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January 30, 2014 Volume 8 No. 89

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Trax on the right track



BREATHING EASY: The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) donated 100 carbon monoxide detectors to the St. Thomas Fire Department on Jan. 20. The fire department will include the detectors in its existing home smoke alarm inspection program to help keep families safe. Left to right: Doug DeRabbie, director of government relations (IBC); Jeff Yurek, MPP Elgin-Middlesex-London; Ernie Hardeman, Oxford MPP; and Bill Todd, chief fire prevention officer, St. Thomas Fire Department. Read more on page 2.

Only a week after receiving his badge, St. Thomas’ first police dog, Trax, lived up to his name by tracking down his first suspect. OPP stoped a pick up truck Jan. 23 at 9:35 a.m. when the it pulled into a home’s driveway on Sunset Road, Talbotville. The driver exited the vehicle and fled on foot, while two other male passengers remained inside the vehicle. Investigation revealed both the truck and licence plates on it had been stolen overnight from a London business, and the two men in the vehicle were immediately taken into custody. OPP officers contacted the St. Thomas police and requested help from Trax and his handler, Const. Sean James, to locate the missing driver. Trax is still a new addition to the force, having only received his badge Jan. 16. Police cars parked at the nearby Wayside Dinning Lounge at the corner of Sunset Drive and Talbot Line while the search was underway. While police were searching, the suspect was trying to find a way to get out of the area fast. “He’d gone to several businesses and homes in an attempt to either get a cab or secure transportation,” said Troy Carlson, OPP constable. Nick Kanellis, Wayside owner, was walking outside and spoke with the suspect on the sidewalk. When asked what he was out doing, the suspect said he was looking for auto parts. Once a police cruiser came in sight, the suspect took off. “I saw him running through backyards. I sent the cops after him,” said Kanellis. After 45 minutes of tracking, Trax led officers to a house, where the suspect was found in the attic, hiding under some insulation. “It was an amazing feeling to know that he was on the right track. I’m glad our service was able to assist the OPP,” James said.

Man and two dogs escape unharmed from Owaissa house fire JESSE CNOCKAERT The Weekly News

A homeowner and two dogs escaped safely Jan. 21 after a house caught fire on Owaissa Street in St. Thomas, the cause of which a fire official says will probably go down as undetermined. Dan Powers was at home at 33 Owaissa

Street that day when he smelled smoke coming from the bathroom in the early afternoon. The fire had started in the basement wall, and smoke had travelled up and out of the hydro outlet in the bathroom on the first floor. Powers called 911, grabbed his two dogs and fled the building. St. Thomas firefighters quickly arrived

on the scene and spent the next several hours battling the blaze. Bill Todd, chief fire prevention officer, said the damages are estimated at $180,000. Plans to investigate the cause of the fire were hindered by water and ice build up in the basement. The water had contaminants that couldn’t be pumped into the street.

“We’re going with undetermined right now. It was impossible to get in there with those temperatures and all that water,” Todd said. He mentioned that even if the basement gets cleared, there’s not much left to help with the investigation. The home did have working smoke alarms, and the fire is not considered suspicious.

St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

The Weekly News - Thursday, January 30, 2014


Protecting against the silent killer

I wondred why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me.

Jesse cnockaert The Weekly News

St. Thomas, On 226.448.8466

We provide families with respectful and affordable funeral, memorial and cremation services. Free, no-obligation preplanning and prepayment consultation is available.

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The St. Thomas Fire Department is prepared to help St. Thomas breath a little easier and be a little safer. The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) donated 100 carbon monoxide detectors to the St. Thomas fire department on Jan. 20, as part of a campaign to raise awareness about the need for such detectors in all homes with a fuelburning appliance or an attached garage. This donation adds to the more than 1,000 detectors already donated to fire departments across Ontario. “You can’t see, smell or taste carbon monoxide. The only way to know if this deadly gas is in your home is by having a detector,” said Jeff Yurek, MPP for Elgin-Middlesex-London. Yurek was present at the presentation of the carbon monoxide detectors,

along with Ernie Hardeman, Oxford MPP. Hardeman has been pushing for the last five years to pass a bill in the legislature requiring carbon monoxide detectors in all homes. The bill finally passed Dec. 12 last year. “Carbon monoxide poisoning is the leading cause of accidental deaths in North America, but many of these tragedies can be prevented by installing a CO detector. It is particularly important in the winter months to ensure your family is protected by making sure vents aren’t blocked and that you have a functioning carbon monoxide detector,” Hardeman said. Over the last 15 years, 250 Ontarians have died from accidental CO poisoning. Hardeman’s bill was named the Hawkins Gignac Act, in memory of a Woodstock family killed by CO poisoning due to a blocked vent on their fireplace. “We thank MPP Ernie Hardeman

for his leadership and perseverance to make CO detectors mandatory in all homes in Ontario. Imposing the installation of CO detectors is a wise investment that will help keep families safe at a minimal cost,” said Doug DeRabbie, director of government relations for IBC. The St. Thomas Fire Department will include the CO detectors in its existing home smoke alarm inspection program. Home safety audits are being conducted by the St. Thomas Fire Department to help homeowners ensure their property is fire safe. A fire crew will stop by a home and examine the interior, check smoke alarms ad carbon monoxide detectors and check for proper storage of flammable liquids, use of extension cords as permanent wiring and houshold wiring. For more information or to set up an appointment for a fire safety inspection, call 519-631-0210.

For more information, please call or visit our website.

A fresh coat of paint: The 13 bay doors on the east side of the Elgin County Railway Museum have been given a fresh coat of paint. As a first step in improving the ­ museum’s rustic façade, volunteers ­ began painting the giant, 100-year-old wooden doors more than a year ago with paint donated by Rust-oleum Consumer Brands ­Canada. H.D. Painting ­Contractors finished the job over two weeks in the fall. ­Henry ­ Dryfhout, H.D. Painting Contractors o ­wner, ­presented Dawn ­Miskelly, museum manager, a cheque for $3,118.80, donating the labour costs back to the ­museum.

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The Weekly News - Thursday, January 30, 2014


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Pets 4 Life expansion: Scott Atkins, production supervisor at Pets 4 Life, attends to some cat food at the business’ new location. Pets 4 Life, a raw pet food business, outgrew their old location on South Edgeware and moved to 2 Currah Rd., St. Thomas. The new buiding offers three and a half times the space they had before, which allows room for an 800-square-foot drive-in freezer. Glenn and Sherry Forrester purchased the business in 2010 and the business produces about 6,000 lbs of pet food each week.

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Come in and WELCOME our new DENTURIST Mike V. Pisek DD




St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

The Weekly News - Thursday, January 30, 2014


Women’s shelter at 83 percent of fundraising goal Jesse cnockaert The Weekly News

jesse cnockaert Photo

Violence Against Women Services Elgin County (VAWSEC) gave an update Jan. 20 on the progress of their fundraising campaign to raise $1 million to build a new emergency shelter in St. Thomas. The campaign has collected $830,000 so far. Left to right: Adam McBurney, Diane Brown, Jean Bowden, Liz Brown, Diane Storey, Andrea Quenneville and Carole Watson.

The dream of building a new emergency shelter for women and children in St. Thomas is finally in sight with the announcement the campaign has reached 83 percent of its goal. Violence Against Women Services Elgin County (VAWSEC) launched the Building Hope Saving Lives campaign in June to try to raise $1 million so they could build a new, better emergency shelter. The old shelter is a 99-year-old single family dwelling that was neither designed, nor intended, to handle the thousands of women and children who come to it. VAWSEC appealed to businesses, community groups, agencies and individuals to try to collect enough to create a new shelter, and more than 280 donors responded. All the hard work and generosity has amounted to $830,000 collected so far. “As a former teacher, I can say our community deserves an A,” said Carole Watson, community chair of the campaign. “It has been amazing.” A donor, who wished to remain anonymous, pledged to match, dollar-for-dollar, all donations up to $250,000. After $123,000 was collected from donors, the anonymous donor announced the full $250,000 would be given regardless. Now, VAWSEC is hoping the community will

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give the campaign the push it needs to find the remaining $170,000. “In the new home (women and children) will find safety, dignity, healing and lots of room for the children to play,” said Watson. The need for a shelter with more space is key. Liz Brown, VAWSEC executive director, says that in the new shelter, every family will have a bedroom of its own. “Every child of any age will have the space to play. Right now, you have the space to play if you’re under three. If you’re older than three, you do not have the space to play,” said Brown. If VAWSEC can demonstrate community support by raising the $1 million, it’s possible the province will follow through with support of another $1.4 million. “What we can absolutely say is we are the number one priority in the southwest region for funding. The first priority for infrastructure in the southwest, which is Owen Sound down to Windsor,” said Brown. “I think they will be stunned when they see the amount of money we have raised today.” VAWSEC has purchased a plot of land on Princess Avenue where the new shelter will be built. Shovels are expected to be in the ground by spring. To make a secure online donation, or to find out more, visit Anyone interested in supporting the new shelter may also stop by in person at the VAWSEC office at 300 Talbot Street, suite 26, in St. Thomas.

Steps to

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The Corporation of the Municipality of

Central Elgin CE BUZZ Port Stanley Proposed Heritage Conservation District Public Meeting

The Weekly News - Thursday, January 30, 2014


There will be a public meeting held by the Heritage Conservation District Steering Committee on Thursday, February 6th from 7pm to 9pm at the Port Stanley Arena & Community Centre to review the draft Heritage Conservation District Plan and Guidelines developed, and discuss what the proposed Plan is and what it means to property owners in the initial stage of potential implementation, consisting of the Colborne Street, Main Street, and Bridge Street segments, as well as the immediately abutting commercial and residential areas. The final draft of the Heritage Conservation District Plan and Guidelines for Council’s consideration, as well as a newsletter containing a summary of the Plan and Guidelines, can be found at Contributed photo

Shedding Some Light on SAD

By Steve Bond BSc.Phm., CDE, FASCP

Pharmacy Operation Manager

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Cliff Arnall was a scientist at Cardiff University in Wales. No, he didn’t invent the light bulb or the telephone (that was Tom Edison and Alex Bell). Dr. Arnall calculated the saddest day of the year. Although highly regarded as pseudo-science, Ol’ Cliff calculated the date using many factors, including: weather conditions, debt level (the difference between debt accumulated and our ability to pay), time since Christmas, time since failing our new year’s resolutions, low motivational levels and feeling of a need to take action. This year the date was January 20th in case you missed it. While Dr Arnall’s equation has been described as “farcical” and “mathematically non-sensical”, it’s probably not surprising that many of us have heard of or experience the winter blues- that feeling of sadness that comes this time of year to approx. 15% of the population. A smaller proportion (2-3 %) experience a condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD). SAD can be difficult to diagnose, since many of the symptoms are similar to those of other types of depression. Generally, symptoms that recur for at least 2 consecutive winters, without any other explanation for the changes in mood and behaviour, indicate the presence of SAD. They may include: change in appetite, in particular a craving for sweet or starchy foods; weight gain; decreased energy; tendency to oversleep;

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difficulty concentrating; irritability; anxiety and despair. The symptoms of SAD generally disappear when spring arrives. For some people, this happens suddenly with a short time of heightened activity. For others, the effects of SAD gradually resolve. So how is SAD treated? People with mild symptoms can benefit from spending more time outdoors during the day and by arranging their environments so that they receive maximum sunlight. Exercise relieves stress, builds energy and increases your mental and physical well-being. Exercise outdoors or in an environment with exposure to natural light. A winter vacation in a sunny destination can also temporarily relieve SAD symptoms, although symptoms usually recur after return home. Many people with SAD respond well to exposure to bright, artificial light. “Light therapy,” involves sitting beside a special fluorescent light box for several minutes day. For those with severe symptoms – Complete lack of interest in activities; excessive tiredness or thoughts of harming oneself, it is important to seek medical attention. Devising a treatment plan with your doctor consisting of light therapy, medication and cognitivebehavioural therapy may be needed.. Take care of yourselves and each other. For more information, check out our blog:

519 TALBOT STREET, ST. THOMAS 631-3330 PROFESSIONAL CONSULTATION AVAILABLE CONVENIENT HOURS: Monday to Friday 9am-9pm, Saturday 9am-6:00pm, Sunday 10am-4pm

Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update Community Consultation Opportunities The Municipality of Central Elgin is undertaking a review of its Parks and Recreation Master Plan. This Plan will look ahead to identify the community’s needs and priorities related to parks, trails, open space, recreation facilities and leisure services for community residents. One of the major initiatives within the first phase of the Plan is the completing of a series of community consultation activities. One of these activities includes the hosting of Discovery Sessions with representatives of community organizations and groups who provide recreational services who will be contacted directly. Two opportunities are available for residents to submit individual or group input. The first is to complete an online community survey that can be found on the Municipal website (, or on the Municipal Facebook page (Municipality of Central Elgin). The second is to attend a community workshop, with two different dates available to provide your input. The workshops will be held on: • Tuesday February 25th, 2014 at 7:00pm – Belmont Arena • Wednesday February 26th, 2014 at 7:00pm – Port Stanley Arena For further information, contact Chandra Dougall, Policy and Communications Analyst, Municipality of Central Elgin at (519) 631-4860 ext. 243.

St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

Curling donation: The Senior Men’s Afternoon Social League held its annual bonspiel at the St. Thomas Curling Club  and proceeds of $500 were donated to the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital (STEGH). From left to right: Paul Jenkins, STEGH Foundation executive director, Kingsley Irvine, league president and Elmer Lepischak, league member.


St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

The Weekly News - Thursday, January 30, 2014


Justin T – lightweight no more The view from here Terry Carroll


ome commentators accuse Liberal leader Justin Trudeau of being a lightweight, compared to his father, Pierre Elliott. These critics admit Justin has elan, a joie de vivre, a certain je ne sais quoi. But when it comes to policy, where are the states and the bedrooms, the charters of rights, the metric systems? Sure the lightweight Justin took out the heavyweight Patrick Brazeau in the ring in 2012, but where’s the beef in the policy platform? Not so fast, I say. Hold the phone. People remember Pierre Trudeau fondly, but he wasn’t a brainiac every day he was in office. Take the decision to replace the imperial system of measurement with the metric system. First, look what it did to the cadence of the English language. A miss is as good as a mile became a miss is a good as a kilometer? A pinch to grow a centimeter?

Give them a centimeter and they’ll take a kilometer? They fall flat. There’s no rhythm, no joy to such adaptations. The other is the weather. When Radio Canada says we’re getting 10 to 15 centimeters of snow, how much is that? You have to do mental long division, and it’s too cold for that. Only Pierre Elliott could divide by 2.2 in his head at 20 below. There’s plenty of room for P.E.T.’s son Justin on this file. Yes, it’s too late to go back to imperial, but he can introduce new language for Environment Canada. Here’s a start: -The scraper: Bit of ice with a hint of snow, not too cold. -Salt storm: Major storm with temperatures around freezing. -Alberta fluff: Arctic temps with light snow. -The DQ: Any blizzard approaching what we experienced Jan. 24, 2104. -The Trudeau fuddle duddle: Snowfall deep enough that the plough gives back onto just-shoveled sidewalks. Justin, here’s a red rose you can sink your teeth into, just like dear old dad. With the weather we’ve been getting, choose a plastic one, or it will never survive. I’d recommend a 20-centimeter stem, if only I knew how long that is.

Brian Wilsdon photo

Here we go again: On Jan. 20 morning, a snow blower, plowing the sidewalk on Locust Street, is partly ­hidden by the banks of snow. The long winter appears set to continue into February.

Encountering hubris in the public eye

The things that leave me angry

showcase of hair shaved off the Jewish victims used to make clothing for the Nazi soldiers. I was angry. Something to Now, I can do one of two things. think about First, I suppose I could go to anger management - but, to be honest that won’t Pastor Cusick work. I really think the second thing et’s face it: throughout our lives will work. The second thing I can do is there have been those moments associated with my belief system. when we were truly horrified, anI believe that there must be such a thing gry, frustrated - or maybe even infuriated as judgment. at situations and things. Allow me to quote N.T. Wright:  “JudgI recall reading, for an assignment ment - the sovereign declaration that in my graduate studies, a paper on the this is good and needs to be upheld and Rwandan crisis between the Tutsi and vindicated, and that is evil and needs to Hutu peoples. be condemned, is the only other alternaI was angry. tive to chaos.” Schindler’s List was, for me, a very My belief system has a judgment. My disturbing movie. belief system allows me to tolerate the I was angry. injustices in life, that I am powerless to I remember reading Black like Me fix or repair. about 40 years ago. I was angry. This is not an excuse for inactivity - but I recall walking the grounds of Ausit does help my anger problem. And that, chwitz about 25 years ago, seeing the is something to think about.



As I see it Ric Wellwood


don’t belong to Facebook, but as a proud grandfather I would like everyone to know that my only granddaughter is now at the University of Toronto to study International Development. She’s the one who worked in an orphanage in Uganda last year to help young Africans find a decent future. My eldest grandson is now entering Fanshawe College and is likely seeking a career in law enforcement or an opportunity to serve in the Canadian military. One of his classmates who is graduating from St. Michaels’ High School in Stratford may never get to college or university, even though the many millions he has made as a pop star could easily cover the tuition for himself and hundreds of other who are less fortunate. Justin Bieber is getting to the point where even die-hard fans are registering disappointment.

Terry Carroll - General Manager: Jesse Cnockaert- Reporter:

A Community Newspaper, published by Metroland Media. 15 St. Catharine St., (Lower) St. Thomas, N5P 2V7

519-633-1640 Fax: 519-633-0558

[Ext. 25]

If he ever does go on for further education, he will encounter the word “hubris” which means an exaggerated view of one’s self importance. Rising that high in public view means all sorts of scrutiny from fans and detractors alike. I am forced to admit that he has enrolled in the Rob Ford School of Judgement and Manners and is passing with flying colours. His recent drunk driving arrest in Miami Beach while street racing at more than twice the allowed speed in a Lamborghini means that I will never allow him to drive my Lamborghini, even if he begged me. Wait a minute. That’s sounds at lot like hubris on my part. As Ford would say, “I’m sincerely, sincerely sorry, sorry, sorry.” Justin Bieber is heading for a significant fall from grace and will probably be the last to realize the fact. Anyone who ridicules the late Ann Frank in the midst of a moment of hubris, is clearly not connected to society-at-large. Yet he and Ford have collectively shot holes in the American view that Canadians are quiet, selfeffacing, boring individuals. I think most Canadians didn’t want them to go to such extremes to destroy the illusion.

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Weekly News Correspondent

New Bayham fire chief Randy White has been appointed Bayham fire chief. He was introduced at Council last week. He replaces Gord Roesch who resigned in the fall. White, from Edmonton, is the former deputy fire chief of Tillsonburg and most recently a deputy fire chief in Leduc, Alberta. He currently lives in Tillsonbug. “The Bayham department is staffed by a group of very dedicated and highly-trained and experienced firefighters. The two district chiefs alone have over 75 years of experience. The equipment is well maintained and up to date. So I don’t foresee any major changes coming,” said White. Brookside manor closed Brookside Retirement Home in Aylmer has lost its licence and was closed Jan. 24. Thirteen residents were informed Jan 22 that they had to vacate. Southwest Community Care Access client service manager Daryl Nancekivell (formerly of Aylmer) said his agency was assisting with the transition and “everyone had a place to go.” The licence was revoked by the Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority of Ontario. Port Burwell Pole painting update Margot Auber, spokesman for the PoleStars program in Port Burwell, appeared before Bayham council to provide an update concerning the plan for students to paint hydro poles in the village. Hydro One will come Feb. 5-7 with its Electricity Discovery Centre to provide tours for children and the general public. The President of Hydro One will arrive on Feb. 7 to give a personal presentation to the students/staff at Port Burwell Public School. “From council we were looking for a small amount of funding, support for permits regarding blocking off the main street for the event itself, etc.,” said Auber According to Auber, the local legion will be donating a cake for the students on the event date, and they also have sponsors for vinyl gloves for the students. Volunteers have been arranged to help prep the poles, and the owners of the Straffordville Sunshine Grill have offered to sponsor the cost of the paint. Council voted to provide a written letter of support. Aylmer to still discuss EECC library (Information on the following resolution from last week’s Aylmer council meeting is from clerk Nancie Irving): “Moved by councillor Vandermeersch and seconded by councillor LaPointe: That the resolution from the

Town of Aylmer notes Township of Malahide about the use of hall space at the East Elgin Community Complex for the Aylmer Library, be received and filed; and further, that no further action be taken on the location of the Aylmer Library. Opposed – Vandermeersch, Lapointe, Barbour. In favour – Couckuyt, Oslach, Richer (Absent: Wright). The motion is Defeated on a 3/3 vote. Since council did not dispose of the Malahide resolution, as council defeated the above motion, the Malahide resolution will go back to Council for consideration at the Feb. 3 meeting.” Jaffa outdoor exhibit opened Monday The TVDSB Jaffa Environmental Education Centre held the opening of their Carolinian Life Zone Exhibit on Jan. 20 afternoon. Financial contributors to the exhibit include the Government of Ontario MNR,

Environment Canada, TD Friends of the season games throughout the year,” said Environment Foundation, Wildlife Habi- Jon. “I have the responsibility of broadtat Canada, the Sinclairs and the Estate of casting the games with colour analyst Jim Dorothy Fay Palmer. Ralph, for both TSN 1050/Sportsnet The This exhibit is in the Jaffa Centre class- Fan 590 and across the Leafs Radio Netroom that used to house the old (1972) work…The most exciting event so far was Clayton Axford Museum. It is an inter- being part of the Winter Classic coverage active hands-on exhibit that was devel- for Leafs TV. We stood outside every day, oped on the Carolinian Life Zone, how all day, but it was a blast.” it is unique and how it is at risk. It will be used by students in the Happy TVDSB to help cover curriculum links to Science and Technology. It will be open to the public dur- 90th Birthday ing the Elgin Doors Open in the fall. Isabelle Jon Abbott on Leafs radio Love your The Toronto Maple Leafs anFamily nounced in the summer that Jon “Joie “Joie de de la la Vie”! Vie”! Abbott, 28, formerly of Aylmer, will call their games for midweek radio broadcasts after he spent the past two seasons doing the same for the Toronto Marlies of the AHL. “It is a thrill to live out my lifelong dream and provide play by St.Thomas/Elgin play coverage of the Leafs. We actually provide television coverage of the Leafs through daily practice updates, along with live coverage each game day in the morning and we air pre-game and post game shows for all regular

French Immersion Registration January 20 to February 7, 2014 Register your child now for French Immersion in Senior Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 7 Pierre Elliott Trudeau French Immersion P.S. 112 Churchill Cres., St. Thomas, 519-631-7820


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St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News


The Weekly News - Thursday, January 30, 2014

Randy White appointed as new Bayham fire chief


Winter tours begin for HMCS Ojibwa

St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

The Weekly News - Thursday, January 30, 2014


Photo from EMM collection

Not even a snowy day in December could deter this tour group from taking a look inside HMCS Ojibwa in Port Burwell.

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At 297.5 feet long, five stories high, elegant, imposing and hiding secrets of the Cold War, such is HMCS Ojibwa, Canada’s first Oberon Class submarine as she sits in Port Burwell. “We are having special public tours the last weekends of all the winter months,” said Ian Raven, executive director of the Elgin Military Museum. “Even though we are open all winter by appointment for groups of four or more, these weekends give smaller groups and walk-ins a chance to take the tour too.” The Oberon Class boats were recognized for their stealth, making them key players during the Cold War.  Even now, few Canadians are aware of the remarkable and often dangerous missions they undertook.  Many of these stories will be told for the first time through the new Museum of Naval History. “During my time in Ojibwa we might have to slip into hostile harbours and remain undetected while gathering audio and visual intelligence on military facilities, warships and submarines,” said Jim “Lucky” Gordon, retired chief petty officer. “The atmosphere would be electric, absolute silence through-

out the submarine. We would move stealthily under Soviet warships close enough to photograph their hulls and underwater equipment. Always in the cover of darkness.” Ojibwa will be open Feb. 22 and 23 from noon to 4:00 p.m. The last tour leaves at 3:00 p.m.  In March the sub will open through March Break as well as the last weekend. “We have some heat in the boat, but dress warmly. It is still winter,” said Raven. Larger groups and schools can tour the boat any day by contacting the museum to make arrangements. Tours cost $18.50 for ages 13 and over and $11 for children six to 12. Children under six are not permitted. Visitors can book ahead by calling 519-633-7641 or emailing Walk-ins are welcome, but should be advised that there are no debit facilities at the Port Burwell site during the winter months.  For more information, visit the museum website at Helpp donation: The St. Thomas Elgin General ­Hospital Auxiliary donated $8,566 to help fund mental health equipment for the hospital’s upcoming redevelopment campaign. The money was raised from their H.E.L.P.P. lottery break-open tickets.  Paul Jenkins (back), STEGH Foundation executive director, accepts the cheque from Auxiliary members (from left) Bette Fogal, Joanne Slaght, Sharon Lawrence, Dorothy Temple, Maureen Avery, Jeannette Boyd, ­Norma Mann and Dorothy Streets.

Still Hungry? Extra Lean Ground Turkey

(Perfect for Big Game Chili)

Turkey Sausages & Burgers

10882 Sunset Rd. Just N. of Talbotville

519.633.0527 Mon-Fri 9-5:30, Sat. 9-4

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! g a J g a W e h T Do %FF






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Jeff Smith

Alaina Vaughan

Sales Agent

Sales Agent

Jeff Smith has deep roots in the community, and resides at his family farm on Sparta Line. He is the second licensed agent in his family, as he is the son of Gil Smith, who has been part of the Yarmouth Mutual team for 17 years.

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In addition to working on the family farm, Jeff has also been employed with St. Thomas Ford, Echo Power Equipment, and more recently at Huron Tractor. Jeff is active in the community with the Masonic Lodge and is a past President of the Aylmer Shrine club. Jeff has been recruited to succeed his father as Yarmouth Mutual’s farm insurance representative.

As a lifelong resident of the St. Thomas, Alaina Vaughan identifies with the needs of her community and strives to build long lasting relationships with her clients. Recently she organized a Christmas gift drive for the women and children of Violence Against Women Services Elgin County. Alaina comes to Yarmouth Mutual as a licensed Insurance Agent and has previous experience as an Insurance Broker and a Horticulturalist. Consider having her tailor an insurance portfolio to your specific needs for your business pursuits or personal insurance.

Call us today for a FREE, no obligation quote. Rooted in your community. Discover the Mutual difference.

WagJag Customer Service 416.687.5848 or 1.855.4.WAGJAG To feature your business, please call 519.649.2000

1229 Talbot St., St. Thomas 1-877-792-3693 | 519-631-1572


St. Thomas E-bingo game launch 9

Lois Jackson

Bingo Country, St. Thomas, is now offering new electronic games or the traditional paper-based games, which may improve revenue raised for local charities. “Adding new electronic products to our traditional paper-based games enables us to revitalize the charitable bingo and gaming industry and provide a sustainable source of revenue for our associated charities to continue their important work in communities,” said Lynn Cassidy, executive director of the Ontario Charitable Gaming Association. OLG introduced a pilot program in 2005 to test electronic versions of existing paper-based bingo games to six charitable bingo and gaming centres in five communities in Ontario. These pilot centres in Barrie, Kingston, Peterborough, Sudbury and Windsor have since raised $54 million in additional money for local charities Following this pilot project, OLG is beginning a phased rollout of a new suite of electronic games to other charitable gaming sites in the province. Offerings will include

Weekly News Correspondent


cannot remember a cold, snowy winter like this one. During the cold snap when temperatures went down to minus 25, it was brutal outside. Even wrapping up with scarves and mittens was not enough to protect us against those freezing winds. I felt sick thinking of the cats and dogs outside with no protection against such frigid weather. It sounds like common sense that a cat or dog could not survive normal winter weather without protection and food. Often the animals die of hypothermia and dehydration. But some people still have no consideration for their pets. In this weather, that can be a death sentence and a horrible death for a dog or cat. My family of backyard colony cats are well supervised and protected. They have insulated cat shelters, and a heated bowl to keep their water from freezing. Because of the extreme cold, we had some unwanted feline visitors, looking for food and shelter. The cat shelter on my back step is only big enough for the two cat brothers who live in our yard along with their wild mamma who has her own cat shelter out back.

Luther is a young large black male cat who often stirs up trouble amongst the male cats, dominating the two young brothers and hogging the cat shelter. I was so worried that the smallest young male named Smudge would be pushed out of his shelter he shares with brother Ripple. But lo and behold, all three cats were sharing the small cat shelter during those frigid days and nights. It just goes to show you that even felines understand that, to survive, you may have to share space and resources with those you may not always get along with otherwise. What do you do when you are worried about animal abuse or neglect? City Animal Control employees do not have the right to go on private property without an owner’s consent. The city police have the right to intervene in emergencies regarding animals. The OSPCA have the legislated authority to act decisively in animal emergencies. The OSPCA has an officer who will investigate in our area. You can contact her at 1-888-668-7722 ext. 313. Keep in mind that she is deluged with calls and does her best to help where she can. Check out the easy ways you can build a cat shelter at Keep your pets and our community cats safe this winter.

Electronic Bingo, Play On Demand and Tap Tix. For Electronic Bingo, charitable gaming centres will offer terminals with touch screens that allow players to touch the screen to dab the numbers and play along. Play On Demand is a collection of electronic games that can be played anytime with prizes to be won. Tap Tix is a variation of the classic break open ticket, which features an interactive display screen on a ticket dispenser. OLG is working with Ontario Charitable Gaming Association (OCGA) and Commercial Gaming Association of Ontario (CGAO) to implement these changes. OLG is a provincial agency responsible for lottery games and gaming facilities. Since 1975, OLG has provided nearly $38 billion to the province and the people of Ontario. OLG’s annual payments to the Province have helped support health care, education, research, prevention and treatment of problem gambling, amateur sport through the Quest for Gold program and local and provincial charities

The Weekly News - Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cold weather makes strange bedfellows

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Smith & Jones

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Smith & Jones

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GROOM: Tyler Smith BRIDE: Melanie Jones GROOM’S PARENTS: John & Mary Smith, Port Stanley BRIDE’S PARENTS: Tim & Joanne Jones, St. Thomas WEDDING: September 23, 2013, First United Church, St. Thomas RECEPTION: Memorial Arena, St. Thomas HONEYMOON LOCATION: Jamaica COUPLE’S RESIDENCE: Port Stanley


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GROOM: Tyler Smith BRIDE: Melanie Jones GROOM’S PARENTS: John & Mary Smith, Port Stanley BRIDE’S PARENTS: Tim & Joanne Jones, St. Thomas WEDDING: September 23, 2013, First United Church, St. Thomas RECEPTION: Memorial Arena, St. Thomas ATTENDANTS: Bridesmaids: Kaylene Jones, Carol Campbell, Kelly Bourne. Groomsmen: Brent Smith, Jared Kelly, Daryl DeGroet HONEYMOON LOCATION: Jamaica COUPLE’S RESIDENCE: Port Stanley

St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

Size “A”

St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News


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Kari Wilson Mobile Mortgage Specialist Cell: 519-200-0965

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The Weekly News - Thursday, January 30, 2014


Adam Parker Mortgage Agent

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FEATURED HOME Country home – close to town


alk about a country home with rural look and feel on the outside, and class space and amenities on the inside, just minutes from St. Thomas! This residence with quality upgrades is situated on John Wise Line just east of Sunset. So if you’re driving south from St. Thomas and you reach John Wise Line, turn right and you’re practically there. Whether you’re driving to work in St. Thomas or London, the commute from this location is a breeze. It’s also very easy to give directions to guests, and for those with a social flair, this property is ideal for entertaining. The main floor features a gourmet kitchen with attention to every detail: granite countertops, cherry cupboards, a large island and luxurious eating area for family and guests. Hardwood and ceramic tile flooring add the extra touch of beauty and durability with minimal wear. Main floor sophistication and charm continue from there, with a den or office depending on family or business needs, a living room with gas fireplace (what a

cosy attraction for this old-fashioned winter we’ve been experiencing!) and a games room. Not just any games room either. This one is large enough for a full-sized billiards table for entertaining in classic style. And this home has been blessed with bathrooms – a four-piece bath on the second level, three-piece on the main level and a two-piece bath on the lower level. For a family needing plenty of room to grow, or delighted to host out-of-town guests overnight, the second level features four bedrooms, including a spacious master. With just over half an acre of property to enjoy, the pet lover, gardener or aficionado of plants and lawns has found just the property. This yard comes with a fenced-in play centre for kids, a large shed for the do-ityourselfer and a hot tub for everyone who loves to relax, instantly, plus a sprinkler system to keep the green areas truly green. This one-of-a-kind home, with all the upgrades, is located at 42466 John Wise Line and is listed at $374,900. For a private tour, contact Nancy Milles at Elgin Realty, 519-637-2300.

Nancy Milles 519-637-2300

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and just south of the village of West Lorne in the tiny village of Eagle, Ontario. Eagle is where you’ll find Lakeview Gardens and Greenhouses. This nature lover’s lot has natural gas and municipal water at the road, is 120 ft’ by 974 ft’ and backs onto woods. For more information call Martin at 519-808-5607.

JOhn KnOwleS * • 519-633-0600





I became an accredited senior agent because I wanted to help seniors who had decided they no longer wanted to be home owners

i can helP!!!

Call me direct at 519-808-5607

JOHN ROBINSON * 519-619-9476 & BOBBIE ROBINSON * 519-859-1695








The Weekly News - Thursday, January 30, 2014


Martin trethewey ** • 519-808-5607 (cell) THE EAGLE HAS LANdEd! accredited ,500

New Price

I am fresh out of listings and have time to give your home lots of attention. 45672 ROBERTS LINE

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180 MEEK ST, PORT STANLEY LAKEVIEWS IN PORT STANLEY Located in quiet desirable neighbourhood, close to John* & Bobbie* beach, enjoy the lakeviews from your deck. Perfect Robinson vacation retreat or year round home. MLS#528167

Call John Knowles 519-633-0600

John Knowles*

Recently updated country property including large insulated work shop, three bay drive shed and six stall horse barn with wash bay and three fenced paddocks. Home has main floor family room, gourmet kitchen with high end appliances included, large eating area, office area, formal dining room and elegant living room. Second level has very large master with five piece ensuite and walk-in closet, three additional bedrooms and updated three piece bath with glass walk-in shower. Lower level has finished rec-room / exercise area. Attached double garage. Generac 14kw generator.

nelSOn cOnrOy * • 519-630-7470 PRI 0 N$OW 55,00











223 univerSity creScent, lOndOn (near uwO)


364-366 TALBOT STREET 89 cheStnut St. (near FiFth ave) 45 ELIzABETH STREET Downtown Courthouse Southside location, cOMMercial/retail Main FlOOr oPen house sunDay 2PM-4PM long term tenants with a 2 apts requiring some work This Has TRIPLEX POTENTIAL written all over it! Enjoy this tremendous view of 7% Return on Investment Potential income $2,000.00/mo minimum 4 bdrms, 2 stair cases to the 2nd floor. Lake Erie!

Home improvements that may actually lower your home value

Home improvements are typically made to improve the functionality and look of a home, but renovations also can increase the value of a home. Certain changes to a home can make it more attractive to prospective buyers, while other renovations may make a home less appealing. For example, a complete overhaul of an outdated kitchen is often a smart financial move, while installing a pool or hot tub may not be worth the cost to homeowners. Separating the good from the bad renovations makes smart financial sense, and homeowners looking to improve their homes’ resale values may want to avoid the following projects. * Bedroom and garage conversions: Changing a room’s traditional function often turns off buyers. For example, turning a garage into a home gym might seem like a great idea for you, but it may not be so appealing to prospective buyers. Buyers can certainly reconvert the space, but they would consider the costs of such a conversion when making their offers on the home. * Stylized colors on trims and rooms: Painting over unappealing colors is a project many homeowners can handle. However, some may be discouraged by a home that has too many bright colors or textures on the walls and trims. Buyers often want homes that are move-in ready, meaning they can get settled in before undertaking large projects. A living room painted in purple or

zebra print may not fit the design scheme of many buyers. Dark colors do not easily disappear, and taping off and painting trimwork or changing it entirely can be equally time-consuming. Stick with neutral colors when selling a home, even if this means giving rooms a new coat of paint before putting your house on the market. * Outdoor hot tubs and indoor spa tubs: Many people find soaking in a bubbling brew of hot water quite inviting. But buyers often do not want to inherit a used hot tub. Although hot tubs are cleaned and maintained with sanitizing chemicals, some people may view them as unsanitary. Removing a hot tub can be labor-intensive. And much like a pool, a hot tub may not be appealing to buyers with young children. * Removing closets: Closet space is often high on buyers’ priority lists. Turning closet space into an office or removing a closet to make a room bigger may be fine for those who are staying put. But these modifications can be a turn-off to prospective buyers. * Too many features: In an effort to “keep up with the Joneses,” some homeowners will over-improve their home to the point that it outshines all others on the street. There is a case for having nice things, but homeowners may struggle to sell a home that is disproportionate to other homes in the area. Practice moderation when making improvements to attract more buyers.

PRICED AT $675,000

The perfect investment you will sure want! 9 bedrooms with GROSS RENT $58,000!

AGM St. Thomas Downtown Development Board Annual General Meeting Attention all business owners, merchants and property owners: Our Annual General Meeting for the St. Thomas Downtown Development Board will be held on February 5, 2014 at the CASO station. The meeting will start at 7 p.m. The evening will allow the Downtown Development Board to demonstrate its accomplishments of 2013, as well as its plans for the upcoming 2014 year. The meeting will allow opinions, input and ideas to be brought forth which will give direction to our efforts in the downtown. There will also be an opportunity for networking and a chance to meet the board members.

*Refreshments will be served* Please RSVP to by February 3, 2014 to confirm your attendance and to help us plan a successful and constructive evening. Thank you, Downtown Development Board

St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News


St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

The Weekly News - Thursday, January 30, 2014



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Township of Southwold


It is a requirement that ALL dogs in Southwold Township are licensed. 2014 Dog tags are now available and may be purchased at the Municipal Office by no later than Friday February 14, 2014. Failure to obtain a license could result in a fine of $250.

Junior and Senior Kindergarten Registration January 20 to February 7, 2014

2014 fees are as follows: Dog neutered or spayed & vaccinated for rabies Dog not neutered or spayed & vaccinated for rabies Dog not vaccinated for rabies & neutered or spayed Dog not vaccinated for rabies & not neutered or spayed

$25.00 $35.00 $35.00 $55.00

Late fee after Feb 15th - an additional Replacement Tag Kennel License Guide Dogs & Service Dogs

$15.00 $5.00 $85.00 No Charge

Thames Valley’s Early Years Learning Program is designed to help your child acquire the necessary skills to begin a lifetime of successful learning. Now is the time to find out the facts and register your child for September 2014. For September 2014, all of our schools will offer full-day, every-day Kindergarten. Most schools offer before- and after-school programs. Call your school today to make an appointment to discuss your child’s learning needs and familiarize yourself with our Early Years Learning Program. Registration for French Immersion education beginning in Senior Kindergarten and Grade 1 is also taking place.

Deadline is February 7, 2014 Eligibility requirements for entry in September: • Students must be four years old by Dec. 31, 2014 for Junior Kindergarten. • Students must be five years old by Dec. 31, 2014 for Senior Kindergarten. • Students must be six years old by Dec. 31, 2014 for Grade 1. • Parents or guardians must present proof of age and primary address. Acceptable documents include birth or baptismal certificate, birth registration or passport, lease agreement or utility bill. Ruth Tisdale Laura Elliott Chair Director of Education

Learn more at




The St. Thomas Crime Stoppers appreciation night, in recognition of the organization’s 25th anniversary, was celebrated Jan. 21 at Arthur Voaden Secondary School. Left to right: ­Carrie Riddel, president of St. Thomas Crime Stoppers; Heather Jackson, mayor of St. Thomas; Const. Heather White, police coordinator; Darryl Pinnell, St. Thomas police chief; Georg Bisanz; Dave Warden, alderman; Andre Reymer, Aylmer police chief; Shannon Gillis and Jeff Yurek, MPP Elgin-Middlesex-London.

Tips yield over $15 million in recovered drugs/property Terry carroll The Weekly News

In the last 25 years, Crime Stoppers tips have resulted in over $15 million worth of recovered narcotics and property in the St. Thomas and Aylmer areas. At a Crime Stoppers dinner appreciating sponsors held at Arthur Voaden Secondary School in St. Thomas Jan. 21, Crime Stoppers police coordinator Const. Heather White outlined statistics from the last quarter century of working with tipsters to solve crimes: over $7 million in narcotics and $8 million in property recovered, 867 arrests due to tips and 1,082 cases closed. “For community mobilization and com-

munity engagement, there is no better model than Crime Stoppers,” said Darrell Pinnell, St. Thomas police chief . Aylmer police chief Andre Reymer renewed that town’s commitment to the program and said, “As you know, crime has no borders.” The Crime Stoppers board recognized 13 sponsors in the categories of car dealers, gas sponsors, car graphic designers, car detailers and media. Crime Stoppers president Carrie Riddell saluted Father Mark Poulin from St. Anne’s Catholic Church, who was the highest paid detainee in the 2103 Bail or Jail. Riddell joked that “Catholic guilt may have been a factor.”

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“It’s continued to grow,” Hughson said. “When you’ve lost somebody, doing (an act of kindness) helps to remember them.” Random Act of Kindness Day has its own Facebook page, where people sometimes post stories about the kind acts they’ve been a part of. Hughson thinks the record for the largest number of consecutive customers in a local Tim Hortons going without paying for their own coffee stands at 42 so far because of this event. Carrie Houston, the daughter of Laurie, said that her mother was constantly helping people, and would usually try to do a “good deed for the day.” “She always did nice things for everybody,” said Houston. “That’s what the day is, an awareness to have (kindness) all year round.” A free chili luncheon will be held at the Memorial Arena, 80 Wilson Ave., St. Thomas, on Random Act of Kindness Day from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m.



295 Wellington St., St. Thomas Corner of First Ave. & Wellington • 519-631-8346 Open: Mon-Fri. 9-8, Sat. 9-5, Sun. 10-4

St. Thomas pays kindness forward

An act of kindness can be as simple as paying for someone else’s cup of coffee or shovelling someone’s walkway, but there’s no denying how great these acts are when they’re given out for no reason at all. The third annual Random Act of Kindness Day in St. Thomas will be Feb. 5. People are encouraged to get into the spirt of kindness by doing things like carrying other people’s groceries, donating used clothes or toys to charity, sharing homemade cookies with coworkers, or whatever helps people out and makes them feel appreciated. The hope is that everyone will pay it forward and the kindness will go on. The local Random Act of Kindness Day was started by Al Hughson, one of the operators of Williams Funeral Home in St. Thomas. Hughson got the idea after preparing the funeral arrangements for Laurie Houston of St. Thomas, who passed away in July of 2011. The family suggested that doing acts of kindness would be the best way to honor her memory.


g n I T n TI L ABLE



BEFORE YOU CLAIM 519.633.9042

0r 1-800-897-0596 WE PAY UP TO $300 DEDUCTIBLE

940 Talbot Street, St. Thomas

St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

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The Weekly News - Thursday, January 30, 2014




St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

The Weekly News - Thursday, January 30, 2014


St. Thomas dancer heads to national ballet school JESSE CNOCKAERT

seasoned dancers in Toronto. The National Ballet School of Canada was founded in 1959 and is recognized as the premier classical ballet company in the country. “I like all the movements,” she said. “I like the footwork. It’s really interesting.” Arielle will join about 150 students who have been selected to participate in the summer school, during which time they will be assessed on their suitability for the National Ballet School’s classical ballet program. Approximately 50 auditioning students will be invited to join the fulltime professional ballet program in September. Arielle’s father, Roland, describes Arielle’s passion for ballet as “constant,” and the graceful movements have infiltrated even the way she moves about the house. “It’s part of who she is. She loves to express herself through dance. She’s very focused at it,” he said. Arielle hopes to one day perform ballet in major productions such as The Nutcracker and Swan Lake.


The Weekly News

Ballet has always been the favourite dance-style of 10-year-old Arielle Aitken-Guignard of St. Thomas. That love, and a lot of practice, allowed Arielle to qualify for the National Ballet of Canada summer school program, which will run in Toronto for four weeks starting in July. Arielle has been learning ballet at the O’Neill Academy of Dance in London for the last year, but she’s been involved in ballet since she was four. She qualified for the summer school following the National Ballet of Canada national audition tour. “I felt super excited. I was jumping up and down. I felt really proud and happy that I got in,” said Arielle. “I couldn’t really believe that I made it.” Arielle practices in London about three nights each week, but this summer she’s looking forward to improving her ballet moves with the


TWN >>


Ten-year-old Arielle Aitken-Guignard of St. Thomas will be heading to the National Ballet of Canada summer school program, which runs four four weeks starting in July. She studies ballet at the O’Neill Academy of Dance in London.


ATHLETE OF Jane Smith THE WEEK per r conubia nostra, cursus sem, pe tos himenaeos. is ur ma to jus , et incep laore velit. sit amet, porta, turpis sapien eros non Lorem ipsum dolor ac Vestibulum iam et lobortis Et lum t. bu eli sti ve ing , sc um ipi e suscipit, libero er felis ips su m po lla n no Nu consectetur ad inia t tortor, at elementum nisl. ngilla nisi, quis lac nas nisl at, euismod dignissim tincidun e ac. Nam c blandit leo fri ce ne ae M In er . . su lis lla fe po nu a is mi gn qu orci justo Etiam sed lacinia ma ultrices tempor unt bibendum. que vitae mattis es cid nt tin lle us Pe . mp te leo at feugiat ligula, cu tellus, etra enim. at suscipit velit. Aenean sagittis ar quam mauris, vitae phar nibh. Vestibulum at est a gn ma ali t h un nib cid m et bibendu Praesent tin ntesque eu accumsan dui illa, odio sed n lle ng no Pe fri , . um lum lum nt bu bu me sti sti ve Ve ele na leo porta m magna sem, blandit, ligula sem purus. Nulla l, iaculis lobortis mattis, ur iaculis. Quisque m ero se lib s, ula riu lig ve va rit a re ini sim nd sagittis eu lac sapien, in he tempor dignis amet augue s, id malesuada tempor dui llu sit ris te d au Se re . M na at o. or er er s ae lib llu vit in te sce ac quet et. Fu ali e. im eget, us gu en ris r s au na ta ut es lvi io eg pu iaculis, lectus od nt rices mi, nec te ult ap e s sc as Fu Cl i. is. . du ur lit fermentum ve Sed eget enim fermentum ma cidunt. litora torquent velit nec mattis tin ut ultricies taciti sociosqu ad diam Aenean dapibus,

Is there an Athlete in your family?

Would you like to see him/her profiled in The Weekly News?

Please contact us today for more details and to get your Athlete of the Week nomination form. See your son, daughter, niece, nephew etc. profiled as The Weekly News Athlete of the Week.

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Sports stars shine on St. Thomas community. This is a real definite way we can demonstrate that support,” said O’Brien. O’Brien’s basketball team will be participating in the 10th annual invitational basketball tournament at St. Joseph’s high school in St. Thomas on Feb. 8. The tournament, which runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., will include teams from London, Windsor, Tillsonburg and LaSalle. “This is an invitational basketball tournament. We compete. There isn’t really a winner or a loser. We play games and enjoy each other’s company,” said O’Brien. Tom Henke, a former Toronto Blue Jays player, attended the Sports Spectacular this year, much to the delight of fans who wanted him to autograph their baseballs. Henke throws a pitch so fast he’s been nicknamed The Terminator. “It’s always been a soft spot in my heart because my daughter, Amanda, was born with Down Syndrome,” said Henke. “God gave me a talent. I can throw a 100 mph fast ball. Maybe he gave me that talent to do things like this, to raise money for special causes.” The biggest wrinkle in the organization of this year’s Sports Spectacular was when Rick Reed, a former MLB umpire, had to cancel. O’Brien said that Reed had misplaced his passport.


The Weekly News

The Special Olympics has always been near to the heart of Jerry O’Brien, which is why he’s supported it by being a part of the annual Sport Spectacular in St. Thomas for 34 years. The fundraising event brought out some of the brightest stars in sports entertainment, who gathered at St. Anne’s Centre in St. Thomas Jan. 23 to meet with enthusiastic fans and to sign autographs. This year’s collection of guests included twotime Canadian Olympian and Pan-Am gold medalist Jessica Zelinka, wrestling manager Jimmy ‘The Mouth of the South’ Hart, and CFL Grey Cup MVP Rocket Ismail. Rodney-native and Vancouver Canucks draft pick, Bo Horvat, found himself among hockey greats including former Leafs player and 2013 Battle of the Blades winner Scott Thorton, and former NHL sniper Dennis Maruk. Since 1978, the Sports Spectacular has raised over $325,000 to support local Special Olympics and Community Living Elgin. O’Brien co-chairs the event along with Gary Clarke. O’Brien is also the coach of a local Special Olympics basketball team. “They need all the support they can get from the







MONDAY FEBRUARY 3 The organizing committee acted fast and managed to get Dennis Maruk as a replacement. Maruk played Junior A hockey with the London Knights before he was drafted in 1975 by the California Golden Seals. He became the first NHL rookie to score five shorthanded goals in one season. His playing career ended in 1989. Maruk said that he was in the Dominican Republic at the time he received the call requesting his attendance in St. Thomas. Fortunately, his schedule was such that he was planning to be back in Canada the same week as the Sports Spectacular. “What it’s all about is supporting people who are in need. I think it’s great for all the athletes to give up their time and come out and help,” said Maruk.

Come and Cheer on Your Stars! EXCITING JR. B HOCKEY AT ITS BEST! Friday, January 31, 2014

Leamington Flyers vs. Stars @7:30pm “Fill The Rink is Feb 14” Adults $10 • Seniors & Students $9.00 • Kids (6-12) $5.00 (Under 5: Free) Ticket details:

7 First A Avenue St.Thomas


Here to assist you with your Federal Government Issues

Joe Preston MP

Elgin - Middlesex - London 24 First Ave Unit 2, St.Thomas, ON N5R 4M5 (519) 637-2255 JESSE CNOCKAERT PHOTOS

Jack Valiquette, top left, a former NHL player who was born in St. Thomas, and Dennis Maruk, top right, a former NHL sniper, pose with Jamie Koroscil and Luke Berry. Below, Raghib “Rocket” Ismail, a CFL Grey Cup MVP, autographs a football for a fan.


6728 SPRINGFIELD RD. IN MT. SALEM PHONE # 519-765-3834


O 2014

utdoor Soccer Registrati


Men, Women, Boys and Girls (Age 4 and up – born 2010)


TIMKEN CENTRE Saturday, January 25, 2014 ~ 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Tuesday, January 28, 2014 ~ 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Wednesday, January 29, 2014 ~ 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Saturday, February 1, 2014 ~ 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. When you register on or before February 2, 2014 you can deduct $50.00 from each registration fee below:

Youth House League Fees: Players born 1995-2006 $190.00 per player Players born 2007-2009 $130.00 per player Competitive Fees: Youth Competitive $350.00 per player Senior Competitive $330.00 per player For further information or online registration please visit our website

St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News


Q: Why did Cinderella get kicked off the baseball team? A: Because she ran away from the ball!

The Weekly News - Thursday, January 30, 2014


St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

The Weekly News - Thursday, January 30, 2014


Thunder Stamps team ready robot for regionals Jesse cnockaert The Weekly News

During lunch hours and after school, the welding room at Parkside Collegiate Institute in St. Thomas echoes with the sounds of students working to get their robot ready to compete. Since Jan. 4, students have been working hard to design and build Stamputer (named after the terms Parkside Stampeders and computer), the school’s robot. Once finished, the robot should be able to pick up and transport a large exercise ball, pass it to other robots and put it through a goal. If all goes well, Stamputer will be ready for action in time for the regional robotics competition at the University of Waterloo March 20-22. The competition is hosted by For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST), which includes 2,500 teams from 13 countries competing in 58 regional events. The mission of FIRST is to inspire young people to pursue careers in science and engineering. Jesse cnockaert photo “I think people know engineering Parkside students Josh Travis and Tyler Beadle tinker with Stamputer, the robot their school’s team is an important job. I don’t think they will enter in the For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) regional understand how many tyypes of engineering there really are,” said Andrew competition in March at Waterloo University.

Savoy, Parkside’s head mentor for the robotics team. “While we offer a lot in our cirriculum ... this hands on robotics really gets them in there to understand the design process and how they can apply it.” In previous years Parkside has participated in competitions involving Lego robots, but this will be their first year competing with a metal robot. About 25 students are involved, including programmers, builders and business students whose task it is to find community sponsors for their project. The team calls themselves The Thunder Stamps. Building a robot is no easy feat. Even after the robot is finished, students will still have to test drive it and practice its controls. “It’s very, very particular and very frustrating. You get something working, then you add on another component and then that first one doesn’t work You have to find a happy medium where they both work,” said Tyler Beadle, one of the student builders. “This program lets us get our hands dirty.” If Parkside does well at the regional level, their robot may move on to the FIRST world championship in St. Louis, Missouri, in April. Read more by visiting FIRST online at

The Corporation of the County of Elgin 450 Sunset Drive St. Thomas, Ontario, N5R 5V1

NOTICE ADVERTISING OF PROJECTS Please be advised that all Request for Proposals, Tenders and Quotations will be advertised on the following websites: County of Elgin website:

Biddingo website:

Ontario Public Buyers website:

COUNTY-OWNED SURPLUS GOODS All County-owned surplus goods will be sold on the GovDeals Government Surplus Online Auction Site. The online auction website is Further information regarding the advertising of projects or the sale of surplus goods can be obtained by contacting Mike Hoogstra, Purchasing Coordinator at 519-631-1460, ext. 129 or email:

Final year of High School?

Submit a community story and have a chance to WIN a $250 Bursary! For more details, visit:

Jesse cnockaert

The Weekly News

Jesse cnockaert photo

Brothers Kevin, left, and Derek Webb are two members of the building team at St. Joseph’s High School, who are resposible for constructing Rambot, the school’s robot. When completed, Rambot will be used in the For Recognition and Inspiration Technology regional competition March 19-22. If Rambot does well it’ll have the chance to advance to the World Championship in April.

This March, Rambot will be ready to make proud the students of St. Joseph’s High School in St. Thomas. Rambot is the robot-in-progress being designed and built by the students of St. Joseph’s. When it is completed, Rambot will be able to pickup, catch, pass, and throw a two-foot exercise ball, as it competes with other robots at the For Recognition and Inspiration of Science and Technology (FIRST) regional competition at the University of Waterloo March 19-22. The student team, who call themselves Renaissance Robotics, hope that Rambot does well, since the regional competition determines which school teams advance to the World Championship in St. Louis in April. FIRST Robotics has grown to include more than 2,500 teams from 13 countries competing in 58 regional events. “This is easily the most incredible thing I’ve been involved in with education in the last 16 years,” said Norm Dinner, a communications technology teacher. Designing and building a robot from the ground up is a challenging project. One of the goals of FIRST is to inspire young people to pursue careers in science and technology.

This has certainly been the case for Daniel Krauskopf, a fifth-year student and the lead programmer for Rambot. “Before the robotics team, I wanted to be an electrician, but after, I’ve decided I like programming a lot more,” he said. “Pride, nervousness, excitement. The competition is like a sports event. It’s a lot of excitement.” Each year, robots competing with FIRST have different tasks to perform. Last year’s challenge was Ultimate Ascent, where the robots needed to collect and throw Frisbees. That year, St. Joe’s team brought home the Rookie Inspiration Award, which recognizes outstanding effort in community outreach and recruiting students to engineering. This year’s project involves dozens of St. Joe’s students, not just designers and engineering students. “We can involve every student. That’s my favourite thing. There is a spot on this team for every individual. There’s art, graphic design, business, programming, everybody can be involved,” said Kathy Cepo, the staff advisor. Business students are also in charge of creating a business plan and finding community sponsors for the robot. So far, Renaissance has raised $5,000 of their $15,000 goal. Learn more about Rambot by visiting

The Weekly News - Thursday, January 30, 2014

Rambot to represent St. Joe’s at regional competition


Wednesday, FeBruary 5, 2014 is...

Youth Employment Fund

M ake the World a little Better kind act at a tiMe

We live in a truly amazing community where so much kindness happens every day. Let’s take a moment to recognize when someone does something nice for us. In return, do something nice for them, not just for one day, but every day of the year. - Co-chair Al Hughson Share your story on The Weekly News Facebook Wall: or email it to or

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If you are unemployed, not in school full-time and between the ages of 15 and 29, you may be eligible to be connected with employers for a job placement of four to six months. Job placements will provide opportunities for youth to build skills & get confidence, get valuable work experience, and connect with employers.


The Ontario Government is expanding employment opportunities to help employers find the skilled workers they need, and to help young people gain job skills & experience. Employers will receive incentives to help cover the cost of wages and training for new hires when they provide a job placement of four to six months. For information about eligibility, please contact: Emplo Employment Services Elgin | 400 Talbot Street, St. Thomas 519-631-5470 | or visit w

St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

Providing incentives to employers... Providing opportunities for youth.

St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

The Weekly News - Thursday, January 30, 2014


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Has your life been affected by someone else’s drinking? If so, AL-ANON is for you! We will help. Call 519-434-2613 or 1-888-4al-ANON. Troubled by someone else’s drinking? We will help! Alateen - Mondays at 6:30pm, St. Thomas Christian Church, 451 Wellington Street, St. Thomas. Phone 519-434-2613. Jan. 30 - Talbot Trail Toastmasters, Thursdays 7- 8:30 PM, Elgin Mall Community Rm. Welcoming environment to grow communication & leadership skills. Home Alone Safely - children learn the basic skills to be safe while alone in the home. Ages 9 -12. $30/child. Tuesdays Jan 28 to Feb 25, 6-7:30pm. Call YWCA at 519-631-9800. January 29 - Wednesday, Bible Questions at St. Andrew’s United Church. Everyone is welcome. For info 519-631-4558. Friday, January 31, Spaghetti Dinner, Odd Fellows & Rebekahs Hall, 54 Moore St. Doors open 4pm. Serving 5 - 7pm. Adult $7, Child 6 – 12 $4, Child under 5 free. Tickets at door. 519-631-3494. Ladies Night Dinner $10. Shake off your cocoons & spread your WinGS! Tue Feb 4 @ 6pm. Salvation Army, 380 Elm St., St. Thomas 519-631-6202.

Feb 4 - Tuesday, Creating into a Mystery/ Prayer Shawl Group 10:30 am at St. Andrew’s United Church 60 West Ave. For info 519-631-4558 Everyone is welcome. Feb 4. Every Tuesday Euchre 2-4 pm, St. John’s Church on Flora St. Best game of Euchre in town! Freewill offering. 519.631.7368. Rotary Music Festival Committee meeting is Tuesday February 4 at 1:00 pm , St. Thomas Public Library. Festival is Feb. 24 to 28.  Contact Ron 519-631-0852. Wed. Feb. 5; Dutton & District Lions Bingo; $500 Jackpot; plus, Progressive & Bonanza; 7 PM at Dutton Dunwich Community Centre. 5th Annual Soup’s On For Heart and Stroke Research Thursday Feb. 6, 11:00 to 1:30. Live Band, Silent Auction. St Anne’s Centre. $5 at the door. Feb 6 - Thursday Euchre Games & Lunch, 1:30 pm at St. Andrew’s United Church, 60 West Ave. Everyone welcome. For info 519-631-4558. Feb. 6 - Talbot Trail Toastmasters, Thursdays 7- 8:30 PM, Elgin Mall Community Rm. A welcoming environment to grow your communication & leadership skills. Field Naturalist Meeting - Friday Feb 7 at 7:30 pm at Knox Church, St. Thomas. Presentation by Cyril Crocker on Hawks and Hawk Cliff. Info 631-5279. Free Beatles Weekend, Feb 7, 8, 9, 1250

Dundas St (at Highbury), London.Canned food for London and St Thomas Food Banks. St Thomas Community Christian School Dinner & Auction. Feb. 8, St Anne’s Centre. Reservations req. $25 pp. 519633-0690. Reg. begins 4pm. Dinner follows. Live & Silent Auctions. St. Thomas Seniors Centre Indoor Yard Sale, Saturday Feb 8. Sale starts at 8am-until noon. Breakfast served the entire time. Sunday, Feb. 9; Dutton & District LIONS serve their famous, full breakfast for only $6; 9 AM till 1 PM, in the Lion’s Den, behind Dutton Dunwich Community Centre. Parkinson Society Canada St. Thomas Support Group meets Feb. 11, 2014, 2 until 4 pm at Knights of Columbus Hall, 265 Wellington St., St. Thomas. Information call 519-631-9313. Feb 11. Every Tuesday Euchre 2-4 pm, St. John’s Church on Flora St. We would love to have you join us. Delicious treats! Freewill offering. 519.631.7368 Feb 11. Tuesday Drum Circle beginning at 7 pm at St. John’s Church on Flora St. All ages welcome. Instruments provided. 519.631.7368. Feb. 12 - Wednesday, Bible Questions at St. Andrew’s United Church; everyone is welcome. For info 519-631-4558. Feb 13 - Thursday, Kickers 6pm at St. Andrew’s United Church, mid-week group ages 5- 13, games music craft. Everyone welcome. For more info 519-631-4558.

Feb. 13 - Talbot Trail Toastmasters, Thursdays 7- 8:30 PM, Elgin Mall Community Rm. A welcoming environment to grow your communication & leadership skills. Grab & Go Roast Pork Dinner Friday, Feb. 14. New Vision Community Church (formerly St Mark’s) 38 Aldborough Ave., St. Thomas. Pickup 4:30-6:00 pm. Pay at door $12. Feb 14 - Meal & A Movie 5:30 pm. Movie “A Lost Valentine” at St. Andrew’s United Church, 60 West Ave. RSVP 519-631-4558. Everyone welcome. Jimmy G’s Hypnotic Comedy Show, Friday Feb. 14 @ Port Stanley Legion @7pm. Tickets $25/each or 2 for $40. Call 519-782-4228. Supporting Port Stanley Synchro Skating. Friday, February 14, Beef Supper, Odd Fellows & Rebekahs Hall, 54 Moore St. Doors open 4pm. Serving 5 - 7pm. Adult $11, Child 6 – 12 $5, Child up to 5 free. Tickets at door. 631-3494. Winter Wonderland Dinner, Feb. 14, St. Thomas Free Reformed Church, 145 St George St.  Restaurant seating starts 5pm-6:45pm. Reservations only - 519-764-2906.Donations accepted. Feb 15 - Victorian Tea and Bake Sale 2 - 4 pm in support of Growing Youth Summer Camps at St. Andrew’s United Church, 60 West Ave. Info 519-631-4558.Everyone welcome.

Red Cross Babysitting Course - learn to care for children and basic first aid. Ages 11+. $50/ child. Feb 15. Call YWCA at 519-631-9800.

Worship Services Knox Presbyterian Church

The Weekly News - Thursday, January 30, 2014

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Hincks Street at Wellington Street 519-631-2414

Minister: Rev. Mavis Currie Organist & Choir Director: Dr.Wayne Carroll

February 2, 2014 10:30 am Sermon: The Last Word – Part 1


Trinity Anglican Church The Church with the Purple Steeple

Presentation of our Lord in the Temple Vestry Sunday - ONE SERVICE 10:00 A.M. February 16 -3pm Valentine Concert Lunch Bunch and Friends Choir under direction of Lynn Sloan and Alma Roberts accompanying, and the St. Thomas Youth Choir. Free Offering - Proceeds to Community Outreach Dinners 519-631-7000

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Death Notices ANTON, Terri Jane of St. Thomas, passed away Friday, January 24, 2014 at the age of 32. Memorials may be made to her Children’s Education Fund. Williams Funeral Home Ltd.

the RCAF for 23 years, passed away Wednesday, January 22, 2014 at the age of 86. A memorial to celebrate his life was held on Saturday, January 25. Williams Funeral Home Ltd.

January 22, 2014 in her 84th year. Funeral mass 2014. Sifton Funeral Home. was celebrated Monday, January 27. H. A. Kebbel PAYNE, Jason David of St. Thomas, who worked in Funeral Home. the UWO Library, passed away Saturday, January GALL, Richard of St. Thomas, a former employee 25, 2014 in his 36th year. A service was held BRUMWELL, Ella of Caressant Care, Bonnie Place, at Keiper Automotive, passed away Friday, Tuesday, January 28. H. A. Kebbel Funeral Home. St. Thomas passed away Wednesday, January 22, January 17, 2014 at the age of 39. A celebration of WACHOWIAK, Richard of Port Stanley passed 2014 in her 79th year. Cremation has taken place. his life was held on Saturday, January 25. Shawn away Monday, January 20, 2014 in his 60th year. H. A. Kebbel Funeral Home. Jackson Funeral Home. Mass of the Christian Burial was celebrated on

ARGYLE, Gordon James of Port Stanley, retired from Bell, passed away Tuesday, January 14, 2014 in his 85th year. A celebration of his life will be announced at a later date. Williams Funeral Home Ltd. CAHILL, Marie Jeanne Jacqueline “Jackie” of BAKER, Mrs. Jessie (nee Donaldson), of St. Aylmer passed away Tuesday, January 21, 2014 in Thomas, passed away on Sunday, January 26, her 79th year. A private family service will be held 2014, in her 92nd year. Cremation.  No public in the spring. H. A. Kebbel Funeral Home. visitation or service.  Sifton Funeral Home. COXAN, Daniel Harold of St. Thomas, retired from

BEECROFT, William George “Bill” of St. Thomas, who farmed and worked heavy equipment, passed away Tuesday, January 21, 2014 in his 77th year. A funeral service was held on Monday, January 27. Shawn Jackson Funeral Home.

Canron and Elgin Handles, passed away Friday, January 24, 2014 at the age of 80. Memorial service is at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses February 8 at 1:00pm. Shawn Jackson Funeral Home.

LAIRD, William Donald “Bill” of West Lorne, passed Saturday, January 25. Williams Funeral Home Ltd. away Friday, January 24, 2014 in his 76th year. A funeral service was held Monday, January 27. West Lorne Chapel of Denning Funeral Directors. LESTER, Robert T. “Bob”, of St. Thomas, passed away on Wednesday, January 22, 2014, in his 83rd year. A funeral service was held on Saturday, January 25, 2014. Sifton Funeral Home.

PARKER, Stuart S., of St. Thomas, passed away on Monday, January 20, 2014, in his 92nd year. A BERESFORD, Walter “Wally” of St. Thomas, with DeRYK, Julie of Aylmer passed away Wednesday, funeral service was held on Thursday, January 23,

Sifton Family Owned Since 1926 We offer a full range of funeral planning options


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20 The Weekly News - Thursday, January 30, 2014



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St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

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January 30, 2014  

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