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Up Close YÜÉÅ Happy Holidays!

Complete this sentence: “Lead, follow or . . .” Most of you probably finished with, “ . . . get out of the way.” I don’t know where this phrase originated, but I like it! Are you a leader or a follower? I never thought of myself as a leader until my college days. Suddenly, I found myself offering suggestions which were readily accepted. My reaction? Why didn’t anyone else think of this incredibly simple solution to whatever our current problem was? I still didn’t consider myself to be a strong leader for many years. Now? There are times when I relish being able to organize a team to accomplish a goal. Other times, (such as Christmas) I try to lead by example. With the holidays coming, we each have the opportunity to be a pacesetter. Rather than following the crowd in gift selection for that ‘must have’ toy, getting stressed trying to schedule multiple events, or frantically attempting to re-create traditions which may or may not be possible, why not pause long enough to think about each situation and decide exactly what is worthy of your time? In our family, we have blended some of our traditions with new events, thus creating new customs. These will probably evolve through the years with the addition of new family members and the loss of others. That is as it should be. After all, we don’t all enjoy the same pastimes. The one thing upon which we all agree is the importance of family, worship and celebrations worthy of remembering. The holidays provide a host of opportunities for all three of these things. Take advantage of these chances to make wonderful memories. Cherish them. This is hard to do when everyone is tense, or even worse, angry. We laugh about it now, but for years we had what we called our annual family fight. It was over an extremely important subject: where to put the Christmas tree. I don’t know why it mattered. Over the years it ended up being in almost every spot in the house where there was an electrical outlet close enough to plug in the lights. I’d like to say I was able to persuade everyone to calm down. I was just a child at the time, so I didn’t have much influence. But things are different now. I learned from those incidents, so now no matter what happens, I try to be the one who makes peace. Or better yet, create an atmosphere which prevents potential triggers for squabbles. You’ll be glad you did. So go ahead. Be the one who shows everyone how not only to survive, but actually enjoy the holidays without stress. You’ll never be sorry. Kandy Derden / Things to Do Editor Page 4

à{x Xw|àÉÜ About the Cover : The Magic Tree has been a part of the holiday traditions in Columbia since 1995. Will Treelighter carefully wraps each branch with mini lights, creating an elaborate spectacle that draws people from all over Mid-Missouri.

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Places to Go: For New Year’s Eve

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December, 2013

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Places to Go: By Jane Accurso Director COLUMBIA - Join all the excitement and fun planned for the New Year’s Eve celebration in the downtown area throughout the evening. Formerly known as “First Night Columbia,” this Eve Fest is an alcohol-free celebration of the New Year. Held on 9th street, between Elm and Locust, there will be music, art, fresh activities, festivities and a wide variety of entertainment. The Fest includes, among other activities: speciality foods throughout the evening. We hope you have a great time. 4 p.m.: 5k Run/Walk - Entry forms, a map and certification details may be found on the website. 6:30 p.m.: doors open for ticket purchases 7 p.m.: Live entertainment begins at several downtown venues along with the Coffee Café Music Jams hosted by Dan Miller of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine. There is also a beginner’s acoustic jam session scheduled with a non-judgemental atmosphere provided. If this is your first jam, this is the place to begin. Jam session leader Dan Miller will help you get started and provide some instruction along the way to help make it a memorable and enjoyable experience. “We will continue to bring high quality local, regional and national entertainment to our stages,” leaders of the event promise. The festival continues as a not-for-profit, culturally diverse, non-alcohol, family friendly event for all ages. MORE EXCITING CHANGES!! “The Footprint” The footprint of Columbia Eve Fest will be slightly different from previous years as First Night Columbia. They will be compacting the festival into a “block party” location. We believe this will be safer and more participant friendly in regard to challenging weather conditions. Our popular 5K Run/Walk will continue to inspire our participants to start the Page 8

new year off with a healthy beginning in front of Cyclextreme. The other venues will be located in the Missouri Theatre, Columbia Art League and the Missouri United Methodist Church (7 venues). We will also be closing off the block of 9th street located between Elm and Locust and utilizing the closed street as a convenient, safe path for participants. It will also be an outdoor venue featuring lots of fun activities, the Children’s Finale and the Grand Finale. If the weather is hazardous, we will be able to move the Children’s Finale into the Methodist Auditorium and the Grand Finale into the Missouri Theatre. NEW YEAR’S DAY MUSIC WORKSHOPS! Start your New Year off with new, creative goals! Great teachers, great fun! All proceeds go to Columbia Eve Fest! ENTERTAINMENT: COLUMBIA ART LEAGUE GALLERY -FREE! 7:00 Julie Henigan-Irish 8:00 Howard Marshall – Missouri Fiddling 9:00 Melissa Purvis-Celtic Harp MISSOURI UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Auditorium (2nd floor) 7:00-7:45 StoneLion Puppets 8:00-9:00 Videology Children’s Dance Party 9:15-10:00 Ironweed Bluegrass Band 10:15-11:15 John Galbraith & The Broken Promises, Alt-Country, Dance! WHITTLER HALL (1st floor-north) 7:00-8:00 Ukulele Club-Bring Your Uke and Join In! 8:15-10:15 Together With Drumming-Family Drum Circle 10:30-11:30 Swampweed Cajun Band- Dance! MUSIC ROOM (1st floor-south) 7-8 Music Students 8:30-10:00 A-Frame Quartet, by Loyd Warden CREATION STATION VENUE (1st floor –south/west hall) 7-9 Creation Station – Children’s Art 7-9 Spike Bones-Children’s Entertainment


Love nature?

Become a Master Naturalist with MDC JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) will be helping people discover nature through Master Naturalist training sessions being held in January, February, and March in Joplin, Camdenton, St. Joseph, and Cole Camp. The Missouri Master Naturalist™ program is a community-based natural resource education and volunteer service program for adults sponsored by MDC and the University of Missouri Extension. Its mission is to engage Missourians in the stewardship of our state's natural resources through science-based education and volunteer community service. Missouri Master Naturalist volunteers support conservation efforts and natural resource education in their local communities. To become a certified Master Naturalist, participants must complete an initial training course,

eight hours of advanced training, and contribute 40 hours of natural resource-related volunteer service through a local chapter. There is a varying fee for initial training courses, which last 12-14 weeks with class sessions one night per week and 3-4 Saturday field sessions. “The intent of our Master Naturalist program is to better connect people to the environment and nature,” said MDC Volunteer & Interpretive Program Coordinator Syd Hime. “There are a lot of people with an interest in nature who are looking for opportunities to develop their skills as naturalists. We provide that through this communitybased natural resource education and volunteer program. And it’s a lot of fun!” For more information on the Master Naturalist program and upcoming training sessions, visit, or contact Hime at 573-522-4115 ext. 3370, or MDC protects and manages Missouri's fish, forest, and wildlife resources. We also facilitate your participation in resourcemanagement activities, and we provide opportunities for you to use, enjoy and learn about nature.

Become a Conservation Volunteer The Missouri Department of Conservation depends on volunteers like you to help us serve nature and people, too. Enthusiasm and a little time are all you need to become a volunteer—just choose the opportunity that's right for you.

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December, 2013

Saturday, March 15

6:30AM: Open practice 9:30AM: Expert/novice, boatercross 12:00PM: Plastic/age groups/C1 4:00PM: Downriver race 6:00PM: Race Banquet, Arcadia Valley Country Club, Ironton

• This event consists of slalom, downriver, and boatercross races for all ages, kayaks, canoes, and skill levels on class II–III whitewater at the Millstream Gardens Conservation Area.

Sunday, March 16

6:30AM: Open practice 8:30AM: K1 long & short/OC1/OC2 2:45PM: Course takedown 4:00PM: Awards/raffles

• Spectators welcome! Viewing and parking are FREE! Come watch the action and take in the scenery. • If you want to race, registration forms and info can be found at We also accept volunteers! • Concessions provided as fundraising efforts to benefit area charities/organizations. Hwy 67

Slalom Racers & Volunteers Report Here



Hwy 72

Spectator Parking Racer & Volunteer Parking




St. Louis



Fisherman’s Put-in

Downriver Racers Report Here



To Ironton & Arcadia


• Camping is available at the Silver Mines Recreation Area.

1/2 mile West of K

.F St

• Lodging, food, and fuel are available in Fredericktown, Ironton, Arcadia and the surrounding area.

Millstream Gardens Conservation Area access (gravel road)

Slalom Race Course Area


Spectator Viewing

Silver Mines Recreation Area Campground & Downriver Race takeout

Race Banquet hosted at the Arcadia Valley Country Club.

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Places to go, things to do, and people to see in Missouri / Christmas 2013 issue including See the Lights; Spend the day at Crown Center, Lo...

The Weekender Magazine  

Places to go, things to do, and people to see in Missouri / Christmas 2013 issue including See the Lights; Spend the day at Crown Center, Lo...