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Up Close: From the Editor

Preparing and enjoying food is often viewed as one of life’s greatest pleasures. It is a reason for socializing. It can be a form of art or an act of worship. What better way of gift giving is there besides sharing a favorite recipe or dining gift certificate. When you don’t know what else to give that difficult one on your list who already has everything, give them a trip to a favorite restaurant. Who doesn’t eat? The bonus is not having to prepare it or clean up afterward. It’s a win-win situation. Some people like adventure for an extended weekend, others don’t. Some like a peaceful, relaxing hideout where a good book awaits. Others don’t. Some are interested in sports, others aren’t. History or museums? Maybe - maybe not. But whatever the theme of your Extended Weekend Getaway is, where to eat is at the top of the list. Recent research conducted by a flight-comparison site has found out how many Americans tend to try the local cuisine when on vacation. It discovered that: Three fifths of Americans don’t try the local cuisine when on vacation One in three Americans put off visiting certain countries because of their food 71% buy takeaways when abroad; McDonald’s and KFC are the most popular choices One in five seek out American bars and diners on vacation. Last, but certainly not least, ALL travelors are more willing to try a new food, restaurant, or experience when it is recommended by someone they trust. So our staff worked very hard this past month seeking out the new, tasting the new, and now we recommend our selections for each state. Enjoy!

Where do we eat? When do we eat? Hungry yet? When traveling, food is a high priority in decision making. So make sure it’s fun. See our suggestions for every state in this issue.

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Product Reviews - Summer Travel Breadcrumb

This is a travel accessory no one should ever leave without! The Breadcrumb 2” x 2” tracking device easily attaches to a backpack, arm band or back pocket and is Bluetooth enabled to locate a person whether there is cell service or not! It is great safety backup tool for hiking, mountain biking, fishing, trail running, skiing and more! There are so many uses! Here are just a few of my favorites ~Find your luggage faster at the airport baggage claim! ~Keep track of a child walking home from school or joining others at a theme park or camping. ~You can give others temporary access to your location ~Leave it at a location to find your way back to your parked car at the start of the hiking trail, campsite, etc! Price: $39.99 + free app

Save your silverware from having to touch the tabletop of any restaurant or eating establishment while traveling. According to a study by WebMD, restaurant tables are some of the germiest surfaces when it comes to eating. Who knows how long it’s been since a tabletop was last cleaned properly in airport food courts? Simply place your flatware or plasticware on the dining elevated rests (that you carry with you) and that way they don’t ever touch the surface of the table top again. Price: $9.95

Dining Elevated Germ-Free Eating

Lems’ newest shoe, The Mesa Made for the most rugged mountain trails, walking to

work, or anything in between. Whether you hike the trails or hit the grocery store, the ultra-flexible Mesa is available for men and women who want a shoe that can take them from yoga class to the depths of the forest and back again! The Mesa, designed for superior comfort and inspired by the natural shape of the foot, is made with quick drying mesh to keep river feet fresh and 4mm drop platform for better balance. There is a full rubber outsole for pounding the pavement or blazing the trail. Sizes do run small. Size ordered was 7 1/2 and actually fit a 6 1/2 much better. ) Price $125

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Column FeaturePlaces to Go:

For the Bargain Hunter

By Sheeree Oney Places to Go Editor


Tickets for Smithsonian magazine’s 15th annual Museum Day are now available for download! On September 21, museums across the nation will adopt the policy of the Smithsonian, opening their doors for free to visitors with a Museum Day ticket. Each Museum Day ticket provides free admission to the ticket holder and one guest. More than 1300 museums have registered so far. To see the full list of participating museums and to download a ticket please visit:

Unlimited Savings on Movie

Regal Unlimited is the best value option for movie fans with plans starting as low as $18 a month. This subscription plan is available on the Regal mobile app where moviegoers can choose from three different plans based on theatre location. To date, it is the ONLY cinema subscription plan that offers the ability to watch as many movies as you want, whenever you want.” Subscribers will ealso receive the following benefits: • Unlimited Movies. There are no blackout dates, and you can purchase advance tickets as soon as they go on sale. . •10% concessions discount.

•Birthday Bonus: a free large popcorn and large drink on your birthday. • Regal Crown Club member - earn credits for every dollar spent including the opportunity to attend advance screenings and free concessions. Regal, a subsidiary of the Cineworld Group, operates one of the largest and most geographically diverse theatre circuits in the United States, consisting of 7,211 screens in 549 theatres in 42 states along with the District of Columbia and Guam as of June 30, 2019.

Amtrak Raises Their Family Discount

Amtrak announced its new and improved Share Fares deal, offering up to 45% off Amtrak travel. Inspiring customers to travel together with friends and loved ones, Amtrak now offers discounts for up to six passengers as part of its Share Fares deal. The deal was previously available for four passengers and provided up to a 35% discount. Now with the ability to bring even more friends and loved ones along, customers can share both the ride, and savings while skipping traffic, tolls and parking. Share Fares is valid for travel on the Amtrak Northeast Regional and on the national network on some of the most popular trains, including the California Zephyr, Capitol Limited, City of New Orleans, Cardinal, Empire Builder, Southwest Chief, Texas Eagle, Coast Starlight, Lake Shore Limited, Palmetto, Silver Star, Silver Meteor, Auto Train and Crescent. Discount is not valid on Acela. The offer is available for up to six customers traveling together on the same itinerary and is available at Reservations are required a minimum of two days prior to travel.

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Column Feature-People to See

Chef Roger Mooking By Lisa Rhoden People to See Editor

Celebrity chef, restaurateur, television host, cookbook author and Juno (Canadian Grammy) award-winning recording artist Roger Mooking has earned an international reputation as a renowned chef executing a culinary style that showcases his globally inspired vision. Roger is best known for being the host of Travel Channel’s Greatest of America, the host and co-creator of the internationally broadcast television series Everyday Exotic on the Food Network, and co-host of Heat Seekers on the Food Network alongside celebrity renowned chef Aarón Sanchez. As if he didn’t already have a full plate, Roger is currently the host of the Cooking Channel’s Man’s Greatest Food in which he sets out on a culinary odyssey around the country on the ultimate search for man’s greatest food. He is currently the host of grilling and barbecue show Man Fire Food (over 100 episodes)on the Cooking Channel which features Roger traveling to different cities and learning unique methods of barbecuing. New episodes of Man’s Greatest Food currently air Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET just in time for the summer BBQ season! Taking his talents outside of the kitchen, this Juno award-winning recording artist has released albums and performed on stage for the last two decades. Abiding by the mantra “food feeds the body, music feeds the soul,” Roger first stepped into the spot-


light as a member of the soul trio, Bass is Base. Their early single “Funk-mobile” garnered the band a deal with A&M Records and their debut album First Impressions for the Bottom Jugglers, won a Juno Award in the Best R&B/Soul Recording category in 1995. As exotic as his food, blending Trinidadian and Venezuelan vibes to curate a kaleidoscopic Samba/Calypso experience, Roger’s highly-anticipated album ‘Eat Your Words’ integrates sounds of authentic and old school hip hop, rock, and funk elements. Eat Your Words just released May 15th on all mainstream platforms including Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal. The Trinidad-born, Canadian-raised chef is influenced by his culturally rich family background, his love of people and travel, and interest in global flavors to create new culinary experiences. Roger has also trained under Japanese, Chinese, French and Swiss German chefs including his formal training through the esteemed George Roger Mooking Brown Culinary Management Program where he graduated with Top Honors. Over the years, Roger’s restaurants and affiliated projects have garnered many accolades including the prestigious “Premiers Award” in Ontario for excellence in the field of Creative Arts and Design. His culinary talents have led him to travel worldwide and has made appearances throughout Southeast Asia, India, North America, Australia, the Caribbean and Latin America.

“The whole idea of what he took wasn’t what I had in my head, it was better!”

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Column Feature Things to Do:

By Kandy Derden, Things to Do Editor

Food Fun

As a writer, I find adjectives to be very useful if not downright important! Let’s use the lowly dandelion as an example, shall we? Dandelions are abundant, prolific, widespread, fast-growing, easy to acquire, aggravating, irritating, allergy inducing, memory stimulating . . . and the list goes on. When all is said and done though, it is still a WEED! Who would have ever thought it possible to fill so much space on such an uninteresting topic? Okay, so let’s move on to another often overlooked item: oats! Really? Absolutely! I’ve been doing a little research and what I found was not what I expected. For example, in my mind, the origins of this versatile grain was introduced by local natives, much like the early American Indians taught Europeans the benefits of corn. Not so. Oats as we know them are a variation of a basic food staple of Scotland. “But I don’t like oatmeal,” you may declare. Not to worry. This cholesterol reducing wonder food can be used in an endless list of ways. While I often enjoy a good warm breakfast of oats, I must admit it is doctored up considerably. Without some butter, salt and sugar, I’m not interested. The same seems true of most Americans. We have a tendency to “dessertify” it. I have enjoyed oatmeal cake, pie, muffins and cookies. But alas, I could never produce the perfectly chewy texture I was seeking. Most recipes are either too

dry and crumbly, totally tasteless or both. However, I recently came across a recipe called Oatmeal Butter Crisps. Oddly enough, it contains no butter or butter flavoring and there are specific baking instructions to prevent them from being too crisp. But I tried them anyway and they were a big hit with my taste testers

(AKA my family). That didn’t stop me from tweaking the recipe just a bit. When I made a second batch, I noticed there was no cinnamon in the ingredient list. I had never seen an oatmeal cookie recipe without it before, but in all honesty, I never missed it in the first batch. The flavor was quite tasty. But I figured it was worth trying, so I added 2 tsp. cinnamon and 1/8 tsp. cardamom just for the sake of experimentation. While no one else complained about the texture of the first batch, I prefer a chewy cookie so I also added ½ c. clear Karo syrup. This added just a touch more sweetness and the chewiness I so enjoy. I also put ½ raisins and ½ cranberries. YUM! For the sake of research, I put a few in the freezer just to see how they retained their flavor and

moisture. A week later, I thawed them out and could barely tell the difference. I’ll give this recipe two thumbs up for this little extra convenience of being able to make them in advance for serving later. So now I was on a roll with the third batch made the same way, but this time I added chopped apples. The extra juices of the fruit made the cookies spread out too flat while baking and added no measurable extra taste. They also crumbled, leaving a trail that would make Hansel and Gretal proud. Final analysis by the family was a mixture of success and failure. They ate them, for several days, right down to the very last crumb, but all the while saying the first ones were better. Undaunted, I pressed on in pursuit of the perfect cookie. My next ones were made without the spices and I tried adding sweetened condensed milk instead of Karo. I also added dried cherries with the raisins. Final result? My family is still eating them and asking when to be on hand for the unveiling of the next batch. I think we are getting close to zeroing in on it. Even though the milk added sweetness and chewiness, it didn’t retain the moisture as well as the Karo. So here’s the next and final version, renamed for the cherries which will stay because they do give a nice variety to the flavor, especially for those who don’t like raisins. > CLICK HERE for RECIPE

September, 2019 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -9-

Top Restaurants By Tyler Abbot

Food is easily in the top five best parts of life. But when we go out to eat and the restaurant messes up our meal . . . oh man, we want to let our opinions be known. More than 178 million people use Yelp on a monthly basis to help form the Internet’s collective opinion of restaurants all over the world. So now that Yelp has given us a way to vote, which restaurants are the crème de la crème, here are the top-rated restaurants in every state. You can learn a lot about somebody by what they eat. What your date eats will be a bigger giveaway over anything they say over dinner. Likewise, we can draw some conclusions about the state of our union— at least, the state of our nation’s food. Americans love American food. What is American food you ask? It’s uh, food you eat . . . that’s American. Ten of the top restaurants classify themselves as American food. Founding Farmers in Washington, DC, has the most reviews overall with 12,630 reviews and an overall rating of 4. Considering most popular restaurants are at least 4.5 stars. The second-highest-reviewed restaurant is Bacchanal Buffet in Las Vegas, Nevada, with 9,046 reviews. It’s also on the lower end of the reviews spectrum with a 4 out of 5. Unsurprisingly, the most popular cuisine in coastal areas was seafood. The big surprise, though, is that the same was true for Wyoming: Wyoming’s Rib and Chop House specializes in seafood and steakhouse fare. Did you know New Mexican is a type of food? Neither did we. New Mexicans were definitely aware, which is why Cocina Azul ranks so highly there. It makes sense that Kentucky and South Carolina love Southern food. Oregon, however, also makes that list, which is interesting since they’re in the Northwest. We poured through data and found the top three restaurants (both by ratings and number of reviews) for each state’s most populous city. We then chose the highest-ranked restaurant of the three based on the reviews. -10- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ September, 2019

Alabama ~SAW’s Soul Kitchen, 4.5 stars, 712 reviews Type of food: BBQ (Avondale/Crestline/Homewood/Southside) Alaska (Anchorage) ~Moose’s Tooth, 4.5 stars, 1,962 reviews Type of food: Pizza Arizona (Phoenix) ~Little Miss BBQ, 5 stars, 2,176 reviews Type of food: BBQ Arkansas (Little Rock) ~The Root Cafe, 4.5 stars, 520 reviews Type of food: Burgers California (Los Angeles) ~Bestia, 4.5 stars, 5,685 reviews Type of food: Pizza

s in Each State Hawaii Winner: Marukame Udon, 4.5 stars, 8,789 reviews Type of food: Japanese Idaho Winner: Fork, 4 stars, 1,377 reviews American Illinois Winner: Girl & the Goat, 4.5 stars, 8195 reviews Type of food: American Indiana Winner: The Eagle, 4.5 stars, 1,534 reviews Type of food: American (Southern) Iowa Winner: Zombie Burger + Drink Lab, 4 stars, 1,138 reviews Type of food: Burgers Kansas Winner: Doo-Dah Diner, 4.5 stars, 649 reviews Type of food: American (Diner) Colorado (Denver) ~ Root Down, 4.5 stars, 3,134 reviews Type American

Kentucky Winner: Hammerheads, 4.5 stars, 987 reviews Type of food: American (Southern)

Connecticut (Fairfield) ~ Brick + Wood, 4 stars, 399 reviews Type of food: Italian

Louisiana Winner: Acme Oyster House, 4 stars, 6,438 reviews Type of food: Seafood

Delaware (Rehoboth Beach) ~Big Fish Grill, 4 stars, 329 reviews Type of food: Seafood Florida (Jacksonville) ~The Bearded Pig, 4.5 stars, 774 reviews Type of food: BBQ

Georgia (Atlanta) ~Fsox Bros. Bar-B-Q, 4.5 stars, 3,422 reviews Type of food: BBQ

Maine Winner: Eventide Oyster Company, 4.5 stars, 2,674 reviews Type of food: Seafood Maryland ~ Thames Street Oyster House, 4.5 stars, 2,171 reviews Type of food: Seafood Massachusetts Winner: Neptune Oyster, 4.5 stars, 4,698 reviews Type of food: Seafood September, 2019 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -11-

Top Restaurants Continued... Michigan ~ Dime Store, 4.5 stars, 1,270 reviews Type of food: Breakfast Minnesota Winner: Butcher & The Boar, 4.5 stars, 1,516 reviews Type of food: American Mississippi Winner: The Pig & Pint, 4.5 stars, 652 reviews Type of food: BBQ Missouri Winner: Q39, 4.5 stars, 3,474 reviews Type of food: BBQ Montana Winner: The Burger Dive, 4.5 stars, 337 reviews Type of food: Burgers Nebraska Winner: Block 16, 4.5 stars, 799 reviews Type of food: American Nevada Winner: Bacchanal Buffet, 4 stars, 9,046 reviews Type of food: Buffet New Hampshire -12- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ September, 2019

~Republic Cafe & Bistro, 4.5 stars, 557 reviews Type of food: Mediterranean New Jersey Winner: Tops Diner, 4.5 stars, 2,438 reviews Type of food: Breakfast diner New Mexico Winner: Cocina Azul, 4.5 stars, 1,109 reviews Type of food: New Mexican New York Winner: Burger & Lobster, 4 stars, 5,105 reviews Type of food: Seafood and burgers North Carolina Winner: Midwood Smokehouse, 4.5 stars, 1,604 reviews Type of food: BBQ North Dakota Winner: WĂźrst Bier Hall, 4.5 stars, 280 reviews Type of food: German Ohio Winner: Hot Chicken Takeover, 4.5 stars, 1,167 reviews Type of food: Chicken Oklahoma Winner: Kitchen No. 324, 4.5 stars, 1,060 reviews

Type of food: American Oregon Winner: Screen Door, 4.5 stars, 6,503 reviews Type of food: American (Southern) Pennsylvania Winner: Zahav, 4.5 stars, 2,633 reviews Type of food: Middle-Eastern Rhode Island Winner: Los Andes Restaurant, 4.5 stars, 2,096 reviews Type of food: Latin-American South Carolina Winner: Poogan’s Porch, 4 stars, 2,649 reviews Type of food: American (Southern) South Dakota Winner: Taphouse 41, 4.5 stars, 227 reviews Type of food: Burgers Tennessee Winner: Hattie B’s Chicken, 4.5 stars, 4,738 reviews Type of food: Chicken Texas Winner: The Breakfast Klub, 4.5 stars, 3,955 reviews Type of food: Breakfast

Utah Winner: Red Iguana, 4.5 stars, 3,394 reviews Type of food: Mexican Vermont Winner: The Farmhouse Tap & Grill, 4 stars, 1,347 reviews Type of food: Burgers Virginia Winner: The Bee and the Biscuit, 4.5 stars, 504 reviews Type of food: Breakfast Washington Winner: Pike Place Chowder, 4.5 stars, 6,723 reviews Type of food: Seafood West Virginia Winner: Pies & Pints, 4.5 stars, 604 reviews Type of food: Pizza Wisconsin Winner: Blue’s Egg, 4.5 stars, 1,414 reviews Type of food: Breakfast Wyoming Winner: Wyoming’s Rib & Chop House, 4 stars, 452 reviews Type of food: Seafood

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Go, Do, See

Bicentennial Cookbook MONTGOMERY – The Alabama Bicentennial Commission announces the publication of “Time to Eat, Y’all: Celebrating the Culinary Heritage of Sweet Home Alabama.” The commemorative book includes recipes and family stories from Gov. Kay Ivey, constitutional officers and elected officials, including every member of the Alabama State Legislature. Author Danna Standridge will have book signings throughout the state, and Gov. Ivey will help launch them on Sept. 18 when she will join Standridge for an 11 a.m. book-signing event at the Goat Hill Museum Store, located inside the Capitol. The book features cherished family recipes come from every county in the state. West Indies Salad evokes Alabama’s Gulf Coast, while Sorghum Syrup Skillet Cake is a treasured North Alabama family recipe. Some, such as Executive Chef of Alabama Jim Smith’s Lane Cake, are uniquely Alabama. Standridge weaves the recipes together with funny, heartwarming stories featuring her own family, which has called Alabama home since 1818. From making do in hard times to graduating from “the children’s table” to soldiers coming home from the war, Standridge shows how food is at the heart of our history no matter what part of the state we call home. “I hope it encourages everyone to celebrate our first 200 years by cherishing family traditions and making new ones,” Standridge says. Proceeds from the sale of “Time to Eat, Y’all” ($20) support the Alabama State Capitol. “Our bicentennial is the perfect time to think about preserving our history,” notes Alabama Bicentennial Commission Executive Director Jay Lamar. “The proceeds from the cookbook will contribute to keeping the Capitol beautiful for generations to come.” -16- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ September, 2019

Standridge, an accomplished home cook and avid cookbook collector, is a former teacher and Alabama Cooperative Extension employee. As president and chaplain of the Alabama Legislative Club, she worked to create the Alabama Legislative Art Gallery, which features Alabama artists and is housed in the Capitol. Standridge and her husband, Rep. David Standridge, live in Blount County. Order “Time to Eat, Y’all” at https://www. For information about upcoming “Time to Eat, Y’all” book signings and other bicentennial events, visit www.

For more articles about Alabama,


Go, Do, See:

What’s New in 2019 ~ Longtime dinner cruise provider Galley Gourmet has rebranded into Galley Gourmet & Photo Tours. They are offering a new experience to view Kodiak’s diverse wildlife, birds and scenery on a 42-foot yacht named Sea Breeze. ( ~ The tour provider, Adventures in Kodiak, used to mean charter boat fishing, but the business is now set up to go fishing, take guests for marine wildlife photo adventures, or even both in the same day. ( ~ Drink with locals in an informative and entertaining 90-minute walking tour through Ketchikan. The route takes guests through the prohibition-era red light district and to many of Ketchikan’s hot spots. Guests swing by the historic pubs and sample local Alaska brews, stroll down historic Creek Street and listen as live cabaret music fills the streets. ( pub-crawl) ~Alaska’s first city has a new epicurean adventure along Ketchikan’s scenic waterfront. A Taste of Ketchikan includes an Alaska-style feast with dishes like homemade chowders, smoked salmon cornbread, cod, halibut, salmon or Dungeness crab with hot melted butter. Wash it all down with Alaska beer pairings, locally-roasted coffee and home-

made dessert. ( ~ New this summer, cruise through the North Tongass waterways to Alaska’s only working oyster and kelp farm. Along the way, watch for wildlife and listen to the tales of culture, lifestyle and Ketchikan’s past that concludes with a visit to the oyster bar, where visitors sample freshly-harvested oyster and kelp products. (www.bonfirebaytours. com) The new location of the Skagway Brewing Company opened in February 2019 with a 200% increase in seating. That improvement

makes Skagway Brewing Company the largest restaurant in Southeast Alaska and second in the state. (skagwaybrewing. com/)

~Alaska Farm Tours is now offering a new Anchorage Farm & Food Tour. The tour explores how Alaska’s most populous city feeds itself with stops at the Port of Alaska, an indoor hydroponics farm, a kombucha brewery, and the Anchorage Museum’s “What Why How We Eat” exhibit.

For More places to go, things to do, nd people to see while in Alaska, > CLICK HERE. September, 2019 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -17-

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Dine With the Queen

SCOTTSDALE - Queen Maria Isabella welcomes you to dine with her and her royal court. Always a generous host, the Queen has commanded her royal chefs to cook her favorite meal just for you. Enjoy a “hands-on” feast as the dynamic performance unfolds before you. Medieval Times’ noble guests feast on garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, roasted chicken, sweet buttered corn, herb-basted potatoes, the dessert of the Castle, coffee and two rounds of select beverages. Hang on to your helmet. The show is about to begin. Inside the stone walls of the 11th century-style castle, Medieval Spain will come to life before your very eyes.

Travel through the mists of time to a forgotten age and a tale of devotion, courage and love—at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. Watch an electrifying show featuring heroic knights on spirited horses displaying the astounding athletic feats and thrilling swordplay that have become hallmarks of this unique entertainment experience. A sweeping musical score and brilliant lights provide a fabulous backdrop for this spellbinding experience that blurs the boundary between fairy tale and spectacle! With ten different locations, this one in Scottsdale is the newest. It just opened for businesss this summer. Tickets include a four-course meal that guests eat with their

-18- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ September, 2019

hands, two soft drinks, a twohour show with jousting knights and hand-to-hand combat, the Hall of Arms, where coats of armor are displayed. There are three upgrades available, which vary between $15-$25 per person per ticket, according to Medieval Times’ website. Most upgrades include priority seating, a cheering banner, VIP lanyard, and a framed photo. For tickets or more information, visit scottsdale-az/index.html

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> Click Here!

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Favorite Foods Sweet Cornbread. . .

ROGERS - You cannot get fresher cornbread in Arkansas than at the fourth iteration of the famed War Eagle Mill on the War Eagle River, where organically grown corn is ground fresh and then served on the mill’s third floor at the Bean Palace Restaurant. Slightly sweet, served with butter and honey, this softer-than-average cornbread is served on the mill’s own speckleware.

Pick up a bag of mix on your way out or order some on the internet. Many Arkansas restaurants, including The Hive at 21c, Farmer’s Table, 28 Springs and One Eleven at the Capital, use War Eagle Mill products.

For More About Arkansas. >CLICK HERE September, 2019 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -19-

Places to Go:

Eat & Drink Week

WEST HOLLYWOOD – In the latest celebration of West Hollywood’s originality and flavor, the West Hollywood Travel + Tourism Board (WHTTB) announces its first-ever Eat + Drink Week to take place October 18-27 showcasing the diverse landscape of culinary offerings and creative mixology that fills the 1.9 squaremile destination. The “Eat” side of Eat + Drink Week highlights West Hollywood’s acclaimed foodie scene, which includes a dozen eateries recently recognized in the 2019 California Michelin Guide as well as a host of others helmed by some of the most innovative

chefs in the industry. The event will also showcase West Hollywood’s robust craft cocktail culture in particular, which comprises an impressive collection of hot spots that run the gamut from Old Hollywood camp and new A-List trendsetters to gritty back alley bars and swanky Boystown lounges. “Dining and drinking in West Hollywood is an art and something to be celebrated, so it’s only natural that there would be an event dedicated to the creativity and style that is found here,” says Tom Kiely, president and CEO of West Hollywood Travel + Tourism Board. “True

-20- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ September, 2019

to our city’s spirit, chefs and mixologists in West Hollywood are pioneers in their individual specialties, and those distinct talents shine through in every dining experience.” During the event, restaurants specializing in everything from classic California farm-to-table fare to authentic omakase experiences and late-night comfort food will feature special menus and pricing. Details of participating bars and restaurants and other event happenings will be announced at a later date at www.

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Go, See, Do:

A Family Vacation to Remember

Photos and Article by Samantha Bradley Sta Journalist


very year I start out with grand plans and spend months planning and trying to create the perfect vacation. With three children, ages 15, 12 & 9, it can be challenging to say the least. You plan it to be something that everyone will enjoy and that creates these wonderful lifetime memories that everyone else talks about. You see these magical moments all over Facebook and Instagram and I want them for my family too. The reality is that some one will always be unhappy and usually that person is me because I have spent the past however long arguing, bribing, or threatening one of my children (or my husband in some instances).

So we loaded up and hit the road. Yes, I know a family of 5 in a car for DAYS what was I thinking. We were gone for 10 days and drove in a giant circle through the mid-West with our main stops being in Arizona & Colorado. We left Missouri and looped through Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Kansas and back to Missouri. We saw some really beautiful country along the way, ate some amazing food, and just enjoyed our time together because I invested in Sprint Drive so it turned the Pathfinder into a hotspot. Heaven forbid we would not play Fortnite or watch YouTube. We stayed at a resort in Arizona that had a water park on site for my youngest, if there is a pool - he is happy. The Arizona Grand Resort &

Spa https://www.arizonagrandresort. com in Phoenix is an amazing place to take the family. The water park has water slides, lazy rivers, & wave pools. There are also several pools located around the property and a golf course. I basically only saw my kids when they were hungry which was fine with me. We also drove through Sedona which was just beautiful. We also stopped and saw the Grand Canyon - It was breath-taking. Absolutely stunning! Please turn to next page...

For more on Arizona > Click Here

September, 2019 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -21-

In the souvenir shop there is a book (a HUGE book) of all the people who have fallen and died at the Grand Canyon. Leave it to my kids to want to get as close as possible to the edge - I will say that my nerves were shot by the time we left. We missed the train tour, it only runs twice a day and that will be something we make plans to do if we go that way again. Next stop Colorado. Colorado has to be one of the most beautiful states I have been to. There are so many places you can visit. So many things you can do. It was hard to pick but for some reason I was determined to go to the Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve. I do not know why I wanted to go, I just did. The children were not impressed with my choice, my husband tried to give me some other options

that sounded more fun than looking at sand. Needless to say, I won the fight because I am mom. As I type this I am patting myself on the back and want to remind everyone in my family how much they enjoyed the Great Sand Dunes. First of all, the size of the sand dunes is just amazing. Once we realized you can rent boards to go sand sledding it was a whole new experience. We hiked across Medano creek and climbed up a couple of the dunes. The family rolled, tumbled, sledded - I might even have some hysterical video of my husband rolling down the sand dune. There were giant smiles on every ones sand covered faces. I will say to be sure you have appropriate shoes - that sand get crazy hot. We spent over 4 hours there and lets just say there is still sand in my car.

-22- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ September, 2019

Our next adventure - Whitewater rafting. We were booked with Echo Canyon River Expeditions in Canon City on a half day rafting trip through Bighorn Sheep Canyon on the Arkansas river. My husband and daughter had been looking forward to this for the entire trip. Once we were dressed in our gear we loaded onto the buses and were taken to the river. Let me start by saying that whitewater rafting is not the same as floating or canoeing. I used muscles I did not know I had. Our “rafting expert� Dillon was absolutely amazing. He went over the rules and safety procedures, kept the kids engaged

(and safe) and kept us entertained along the trip with all kinds of stories. All of the rafting guides worked so well together -it was like they were a giant family and the interaction between them all was hysterical. I will say I was a little worried about my youngest falling out of the raft initially but when we hit the rapids he just turtled up and hunkered down in the raft until it they over. He actually enjoyed trying to paddle and doing the paddle high fives. Once we were back at the building we got to see all of the pictures and videos from the GoPro that was mounted to the end of our raft - it was great to see my families laughing faces. Now here is where I will have to say that I met some of the nicest people at Echo Canyon River Expeditions. Everyone was professional, exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable. We actually got to spend some time talking with the owner Andy Neinas and got to go tour the glamping tents and the luxury cabins. For the record - glamping is something I could do (its a tent with a concrete floor, beds, air conditioning and electricity/plug-ins for my phone) but the luxury cabins were absolutely beautiful. You can see both on their website https:// I definitely recommend rafting and camping with Echo Canyon -the experience was superb and the food at their restaurant was good too.

(Click Here)

The final stop on our Colorado adventure was a stop at Garden of the Gods. We arrived early, but apparently not early enough - or everyone else was early too. I’m not sure but I will say, while the rocks were pretty I was glad when we left. There were just too many people and they were stopped everywhere blocking the roads while they took their selfies and created family photo ops. We spent more time sitting there watching people take pictures than anything else. It just kind of ruined the whole experience. On a positive note they did have a great fudge shop inside the souvenir shop, chocolate makes everything better.... So, another Bradley family vacation is in the books. I think next year we are going somewhere with a beach and I am just going to sit there and enjoy doing nothing - I’m sure the kids will let that happen right? Paige said something about the Gulf Shores and that sounds like it might be a good idea.

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Things to Do:

Connecticut Favorites


onnecticut is a hotbed of local flavors, including a local take on the lobster roll, collegiate-level ice cream and coalfired, clam-topped pizzas that lure fans from around the world to the Nutmeg State.

Lobster Rolls

There is no shortage of warm, buttery lobster rolls along the Connecticut coast. However, one veteran stands out above the rest. Open seasonally since 1947, Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough is beloved for its classic New England seafood sandwich. Located in Noank, Abbott’s serves three different sizes of hot lobster rolls: the Original Hot Lobster Roll, with a quarter pound of lobster meat; the “OMG” Hot Lobster Roll, with 7 ounces of meat; and the

“LOL” Hot Lobster Roll, packed with a full pound of lobster. Each is served with melted butter on a toasted hamburger bun — a signature departure from the split hot dog roll typical to Connecticut style. Beautiful Mystic River views, plentiful outdoor seating and a BYOB policy help seal Abbott’s popularity as a southeastern Connecticut summer destination.


If it is the clam-topped pizza you’re hungry for, Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana’s white clam pizza is the one to try. It is a lucious combination of Romano cheese, fresh garlic, olive oil, parsley and fresh cherrystone clams placed on a signature chewy and charred crust like no other. A secret family recipe is followed to make the more than

-24- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ September, 2019

1,000 pounds of dough produced here daily. See ore at http://

Ice Cream

Last, but certainly not least, is the ice cream. Using a century-old recipe and fresh milk from the cows that reside nearby on Horse Barn Hill, the Dairy Bar has been Huskies fans’ ice cream of choice for more than 60 years. The Creamery began bottling milk in the early 1900s, and the UCONN Dairy Bar opened in 1953 to sell its dairy products. The original recipe is used today in its 24 different flavors of ice cream.

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Things to Do:

Feast in the First State When at the beach, a stop for a tub of hot fries at Thrasher’s on the boardwalk is a necessity. A liberal dousing with cider vinegar is not quite as mandatory, but comes highly recommended by devotees of the snappy, salty, memory-making result.

Delaware treasures a huge food culture, especially those treasures that have evolved organically from its proximity to oceans and bays. Combined with Delaware’s lack of sales tax, the First State’s home-grown delicacies give travelers a remarkable opportunity to eat affordably and well. When it comes to having fun with food, what better place is

there than the beach? The beach is everyone’s summer hideaway from everyone else. Just keep watch for dive-bombing seagulls. Since 1929, Thrasher’s has been serving its seaside specialty: buckets of their french fries. Although ownership has changed over the years, Thrasher’s has never deviated from the original recipe. The sticks of potato are still fried in peanut oil, salted and served with vinegar. And you

won’t find a burger or hot dog here. The only other thing you can grab is a drink to wash down the salty thatch of fries. https://thrashersfries. com/ocean-city-md-french-fries

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Things to Do:

Enjoy the Ta Here are the many ways “Foodies” can celebrate libaions and comestibles in Central Florida. ORLANDO NORTH, SEMINOLE COUNTY – “Limo Cycle” pedal-powered pub crawls, monthly openings of new microbreweries and taprooms, ethnicity in dining plus downhome Southern and Soul Food cooking, a gourmet marshmallow factory, fresh fried alligator bites, food fests, farmers’ market events and more. There’s plenty to explore throughout the culinary cornucopia that is Orlando North, Seminole County. Farm fresh produce from the “Celery Capital” of the world, acknowledged as such since the 1940s. Following are a few examples of the fun foodie things to chew on and some…

variety of restaurants in Downtown Sanford. “The Around the World Tour” features a variety of ethnic cuisine while the “Celery City Tour” showcases local/southern fare. Tours last three hours with stops at 4 different restaurants, some seated and some standing. Food and drink (some LIMO CYCLE PUB CRAWL alcoholic) are provided at each stop along with anecdotal tidbits On Thursdays and Sundays of local history. Group tours are you and 15 friends can pedal Saturday/noon; private tours can along the brick-lined streets of also be scheduled. $65.00pp plus historic Sanford on a Public Pub tax and guide gratuity. www. Tour, skirting the shores of Lake Monroe, and its Marinas and Riv- erwalk in this quaint community MICRO BREWERIES/ just north of Orlando. The twoTAPROOMS: hour tour makes three bar stops. Located in downtown Longwood, The Hourglass Brewery SANFORD FOOD TOURS: is known for its unique artisanal Sanford Food Tours provides beers. The brewery’s 4,500 sq. ft. walking tours with tastings at a taproom offers 40 taps featuring -26- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ September, 2019

Hourglass beers with more than 70 varieties of rotating brews, guest taps and hundreds of bottles; along with a “Live Menu” showing what’s available on tap and in bottles at any given time. Enjoy the taproom’s extensive collection of art, variety of games and live music performances presented regularly on the brewery’s indoor concert stage. The brewery also produces a line of craft sodas. Casselberry’s Bowigens Beer Company specializes in creative and innovative beers. The brewery’s taproom has ten taps and over 20 different selections of beers, meads and ciders. Guests can enjoy a variety of weekly events like Tuesday trivia nights and small batch Wednesdays. Other microbreweries in the County include Inner Compass

astes of Lake Mary Brewing Co. and Sanford Brewing Company. Sanford’s quaint downtown neighborhood boasts more than six bars and taprooms and three craft breweries featuring extensive selections of craft beers. Popular spots include Celery City Craft, a taproom boasting more than 100 varieties of brews, 51 craft beers on tap and plenty of entertainment with steel darts and weekly shuffleboard tournaments. Sanford’s first microbrewery, Wop’s Hops specializes in crafting English-style ales. Visitors can enjoy dozens of varieties of brews in their tasting room or dog-friendly beer garden. In addition to Wop’s Hops regular line-up, the brewery produces a rotation of small batch and seasonal brews such as sweet potato ale, white chocolate amaretto ale, rootbeer beer and honey oatmeal stout, as well as a selection of craft sodas. Loggerhead Distillery in Sanford, produces artisanal spirits of craft rums, vodkas and gins with locally sourced ingredients. http://


First Saturday of each month, behind the Seminole County Civil Courthouse at Palmetto Ave., & Seminole Blvd.


GENEVA FARMER’S MARKET — Every Friday, 2-6 p.m., at Focal Point Nursery, corner of SR 46 and CR 426, Geneva. Local raw honey, organic produce, baked goods, plants and more.

LAKE MARY FARMER’S MARKET — Every Saturday 9 a.m.1:30 p.m. in Central Park corner of Lake Mary Boulevard and 4th Street, Lake Mary. Fresh produce, large and small plants, orchids, honey, baked goods, assorted nuts, handmade jewelry, woodcrafts, pet food and treats. OVIEDO FARMER’S MARKET — First Saturday each month, 8 a.m.-1 p.m. at the Lawton House, 200 West Broadway, Oviedo. SANFORD FARMER’S MARKET — Every Saturday, 9 a.m.2 p.m. in the heart of Historic Downtown Sanford. WINEART WEDNESDAY — First Wednesdays of the month, 5-9 p.m. The park and sidewalks of downtown Lake Mary are lined with displays from local artists. Enjoy wines from the new beer & wine garden in Central Park and fare from local restaurants and food trucks.


CHINESE. Yummy House. Lives up to its name. 478 E. Altamonte Dr., Altamonte Springs. – Yummy House COLOMBIAN. La Antioquena. Try the Sampler for all the tastes of Colombia. 3861 Lake Emma Rd., Lake Mary – La Antioquena CUBAN. Zaza New Cuban Diner. Tastes from the beaches of Cuba. 380 S. SR 434, Altamonte Springs – Zaza GERMAN. Enjoy Gemuetlichkeit, the German sense of well-being and happiness while savoring

family recipes and live music at Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Café, 205 E. 1st St., Sanford. GREEK. Krazy Greek Kitchen. Classic dishes and desserts plus outdoor seating.142, W. Lakeview Ave., Lake Mary. IRISH. The Sullivan, A Public House is an Irish themed bar and grill. Guinness, fish & chips and other Irish pub fare along with live Irish folk music round out the offerings. ITALIAN. Enzo’s on the Lake. Great antipasti and mains served in romantic waterside and garden setting since the 1970s. 1130 S. US 17/92, Longwood. JAPANESE. Sushi Pop: “Oviedo’s monotony breaker,” Sushi Pop brings a concentrated dose of Japanese pop culture to Seminole County. MEXICAN. Saint Anejo Mexican Kitchen and Tequileria. Create your own combo. 5248 Red Bug Lake Rd., Winter Springs. SOUL FOOD. Tibby’s New Orleans Kitchen. Cajun-Creole fare in funky digs. 494 SR 436, Altamonte Springs. TAPAS. Santiago’s Bodega. You’ll want to sample the whole menu. 1185 Spring Centre S. Blvd., Altamonte Springs – Santiagos TURKISH. LALE Turkish Cuisine. Rich Ottoman cuisine and hookas too. Lake Mary.

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Things to Do:

Sample the Seasonings

Make just one visit to The Salt Table and you will immediately understand why this acclaimed Savannah original creation has earned Trip Advisor’s ‘Hall of Fame’… twice! Enjoy samples on two floors featuring Georgia-Grown foods, wine, and local gifts. You can explore the shops at your own pace with “Flavor Consultants” ready to provide sampling assistance and menu suggestions. “In most stores, smell and tasting is limited to a few items. At The Salt Table you’ll be encouraged to taste over 200 flavors,” says Carol Legasse, co-founder in a statement from the corporate website. “And, we make it easy by providing sampling stations throughout the store.” The Salt Table is a Savannah based brand of

more than 200 salts, seasoning blends, oils and vinegars, tea and other specialty foods. The very first blend of seasonings was created by Carol named “All ‘Round Good Grinder Blend” She used it as a Christmas gift for friends and relatives. When refill orders began pouring in, The first Salt Table became a reality in 2011. All continue to be hand mixed. Recipes remain a secret. All can be sampled in the shops and ordered online at https://www.salttable. com. You Can sample the greatness of Georgia’s Award-Winning Wines as well. (Sampling is in Downtown Shop only – There’s No Other Place in Savannah Dedicated to Tasting and Purchasing Exclusively Georgia Wine. Georgia Wine is available by the bottle.

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Things to Do:

Eat Hawaiian Style Local, Fresh, Inspired Farm to table. Garden to galley. When it comes to dining, UnCruise Adventures sources locally and supports farmers and fisherman from the places we sail. We may be known for our adventures, but in between kayak excursions and waterfall hikes, we create a menu inspired by the land and sea we explore.

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Places to Go:

Brand New Foodfest

It’s a brand new event to attend for 2019! You are invited to enjoy this Food Fest in Old Town Pocatello! Mark your calendar now for Sept. 21 from 3-8 p.m. at the Old Town Pocatello Pavillion. Plan to spend the afternoon sampling from a variety of the best, absolutely most delicious foods and drinks available anywhere! Put a reminder on your calendar because you don’t want to miss this exciting new event in beautiful Old Town Pocatello! Details and how to purchase your tickets in advance will be released soon. The information will be available online at events-calendar. Until then, put a reminder on your calendar because you don’t want to miss this exciting new event in beautiful Old Town Pocatello!

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Places to Go:

Best Midwest Donut Fest

CHICAGO/PRNewswire - The Underground Donut Tour is excited to announce their first ever donut festival: Taste of Donuts. This event will showcase the best donuts in the Midwest. They will have donut shops attending not only from Chicago, but also Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, and surrounding areas. This will truly be the Midwest’s first donut festival that brings together donut shops from the surrounding states. It will truly be the best Midwest donut fest! You’ll be able to try some of the best (and most Instagrammable) donuts from each shop, talk to the shop owners and learn about what makes them so special and unique, as well as take home a bunch of donuts to try later (assuming you have any leftover). We’ll also have perfect pairing coffee partners to make sure

everyone stays caffeinated. And lastly, we’ll have some really fun social media activations to make all your Instagram followers jealous. The event itself is on November 2nd with two sessions: 10-12 and 1-3. Tickets are now on sale. The first wave of early bird tickets will be on sale for $25 and increasing in price as we get closer to the event, topping out at $35 per ticket. You should definitely bring your appetite, first and foremost! For more information regarding Taste of Donuts, to book tickets, or if you would like to participate, visit online at For more information on the Underground Donut Tour, visit or email

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Go, See, Do


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Since this popular destination’s beginning, the Blue Gate has thrived and expanded from its original 50-seat, one dining room restaurant to 1200 seats spread through nine dining rooms. There is also the bakery, gift shop and theater, all under one roof. Enjoy a delicious Amish-type meal before taking in one of the numerous scheduled concerts or musical plays. Choose from the all-new lunch and dinner buffet offering an abundance of made-from-scratch dishes or have it served family-style to your table. Either way, make sure to save room for dessert. Tender roast beef, homemade meatloaf or turkey may be selected to accompany the famous fried chicken as your entrees. Your meal also includes real mashed potatoes, chicken dressing, gravy, vegetables, homemade bread and your choice of pie, bread pudding or ice cream and a beverage. A majority of the ingredients are grown right in the Shipshewana area by local farmers! From the lettuce and tomatoes in your salad to the peaches in your pie, you’ll find produce grown literally “down on the farm.” The price ranges from daily specials of $10-14 to the famous family-style mals for $18-22. The

best rate is to purchase your choice of show and dinner package. You can even choose accomodations at the nearby Blue Gate Garden Inn. See blue-gate-theatre/packages/ for details. About A Simple Sanctuary: In A Simple Sanctuary,Melissa James prayed the day would never come. When her past comes calling, she has no choice but to flee. Pursued and living on the run, Melissa finds desperate sanctuary and surprising friendship in Amish country. Part suspense, part romance, A Simple Sanctuary is a compelling story of love tested, the cost of freedom, and the solace found in true community. Based on the best-selling books by Beverly Lewis, A Simple Sanctuary is infused with Blue Gate Musicals’ signature blend of humor, heart, and harmonies that make for an uplifting and entertaining evening at the theatre. Available through Oct 31, a complete schedule with regular rates and times is available at blue-gate-theatre/schedule/index.php#1370

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Places to Go:

Sweet Temptations Trail

Chocolatiers, confectioneries, candy creators, and bakeries pepper the state to produce decadent confections that will satisfy your sweet tooth. 240 Sweet Artisan Marshmallows are hand- crafted in small batches using local, all-natural, and sustainable ingredients! Oprah even recommends these sweet little puffs for gifts or for pure self-indulging. Pick up a gift for that special someone at Charlie’s Caramel Corn & Candy Shop in Vincennes, where you can choose your own tin and fill with their favorite caramel corn or cheese popcorn. McCord Candies in Lafayette is known worldwide for their handmade candy canes made only a few weeks a year. Confection Delights, in Danville, specializes in unique fine edible art such as edible chocolate high heeled shoes and boxes that are eye catching. Your palate will thank you too. Good’s Candy Shop is handcrafted old fashioned chocolate, candy and ice cream shop in Anderson. Ghyslain Chocolatier has mastered edible art with their hand-crafted, gourmet chocolates, fine candies, and delicate French pastries. Don’t forget to book your chocolate tour! The Martinsville Candy Kitchen is a 100-year tradition in Martinsville! Enjoy sweet treats at this old-fashioned candy store, soda shop, and ice cream parlor. Don’t forget about the candy canes available all year round. So Good Candies in Peru is a favorite of many. The fudge here was Cole Porter’s favorite candy. He -34- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ September, 2019

would have the fudge shipped all over the world. Harrison Ford is also a fan and would have “Gold Bricks”, nougat bars with delicious chocolate covered roasted peanuts and a secret recipe for the creamy gooey middle, shipped to him on set. Our Sweet Temptations Trail is not just for chocolate and candy lovers! If you’re looking for a specialty cake, try Dreams to Reality Cakes in Peru or Heavenly Sweet Cakes in Noblesville. The 17 stops have specialty items such as edible chocolate shoes, succulent truffles, heavenly soufflés, gourmet marshmallows, award winning cheesecakes, extraordinary fine chocolates and delectable candies. Every location on the Sweet Temptations Trail has its own unique story, check them out! For more details on each restaurant please visit: The Indiana Foodways Alliance is the first membership-based association of its kind in Indiana dedicated to the development and promotion of the local food culture of the state and small businesses from field to table. The Alliance identifies and nurtures the state’s varied community culinary heritages through education,partnerships, public relations and regional cooperation.

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Places to Go

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Things to do

Dinner & Show OVERLAND PARK - This dinner-theater venue showcases the best Broadway musicals & comedies alongside food & drink. Depending on the day or hour (matinee, weekend, or evening) you choose to visit, the menu is changed and always compliments the show. With the first course served tableside, the main course is always buffet style with special features like Santa Maria Steak, slow smoked serloin, sliced then and served a mild and spicy bbq sauce. The current show is:

this upbeat musical is filled with a cornucopia of musical styles. From country-western to calypso to bubblegum pop & rock ‘n’ roll, this Old Testament tale emerges both timely and timeless. Now showing through Sept. 15, this is a musical theatre event not to be missed.

This show has a family-friendly storyline, universal themes and catchy music. Based on the “Coat of Many Colors” story from The Bible’s Book of Genesis,

THE LAST ROMANCE, starring four-time Emmy winner Michael Learned from THE WALTONS & TV comedy icon Charlie Robinson from NIGHT COURT is a heart-warming boy-meets-girl comedy. What makes it unique is that the boy and the girl are senior citizens! Love, like aging, they discover, is not for the weak or those without a lively sense of humor. Charlie Robinson plays Ralph Bellini, a vigorous, full-of-life octogenarian with an eye for the ladies. Ralph has had a few years to hone his best jokes

-38- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ September, 2019

and pick-up lines. Michael Learned is Carol Reynolds, an attractive, very well-dressed woman of a certain age who never expected another chance at love and had no defenses against Ralph. This show will be featured Sept. 18-Nov. 17. For tickets and reservations, Click Here. New Theatre Restaurant is the largest and most successful theatre restaurant facility in the United States, averaging more than a quarter million in attendance annually, including 25,000 season ticket holders. Five shows are produced annually, each running between nine and thirteen weeks. For more articles about Kansas

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Places to Go:

Great Tastes

GRAND RIVERS - From burgers and steaks to pizza and seafood and everything between, The Village Between The Lakes offers great tastes for whatever you seek to satisfy those hunger pains. Enjoy any amazing dining experience overlooking the lake or inside at some of the most beautiful and unique restaurants in the lakes area. Whatever you choose, be sure to save room for dessert. Grand Rivers has some of the best pies, cakes, speciality desserts and icecream available! In Grand Rivers you won’t find restaurants that require a tie or formal attire to enter. There are options with a more “formal” atmosphere to celebrate special occasions. The Commonwealth Yacht Club, located at Green Turtle Bay, is both a dining facility and a club. The restaurant is open to guests of Green Turtle Bay Resort with a temporary membership pass, given to guests at check-in. Begin your meal with the house-made crab cakes with lump crab and Panko breading. They are served over artisan greens and topped with remoulade, again made in-house. Depending on the weather, you may choose soup de jour (ask your server for details) or a salad. The Anchor salad consists of a classic wedge of iceberg lettuce, topped with creamy blue cheese, applewood

chopped bacon, and baby tomatoes. For the main course, there is a nice selection of seafood entrees, chicken selections or the chef’s handcut beef entrees . Various potato and vegetable sides compliment your choice. All are reasonably priced. If you took our prior advice and saved room for dessert, the final selection of your meal will be the hardest. There is key lime pie, turtle bay pie, New York cheesecake (with your choice of topping sauce from chambord infused chocolate and roasted pecans, to macerated pacific berrys. The CYC bread pudding house recipe, however, is second to none when it is graced with the chef’s creamed bourbon sauce and toped with seasonal berries. So whatever your dining experience is in Grand Rivers, embrace the relaxed feeling of the “Lake Life” and enjoy! For more information or to make reservations, visit

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Places to Go

Cooking Class,Food Tours & Festivals


atisfy your appetite for culinary travel at Louisiana’s food festivals, cooking schools and culinary tours. Here are just a few of our attractions and events you’ll surely savor: 1. New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival: Yes, it is a music festival, but for two spring weekends Jazz Fest is also known for bringing together some of Louisiana’s best eats—crawfish bread, cochon de lait po’boys, seafood mirliton casserole, boudin balls and more. 2. Avery Island: This is the home of Louisiana’s iconic hot sauce: TABASCO. See how it’s made during a factory tour, pick up a few souvenirs at the TABASCO Country Store and tour the island’s Jungle Gardens too. 3. Louisiana Culinary Trails: These trails segment the state into eight enticing culinary regions, each with their tempting flavors. 4. Cajun Food Tours: Lafayette locals knew they lived in a culinary hotbed, but recent press (Southern Living named Lafayette the “South’s Tastiest Town” in 2012) has introduced the area to the rest of the world. Climb aboard the Cajun Food Tours bus and visit a variety of locally owned eateries that helped earn them the title. 5. CORK Wine Festival: Oenophiles raise a glass to honor Shreveport’s spring CORK Wine

Festival. The event includes a wine tasting event and live music, all held at the Eldorado Resort and Casino. Sample dishes from local restaurants are also featured. 6. Louisiana Farmers Markets: Farmers markets, such as Red Stick Farmers Market and Crescent City Farmers Market, are great places to learn about and sample local specialties. Many offer cooking demos, live music and more. 7. New Orleans Wine & Food Experience: A multiday experience, NOWFE features wine dinners, culinary seminars, grand tastings and the popular Royal Street Stroll, a wine tasting complete with live music and food. 8. Southwest Louisiana Boudin Trail: Drive this southwest Louisiana Trail around Lake Charles and find local boudin masters. Locals

eat this delicious Cajun sausage for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks! 9. Buck & Johnny’s: You won’t find a better place to party at breakfast! Buck & Johnny’s in Breaux Bridge hosts a Saturday morning zydeco brunch. Fuel up on beignets, a Zydeco omelet or a Cajun boudin breakfast and then hit the dance floor. 10. Libations Tours: Craft breweries, distilleries and wineries are popping up across Louisiana, and many offer tours and tastings. Abita is the best known, but also check out Tin Roof Brewing Company, Bayou Teche Brewing and many more around the state. Get Louisiana crafted rum from Louisiana Spirits and head to one of Louisiana’s beautiful wineries such as Landry Vineyards. For more on Louisiana, >CLICK HERE!

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Things to Do:

Crack & Savor Crab

Maryland food traditions are as varied and distinct as its cultures and landscapes. The one that stands out the most is the blue crab. It’s scientific name is Callinectes Sapidus. which means “savory beautiful swimmer.” The crab is both a staple for locals and a symbol for the rest of the nation. From its most basic preparation to its most refined— using only the choicest jumbo lump meat for crab cakes—blue crab is prized for its delicate, moist texture and sweet flavor. In Maryland, crabs are seasoned and then steamed, not boiled, to ensure maximum flavor and optimum texture.

Savor the fruits of the Chesapeake Bay on the Maryland Crab & Oyster Trail. Explore restaurants, seafood markets, tours, events and more in five deliciously fun regions. Eastern Shore: known for its traditional watermen culture, where locals rise with the sun and work the waters to bring in the day’s catch, bringing you fresh crabs from dock to table. Central: An oyster lover’s paradise, with oyster bars, oyster roasts and seafood festivals galore. Crab houses are accessible by both water and land. Capital: Surrounding the

nation’s capital, you’ll find waterfront seafood restaurants on the wide and lazy Potomac River. Further inland explore a culinary paradise in the city of Frederick. Southern: Quintessential crab houses and wharves that echo traditions from yesteryear may be found between the Potomac and Patuxent rivers and the Chesapeake Bay. Escape from nearby metropolitan areas to relax with the tides here. Western: For the best of both worlds from the mountains to the sea, head west for a scenic drive or hike, and end your day with a traditional Maryland crab feast.

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People to See

An Icon Reimagined

Earlier this summer, 128-yearold Martha’s Vineyard icon Harbor View Hotel revealed the results of a top-to-bottom, $15 million renovation that has elevated every aspect of the guest experience, positioning it among the region’s finest hotels. The renovation introduced a fresh design throughout the hotel’s guest rooms and public spaces, includes a new four-bedroom penthouse suite dubbed the Presidential Sky House, and two new restaurants—Bettini Restaurant and Roxana Bar—led by world-class Executive Chef Patrice Martineau. The hotel’s prime location and spectacular views of Edgartown

Harbor, which can be enjoyed from Harbor View’s open-air, wrap-around porch, are like none other on the island. It is also a short five-minute stroll down North Water Street, one of prettiest streets in America, and provides easy access to numerous island activities, as well as two beautiful beaches—Fuller Street Beach and Lighthouse Beach. Add to that the hotel’s long-standing history on Martha’s Vineyard and the fact that it is the largest full-service, year-round resort on the island, and it’s easy to see why Harbor View Hotel is a clear standout for a travelers next new England escape.

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Things to Do:

Eat Wholesome

By Kim Schneider

TRAVERSE CITY - You don’t have to order pie (though you of course should) to experience the fruit that arguably launched Traverse City as one of the country’s top culinary destinations. In the cherry capital of today, the fruit stars in restaurant menus across the region, including the buttery croissants of 9 Bean Rows in Suttons Bay and the 100-plus food items offered at Cherry Republic in Glen Arbor and Traverse City. Cherries have also helped to launch a varied and growing restaurant scene by providing the hilly orchard landscape in which the thriving farm-to-table movement is set. Long a destination for cherries, the region is now a destination for food of all sorts. And it all works well together in setting, variety and collaboration between established fruit farmers and innovative young entrepreneurs. Nikki Rothwell, coordinator of the Northwest Michigan Horticultural Research Center and owner of Tandem Ciders has watched the agricultural story unfold. “The question I get all the time is ‘When are cherries going to bloom?’ People like the aesthetics of fruit, and when travelers come, they want to try

different things and eat really well when here. The agricultural community influences how people are eating, and we’re really a food destination now.” Michigan is the top state in the nation for tart cherry production with 32,000 acres. Half of those cherries are grown in Northwest Michigan, which also grows 55 percent of Michigan’s wine grapes. Apple production is even more valuable than cherries in the state overall, increasingly not just for processed foods like applesauce but for fresh-from-the tree eating. The reason for it all is the landscape. Lake Michigan, the world’s fifth largest lake, holds the biggest key for the way it moderates the temperatures, Rothwell said. The rolling hills and winters fhelp cool waters so buds generally stay dormant past the last frost. The sandy soil that makes for gorgeous beaches and dunes also provide perfect conditions for growing fruit trees. Chefs capitalize on the resulting bounty daily, says Chef Eric Patterson of Traverse City’s The Cooks’ House, who also leads cooking classes that start with a grocery trip to the farmers market. “To take the best, freshest ingredients we can get and present them simply is what we try to do.” September, 2019 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -45-

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Conquer the Kingdom

HOLLY - Take a time-travel adventure into the 16th century at the annual Michigan Renaissance Festival and join our Queen Elizabeth in a jubilee! This year’s theme is “Conquer the Kingdom.” Inside our turreted gates, visitors will enjoy the sights and sounds of a 17-acre village, complete with building reproductions of Renaissance shops, taverns and a magnificent castle. Continuous entertainment takes place on the streets and on 17 themed stages; featuring full-contact armored jousting, comedy and theater shows, music, games, people-powered rides and so much more! Fabulous food and more than 150 artisans displaying their gallery-quality works complete the experience! For years, the Michigan Renaissance Festival has provided Holly with a unique venue that regularly attracts more than 250,000 visitors. When the Festival first began in Clarkston, the Renaissance

Festival attracted 11,000 patrons during its five-weekend event. Years later the Festival found a more permanent home where it currently stands, just 12 miles south of Flint on Dixie Highway. The festival is open seven weekends, plus Labor Day Monday and Festival Friday. The pageantry of a 16th century village is evident in the wide variety of activities. Entertainment is not only featured on seventeen stages, but in the lanes and on an interactive level with the patrons. From peasants to royalty, the people of the village of Hollygrove visit entertain guests and provide a day to remember! Highlights include the thrilling full contact joust with armored knights and horses, the intensity of the Human Combat Chess Match and the hilarity of acts like the Washing Well Wenches and Ded Bob. Music fills the air with Crannog and other talented bands. The Realm is filled with amazing artisans who

offer their unique wares and often share their skills in craft demonstrations. Beautiful glassware, crafted leather, exotic jewelry and Renaissance clothing are just a few examples of the masterpieces that can be found in the marketplace. Visitors are advised to skip breakfast and save their appetite for the fresh baked goods, soup in a bread bowl, Scotch eggs, apple dumplings and of course, the famous turkey legs that are cooked over an open flame. The array of foods is overwhelming and sure to satisfy any cravings! It is truly fun for the whole family since the Renaissance Festival also offers games, human-powered rides, and a children’s realm that features a castle playscape as well as free activities for younger visitors.

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Much like you don’t have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, you don’t have to be German to take part in Oktoberfest. This 200-year-old Bavarian tradition has grown far beyond its origins in Munich, with multiple celebrations held in Minnesota. The biggest Oktoberfest in the state is in New Ulm, which was settled by German immigrants in 1854. Though this heritage is honored year-round, the celebration is at its peak during the first two weekends of October. This year’s dates are Oct. 4-5, 11-12. Polka and other bands keep the atmosphere lively, and kegs of locally brewed Schell’s beer are tapped every night at 7 p.m. Other entertainment includes horse-drawn trolley rides, specialty shops and food vendors downtown, and tours and other activities at Morgan Creek Vine-

yard and Schell’s Brewery. Don’t leave town before visiting the 45-foot-tall musical glockenspiel or the Hermann the German monument. For more information, >click here. In the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, many Oktoberfest celebrations kick off starting in mid-September. In Stillwater, Oktoberfest at the Gasthaus has German bands, food and beer under a festival tent. The Mill City Museum in Minneapolis hosts its annual Oktoberfest in late September, with activities inside the museum and on the grounds. Gasthof zur Gemutlichkeit Oktoberfest takes place every weekend mid-September to mid-October, and Saint Paul Oktoberfest is held at the Historic Schmidt Brewery in mid-September. Other cities hosting Oktober-

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fests include Shakopee, Pelican Rapids and Frazee. In Deerwood, Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge expects 5,000 people at its annual event in late October. In the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, many Oktoberfest celebrations kick off starting in mid-September. In Stillwater, Oktoberfest at the Gasthaus has German bands, food and beer under a festival tent. The Mill City Museum in Minneapolis hosts its annual Oktoberfest in late September, with activities inside the museum and on the grounds. Gasthof zur Gemutlichkeit Oktoberfest takes place every weekend mid-September to mid-October, and Saint Paul Oktoberfest is held at the Historic Schmidt Brewery in mid-September. For more articles on Minnesota,


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Annual Biloxi Seafood Festival Enjoy this celebration of seafood heritage September 14 and 15 at the Biloxi Town Green. Attendees will enjoy live entertainment, arts and crafts, kids activities and the best seafood on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Sunday will feature the Sun Herald Gumbo Championship where, for a separate fee, attendees can taste professional and amateur gumbo from teams competing for the Peoples’ Choice and Best of Show Awards. All Access wristbands for both days are $20 per person and do not include food from selling vendors. It does include weekend admission, Gumbo Championship entry & competitors’ samples in the Gumbo Tasting Area on Sunday. Sponsored by the City of Biloxi, Biloxi Chamber of Commerce and Mississippi Department of Marine Resources, more information is available at www.facebook. com/biloxiseafoodfestival

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Dan, Dana, Toby and the rest of the gan!

BRANSON– There is a brand new dinner show in town. Funny and lots of fun is the way to describe it. Start with a delicious BBQ meal served by cast members of the recreated, relocated and reintroduced Shad Heller’s Original Toby Show. The new home for this show is in the Playhouse Theatre on the grounds of Shepherd of the Hills homestead. While dining, the different actors will intermingle with guests to create a down-home, friendly atmosphere. But beware as you may find yourself a part of the show later. The food is delicious, served with your choice of sweet tea or lemonaide. The dinner menu is: Maple Glazed Smoked Turkey Breast, BBQ Peppered Pulled Pork, Baked Beans, Fire-roasted Ear of Corn, Dinner Roll with Butter, and dessert of Dutch Oven Crumb Top Cobbler. When it comes to performance, this show is as good as it gets. As soon as the music begins, you will be entertained by the top-notch professionals Branson is known for offering. Dan Embree was attracted to acting when cast in a church play during his high school years. It started out as a minor part with only a few lines. However, his -50- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ September, 2019

quick wit and improvising soon earned his character to be altered (several times) throughout rehearsal until he had a lead role. “One day a high school friend asked me to ride along with him to Silver Dollar City where he had a job interview,” Dan said. “So I skipped school and went. The next thing I knew, I was hired, too.” The rest is history. Dan has been in and around the Branson area ever since. When the original Toby Show was in town, he played the part of Toby. It was there he met the actress who would become his wife, Dana. When asked what it was like to work with Dan, the current Toby, David Burgio said, “He has been a great mentor and lots of encouragement for me” What was once a version of a traveling comedy show in the late 1960s -1970s is now Still one of the funniest shows in Branson, this has been upgraded to meet today’s standards and the musical talent is second to none. Shepherd of the Hills continues in the tradition of showcasing the Ozark Mountains by day and entertaining its guests at night … in 21st-century style! For more information, visit and

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WENTZVILLE - A popular event is returning this year as a PEOPLE’S CHOICE BEST FOOD CONTEST during Wentzville’s Fall Festival! The event will be hosted from noon to 5 p.m on Saturday at the Friendship Brewing Company and will turn into a tasting contest where the committee will crown The People’s Choice Award for best food at The Wentzvillle Beer, Wine, & Food Festival! Come enjoy autumn air, great food, and a craft beer and wine garden will be located in the city lot accros the street! Tickets will include a food sample from all participating vendors, Beer & Wine Garden, live music,

a souvenir cup, and one vote for People’s Choice for Best Food! For the kids, there will be game and a bounce house. All money will be raised for our community with proceeds going to WSD Scholarships, Elementary Classroom Books, and other local projects! Tickets for this event are $30 for those 21 and over. Ages 6-20 are $10 and 0-5 are free. Tickets are available online at https://www. Partnering with the Rotary Club’s Beer Wine and Food Festival is the Annual Wentzville’s Fall Festival, Sept. 20-21. There will be food, drinks, fun and live music

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all on the streets of downtown Wentzville. We are partnered with the Wentzville Rotary Club’s Beer Wine and Food Festival! The schedule includes live entertainment by Mirage Entertainment and Butchwax and the Hollywoods on Friday. The main stage entertainment for Sunday includes Accolade, Push the Limit, Hollywood 5, and Trixie. For more information, visit departments/parks_and_recreation/fall_festival.php

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Chokecherry Fest 7.


eld in the Chokecherry Capitol of Montana and attended by more than 5,000. this year’s date is Sept.

A chokecherry is a small, maroon-colored fruit with a bitter taste that grows wild in Montana, and can be used in making syrups, jams and jellies, wines, and other delicious foods. The day’s events start out with a pancake breakfast (topped by chokecherry syrup, of course) from the Kiwanis Club, pit spitting

contests, live entertainment, culinary contests, children’s activities, 5k and 10k, arts & crafts booths, food vendors and more! The main street will be lined with various vendors for arts and crafts of all styles. This annual festival is held in the geographical center of the state, in a town declared by a past governor to be the Chokecherry Capitol of Montana (Stan Stephens, 1991). For more information, contact the Lewistown Area Chamber of Commerce.

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Go on an Alaskan Adventure


oin us for Food Day Omaha, 2019 celebrated this year on Sept. 21! The purpose for Food Day is to:

 Promote

safer, healthier diets

 Support

sustainable and organic farms

 Reduce


factory farms to protect the environment and animals  Support fair working conditions for food and farm workers Food Day is a partnership between The Reader, MCC Institute for the Culinary Arts, Omaha Farmers Market, Gretchen Swanson Center for Nutrition and many more local organizations.  Reform

healthy foods. Individuals and organizations that best exemplify and represent the mission of Food Day have been nominated by the committee’s judges in six categories. During the day, winners of food-related community votes will be announced and recognized for their hard work and vision in the following categories:  Producer

of the Year

 Restaurant  Retailer

of the Year

 Nonprofit  Food

of the Year

of the Year

Day Champion of the Year

 Lifetime Achievement

There will be food exhibits and vendors. For more At Omaha’s Food Day event to be held at the Old information, visit Market Farmer’s Market from 8 a.m. to 12:30, local food-related organizations and companies will proFor more on Nebraska vide children’s activities, cooking demonstrations and more to in order to engage with attendees about how > CLICK HERE to support sustainable farming and promote safe, -54- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ September, 2019

Places to Go: La

Cave Wine & Food hideaway LAS VEGAS – Morton Group’s celebrated concept, La Cave Wine & Food Hideaway at Wynn Las Vegas, has unveiled its new garden lounge and a stylish refresh of the restaurant, as well as several new dishes and wines. Now totaling 6,300 square feet, the most dramatic enhancements can be found in La Cave’s garden lounge, which is now enclosed in operable glass windows. Offering a picturesque setting for dining, the open-air design brings the outdoors inside with views of Wynn’s lush gardens and pool, along with a floor-to-ceiling ‘living wall’ filled with colorful succulents. Other new touches include a lighter color palette, sheer drapes and new furniture. In addition to increasing the total seated capacity to 175, La Cave’s expansion presents new opportunities for large parties and events. Corporate Executive Chef William DeMarco, who developed the original La Cave menu of American small plates, has taken this opportunity to add several new items to the menu. New selections include chicken and caviar, an inventive dish made from chilled crispy wings, caviar and crème fraiche, priced at $29; short rib tacos, topped with avocado crema, tomato and cilantro, priced at $18; sea scallops with chorizo and sunny sideup quail eggs, topped with chipotle hollandaise sauce, priced at $19; and baked meatballs served over creamy polenta, topped with house marinara,

priced at $14. Continuing La Cave’s tradition of “in vino veritas,” Latin for “in wine there is truth,” La Cave has added several new wines to the expansive list of 350 bottle selections and 50 wines by the glass. New selections, offered by the glass, include: Lanson Rose Label Brut Rosé, Reims, France; Domaine Gerovassiliou Malagousia 2016, Epanome, Greece; and Alvaro Palacios Camins del Priorat 2017, Priorat, Spain. New bottle selections include Egon Muller Scharzhofberger Riesling Kabinett, Mosel, Germany 2012; Domino de Pingus, Ribera del Duero, Spain 2011; and Boiche Family Cellar Beckstoffer Georges III Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley 2012. La Cave is open at 11:30 a.m. daily. La Cave also offers a butler-style brunch served every Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Reservations may be made on OpenTable, visiting the website or by calling 702.770.3607. Large party and event reservations are available by calling 702-770-2251 or via email at com. Morton Group, founded by famed

restaurateurs Michael and Jenna Morton, introduced La Cave Wine & Food Hideaway in 2010 to bring the exploration of wine and flavorful cuisine together in a stylish atmosphere. The 6,300-square-foot restaurant and wine bar serves a menu of modern American small plates inspired by global flavors created by William DeMarco, Morton Group’s corporate executive chef, paired with imaginative cocktails and an expansive selection of wines. La Cave is at 11:30 a.m. daily. La Cave also offers a butler-style brunch served every Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Reservations may be made on OpenTable, visiting the website or by calling 702.770.3607. More information is available on www.LaCaveLV. com,, Twitter @LaCaveLV and Instagram @LaCaveLV.

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Pickering House

WOLFEBORO - Back by popular demand, noted chefs Keith Sarasin, George Bezanson and Chris Viaud of The Farmers Dinner host their third farm-to-table dinner at The Barn at Pickering House! This multi-course meal features fresh, in-season ingredients from local farms. Tickets to the first two farm-to-table dinners in The Barn at Pickering House sold out in two days, so don’t wait to buy tickets! The Barn at Pickering House Inn is a renovated 19th century barn near Lake Winnipesaukee. The historic 1813 structure and Wolfeboro landmark opened in 2018 after undergoing a multimillion-dollar restoration. The property, privately owned by Peter and Patty Cooke, is quickly gaining favor as a new luxury destination. Wolfeboro, just two hours from Boston, is known as “America’s Oldest Summer Resort” and is a retreat for those who treasure a classic New England lake experience. The town is known for its gracious hospitality and bygone era ambiance – a mail boat still delivers parcels to Lake Winnipesaukee’s island residents.

Located in the heart of downtown Wolfeboro, Pickering House Inn pairs luxurious guest amenities with a relaxed home-away-from-home feel. The Inn’s ten guestrooms, including two suites, each offer distinctive furnishings and design features. Common areas, including the Pickering’s Kitchen gathering kitchen / dining area, Living Room, Library, wraparound porch and outdoor patio areas, offer plenty of spaces for casual conversation or relaxation. During the spring, Pickering’s Kitchen is home to a series of intimate Cooking Demonstration Dinners. In the summer, these dinners give way to larger Innkeeper Suppers - farm table suppers held most Saturdays in The Barn at Pickering House. “In late Summer of 2018, just a month after our grand opening, we hosted our first Innkeeper’s Supper,” says Patty. “We were delighted how quickly it sold out! That evening we knew we had created something very special - an experience where locals were seated next to inn guests and everyone connected...” For more information, visit

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Full Moon Climb Spend a romantic evening together with dinner and an exclusive chance to see the light of the full moon from the ideal vantage point - atop the Cape May Lighthouse! The next dinner is September 13 from 6:15 - 10 p.m. First board MAC’s trolley at the Emlen Physick Estate for a ride to the Red Store in Cape May Point, where you’ll savor the Tasting Menu Experience, presented by Chef Lucas Manteca. “My cuisine is based on simplicity. I try to respect the flavors, the shapes, the colors of each ingredient individually,” he notes. “It’s all about honest food and homey hospitality.” The Red Store serves new American seasonal cuisine with seaside flare. Lucas’s food is coastal-American at heart, but the menu at The Red Store reflects his Argentinian heritage and borrows ingredients from other South American cuisine. The menue does change freequently. Next on the agenda is to hop aboard the trolley for a short ride to the Cape May Lighthouse. Here, you’ll enjoy an exclusive night climb up 199 steps to the watch gallery. Look out to see the shoreline and waters of the ocean and bay beneath the light of the full moon. More than 2.5 million visitors have climbed the lighthouse since it opened to the public in 1988. For those who choose not to climb, the Oil House on the grounds contains a fully accessible Visitors’ Orientation Center and Museum Shop carrying souvenirs, books and maritime items. At the conclusion of your climb, the trolley will return you to the Physick Estate. The price of tickets for this unique evening is $85 per person. For more information, or to buy tickets, call 609-884-5404 or visit www.capemaymac. org/dinner-full-moon-climb.

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Secret Sushi Bar A Secret Sushi Bar is Hidden in an Unmarked Hotel Room NEW YORK - For the first time ever, a hotel room is being used as a restaurant. Behind an unmarked hotel room door in Hotel 32 32 in midtown Manhattan, awaits Sushi by Bou Suite 1001. Inside where the bed used to be is an intimate four-seat sushi bar offering an hour-long omakase. I hope you will keep this unique dining destination in mind for your readers for winter and holiday travel stories and Valentine’s Day experiences. Happy to send photos and additional information. The experience begins when guests enter the hotel lobby and are greeted by a hostess stationed at the reception desk. She hands over a key card and sends guests up to the 10th floor. Here, the key card is used to enter Suite 1001 -- which has no markings on the door to differentiate it from any other room. Behind the door is a sexy speakeasy complete with a four-seat sushi bar offering a 60-minute omakase valued at $125 per person. Over the course of the hour, guests enjoy about 17 pieces of sushi, made with local and imported ingredients. As most hotel rooms are equipped with a small mini bar, Sushi by Bou features a self-serv-

ing sake vending machine where guests can select three pours for $30 to enhance the experience.. Hand-crafted cocktails are prepared out on the adjacent 25 seat-terrace which is equipped with a bar and lounge chairs which is available all year long. Guests are encouraged to sit outside before or after their meal to continue the experience. Sushi by Bou Suite 1001 is located at 32 East 32nd Street, New York, NY 10016.

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Crack Lobster and Jokes WHERE ELSE IN NEW YORK CITY CAN YOU CRACK THE BEST LOBSTERS AND JOKES ALL IN THE SAME PLACE? Burger & Lobster and New York Comedy Club each celebrate five years of delivering Fan-Favorite food and fun by Partnering Up to Serve a Saucy New Brunch & Dinner Comedy Show Series Burger & Lobster USA has just announced a new partnership with the New York Comedy Club to launch a new brunch & dinner comedy show series beginning this month, bringing New Yorkers and tourists a premium dining and comedy experience unlike ever before. The kick-off event is a Comedy Brunch and will be held on Sunday, September 8, 2019 from 1 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. WHERE: The Underground at Burger & Lobster Flatiron - 39 W. 19th Street (btwn 5th & 6th avenues), NYC HOW: To attend the inaugural event, tickets to the show can be purchased using this link: https:// •Ticketholders will be given a special Brunch and cocktail menu once seated to order a la carte (minimum F&B purchase of $25.00 is required) •Doors open at 1 p.m., the show will then start at 1:45 pm and will run 1.5 hours •Ticketholders will be seated on a first come, first serve basis •Seating is communal and full parties must be present to be seated WHO: The comedy line up will soon be announced on the New York Comedy Club web site ( and Burger & Lobster’s online blog ( so keep checking back!

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BENSON – This small town of a population of around 3500, will swell to approximately 30,000 come September 26-29 when the 70th Annual Benson Mule Days Celebration takes place. This 4-day festival is packed full of mule events that celebrate the “beast of burden” and the role of mules in rural farming. Family fun and activities for everyone young and old are in store for attendees. Mule Days always opens with a FREE concert! Confederate Railroad will perform at 6 p.m. in the Benson Singing Grove on Main Street. Friday, visitors can enjoy many events including the “Mule Competitions” held in the Chamber Park and Arena. If you haven’t seen a mule competition this is a “must see” for the whole family. There will be mule coon jumping, a mule race, and new this year, a mule pull. After the rodeo on Friday and Saturday, you can shake a leg at the Mule Day Dance. Friday night’s Band is Jonathan Parker and Saturday’s is The Justin West Band. If you attended the rodeo there is no admission charge. Dance only is $5. Double Creek Pro Rodeo will once again present a SRA sponsored rodeo on Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoon. The rodeos on Friday

and Saturday begin at 7:30 AM and Sunday at 2:00 PM. The guest performer this year is the One Armed Bandit and there will be pony rides for the little cowboys and cowgirls. Want to see a real mule stable? Check out the last standing mule stable in Benson, open 9 – 5 Friday and Saturday. Take a tour of historic Benson in a horse drawn wagon. Saturday is one of the biggest parades in North Carolina, beginning at 10 a.m. There is a Best of Show event where judges select a “Grand Champion” mule. Following the parade visitors can make their way to the Singing Grove Park where a Bluegrass show featuring Eric Strickland is being presented. Visit the arts and crafts vendors as well the commercial vendors and try riding a bucking (mechanical) bull. For more information, call 919-894-3825 or visit online at:

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POTATO BOWL USA WEEK 2019 Sept. 10-14th.

Join in all the fun with activities such as the Chip Giveaway, Baked Potato Bar, French Fry Feed, Potato Pancake Breakfast, and Hugo’s Potato Bowl Plinko Game!

The University of North Dakota vs Sam Houston State! Sept.14 @ 4 p.m.

GRAND FORKS - On September 24, 1966, the very first Potato Bowl football game was played at Memorial Stadium and was billed as a battle between two of the largest potato growing regions in the United States (Idaho and the Red River Valley). The idea of creating a week of festivities to celebrate potatoes and football was the brainchild of UND Athletic Director Len Marti, Head Football Coach Marv “Whitey” Helling, Assistant Football Coach Jerry Olson and Sports Information Director Lee Bohnet. In that first game in 1966, the Fighting Sioux thumped Idaho State 41-0. UND is 40-13 in its first 53 Potato Bowl games.


Sept. 12th at Memorial Stadium at dusk – Black Gold Farms will give a coupon redeemable for potatoes at any Hugo’s location to the first 500 families to enter the gates at Memorial Stadium plus a chance to win Hugo’s gift cards. Kids will get a free glow stick at the Fireworks while supplies last, also courtesy of Black Gold Farms!

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People To See:

At Dinner With Grace MANSFIELD -The Sower and the Shepherd is now being featured in the dinner theater at Biblewalk Wax Museum. Meals are served in the new Chain Restaurant. “If I had to pick a favorite, it would be this play,” says Julie Hardin, direct of the museum. “It is a treasure chest full of His Word and His Ways waiting to be discovered.” This play is shown only on Saturdays for a matinee performance through Sept. 21. This modern day allegory will take an in depth look into many of Jesus’ parables. This play will follow the lives of Hungry, Thirsty, Casual and Mediocre, on their journey to and through the Kingdom of God. Please join Hungry, Thirsty, Casual and Mediocre as they meet the Sower and the Shepherd. But…. will they ever meet the King? Are you a Kingdom Seeker or a Kingdom Sleeper? The Sower

and the Shepherd will help you find your answer. But first, enjoy a delicious lunch prepared to perfection. Choose Penne Pasta with meatballs, baked chicken, or salisbury steak. All entrees com with fresh tossed salad, dinner rolls, dessert and unlimited hot or cold beverage. Kids meal choices are also available. If you are eager to learn more about His Kingdom, if you are eager to receive a greater under-

standing of His Word, if you desire to have a more intimate relationship with Jesus, it is all found in The Sower and the Shepherd. On October 12, a new play will grace the stage for the holidays called, “The Inn Keeper.” On that night which has never been repeated for over 2,000 years, God’s Kingdom once again touched earth. But did God’s Kingdom touch hearts? There was not room at the Inn but was there room in the Inn Keeper’s heart? Three Wise men gave gifts to Jesus. Since that time Jesus has been giving gifts to wise men. Come and hear these riveting accounts as these three relive their experiences with Jesus. You too will leave with a gift. For more information and tickets, visit https://

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Go, Do, See Sprouting Chefs:

Pumpkins, Apples and Fall OKLAHOMA CITY - Learn about fall fruits and make a few easy and creative recipes using them, including how to spice up your pancakes on Sept. 21, from 10-11 a.m. at the Myriad Botanical Gardens. Dive right into all things fall when you talk about two favorite fruits - apples and pumpkins.ension educator with Canadian County Preregistration is required by Sept. 17. This program will be led by Donna Jung, the FCS extension educator with Canadian County. It is geared toward families and children ages five and up. The cost is $12 for nonmember guests, $10 for members. On the same day, the family can stick around for more fun and camp on the grounds. Camp Out OKC is sponsored by Floyds Recreational Vehicle. The Devon Lawn will be transformed into an urban campground for families. Learn camping basics, enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, and spend the evening enjoying the great outdoors. Once the sun sets, we will have an outdoor movie showing of The Jungle Book, s’more making and ghost stories. Reservations include breakfast. Don’t have a tent? Rent one from Outdoors Geek. Enter code: “campout” to receive 10% off your purchase! Myriad Botanical Gardens is one of Oklahoma City’s most beautiful and vibrant garden and park spaces offering visitors a 15-acre natural escape in the heart of downtown. Free and open to the public, the outdoor spaces include: ornamental gardens, a children’s garden, and playground, Great Lawn, lake, an off-leash dog park, water features including splash fountains for children and walking and jogging paths. There is always something happening at the Gardens. For more information, visit online at http:// -66- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ September, 2019

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Junction City Gather again to celebrate the fall and enjoy a beautiful afternoon in Junction City! It’s time for the 3rd annual Fall Harvest Food Fest. There will be a delicious barbecue, beverages and entertainment from the Folk Rock trio Three of Hearts. Tickets are $25 each, 2 for $40, or only $10 for youth 18 and under. This includes a meal and drinks! They are available on the website. There will also be rae prizes and the chance to tour Junction City Local Aid and learn more about their services and how they help provide basic needs for neighbors. Junction City Local Aid began as a local community chest in 1945. All proceeds will benefit the Junction City Local Aid. For more information, visit http://

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Gettysburg Walking Food Tour There’s no better way to see the town you’re visiting than to eat your way through it. Enjoy a culinary and cultural experience through historic downtown Gettysburg - one delicious taste at a time! Our season runs April through November with a special “12 Tastes of Christmas” walking food tour during the month of December. Eat...Walk...Get A Taste of History... Savor Gettysburg Food Tours now offers several unique culinary experiences: Our Historic Downtown Food Tour offers an unmatched 3-hour food tour and tasting experience coupled with a cultural and historical tour of the town. Join us as we weave fascinating town stories paired with the most delectable culinary delights. Experience the true taste of downtown Gettysburg’s most loved ethnic and family-owned eateries. Experience the food, rich history and culture

in a way that only Gettysburg can offer. Farmer’s Market Tour & Cooking Class - “There is no better way to get to the heart of any city than through its cuisine. And that means not just eating it, but shopping for it, cooking it and beginning to understand it.” Taylor Holliday, New York Times. Join our local chefs for a colorful walk through Gettysburg’s Farmer’s Market, where they will take you through the market and show you how to shop like a chef. This dynamic downtown experience is filled with inspiration coupled with chef’s tips and techniques. Then it’s on to the kitchen for a handson cooking class where the chef will teach you how to turn the bounty from the market into creative and delicious dishes, paired with local wines. The menus are created based on seasonal ingredients. The 12 Tastes of Christmas

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Holiday Walking Food Tour - Experience the magic of Christmas in downtown Gettysburg this holiday season! Stroll decorated streets on a festive 4-hour walking food tour highlighting the sights, sounds, and unique tastes of this historic town. Enjoy stops at some of the best eateries and unique boutiques all the while learning fascinating facts and historic tales that define our “most famous small town in America.” Historic Downtown Food Tour April - December Friday, Saturday & Sunday: 10:45 am - 1:45 pm December 7,14, 21 2019 (Saturday Only) 10:45 am - 2:45 pm

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Indulge in Seafood

beneath the Wharf’s colorful tents. Other neighboring restaurants and fisherman’s associations serve up their most celebrated seafood dishes (lobster dinners, clam chowder, stuffed quahogs, clam cakes, shrimp, scallops, raw oysters and clams, as well as a few dishes for landlubbers and kids). Fresh smoothies, donuts and kettle corn for your sweet tooth. Cafe-style seating is set up throughout the Wharf and Indulge in an abundance proceeds from festival bars of Fish tacos, lobster rolls, benefit Oliver Hazard Perfried calamari, oysters, ry, RI’s 200-foot official signature cocktails and sailing education vessel. cold Whaler’s Brewing beer Live musical entertainaccompany continuous live ment will be provided music, and family fun, all by Cee Cee & the Riders Honoring the harvest of the sea, the 29th Annual Bowen’s Wharf Seafood Festival offers fresh local seafood, continuous live music and family fun. Named one of the 10 Fabulous Fall Festivals on the Coast,` this year’s event will be held from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Oct. 19-20. Admission to this event is free. Food and beverages can be purchased at the various vendor booths. This event is an open invitation to come back to the waterfront after the rush of the summer season!

with West Coast and Chicago Blues. They will be followed by other bands throughout the festival. As you savor fresh dishes, sit back and enjoy the beats from area bands. Live folk, surf rock, Caribbean and blues music are just a taste of what you’ll hear. Bring your dancing shoes, because these bands promise to get your feet moving! Join the 8,000-10,000 locals and devoted visitors over the course of this twoday event. For more articles on Rhode Island


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MYRTLE BEACH - Ropes Courses Incorporated (RCI) has assisted Lucy “LuLu” Buffett in opening her second outdoor Sky Trail® aerial attraction next to

her restaurant at Barefoot Landing. The 48-foot-tall (14.63m) Sky Trail® was designed and installed exclusively by RCI. Lulu is the owner of three

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It’s a

popular LuLu’s restaurants. The others are in Destin, Florida and Gulf Shores, Alabama. Here, her waterfront location along the Intracoastal Waterway is known for its fun coastal menu and its beach and vacation-spirited merchandise available in its adjacent shop. New for 2019, Buffett is adding an extra element of excitement with the debut of her second Sky Trail® . “LuLu’s has always been about family,” explained Buffett. “When we added our first Sky Trail® at the Gulf Shores location, it was wildly successful and complemented our mission to create a coastal dining and recreational experience for families. The kids get to play in a safe environment while the grown-ups get to have a drink, enjoy delicious fun food and listen to live music.” Planning and customized de-

Lulu of a Restaurant!

sign work have been underway for months and RCI began installation of the multi-level attraction in December 2018. The Sky Trail® includes 26 elements to challenge children and adults with such as the themed lily pad stepping stones and a tippy version of “Walk the Plank.” This six-inchwide beam showcases a colorwheel at its end that draws participants further along the beam for a chance to pull the hanging cable and set the spinning wheel in motion. Thrill-seekers who reach the top of the course have the option of taking the QuickJump free-fall exit - a three-story descent with a gentle landing that delivers a breathtaking grand finale. Every participant is outfitted in a harness equipped with a single redundant slingline that keeps them secure while they work their way among

and have fun soaring above the ground, thanks to the creative design by RCI,” explained Bucky Mabe, CEO of FACE Amusement, managing company for the Sky Trail® at LuLu’s North Myrtle Beach. This is the place to be in Myrtle Beach where, after an exhilarating climb, you can enjoy fresh Gulf seafood in a fun and truly stunning restaurant, with a vibe only LuLu’s can provide,” he added. RCI has built Sky Trail® aerial attractions in 30 different countries and in a variety of different venues including amusement parks, zoos, community centers, hotels, resorts, cruise ships, shopping centers, adventure facilities and natural or historic tourist attractions. The size, colors, the obstacles using RCI’s U.S.-patelements and designs are cusented overhead tracking system. tomized to each location to com“We named our Sky Trail® Luplement each setting. Lu’s Mountain of Youth and it has “The LuLu’s restaurants and now become a central ingredient their bustling gift shops have been to the LuLu’s experience,” Buffett exceptionally fun for installing continued. “That’s why it was two of our Sky Trails® along with important for us to include that a Sky Tykes®,” explained Jim element in North Myrtle Beach and Liggett, president and founder of we were delighted to partner with RCI. “The whole energetic vibe of FACE Amusement company to LuLu’s restaurants and shops is make that happen.” about fun, food and music which is This Sky Trail® with its splashy the perfect fit for us and our attraccolor scheme of hot pink, turquoise tions.” and yellow is eye-catching and For more information, visit inviting to diners as it blends with online at LuLu’s tropical theme, menu and northmyrtlebeach/ gifts. “The Sky Trail® provides guests with a fun and engaging experience that sets this restaurant complex apart from any in the greater Myrtle Beach community. Guests of virtually every age can climb

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Experience Dinner With A Ghost in Mitchell, South Dakota at the Historic Mitchell Corn Palace Sept. 13th -14th. Dinner With A Ghost alchemically blends history, fine dining, and paranormal investigation into a night of anticipation and wonderment unlike any other. This experience begins with a 4-course chef prepared dinner experience with a paranormal investigation after. The Dinner With A Ghost experience is uniquely satisfying because it fully engages the body, mind, and spirit through a multi-course gourmet meal, riveting presentation on the history, key personalities of the host location, and warm engagement with any spirits on hand. In fact, Dinner With A Ghost is so solicitous of spirit sensibilities that a place of honor is always set for them at the head of the dining table. The table is always the fulcrum of the

event, brought to life with fine china and crystal place settings, theatrical lighting, and dramatic rock crystal centerpieces. On the paranormal front, a full complement of digital audio recorders, alarms, REM-pods, motion detectors, K-2 Meters, DVR cameras, and a laser grid is poised to measure and record any activity during the dinner experience, with special attention given to the spirit(s) place setting at the end of the table. Your Dinner With a Ghost Experience includes: 8:00 p.m. Champagne Reception with a review of the nights events 8:30 p.m. Your 4-Course Chef-Prepared Gourmet Dinner includes soup, salad, entree, and a hauntingly good dessert to finish. 10 p.m. Two-Hour Paranormal Investigation of this Historic Icon of Americas Past. For more information or tickets, visit

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Things to Do

Blend History with While it’s hard to tear yourself away from touring the fascinating historic places related to the Battle of Franklin, like Carter House and Carnton Plantation, you do have to eat. Don’t lose that historic feeling. Gray’s on Main is a mix of history, food and drink. They are housed in a three-story 1876 Victorian building on Main Street right off the square. Back in the day, this was home to the Gray Drug Co., a landmark pharmacy that had been dispensing pills for almost a century. Michael and Joni Cole found the building in 2012. Michael recalls, “It was falling down and dilapidated. I’m an architecture renovator. It took us 13 months to renovate it.” In 2013, Michael and Joni opened it as Gray’s and it still retains a few drugstore mementos. A display of old medicine mixing utensils and bottles is displayed. The sign in front shows the pharmacy symbol. The restaurant is on the ground floor. The second floor is the bar and music hall. They offer live music performances. Being so close to Nashville gives them the opportunity to showcase some of the best talent around. The stage is set on a raised space to the front so everyone had a great view of the band. The antique tin ceilings and original brick walls are the perfect setting for traditional southern food with a twist. Much of the food is locally sourced. Our waiter, Spencer, offered some sugges-

tions. For appetizers we shared some Fried Pimento Cheeseballs and Bacon-Wrapped Figs. The cheeseballs were delicious. They combined the house pimento, fried crispy with moonshine pepper jelly. The figs were out of this world. Benton’s bacon curled crisply around goat cheese stuffed figs. This was drenched in a balsamic reduction. The bacon brought back memories of touring and sampling Benton’s bacon at Ben-

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ton’s Smoky Mountain Country Hams in Madisonville, Tennessee where they have been smoking bacon and hams the old fashioned way since 1947. For my entrée, what could be more Tennessee than Peach and Bourbon Braised Brisket? It was served over baked beans, collards, green tomato chow chow, tobacco onions and served with a habanero cornbread muffin. Delicious and very filling. In honor of their Victorian herit-

Food & Drink

By Katie Walls age, which was the golden age of cocktails, they served some nifty concoctions. One of my companions had the uniquely named A Thieving Bastard Old Fashion, made with Larceny Bourbon, Orange Cordial, bitters, saline and a lavender spritz. Being a rum aficionado I went with the Bitter Stiggins, made with Plantation Pineapple Rum, Campari, sweet vermouth and a fernet rinse. Even thought the name couldn’t com-

pete, the cocktail was excellent. Although the desserts looked scrumptious, we opted to walk down Main Street to Kilwins Chocolate Kitchen and have an ice cream. That building also looks like it dates to the Victorian era but when you step into the door, their Mackinac Island fudge smell just hypnotizes you and puts your sweet tooth in charge of the brain. After sampling several varieties including Georgia peach and

lemon sorbet, I had the chocolate toasted coconut in a waffle cone. What a perfect way to end a day.

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Places: to Go The world’s largest Food Sport tournament, the World Food Championships (WFC), is coming to Dallas, October 16-20!

BBQ Ranch: Pitmasters and celebrity chefs will be serving up thousands of pounds of meat smoked by the hottest ceramic grills and barbecuing tools on the market! Swing by to get a few tips and tricks from the industries leading companies and sample some delicious barbecue.

This is your opportunity to see all of the food-fighting action you’ve heard about, LIVE and in person! With your general admission ticket, attendees will indulge in several food-fun attractions such as: Showcase of Demos: Catch innovative and cutting edge chefs and The Ultimate Food Fight: Watch brands educating attendees on more than 1,500 chefs and home the culinary industries latest and cooks from around the world greatest. From allergy symposibattle it out for over $350,000 in ums to a four-year-old chef sencash and prizes in Kitchen Are- sation to new product sampling, na. Keep an eye out for your fa- we guarantee you won’t leave vorite celebrity chefs compet- without learning something ing for a championship title! new! Just find the 72-foot tractor trailer unfolding into a state of Walmart Tasting Pavilion: This the art, self-sustaining kitchen, attraction is the ultimate foodies’ complete with a jumbotron, two way of sampling products from high-def TVs and an outdoor near and far. Attendees will grab speaker system. This contraption a taste of Texas, a taste of America is better known as MAXimus, and finally, a taste of the World (as seen on Gordan Ramsay’s on this culinary adventure! 24 Hours To Hell And Back).

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Apple Picking, Leaf Peeping

Fall foliage is almost upon us and an extended weekend is a great way to enjoy seeing them.

MANCHESTER - The Equinox Golf Resort + Spa delivers an iconic Vermont autumn escape with their Apple Picking Package (starting rates of $203/ night), inclusive of overnight accommodations, an exclusive welcome amenity, and apple picking at a local orchard. Mad Tom Orchard which boasts over eight acres of prime apple picking nestled within the gorgeous fall foliage of surrounding mountains. Guests will enjoy a gourmet picnic basket lunch for up to four people in their room upon arrival to fuel up before taking advantage of leaf peeping through nearly 3,000 acres within Merck Forest, or the scenic trails of Mt. Equinox and famous Appalachian & Long Mountain ranges. When you return, The Spa at The Equinox invites you to relax and refresh your mind, body, and spirit during your get away. This luxury resort spa utilizes indigenous products, as well as elements of Vermont’s natural beauty, to create a healing and revitalizing atmosphere. With elegant accommodations, fantastic on-site dining, and a picture-perfect convenient location in Manchester, The Equinox, established in 1769, offers the ideal destination for year-round relaxation. There is also a year-round heated indoor pool and a state-of-the-art fitness club with classes and equipment to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle while you’re staying. Of course, we can live alone on apples only. So one evening, take advantage of an exquisite dinner at the intimate Chop House. As one of the finest steakhouses and seafood restaurants in the Northeast, The Chop House is located in the “club quarters” of the resort’s rehistoric Marsh Tavern. The Orvis stone hearth is the same fireplace the famous Green Mountain Boys of Manchester, Vermont used as a meeting spot in 1853. For more information or to make your reservations, visit -78- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ September, 2019

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The State’s First Culinary District


ot only is the Harrisonburg area home to a bustling farmers market, but it also houses a community of restaurants that bring farmfresh to life. With an array of flavors to satisfy everyone’s palate, Virginia’s first culinary district will take you on a culinary trip around the world. Harrisonburg’s variety of both locally-owned and nationally-recognized restaurants will take you on a culinary trip around the world, with an array of flavors to satisfy even the most discerning palate. Many of the area’s melting pot of restaurants also bring the farm-to-table philosophy to life, creating gourmet dishes from locally-sourced ingredients. Whether you prefer to dine rooftop, out on the patio, in a historic building, among local art, or in front of a local food truck, there’s a restaurant with its own distinctive atmosphere for you in the dining destination of the Shenandoah Valley. Plan to visit Saturday, Sept. 28, when the 22nd

Annual Harrisonburg International Festival is held. Enjoy the sights, sounds, tastes, and sense of community during this event held in the downtown area. Find an amazing array of ethnic food and dress, international entertainment, art, crafts, cultural displays, and vendor products. This is a free event and will beheld regardless of weather. As of 2014, Hispanics or Latinos of any race comprise 19% of the city’s population. The food industry is booming downtown, not just because of the many restaurants located there, but also because of food-related businesses, such as City Exchange, Wetsel Seed, Cassco Ice, Rocco Feeds, and Shenandoah’s Pride, that started off downtown and have since made national impact in the food industry. Plus, according to Harrisonburg Tourism and Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance, The Friendly City “became a leader in adopting the farm-to-table trend in all aspects of its food-related heritage, culture, and economy.”

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Go , See, Do

Fall Harvest Festival Beck’s Harvest House at Green Bluff is bringing back HAYLOADS of fun activities this year, including a Giant Corn Maze! The maze is fun and exciting for all ages! Plus, keep an eye out for the John Deere tractor pulling their “Country Limo” around the orchard, brought to you by Papé Machinery! In the fall tours of the orchard are offered in the “Country Limo.” If you haven’t seen the country limo before, it will definitely put a smile on your face as you enjoy a ride through our beautiful orchards with our Fruit Picking Expert that will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about the different types of fruit, how to pick them, the best place to pick them and which fruit make the best pies, jams etc. Don’t miss your chance to get lost in the maze, available September 20 through October 27. Remember, their phylosophy is - at the Beck’s Harvest House Fall Harvest Festival, getting lost means finding FUN! To compliment the Fall Harvest Festival, the Friendly Family Farm Funland offers exciting activities for people of all ages to enjoy. Join them this year for the Fall Harvest Festival and the Friendly Family Farm Funland which includes the following activities to enjoy all day long: Papé Machinery Giant Corn Maze; Smaller Hay Maze; Cow Train Ride; Pedal Cars; Tire Mountain;Giant Jump Pillow;

Corn Cannons; 3 Different Inflatables; Country Limo Rides; Old Tractor For access to ALL activities in the Friendly Family Farm Funland, tickets are only $10 (Children 2 years and younger are free. They are open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Purchase online and receive $1 OFF. This year, a percentage of tickets sold goes to Camp STIX, an organization that helps children with Type 1 Diabetes build relationships within their T1D community through camps. At the Country Kitchen, fresh homemade food is served. With a casual dining atmosphere that will make you feel right at home. There is a beautiful view of

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Mount Spokane from the dining area. Join friends and family for breakfast, lunch or an afternoon treat. Our guests at Beck’s Harvest House always leave satisfied, never hungry. Make sure you leave room for a “World Famous Pumpkin Donut. TM In honor of being open for more than 30 years, a third day for the donuts has been added. Now get them on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 9 a.m. until noon.

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Places to Go:

Chippewa Falls


ome out to Lake Hallie’s 3rd Annual Food Fest! Attendees will be able to enjoy tastes from the valley’s favorite food trucks, ice-cold brews, and live music from the Bear Creek Band & The Big Deeks. There is also plenty of family fun to be had with bounce houses, face painting, and a craft fair. Be sure to also check out the 20+ art, craft & farmers market vendors as well as the cold brews being served at the beer tent. A portion of proceeds will go directly to the Lake Hallie Police Department K-9 unit and Peace Memorial Park. Please join us for this free community event on Sept. 14 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. On the same day, the Autumn Har-

vest Winery will begin their Fall Festival and will continue through Sunday. There’s nothing better than kicking off fall by picking your own apples, strolling through a corn maze and sipping on a glass of wine. Families and community members are invited to Autumn Harvest Winery and Orchard’s annual Fall Festival Saturday and Sunday! Enjoy live music from fourpiece acoustic Nashville recording artist, Ellie May Kay and the Machine. Then the Fab Five, a Beatles tribut band, will perform Sunday from 2-5 p.m. This festival will have wine, cheese, and snacks available for purchase, so come, relax, and enjoy! Feel free to bring a chair to this outdoor event. No beverage carry-in is allowed.

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Autumn Harvest Winery

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Wyoming Restaurants Here are a few “not-to-miss” food experiences to go for while you are enjoying an extended weekende in Wyoming: 1. Wild Sage Wild Sage at the Rusty Parrot Lodge is the only restaurant in Jackson to receive the AAA Four Diamond award. The restaurant offers regional cuisine prepared with fresh local meats, sustainable seafood and organic produce. Try the tea-smoked elk chop, dry-aged bison ribeye or hibiscus-braised lamb shank. 2. Meeteetse Chocolatier Meeteetse bronc rider Tim Kellogg initially started selling homemade chocolates to fund a new saddle, but his sweet concoctions were so popular that Meeteetse Chocolatier became a full-time endeavor. Take home champagne truffles, ancho-chili and lime Belgian chocolates or a Bronc Bar Tablette, a dark-chocolate bar loaded with candied ginger, dried cranberries and cherries and salted pumpkin seeds. 3. Buffalo Jump Saloon & Steakhouse The Buffalo Jump Saloon & Steakhouse in Beulah has legendary buffalo steaks and an interior inspired by the Old West. Housed in a general store that dates back to the 1890s, a stone fireplace and wooden bar help to recreate a rustic saloon atmosphere. 4. The Front Porch Burger connoisseurs will find comfort at The Front Porch in

Thermopolis. Try the peanut-butter-and-bacon burger, tandoori chicken salad or the Just a Little Brie panini, featuring ham, brie cheese, apple slices and mayo. 5. Luxury Diner The Luxury Diner is a trolley-turned-diner in Cheyenne. It’s delivered hearty breakfasts and lunch fare with a side of smiles since 1926. Favorites on the spirited joint’s menu include green chili, country-fried steak, cornedbeef hash and strong cups of joe, a staple for any prized diner. 6. Pizza Carrello Gillette’s Pizza Carrello has earned quite the reputation for their wood-fired pies, which feature a hand-tossed crust that’s made in small batches. Try one of their specialty pizzas, build your own with super-fresh toppings or try a Bohemian wrap (their pita bread is uniquely made-to-order). End your meal with a fabulous Nutella calzone. 7. The Dining Room at Jenny Lake Lodge Enjoy award-winning cuisine inside a 1930s-era log cabin at this unforgettable dining experience in Grand Teton National Park. The Dining Room at Jenny Lake Lodge uses local ingredients to craft a delectable five-course dinner menu, which rotates nightly. Open June through October, you’ll need to make reservations if you want to score a seat at this elegant restaurant with a Teton view.

8. Get Real Coffee Whether you’re in the mood for a cup of espresso, a serving of savory quiche or classic breakfast dishes, Get Real Coffee is the stop in Green River. The small-town hidden gem is a lauded for its selection of caffeinated drinks (try the flavorful Mexican coffee or iced coffee made with coffee ice cubes) and small menu of light breakfast and lunch favorites. 9. Cottage Cafe Cottage Cafe in Casper dishes up breakfast and lunch favorites in a homey blue-trimmed abode. Locals love the healthy menu options, generous portions and shady patio. Order the taste-budtingling tequila-lime chicken soup. 10. Cavalryman Steakhouse Laramie’s Cavalryman Steakhouse is located at Fort Sanders, a post built in 1866 to protect the Overland and Lodgepole Creek trails, the Denver-Salt Lake City stagecoach route and Union Pacific Railroad construction crews. The restaurant highlights the site’s history and serves regional specialties made with meat and poultry from sustainable Wyoming ranches. Don’t miss the authentic Wyoming soda bread, slow-roasted prime rib and bison London broil. Take Home a Taste of Wyoming from the Wyoming farmers’ marketsVisit the For more in Wyoming


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Weekender Extended September 2019 Issue  

Places to Go, things to do, and people to see across the U. S. for the fun side of life. Extended Weekend Getaways, featuring fall foodie f...