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The Weekly News - Thursday, September 25, 2014


Tyler is a wonderful pet The view from here Terry Carroll


ast week, David Smith called The Weekly News looking for the original picture of the dog he and Heather Robinson had adopted in 2012. We found that photo, and since pets are incredibly important to the people of St. Thomas, I asked David if he would share some details of that adoption. Here’s the story in David’s words … “I saw Tyler with the ‘Adopt Me’ kerchief around his neck in the Weekly News on June 21, 2012. I called the paper and your news editor gave me Lois Jackson’s number from ABC Rescue. She put me in contact with Lois Colussi, who was his foster parent at the time. “On Sunday, June 24, 2012, we met Tyler at a ‘Seniors Day’ at Bark and Fitz in London. We knew then we wanted to adopt him. “After two or three visitation days (during which Lois dropped him off and

picked him up each day), we signed the adoption papers. Lois cried at having to give him up as Tyler was her favourite, even though she and her husband were fostering 13 dogs and cats. “Before this, Tyler was at Animal Services St. Thomas. For the worst cases, they call the rescue groups as they can afford medical attention for these animals. Tyler was the pet of an older woman who could no longer care for him. “When ABC Rescue took control, he was in very rough shape. They use Beaver Creek Animal Hospital in St. Thomas to rehabilitate their rescues. Under their care, Tyler had all his teeth removed as they were beyond repair, shots updated, and x-rays to determine the reason for a chronic cough. A heart murmur was also diagnosed. “I estimate the retail value for the work that was done on Tyler to be in the $3,000-$4,000 range. We adopted Tyler for a $390 fee. ABC Recue and Lois perform an incredible service. “Tyler is a wonderful pet for us and has become a major focus for Heather and me to make his life as rich as we can.” -David Smith and Heather Robinson

Taking time to stop and help out

But, as Jason went zooming past he started to hear a familiar voice in his head. It was the voice of his dad. Something to After a two-second conversation with think about ‘dad,’ Jason pulled the u-turn and headed back. Pastor Cusick Jason’s son smelled a rat and said: “No, dad. Can’t we just go home?” few months ago a friend of mine, Jason replied, “Oh it won’t take long.” Jason, told the following story: And you know, it didn’t. And the Apparently, Jason had been guy changing the tire definitely needed very very busy, running here and there, help. Jason got back in the car and his getting lots done, and potentially staying frustrated son asked: “Why did we have to ahead of the avalanche. stop? Why did you have to help that guy?” Jason had just finished taking his kid to Here is Jason’s response: “Because my hockey and was anxious to get home and dad always stopped.” put his feet up. On the way home, at a difWhat are we teaching the next genficult place, he saw a guy trying to change eration? What values are we giving a flat tire. ‘Trying’ being the operative them? What are we showing them by our word. choices, our lifestyles, our plans, and our My friend quickly pushed the thought attitudes? What voices are going to go away and went roaring past. off in their heads when they pass a single After all, Jason mused, he didn’t know mom struggling with her groceries? Or, a the guy. homeless man? Or a lost child? Or ... well, He was tired and had already done I’m sure you get it. And that, is something ‘quality’ time with his kid. to think about.



Tim harvey photo

Horton Face painting: Emily Cloes holds her three-year-old daughter Ryder, who has just taken advantage of the free face painting by Isabelle Nethercott at the Horton Street Market on Sept. 20. Isabelle will be at the market every Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon until the end of October.

Critters preparing for coming snowfall

less who lost part of her tail in a border skirmish but is gutsy and friendly to the point where she will actually feed from my As I hand. see it Her home is a den burrowed under our deck and I am sure that she has a brood Ric Wellwood of two to eight youngsters who will come out into the world to forage for themselves ave you noticed that the wind is from October onwards. Each is very terinsistent and a bit cooler than last ritorial, which may explain why their tails month? The leaves are turning are at risk from other chipmunks who bite and many of the little critters that have into their retreating forms. passed an idyllic summer at our place Other than Adelaide, there are some are preparing to dig in for the inevitable chipmunks we recognize from one scar snowfalls. or another. A few years ago, I thought May they be many weeks from now it would be easier to identify them with while I enjoy the wonderful autumn that different cans of spray paint, but reason signals those times when plants hunker prevailed and I let nature look after itself. down for a chilly period and everybody A time is coming when I won’t see them thinks about Thanksgiving or Christmas. and will judge the arrival of spring by the I am reminded particularly about the sighting of my first “chippie” of the seachange of seasons when my friendly chip- son. Like bears, they have the good sense munks start stuffing their cheeks to prepare to sleep though rough weather and come for cold days. Many have youngsters that out for the good times. There are other arrived in mid-August and will not open things to enjoy in the winter months, but their eyes until mid-October. I will be waiting for Addie and her kids to My particular favourite is Adelaide Tail- come out to play.


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September 25, 2014  

St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News

September 25, 2014  

St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News