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February 7, 2013 To: All Pastors, Elders, Leaders and Church Members Dear Brethren: Sincere Christian greetings! Please see important dates and events of the East Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists below.

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IAD to host Virtual Council (Sabbath February 9, 2013)



JAMU and EJC Host Health Ministries Training



Annual 1.5K Run/ 5K Health Run forms now online



Special Meeting of Elders’ Association



Education Rally Kingston & St. Andrew



SDA Schools’ Temperance Week



Urgent Call for Community Projects



Thanks to Churches that submitted Church Officer’s List



Notices from Sabbath School, Personal Ministries & Community Services Dept.



Letter from Health Ministries Director Re important events for the year



Notices from Women and Children’s Ministries Dept.



Communication Workshop and EJC Website Update



Special Events and Promotions- Washington Gardens Community Jubilee



Schedule of upcoming Conference Dates and Events


(1) IAD Hosts Virtual Council (Sabbath Feb 9, 2013)

The Inter-American Division (IAD) will be hosting a very important Virtual Council for all members of the church on Sabbath Feb. 9, 2013. It will be streamed live from the IAD headquarters beginning at 10:00 a.m. Miami Time and is scheduled to conclude at 12noon. As a result of this very special programme, the East Jamaica Conference has made provisions to facilitate the viewing of this event in the Conference Board Room on Sabbath February 9, 2013 beginning at 10:00 am. -1-

We encourage all churches to support this venture where possible. For churches that do not have adequate facilities to view this event on Sabbath from the IAD’s website, via the internet, we ask that Pastors and First Elders designate one or two persons from each congregation to attend this event. A report of the event can then be shared with other Elders at the local church Elders' Meeting. Please be reminded that the Virtual Council is one of the planned activities of the IAD for the year of the Laity and will provide a platform for the GC President, Pastor Ted Wilson and IAD President, Pastor Israel Leito to address Elders on matters relating to the Year of the Laity 2013. Because of our limited parking space at the office, we suggest that where more than one elder will attend from a church, that they car pool. Finally, it would be greatly appreciated if we could have an idea of how many persons to expect on Sabbath. I am therefore requesting that Pastors send in a one line email to ( stating how many persons will be attending from each church or if the event will be viewed at the local church.

(2) JAMU and EJC host Health Ministries Training (Sunday February 17, 2013)

There will be a special training workshop for all Health Ministries Directors in East Jamaica Conference on Sunday February 17, beginning at 9am at the EJC Boardroom. The training will be conducted by the Jamaica Union Conference’s Health Department in conjunction with the East Jamaica Conference’s Health Department. Lunch will be prepared for attendees.

(3) EJC Annual 1.5K Run/5K Health Run Entry Forms Now Online

Please be advised that the Annual East Jamaica Conference 1.5KRun/ 5K Health Run will take place on Sunday June 2, 2013. Entry Forms are now available online at the ejcsda website under the 'MEDIA/FORMS/ Health Ministries Department Link. You may click on this link to access the form 4) Special Meeting of the Elders’ Association (Sunday February 24, 2013)

The Elders' Association will host a very special meeting on Sunday February 24, 2013, at 10am in the Youth Room of the Andrews Memorial SDA church. They encourage all elders to be in attendance as they will select their new Executive body. The Guest Speaker for the special meeting will be Pastor Joseph Smith. He will speak on the topic "Preparation for the Latter Rain." 5) Education Rally Kingston & St. Andrew (Sunday February 16, 2013)

The Education Department of East Jamaica Conference presents the first leg of their Education Rally for 2013. Join them at the Meadowvale SDA Church on Sabbath February 16, as they showcase Seventh-day Adventist Christian Education. Specially invited Guest Speaker for the Rally is Dr. Denton Rhone- Associate Professor in the department of Graduate Education and Leadership at Northern Caribbean University. We encourage you to support this programme. Remember, Christian Education and Redemption are one!


6) SDA Schools’ Temperance Week 2013

The Health Ministries and Education Departments of East Jamaica Conference will celebrate Schools’ Temperance Week in all Seventh-day Adventist Educational institutions from February 18-22, 2013. We encourage our parents and students to make an extra effort in observing the laws of Health during the course of this week. This means, we want to see our students taking fruits to school for their snacks during this week (YES FRUITS), eating their vegetables during the course of the days, we want you to ensure that they are involved in physical activities not only at school but also at home, that they drink lots of water, get enough rest, sunshine and fresh. During the course of this week, it is our aim to remind our students of the value of their body t emple to God. Join us in assisting our students to undertake this venture.

7) Urgent Call for Community Project Proposals

Are you interested in building your community? Funding is available to help you NOW. If you would like to attempt to access a financial grant from Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) or European Union then please visit and come with your suggestions or offers for your community to a meeting Saturday evening (February 2, 2013) at 6:30 p.m. at EJC office. For further information call EJC Community Services Department at 924-1061 - 3 or 6192855 Ext 241. (8) Thanks to Churches that submitted Church Officer's List

We use this medium to thank those leaders who have submitted the Church Officer’s list for 2013 to our department. There are still a number of churches that have not responded to our request. We have therefore extended the deadline to Tuesday February 15. This will be the final deadline given for the information to be accepted by our department. This information will then be submitted the Office of the Secretariat for and updating of the system. For your convenience, we have posted on the website, a form which can be easily filled out online and sent back to us. Once updated, the file may be printed, e-mailed or faxed in the Conference to the attention of the Executive Secretary or the Communication Department. To check if your church has sent in its Officers List please follow this link. (10) Notices from The Sab. School / Personal Ministries/ Comm. Services Department

• • • •

Please be reminded that as at January 5, 2013, and by now all our Sabbath Schools should be on the new or renewed programme: 6-8 members in each class Interactive reading/learning strategy for the bible study/review. Vertical meditation for each unit member Horizontal sharing of thoughts, etc.

Year of the Laity Training Seminar •

A special comprehensive and intensive departmental workshop for Sunday, February 10, 9:30 a.m. – 1:30pm p.m. (‘working lunch’) will be at the Morant Bay SDA church, followed by Senior Citizen’s meeting.

The following persons or their representatives are urged to be present: Pastors, elders for Sabbath School, Personal Ministries & Community Services Department - Sabbath School superintendents and their assistants, Personal Ministries leaders and their assistants, Sabbath School & Personal Ministries secretaries, Interest Coordinators, unit leaders/teachers, Small Groups Coordinators/ leaders and Community Services leaders & volunteers


February 3 – Zone 4 Convention (St. Thomas) February 10 – Big Senior Citizens Summit for St. Thomas February 17 - Big Senior Citizens Summit for Kingston & St. Andrew Next Spanish Ministries meeting- Thursday, January 24 at the EJC office at 6 p.m. & Spanish Campaign - February 15-23 at Andrews Memorual SDA Church 5. Sabbath School superintendents and Personal Ministries leaders are reminded of the Sabbath School quarterly report which is due on the 10th of each month following the end of the quarter. 6. The ambassadors’ search has begun, get on board! 7. Community Services leaders are reminded of their monthly meeting at 10 a.m. at the EJC office (every fourth Sunday) 1. 2. 3. 4.

(11) Letter from Health Ministries Director Re Important Dates For The Year Please see letter below from Health Ministries Director, Pastor Leonard Steele which highlights important dates for the Health Ministries Department for the rest of the year. (12) Notices From The Women's Ministries Department

1. Soft Skills Blazers class will begin on Sunday February 10, 2013 from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Kindly send the list of names immediately. Classes will be held at the Kingsway School. 2. Coming soon will be our Mother Daughter Conference. Watch the site for further information and details. 3. All GEMS are invited to an important emergency meeting on Sabbath, February 9, 2013 with Dr. Tez Brown Cotterell. This meeting will be held from 3 4 p.m. sharp at the EJC Boardroom. Our EJC GEMS executive team will be selected. 4. I.M.A.P. launch will take place on Sabbath, March 27, 2013. Our presenter will be Dr. Eric Nathan. All adult females, this is your opportunity to come learn how to build lasting relationships. You are asked to bring a visitor with you. 5. Women’s ministries team leaders let’s pray and plan to reap at least one soul per quarter, per church, that is at least four souls for 2013. April is the month of special reaping for our department. Kindly send us the names of the speakers who will be engaged in the crusade in your church along with a short profile of each speaker. Where possible kindly include a picture. We would like to highlight and pray for our speakers. 6. Leaders Certification Training, levels 1 and 2 will take place on Sunday February 17, 2013 and Friday March 15, 2013 to Sunday March 17, 2013. Kindly request from your board a contribution of $2,000, per person, to assist in offsetting the cost of meals. Venue: Sunday, February 17, Kingsway School from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Venue: Friday to Sunday March 15 – 17 Golden Acres 7. Soft Skills training will be held this Sunday, February 10, 2013. We begin the day with devotion at 9:00 a.m. Classes will end at 12 noon. Please be on time. 8. Team members kindly indicate if you are receiving the notices that are being sent to you via your email addresses. 9. Tip For Parents

Do not encourage your child’s wrong doing. If your child is in trouble, seek help promptly. There are Aunties, Uncles, agencies and organizations available to help. -4-

(8) Notices from the Children's Ministries Department 1. The children’s Spanish group meets this Sabbath, February 2, 2013 @ EJC from 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. Practices are held 1st and 3rd Sabbaths only. CMD’s who are teaching the songs in your churches please communicate this to us so we can keep you informed directly when we will meet for rehearsal. 2. All CMD’s are asked to, use Children’s story time, as one of the avenues to read the weekly parent tips as this is a captive audience to disseminate this information. This tip should preferably be read by a child and should take no longer than 30 seconds. 3. Children’s ministries team leaders let’s pray and plan to reap at least one soul per quarter per church, that is four souls for 2013. May is the month of special reaping for our department. 4. Ladies and Gentlemen, as we discussed we expect all CMD to be engaged in children crusade in your church since our mandate is soul reaping. Kindly send us the names of the speakers who will be engaged in the Children’s crusade in your church along with a short profile of each speaker. Where possible kindly include a picture. We would like to highlight and pray for these children. 5.

Kindly send the names of the children to be trained as preachers to the office immediately.


(9) Communication Workshop and EJC Website Update Communication Workshop We invite all members of the Communication Department in Zone 4, (including our Audio Visual Team Members), to be aware of our Communication Workshop which will take place on February 17, 2013 at the Morant Bay SDA Church. The workshop will begin promptly at 9:00 am and will run until 1:00 pm. We invite the leadership of the church in St. Thomas to encourage representatives of your church to attend this workshop especially those who are new to the department. Communication Workshop for Zones 1 - 3 will take place on Sunday February 24, 2013 at the EJC Conference Board Room. This workshop will begin at 9:00 and will end at 5:00 pm. We will provide more information about this as time progresses. EJCSDA Website -

(Read This Section Carefully and Follow the Instructions Below))

Dear Friend, Take this as our personal commendation to you for taking the time to read this advisory on a weekly basis. The Communication Team appreciates your concern for the work of God and the effort you continue to make to keep yourself and your church informed. Did you know that you (or anyone for that matter) can find almost any Seventh-day Adventist Church in our Conference from anywhere in Jamaica right there from our website ? Ok. So you didn't know. Let me show you how. Let's say you lived abroad and was planning to visit Jamaica for a few days. You will be arriving in the island on Sabbath morning and will have no time to get someone to take you around. You however heard that the Adventist Church in Jamaica is on fire for the Lord and the people are warm and friendly. You will be renting a motor vehicle at the airport and need directions to take you from there to your destination. You were told to visit either the New Haven, Washington Gardens or Seaforth SDA church and that you can easily find your way to any of these churches with the assistance of the East Jamaica Conference website which you hear is quite user friendly. You want to map the route from the Norman Manley International airport to the churches mentioned above. Your decision as to which church to visit will be based on what you see of the church on the church website. Here are the steps you were told to follow. (1) Go to the website and from the Home page click on 'Locate a Church' (Hint. Use Find A Church or Church Locator at the bottom left hand side of the Home page)

(2) Click on ' Locate a Church by Address' ( Click on the picture to the right) (3) Look for New Haven, Washington Gardens, Seaforth SDA Church. ( Click on the name of the church. The picture of the church should show.)

(4) Click on the website address of the church below the picture. That should launch you unto the church website. (5) Spend some time to look at the Home Page of the church. ( You will need to do this for the three churches) (6) Make your decision as to where you want to go. (This step is important. If you are to proceed.) (7) After making your decision click on the ' Address' which is highlighted in blue. You should now be on a page with a Google map. On the top left hand corner of the page there is a tab that says ' Get Directions'. Click on it. (8) In the blank section marked (A) type 'Norman Manley International Airport'. The section marked '(B) already has the map location of the church you will be attending. (9) Click on the 'Get Directions ' button and note the route that will take the shortest time from the Norman Manly International Airport to your destination. Write down this information (Distance in km and time).


(10) Go back to the website and look for 'Contact' on the Menu Bar. ( Home About Departments Media Contact ) Fill in the information requested. Type in ' Website Assignment' in the Subject section of the page. In the box below this, type in the Church you would visit and the mileage and time that it would take from the airport to this location. Send this information to us. Send a copy to yourself as well. (11) Finally Take the ejc website survey by following this link. Write down your vote number (where you fell in the sequence of persons who voted. ) (12) This is where you receive your prize. Use step (10) above again to contact us. This time you will put in the subject 'My Vote Number is ( enter the number)' . Send this information to us. The first five persons who read and followed the instructions correctly will receive the reward which will be made public on Monday February 4, 2013. CONGRATULATIONS. ! You did it and learnt something more about our website. Isn't this amazing ? Be aware that the first five persons who will win this prize must of necessity have sent two communications to us. One with the name of the church you would attend along with the distance and time it would take to travel from the airport and the other would indicate the fact that you took the survey. Hope you learnt something new and had fun at the same time. (10) Special Events and Promotions - Washington Gardens Community Jubilee ' 'Laity Alive ... Washington Gardens 55' . As a part of our fifty fifth anniversary, the Washington Gardens SDA Church will be having at least 4 Community events in 2013. The first will be 'Community Jubilee' (A community Impact Program) on Ash Wednesday Feb 13, 2013 at the Hughenden Community Centre. The event will culminate with a Gospel concert. This is a precursor to our Evangelistic Reaping Campaign scheduled to begin on March 3, 2013 with Evangelist Claude Edwards at Marverly Park. Please pray with us as we prepare to save more souls for the Kingdom of God. See Poster of Community Jubilee under the Upcoming Events section of the website. Item submitted by Elder Dale Flynn

(11) Schedule of Upcoming Conference Dates and Events

Dates -2013  Feb. 10  Feb. 15 - 17  Feb. 16  Feb. 17  Feb. 17  Feb. 17  Feb. 24  Mar. 9

Event Women's & Children's Level 2 Leadership Workshop Education Rally -Kingston & St. Andrew Communication Workshop - Zone 4 Health Ministries Training Senior Citizens Summit - Zones 1-3 Communication Workshop - Zones 1 -3 Women's Day of Prayer Education Rally - St. Thomas

Adiese A. Jonas Assistant Director, Communication


Location Morant Bay SDA Church Meadowvale SDA Church Morant Bay SDA Church EJC BOARDROOM

Meadowvale SDA Church EJC Board Room EJC Board Room Hampton Court SDA Church

January 29, 2013

To all Health Directors & Pastors Greetings! Let me use this medium to invite all Health Ministries Directors and assistant Directors to a very important Health Ministries Training to be conducted by JAMU Health Department, at the East Jamaica Conference Boardroom at 9:30 a.m. on February 17, 2013. Please be on time lunch will be provided and this will be no cost to the Directors. Please remember to follow the Calendar of Events for the special Health activities throughout the year. Please be reminded of our Special Health Dates: February 19

Seventh-day Adventist Schools Temperance Week

March 20 – 25

Health Ministries Summit (Marriott Orlando Airport, Hotel USA)

April 7

Health Ministries Advisory (for all Health Directors)

June 2

5K Run/Walk and Children’s Fun Day (start promotion now)

June 23 – 29

Health Camp (Lifestyle Retreat)

July 7

Medical Missionary Training School

September 8

Cooking School - Zone 4

September 21 – 28

Health Week September 22 Men’s Health Summit

September 29

Cooking School – Zone 1 – 3

Please remember Youth Temperance Day is Sabbath February 16, enclosed you will find a special CD from the EJC Health Department. Yours truly,


"Come make a difference in our Conference as we plan ways to make our lives and the lives of those around us better by utilizing the valuable knowledge and skills that God has blessed us with."


February 16, 2o13 at the

Featuring our Schools: Woodford, New Hope, Hagley Park, Miramar, Kingsway Prep & High


Meadowvale SDA Church

Inspiring AYS Program

1 - 3 Chancery Street, Kgn 19

with Alumni& Friends of our Schools

" Christian Education and Redemption Are One"


March 9, 2o13 at the Hampton Court SDA Church Morant Bay, St. Thomas " Christian Education and Redemption Are One"

Featuring ou r Schools: Woodford, New Hope, Hagley Park, Miramar, Kingsway Prep & High

Weekly Advisory For February 9, 2013  

EJC Weekly Advisory 09/02/2013