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HOROSCOPES aries March 21 to April 20

Although the financial picture becomes clearer every day, you still tend to spend money you don’t have. Whilst I know you like a certain kind of life style it will not do much for you in the long run. Get a grip on your cash in readiness for developments coming your way, which will arrive sooner than you think. If you wish to have financial security in the long term then you need to be more disciplined in the way you handle your fiscal affairs.


April 21 to May 21

You are ready to enjoy yourself, but you will be choosy about your company, you need to spend time with those who inspire you and who think along the same wave lengths as you do. Opt to only spend time with those who are well read and informed. This will make your day stimulating and enjoyable. Those who attempt to intimidate you should be swept to one side, because for once you know exactly what needs to be done. All it needs is confidence.



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June 22 to July 22

It looks like acquaintances are seeing the more gentle side of your nature, and will be quick to tell others in your circle of friends. It’s nice to be the good guy from time to time, isn’t it? New people you meet will be stimulating your imagination and perhaps unwittingly, redefining your goals. The next few weeks are a highly sociable time and many of you will become involved with a new group of associates and acquaintances.


• Commercial • Industrial • Domestic

May 22 to June 21

Your popularity is glowing even more brightly than usual among friends and team mates. You instinctively put others at ease and will be welcomed wherever you go. Even though you can’t push forward with major plans at home or at work at the moment you can still create beauty, bliss and harmony around you. You’re feeling excited and confident about changes coming up in the next few weeks but now is the time to get everything into order.



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FRIDAY, MAY 18 2012

July 23 to August 23

The Moon will be sizzling its way through the earthy sign of Taurus, so you are much more confident where professional matters are concerned. It’s a great time for putting ingenious ideas to your boss because he or she will most certainly take them on board. Push ahead with any ambitious ideas you want to present as others will look upon them favourably. If you are at all artistic, you’ll be receiving at least one pat on the shoulder and probably more.


August 24 to September 23

During the next fortnight it will a great deal easier for you to communicate your likes, dislikes and thoughts to other people even if they come from a totally different culture or background than your own – your words will find a warm welcome. If you’re planning to visit friends, family or loved ones who live at a distance it’s likely to be a lot more enjoyable than you expect. The more open minded you are in the weeks ahead the more you will gain out of life.

Moon In Taurus Conjuncts The Sun, Mercury and Jupiter and Trines Pluto; May 19th – June 2nd.

Francis A Bevan libra

September 24 to Oct 23

The next two weeks is the ideal time for making important financial decisions. Money worries have been on your mind for some time, but instead of letting your nerves control you, it is important that you listen to an acquaintance who has some excellent advice for you. The coming fortnight is a good time to rid yourself of bad habits, old fears, insecurities and phobias. More importantly it is time to rid yourself of any kind of self-pity.


October 24 to Nov 22

The Moon is coasting along in your opposite sign of Taurus and so from now on you’re going to have to take on board the wants, needs and requests of other people. Recent tensions in your love life can easily be swept to one side – all it takes is a kind word or gesture to make sure you are not found lacking. Friends and acquaintances will also be far more communicative than is usually the case and don’t be surprised if they confide their secrets to you.


Nov 23 to Dec 21

The next fortnight is going to be a highly productive time when you can make up for lost time. If you are trying to instigate some important changes at work, don’t be too independent as other people’s ideas will trigger your imagination and your plans will fall into place much more easily than expected. This is the ideal time to clear up problems and to put practices into place to prevent them happening again. Embark on a new health regime!


Dec 22 to January 20


January 21 to Feb 19

Be ready to enjoy yourself. Once again you seem to be the centre of attention, which always makes you feel special. You are certainly receiving a few signs that seem to mean a lot to you. No matter what complications arise, take some time out for romance or other pleasurable pursuits. Don’t let others persuade you otherwise. Children and younger people will be a delight to be around as they will help you to connect with your own inner child!

With the Moon in Taurus there will be plenty of news in connection with family, friends, relatives and people you haven’t seen for some time. It looks as though you will be doing a great deal of entertaining at home, which may mean having certain business colleagues meet your family. Also you may decide to brighten up your home. If you don’t know what you’re doing it would be wise to seek some professional advice.


February 20 to March 20

Invitations from friends and neighbours are likely to come from out of the blue, but you would be wise to grab them with both hands as you will enjoy the occasion more than you expect. You are mentally astute and others appreciate your intellectual vitality so why not let these qualities shine! Conversations will flow easily, so keep your wits about you, be your charming self and you will discover things about others that can used to your advantage!

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