about how the Liberal government would not get re-elected because of their recent decision to remove the slot machines.  I'm thinking; 'Hey buddy – we're at a funeral!  Who cares about horses and slot machines!' But, he moaned on for a while. Then the service began.



Save 50% off Regular Price!

Wood Dinette 5 piece Reg. $649.00 NOW ......................$324.50 Sofa & Loveseat Gold Reg. $1099.00 NOW ................$549.50 Microfibre Sofa & Loveseat Beige Reg. $1319.00 NOW ................$659.50 Leather Sofa & Loveseat Black Reg. $2148.00 NOW ..................$1074 Bedroom Suite 8 piece Reg. $2199.00 NOW ....................$1099.50 Coffee Tables Reg. $219.00 NOW ......................$109.00 Odd Loveseats Reg. $699.00 NOW ............................$349 Double Size Box Spring & Mattress Set Reg. $799.00 NOW ......................$399.50 Queen Size Box Spring & Mattress Set Reg. $1049.00

NOW ......................$524.50

All Lamps in Stock ½ Price Bonded Leather Recliners (3 only) Reg. $499.00 NOW ..............$249.50

Assorted Area Rugs ........½ Price 7 Piece Bedroom Sets (2 only) ½ Price Electric Fireplaces (4 only) to clear

Many other pieces ..50% off All items subject to prior sales


295 Wellington St., St. Thomas Corner of First Ave. & Wellington 519-631-8346 Mon.- Fri. 9-8, Sat. 9-6, Sun. 10-5.

Pastor Cusick:

At a funeral service we all sit there and affirm one of two things. First, there is an affirmation of eternity. Funny how most people think nothing of eternity until the end – that is, their own end. Funerals rarely cause people to think about their own death – people just sit there blankly staring off into space.  As I look around the crowd, I see little affirmation of eternity.  People are wrapped up in their pain – as can be expected. However, I have conducted funerals and attended funerals that have been very different.  Yes, there is pain, sorrow and crying. But, underneath, there is an affirmation of eternity. It is as though everyone is thinking, “this is not all there is! This hurts – yes – but there is more!” Second, there is an affirmation of hopelessness and emptiness. When death comes – especially unexpected death – hopelessness immediately arrives.  The 'why?' question begins to be asked. When people are unprepared for eternity, there is just that – hopelessness, emptiness, and the nagging loss.   Both affirmations allow for personal pain, crying and loss but one has a foundation of eternality under it. When there is an affirmation of hopelessness, it is like an affirmation of nothingness.  Believing nothing. Having faith in nothing. So, funerals become an affirmation of nothingness – an affirmation of the finale – the end! However, I've noticed some funerals have eternality about them. People, in pain, can look past the pain to hope. Having a firm belief. Having a celebration of not only this life – but the life to come. And that, is something to think about.

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St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News - July 5, 2012 11

Feel the need for speed! Chris Smith (left), fund development; Gordan Parkin, crew chief and Jack Phillips, former board member, feel the need for speed around Raymone Charles Yeo racecar for the ‘Racing for Memories’ BBQ fundraiser on June 22. Proceeds go to the Alzheimer Society of St. Thomas. Raymond Charles Yeo will be racing from June to October to raise funds for the Alzheimer Society.

Young at Heart

Wednesday July 11 9:30am - 3:30pm


Working together Caring cupboard by Tim Harvey

The St. Thomas & Elgin Home Builders Association held their annual golf tournament on June 15 at Greenhill’s Golf Club and asked participants to contribute non-perishable food items to the St. Thomas Caring Cupboard. Libro Financial Group and myFM 94.1 in St. Thomas sponsored the event.  Over 1600 pounds of food and $950 were raised for a very worthy cause. Ron White an executive with the St. Thomas & Elgin Home Builders Association, and chair of the golf tournament delivered the food to Brian Burley, manager of the Caring Cupboard. Ron praised the golfers from Donwest Construction Limited whom by themselves brought in over 400 pounds of food.  The prize from Libro for the largest food contributor was a refund of their registration fee.  Donwest graciously donated the amount of $734.50 to the Caring Cupboard. Brian said that “the demand for food

for needy families in the community is up around 17 per cent over the last couple of years and sometimes we forget the economy is still experiencing difficult times and jobs are hard to get.� Brian also commented that local church’s and family events have also donated left over food from

The St. Thomas and Elgin Home Builders Association, Stefanie Coleman – Dias (left), president; John Gundy, executive officer; Ron White, executive officer and Brian Burley, manager of the St. Thomas Caring Cupboard. (Photo by Tim Harvey)

their events. If you’re having an event and have left over non-perishable food, call Brian Burley at (519) 633-5308




The Sifton Family Since 1926

We offer a Full Range of Funeral Planning Options 118 Wellington Street, St. Thomas

L. Brent Sifton Third Generation



For more information, please call the VON Office: 519-637-6408 1-800-201-0909 To book your free city transportation on Paratransit, call 519-631-0001. Free transportation on regular bus route (Elm St.) also avail. Seniors’ Card required.

NO HST ON ALMOST EVERYTHING IN STOCK! We’ll pay the tax - for a limited time only.

Jennings Furniture & Design



12 July 5, 2012- St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News




With extra sales at the slowest time of your week. A special feature in The Weekly News July 12, 19, 26 and August 2 and 9. Readers will love the great prices at certain times of the week only. Business owners will love the traffic it creates during the slowest times of your week. You won’t want to miss being part of this timely feature!

School’s out for summer!

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To participate: Call Linda, Chris or Doug today... at 519-633-1640 ext.27 ext.23 ext.24

No more pencils! On June 28, Ms. Ostrander’s grade one class at Elgin Court make some noise during the last day of school.

This summer The Weekly News takes a fresh look at areas of Elgin County. You’ll want to be part of: • Festival and Events • West Elgin • Ports of Elgin • Railway Capital of Canada • Central Elgin • Art & Culture • Aylmer & Malahide • Foods of Elgin • Outdoor Elgin • Southwold Your sales representative will be happy to discuss which of these issues will best promote your business. Call today for details. St.Thomas/Elgin

To participate: Call Linda, Chris or Doug today... at 519-633-1640 ext.27 ext.23 ext.24

www. t heweek ly n ew s. c a

No more books! On June 28, Ms. Kevany’s grade four class at Mitchell Hepburn are eager for school to be out for summer.

Delivered to over 30,000 addresses - WEEKLY

St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News - July 5, 2012 13

Music in the Park Concert Series Showcasing local musical talent each week. Morris F Jones Bandshell, Pinafore Park. July 8,

3 pm to 5 pm The Bee Singers, 7 pm Rock School (various youth groups) July 15, 7 pm Traci Kennedy July 22, 7 pm Dennis Wiley July 29, 7 pm Retreads – Country Music Friends August 5, 4 pm to 8 pm ALS Concert – Meg McTaggart and Friends

August 12, 7 pm Jerry Jeffery and The Country Classics August 19, 7 pm The Amazing Cropdusters August 26, 7 pm Stevie’s Sliders

Performers will be collecting donations for their performances.


To make sure you don’t miss this valuable advertising opportunity: call us at 519-633-1640


Fast, Honest, Reliable, Mortgage Solutions for you!

Natural Gas and Dishwasher Hookups

Vic Chetcuti Mortgage Agent Lic # M08003164

4th Generation Business Since 1962 7 Hydro Road, St. Thomas ON



ASK ABOUT OUR BOBCAT, BACKHOE & DOZER SERVICE *Decorative Stones & Boulders * Mulches * * Sands * Gravels *


370 Talbot St., St. Thomas

Getting Ready For The Water! CLIP N SAVE


* Topsoils * Patio Stones * * Retaining Walls * * Retail Store *

RECEIVE 15% OFF THE PRICE of any non-decorative stone product

(Delivery specials do not apply on above offer). Offer valid from July 6 till July 12/12. “Not to be used in conjunction with any other promotion” 36312 Talbot Line, Shedden


Service or Tune-Up Offer expires May 15, 2012 43588 SPARTA LINE, RR #4, ST. THOMAS 519-633-3784 Like us on Facebook





Bus: 519-631-7979 Cell: 519-773-0087

Chris Hogan


In the Cravings Plaza, 9 Princess Avenue, Unit 2 St. Thomas 519-631-4622 1-800-836-0910 What Makes Your Money Make Money! For Small Business and Personal Inquiries, Call Gail Dennis • Job Costing • Cash Flows • Financial Reports • Tax Planning Personal and accurate returns • Fixed Income Returns at reasonable rates

+ HST (Car only) (larger vehicles extra) *Note: Vehicles with pet hair / extra dirty additional charge.

519-207-8669 3-9 Princess Ave., St.Thomas, ON N5R 3V3 Powered by

The Mortgage Group™

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Gail Dennis

Prosperity Coach for Your Business and You • 300 South Edgeware Rd., St. Thomas, ON N5P 4L1 519-633-7597 (Ext. 405)

14 July 5, 2012 - St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News St.Thomas/Elgin

your pages • Inform • Buy • Sell • Find •

Advertise your community Vacation Bible School by Bill McKenzie. 40 theme "Bug Zone- Princess Avenue. July event here transformed by our big 12 & 13, 7pm. 2 males WEEKLY! FREE OF CHARGE! Please email your non-profit event to before Monday at 10am (25 words or less). No web addresses or email addresses please. Limit of one listing per organization per day. Space permitting . No attachments please.

Community Bulletin Board Do you have some spare time? VON has volunteer opportunities for you. Call VON at  519-637-6408 for more information. Girl Guides of Canada is accepting online registrations now, check it out for September, all ages from 5 years to adults. Local units in Port Stanley, Sparta and St. Thomas 519637-8448. Over 40? Single? Bored?  Join the Over 40 Social Singles Group.  Breakfast meet ups, bowling nights and other fun events. Find us on the web, search meetup groups in London, ON. Canadian Red Cross is looking for volunteers to drive individuals to and from appointments. Please call Erin

God", Open Bible Baptist Church, 9060 Hacienda Rd., Aylmer. For ages 2-12, July 9-13, 6:30-8:30pm, 519773-3303. VBS “Champions for God”, St. John’s, Port Stanley. July 9-13, 9:30-11:30am. Ages 5-12. Free Stories, Games & Snacks.

at 519-631-1611 for Speaker John VanEyk, Piper Noreen Lanning. further information. Thursday, July 5, 3- Bring lawn chair, if 6:30pm. Advance raining, service at Knox Registration for Bible Presbyterian Church, Seniors Picnic in the Vacation Camps at St. Fingal. Park, Wednesday, July Andrew's United Ham & Turkey Bingo, 11, 9:30am-3:30pm, Church, 60 West Ave. Sunday, Sunday, July 8. Pinafore Park, EnterDoors open 12:30pm. tainment, Food, Prizes, Info 519-631-4558. Fourth annual free fish- St. Thomas Legion, Br. Free Admission, for ing Derby from Bear 41. 24 Johns St. more information call the VON office 519Adventures for chil- Everyone welcome. dren, July 6, 9–2pm, Memorable Mondays, 637-6408. Pinafore Park, register July 9, 2-3pm, Aylmer- Wednesday, July 12, at YMCA, sponsored by Malahide Museum. 14 Euchre Club. We meet Kids Cops & Canadian East St. Aylmer, 519- every Wednesday 2Tire. Info 519- 773-9723. Topic: Fans 4pm at St. John's and Their Language, Church on Flora St. 6316184 or YMCA. The St. Thomas Garden includes program, re- Freewill offering, inTour will take place on freshments and hand- cludes all sorts of Sunday, July 8. Tickets out. Members – Free, scrumptious treats. Join us! are available from Non-members $5. Canadale Nurseries Monday, July 9 to Fri- Wallacetown W.I. celeLtd. and Bell's BookBin. day, July 13, Music brates 100th AnniverInformation: Richard at Camp, "Singing Al- sary, Thursday, July 12 leluia's", 9am-3:00pm at Wallacetown Hall, 519-633-3939. Decoration Day Fingal at St. Andrew's United 2pm. Join us for music Cemetery, July 8, 2pm. Church, 60 West Ave. & refreshments & Info 519-631-4558. fun.   Info 519-7625495 Louie.

Since 1963

• Siding, Soffit & Fascia • Seamless Eavestrough • Vinyl Windows & Doors

Delivered to over 30,000 addresses - WEEKLY



Harry Lusher is 95 years young Please join us as we celebrate this milestone on July 8, St. Thomas Senior Centre, 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Best Wishes only please. A non-perishable item for The Caring Cupboard would be appreciated.

& 6 females, 25 to 60. Prepared monologues are preferred. Ham & Scalloped Potatoes, Friday, July 13, 57pm. Cost $10 Adults,  $5 Children (512),  Under 5 Free.   It's time to 'ham' it up at St. John's Church on Flora St.  Pay at the door.

Worship Services 9:00am only

(BAS) Holy Communion Father Jawn Kolohon Officiating

Please come and join us 519-631-7000


New Sarum Baptist Church

Pastor Phil Butler Hwy 74 & 3 519-765-1108

St. Thomas Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Come Celebrate in Joint Services with Central United Church. Service 10:30am Sunday School Provided

10:30 am - Coffee Break, 11:15 am – Worship Service

451 Wellington St., St. Thomas, ON N5R 5X8 519 631-7490

All welcome.

Chestnut St.

Donations gratefully accepted

M-F 9-5, Sat. 9-3

needed. Call Dan 519- Church on Flora St. Freewill offering, in633-9188. Cactus, Cattle and Cowboys, Battle of the Monday, July 23 to Fri- cludes all sorts of Bands, July 21, Miller day, July 27, Bible scrumptious treats. Park, West Lorne, 9am- Camp, Hermie & Join us! 6pm. Free entrance & Friends, 9am-3:00pm Port Stanley Public Liconcert by 76 South, at St. Andrew's United Continued on next page 7pm. Horse parade, Church, 60 West Ave. vendors galore, dog Info 519-631-4558. AYLMER agility and more. Wednesday, July 26, FURNITURE AND Join us!

Junior disc golf tourna- Euchre Club. We meet ment, July 21, 9am- every Wednesday 23pm. V A Barrie park 4pm at St. John's ages 6-15. Free. 100 player limit. Entry pack, lunch and prizes for all. No experience

Whisker Tickles Cat Sitting Service

APPLIANCES Large selection of Cottage Furniture and Mattress Sets Open Mon. – Sat. 8-6 429 John St. N. (Tall building behind Beer Store)



Delivery can be arranged

From Professionals you can Trust! Contact us today for a free estimate:



“Over 30 years experience”

Free Estimates 1-800-865-8654 Visit our website:

Summer Service

Summer Services Joint with Centre Street Baptist Church, held at Knox Presbyterian Church Won’t you please join us! We’re celebrating 175 years!

Elgin Business Womens Network, July 18 meeting, The Wharf Restaurant & Banquet Hall, Port Stanley, netMonday, July 16 to Fri- working 6pm, dinner day, July 20, Bible Ad- 7pm, RSVP online or to venture and on the 519-637-3777. Water! 9am-3:00pm at St. Andrew's United Wednesday, July 19, Church. 60 West Ave. Euchre Club. We meet every Wednesday 2Info 519-631-4558. 4pm at St. John's St. Thomas Seniors Church on Flora St. Centre, Christmas in Freewill offering, inJuly. Full Turkey Dinner cludes all sorts of with all the trimmings! scrumptious treats. Wednesday, July 18. Dinner at 5:00pm, FURNITURE, Auditions, Old Love by Tickets $10 Advance, CLOTHING, Norm Foster, directed $12 Day of. 225 SHOES, HARDWARES, APPLIANCES, ETC.


The Church with the Purple Steeple

Hincks Street at Wellington Street 519-631-2414 Minister: Rev. Mavis Currie Organist and Choir Director: Dr. W. D. Carroll July 8th., 2012 - 10:30am

Field Naturalist Butterfly Count, Saturday, July 14, 9am, meet at Woodland Pavilion, Pinafore Park .    Info 519-769-2094. Vacation Bible Camp, Knox Presbyterian Church, Fingal, July 16-20. Info or registration call Ruby Cromwell 519-7692519.

Trinity Anglican Church

Knox Presbyterian Church


7 First Avenue, St.Thomas 519-633-7300

July Liquidation Sale Everything must go! Make an offer. Selling at cost and below. Most cars certified & e-tested. 1222 Talbot Street, St. Thomas Phone:519-631-8038 Fax: 519-207-2455

Monday, July 9, 2012 6p.m.

We repair: push, rider, tillers, weed eaters and much more Pickup & delivery available

St. Thomas Roadhouse Bar & Grill

50/50 Draw • Door Prizes

Tickets available at the shelter 14 St. Catharine Street • 519-631-5757


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Classified Word Ads:


your pages



plus HST

brary, 302 Bridge St., displays the work of Guild Next Deadline is Monday, by 10am : members Judy Ross and email Aganeta Sawatzky in Au519-633-1640 ext. 21 Prepayment gust. Call 519-782-4241 Required for times.


MUST SELL, 2003 CHEVY BLAZER, 4X4. Good condition, p.s., p.b., p. windows, 4 door.  Recently tuned. Asking $6,000 obo.  Please call 519631-5219, after 6.

CHILD CARE NEEDED, We are in need of an honest, caring, dependable person to provide care to our 2 boys ages 9 and 11 in our home in Fingal. We require someone from Sunday until Thursday 2:30-11:30pm and will COMING EVENTS pay $200/week. Contact Bev or Pete TRAVEL BY TRAIN, Branson Christmas, 519-769-0260. November 13-19. San Antonio and HOMES FOR SALE New Orleans, October 6-11. Call Tour Director Carol for itinerary and prices, BANK FORECLOSURE PROPERTIES & DISTRESS SALE HOMES. Free listings 519-268-8007. sent to you BEFORE they are on the COMPUTERS public system. WILSDON COMPUTER SERVICES - Basic setup, operating system inSERVICES OFFERED stall/upgrade, internet setup/repair, Tune-Up, recommended safety suite, ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS – Drinking rescue disc, data transfer, data is your business. Helping you to stop backup. In-Home service available. is ours. Call 519-633-0430 or Write Call Sara or Ian Wilsdon 519-633- P.O. Box 220001, St. Thomas, ON 9638. N5R 4P5.

DANCE BALLROOM DANCE LESSONS – Next session starts Monday, July 23 in St. Thomas. Learn to dance Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing, Rumba, Cha-Cha and more. Singles and couples welcome. Contact Michael Murphy 519-9836290

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15 St. Catharine St., Lower, St. Thomas:

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Wednesday, August 23, Euchre Club. We meet every Wednesday 2-4pm at St. John's Church on Flora St. Freewill offering, includes all sorts of scrumptious treats. Join us!

Wednesday, August 2, Euchre Club. We meet every Wednesday 2-4pm at St. John's Church on Flora St. Freewill offering, includes all sorts of scrumptious treats. Join us!

Wednesday, August 30, Euchre Club. We meet every Wednesday 2-4pm at St. John's Church on Flora St. Freewill offering, includes all sorts of scrumptious treats. Join us!

Tuesday, August 7 to Friday, August 10, Music Camp, "Music, Music, Everywhere"  9am-3:00pm at St. Andrew's, 60 West Ave. Info 519-631-4558.

Port Stanley Public Library, 302 Bridge St., displays the work of Guild members Chantal Hutchingame and Carolyne McLeod in September.  Call 519-7824241 for times.

Wednesday, August 9, Euchre Club. We meet every Wednesday 2-4pm at St. John's Church on Flora St. Freewill offering, includes all sorts of scrumptious Non-profit groups, send your Community treats. Join us! Billboard announcements (25 words or Memorable Mondays, Aug less per item by text email, no attach13, 2-3pm, Aylmerments or email/websites in ad) to Malahide Museum. 14 East St. Aylmer, 519-773-9723. Topic: Let’s Go Swimming: includes program, refreshments and hand-out. Members – Free, Nonmembers $5.

Flyer Inserts That Get You Results

Canada Southern Station. Call 519-633-2535 for more information.

Monday, August 13 to Friday, August 17, Bible Camp 'The Wonders of Nature' ,9am-3:00pm at St. Andrew's, 60 West Ave. Info 519-631-4558. Wednesday, August 16, Euchre Club. We meet every Wednesday 2-4pm at St. John's Church on Flora St. Freewill offering, includes all sorts of scrumptious treats.  Join us! Shopping Bus to Walden Galleria Mall and Target in Buffalo NY, Sat. August 18, $42pp includes return transportation only, must have valid passport. For tickets/info please call 519-852-2161. Railway Adventure Camp, August 20-24, $120/child. Presented by Elgin County Railway Museum and

St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News - July 5, 2012 15

Memorable Mondays, Sept 10, 2-3pm, AylmerMalahide Museum. 14 East St. Aylmer, 519-773-9723. Topic: Back to School, includes program, refreshments and hand-out. Members – Free, Nonmembers $5.

Memorable Mondays, Nov 12, 2-3pm, AylmerMalahide Museum. 14 East St. Aylmer, 519-773-9723. Topic : Curator’s Choice, includes program, refreshments and hand-out. Members – Free, Nonmembers $5.

Aylmer Christian Community will host Christian song writers, Keith and Kristin Getty and their band from Tennessee on September 19. For tickets call Sharon 519 773-2894. 

Non-profit groups, send your Community Billboard

Memorable Mondays, Oct 15, 2-3pm, AylmerMalahide Museum. 14 East St. Aylmer, 519-773-9723. Topic: Beautiful Books and Book Markers, includes program, refreshments and hand-out. Members – Free, Non-members $5.

announcements (25 words or less per item by text email, no attachments or email/websites in ad) to

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DEATH NOTICES ALLMAN, WILLIAM “BILL” H. of St. Thomas, passed away Wednesday, June 27, 2012 in his 68th year. A funeral service was held June 30, 2012. Williams Funeral Home Ltd. CAMPBELL, GERTRUDE of Aylmer, passed away June 30, 2012 in her 99th year. A funeral service was held July 3, 2012. H.A. Kebbel Funeral Home. ENS, NICKOLAS of RR #2, Aylmer, passed away Sunday, July 1, 2012 in her 89th year. A funeral service was held July 4, 2012. H.A. Kebbel Funeral Home. GARDINER, ISABELLA ALEXANDER of St. Thomas, passed away Saturday, June 30, 2012 in her 87th year. Public memorial service held July 5, 2012 at 11am. Williams Funeral Home Ltd. HILLIKER, JAMES of RR #4, Aylmer, passed away on Tuesday, June 26, 2012 in his 59th year. A funeral service was held June 30, 2012. H.A. Kebbel Funeral Home. LOUWS, ANDY of St. Thomas, passed away Wednesday, June 27, 2012 in his 53rd year. A funeral service was held July 2, 2012. Williams Funeral Home Ltd. McCORMACK, BABY KENNEDY RHIAN, newborn daughter of Alicia (Edwards) and Jeremy McCormack of Strathroy, passed away on Thursday, June 28, 2012. Kennedy was born on June 22, 2012. A private family service. Williams Funeral Home Ltd. McEOWN, RICHARD of R.R. 4, Aylmer, passed away Tuesday, June 26, 2012 in his 70th year. A funeral service was held June 30, 2012. H.A. Kebbel Funeral Home. MORRISON, THOMAS EARL of St. Thomas, passed away on Monday, June 25, 2012 at the age of 50. A service was held June 29, 2012. Williams Funeral Home Ltd. PEARCE, HAROLD FRANKLIN of St. Thomas, passed away Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at the age of 82. Private interment. Shawn Jackson Funeral Home.

PHILLIPS, ELTON CHARLES passed away on Thursday, June 28, 2012 at the age of 68. Public memorial service held July 7, 2012 at 11am. Williams Funeral Home Ltd. PHOENIX, JEAN of St. Thomas and formerly Aylmer, passed away Saturday, June 30, 2012 in her 92nd year. A funeral was held July 4, 2012. H.A. Kebbel Funeral Home. ROBBINS, BRADLEY WILLIAM passed away Friday, June 22, 2012 at the age of 52. A family service held at a later date. Shawn Jackson Funeral Home. ROBINSON, BABY JACK ALAN, son of Matthew Robinson and Kate Robbie of St. Thomas, passed away Thursday, June 28, 2012. Visitation was July 2, 2012. Shawn Jackson Funeral Home SMITH, THOMAS JAMES of Woodstock, passed away Tuesday, June 26, 2012 in his 54th year. A service was held June 30, 2012. H.A. Kebbel Funeral Home. TAPSELL (RICKETTS), ELSIE ALENA ALICE of St. Thomas, passed away Friday, June 29, 2012 in her 93rd year. A funeral service was held July 4, 2012. Williams Funeral Home Ltd.




Sifton Family Owned Since 1926 We offer a full range of funeral planning options


118 Wellington Street, St. Thomas

16 July 5, 2012 - St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News

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STORE DIRECTORY Bentley .................................................................. 637-8021 Charm Diamond Centre..................................... 637-8020 Dairy Queen / Orange Julius ............................637-2542 Dorlene...................................................................637-1255 Elgin Mall Dental Office .....................................637-1811 Elgin Travel & Cruises.........................................633-6300 Experts Tailoring & Alterations.........................852-1035 Flair Jeans & Alterations ...................................633-4794 GNC.........................................................................637-0023 Galaxy Cinemas ...................................................631-2261 GoodLife Fitness .............................633-8475 & 631-1501

ONTARIO EARLY YEARS Participate in a FREE playgroup Thursday mornings from 9:30-11:30am. Parents/caregivers and children from birth to six years of age are welcome.

ST. THOMAS DOLL CLUB The club meets the last Monday of the month from 7-9pm in the Community Room. If you are a doll enthusiast, come out and join the fun. All are welcome

Hairmasters...........................................................633-2440 Hallmark.................................................................633-7675 K&K Locksmith.....................................................631-4110 Knockout Fashions..............................................633-0530 LifeLabs ......................................................1-877-849-3637 Magic Nails...........................................................631-3413 Mags, Smokes & More ......................................633-9773 Metro......................................................................633-8780 Northern Reflections ..........................................633-4853 OMAC Mortgage .................................................637-1850 Payless Shoe Source .........................................637-7796 Pharmasave..........................................................631-5551 Rayna......................................................................633-4944

THE PERK CAFE Open at 8:30am Serving coffee, tea, muffins and more!

FLAIR FASHIONS Has relocated!! Stop in and see our new location by the Food Court right beside Tan Jay.

DORLENE Liquidation Sale 25% off Lowest Price Everything must go!

Rogers Wireless ..................................................637-0384 Riverbed Aqua Massage ...................................207-3225 Smithbooks............................................................633-4717 Sport Mart .............................................................631-4006 St Thomas Town & Country Realty..................207-3000 Stitches ..................................................................631-4600 Subway ..................................................................631-0331 Suzy Shier..............................................................633-1336 TD Canada Trust...................................................633-4640 Tan Jay ...................................................................633-5524 The Perk.................................................................631-3242 Wok Express.........................................................637-6426 Zellers.....................................................................633-4645

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July 5th, 2012 Issue  

News and views from in and around St.Thomas and area.

July 5th, 2012 Issue  

News and views from in and around St.Thomas and area.