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March 13, 2014 Volume 8 No. 95

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ECRM is a fixer-upper JESSE CNOCKAERT The Weekly News

The Colin McGregor Justice Building, located at 145 Curtis St., was constructed in 1971. St. Thomas city council considered renovating the building, but on March 10 voted to build a whole new facility, which will be on 4.5 acres of city land on Third Ave., near the Timken Centre.

City police will move to new building It’s out with the old and in with the new as St. Thomas city council has finally decided to build a new police station. The choice of whether to build a new police station or just renovate the existing one has been looming over council for years. On March 10 it all came to a close in a lengthy, and at times heated, discussion, which ended with council voting by a margin of 5-3 to approve the construction of a new police building on Third Avenue The motion was opposed by aldermen Lori Baldwin-Sands, Jeff Kohler and Mark Cosens. Council received a police station cost comparison report, prepared by the Police Building Administrative Committee, which gave

an estimation of $12.9 million to renovate the existing station, and $17.7 million to move to Third Ave. The report mentions that these figures are “derived from a host of architectural and engineering analysis,” and therefore, what either of these options would cost can’t really be known without actually going to tender. Alderman David Warden expressed confidence the move to a new building could be done in a cost-effective way. Warden is the chair of Elgin St. Thomas Public Health, which in February moved to a newly constructed facility of 30,000 square feet, about the same size needed for the new police station. The construction of the new Public Health building fell below its $10 million budget. “Because of low interest rates and competitive building contracts it is possible, with strict

budget monitoring, to build a 30,000-squarefoot building, land purchase included, for less than $10 million,” Warden said. Regardless, alderman Mark Cosens preferred to renovate the existing building at 145 Curtis St., which was built in 1971, because he saw it as the less expensive option. Cosens wanted to avoid adding any unnecessary deficit to the city’s infrastructure. “We’re pretty tight right now. This is a tough economy,” said Cosens “The police station is an investment in our community. But we have a lot of infrastructure in our community that could use some attention.” The less spent on the police station, Cosens argued, the more could be put to use on other projects, such as Talbot Street improvements. ▼


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Preserving history may be priceless for some, but the plans for restoration of the Elgin County Railway Museum have been estimated at more than $23.8 million. The museum, located on Wellington Street, has completed its study outlining repairs and upgrades it would like done to the 100-year-old building, which is the former Michigan Central Locomotive repair shop. The $5,000 study, which was paid for out of a 2013 city grant to the museum, updates the budget developed in 2009. The original budget estimated $21.7 million would be needed for the restoration of the building. The new budget comes in at $23.8 million. “It’s a pretty daunting number to look at,” said museum president Jeremy Locke, which is why he says the museum has broken the project down into more manageable chunks. “When I looked at that price tag, I said we’ve got to come up with a phased-in approach to get where we need to be,” he said. Somewhere between $5-7 million would handle the major renovations to get the building back on its feet. The most expensive renovations will be to the main building roof, windows and brick work. Roof repair, estimated at $1.6 million total, could be separated into sections to make fundraising easier. According to the study, a quarter of the whole roof could be restored for $400,000, or some smaller sections, about 10 percent of the roof, could be restored at about $160,000 each. Window repair is estimated at $1.3 million, and masonry repointing is at $2.3 million. The study describes how these See PLAN, Page 3

Going to tender for new building

St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

vations, we have $17.8 million, nobody knows what those figures are, yet the pubDuring the discussion, mayor Heather lic has been made aware it’s going to cost ­Jackson brought up that, before the meet- $150 a year in taxes. That’s fear mongering, alderman Baldwin-Sands had posted ing,” Campbell said. on her Facebook page that the “proposed Baldwin-Sands said that the $150 per year option for Third Avenue could cost (the) was based on a house assessed at $180,000 average taxpayer $150 per year for 10 and she would “stick by those numbers.” years.” The police station cost comparison report Jackson and alderman Gord Campbell mentions that no provisions for costs ascalled this post “fear-mongering.” sociated with rehabilitating or demolishing “You have put this out there before this the old police station have been made. meeting even started and before this debate The Third Ave. site will also need a firing takes place. That is fear mongering,” Jack- range, which could cost another $3.2 milson said. lion. Campbell said that, without tendering the Darryl Pinnell, chief of the St. Thomas work, there wasn’t any real number that police, will be a part of the committee that could be debated. looks at the Request for Proposal (RFP) “We have a figure at $12.9 million reno- for architectural design for the new police building. “We’re certainly pleased we’ve got to this point. We’re finally Here to assist moving forward,” Pinell said. you with “The deficiencies in the buildyour Federal ing have been well established. I Government Issues believe council has made a good decision in moving forward with a Third Ave. site.”


The Weekly News - Thursday, March 13, 2014


Ladies and Gents: Let’s Talk about Stents

By Steve Bond BSc.Phm., CDE, FASCP

Pharmacy Operation Manager

For more information, check out our blog: yurekpharmacy.

A patient of mine asked about coronary stents. While I’m not an expert in the field of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI or angioplasty), I am familiar with the medications used after such a procedure. PCI is a procedure where a cardiologist inserts a deflated balloon or other device on a catheter from an artery up through blood vessels until they reach the site of blockage in the heart in hopes of clearing a blockage. One concern following PCI was collapse of the blood vessel immediately following the procedure or re-blockage of the artery months after the procedure. This led to the development of stents. Stents are small, lattice-shaped metal tubes permanently inserted into the coronary arteries. The first stent was implanted into a human in 1986. The problem of collapse was solved, but 25% of patients had their artery blocked again 6 months after procedure. This is due to the body’s response to the foreign metal object. For this reason, drug-eluting stents were developed which released small amounts of medication which prevented the body from reacting to the stent. This reduced the risk of re-blockage from 25% to 4%. Unfortunately, the risk of clotting increased. As such, antiplatelet medications are prescribed for patients after bare and drug-

Flu shots are available at our store.

eluting stent placement. Assuming no allergy, it is common for all patients who undergo PCI to be on low dose Aspirin. This will continue lifelong. In addition, they will have one of 3 other antiplatelet medications: Clopidogrel (Plavix), Ticagrelor (Brilinta) or Prasugrel (Effient). These are usually considered for 1 to 12 months and may be continued after this time. The duration of these medications and dosing is determined by the type of stent, risk of clotting and risk of bleeding. Whichever medication is chosen or duration prescribed, it is critical to adhere to therapy and not stop prematurely. Stopping therapy early can lead to increased risk of clotting which can lead to heart attack and death. It is also imperative to start therapy when prescribed. In a study of 7402 patients who had drug-eluting stents, 16% didn’t fill their prescription on day of discharge and the average delay was 3 days. Those who delayed had twice the risk of dying from a heart attack. The last point I will make about anti-platelets is to talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your other medications as some may increase the risk of bleeding (antiinflammatories such as advil or aleve) and others may increase risk of clotting (certain stomach medications such as omeprazole). Take care of yourselves and each other.

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Correction notice:

In the Feb. 20 issue of The Weekly News it was stated that Lumar Machining & Manufacturing Ltd. was located at 75 Silver St. The correct address is 35 Silver St.

Temporary Arrangement For The Disposal Of Bulky Waste

The City of St.Thomas is pleased to introduce alternate solutions in waste management. During the balance of 2014, commencing on March 1, 2014, the drop off of bulky waste, not collected at the curb will be accepted at the three sites listed below. Each site maintains its own tipping fee structure and list of acceptable items. Residents are encouraged to visit each website to familiarize themselves with the operation.

Remember to Cover Up! The Highway Traffic act requires that when transporting material the load is securely tied and/covered to prevent litter and debris from blowing onto the roads

1200 Green Valley Road, London 519-681-0606

Hours: Monday to Friday: 7:30 am to 5:00 pm

Hours: Monday to Friday 8am–5pm

Saturday: 7:30 am to 3:00 pm

Saturday 8am–12pm

71 Centennial Ave St Thomas 519-633-2223

We Purchase:

Electronics, Scrap Metal Appliances (including fridges/freezers) Automotive Parts Batteries (automotive and household) Vehicles

Accepted Free of Charge: Tires, Propane Tanks Force is a full serviced scrap handling facility that purchases or accepts free of charge all types of steel and various metals to be recycled. Also offering, free vehicle pick up and bin drop off in certain areas. (call for details)

Accepted Items: Home renovation waste (Wood/shingles/drywall) Electronics (free of charge) Construction & demolition debris Brush & tree stumps Household furniture & rubbish Concrete (free of charge) Brick, block & rubble Asphalt (free of charge) Tires (free of charge) All items subject to a tipping fee, unless stated Site has a $25 minimum charge (appox 450lbs) *Residents of St. Thomas will receive a $12.50/load discount with proof of residency.

3544 Dingman Drive London 519-457-1566

Hours: Monday to Friday 7am–6pm Saturday 8am–2pm

Accepted Items:

Construction & renovation debris and mixed loads Yard Waste,(brush, grass, leaves) Household furniture & rubbish Reinforced concrete Rubble (concrete, brick, blocks) Shingles, Clean Wood Recyclable Fill (Dirt, gravel) Ashphalt(free of charge) Tires (free of charge) All items subject to a tipping fee, unless stated Site has a $25 minimum charge (appox 450lbs) *Residents of St. Thomas will receive a $12.50/load discount with proof of residency.

Environmental Envir vironmental onmental Services Services Depar Department tment • 545 Talbot albot St. P.O. .O Bo Box x 520 St. Thomas, ON N5P 3V7 (519) 631- 1680, ext 4258 Fax: (519) 631-2130 •

It’s hard to explain puns to kleptomaniacs because they always take things literally.

The Weekly News - Thursday, March 13, 2014


The restoration project timeline will depend heavily on sponsorship, but Locke estimates it could all projects could likewise be done within three to be divided into smaller five years. work projects. In the long term, the The museum will museum has plans to launch its capital cam“This is one of the very enhance the site furpaign in May to seek out grants and donalast pieces of ­industrial ther by planting urban community tions from the public rail architecture left in orchards, gardens and to work and corporations. with the city of St. the city.” “This is one of the Thomas recreation devery last pieces of inpartment to develop a dustrial rail architecture Jeremy Locke, ECRM central park with trail left in the city. If this is president activities. Future conallowed to disappear, cepts also include conthe only remnants left struction of a $25,000 will be the (CASO) staamphitheatre which could be used during tion,” Locke said. The 55,000-square-foot building has the summer. been the headquarters of the museum since More information about the museum 1988. Its exhibits vintage railway maps, may be found at photographs, shop tools and a model railway, showing off how St. Thomas came to be called the Attention Landowners, Farmers, Hunters & the General Public “Railway Capital of Canada.” One of St. Thomas’ biggest an- MPP Jeff Yurek will be hosting public meetings to discuss Deer Management and other Natural Resource issues on the following dates; nual tourist events, a Thomas the Meeting Information: Tank Engine-themed event called Date: March 18th, 2014, 7:00pm Day Out With Thomas, is held evat the German Canadian Club Saxonian Hall 522 Talbot Street, W., Aylmer, Ontario ery July at the St. Thomas-Elgin Date: March 24th, 2014, 7:00pmMemorial Centre. Locke pointed at the Shedden Keystone Complex out that, once the restoration is 35921 Talbot Line, Shedden, Ontario complete, there’s no reason Day Topics for discussion include: Out With Thomas couldn’t be be 1. Shotgun deer hunts in WMU 91 & 92, 5. Special Purpose Account (SPA) funding allocation boundary changes and removal of moved to the museum. The mudeer hunts 6. Hunting Regulation seum’s location, in the downtown 2. controlled Summary distribution MNR’s Deer Management program core of St. Thomas, might make 3. Additional deer seals and allocation 7. Service Ontario, MNR and Public Service process concerns the event more profitable for local 8. Turkey Hunting and 4. Licence fee increases businesses, Locke speculates. Trespass concerns The study was prepared by Meetings are open to the public. SJMA Architecture Inc. of Lon- For more information please contact Whitney at the constituency office don. at 519-631-0666 or e-mail Continued from front


g n I T n TI L ABLE



BEFORE YOU CLAIM 519.633.9042

0r 1-800-897-0596 WE PAY UP TO $300 DEDUCTIBLE

940 Talbot Street, St. Thomas

St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

Plan to restore Railway Museum

St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

The Weekly News - Thursday, March 13, 2014


The Corporation of the Municipality of

Central Elgin

CE BUZZ My-Waste App Never miss another garbage collection day! Download the My-Waste app to obtain a personalized waste collection calendar, set reminders, obtain waste information or report a problem to Central Elgin - pothole, garbage, etc. All you need is an Android or Apple phone or tablet. Visit the appropriate app store, download the app to your device, and select your info.

Agenda and Minute Notifications Are you interested in receiving a notification when agendas and minutes are published? Central Elgin’s new CivicWeb Portal, which can be accessed through the green “CivicWeb Council Portal” button on our main website, allows citizens to subscribe to meetings of interest. Once an agenda or set of minutes have been published for that meeting type, citizens will receive an email notification. To subscribe, visit the Portal and click on E-Updates.

Volunteer Opportunity The Town of Aylmer, the Municipality of Bayham, the Municipality of Central Elgin, the Municipality of Dutton/Dunwich, the Municipality of West Elgin, the Township of Malahide, and the Township of Southwold are currently seeking interested applicants with accounting, auditing and legal experience, from professionals who are required to adhere to codes or standards of their profession and from individuals with in depth knowledge of the campaign financing rules of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, for appointment to the Elgin Election Joint Compliance Audit Committee. For more information, including the Terms of Reference and Application Form, please visit “Employment Opportunities” on our website under the “Civic Centre” menu, or contact Dianne Wilson, Deputy Clerk, Municipality of Central Elgin at 519-631-4860 ext. 286.

ExpEriEncEd BookkEEpEr/ rEcEptionist

special recognition from the library: Greg Grondin, St. Thomas Public Library board chair, presents the Ontario Public Library Association­­Special Recognition Award to Rudi Denham for more than 10 years of service as editor of Ho-OPLA, the electronic in Simply Accounting newsletter of the Ontario Public Library Association. environment required for Ho-OPLA is a quarterly newsletter that provides an record keeping as necessary. opportunity for libraries to share best practices and Full module requirements. keeps librarians across the province up-to-date with Please send resumes to what’s new. or by fax to 519-764-2613.

Spring into Seasonal Work

Tenders CE-007-014 2014 Fine Grass Cutting This tender is for the supply of all labour, equipment, and materials necessary for the performance of the 2014 Fine Grass Cutting Program. Tenders close on Wednesday March 28, 2014 at 12:00 p.m. Tenders may be obtained from the municipal website at, or by contacting Timothy D. McKenna, Manager of Environment & Community Services, (519) 631-4860 ext. 287. CE-014-14 2014 Tandem Axle Truck This tender is to supply and deliver one new Diesel, Tandem Axle Truck Complete with New Spreader Dump Box, Snow Plow Apparatus. Tenders close on Thursday March 20, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. For more information regarding the above tender, please contact The Municipality of Central Elgin, or email Birdie Peynenburg at

Public Meetings for Planning Applications Public Hearings will be held on Monday March 17th, 2014 for the following Planning Applications:  

6:35 p.m. – 45262 John Wise Line – Minor Variance 6:45 p.m. – 46001 Sparta Line – Minor Variance th

Public Meetings will be held on Monday March 17 , 2014 for the following Planning Applications:   

6:55p.m. - 8748 Centennial Road - Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment 7:05 p.m.- 42323 & 42395 Roberts Line - Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment 7:15 p.m. – 9823 Yarmouth Centre Road – Proposed Official Plan/Zoning By-law Amendment

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s job

w. w w

n. lgi

employment ServiceS elgin


/EmploymentServicesElgin @jobselgin

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 8:00am to12:00pm

Talbot Teen Centre, 745 Talbot St., St. Thomas

Bring your resume & meet employers hiring for the 2014 season Positions are seasonal and options include: • pools • landscaping • farm labour • golf courses For more information, contact the job developer team at

519-631-5470 or

Building Prosperity for St. Thomas & Elgin County Residents & Employers

proudly hosts

Clara Hughes


Opening Hearts, Opening Minds A Celebration of Mental Health Awareness • • • •

5 The Weekly News - Thursday, March 13, 2014

The St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital Foundation

Saturday, March 15th, 2014 Hospital Atrium 7:30 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. Free parking and refreshments

Complimentary tickets available at the STEGH Foundation Office, myFM radio station, the West Elgin Chronicle in West Lorne, the St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News office, and BMO Bank of Montreal - East End, St. Thomas branch. Contributed photo

For more information, please visit: STEGHFoundation

Scotia bank supports ywca: Representatives of the YWCA of St. Thomas Elgin accepted a donation of $500 from Scotiabank - St. Thomas Branch on behalf of Pathways to Prosperity, a community initiative led by the YWCA St. Thomas-Elgin. The donation promotes economic well-being for women with the community event Let’s Prosper! on March 12 in St. Thomas. Left to right: Pathways to Prosperity project coordinator Kellie Coelho, Scotiabank senior banking advisor Jason Dykes, Pathways to Prosperity advisory council member Janet Baker and branch manager Maria Santos.

189 Elm Street, St. Thomas

519-631-2030, ext. 2246

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Back by popular demand!! Saturday March 15th 10AM-3PM

our newest venture!!

Lilie’s Boutique

• Informative tour of our complete growing facility led by Ysbrand Boekestyn, owner & grower • Come with all your questions, we want to make this a true learning experience • Tours are free and run every hour on the hour • Complimentary “tropical” refreshments to follow

Heritage Garden Gallery

Join us for our Evening Gala Wednesday March 19th 2014 6PM-9PM

Exciting spring lines from Charlie paige, C’est Moi, Leopards and Roses and more!! plus evening specials and complimentary refreshments

March Hours:

Mon - Sat 9aM - 5 pM

6867 Wellington Road S


(Just south of Glanworth)

St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

Greenhouse Tours

Grand Opening of


St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

The Weekly News - Thursday, March 13, 2014


Only happen in Canada

screen, stop watches in hand (joined by selected out-of-work or defrocked Senators and a parrot) as they view and review The view films with titles not suitable for commufrom here nity newspaper reproduction. “Replay that one again, Sasha. I see two Terry Carroll from Thunder Bay and a third from Trois Riviere. But in the group finale, 98.6 percent of that bunch looked straight off as the term “Monty Pythonesque” entered the lexicon yet? the bus from California. This CRTC will If not, perhaps it will soon. Not not, I repeat, will not, be duped by removonly is the troupe reuniting in a July per- able Maple leaf tattoos, no matter how formance (for better or for worse) but real strategically placed.” In addition, the erotic channel ownlife also continues to be riper for satire than that wild British comedy team ever ers have been severely chastised by the mistresses of Canadian content for failing imagined. to provide enough closed captioning. InTake the latest from the Canadian Radio-television & Telecommunications clusiveness being a core value of modern Canuck society, the hearing impaired are Commission (CRTC). legally entitled to a transcription of every According to published news reports, single (or group) fake moan. the CRTC is slapping the wrists (if not La Belle Province being a “have” provspanking the bare behinds) of the ownince in the porn industry, the commisers of three erotic cable channel for not sion’s attention to this matter is a decided providing enough Canadian content. boon for Quebec relations with the rest of That’s right. Those bad boys and girls at AOV Adult Canada. Whether video stars are lured from the Movie Channel, XXX Action Clips and small towns of Quebec or imported from Maleflixx have failed to live up to their specified minimum 35 percent Canadian cash-strapped east European countries, filming absolutely must occur on Canadicontent requirements. This burning isan soil. One channel packages its Cancon sue revealed itself during the licensing in one-hour segments called Canadian renewal process for the three channels. Quickies. I kid you not. An image springs to mind. Members Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee. of the CRTC hover around a television


Brian Wilsdon photo

hang in there: Elise LeMay, 5, and Riley Marazzo, 7, walk the ropes at the Springwater Maple Syrup ­Festival March 8. Volunteers Luke Bergen, left, and Jesse Braun keep an eye on the youngsters’ agility. The Maple Syrup displays continue on weekends until the end of March.

No competitiors, only comrades Something to think about Pastor Cusick


can’t say I know this person, but I have heard him on a number of occasions say this line: I have no competitors, only comrades. There comes a time in life when competing with everyone and everything is too exhausting and will actually kill your own spirit. There comes a time in life when it is okay to stop fighting, striving - and just join hands. Think of the all the songs that we could sing if we stopped looking for our next competitor. What the world needs now is love, sweet love…

I wanna hold your hand… Love lifted me… All you need is love… I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony… I love you just the way you are… Actually as I think about it - I don’t mind saying I’m a huge fan of Jesus and he actually once said: “Those who use the sword will be killed by the sword.” It seems that violence begets violence love begets love. What if, this week, we purposely reached out and touched someone with love? What if we stopped looking for someone to beat - someone we could dominate - someone we could control? What if we took the example of Jesus “Son of God” - as our example of getting along, promoting unity, loving the unlovely, and holding one another’s hands? And that is something to think about.


The issues that are closer to home As I see it Ric Wellwood


m I the only one who can see the parallels between the Olympics that Hitler held in 1936 and the Games that Putin hosted this year? The one thing that they have in common is that both dictators launched invasions after he basked in the honour of holding the Olympics. The Crimea story is compelling, particularly for the thousands of Ukrainian-Canadians who worry about their family in the “Old Country.” It is one story that has eclipsed the dirty dealings in Egypt over the imprisonment of legitimate journalists, or the ongoing travesties in Syria that have seemed to fade from current memory. Closer to home, we have fewer concerns, with the possible exception of the four-year-old who was bounced from daycare for sneaking a cheese sandwich into the centre. Other than an outraged father, there is not much more to fuss about, since the day care workers control the diets of their lunches to spare their kids from fatal attacks due to allergies.

Terry Carroll - General Manager: Jesse Cnockaert- Reporter:

A Community Newspaper, published by Metroland Media. 15 St. Catharine St., (Lower) St. Thomas, N5P 2V7

519-633-1640 Fax: 519-633-0558

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Other than the ongoing investigation of Rob Ford’s alleged questionable activities and the shaming of the University Ottawa Varsity team for sexual harassment and the promotion of a rapist mentality, the big story nowadays is the anger over the issuance of a one-penny cheque to a grieving Hamilton mother for the loss of her son. Of course, the compensation from the Department of Defense is much larger than a single cent, even if they can’t bring her son back to life. Corporal Justin Stark ended his own life upon returning for a tour in Afghanistan. His mother, Denise, has been dealing with military tribunals for years due to her belief that his death was work related. She received a cheque in the mail for a penny - presumably for owed military pay - from the federal government a few days ago. Knowledge of the insult to Mrs. Stark provoked outrage in the Commons as just another goof to blame on Stephen Harper. If you look at the big picture, Harper had nothing to do with this. It was the result of carelessness or stupidity of a civil servant clerk in the DOD. I think the clerk has probably been posted to Alert, but future mailings will probably get higher scrutiny. National Defense Minister Rob Nicholson apologized to the mother and my one regret is he did it by telephone, but I guess the trip to Hamilton would have cost more than one cent.

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Michelle Huigenbos, left, business services support staff from Employment Services Elgin, was ­ on hand to help the celebration of 180 people who completed the Targeted Initiative for Older Workers (TIOW) at a banquet held Feb. 27  at St. Anne’s Centre. Adding a leaf to the Tree of Learning are Ed Doucette, marine mechanic, Vicki Sherry, health care worker, and Mary Butterwick, office manager. Brian Wilsdon Photo

DARK or WHITE Extra Lean Ground Turkey

Turkey Breakfast Sausage

Boneless/ Skinless or Bone-In Thigh

10882 Sunset Rd. Just N. of Talbotville


7 The Weekly News - Thursday, March 13, 2014

Funding runs out for older workers program THE TURKEY SHOPPE Mon-Fri 9-5:30, Sat. 9-4

Brian Wilsdon Weekly News Correspondent

They were 50 or older and out of DON FERGUSON SANDRA DIMEO work. is accepting Summer Student Applications • Real Estate • Motor Vehicle Accidents That is where the Targeted Ini• Corporate Law • Slip and Falls tiative For Older Workers (TIOW) Public Works Student: General labour, daily maintenance and construction activities. Minimum G2 license. Job description is • Commercial Law • Wrongful Dismissal helped. available on Township website • Wills and Estates • Contract Disputes The program helped them build confidence, resumes, and other The Township will require proof of forthcoming attendance at a tools to find new careers. post secondary educational institution on a full-time basis. Of the 180 people who took Please send resumes no later than Tuesday April 22, 2014 at 4:00 pm to Canada Southern Railway Station the course, 117 found jobs, “The Attn: Thomas Soderman 750 Talbot Street, Suite 211 St. Thomas, Ontario highest success rate of of any loTownship of Southwold t 519-633-8838 • f 519-633-9361 cation in the province where the 35663 Fingal Line, Fingal, ON N0L 1K0 program was offered” according Fax: 519-769-2837 E-mail: to Michelle Huigenbos, business services support staff of Employment Services Elgin. “Others realized they could retire or went back to school.” An evening of celebration was held Feb. 27 at St. Anne’s Centre to celebrate the success of the program in Elgin county. $17,000 grants are available to start your business! Elgin Business Resource Centre It also appreciated the 62 different local employers that offered You must be EI eligible or a recent recipient of EI benefits. provides loans up to $250,000 for input into the initiative. businesses located in Elgin County “They gained mature workers The Self-Employment Benefit (SEB) program provides funds and St Thomas. that had the skills the employers to qualified individuals while they start their own businesses! were looking for,” Huigenbos said. Ask how we can assist you to find loan After four years, the provincial For more details on how to access this opportunity call funding available through the financing for your business expansion or Kevin Jackson at: Ministry of Training, Colleges and improvements. Loans are also available Universities has been cut. for purchasing an existing business or “This is a program that will be greatly missed.” Huigenbos said. for new business start-ups. Mary Butterwick had nothing Info Sessions - Apr 8 and May 13 @ 9 am but praise for the program. After her career in banking ended after 300 South Edgeware Rd Call Glenn for 30 years, she took the eight week TIOW program. information on our “It was hard to start over again,” New SEB Business Start-ups for Elgin include: she admitted. “But they gave me loans programs: the tools to change and get started • Kim Harding - Lighten the Load into a new career.” She has been an office manager • SueAnne MacPherson - Grace Your Space for the past four years. Vickie Sherry changed the area • Brian Grech - Nearly New Boutique of health care that she was working in. Ed Doucette is learning to be a marine mechanic. Just three examples of the 180 people helped over the past four years, and had something to celThe SEB program is an Employment Ontario Project, which is funded by the Ontario Government. ebrate.



519-633-7597 ext 337

519-633-7597 ext 333

St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

it’s time to start your

St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

The Weekly News - Thursday, March 13, 2014


Music Festival hits 60 years

The celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Rotary Music Festival week closed Feb. 28 with powerful musical presentations in piano, vocal and instrumental competitions. Jennifer Routhier of St. Thomas, performing Handel’s Dopo Notte from Ariodante, won this year’s Rose Bowl vocal competition. The award is in memory of E. Frank Sanders, the founding president of the Rotary Club of St. Thomas. Vanessa-An Tran of London won the Silver Tray and scholarship award with her rendition of Nocturne in C Minor by Chopin. That award is in memory of John and Norienne Macdonald. John Macdonald was also a founding member of the Rotary Club. Vanessa-An Tran was also the winner of the Tom Cuniffe scholarship, which was the first time in years a candidate in the instrumental awards class won that award. Nicole Krzywdzinski of London won the Stephanie Leung trophy for her performance of Prokofieff’s Prelude Opus 12 no.7. Ron Sommerville, who has been chair of the festival for four years, reflected that this music festival, being held annually for six decades, has brought out generations of families - parents, children and grandchildren, all participating for the love of music. “In the early days, back in the 50s, the St. Thomas festival was the largest in southwestern Ontario,” he said. “Almost all music festivals of this nature are sponsored by service clubs. We do it because it is community service.” The Durkee Alumna award, designed to encourage former graduates of the festival, was won by Alexandra Gorska for her flute solo of Caprice no. 24 by Paganini. Elina Lattanzio, 13, of St. Thomas was one of many young musicians performing this year. Lattanzio has been playing piano since she was four and she favours the music of Bach, Motzart and Beethoven. “The adjudicators every year have been wonderful. They give great advice on how to better your playing,” she said. Lattanzio started learning piano because of her grandmother, who also played. One day, she hopes she may be able pass on her music to her own grandkids if she has any. “It started out as a bonding exercise. After that, I really started to love the music, just like (my grandmother) did,” she said. “It can be a great de-stresser. The pieces can almost seem like companions after a while.” Sandra Young Tangjerd (piano), Elizabeth Parsons (voice), Peter Bartley (strings) and Jim Smythe (bands and instruments), served as this year’s adjudicators, giving the performers advice on how to improve. The Keynotes Concert, which will showcase young talent from St. Thomas and area, will take place April 11 at the Salvation Army citadel at 380 Elm St., at 7 p.m. During this free concert a number of scholarships will be awarded by the Rotary Club’s Foundation and by annual donors.

The St. Thomas Rotary Music F ­ estival was held Feb. 24-28. The festival is meant to encourage teaching, study and composition of music in St. ­Thomas and Elgin County. From left to right: Nicole Krzywdzinski won the Stephanie Leung memorial scholarship, ­Vanessa-An Tran won the Silver Tray and Tom Cuniffe scholarship, Alexandra Gorska won the Durkee Alumna award and Jennifer Routhier won the Rose Bowl scholarship.

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Fanshawe College ­students James Young and James Gilbert present the design ideas their team developed for Talbot Street at the St. Thomas Public Art Centre on March 6.

Jesse cnockaert photo

Visions of preserving Talbot street heritage

Fanshawe college students unveiled their visions for a revitalized Talbot street providing a fresh perspective on how to protect the downtown’s heritage assets. The St. Thomas Municipal Heritage Committee is considering what it would take to create a Heritage Conservation District for Talbot Street, from Stanley Street in the west to Alma Street in the east. Six months ago, the committee reached out to Fanshawe College and arranged to have up to 150 students and faculty from the GIS, Urban Planning and Landscape Design programs at Fanshawe College tour St. Thomas and come up with their own design ideas to improve Talbot Street. The top three winning designs were revealed at the St. Thomas Public Art Centre on March 6. “The Municipal Heritage Committee recognizes Talbot Street as a fantastic community asset, but also recognizes that it needs help,” said Serge Lavoie, chair of the committee. “In the view of the committee, simply protecting the buildings from demolition isn’t enough. We have to demonstrate how heritage preservation can help breathe new life into downtown by generating economic development and tourism.” Main Line Designs was the name of the winning team that looked at the zone from Ross to Balaclava Street. Their design ideas included addition of green space around the Horton Farmer’s Market and a park with pedestrian pathways behind the CASO station. Urban Connexions, the winning team for the Elgin Street to Ross Street zone, recommended that stacked-townhouses be built to increase residential density on Curtis and Central streets. They also envisioned replacing the old Sutherland Press building with a hotel, and putting in a Talbot Street trolley to help people get around the downtown. One Track Designs, the winning team for the Stanley Street to Elgin Street zone, recommended facade improvements to the Grand Central building, the addition of green space, and an information and tourist kiosk to be put at the northwest corner, near where Talbot meets Stanley Street. The Municipal Heritage Committee plans to consult with Talbot Street property and business owners about their views on Talbot Street and then prepare a report for the city council later this year.

9 The Weekly News - Thursday, March 13, 2014


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Much more than books: Retired teacher, tutor and avid reader Susan Theriault, left, discusses her ideas about the St. Thomas Public Library’s future with public services librarian Heather Robinson and library board chair Greg Grondin at a strategic plan open house March 5. The library’s plan includes use of versatile spaces and creating connections with others, the community and the world.


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St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

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The beautiful pathway to naturally soft carpet

St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News


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The Weekly News - Thursday, March 13, 2014


Adam Parker Mortgage Agent

Put our Circulation of

Homes • Condominiums • Estates • Rentals • Retirement • Commercial


Spacious Shaw Valley bungalow 30,500 tohas work for you “wow” factor that


Thursday, February 27, 2014

his former show home in the beau- on the main floor as well as a finished lower Call 519.633.1640 tiful Shaw Valley subdivision of St. level that is almost 1,000 sq. ft.

Thomas was built 12 years ago. But for the visitor walking in the front door today, it’s almost like entering the home when it was first built. That’s a tribute to how well the single owner of this home has maintained every level in immaculate condition – not only maintained but also enhanced, by adding upgrades and professionally finished enhancements. A paving stone drive leads to this brick and vinyl, custom design residence, with an attached double garage complete with inside entry and automatic door opener. Inside and out, this is an attractive property with a classic look and feel. The lot is beautified by artistic landscape designs in the outdoor space. Inside, the emphasis is on sense of spaciousness and light with a floor plan that really works. Nine-foot ceilings on the main floor contribute to that sense of feeling of openness. This home comes with professional draping, crown mouldings and transom windows above the doors and windows. Visiting family members or guests will embrace the atmosphere of gracious living

A maple theme permeates the ambience of this spacious bungalow – maple hardwood floors, maple cabinetry in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room and built-in maple book shelves and cradenza. What could be more Canadian? The many amenities include the fridge, stove, dishwasher, microwave, washer, dryer and freezer. For the practical-minded, the house has a large basement workshop in addition to the space in the double-car garage and a maintenance-free storage shed in the landscaped rear yard. Other features include a roomy master bedroom on the main floor, two additional bedrooms on the lower level, main floor laundry and not just one, not just two, but a total of three bathrooms. This former model home at 5 Augusta Crescent in St. Thomas is listed at $319,900. To experience the “wow” factor with a professional tour, contact Sharon Merkley, Royal LePage Triland Realty on her direct line at 519-670-0630.

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affordable living Open house Sat 1Pm-3Pm



Independently owned and operated brokerage

Well maintained end unit townhouse condo, walking distance to shopping, parks and schools. Three bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths. Open concept main level. Main floor laundry. Patio doors off living area lead to private deck and small fenced yard.

St. Thomas

519.633.0600 London

519.672.9880 ** Broker

* Sales Representative

Karen Kimble*


BOBBIE ROBINSON * 519-859-1695

JOHN KNOWLES * • 519-633-0600 $




MLS# 534724 19 hIGhvIEw DRIvE, ST. ThOmaS

John Knowles*

This home has been well cared for and is waiting for new owners. The energy efficient furnace, Central air and the 30 year shingles are 3 years young. The hardwood floors have been refinished, eat in kitchen has updated cabinets and the windows have been updated as well. The basement is finished and the back yard is fenced For your viewing pleasure call John Knowles




Bobbie* Robinson

New Price


The Weekly News - Thursday, March 13, 2014


K a R E N KImB L E * 5 1 9 - 8 6 0 - 4 9 3 6

Recently updated country property including large insulated work shop, three bay drive shed and six stall horse barn with wash bay and three fenced paddocks. Home has main floor family room, gourmet kitchen with high end appliances included, large eating area, office area, formal dining room and elegant living room. Second level has very large master with five piece ensuite and walk-in closet, three additional bedrooms and updated three piece bath with glass walkin shower. Lower level has finished rec-room / exercise area. Attached double garage. Generac 14kw generator.

NELSON CONROY * • 519-630-7470 000



MLS# 532044 503 LOwER SPRING, PORT STaNLEy OPeN HOuse sAt 2PM-4PM

Panoramic Lake Views from the hillside, Fabulous 2 Storey.

NOw PRICED at $255,000

2 PONSFORD DR. ST. ThOmaS Just Listed 6 bedrooms, 2 bath on a large lot with 1.5 car garage

Bev Trethewey Unlicensed Assistant



NEW LISTING! Great starter or retirement home. Located in northeast St. Thomas, close to 401 and London. Three bedrooms on main level, large kitchen and patio doors to extra large yard. To view, call Martin at 519-808-5607




New Price





Martin Trethewey** Broker

MLS#536240 19 Ponsford Place, St. Thomas $195,000



MLS#536041 11 Brock Street, St. Thomas $195,900

GREAT LOCATION OPEN HOUSE SUN 2PM-4PM This all brick home features a recently remodeled kitchen, hardwood in living room and updated main bath. Downstairs enjoy a lovely family room with a floor to ceiling brick gas fireplace and 3 piece bathroom. One and a half car garage and large fenced yard. To view, please contact Martin at 519-808-5607.


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St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News


St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

The Weekly News - Thursday, March 13, 2014


REAL ESTATE OPEN HOUSE DIRECTORY Homes • Condominiums • Estates • Rentals • Retirement • Commercial

Circulation 30,500










4 Donker Drive

St. Thomas


Daryl Armstrong

Coldwell Banker at Success Realty




10 Amberwood Court

St. Thomas


Richard/Helen Haddow

RE/MAX Centre City Realty Inc.




12 Jacklin Court

St. Thomas


Brenda Johnston

RE/MAX Centre City Realty Inc. 519-495-4532



22 Jacklin Court

St. Thomas


Brenda Johnston

RE/MAX Centre City Realty Inc.




72 Coulter Avenue

St. Thomas


Greg Earl

Royal LePage Triland Realty




10 Jacklin Court

St. Thomas


Brenda Johnston

RE/MAX Centre City Realty Inc.











91 Spruce Street



Tim Wakely

Coldwell Banker at Success Realty 519-765-4993



9993 Florence Street

St. Thomas


Nancy Milles

Elgin Realty Limited




11 Brock Street

St. Thomas


Martin Trethewey

RE/MAX Centre City Realty Inc. 519-808-5607



4 Penhale Ave

St. Thomas


Cindy Van Acker

Royal LePage Triland Realty




15-617 Wharncliffe Road S.



Earl Taylor

Coldwell Banker at Success Realty




12 Jacklin Court

St. Thomas


Brenda Johnston

RE/MAX Centre City Realty Inc. 519-495-4532



35 Fairview Avenue

St. Thomas


Barb Ginson/Kathy Willoughby

Royal LePage Triland Realty




259 Hill Street

Port Stanley


Richard/Helen Haddow

RE/MAX Centre City Realty Inc. 519-495-0789



22 Jacklin Court

St. Thomas


Brenda Johnston

RE/MAX Centre City Realty Inc. 519-495-4532



10 Jacklin Court

St. Thomas


Brenda Johnston

RE/MAX Centre City Realty Inc. 519-495-4532



5 Little Creek

Port Stanley


Brenda Johnston

RE/MAX Centre City Realty Inc.


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Skating duo wins silver at Ontario Winter Games

After a shaky start, skating pair Mackenzie Ripley of St. Thomas and Paxton Knott of Rodney pulled together to give a silver medal worthy performance at the Ontario Winter Games (OWG) Feb. 27 to March 2. Ripley, 12, and Knott, 15, admitted to having some trouble during their short program, which involved double twists, double throws and pair spins. “We just didn’t execute all the elements like we have before,” said Ripley. “We didn’t skate our best, so we were looking forward to our long program to show our potential.” After the short program, the two found themselves in third place with a two-and-a-half point deficit behind the second place skating pair.

But Ripley and Paxton turned things around in the long program. Ripley managed to successfully pull off her double flip jump, and the two earned silver in pre-novice pairs. “I felt really good. We gave each other a big hug,” Paxton said. The OWG is a provincial sporting event made up of 27 different sports and more than 3,000 of the best young athletes in the province. It was a daunting exercise for both young skaters. Neither Paxton or Ripley had ever competed at a competition that wasn’t exclusively about skating before. “Its really exciting. It’s probably a highlight in the year,” Ripley said. Ripley and Paxton have been skating together for the last three years. The two have dreams of one day making it to the Olympics in skating.

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The Weekly News - Thursday, March 13, 2014

Jesse cnockaert The Weekly News


31 Elgin Street, St. Thomas 519-631-0570



and NEVER miss another collection collection date date another app features: • Collection Schedules • Schedule Reminders • What Goes Where? interactive feature: • Report a Problem


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C Communities ommunities rrecycling ec ycling ttogether ogether

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London 519-661-4570

Space provided through a partnership between industry and Ontario municipalities to support waste diversion programs.

St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News


St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

The Weekly News - Thursday, March 13, 2014





Take Notice that tenders are invited for the purchase of the land(s) described below and will be received until 3:00 p.m. local time on April 15, 2014, at the Municipal Office, 35663 Fingal Line, Fingal, ON N0L 1K0.


The tenders will then be opened in public on the same day as soon as possible after 3:00 p.m. at the Municipal Office, 35663 Fingal Line. Description of Lands: ROLL NO. 34 24 000 044 11700 0000, 35788 TALBOT LINE, PIN 35141-0226 LT, PT LT 15 CON NWNBTR SOUTHWOLD AS IN E397783; SOUTHWOLD, FILE NO. ENSD12-004-TT Minimum Tender Amount: $31,976.95 Tenders must be submitted in the prescribed form and must be accompanied by a deposit in the form of a money order or of a bank draft or cheque certified by a bank or trust corporation payable to the municipality and representing at least 20 per cent of the tender amount. Except as follows, the municipality makes no representation regarding the title to, existing interests in favour of the Crown, environmental concerns or any other matters relating to the land(s) to be sold. Any existing Federal or Provincial Crown liens or executions will remain on title and may become the responsibility of the potential purchaser. Responsibility for ascertaining these matters rests with the potential purchasers. This sale is governed by the Municipal Act, 2001 and the Municipal Tax Sales Rules made under that Act. The successful purchaser will be required to pay the amount tendered plus accumulated taxes and the relevant land transfer tax. The municipality has no obligation to provide vacant possession to the successful purchaser. Note: H.S.T. may be payable by successful purchaser.


For further information regarding this sale and a copy of the prescribed form of tender contact: Mrs. Kim Grogan, Treasurer The Corporation of the Township of Southwold 35663 Fingal Line Fingal, ON N0L 1K0 (519) 769-2010

FUTURES CENTRAL INVITATIONAL: Members of the St.Thomas Skating Club competed in the 2014 Futures Central Invitational March 1- 2 in WO canskate elements, WO Intro and WO pre preliminary categories. These skaters will be participating in the annual ice show at Memorial Arena on March 30. Front row (left to right): Genevieve Taylor, Paige Wilkins, Hayley Chartand and Emily Watson. Back row (left to right): Holly Siviero, Aila Courty, Evelyn Leslie, Leslie Hosking, Riley Locke, Taylor Arthur and Arden Doupe. Absent: Avery Faulds.

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Stars fall in playoffs against LaSalle Vipers TIM HARVEY Weekly News Correspondent


March 4 proved to be the last home game in the 2014 playoffs for the St.Thomas Stars. Despite a truly valiant effort from St.Thomas, it was impossible to get the puck past Lasalle’s net minder Battisti who seemed to stand on his head turning away


all of the 41 Stars shots over the 27 produced by the Vipers. There were many close chances and St.Thomas fought hard right to the final buzzer, but Lasalle went home with a 5-0 victory. The following night St.Thomas would play their final game of the season and suffered a 7–3 loss to Lasalle, ending the playoffs.

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St.Thomas Stars #14 Chris Carreiro gets robbed of a potential goal by Lasalle goalie Paolo Battisti after breaking in alone on net March 4 at the Timken Centre. That night proved to be the Stars last home game of the 2014 playoffs against the Lasalle Vipers, as the Vipers went on to win 5-0 over St.Thomas and take a 3-1 lead in the playoffs.






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WHAT'S GOING ON: "Bell Let's Talk" talk show event, featuring Canadian Olympic Medalist Clara Hughes, where YOU can participate and provide feedback on what mental health means to you. Then cheer Clara on as she rides out of town on the next leg of her incredible journey. WHERE IT'S HAPPENING: The Talbot Teen Centre 745 Talbot Street, St. Thomas, Ontario TARGET AUDIENCE: Youth ages 13-18 *Seating limited, RSVP soon HOWCall TO 519-631-8820 RSVP: Call 519-631-8820 or HOW TO RSVP: or email: email:

lar big ide.bell.c Web: Web: Twitter: @Bell_LetsTalk #BellLetsTalk Twitter: @Bell_LetsTalk #BellLetsTalk Facebook: Facebook:

St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News



The Weekly News - Thursday, March 13, 2014


Man arrested after stabbing

St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

The Weekly News - Thursday, March 13, 2014


Jesse cnockaert The Weekly News

ATTENTION VETERANS Thursday March 27, 2014 The Provincial Veteran’s Service Officer of Ontario Provincial Command for the Royal Canadian Legion will be visiting the St. Thomas Legion Branch 41 Any military veteran or dependant wishing to have an interview, is requested to contact the local Veteran’s Service Officer Ron Jewell at 519-631-9285



Happy 80th Birthday

Patrick Biggs (Biggsy)

Ken Garton

Contact Laura Sherret toll-free at 1-855-451-7516 or Saturday March 29, 2014 Belmont Odd Fellows Hall 1 - 4pm: Open House

$39 for a Set of Microfibre Bed Sheets (a $124 Value)


Up to





It’ sa

Best Wishes Only

“65”th Birthday

Retirement Party Open House Saturday March 15th at 6pm St. Thomas, Roadhouse Restaurant In the Large Room

NOTICE OF COMMENCEMENT & PUBLIC INFORMATION CENTRE #1 TALBOTVILLE / FERNDALE MASTER SERVICING PLAN The Township of Southwold is a small, rural municipality immediately west of the City of St. Thomas. The Township is seeking to improve development opportunities within its settlement areas with the completion of a Master Plan to provide full services. Currently, the Township is serviced with water and limited wastewater infrastructure. The purpose of the Talbotville / Ferndale Master Servicing Plan is to provide an environmentally sensitive and sustainable framework for the provision of municipal services for both existing and future development within the municipality. Specifically, the Master Servicing Plan is to address the provision of water, wastewater, and stormwater management for existing and future growth areas for the Talbotville / Ferndale settlement area as defined in the Township’s Official Plan. The Master Servicing Plan is to identify which services are to be provided and where, the level or nature of the services that would be appropriate for each area and circumstance, and the mechanism or strategy for the provision or extension of services. This study is being conducted as a Master Plan (Phases 1 and 2) under the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process (Municipal Engineer’s Association, as amended in June 2007 and 2011). Under this process, agency and public input is invited for incorporation into the planning and design for this study. The first Public Information Centre to introduce this study will be held on:

% 4 6

Date: Time: Location:


$21 for Three 50 g Bags of Moringa Leaf Powder (a $58 Value)

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Join us for cake and coffee

! g a J g a W e h T Do %FF

A St. Thomas man has been taken into custody after a conflict that left one man in the hospital with a stab wound. St. Thomas police were called to a Ross Street apartment on Feb. 28 at approximately 6 p.m. where they found a 39-year-old man who

had been stabbed in his chest. The man was taken to St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital with what was deemed a non-life threatening injury. A suspect had fled the apartment on foot, but was located by police the night of March 5. Police say the suspect was “arrested without incident” and he is in custody being held for court.

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WagJag Customer Service 416.687.5848 or 1.855.4.WAGJAG To feature your business, please call 519.649.2000

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm (open house format) Keystone Complex, 35921 Talbot Line, Shedden ON

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact: Donna Clermont CAO/Clerk/Deputy Treasurer Township of Southwold 35663 Fingal Line Fingal ON N0L 1K0 Tel: 519-769-2010 Fax: 519-769-2837 Email:

Michele Oxlade, B.Sc., EPt, Env SP Environmental Coordinator/Technologist Stantec Consulting Ltd. 171 Queens Avenue, Suite 600 London ON N6A 5J7 Tel: 519-675-6652 Fax: 519-645-6575 Email:

Interested parties wishing to be added to the project mailing list should also contact one of the above. Following the Public Information Centre, further comments are invited for incorporation into the planning and design of this project and will be received until April 2, 2014. Personal information collected and recorded at the Public Information Centre or submitted in writing on this subject is collected under the authority of the Municipal Act, 2001 and will be used by members of Council and Township staff in their review of this study. Any written submission, including names and contact information will be made available to the public through the publication of the Master Servicing Plan document.

Another difficult year of fundraising saw the Elgin St. Thomas United Way falling short of their target. After months of appealing to the community for donations, the local United Way announced the campaign reached a total $563,718, coming in at just about $56,000 below the target fundraisers announced when the campaign started in September. “Local agencies and even neighbouring United Way across southwestern Ontario have experienced real challenges this year in their efforts to raise funds,” said United Way executive director Paul Shaffer during a campaign touchdown event at the St. Thomas YMCA March 4. “In Elgin County specifically we are still feeling the effects of a slow economy and the loss of large workplaces in our region.” Fundraising this year proved difficult for the United Way due to closures of the Ford Plant and the Timken plant, both major contributors to the United Way. George Dryburgh, president of the United Way Elgin St. Thomas County, estimates that the Timken Plant, which closed last year, could have been counted on for as much as $25,000. “It is lower than the $620,000 that we wanted, but we will still maintain the programs that are out there to a certain extent.

We’ll ask some of our agencies to tighten their belts,” Dryburgh said. Without some of the major company donations, the United Way had to try for a larger number of donations from individuals, a task made more difficult because the average person doesn’t really know what the United Way does to help the community, according to Shaffer. “This is a matter of education and it is our goal going into this new year to more actively engage and inform the general public,” Shaffer said. The Elgin St. Thomas United Way supports local programs and agencies, including Big Brothers Big Sisters of St. Thomas Elgin, the Canadian Red Cross, the Canadian Mental Health Association, among others. United Way funding directly impacts 23,000 people in Elgin county. “We have a tendency, I think, in Canada to look at the world through rose-coloured glasses because we do have an excellent standard of living,” Dryburgh said. “People need to understand it could be their neighbours. When you’re helping 23,000 people in a society of 60,000 ... somebody you know is benefiting from an agency in the United Way. That’s why it’s so important we give what we can.” To learn more about the United Way of Elgin St. Thomas, to make a donation or learn about future United Way events, visit online at


Award-Winning Tribute to “The Eagles” Coming to Port Stanley Festival Theatre

Calling all fans of legendary 1970’s Country-Rock group “The Eagles”!! On Saturday March 29 at 3:00pm and 8:00pm, the music of The Eagles will be celebrated at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre with a new Canadian touring show called “New Kid In Town: The Ultimate Eagles Tribute”. Comprised of some of Canada’s leading session musicians including Mike Daley from the Jeff Healey Band, “New Kid in Town” will perform all of the legendary hits from the Eagles extensive career with amazing “note for note” accuracy. The evening will be comprised of two sets, with the first half featuring all the songs from the multi-million selling album “Eagles Greatest Hits 1971-1975” including “Take It Easy” “One of These Nights” “Tequila Sunrise” “Peaceful Easy Feeling” and “Desperado” amongst the audience favourites. After an intermission, the band will return with more classic hits from the latter portion of The Eagles career including “Life in the Fast Lane” “The Long Run” “Heartache Tonight” and their signature song “Hotel California”. As a bonus, the multi-talented “ New Kid In Town ”

Mike Daley from The Jeff Healey Band stars in “New Kid In Town” coming to Port Stanley on March 29.

cast will also perform solo hits made famous by Eagles band members Don Henley, Glenn Frey and Joe Walsh. Tickets to see “New Kid In Town: The Ultimate Eagles Tribute” at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre on Saturday March 29 at 3:00pm and 8:00pm are on sale now. Value-priced at only $29 (plus taxes / admin). Tickets are available at the theatre box office, 302 Bridge Street, via phone # 519-782-4353 (toll free at 1-855-782-4353) or on-line at www.


Come in and WELCOME our new DENTURIST Mike V. Pisek DD • Full & Partial Dentures • Dentures on Implants • Same Day Relines & Repair • Invisible Clasps (No Metal) • Financing Available 989 Talbot Street, St.Thomas 519-631-3130

The Weekly News - Thursday, March 13, 2014

Jesse cnockaert The Weekly News






“Canada’s #1 Eagles T Tribute!”

SATURDAY MARCH 29th @ 3:00 & 8:00 P.M. -


plus taxes / admin fee

PORT STANLEY FESTIVAL ThEATRE Local: 519-782-4353 Toll Free: 1-855-782-4353

St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

United Way tightens its belt


St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

The Weekly News - Thursday, March 13, 2014


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Career Development

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London Campus 520 First Street, Unit 1 is operated by Metroland Media and is suppor ted by over 100 local newspapers and community websites.

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RV owner with time to spare? We are looking for volunteers to drive our mobile clinic.  Call Cathy at the Central Community Health Centre 519-633-7989. TOPS – Take Off Pounds Sensibly meetings Tuesdays 10:15-11:15am Royal Canadian Legion, 26 John St., St. Thomas. Support group for shedding unwanted pounds. Ed 519-631-7895. Craft and Garden vendors wanted - indoor and outdoor spots for Port Stanley Legion Br 410 Mother’s Day Craft Show. Volunteers will E-file taxes for low-income people (single under $30,000, couple under $35,000). St Thomas Library, Carnegie Rm, Mondays 9:30-2:30 & Tuesdays 2:00- 7:00. Mar. 3 to Apr. 29. March Break - Life-Sized Candy Land - Thurs. March 13 @ 10 am -8 pm, St. Thomas Public Library. All Ages. Free. Drop-in, no registration. March 13 - Talbot Trail Toastmasters, Thursdays 7- 8:30 PM, Elgin Mall Community Rm. Warm, welcoming and fun skill building group. March Break. Elgin County Railway Museum. Railway artifact displays, locomotive, model railway + more. Sat. 12-4pm. $5, $2/child (3-12 years), under 3 free. 225 Wellington Street St. March Break - Free Movie Friday, March 14 featuring “Walking With Dinosaurs” @ 2pm & 6pm @ St. Thomas Public Library. Rated G. Space is limited. 519-631-6050. Grab & Go Chicken Divine Dinner, Friday, March 14, New Vision Community Church (formerly St. Mark’s) 38 Aldborough Ave., St. Thomas. Pick-up 4:30 - 6:00 pm. Pay at door $12.00. St Patrick’s Day Show featuring the Sheridan Band March 14. Show- 8:00 p.m. Legion Hall, 24 John Street. Central United Church Fundraiser.

Tickets $12. 519-631-3503.

@ 12:30pm. $7.00. 519-631-7000.

March 14 - Afternoon movie and popcorn for young at heart “UP” at St. Andrew’s United Church, 60 West Ave. For info 519-631-4558.

St. Thomas Seniors Centre Roast Beef & Yorkies Dinner, Wed. March 19. Dinner @ 5:00pm. Tickets $10 Adv, $12 day of March 20. Thursday, Euchre Games &  Lunch, 1:30  pm at St. Andrew’s United Church, 60 West Ave. Everyone Welcome; for info 519-631-4558.

Friday, March 14, Beef Supper, Odd Fellows & Rebekahs Hall, 54 Moore St. Open 4pm. Serving 5-7pm. Adult $11, Child 6-12 $5, Child up to 5 free. Eat in / take out. 519-631-3494. March 14 - Meal & A Movie 5:30 pm, Movie “The Butler” at St. Andrew’s United Church, 60 West Ave. RSVP 519-631-4558; everyone welcome. Bus trip to Canada Blooms in Toronto, Saturday, March 15, sponsored by St. Thomas Horticultural Society. To book a seat contact Shelley at (519) 769-2529. Port Stanley Legion Br 410 Paddy’s Day. Saturday March 15, 4pm - 8pm featuring Celtic Irish Band and Lancaster School of Dance Kids. St. Patrick’s Day Family Ceilidh. $5 each or Family $20. (Children under 10 free). Sunday March 16, 3 to 7 pm. Knights of Columbus Hall. Food, Singing, Dancing, Crafts and Fun. Shedden Soccer Registration. No Travel – All games in Shedden. March 17 & 19, 6:30-8:30pm. March 22, 9am12noon. Shedden Complex. Youth 4-18. Ladies 19+. $50 per player. Mar 18. Every Tuesday Euchre 2 - 4 pm. St. John’s Church on Flora St. Coffee & goodies provided. Bring a friend. Freewill offering. 519.631.7368.

March 19, Trinity Anglican Church presents Noon Hour Lenten Lunch Recital, featuring Catherine Gray. Soup, Sandwich, Dessert following Recital

Recital, featuring Gerald Vreman. Soup, Sandwich, Dessert following Recital @ 12:30pm. $7.00. 519-631-7000. March 27 - Talbot Trail Toastmasters, Thursdays 7- 8:30 PM, Elgin Mall Community Rm. Warm, welcoming and fun skill building group.

March 20 - Talbot Trail Toastmasters, Thursdays 7- 8:30 PM, Elgin Mall Community Rm. Warm, welcoming and fun skill building group.

Mar 28. Almighty Roast Beef Supper. Mar 28 from 5 - 7 pm at St. John’s Church on Flora St. Our beef is a thing of rare beauty: cooked to perfection. 519.631.7368.

Port Stanley Lioness Club Chili Cook-Off, Friday, March 21, Port Stanley Legion. Doors open 6:00 P.M. Chili Sampling 6 - 7:30. Adults - $9.00. Children $5.00. Under 6 Free. 519-782-3589.

Port Stanley Legion Br 410 Karaoke Sing It To Win It. March 28, and every 3rd Friday each month 7pm - 11pm. Chicken Wings on Special. 310 George St., Port Stanley.

Port Stanley Legion Br 410 Chili Cook Off. Friday March 21. Limited tickets available at door.

April 2, Trinity Anglican Church presents Noon Hour Lenten Lunch Recital featuring Angus Sinclair. Soup, Sandwich, Dessert following Recital @ 12:30pm. $7.00. 519-631-7000.

Fabulous Family Friendly Fridays at 7pm. Destination Church, 668 Talbot Street, St. Thomas March 21: Night of Comedy. Free Will Offering.

Interested in being able to walk and bike in your community safely? Join March 22, White and Black Royale, Evening C4AT meeting on April 3, St. Thomas Public Library, Carnegie Room, 6-8 pm. of Elegance at Belmont Arena 7:00 pm. HUB fundraiser for Belmont Alzheimer Society Public Education Splash Pad Skate Park. Tickets: Sessions Elgin Mall Community Rm, Dani Bartlett 619-644-1075. Monday mornings 10:00 til Noon. April 7 - Finding Balance, Preventing Falls Alzheimer Society Public Education w/ Kathy Nesbitt, Public Health Unit. Sessions Elgin Mall Community Rm, Monday mornings 10 til Noon. March 24 - Adult Day Program w/Dawn Burridge, Adult Day Program Coordinator.

Mar 25. Every Tuesday Euchre 2 - 4 pm, St. John’s Church on Flora St. March 18. Tuesday, Creating into a Mystery/ Join us. It’s a fun afternoon out. Freewill offering. 519.631.7368. Prayer Shawl Group, 10:30 am at St. Andrew’s United Church, 60 West Ave. For TOPS – Take Off Pounds Sensibly Open info 519-631-4558. Everyone is welcome. House Tues. Mar. 25 10:30-11:30am Royal Canadian Legion, 26 John St., St. March 19. Anniversary Hot Turkey Buffet Thomas. Support group for shedding 11:30 am- 1:30 pm $10 advance tickets unwanted pounds. Ed 631-7895. only; eat in or take out at St. Andrew’s United Church, 60 West Ave. Tickets 519-631-5363 or 519-631-4558.


Mar 25. Drum Circle. Mar 25 beginning 7 pm at St. John’s Church on Flora St. It is fun, exciting and powerful. We invite you to join us. 519.631.7368. March 26, Trinity Anglican Church presents Noon Hour Lenten Lunch

April 9, Trinity Anglican Church presents Noon Hour Lenten Lunch Recital featuring William Lupton. Soup, Sandwich, Dessert following Recital @ 12:30pm. $7.00. 519-631-7000.

St. Thomas Community Christian School Spring Crop school fundraiser. April 12, 9am-5pm, $30pp. Pre-register by March 22. Contact: 519-633-0690 for details. Palmer’s Sweet Maple Experience 2014 Sat & Sun in March 9AM-3PM March Break – Wed 12th

• Woods & Shanty Tour • Story Telling • Log Sawing & Branding • Pancakes, Waffles, Baked Ham Adults $6, Kids under 12 $3.50 Fresh Maple Syrup for Sale 519-769-0007 34308 Lake Line (take Union Rd. south from Fingal – follow the signs)

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Full Range Business Tax Planning

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The Weekly News - Thursday, March 13, 2014

Community Bulletin Board


Knox Presbyterian Church Hincks Street at Wellington Street 519-631-2414

Minister: Rev. Mavis Currie Organist & Choir Director: Dr.Wayne Carroll

March 16, 2014 – 10:30 am Second Sunday of Lent Sermon: Churchy words: “Suffering” COME AND WORSHIP WITH US, EVERYONE WELCOME

UNION UNITED CHURCH 6008 Stonechurch Rd.

519-631-0304 We are A Welcoming Friendly Family of Faith

Sunday Services and Sunday School are at 9:30 am

Scrap Booking Workshop, Sat. March 22, details call 519-775-2258

— all are welcome —

Trinity Anglican Church The Church with the Purple Steeple Lent 2

9:00 am Holy Communion [BCP] 10:30 am Eucharist [BAS] and Sunday School

March 19 Lenten Lunch concert PrograM $7.00, @ 12 noon Featuring Catherine Gray March 19 - 7PM Lenten PrograM St. hiLda’S-St. Luke’S Reverend Jim Innes Preaching 519-631-7000

ATKINSON, Alice Corinne (Chapman) of St. Thomas, a long-time member of Grace United Church, passed away Thursday March 6, 2014 in her 88th year. A funeral service was held March 10. Williams Funeral Home Ltd. BROWN, Eleanor F. (Ray) of St. Thomas passed away Tuesday, March 4, 2014, at the age of 80. She was a Shedden Women’s Institute member. A funeral service was held March 8. Shawn Jackson Funeral Home. BROWN, Judith Smith of Sparta passed away Monday March 3, 2014. Her family included 29 grandchildren. Visitation at Williams Funeral Home Friday March 21 4-8pm. Public memorial service at the Quaker Meeting House, Sparta Saturday March 22 at 11am. CARLISLE, Dr.  James S.  “Jim”  of St. Thomas, passed away on Tuesday,  March 4, 2014, in his 88th year. A memorial service was held March 7. Sifton Funeral Home. COOK, Jean Kathleen of St. Thomas passed away on Friday, March 7, 2014 in her 84th year. She was a member of Branch 41, The Royal Canadian

Legion. A funeral service was held March 12. Williams Funeral Home Ltd. DOUGLAS, Mrs. Audrey (nee Fish),of Kitchener, formerly of R.R.#4, St. Thomas, passed away on Monday, March 3, 2014, in her 98th year. A funeral service was held March 8.  Sifton Funeral Home. GRIFFIN, Thomas “Tom” Albert of RR4 St. Thomas passed away Thursday March 6, 2014 in his 73rd year. He worked 30 years with GM Diesel and was past president of Union Sports Club. A funeral service was held March 10. Williams Funeral Home Ltd. LAIDLAW, Muriel of Caressant Care Home, St. Thomas, and formerly of Toronto, passed away Sunday March 2 in her 87th year. A public memorial service was held March 8. Williams Funeral Home Ltd. MAUER, Kenneth Gordon of St. Thomas passed away Wednesday,  March 5, 2014, in his 72nd year. A private family funeral service was held. H. A. Kebbel Funeral Home.

MILLS, Ms. Bonnie (nee Vannatter) of St. Thomas, passed away on Sunday,  March 2, 2014, in her 60th year. A memorial service was held March 7. Sifton Funeral Home. OKOLISAN, George passed away Sunday March 9, 2014. A celebration of his life will be held at St. Mary’s Parish Hall in West Lorne Saturday March 15, 1-4pm. West Lorne Chapel of Denning Funeral Directors. PRENTICE, Thomas Leon of Port Stanley, a proud Lodge member and Shriner, passed away Tuesday March 4, 2014 in his 81st year. A wake to celebrate Tom’s life at Port Stanley Legion Sunday March 16, 2-4pm. Williams Funeral Home Ltd. RIESS, Rosina “Rosie” Barbara of West Lorne passed away in her 80th year. Friends may call at Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, West Lorne on Saturday March 15 1-2pm. Funeral service at 2pm. West Lorne Chapel of Denning Funeral Directors. SAMPLONIUS, Ben of Dutton passed away Wednesday, March 5 at the age of 27. He will be missed by his Rawhide and Big Easy rodeo families

and all the “Cowal Cowboys.” A celebration of Ben’s life was held March 10. Arn Funeral Home. WELCH, Gordon “Bud” of Dutton passed away on Saturday March 1, 2014 in his 84th year. A funeral service was held Friday, March 7, 2014. Arn Funeral Home. WHITE, Ruth V. (Clipperton) of St. Thomas passed away Friday, March 7, 2014, at the age of 74. A memorial service was held March 12.  Shawn Jackson Funeral Home.

Sifton Family Owned Since 1926 We offer a full range of funeral planning options


118 Wellington Street, St. Thomas

St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

Death Notices




2 Piece Bonafide Chicken

(Chicken Only)

(Dark Meat Only)

(Chicken, Fish or Shrimp)


3 Piece Bonafide Chicken (Leg, Wing, Thigh)


Butterfly or Popcorn Shrimp (Single Serving. Shrimp Only)




6 Nuggets (Chicken Only)


Any large side FOR ONLY










Any Big Easy Sandwich




3 Louisiana Tenders





St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

The Weekly News - Thursday, March 13, 2014



$429 $349 $399

Add a regular drink or regular side to any EVERYDAY VALUE * Before taxes. “Coca-Cola”, is a registered trademark of Coca-Cola Ltd., used under license. © 2014 AFC Enterprises, Inc.

March 13, 2014  

St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News

March 13, 2014  

St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News