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Letter from the Editor: According to my “brain on paper,” (also known as a calendar) this is the season for Labor Day. The very term Labor Day is misleading because it was originally intended to be a day of rest from work. For a large percentage of the population, this is true. Cookouts, lake activities, one last short vacation before school gets into full swing and numerous other activities abound for those who actually get the entire weekend off work. Yes, this is a day which celebrates the laborer. It is supposed give workers a day of rest as it celebrates their contribution to the American economy. But in recent years, it has become a merchant's opportunity for sales promotions. This requires many workers to . . . well, WORK! I too enjoy the convenience of being able to purchase most anything I need (and even things I might not need) on a federal holiday. But what about the people who have to work on this day, for our convenience? Do we appreciate their sacrifice of time spent away from family and friends? I find it interesting that the very people for whom this day was created are the ones who now have to spend it just like any other day. I'm not referring to emergency workers because they knew their schedules would require some holidays spent working when they chose their careers. We have a tendency to overlook them until needed and then we are oh so grateful they are present. No, I'm talking about the people you see so often they become easy to take for granted. So I challenge you to think about the waitresses, cashiers, janitors, travel and recreation employees or any other worker who makes your holiday possible. Please be extra courteous to them and appreciative of the service they provide, especially on a holiday. For those of you who are reading this after the fact, not to worry. You don't have to wait a whole year to put this in to practice. We have a built in opportunity to do this repeatedly. It's called Sunday.

Kandy Derden

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September, 2013

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People to See: Jand & George

Syrigos as...

at the Knob Noster State Park 4-5 p.m. Oct. 5, 2013 Free Admission This performance is designed to bring the heart of the wild to the heart of a child. Emmy awardwinning educators and entertainers, Jan and George Syrigos, make up the musical group WildHeart and will perform at the park’s campground amphitheater.

in a log cabin on a small farm in the Osage hills of Missouri. There they spend quite a bit of time playing in the creek with their 10 year old daughter Sophia. In February, Jan & George celebrated 25 years of marriage and music together.

George and Jan have recently been honored to Their presentation will be followed by a recep- be named Missouri Arts Council Touring tion located close by the amphitheater. This event Performers. If your school or non-profit organization would like to apply for a simple on-line is free and open to all. grant, the Missouri Arts Council will fund up to Both Jan and George are University of 60% of their performance fee. Missouri Graduates with degrees in Forestry and Missouri Arts Council School Touring Fish & Wildlife management respectively. They have worked in the conservation education field Performer (STP) Grants for a combined 20 years. They love nature! WildHeart 212 Walnut Spring Trail Meta, MO And they love to sing... Jan is a professional singer/songwriter with over 20 years experience 65058 573.229.8815 in guitar and piano. George has been a profesFor more information, call 660-563-2463 sional vocalist for over 18 years. The Syrigos live Page 16

September, 2013

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