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A Match Made in Heaven Like most newlyweds, my husband and I set up housekeeping with a collection of mismatched items. There were his family hand me downs and my family hand me downs. He had a few items from his first apartment as did I. Then we received shower gifts and wedding presents. Throw in a few rummage sale bargains and you’ve got a houseful. That doesn’t even include the miscellaneous stuff that no one seems to know where it came from, or at least if they do, they won’t admit it. After a few years, our decorating taste, both individually and as a couple, began to emerge. That seemed to work in all areas except our dishes. They remained a hodge-podge collection of ugliness. Finally, we found a set of everyday dishes that we both liked and knew we would continue to like for a long time. As always, there was a problem: money. Christmas is always expensive and end of year expenses such as taxes mount up. So we opted to wait a while before buying something we could get along without. The new dishes were placed on the back burner and I almost forgot about them because the store sold out of the preferred item. January finally ended and Valentine’s Day approached. It’s that time again and love is so thick in the air, you can almost cut it with a knife. At least it seems that way whenever you enter any retail store. Within a few steps you will be bombarded with cards, balloons, chocolates, flowers, stuffed animals and dozens of gift options, mostly in pink and red. These items are nice and a few might actually last longer than the relationship, but will they be remembered in years to come? I ask because that question came up recently. What was our most memorable Valentine’s Day? Oddly enough, it was the year I found not one, but two sets of our new dishes neatly stacked on the kitchen table. You see, my beloved spouse had been very sneaky. He went back and bought the selected dishes when we first found them. He kept them hidden for weeks until he could surprise me with them. We still use them and like them just as much as when they were new. In a way, they are a symbol of our relationship. They are present every day, occasionally taken for granted, sometimes used for something other than their intended purpose, but adaptable to various uses. They are one of the most used items in our household, enduring the test of time, just like our marriage which we firmly believe was made in heaven.

Kandy Derden/Things to Do Editor

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The Circle of Lights in Downtown Indianapolis brings 100,000 spectators each year, 4,784 colored lights. 52 garland strands. 52 larger-than-life decorations. It’s one mustsee holiday tradition! For details, see P.10. Like us on Facebook for extra activities, contests and bonus articles!

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February, 2014

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Drink a Rootbeer Float

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Explore Lincoln’s Home

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People to See: Your Valentine On that special Day! Happy Valentine’s Day

February, 2014

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Things to Do: Explore Lincoln’s Home Abraham Lincoln spent 14 years of his life on his family farm in Spencer County. It was here that Lincoln was introduced to the power of books and the concepts of freedom, justice and law. Where Lincoln Lived Get a taste of what life was like in Indiana during Lincoln's childhood. Visit Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial , the site where Abraham Lincoln spent his days. Learn about the lives of the Lincoln family who lived here in a pioneer community from 1816 to 1830. This national memorial features a museum and the Living Historical Farm, a working pioneer homestead with a cabin, outbuildings, split rail fences, animals, gardens and field crops. In Rockport, visit the Lincoln Pioneer Village & Museum . Stop for a bite at Buffalo Run Farm, Grill & The village features Gifts . The farm sits on the property where 14 Lincoln-era replica Abraham Lincoln's cousin Dennis Hanks once cabins in memorial to Abraham Lincoln's 14 years lived. Take a tour of the farm, visit the gift shop, then, spent in the County. The museum, dedicated in 1935, sit down to a buffalo burger and ice cream. Yum! houses hundreds of artifacts from the area's historic past. Take a tour of the Colonel Jones Home in Gentryville. The carefully restored 1834 house The 1,747-acre Lincoln State Park was established belonged to Abraham Lincoln's merchant employer, in 1932 as a memorial to Abraham Lincoln's mother, Colonel William Jones. Nancy Hanks Lincoln. The park includes ten miles of hiking trails, an amphitheater and the Abraham Like this trip idea? Then you might like to Lincoln Bicentennial Plaza. Experience the Charm of Southern Indiana. Page 12

January, 2014

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