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March 28, 2013 Volume 8 No. 47

Queen of the Daffodils

Cancer campaign kicks off

Liz Toffelmire

The town will be painted yellow in April as the Canadian Cancer Society’s (CCS) Daffodil Campaign kicks off April 5-6, signalling the start of daffodil month. St. Thomas resident Liz Toffelmire, affectionately dubbed Queen of the Daffodils, has been busy making calls and arranging an army of 100 volunteers who will be standing and sitting at places such as the Superstore, Metro, Briwood and Canadian Tire over the course of the weekend. Liz, who started with the CCS as a volunteer driver in Barrie, continued her volunteer work when she moved to St. Thomas. She started with the campaign seven years ago under the leadership of Lillian Bell. Now she’s organizing See CANCER CAMPAIGN/page 2

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screens and they don’t know what to do with their old TVs, right? This is a free way of getting rid of your electronics.” Acceptable items include: desktop computers, portable computers, monitors, TVs, desktop copiers, scanners, typewriters, cameras, equalizers/amplifiers, radios, receivers, speakers, turntables, video players/projectors, video recorders and personal hand held computers.

Retailers on display

Six months in the making, the Downtown Development Board, along with the Elgin Business Resource Centre are almost ready to show your their best fashions. The first-time event runs Thursday, April 18, 2013 at the CASO station. Doors open at 5:30pm and the show starts at 6pm. Cost for early birds is $30, cost for tickets at the door is $35. Anyone wishing to purchase tickets can call Aurora Rodriguez of A+ Display at 519-777-4434. Through her business, Aurora is putting the show together. She BFM store manager Sheila wants this event to work as it’s Pelleboer with the first wave of recycled electronics. new — nothing like this has ever been done before using only Each BFM store raises money through the sales of downtown businesses. “We’re donated items to give to the going to have a lot of good colBible League, who in turn lections for spring and summer,” provides literature and Chris- Aurora says. “And the fire departtian curriculum to third world ment has agreed to be our male countries. They just opened models.” their 42 store in London. Proceeds from the show will be Pick-up is available for used to benefit Violence Against large donations in the St. Thomas area, but not for the Women Services Elgin County. OES recycling program. St.Thomas/Elgin

City approves 2.5% municipal tax increase

After a lengthy debate, the City of St. Thomas has approved a municipal tax increase of 2.5 per cent — or $38 dollars more on a home assessed at $152,000.

During the capital budget, the muchdebated topics of the meeting included the renovation of the tennis courts at Pinafore Park and upgrades to the Fire Department’s

dispatch and phone systems. During the operating budget on Monday, March 25, 2013, the topics up for debate included additional funding to the Talbot

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Downtown Fashion

Getting rid of old electronic items in your house has never been easier, cheaper

and another is sent over. The only ask is that if you drop something off that has a cord, the cord must still be attached. Plans are for the bin to remain at BFM permanently. At BFM, Sheila explains they filled half a bin already using only items people left for donation. “All the old TVs with the big base on the back are coming through the door left, right and centre because everyone’s switching to flat

Jeff Kohler

Old electronics find earth-friendly home Getting rid of your old electronics while helping the Earth has never been easier thanks to a new program at Bibles For Missions in St. Thomas. The idea started with new store manager Sheila Pelleboer, who started a similar program at her previous place of employment. Through a company called the Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES), St. Thomas residents can now bring in their old electronic equipment, free of charge, to be disposed of. Simply grab your old electronics, head down to BFM and let Sheila or any staff member know you have something that needs recycling and they will take it and put it in the bin provided by OES. This is because the bin is locked at all times. “It’s stewardship,” says Sheila. “Being a good steward to the environment. Metals do not break down in the ground, so this company will break down the electronics completely.” When the bin is full she simply places a call

FSCO# 10513


Teen Centre, $50,000 to the Elgin County Railway Museum to offset the cost of fixing the building, the start of an infrastructure reserve fund for future projects, a $5,000 grant to the

Iron Horse Festival and $1,000 to KCCA’s one million trees campaign. All were approved by council. Items that were defeated included having the library board See CITY/page 2

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March 28, 2013 - St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News -

St. Thomas rounding the new Cancer campaign Thomas ConsoliCOUPON EVENT COUPON EVENTSt. council kicks off dated Courthouse, briefs currently under COUPON EVENT COUPON EVENT Continued from front page

it. “I enjoy doing this. It’s me, then five or six callers under me, then under the callers is everyone interested in volunteering.” Everyone who works this campaign is a volunteer so all proceeds go to the CCS. Liz says this campaign takes five to six weeks from start to finish. Anyone interested in volunteering to sell pins can call Liz at 519-637-2858. She welcomes students who would like to work off their community hours. Shifts usually last two hours. When she’s not organizing the daffodil campaign in April, Liz can be found helping with the pink ribbon campaign in the fall. Originally the campaign included live daffodils, but those needed to be shipped from B.C and stored. Now the Save instantly on energy-efficient products including: Save instantly on® energy-efficient products including: campaign features a daffodil pin, available for a donation. Save instantly on energy-efficient products including: ENERGY ®STAR LED and CFL light bulbs, power bars with ENERGY STAR LED and CFL light bulbs, power bars with This year also marks the Save instantly on energy-efficient products including: ® ENERGY STAR LED and CFL light bulbs, power bars with 75th anniversary of the Ca®or auto-shutoff, weatherstripping, pipe wrap integrated timer STAR LED and CFL light bulbs, power bars with ntegratedENERGY timer or auto-shutoff, weatherstripping, pipe wrap Save instantly on energy-efficient products including: nadian Cancer Society.

oney today and all year with the Save money today and Save money today and Save money today and electricity all year with the the PON EVENT. electricity all year with

electricity all year with the Save money today and COUPON EVENT. Save money today and nergy-efficient products including: COUPON EVENT. electricity all year with the COUPON EVENT. and CFL light bulbs, power bars with electricity all year with the

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ENERGY STAR and CFLyou lightsave bulbs,money poweraway, bars with and many more. NotLED only and manymore. more. Not onlywill will and many Not only will you yousave savemoney moneyright rightright away, away, integrated timer or auto-shutoff, weatherstripping, pipe wrap you save energy the you will will also also save energy throughout throughout the year. year. year. you will save energy throughout youalso will also save energy throughout the the year. and many more. Not only will you save money right away, you will also save energy throughout the year.



construction. Lisa Gunn from Gunn from Gunn & Associates and planner Stephen Cornwell from Zelinka Priamo Ltd. sought amendments to the Official Plan and zoning by-law to make this happen. They pointed to Woodstock as an example of accomplishing this successfully. And, they said, adoption of their plan would result in the withdrawal of an appeal to the OMB regarding the conversion of a Metcalfe Street residence from residential to office use. Following this deputation to the meeting, aldermen took no action on the proposal.

Ald. Yusuf resigns

St. Thomas Alderman Sam Yusuf announced at council on Monday, March 25, he will be leaving his position to expand his education and travel abroad. His resignation takes effect April 26. There will be a report coming back to council on how to deal with finding his replacement. Offices in courthouse area?

In a deputation to the St. Thomas City Council meeting of March 18, a lawyer and a planner asked the City to consider changes that would allow homes to convert to offices in the residential area sur-

(Closed Good Friday)





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April 28, 2013.

look at reducing library hours. Part one of the capital budget was approved in December, totaling $7.3 million. Part two of the capital budget was approved at $3.4 million dollars. The gross expenditures approved in the 2013 budget total $107,788,377, while property tax levy totals $43,178,409. The budget was achieved with no cuts to existing service levels.



. OM

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City approves 2.5% municipal tax increase




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Kings Buffet cares about your health as much as you Spring is finally here, and our thoughts are turning more to diet, health and fitness. Sun Si Miao (581-682 A.D.), known as a King of Chinese Medicine, a Chinese Physician, as well as a Daoist during the Tang Dynasty said, “In Spring, we should consume less acidic food and choose a sweeter diet in order to nourish the spleen.” At this time of year, it is advised that we should choose a considerably high caloric diet. The frequent change of hot and cold temperatures, may irritate and speed up  proteolysis (the breakdown of proteins into smaller polypeptides or amino acids) of the body. Consequently, your immune system is weaker, which is one of the reasons it’s why it is easier to succumb to illness in spring. You should try to include some fine proteins, such as fish, chicken, eggs and some bean foods in your diet to make sure you encourage better health. In addition, spring is a season where

bacteria, viruses and other organisms begin to vigorously reproduce, and there is a much higher risk of infection - especially in the very young and elderly. Many health experts insist that we should be getting enough vitamins and inorganic salt such as some important minerals every day. It may seem like a lot to consider, especially when it’s hard to know where to find such a healthy menu. However, Kings Buffet in St. Thomas is the best place to eat when eating healthy, nutrient

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3 - March 28, 2013 - St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

Your traditional view of Oriental cuisine will never be the same...

March 28, 2013 - St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News -

Habitat builds home for Doucet family gage that is geared to their income. They will also contribute 500 hours of sweat equity to their new home. The family will also engage in classes to prepare them for homeownership. “When the Doucet family came to us, we were immediately interested in helping them and once they had gone through the application process, we were thrilled to see that they qualified! Now we need to raise the funds required to construct a house for this family,” says Jeff Duncan, CEO of Habitat for Humanity — Oxford, Middlesex, Elgin. Ms. Doucet is a personal support worker and single parent. The home will be built on Westlake Drive, with the help of volunteers and the community. For more details on the St. Thomas build, contact St. Thomas Steering Committee chairs Woznuk or Jodi Shorrock at info.stthoJoe Preston MP Wade or 519-455-6623 ext. Elgin - Middlesex - London 270. 24 First Ave Unit 2, St. Thomas,

The Doucet family of St. Thomas will partner with Habitat for Humanity this spring. The Doucet family qualified for Habitat for Humanity based on their need for housing, willingness to partner and their ability to repay an interest-free mort-

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Wednesday – All You Can East Pasta. Your choice of Spaghetti, Fusilli or Penne noodles with Meat sauce, Marinara or Mushroom Sauce. Includes a Side Salad (Garden or Caesar) and a Slice of Garlic Toast. Thursday – Half Roasted Chicken Dinner. Comes with your choice of soup, tea or coffee and Pudding for Dessert. Friday – Fish & Chips. Comes with your choice of soup, tea or coffee and Pudding for Dessert.

Exit 195, Highway 74 & 401 Home of the Big Canada Flag 519-644-0200

Volunteers awards Long-time Crimestoppers volunteer Grant Hughson received his 10 year Volunteer Service Award from MPP Jeff Yurek during the 2013 Volunteer Service Awards held at the East Elgin Community Complex on Thursday, March 21, 2013.

Donating Blood- You just might be our Type

By Steve Bond BSc.Phm., CDE, FASCP

Pharmacy Operation Manager

For more information, check out our blog:


What if you could do something in 1 hour that had the potential to help save 3 lives? Most of us would see that as an easy decision to make. Unfortunately, only 4% of Canadians who are able to do so will make that decision this year. The gift I’m talking about is a blood donation. Blood is in constant demand in our society. It is essential for those involved in accidents, undergoing surgery and chemotherapy. To keep the supply fresh and plentiful, donors are always needed. With so many different blood types to match, a wide variety of donations are needed- do you know your type? So who is eligible to donate? Donors must be at least 17 years old and weigh a minimum of 110 pounds and be at least 4’10”. A chart of height and weight requirements for those first time donors 17-23 years old can be found at . They must be in good health and have adequate iron (this is tested prior to donating). Prospective blood donors may be unable to donate for reasons that could either compromise their own health or the safety of the blood supply. Recent vaccinations, dental work, tattoos, pregnancy, low hemoglobin counts, and certain medications can lead to a temporary period where you cannot donate. Having diseases such

as HIV/AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome, or insulin treated diabetes will lead to a permanent inability to donate. Similarly, exposure to mad cow disease, potential exposure to certain African countries and engaging in activities such as taking money or drugs for sex will mean that you are ineligible to donate. So now if you’ve decided that you feel well and you have not “gotten ink done” or received surgical treatment/blood in Cameroon and you are considering making a donation, then do it with no worries. I assure you that blood donations do not put you at risk. Only sterile, one-use needles are used in blood donation, so you are not at risk of infection. And if it is the loss of blood you worry about, don’t worry: Your body soon replaces what has been taken. An average person has 10.5 pints of blood in their bodies. A donation is just 1 pint and your body will fully replaces the volume in 24 hours and the red cells within 4-8 weeks. How often can we give? Every 56 days, you are eligible to give. This means that a donor can give 6 times per year! The next clinic in our area is at the Timken Centre on April 17th. Why not make the effort to save a life. You never know, it could be the life of someone you love that you are saving. Take care of yourselves and each other. .

519 TALBOT STREET, ST. THOMAS 631-3330 PROFESSIONAL CONSULTATION AVAILABLE CONVENIENT HOURS: Monday to Friday 9am-9pm, Saturday 9am-6:00pm, Sunday 10am-4pm

To Your Health

Can acupuncture help me manage my stress? What problems can stress cause?

Dr. Sandra Lee, B.Sc., D.C., CAFCI Certified Chiropractor Acupuncture Practitioner

St. Thomas Police are asking for assistance in solving an early morning break and enter into a south side attached residential garage, on January 28th. A resident awoke at 230am to noises and found two teenagers, approx. 16years of age, in his garage. The resident scared them away. Footprints were followed to a neighbour’s laneway and surrounding How can Acupuncture help? Acupuncture is wonderful for balancing and normalizing the nervous system. There are cars in the neighbourhood. points on the body that can calm the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and stimulate the Police investigations revealed parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). It is a very relaxing, comfortable form of treatment the same suspects had entered that can improve your sleep, decrease your pain and improve your mood. Acupuncture, in addition to a healthy diet and regular exercise program, is an excellent way to manage stress a vehicle just prior to the break and live a happier and more balanced life! and enter, stealing a $200 Taylor Dr. Sandra Lee has been studying and practicing acupunture in Canada, the United States and Made RB2 three wood golf club. China for over 18 years. She holds certifications with the Acupuncture Foundations of Canada It had a price tag on it from the Institute and with China Shanghai International Acupuncture Training Centre. Fore Golfers Only store . The male suspect was described as 5 foot, 5 inches tall, wearing a blue hoodie. The male suspect was described as 6 feet tall, with a 170 Wellington Street, St. Thomas, ON N5R 2S1 170 Wellington Street, St. Thomas, ON N5R 2S1build and wearing a beige skinny T. (519) 633.1444 F. (519) 631.5729 T. (519) 633.1444 F. (519) 631.5729 hoodie. Everybody will experience some type of stress at one point in their life. Once the body is under stress, it stimulates our ‘fight or flight’ mode. This response stimulates the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and ‘turns off’ the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). This should be time limited, meaning once the threat or stressor is removed, the nervous system and the body should begin to normalize. However, if we are under chronic stress over long periods of time due to stressors from work, family, dealing with a death of a loved one or financial worries, the nervous system goes on autopilot and into what I call ‘sympathetic overdrive’. At this state, we are not able to normalize our nervous system ourselves. The body stays in a state of a fight or flight response (sympathetic overdrive), even after the threat or stressor has been removed. This can cause a whole lot of symptoms such as headaches, jaw clenching, insomnia, breathing problems, depression/anxiety, digestive disorders, high blood pressure and excessive sweating.




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Local charities received a whopping $114,204 from the Elgin St. Thomas Community Foundation in 2012. Any charity in Elgin is eligible for grants, and with a growing list of funds, there is a wide variety in the type and focus of granting. The Jim O’Grady Fund partnered this year with Big Brothers/ Big Sisters to support the cost of registration and equipment for baseball for some little brothers who required financial assistance. Organizations such as the Talbot Teen Centre, Caring Cupboard, Elgin Military Museum, Animal Aide, Elgin Theatre Guild, Kettle Creek Conservation Authority, United Way and Inn Out of the Cold are just a few of many who received 2012 grants. Matt Brisson, a scholarship recipient, had his tuition fees supported so he can concentrate on competing nationally and preparing for the 2016 Olympics. He received scholarships from the Sweetgrass fund — a family fund established by Bob and Janet McCaig, supporting projects that build the community, and the 2001 London Alliance Summer Games Fund that supports amateur athletes. To see a full list of charities that received grants in 2012, visit of Facebook. The combined total of all granting for the Elgin St. Thomas Community Foundation to date is $320,504.

Art opening Roselyne Chues, an artist living and working in Tillsonburg, is the next artist on display at the St. Thomas Elgin Public Arts Centre. An artist reception will be held at the centre on Saturday, March 30, 2013 from 7-9pm. Her current body of work “Pure Joy” was influenced by the plethora of colours available and the rich tapestry that these colours create when the artist puts brush to canvas. Roselyne studied art in Italy, Sweden and England and these early influences continue to impact her work today. Her creative process is explored both through sculpture and oil paintings.

5 - March 28, 2013 - St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

dynamite digital deals

Community Foundation granting hits six figures

March 28, 2013 - St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News -

Terry Carroll

Smooth sailing at City Hall

Sarah Locke from myFM and I chatted briefly before the March 18 St. Thomas City Council meeting. We didn’t discuss the tourism report, the skateboard park or the proposal for office space around the renovated courthouse, all on the agenda. Instead we batted around the favourite question of the City Hall correspondent: “How late will this go? Do you think it will it be long or short?” We agreed that you can never predict how long any municipal council meeting will last. But the agenda for this one had enough potential controversy that it was not going to be short. Boy, were we wrong. Aldermen breezed through the agenda in 55 minutes. The reason for this would take some research and insider knowledge. But the speed of the meeting could have been influenced by the looming budget sessions, soon to follow this particular council meeting. Budget sessions can be marathons, and aldermen may have been resting up. Obviously, given the 55-minute time frame, no

aldermen got into long discussions about any item. Other than the mayor, Aldermen Mark Cosens spoke the most, and he has learned much about what to say, what not to say, and how to say it since the October 2010 municipal election. Alderman Gord Campbell (full disclosure, my distant cousin) did not say a word, surely some kind of record for a man capable of oratorical flourishes when the mood strikes him. Mayor Heather Jackson and Alderman Dave Warden entered into a brief tussle over the relatively new practice of reporting attendance by aldermen at City committees. The mayor is a fan, since these reports show the work aldermen do. Alderman Warden is less enthusiastic. He suggested, not entirely seriously, that if they include the work of reporting sub-committee attendance, the City could be looking at another full-time staff member to compile these reports. The mayor replied “It’s simple emailing from outside boards,” A minor ripple, really, and aldermen sailed ahead, voting unanimously and completing the meeting in under an hour.

Meet Hurley’s Hurlers Hurley’s Hurlers were among the teams that raised $18,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters of St. Thomas –Elgin at a bonspiel at the St. Thomas Curling Club Saturday, March 23, 2013. Pictured from the left are John Hurley, Rick Cooper, John Beekman, and Amber Smith. The numbers on their shirts represent the 100th year since the founding of the Big Brothers organization. (photo by Brian Wilsdon)

Melissa Schneider

Ric Wellwood

Here today, gone tomorrow

Growing up between Port Bruce and Port Stanley, I’d heard of Dexter Line before. Simply leave Sparta, head down the road past Winter Wheat and hang a left. To your left, the view is farmland. The view to the right, however, differs slightly. Dexter Line is eroding — fast. I wasn’t sure how fast until I witnessed the devastation first hand, thanks to a tour from a friend of mine. Twenty-five years ago, I’m told, you could walk out 50 more feet. Now? As quick as you can walk on the ground beneath you, it’s disappearing into Lake Erie. That dirt seems to have set its mind on swimming to Long Point. Erosion on Harding-Smith line is the worst I’ve seen so far. Sure, there’s only five houses on the road but does that mean this problem doesn’t warrant solving? My dad used to talk about the old road to Port

What Happened: With the first official day of spring behind us (March 20), and the weather on the cusp of warming up, are you looking forward to spring? St.Thomas/Elgin A Community Newspaper, published by Metroland Media. 15 St. Catharine St., (Lower) St. Thomas, N5P 2V7

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Bruce. That road has long since given way to erosion and the current Harding-Smith line seems to be headed in the same direction. It’s not surprising, given the force Mother Nature has, that she seems bent on reclaiming the land that was once hers. Give it another year and all the trees that are already perilously close to the edge will fall down to sit with other trees who once stood tall. In other news. . . I need to apologize to those of you who went to Dad-n-Daughters Fish-n-Chips expecting to sit down and eat, only to get there and find out it’s takeout only, as I forgot to put that in the story. Dad-n-Daughters, owned by Rodger Greenlaw, is staffed by his daughter Allison and friend Nancy White. Rodger’s mom and dad were big into fish and chips, and they are the reason he opened this family-run business. I have eaten there, and must say as a person with an affinity for great coleslaw, theirs is tops!

Wino forever

Well the Federal Budget is out and the failure of the current government to address serious problems with the environment is continuing in favour of eliminating the deficit and creating jobs. Out West, they are complaining that there are not enough skilled tradesmen to fill the jobs they could create in a moment. We again look at the lack of trade schools, and worse still, the lack of interest in becoming a tradesperson. I ended up with a career in the arts, but I always envied what people in the trades could do and the money they could earn that often surpassed what teachers and scientists could earn. I only had to look at my plumbing bill or what I had to pay the electrician at his last visit. For the last 50 years, there has been real pressure on our teens to get a university education,

or some diplomas from community colleges. Perhaps a business diploma or degree would set you up for life. We were such snobs, really, but I am beginning to detect increasing respect for the hands-on kind of person who takes a mechanical problem and solve it like a Rubik’s Cube. I don’t know if this is a good idea or not, but there should probably be a course somewhere that will teach men and women the fine art of Tattoo Removal. In this age of belief in zombies and vampires, there is an increasing number of people want to get “inked.” Of course, I don’t count bikers. When Johnny Depp broke up with Winona Rider, he had part of his tattoo removed. When the “na” was deleted, the Wino Forever remained, so Johnny remains as eccentric as ever. But people get sick of tattoos, except maybe the butterflies. A person could make a fortune by offering the service when people want to remember what their skin looked like.

Danielle Murray,

Kate Turner,

Ashley Weare,

Trish Spiering,

Central Elgin

St. Thomas


St. Thomas

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By Kirk Barons

Weekly News Correspondent

17 jobs lost at Aylmer Eastlink Eastlink has decided to close its customer care call centre operations on Sydenham Street in Aylmer effective March 26 with a loss of 17 jobs. Aylmer Regional Manager Ron Mervis confirmed that the Aylmer office will still be open for customers to pay bills and buy/return equipment etc. but that customer calls for phone, cable, technical information etc. will now be handled through Eastlink Head Office in Halifax. Six of the jobs are in tech support and one is in an administrative support role. Said Mr. Mervis “It’s a difficult decision. The goal is to improve customer service and operational efficiencies.” He noted one benefit of the change will be more hours of service as one will now be able to call customer care until 9pm during the week and from 9 to 5 on Saturdays and tech support will be around the clock. As well, the Aylmer office will actually be expanding their hours somewhat after the change. Eastlink still has 25 employees working out of Aylmer offices ie. office staff, service etc.

of having services such as Elgin County importance theirs available particularly in times of economic uncertainty, which can result Aylmerites getting volunteer together and feeder protections at the Council in stress that can escalate the incistation operated causing the outage.” awards dence of violence in the home. Briefs The following is a list of Aylmer and Aylmer council budget meeting West end EBRC office East Elgin recepients of Ontario Volunteer Awards which were presented at the ceremony on March 21 at 7 pm at the EEC Complex: Judy Anderson, Cathy Kasza, Kathy Klassen, Mary Peters and Mary Wilson Aylmer-Malahide Mueum and Archives; Todd Sprague and Trevor Armstrong, EEC Complex; Paul Bode, St.Thomas-Elgin Hospital; Anne Kenny, Elgin-St.Thomas Community Foundation; Cheryl Brooks and Peter Charlton, Aylmer Community Band, Judy Mennill Aylmer Community Choir; Gwen Owen, Betty Pendreigh, Vera Dickhout, and Ar-

(Information from Bill Murch) - The Aylmer Council Finance Committee met on March 18 and completed deliberations on the town’s 2013 budget. They held projected expenditures to $4,952,625 which is a 1.03% increase over the amount spent in 2012. The draft budget was then referred to Council. Aylmer Council then met later that night and announced that the draft budget will be presented at a public meeting to be held in the Old Town Hall Theatre on Monday, April 2nd at 7:00 p.m.

By Heather Derks Weekly News Correspondent

Women’s shelter report A Delegation from Violence Against Women Services - Elgin County spoke to council on March 12th. Executive Director Liz Brown informed Council that the shelter in St. Thomas has been in operation now for 35 years and in all that time, “has never missed a beat” in providing 24 hour service and care to residents in need. Along with copresenter Diane Storey, Liz spoke of the

Business retention and expansion An Economic Development Strategy for 2011-2014 has resulted in the development of a business retention and expansion strategy that’s being put in place to help the County’s agriculture and Agri-food sectors continue to grow and thrive. A key recommendation of the strategy is to assist local agri-businesses, which comprise 20 per cent of all local businesses, to put in place marketing and secession plans to help them accomplish their goals of expansion in the next few years. As people continue to ‘go local’ with their purchases, (no doubt thanks in part to Elgin County’s celebrated Savour Elgin campaign), three quarters of Elgin Agri-food businesses noted increased demand for their products. Another recommendation of the strategy is the creation of a local food distribution network to help get these products to local consumers.

EEC complex budget meeting East Elgin Community Complex Board Chair Jim Jenkins provided this summary on last week’s public budget meeting: “About 40 people attended the public budget meeting of the EEC Complex Tuesday night. The budget presented was a 2.72% increase over 2012 and is being forwarded to both the Town of Aylmer and the Township of Malahide councils for their approval. Concerns expressed by the ratepayers included the budget increase, the necessity of summer ice, the cost of operating the Complex compared to the other like facilities and the need for an independent operational review. I explained to the audience that the Advisory Board was committed to having the Complex operate as efficiently as possible and that an independent operational review (which is being planned), comparing our Complex with other similar facilities, would identify where new efficien- thur Hayman Aylmer and East Elgin Fair cies could be found including if changes Board; Lois Coleman, Dave and Rosewere needed with the summer ice policy.” mary Goble, Marie and Harold Pake, Susan Osborn and Loeki Andre VanRoesAylmer community sell Chateau Gardens; Matt Schafer and garden back Brian Masschaele, Bayham Museum; A local volunteer group will again and Sherry Hetherington, Pt. Burwell Musponsor a community garden this spring seum. said member Bob Dekraker. They orgaHydro out in Aylmer nized the venture for the first time last year using donated land just south of Information on Aylmer’s power outthe Evangelical Missionary Church on age on March 18 is from Tim Stafford Rogers Road west of Aylmer. Four people of Hydro One: “The outage (Monday in took advantage of the plots last year and Aylmer around 6:30 pm for about 20 already six have signed up this season – minutes) was due to ice build up on they have room for about a dozen. Plots the 115,000 v. tower lines in the Aylmer are available to anyone who wishes to area. When this took place the conductry their hand at gardening. Seeds and tor was weighted down and the wind at equipment are provided for a modest 40 to 60 km’s per hr. created galloping. fee. Two of the 115,000 v conductors came

Council heard a report from Alan Smith, Business Development Coordinator, indicating that a satellite branch of the Elgin Business Resource Centre is due to open at the Dutton-Dunwich municipal office on April 4th. The branch will be in place to serve the west end of Elgin County and is part of a one-year pilot project. Council approved a motion to move forward with the plans.

Vienna Line solar farm Council approved a request that Silvercreek Nominee, Inc., who want to build a solar farm on Vienna Line in Malahide, be permitted to install a conveyance system along county roads to transmit the power they collect to the existing power grid. The proposed route would see a trenchless system buried seven feet deep installed down portions of Imperial Road and Glencolin Line.

Ontario farmers take water seriously By Keith Currie

Executive Member, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

The Environmental Farm Plan is a voluntary program that helps farmers audit their farms for environmental concerns – including water – and set goals and timelines for improvements. And in Ontario, about 70 per cent of farmers have participated and invested more than $600 million in on-farm environmental improvements over the last 20 years. The majority of farmers also take environmental management one step further by implementing nutrient management plans. Nutrient management planning addresses the use of manure, commercial fertilizers and other nutrient sources to balance the benefits of the nutrients with the need for environmental and water protection.

As farmers, we are also sometimes water managers – when we don’t need all the water on our farm. Some crop land is drained by underground tiles to remove surface water from fields to improve crop quality and yield, and reduce water runoff and erosion. Ontario farmers must apply for a government permit to take water to ensure they are using water resources properly. We use irrigation systems to manage water when we need additional moisture for our crops. Irrigation technology has made significant advances to become the efficient systems it is today, maximizing every drop of water. And we’ve improved field tillage practices to minimize soil disturbance and leave crop cover on the fields to reduce both water and soil erosion. Farmers take water seriously and the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) continues to be committed to the development of farm practices that ensure rural water quality is maintained or enhanced. OFA continuously works with industry coalitions, government and individual farmers to raise the awareness on the importance of water.

7 - March 28, 2013 - St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

Aylmer and East Elgin News

March 28, 2013 - St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News -


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Shedden WI notes Pat Palmer welcomed eight members to her home for the February meeting of the Shedden W.I. The roll call for the meeting was “Tell about an old-fashioned craft or activity your grandmother enjoyed.” Many varied answers were heard and it certainly was noticeable that things have

changed. Minutes and treasurer’s report were heard.  Members volunteered to go to the tuck shop at Elgin Manor in March and a nominating adgenda was quickly filled by members.  The speaker for the evening was Jamie McArthur who is a dedicated member of Promise Keepers, who support a national Christain Event Ministry.   He had recently been Continued below

Dear Editor, Whilst walking one wonderful weekday, I happened to stumble upon an unusual object at water’s edge on my property. To my surprise, and upon further investigation, and with the help of the “Ministry of Who Ha Services,” the remains of a 12,000 year-old “Aprilfoolishfishy” have been discovered. To raise funds and improve my road that is sinking into Lake Erie, and with permission from “Central Elgin Council,” I hope to set up a toll booth. An abandoned outhouse on the former Dick park estate would be ideal, with a 69 cent charge per car load, and operated from dawn to dusk. That’s why we are “Progressive By Nature.”

Seeking Expressions of Interest The St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital (STEGH) is seeking expressions of interest from volunteers interested in serving on its Board of Governors and Board Committees. Individuals must have an understanding of large, complex and diverse organizations, and appropriate skills that align with the work of the Board and success of the Hospital. In addition, it is essential to be able to work in a team environment and commit the time required to effectively assist with the governance of the Hospital. The Board’s Governance Committee is responsible for recommending individuals possessing the required skills, talent and experience to serve on the Board of Governors and the operational committees of the Board. Significant experience in one or more of the following areas is required: health; communications; management; governance; business; and finance. A list of recommended candidates is brought forward to the Board in April. Incumbents in the two positions, whose current terms are ending, have expressed interest in serving for an additional term. The Board of Governors endorsed candidates are then recommended for appointment to committees or nominated to stand for election to the Board at the Annual General Meeting in June. Current involvement with STEGH Board Committees is considered during the nominating process. St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital is a community general hospital serving the citizens of Elgin County and the City of St. Thomas. The Hospital has an annual operating budget of $89 million with approximately 860 full and part time employees, and 80 active Professional Staff members. If you have an interest in the governance of the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital, please go to the Board Recruitment page on the STEGH website: or contact us at 519-631-2030 ext. 2184 for further information. The deadline for the submission of a letter of interest and resume is 4:00 pm, Friday, April 12, 2013. We thank all those who express their interest, but only those applicants with specific skills and experience will be contacted for an interview.

David Harding RR#1 Sparta “Harding-Smith Line”

David Harding discovered the remains of this 12,000 year-old “Aprilfoolishfishy” while walking on his property early this spring.



All You Can Eat

PERCH DINNER Live Entertainment and Silent Auction

at CASO Station Saturday, May 4th, 5 - 8 pm For tickets, call the CASO Station at 633-2535 or see any Rotary Member Advance Tickets Only $25 for adults and $12 for children 12 and under

Proceeds to the ongoing restoration of the HISTORIC CASO Station Sponsored by: AT Print St Thomas/Elgin Weekly News 94.1 myFM

on a trip to the Holy Land and told of his experiences. He referred to it as a faith building and life changing trip to visit a very complicated part of the world.  A highlight for him was a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee in the evening where the water was a smooth as glass  and  a solitude of soothing Christain  music playing.  He visited areas such as Bethseda where five of the disciples

were from, the site in Nazareth where Mary and Joseph lived with Jesus, the tombs of Issac and Rebecca as well as the site where David fought Goliath. It was a once in a lifetime experience for Jamie and was more than willing to share his experience with all.  Pauline Silcox thanks Jamie for coming and lunch was served. Next meeting March 27 at the home of Pat Palmer.  All welcome.

9 - March 28, 2013 - St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

Working with owner Carol Mylrea, head trainer Jimmy Hilton has expanded the Team Hilton Boxing Club in St. Thomas to a new, much larger location. The new premises encompass a 4,000 sq. ft. area at 389 Talbot Street (formerly the Backyard), a big step up from the 1,400 sq. ft. the club formerly occupied. The fitness and boxing club has moved twice since opening November 1, 2012. Each move was driven by interest in the facility and the steady growth in membership, now numbering 70 members which are assisted by two trainers Lance Adili and Wayne Mifflin, plus many volunteers. Much of the success of the club is due to Jimmy Hilton himself. While it’s definitely a boxing environment, most of the members will never step into the ring competitively. The club is about family and fitness, rather than knocking somebody out. “If I can help to keep one more kid off the streets and or drugs, or control his or her temper, I am a better person,” Jimmy says. From personal experience, he knows all too well what the other side of life looks like. A former alcoholic, he was in and out of jail as a kid, and was a runaway, but he saved himself when he returned to his family’s boxing roots. There isn’t much a kid or adult can throw at him that Jimmy hasn’t experienced, and that experience helps him help others. He comes from the Canadian Hilton

Team Hilton Boxing Club a big hit with boxing and fitness buffs boxing family, one of the most respected boxing families in the country, with top worldwide connections at all levels of boxing. Hilton family members have trained with the world’s best boxers, and now they are coaching top level competitors. Jimmy shares his skill with anyone that is willing to learn – not just with competi-

tive boxers, but with anyone that is looking to work out. Everything that comes in has been reinvested in the gym, and Jimmy has yet to draw a pay cheque. The club offers a safe environment to teach fitness and the values and science of boxing. One top value is that fighting is to be done in the ring, not anywhere else.

Programs include: Teach boxing skills Competition boxing Box Fit Kids program (5 – 12) Core Camp Boot Camp Kempo and Kickboxing Members have been attracted to the club from across Elgin County and beyond, including London and Delaware areas. The Kids Program starts at the age of five and goes until age 12. Competition fights can start after this. “But not too many people fight at this level,” Jimmy says. “The programs are more for training and fitness.” And family income levels are not a barrier. “We will make concessions.” To get in on the action, stop in at the Team Hilton Boxing Club, 389 Talbot St. in west-end St. Thomas or call 226-4562527.

SATURDAY MARCH 30 Tickets: $15 Suggested Min. Donation In Advance Door opens at 5:00p.m. • First Bell at 6:00 p.m.Limited $20 Suggested Min. Donation at the door, if available


g • Boxing • Kickboxin 5 – 12) • • Kids Program (ages Camp • • Self-defense •Core

All Programs $45 8 sessions, starting in April


nth $65/Moym Time

Unlimited G

Call or stop by for more information

NEW LOCATION 389 Talbot St., St. Thomas

(the old Backyard) Entrance & Free parking at rear

226-456-2527 OPEN Monday – Wednesday, Friday 9am – 8pm Thursdays 3pm – 8pm, Saturdays 11am – 2pm Closed Sundays

Like us at:

Friday at 12 Noon, March 29th (Preview 10:30am)

At The Vienna Auction Centre, 6227 Plank Road, Vienna, Ont.


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40th carnival The Port Stanley Skating Club presented its 40th anniversary Skating Carnival on Saturday, March 23rd. The performances were based on the theme, “Hooked on Classics.” The Club presented two shows that delighted audiences at the Port Stanley Arena. Pictured are, from left, back row: Veronica Vanbrokhoven, Kayla Gaynor, Autumn White, Karen Reymer, McKenna Clark, Kianna Stafford, Lindsey Shivers, Olivia Summers; from left, front row: Alexia Platt, Madison Benwell, Riley Palmer. (photo by John Morrow)

 The Corporation of the Municipality of

  

Turning up the heat for natural gas expansion in rural Ontario


By Debra Pretty-Straathof energy used on Ontario farms families across the province: ac-

EASTER GARBAGE AND RECYCLING COLLECTION Check the calendar distributed with your garbage bag tags, or view the calendars online at

Week of Good Friday There will be NO COLLECTION on Good Friday, March 29, 2013. Garbage and recycling collection will occur a day earlier than normal this week. For instance, if your normal collection day is Friday March 29th, collection will occur on Thursday, March 28th.

Week of Easter Monday There will be NO COLLECTION on Easter Monday, April 1, 2013. Garbage and recycling collection will occur one day later than normal during the week of Easter Monday. For instance, if your normal collection day is Monday, collection will occur on Tuesday, April 2nd. If your normal collection day is Friday, collection will occur on Saturday, April 6th.

Vice President, Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA)

Ontario farmers live and work in rural Ontario, where daily energy requirements can be significant. In addition to home heating requirements, farm businesses use significant amounts of energy to heat barns, run grain dryers and ventilate buildings. But the type of

varies, and that can have a huge impact on the environment, as well as a farmer’s bottom line. As the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) moves forward with its priorities for government this legislative session, we will look for a commitment on reliable and affordable energy. Our priorities include doing the legwork on a key issue for farm


Good Friday and Easter Monday Municipal Offices will be closed Friday, March 29, 2013 for Good Friday and Monday, April 1, 2013 for Easter Monday. NEW EASY WAY TO GET WASTE INFO FOR YOUR PROPERTY & REPORT A PROBLEM

Get the “MY WASTE” App and Receive Reminders on Waste Collection Changes Do you want to keep up to date with your own personal waste collection calendar and holiday changes? Wondering what can be recycled? Looking for an easy way to let Central Elgin to know about a problem plus send a picture of the problem. Get the MY WASTE app. There is no charge for the app. It works with Apple and Android phones and tablets and the new BlackBerry Z10 phone. Just go to the applicable app store for your device, download the app and request info for Central Elgin.

44583 Dexter Line 15 min. south of St. Thomas

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Central Elgin Growing Together Central Elgin Growing Together promotes and supports tidiness of green spaces; recycling, composting, and other environmental projects; natural and cultural heritage conservation initiatives; and the annual Growing Together Awards/Citizen Recognition Awards night. The Committee is looking for volunteers to serve on the 2013 Committee. If you have an interest in making Central Elgin a better, greener municipality, contact Lloyd Perrin, Director of Physical Services at 519-631-4860 Ext 277 or

      


Dean Parker

Service Technician

ATV’s • Motorcycles • Snowmobiles • Power Products

March 28, 2013 - St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News - 1


cess to natural gas. Natural gas is North America’s lowest cost and cleanest, most versatile energy source. While nearly every urban Ontario resident has access to natural gas, less than 20 per cent of Ontario’s rural residents have the same opportunity. Those residents rely largely on oil and electric heat for their homes and businesses – at twice the price of gas. Having no access to natural gas puts rural communities at a competitive disadvantage too, because it is difficult to attract new businesses to towns where basic energy expenses will be double, simply because the infrastructure is not there to access natural gas lines. The OFA recently conducted a survey of farm members to help identify barriers to using natural gas. More than 400 survey participants contributed information that helps build the case for the expansion of natural gas lines and cost-effective access for rural residents. As we move forward with prebudgetary consultations in the coming weeks, the OFA will ask Ontario’s government to assist with the expansion of natural gas lines in rural Ontario by using infrastructure dollars already designated for rural communities. Funding to expand the natural gas pipeline network into rural Ontario will make low-cost energy available to a greater number of Ontario citizens, including farms, and give them a better competitive advantage.

John DiRenzo Sales Representative



Real Estate Sales Representative

Centre City Realty Inc. Brokerage

DIRECT 519.636.4834

Office: 519.438.8000

Homes • Condominiums • Estates • Rentals • Retirement • Commercial Circulation 30,500

Thursday March 28, 2013




Professional Real Estate Services


36 Southwick St.

1010 Talbot St., St. Thomas


OPEN HOUSE Sat 2pm to 4pm

Can be your home by April 30th or sooner. Wow, what a lot Nelson Conroy* featuring a pond, hot tub, loads of perennials. 1 1/2 storey with a, 1 1/2 car garage, LIFETIME STEEL ROOF. Maintenance free. $225,000 mls#513559 519-630-7470

1/2 AC, Heated shop, Raised Ranch Very spacious, 3 bdrm, attic potential, finCustom built with 3 + 1 bdrms, ALL ished lower, within minutes to downtown Mature Court House District. Possible posAPPLIANCES REMAIN session in 15 days $145,000

4 bdrms, 2 baths, totally renovated and a terrific area to raise a family Early preview, call 519-630-7470


11 - March 28, 2013 - St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News


March 28, 2013 - St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News - 1

rOberTa KerwaN* • 519-633-0600

MarC SOpOCO* • 519-633-0600 $


Independently owned and operated brokerage

56 Juno Drive

491 Talbot Street, St. Thomas, ON

Great opportunity to own! - NEw PRiCE


* Complete details on awards and award levels can be found at

JOhN* & bObbie* rObiNSON*

Marc Sopoco*

Well kept 4 level backsplit w/single attached garage located in a quiet & desirable neighbourhood. This 3 +1 bedroom & 2 bath home has been freshly repainted & is ready to move in! Open concept main floor w/living & dining room combo. Second level presents 3 bedrooms while lower level houses the fourth bedroom, 3pc bath & family room w/gas fireplace...perfect for those cold winter nights! Located close to schools, shopping & park. Great opportunity for first time home buyers or for a growing family!

Call us today! John* & Bobbie* 519-633-0600 Robinson leSTari ruperT* • 519-280-2517



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Country Style Home

Dan McCulloch*

Take advantage of this great deal! Located on a nice quiet road and walking distance to all amenities, this two bedroom country style house is waiting for you to see. This house has a good sized lot toally fenced in, with mature trees. Lots of storage on the lower level as well as main floor laundry. 267 Mary Street, West Lorne. MLS# 515344

KriSTeN SCheele* • 519-633-0600 $

John Knowles*



Spacious 3+1 bedroom home on cul-de-sac in desirable Lynhurst Village. Features kitchen w/eating area, main floor family room w/fireplace, formal dining room & living room, main floor laundry. Attached double garage and large pie shaped landscaped lot w/tiered decks. MLS#513535

GREG EARL* • 519-878-7140




22 Little Creek Place, Port Stanley

Backs onto Pond & Forest

Kristen Scheele*

491 Talbot Street. St. Thomas • 519-633-0600

* Sales Representative ** Broker *Complete details on awards and award levels can be found at

2005 Don West 2+1 with finished walkout lower. Open concept design. Main floor laundry, hardwood and ceramic

Greg Earl*

Sparta a place where history is all about. This home has been reshingle & new carpeting throughout. The upper bedrooms have been re-dry walled insulation & rewired. Why not have your next family get together in your 25.5 X 15.9 main floor family room where you can enjoy the glow from the gas fireplace. 46292 Sparta Line, Sparta MLS 502104.

CiNDy VaN aCKer* • 519-852-2245


18 James Turvey Place, St. Thomas

Karen Kimble*




Cindy Van Acker*




WOW GREAT VALUE!! This 2 storey, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths home has a fully finished lower level. Master bedroom has a walk-in closet and a 4 pcs. ensuite with jetted corner tub. Hardwood and ceramic floors on the main level. The lower level has a recroom, office, and a bathroom with shower. The rearyard is fully fenced with sundeck, storage shed and above ground pool. It’s all here and waiting for you! MLS#516000

Easter Bunny is stopping at this spacious 2 storey home located on a cul-de-sac with convenient access to shopping, London & 401. Newer shingles, windows & shed. Step inside & you will be pleasantly surprised by the decor, gleaming hardwoods & abundance of natural light. Updated patio door leads to 2 decks, patio & fabulous gardens. Definite MUST SEE!!

CarOlyN baiNeS* • 519-719-1490

78 Shaw Blvd.

10033 Florence St

2 Bedrooms bungalow plus attached single car garage. Spacious mater bedroom with his and hers closets. Open concept, backyard looking out to green space. Finished basement with 2 piece bathroom. Plenty of cupboard space in the kitchen and ample of storage. Only 15 minutes to go to London. MLS# 514630 Call me for private showing or


oPEN HouSE SuN. 1-3

EaSy CommuTE!

Lestari Rupert*

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Royal LePage Triland

2012 Award Winners

Congratulations! The management team of Royal LePage Triland Realty Brokerage is proud to announce our St.Thomas Award Winners for 2012. Great Job Team!!! Peter Meyer - Broker of Record/Owner & Peter Hoffman- Broker/Owner

2012 Individual Achievement Award Winners

Jim Harris**

George Esler*

Top 5%

Sharon Merkley**

Lestari Rupert*

Top 6-10%

Top 11-20% Martin Trethewey** Betty Lynn Cassis*

Rob Kilmer*

Kristen Scheele*

2012 Team Achievement Award Winners Dennis Broome** Top 5%

Christine Broome*

“Team Broome”

Matt Pfeifer* Top 6-10%

“Team Pfeifer”

Gregory Pfeifer*







28340 Talbot Line

491 Talbot Street. St. Thomas • 519-633-0600

Elgin Mall Area

1.6 acre property located near Wallacetown has zoning that allows for limited livestock. Spacious 2 storey brick home has plenty of character and updates includes Northstar Windows, new eavestroughs, insulation, electrical, new flooring. Outbuildings include a Karen Dench* double detached shop, extra large shed and newer 20x40 ft pole barn. MLS #515538

* Complete details on awards and award levels can be found at * Sales Representative ** Broker

Enjoy total main floor living in this well cared for semi detached home. 3 bdrms, full 4pc bath PLUS private 3 pc ensuite for master suite, formal dining room, spacious living room and main level family room- much bigger than it looks! Rear walkout from family room to deck and fenced backyard. MLS#515756

garry morriTT* • 519-633-0600

george* 519-868-7775 or CoLLeeN* 519-671-0060




230 Colborne St., Port Stanley Port CommerCIaL / reSIDeNtIaL

CouNtry NeW LISt!!! 1.2 aCreS

Brick ranch with sunken all window family room! Large rear addition has 3.5 car garage and spacious 35 foot master bedroom and spa! Three additional bedrooms, lovely bright spacious rooms manicured hillside property with inground pool and paved drive. Please call Garry the listing agent for viewing, 519 872 8380 Located just outside of Port Stanley.

Garry Morritt*

jim HarriS** • 519-857-5429 $

Jim Harris**

Colleen Macdonald*

George esler*

eXtra Feature


247 @ISellStThomas

edge of town

If you crave some wide open spaces, privacy, and room for the kids to play, check out this 118 ft. x 404ft. lot. Just minutes from town we are convenient to St. Thomas and Port Stanley. An older country-style home which boasts 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, an updated furnace, hydro, plumbing, some windows and flooring. Single car detached garage can always be enlarged to provide the dream shop for the hobbyist. This could be your chance to get out of town.

Sharon Merkley**

Senior’s Real Estate Specialist 2012








Immediate possession available

Blog: kathyandbarb.


Matt Pfeifer*

New 2350 sq.ft. home on huge country Four bedroom, two bathroom home. 25 minutes lot. Beautifully finished and ready to move from London & St. Thomas. Many upgrades. Move in ready. Come take a look. in. Open concept with attention to detail.

Greg Pfeifer*

roB KiLmer* • 519-633-0600 $




20 Hickory Lane Lake margaret 2 Storey

Immediate possession available

BeTTy-LyNN CaSSiS* 519-670-9436

Four Level Sidesplit

Country Living

Open Sat 2House -4

Owner wants this house sold! Main floor interior Owner wants this house sold. Affordable, year round living in beautiful Port Stanley. Walk to beach, freshly painted, new carpet in living room. Three good sized bedroom, extra large eat in kitchen, lots shopping and fishing. Family home with 3bdrms , 2 of cupboards and counter space. Three season sun full baths. Lot is 132 ft deep. Lots of room to store room adds extra living space on main floor. your toys. Call Martin @ 519 808 5607. Call Martin at 519-808-5607.

Open Sat 1House -3


,9 199


215 Currie St., Dutton

41 Leger St. - open House Sat 2-4

Martin Trethewey**

Twitter: @barbandkathy

• Unique eat-in kitchen • Separate dining room • Main floor family room • Master bedroom-ensuite, balcony • 3 plus 2 bedrooms • Many updates. Lots of closets

,9 379

marTiN TreTHewey** • 519-808-5607 (cell) ,900

Century Home $349,800

New Price $259,800 • Spacious 3 bedroom home • Kitchen overlooks private yard • Fireplace in family room • 2.5 baths. Finished basement. • Newer flooring. Walls freshly painted.

Kathy willoughby* Barb Ginson*

Facebook: barbandkathy

maTT pfeifer* • 519-633-0600 • gregory pfeifer*

SHaroN merKLey** • 519-670-0630 0

KaTHy wiLLougHBy* • 519-633-0600 • BarB giNSoN*


This 2 + 2 bedroom bungalow has an extra main floor family room with access to fenced rear yard. Lower level is also completely finished with large rec-room, bathroom and 2 bedrooms. Don’t wait, call today for your private showing.

,90 $ 174

In the heart of the downtown business district is this great investment property. Commercial is ready to move into and set up for the busy spring market. Rear residential is in need of finishing (approx $40,000). Nice sized lot. Priced to sell. Don’t miss your opportunity to buy into Port! Call Garry, the listing agent, for viewing. MLS #511748

Rob Kilmer*





189 mcIntyre St., Dutton

Lake marGaret Beauty!


23 Warbler Heights

Immaculate Doug Tarry Built 2 storey with a 2 car garage. This home has approx. 2470 sq. ft. on 2 Great Starter Home floors. The main has 9 ft ceilings, open concept This home sits on a large lot 66’ x 165’ (approx.) kitchen to great room with gas fireplace, main floor Updated bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, main floor laundry, living room & dining room combo. The second floor has 4 large bedrooms, sitting area off laundry and large family room. Most windows master bedroom, large master ensuite and another updated (2012) & updated laminate in family room. Close To Downtown. 4 pc bath, and more.

Custom built bungalow with a 2 car attached garage. This home sits on an oversized landscaped treed ravine lot! A rare find! There are 2+1 bedrooms, open concept and loads of upgrades. Granite counters in kitchen, 9ft ceilings and 14ft ceiling in great room with fireplace. Finished rec room with gas fireplace and walkout. Beautiful backyard with an inground pool, large deck with hottub and more

DenniS** & CHriSTiNe* Broome • 519-637-0133

oNLy $199,000

1100 S.F. Bungalow with an attached garage offering an open concept interior plus three bedrooms and located on a quiet cul de sac. $ 189,000.00 WHat a DeaL!!!!

Newer, fully remodelled, beautiful Casey Kitchen with sitting Island and lots of storBetty-Lynn Cassis* age. 3 + 1 bedrooms, and 2 baths. Cosy rec room. Large private yard with 2 tiered, lighted deck. Large double garage.

Dennis Broome**

Dennis** & Christine* Broome 519-637-0133 “Specializing in You since 1982”

Christine Broome*

13 - March 28, 2013 - St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

KareN DeNCH* • 519-633-0600

March 28, 2013 - St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News- 1

Network Realty Ltd. Brokerage Each office independently owned & operated

Kathy Kewley

Sales Representative



527 Talbot St., St. Thomas 519-637-2300

Ron Fish,

Sales Representative

Homes • Condominiums • Estates • Rentals • Retirement • Commercial Circulation 30,500 519.633.1640











10 Mabel St

St. Thomas

12pm – 1pm

Kathy Kewley

Century 21 Network Realty Ltd.




10 Celestine

St Thomas

10am – 11am

Kathy Kewley

Century 21 Network Realty Ltd.




36 Chestnut St

St. Thomas


Nelson Conroy

Royal LePage Triland Realty




41 Leger St

St. Thomas

2pm – 4pm

Martin Trethewey

Royal LePage Triland Realty




215 Currie St.



Matt Pfeifer & Greg Pfeifer

Royal LePage Triland Realty




36 Thorman Terrace

St. Thomas


Nick Visscher

Elgin Realty












63 Fairview Ave

St. Thomas

1pm – 2pm

Kathy Kewley

Century 21 Network Realty Ltd.




62 South Edgeware

St. Thomas


Nelson Conroy

Royal LePage Triland Realty




78 Shaw Blvd

St. Thomas

1pm – 3 pm

Greg Earl

Royal LePage Triland Realty



Pre-Approvals, Refinances, Renewals, Commercial, Purchases, 1st, 2nd, Private


MATT LOBSINGER* 519-933-6330

0 4,90


Matt* 82 Greenway Blvd., St. Thomas Lobsinger Beautiful 2 Storey home backing onto green

Buying or selling...visit:

519-851-7535 Kathy Kewley

5 Year Fixed Rate

Call: 519-872-3754


FSCO# 10513

Canadian Mortgage Expert Centres

space. 3 + 1 bedroom, 2.5 bath. Features hardwood and ceramic flooring, ensuite, stamped concrete patio with pool, and finished basement. 15 Minutes from London.

Jon Minielly

Mortgage Agent


Curb appeal includes staging your outdoor spaces

By now we’ve all heard the old adage about the importance of curb appeal. If you can’t get potential buyers in the door, good luck selling your home. This is especially true today with so many homes competing on the market. Home staging has become a popular trend for interior spaces, but according to experts, the same care needs to be applied to the exterior. “Home buyers weigh the outside impression of a home as much as the inside, especially when surfing real estate websites and online images of homes,” explains Priscilla Bergeron, Assistant Brand Manager for Sikkens,

the industry leader in wood protection. “You only have one chance to make a first impression. By spending a little time and money on the outside, potential buyers may be more inclined to give your home a second look, and hopefully, a better offer.” According to Bergeron, the first step in giving your outdoor spaces the important face lift they need is to update your outside woodwork weathered by the sun, rain and snow. “You can give a high end look to your front porch, window trim, doors, siding and backyard deck with premium wood finishes. They provide a rich, professional touch to all exterior projects,

while preserving and protecting the wood from the effects of weather and aging,” she adds. Home decks return about 70 per cent of their original cost back to homeowners when a house is sold, according to Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value Report, but that’s only when the decks are kept in top shape. To bring weathered wood finishes back to life, Bergeron recommends applying high end wood finish products to give a beautiful rich and professional look to your woodwork that will seduce potential home buyers. She points out that Sikkens prod-

ucts are available in translucent, semitransparent and solid wood finishes and in a variety of different colours. To please a wider array of potential buyers, Bergeron recommends opting for more traditional colours. Translucent products give a rich, glamorous and professional look to any house. Once the woodwork has been updated you can now stage your deck, patio or poolside, like you would indoors. “Whether your home’s style is modern minimalist, country, or traditional, your outdoor décor should be a reflection and an extension your home’s interior to achieve a seamless look,” she explained.

St. Thomas, On 226.448.8466


431 Talbot Street, St. Thomas 519-631-8635

Bell’s BookBin

Best G sellin ! rs Autho

lArG seleC e tion!




eACh or



7 3

14 10

Mayor’s Charity hockey game Timken Community Centre 4 - 5:30pm

Aylmer Home and Garden Show East Elgin Community Complex

4/ 10

Singer songwriters circle West Elgin Community Centre

10% OFF CoMiC trAde PAPerBACk

Bell’s BookBin 519-878-4452 552 Talbot St. (Across from City Hall)



8 4




9 5


6 10


7 11


153 Main Street West Lorne

28 24

15 11

16 12

13 17

22 18


20 24

29 25

26 30


1 5

Dinner and Theatre Arts & Cookery Bank West Lorne

St. Thomas Skating Club Carnival Timken Centre

21 17


7 First Avenue St.Thomas

Stay informed on what’s happening in your community, and where

Get Y ChoiCe our First!

ALL hArd Cover Books




• Lighters • • Watches • Shavers • Pipes • • Humidors & Accessories

15 - March 28, 2013 - St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News



14 18

Uptown View fashion show at CASO station For tickets call Aurora @ 519-777-4434 Doors open 5:30pm

21 25


8 12


2 6

Women’s show German Canadian Club 522 Talbot Street West, Aylmer 10am — 4pm $2 per person

9 13

Wallacetown Ag Society dinner and silent auction Dutton Community Centre

Aylmer Home and Garden Show East Elgin Community Complex

15 19

22 26

16 20

Museum and grounds clean-up day Backus-Page House Museum 29424 Lakeview Line

23 27

Friends of Youth BBQ Steak dinner and Elimination Draw German Canadian Club, Aylmer Call 519-773-5271

Train Show CASO Station 750 Talbot Street

Best Car Wash & Auto Detailing in TOWN!!!

Use Vacuum

FREE For 5 minutes after purchase of car wash

160 Burwell Road, St. Thomas 519-631-5502

Give old electronics an afterlife.

Our program accepts 44 items: Monitors, TVs, Computers, Imaging, Audio and Video Devices, Telephones, Pagers and so much more. Check out

Drop Off at Bibles for Missions

7 First Avenue, St. Thomas 519-633-7300

Watch for the April 2013 Issue!


Page nter y e Carpe • Rene r made easor th Page 30 Colouan Watterwimestone • Dunc eauty of l w 8 Page The bhanie Farrocliff • Step .S. fiscal e U Th ure: at fe n ial • Spec lfing in Elgi TH MON Go THIS ELGI


and eWeger Ron D t: Pumped yfhou sion Dave Dr CW’s expan e 3 about G er story: Pag Cov


March 28, 2013 - St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News- 1

Adopt a pet, receive rebate Dog Owners Association joined forces, setting up a 50-foot display area at a community event to share information regarding the various animal-related activities. It was great to see City and Animal Services’ staff taking the opportunity to engage the public in a way they never have before. The City is showing leadership and working with community partners. Over the last two years, the Animal Welfare St.Thomas/Elgin Advisory Committee has put forward many suggestions to St. Thomas City Council to move forward, changing “animal control” to “animal services.” Although things never move as fast at City Hall as what I would like, there are new developments in how the City operates the City animal shelter. Did you know when you adopt a dog or cat from the St. Thomas City Animal Shelter, you receive a $75 rebate certificate towards spay or neuter of your new pet? goodness. The Handsome dog, so friendly and fun to be with...great family Thank City is sending the dog! See Prince and all our rescue dogs and cats at message that spaySt. Thomas City Council formed the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee two years ago. The Advisory Committee members are individuals representing local animal organizations. They are appointed by City Council to be a resource to City Hall so we can all work together regarding animal issues in our community. If you went to the St. Thomas Home Show last weekend, you may

have seen the committee’s “Paws Central” display, just one of many ideas brought forward at advisory meetings. It was exciting to see this project come together at the Home Show. For the first time ever, the City of St. Thomas Animal Services’ staff, volunteers from All Breed Canine Rescue, Animal Aide Association, Pets/Friends for Life, and the St. Thomas

Meet Prince

ing and neutering of pets is important. Also, the City now provides basic vet care for shelter animals. If the animals’ injuries or sickness is too severe and requires more than basic vet care, rescue volunteers are then called to step in and help if they can. The City has a website for Animal Services where lost pets can be posted and unclaimed pets are available for adoption into new homes. The website also provides information regarding special events, shelter hours, and helpful suggestions. The animal shelter’s image and operations are beginning to evolve. We have made some strides forward, with much more yet to do. Stay tuned for more to come!

Why do Americans choose from just two people to run for president and 50 for Miss America?

Breed Canine Rescue, 519.633.6226

Contact: All

Paws for a Cause - All April

Make a Donation and get entered to win a Pet Valu Gift Card

Kari Wilson Wilson Kari Kari Wilson Mobile Mortgage Specialist Mobile Mortgage Specialist Mobile Mortgage Specialist Kari Wilson Kari WilsonCell: 519-200-0965 Cell: 519-200-0965 Mobile Mortgage Specialist Cell: 519-200-0965 Mobile Mortgage Specialist 19 - 21 April (Fri-Sunday) Kari Wilson 519-200-0965 Cell: 519-200-0965 Help find local petsCell: a home! Expert advice. When you Mobilemortgage Mortgage Specialist need it, where you need it.

Adoption Weekend (In store)


Expert mortgage When you When you Cell: 519-200-0965 Expertadvice. mortgage advice. for more details need it,you where needyou need it. needyou it, where Expert mortgageExpert When advice. When Subject to standard lending criteria of Royal Bank of Canada.

Tapping into the tree

need it,St.where need Expertyou mortgage advice. When you it, it. where need it. 1010 Talbot Unit you 42need Six year-old Travis Topping of Vienna tries his hand at tapping into a tree Sunday need where you need Subject to it, standard lending criteriait. oflending Royal Bank ofofCanada. Subject to standard criteria Royal Bank of Canada. St. Thomas during the Springwater Maple Syrup Festival. The demonstrations continue weekSubject to standard lending criteria Royal Bank of Canada. Subject to of standard lending criteria of Royal Bank of Canada. ends until the end of March. (photo by Brian Wilsdon) 519-631-7685 Subject to standard lending criteria of Royal Bank of Canada.



FREE SMALL FROSTY with the purchase of a Flatbread Combo

On your next visit to Wendy’s receive a Free Small Frosty with the purchase of a Flatbread Combo. Please present coupon before ordering. One coupon per person per visit. Not valid with any other discount or promotion. No cash value and no substitutions.

Valid only at 1063 Talbot Street, St.Thomas until May 31, 2013. ©2013 Wendy’s International, Inc.

A garage door is an oft-overlooked part of a home. Some are rarely opened, while others are used on a daily basis. Though they might be overlooked, garage doors play a role in thousands of injuries every year. Roughly 20,000 people each year are treated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries related to garage doors, says the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. According to the Public Health Agency



6728 SPRINGFIELD RD. IN MT. SALEM PHONE # 519-765-3834

of Canada, Canadian hospitals report that roughly 60 percent of all garage door injuries are cut fingers or hands. The majority of injuries happen at a person’s own home. Although children are more susceptible to garage door injuries, these injuries can happen to people of all ages. That is why it is wise for all members of the family to familiarize themselves with how to prevent garage door injuries. Crushing concerns Safety experts from many

garage doors to control the speed of descent and also automatically stop a garage door should it be involved in a free fall. There also are features that retract the door should it meet with an obstacle on the ground when the door is closing. Unsafe ride-along Some children and teenagers think it is entertaining to ride on the garage door when it is automatically being opened. The kids let go before the door reaches the header of the garage. Unfortunately, many children are not as lucky and can become trapped between the garage door and the small space at the ceiling of the garage. Others may have hands or feet become stuck between the folding panel joints of the door, resulting in breaks or amputations. Children should be advised never to ride on an opening garage door. 1207 Talbot Some automatic garage St., St. Thomas door opener manufacturhave begun develop519-633-0240 ers ing safety systems that shut down the operation

organizations, including CPSC, estimate the average garage door weighs more than 400 pounds. A door of that weight can break bones and crush adults and children alike. There are many reasons a door can fall, including lost tension, improper installation or a faulty track or springs. A garage door may become faulty if it was hit by an automobile and not mended correctly. Many different manufacturers have created safety features that can be installed on

Over 40 vehicles in stock!

Visit our lot or view online today!



of the door if a sensor measures extra weight on the garage door. Sharp edges Tracks on standard garage doors are frequently made of sharp-edged metal and have numerous open holes in the construction that are tempting for little fingers. Cuts have occurred to both children and adults in and around tracks. Look for garage doors that have rounded-out edges on the track and a closed design that does not enable fingers to be trapped between rolling mechanisms and the garage door track. Open joints in door Most standard garage doors are made by fitting several panels together to create a solid door. This allows for the bending motion of the door when it is retracted. Gaps between these panels, called joints, can trap fingers or toes, resulting in anything from pinching to amputations. Shoppers may want to consider a door that guards against open joints with protective features that do not allow finger entry between joints.


Look forward TIMELY to carefree MAINTENANCE spring driving! BEFORE YOU

HIT THE ROAD! • • • • • • •

Major & Minor Repairs Brakes & Mufflers Front-End Suspension Air Conditioning Tires & Alignments Radiators Drive Clean Inspections Don’t forget... we are an accredited Emissions Test and Repair Facility

2002 Acura RSX Coupe

auto, pl, pw, cruise, Only 134,000km


2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GT pl, pw, cruise, Only 147,000km


2002 Saturn Coupe 5-speed, Only 125,000km


2008 Kia Magentis EX

2006 Pontiac Torrent pl,pw, 103000km


2002 Ford F150 S-Cab 4x4,pw,pl,cruise, 155000km


2004 Ford Ranger S-CAB pl, pw, cruise, Only 128,000km


2007 Chevy Tahoe LTZ

Leather, sunroof, loaded. Only 138,000km

Leather, PL, PW, Cruise. Only 137,000km

2005 Chevy Equinox

2003 Pontiac Montana


pl, pw, cruise, Only 146,000km


2005 Ford Escape

pl, pw, cruise, Only 180,000km


*All prices are plus HST


pl, pw, cruise, Only 189,000km


2005 Chevy Uplander

pl, pw, cruise, Only 176,000 km


17 - March 28, 2013 - St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

Operate garage doors safely


March 28, 2013 - St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News - 1


Reduce fuel consumption to save money and help the planet Reducing fuel costs is foremost on the minds of many drivers. Myriad costs are associated with owning an automobile, many of which are within a driver’s control. For instance, safe drivers are likely to spend less on auto insurance than drivers with a history of traffic violations or accidents, while drivers who purchase a vehicle with a high safety rating will likely spend less to insure that vehicle than

they would a sports car. One of the costs associated with driving that some drivers may mistakenly feel is beyond their control is the cost of fuel. Drivers might not be able to control the price at the pump, but there are many ways drivers can spend less on fuel, helping them save money and helping the environment along the way. Emphasizing efficiency Making a vehicle more effi-

cient is a great way to save money at the pump. But drivers don’t need to get under the hood or have a mechanic’s understanding of automobiles to make their cars more efficient. In fact, a few minor adjustments is all it takes to make a car more efficient and save drivers, regardless of their mechanical inclinations, money at the filling station. * Adequately inflate tires. Tires that are not properly in-

AlwAys Nice stuff! 2012 Chrysler 200 LTD V6 Premium

3.6L, Navigation, loaded with full media. $18,850 Only 24,000KM

2012 Ford Escape XLT 4X4 SUV

Automatic, Fully Loaded, Multi Media, Voice commands. $18,950 Only 53,164KM

2010 Dodge Charger SXT Plus

3.5L V6, Heated Leather, Rear Spoiler, Local Trade Only 59,000KM


Spruce Lane Motor Products

2012 GMC Acadia SLT1 SUV


2010 Chevy Silverado 1500 LS 4X4 EXT.

3.6L V6, Heated Leather, Fully Loaded Only 14,800KM

2009 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT

V8 Flex Fuel, Trailer Power sliding side doors, 6 Tow, Crome Pkg, Remote Power Windows, Loaded, $20,750 start, Only 79,000KM $13,750 Only 104,000KM 14011 Belmont Rd., Belmont

Belmont, Ont.

519-644-1991 1-888-644-1991

flated increase drag on a vehicle, which then consumes more fuel to operate at full capacity. Check the driver’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure, and check the tire pressure frequently to ensure your car isn’t working harder than it needs to be. * Clear out the trunk. A car filled with clutter is carrying unnecessary weight, making it harder for the car to accelerate and consuming more fuel than it should be. Clear out the trunk and anything inside the vehicle that you don’t need. * Open the windows at lower speeds. Air conditioning consumes lots of fuel, and many auto experts suggest rolling down the windows when driving at lower speeds. When you begin driving a little faster, roll the windows up and turn on the air conditioning to reduce drag. Spend wisely How you’re spending at the pump can also help you reduce fuel consumption and save you money. * Fill ‘er up! Many drivers avoid filling up their tank when visiting the gas station for fear that filling up the tank makes

the car heavier, decreasing the vehicle’s fuel efficiency as a result. While that may be true, drivers who don’t fill up make more trips to the filling station, and those trips can waste fuel. In addition, when the gas cap is removed from your vehicle, vaporized gas escapes from the tank, so opening the cap more frequently allows more vaporized gas to escape. * Pay for gas with a card that rewards you with cash for making purchases. While using a cash-back credit card won’t reduce your fuel consumption, it will earn you some money back on your fuel purchases. * Don’t pay more for fuel your car won’t utilize. Some drivers might feel as though putting a high-octane fuel in their vehicles will improve the vehicle’s performance. But that’s not the case. A high-octane fuel in a car that’s built for a low-octane fuel won’t improve the car’s performance or its gas mileage. Only purchase the fuel the owner’s manual recommends. For many new vehicles, that means 87-octane, or “regular,” fuel, which is typically the most affordable.

Drive wisely Driving habits can also impact how much fuel you’re consuming. Driving habits can be hard to change, but drivers who start driving with a mind toward safety and reducing fuel consumption can take steps to do just that. * Don’t accelerate too quickly. Rapid acceleration consumes more fuel. When accelerating, do so gradually. You’ll still get to the same place, but you’ll get there with a lot more fuel. * Don’t speed. Highway speeds more than 60 miles per hour significantly reduce fuel efficiency. Estimates suggest a car traveling at 60 miles per hour uses 20 percent less fuel than a vehicle traveling at 75 miles per hour. Toxic emissions, including carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides, also increase when vehicles travel more than 60 miles per hour. Reducing fuel consumption is a goal for environmentalists and drivers alike. There are several ways drivers can help their vehicle consume less fuel and benefit the planet at the same time.




Insurance Claims Welcome


Al Schermerhorn Bob Morphy

YOU CLAIM 519.633.9042

0r 1-800-897-0596 WE PAY UP TO $300 DEDUCTIBLE

940 Talbot Street, St. Thomas

SINCE 1989 Locally Owned & Operated By Carl Boughner

519-633-6024 or 519-709-0338

1 Mary Street East, St. Thomas


By Ric Wellwood Weekly News Correspondent

At the moment, London’s Grand Theatre is hosting a travelling band of talented writerperformers. Long ago (20 years) and far away (Vancouver) six women got together and workshopped personal material into two hours of very good entertainment. “Mom’s The Word” details their individual experiences with moth-

31 Elgin Street, St. Thomas 519-631-0570

Shawn Jackson

Funeral Director/Owner

We provide families with a full range of personalized services; from simple cremations to traditional funerals, pre-planning and prepayment options.

For more information, please phone or visit our website.

s b o J

Get your SJS number to be eligible for all these employment opportunities

400 Talbot St., St. Thomas P: 519.631.5470

Mon-Thurs 8:30am-6pm Fri 8:30am-4pm

Aylmer Community Services

25 Centre Street, Aylmer P: 519.765.2082 Mon-Fri 9am-4:30pm Tues 9am-6pm

West Elgin Support Services 160 Main Street, West Lorne P: 519.768.0020

Thousands of people came out to support the 2013 St. Thomas & Elgin Home Builders’ Association home and garden show held at the Timken Centre from March 22-24. (photo by Mark G.)

St. Thomas synchronized skating team EnergICE earned a gold medal at the 2013 Bernie Deveau/Bert Winfield Memorial Synchronized Skating Competition held Saturday, March 9, 2013. The team is coached by Wendy Coombs and more information about the team can be found at Members include, from left, back: Melanie

White, Tammy Lama, Amy Schembri, Kristen McIntyre, Amy Vandeveene, Heather Yacula; Front, left: Megan Hutton, Robin Palmer, Elizabeth Gough, Shelley Sandham, Coach Wendy Coombs, Tracey Guiller, Laura Ferris, Jen Elsdon, Donna Van Rompaey. Absent: Mandy Hindley, Joan Faubert, Stacey Robinson

THE TURKEY SHOPPE Order your FRESH Turkey or Roast for Easter. Call, stop in or order online today! Plus! Until Easter...

Mon-Fri 9am-5 pm This Employment Ontario program is funded by the Ontario Government

Happening home show

Medal winners

Students, stop in today!

Employment Services Elgin

19 - March 28, 2013 - St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

Review of Mom’s the Word

erhood and children in ways filled with insight and humour. The material proved to be so good that it has been through 17 countries and 11 translations into foreign languages. Five of the original six creators are on stage at the moment and the fifth took some time off. Robin Nichol continues to teach theatre out west and is replaced by Lindsay Burns. The first half of the show deals with childbirth and diapers, while the second half allows the babies to become teens with all their attendant problems. Jill Daum, Alison Kelly, Barbara Pollard, Deborah Williams, Linda A. Carson and Robin Nichol deliver this material with skill and passion and the humour is often physical and broad. A childbirth sequence is one of the funniest bits of physical choreography I have enjoyed in some time, while the description of the troubles of a two-pound preemie captures the heart. Well aware of its international popularity, Artistic Director Susan Ferley slated the show to go into the month where Winter Blues prevail, and the show chased mine away. Director Wayne Harrison has blocked this show with the precision of a drill squad and the entire show is enriched and aided by Pam Johnson’s terrific set and costume design. Years ago, I thought only one playwright could produce material of value until the late James Reaney showed me what could be accomplished by collaborative efforts. “Mom’s The Word” is a tribute to Jamie’s belief. It runs until April 6th. Mon-Fri 9-5:30, Sat. 9-4

10882 Sunset Rd. Just N. of Talbotville

Variation law - If you impatiently change lines, when standing, or traffic lanes, while driving, the one you were in will always move faster than the one you moved to.

March 28, 2013 - St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News - 2

First United ChUrCh 7 Curtis Street (at St. George)

Maundy Thursday / Communion March 28 at 7:00pm Good Friday March 29 at 10:30am

Hot cross buns and cider following the service

Easter Sunday March 31 at 10:30am

St.Andrews United Church 60 West Ave., St. Thomas Rev. Joan Golden

First Yarmouth Plains Baptist Church

Good Friday Worship 10:30am Easter Sunday Worship 10:30am Intergenerational Service Everyone Wlecome Office 519-631-4558

6071 Fairview Rd. at Sparta Line

EASTER WORSHIP Sunday, March 31 at 10:00a.m. All Welcome!

St. John’s Anglican 20 Flora St., 631-7368

Priest: Rev’d Jim Innes, B.A., M.Div. Music Director: Brian May

Good Friday 11:00am Main Easter Sunday Service 10:30am BCP Eucharist 9:00am

Everyone is welcome to experience Easter at St. John’s

St. Anne’s Roman Catholic Church 20 Morrison Drive, St.Thomas

Holy Thursday, March 28th 7:00 p.m. - Mass of the Lord’s Supper Followed by Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament Good Friday, March 29th 11:00 a.m. - Children’s Liturgy Stations of the Cross and Communion Service 3:00 p.m. - Solemn Liturgy of Good Friday Holy Saturday, March 30th 8:00 p.m. - Easter Vigil Easter Sunday, March 31st Mass at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.

Good Friday Service at Sparta Baptist Church, 10:30am, March 29, 2013 Easter Sunday Breakfast Service at 8am, at New Sarum Baptist Church. Short devotional, Freewill offering to cover the cost of the food, please.

Easter Worship at New Sarum, 11:15am All services with Pastor Phil Butler. All welcome!

Living Hope Community Church

80 Curtis St., St. Thomas 519-637-4195

Pastor David Howlett Good Friday, March 29, 10:30am Easter Sunday, March 31, 10:00am God loves you. He wants you to know Him


St. Hilda’s St. Luke’s

EASTER SERVICES Good Friday March 29th. - 10:30am “The Passion of the Redeemer Easter Sunday March 31st. - 10:45am “Christ is Risen” 105 Fairview Ave., St. Thomas


Knox Presbyterian Church, Fingal

From the agony of the crucifixion to the defeat of death through the ressurection Good Friday Service, March 29th at 10:00 a.m. Hot Cross Buns and refreshments at 9:00 a.m. Easter Sunday Service March 31st. at 10:00 a.m. Services with John VanEyk Everyone Welcome

185 Elm Street, St.Thomas

Grace United Church St. Mark’s United Church

Minister: Rev. Jim Evans; Music Ministry: Rob Earnshaw, Paul Bodkin, Pat Baker All services at St. Mark’s United Church 38 Aldborough Ave. St. Thomas N5R 4T1 Telephone: 519-631-5705;  March 28  Maundy Thursday Service 7:00 pm March 29 Good Friday Service 10:00 am March 31  Easter Worship Service 10:00 am Sunday School available. Please join with us in worship and fellowship


Easter Eucharist March 31 at 10:00am

Good Friday

10:00 AM, Friday, March 29

Easter Sunday

10:30 AM, Sunday, March 31 Bradley “Easter, a Resurrection Street of Hope” Church of The Easter Choir will God be singing during 5 Bradley Street, Aylmer these services.

Maundy Thursday, March 28, 7pm Good Friday, March 29, 10am Sunrise Service Old St.Thomas Church March 31, 7:30am Harp played by Steven Rae

Easter Sunday March 31 9am Communion (BCP) 10:30am Holy Eucharist and Sunday School

Father Jawn Kolohon Preaching Liz Rae - Minister of Music God’s Peace in this Holy Week

Phone: 519-631-7000

Knox Presbyterian Church 55 Hincks Street, St. Thomas

(corner of Hincks and Wellington)

Good Friday Service 10:30 a.m.

Were you there? A service of scripture and song A Church For Our Community

345 Fairview Avenue, St. Thomas 519-633-0976

Easter Sunday Service 10:30 a.m. Hallelujah! He is Risen! Please join us to worship

320 Elm Street

Easter Weekend Services

(Everyone Welcome) Good Friday 10:00a.m. (Communion)

Easter Sunday “Sonrise” @ Pinafore Park East Pavilion 7:30a.m. Followed by breakfast at Central United

Easter Sunday

Resurrection Celebration 320 Elm St. 10:00a.m.

by Pastor Cusick

Things haven’t changed

Is there any legitimacy to the story of Ryan Rotela? Apparently Rotela, a devout Mormon was asked — along with his entire class, to stomp on a piece of paper on which they had just written the name of Jesus.  Fox news is quoted as follows: “Rotela, who is a devout Mormon, said the instructor in his Intercultural Communications class told the students to write the name ‘Jesus’ on a sheet of paper. Then, they were told to put the paper on the floor.  He had us all stand up, and he said “Stomp on it,” Rotela said. “I picked up the paper from the floor and put it right back on the table.” Now, further to this event Rotela is saying he was suspended from class again, apparently for not stomping on the paper with

Healing a heart’s Loss By Barbara Saunders

Are you struggling with feelings of blame and guilt? In my “Coping with Grief” workshop a frequent acknowledgment is the feelings of blame and guilt. These feelings can be associated with sentiments such as: “I “should” have been the one to go (die),” “Why did this happen to someone so young,” “What did I do wrong,” “If I hadn’t said the things I did, this would not have happened,” “God is punishing me” and I am certain you can think of more thoughts. Grief brings with it a pot full of ingredients unique to each of us and once stirred the mixture can become a blend of emotions, fears, reactions, confusion, disbelief and more. Now, add blame and guilt to this and how is anyone able to make an informed decision or have a thought that is not related to what if, why, or how could this have been different. Perhaps the “blaming” situa-

Jesus’ name on it. Really? Couple that nice little piece of information with this:  CBC news is reporting that ‘millions’ are tuning into the mini-series called The Bible. CBC reports this as a “Heaven-Sent Hit.”  The news reporters are saying that it is simply a “big hit.”  They are surprised by the popularity.  Another site told me 68 million have viewed The Bible in 15 days! So now, to be honest, I’m confused.  Are we stomping on Jesus or are we setting our PVR’s to watch him again?  Funny thing this is.  In reading the Bible things have not changed in 2,000 years.  People either hated Jesus or loved Him.  They were either willing to punch Him in the face or fall down and worship Him.  Things haven’t changed much!  And that, is something to think about.

tion is made to be worse than it actually was. Sometimes, words are spoken out of frustration when emotions are close to the surface. Imagine when you feel and voice relief that someone has finally died after a long illness. Is this cause for blame and guilt? You are alive and someone else has died; is this cause for guilt or blame? Perhaps you are reading this and saying “yes.” Is unfinished business, words left unsaid, apologies not made, “I love you” not said

or regrets a reason for guilt or blame? Is blame being put on another person? How do you move beyond this to heal from a loss? First, know some people never move beyond the grief related to anger, guilt, and blaming. Second, we cannot make someone be better after a loss. Third, forgiveness of self and others is important. I say this knowing forgiveness can be one of the hardest things to do and the most healing.

Restore with the healing hands of

M assage

• 15 years of experience • Call for more information • Online Bookings Available

Lori Henderson-Gibbons Registered Massage Therapist 412 Talbot St.St. Thomas (519) 521-3808

The Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario supports southern Ontario's businesses and communities.

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Visit our website to see how we are helping to create jobs, economic growth and long-term prosperity.

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Serious injuries demand serious lawyers Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, but recovery can be slow and painful. While medical professionals focus on physical and emotional recovery, you also need an experienced lawyer to focus on protecting and enforcing your legal rights. If you, or a loved one, has suffered a serious injury, we’ll be by your side on that long road to recovery. For more information contact our London office today.

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21 - March 28, 2013 - St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

Something to think about

March 28, 2013 - St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News - 2

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The winners of the recent St. Thomas Lions Club Superstore Shopping Spree Draw are: Walter Ostojic, St Thomas, Jim Hunter, Belmont, and Rita Prowse, St Thomas. YWCA Family Open Gym, play sports in our gym with your family & friends. Tuesdays 6-7:30pm. Free. 519-631-9800. St. Thomas Stamp Club Meeting, March 28, 7pm. Community of Christ Church, 105 Fairview Avenue. For Info Rick Badgley 519637-8432. Everyone welcome to attend. VON Public Foot Care  Clinic March 28 sponsored by Port Stanley Lioness, Kettle Creek Villa Apartments, 289 Frances Street.

8am Call for

- 11:30am. games. Donations 519-782-4089 to Caring Cupboard. appointment. VON Public Foot Care Registration for Sal- Clinics, St. Thomas vation Army’s Ball Seniors Centre April 3, Hockey League Ages 10, 17 ,24, 8:30am6yr-14yrs, March 28 12:00pm, 225 Chest& 30. Call 519-633- nut St. Call 519-6374509 for details. 6408 for an appt. Belmont H.U.B. Kids, Easter in the Park, Union Street Park, March 29, 11am. Easter Bunny, BBQ, prizes for everyone.

Field Naturalist Meeting, Friday, April 5, at Knox Church, St. Thomas at 7:30pm. Presentation by Luke Stephenson on Grizzly Bears.  Info Girl Guide Fundraiser 519-631-5279. pasta dinner, Trinity Anglican Church, Saturday, April 6, HBB 5:30 - 7:30 on March Spring Expo10–2pm. 29. Call 519-697- Central United Church, 0237 for tickets 135 Wellington. Free or pay at the door. Admission, Door Prize Draw, Loot bags first Free Family Easter 50. 519-631-3503. Event, Union Community Centre March St. Thomas Seniors 30, 10-11:30am. Eas- Centre Annual Craft, ter egg hunt, Puppet Yard and Bake Sale Lady, animal balloons, Sat. April 6, 8:00amcrafts, Easter Bunny. 12:00pm. Breakfast Union South Yar- served the entire mouth Optimist Club. time! Field Naturalist Duck Rally, Saturday, March 30. Begins at Aylmer Wildlife Area Viewing stands at 8am. Info 519-633-4235.

SMART for Girls, stress management and relaxation techniques for girls. Apr 9-May 14. Ages 8-12. $30. call YWCA 519-631-9800.

Free Easter Celebration, Sparta Village, March 30, 12pm-3pm, free picture with Easter bunny, free mounting of picture at Robson Studio, draws and

YWCA Home Alone Safely, learn the basic skills to be safe while alone in the home. Apr 9-May 7. Ages 9-12. $30. 519-631-9800. Parkinson


place April 12, 7:00pm at the Salvation Army Elm St.   Includes presentation of scholarships and awards to young performers. 519-631-9865

Group Meeting Tuesday Apr. 9, 2-4 p.m., Knights of Columbus, 265 Wellington St. Info: 519-631-9313. Beef supper, live & Field Naturalist Walks- silent auction, April 6:30 pm Wednes- 13, Dutton-Dunwich Centre. days.  Info  519-769- Community 2094. April 10, join Doors open 5:30, supus as the Aylmer per 6:30. Tickets $15, Wildlife Area at the 519-762-2617. Sponviewing stands. sored by Wallacetown Agricultural Society. VON Public Foot Care Spring Sing! A cabaClinics. 420 Wellington Street, April 11, 9am- ret evening with the 12pm, St. Thomas. St. Thomas Youth Call 519-782-4786 Choir. April 13, 7 pm. for an appointment. First United Church, 7 Curtis Street. Adults YWCA Kids Creative $10. Students $5. InCuisine, learn to cook cludes dessert. Tickets, simple, kid friendly info: 519-637-1427. meals while learning safety tips for Free Workshop - Getthe kitchen.  Apr 11- ting Your Affairs in May 16. Ages 9-13. Order, Aylmer Baptist $45 519-631-9800. Church, April 14 at 11:30 -light lunch Grab & Go Chicken provided. Wills , EsDivine dinner, Friday, tate Planning, and April 12, St. Mark’s Legacy for Ministry. United Church, 38 RSVP 519 773 7293. Aldborough Ave. Pickup 4:30-6:30pm. Ham & Turkey Bingo Pay at door $12. Sunday, April 14. Doors open 12:30 April 12, Beef Supper, pm. St. Thomas LeOdd Fellows & Re- gion, Br. 41. 24 John bekahs Hall, 54 Moore St. Everyone welcome. St. Doors open 4pm, serving 5-7pm. Adult Crafters Wanted for St. $10, child 6-12 $5, Anne’s Festival Crafters under 5 free. Tickets Marketplace, June 5-8.  at door, eat in/take Call 519-631-3640 for out. 519-631-3494. more info or to reserve space.  Registration Rotary Music Festival Deadline is April 15. Keynotes Concert takes


g a J g a W

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54% $19 for a Car Detailing Package from Pro Detail Car Care (a $41 Value)

WagJag Customer Service 416.687.5848 or 1.855.4.WAGJAG. To feature your business, please call 519.649.2000

CLARK, ROBERT WILLIAM of St. Thomas and formerly of Lambeth passed away on Monday, March 18, 2013 in his 78th year. Funeral service at Williams Funeral Home Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 11am. Visitation at 10am. Williams Funeral Home Ltd. DALTON, JAMES MELVIN “MEL”, of St. Thomas, passed away Sunday, March 24, 2013, in his 92nd year. Public visitation at the Sifton Funeral Home, St. Thomas on Friday, March 29, 2013 from 2-4 & 7-9 pm. Funeral service at St. Andrew’s United Church, 60 West Ave., St. Thomas on Saturday, March 30, 2013 at 11am. Sifton Funeral Home.

Friday, April 5th from 8 AM to 5 PM at VANDENBRINK FARM EQUIPMENT INC. 7565 Quaker Rd Sparta ON 519-775-2601

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$36 for 6 x 250 mL Bottles of Gourmet Maple Syrup from Jakeman’s Farm (a $72 Value)

BEATTIE, CHARLES JOHN “JACK” of St. Thomas passed away on Saturday, March 23, 2013 in his 80th year. Visitation at Williams Funeral Home Thursday, March 28 from 3:30-5:30pm. A celebration of Jack’s life will be held at 5pm. Williams Funeral Home Ltd.



SCOTT, ROY F., of Glencoe, formerly of Brantford, Ingersoll, Kitchener, London & Lucan, passed away Sunday, March 17, 2013, in his 71st year.  A memorial service was held on Monday, March 25, 2013. Sifton Funeral Home. SMALL, DOROTHY MAY of St.Thomas passed away on Wednesday, March 20, 2013 in her 91st year. A funeral service was held on Monday, March 25, 2013. Williams Funeral Home Ltd. STOCKER, JOHN EDWARD of St.Thomas passed away on Saturday, March 23, 2013 in his 67th year.A funeral service was held on Wednesday, March 27, 2013. Williams Funeral Home Ltd. THORPE, CAROLE ELIZABETH of St. Thomas passed away on Sunday, March 17, 2013 in her 61st year. Public visitation was Thursday March 21, 2013, and a celebration of Carole’s life will be held at a later date. Williams Funeral Home Ltd.

WALKOM, CAROL of Elgin Manor and formerly of AyGAJDOS, SUSANNA of St. Thomas passed away on Tues- lmer passed away on Monday, March 18, 2013 in day, March 19, 2013. A funeral service was held on her 83rd year. A funeral service was held on SaturFriday, March 22, 2013. Williams Funeral Home Ltd. day, March 23, 2013. H. A. Kebbel Funeral Home. GROVE, FREDERICK J. “FRED”, of St. Thomas, WEAVER, HAZEL of Aylmer passed away on Saturday, March passed away Tuesday, March 19, 2013, in his 86th 23, 2013 in her 95th year. A funeral service was held on year. As per his request, cremation.    A private fam- Thursday, March 28, 2013. H. A. Kebbel Funeral Home. ily interment at a later date.  Sifton Funeral Home. ZIMMERMAN, CHARLENE ANN passed away in St. HELMER (POLGAR), AGNES ANNE of RR # 2 St. Thomas on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at the age Thomas passed away on Monday, March 18, 2013 of 42. A memorial service was held on Thursday, in her 74th year. A funeral service was held on Fri- March 21, 2013. Shawn Jackson Funeral Home. day, March 22, 2013. H. A. Kebbel Funeral Home. PETERS, JOHAN of Vienna passed away on Sunday, March 17, 2013 in his 70th year. A funeral service was held on Friday, March 22, 2013. H. A. Kebbel Funeral Home. PRENDIVOJ, STEPHANIE of St. Thomas and formerly of Mississauga passed away on Thursday, March 21, 2013 in her 70th year. A graveside service was held on Monday, March 25, 2013. Williams Funeral Home Ltd. PRINGLE, JAMES C “JIM” passed away in St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital on Monday, March 18, 2013 at the age of 66. A memorial and sea burial will be held at a later date. Shawn Jackson Funeral Home.




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23 - March 28, 2013 - St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News

Community Bulletin Board

March 28, 2013 - St. Thomas - Elgin Weekly News - 2


n i e l b a l Avai ANDS of THOUSferent dif ations combitnher and in lea bric! fa


560 Talbot Street (Former Capitol Theatre) St. Thomas 519-633-8090

March 28, 2013 Issue  

News and views from in and around St.Thomas and area.

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