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Our regular column “Top Ten” focuses on the haunts of our nation in

In honor of this issue’s featured topic, Fabulous Foodie Fun,

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guest journalist Kathleen Walls shares eating establishments in Bardstown, Ky.



Top Ten Cities in the United States that are considered the most haunted


Fabulous Fall Foodie Fun Let’s go to the movies! Let’s go eat! Let’s do both! Let’s do both at the same time at a Studio Movie Grill


Western Region In Arizona: Patagonia Fall Festival


Coloraco: Celebrating the U.S. National Parks Centennial 14 Slipknot : 3 Haunted Houses



Midwest Region Levi Riggs; Country Music artist


Amish Quilt Show in Ohio


Mysteries, Meals and Movies in Kansas


Bowling Green Family Weekend


South Region People to See: Best of the Bayou

Things to Do: Dining in Bardstown, KY



30 31

Another Haunted Train Ride


Alex Brewer, artist




Northwest Region Field of Screams


Pennsylvania Food Experiences



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Colorado will be celebrating the National Park System’s Centennial

Levi Riggs is a n up and rising country star touring the U.S. with his lat-

during 2016 at all four of it’s National Parks

est hit “My Best Friend’s A Girl. Don’t miss a concert when he comes to your city.

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Top Ten

According to

Visit any one of the top ten cities in the U.S. that are considered to be the most haunted . Here’s why...


#10 Estes Park, Colorado

This city is known for the Stanley Hotel. Horror movie fans may recognize this site as the inspiration for Stephen King’s The Shining. For years, guests of this hotel have reported moving objects and various spirits lurking in the shadows.


#9 Washington D.C.

The White House appears to be at the core of our nation’s ghostly encounters. Over the years, White House staffers have claimed to feel the presence of President Lincoln. Others have reported hearing Abigail Adams doing the laundry. There have also been sighting of the Demon Cat, which acts as an omen of death.



#8 Fall River, Massachusetts “Lizzie Borden took an ax/ gave her mother 40 whacks/ when she saw what she had done/ she gave her father 41” This popular poem has been a part of American culture for more than 120 years. It is believed that Lizzie Borden killed her parents one fateful afternoon in 1892. In the city of Fall River, guests can stay in the home, and bedrooms, of the murders of Lizzie’s parents, Andrew and Abby Borden.


Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

During the Civil War, thousands of soldiers were wounded or killed on the Gettysburg Battlefield. There was so much spilled blood that medical personnel created holes in the floors in order to drain it. Several streets and homes near this historic battlefield have reports of ghostly sights from this historic and fatal event.


#6 Athens, Ohio

The college town is the home of the former Athens Lunatic Asylum. At this site, people have reported ghosts walking the halls and mysterious bloodstains on the floors. The Ohio University campus has also had sightings of a young woman who was killed in her dorm room.


Continued And here are the Top Five...


#5 San Francisco, California

Alcatraz Island remains the site of our country’s most famous prison. It is also popular for its paranormal activity. There have been reports of ghostly disturbances throughout the old cell blocks. The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is known to host a headless jogger that suddenly appears in the dense fog.


#4 San Diego, California

The Whaley House in San Diego is the site of one of most gruesome executions in our history. “Yankee Jim” was arrested and hanged for grand larceny. Because he was too tall for the noose, he suffered a slow and painful death. Several people have claimed to feel a sudden tightening around their necks while visiting this house. -8- | WEEKDEREXTENDED.COM ~ FALL 2015



#3 Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia is a virtual hotbed of paranormal activity. The Tuckahoe Plantation, childhood home of Thomas Jefferson, has been known for ghostly sightings for over 100 years. There is also the Edgar Allan Poe Museum, which has reported unexplained footsteps and the voices of children.


#2 Chicago, Illinois

In 1929, Chicago was the site of the infamous Valentine’s Day Massacre. Al Capone and his goons executed seven men with machine guns. At night, people have witnessed blood-curdling screams and the sound of gunfire on the haunted North Clark Street. Chicago is also home to Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, one of the most haunted cemeteries in America.


#1 New Orleans, Louisiana

iThe oldest cemetery in New Orleans is said to be protected by a Voodoo priestess. People have reported seeing and hearing her presence on the grounds. New Orleans was also the home to many slave owners. The LaLalaurie House was owned by a disturbed and vengeful madam. The ghosts of the slaves she abused have been known to chase children and scream into the night. FALL, 2015 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -9-


Fabulous Foodie Fun at the Movies

ia n a v l y s n n e P ia and n r o f i l a C , s a x In Te xperience gE

er Dinin t a e h -T In e iv t a ing its innov


PRNewswire - Brian Schultz, CEO and Founder of Studio Movie Grill (SMG), leader of in-theater dining exhibition, recently announced openings of new theaters in Pennsylvania and California as well as three new locations in the Texas market. Since Schultz developed the concept in 1993 and established SMG in 2000, the company has swiftly grown to 19 locations and 190 screens in nine states. These new locations will add 53 screens, and expand operations to ten states, ranking Studio Movie Grill 20th largest exhibitor in the U.S. “We take great pride in continually modernizing our concept with a focus on a relaxing, no-rush guest


experience.” said Schultz. “By creating an appealing, comfortable environment enhanced by the best technology, 100% reserved seating, dedicated service and a continually evolving, eclectic menu, SMG makes movie going easy and enjoyable.” The five newest additions to the SMG family will focus on comfort and ease, offering casual dining and lounge areas for socializing before or after the main feature as well as in-theater dining. Definitive touch points will be reflected in every location, as SMG refines its architectural and design elements to achieve a consistent identity and build on its already avid fan base.

“The Studio Movie Grill is so much more than movies,” explains Schultz. “We offer one-stop destinations for dining, entertainment, and a welcoming place to meet with friends and family. We’re a great choice for both special occasions and a simple night out. SMG is excited to transform the typical cinema experience and offer a community gathering place alongside dinner and a movie.” Constantly redefining its dining options, 2015 will be no different, and SMG’s chefs will continue to innovate and look at small plate, healthy and regional trends. There will also be a focus on farm fresh produce and house made menu options. New menu items to look for include Sriracha chicken flatbread, hand made pulled pork spring rolls, new salad options and some surprising new finger food desserts - this alongside perennial SMG fan favorites such as Coconut Chicken and Artisan Pizzas. Local craft beers round out extensive premium liquor and wine

offerings. Studio Movie Grill’s mission is to “open hearts and minds one story at a time” and the company proudly supports local initiatives through community outreach and by offering programs that make an impact. One example is SMG’s Special Needs Screenings for families raising children with special needs. Established over seven years ago, these screenings offer first-run family movies free to children with special needs and their siblings while partnering with local non-profits serving these families. SMG’s Chef’s for Children program allows for a portion of sales from certain menu items to further benefit its special needs partners. Alongside mainstream blockbuster films, SMG With A Twist provides affordable alternate, educational and family programming. This unique programming supports local community initiatives, artistic creation and public awareness in SMG neighborhoods. In appreciation for their ser-

vice and to provide the best for its guests, SMG is extremely proud to announce that all security officers assigned to any SMG present and future will be military veterans. The company specifically chose G4S for its security services because of their initiative regarding the hiring of returning military veterans as part of the White House’s Joining Forces campaign. G4S continues to be a destination employer for veterans and according to Civilian Jobs News is one of the best places for veterans to work. SMG modernized the traditional movie-going experience by combining first-run movies with in-theater dining and is characterized in the market today by its continued ability to innovate and maximize movie and menu offerings. For additional information, please visit


Places to Go: Patagonia, Arizona - The Patagonia Fall Festival, presented by the Circle Z Ranch, is set for Oct. 9-11, and will have something for everyone, according to Festival Manager Bonnie Maclean. “Response has been really strong for our 27th festival,” she says. “We have a lot of returning exhibitors as well as a large group of new participants. Visitors will find old favorites as well as some exciting new attractions.” The entertainment schedule has expanded under sponsorship by the Santa Cruz Foundation for the Performing Arts, presenting musical treats that range from a little light opera to R&B to mariachi and classic dance bands. Visitors will also find an expanded opportunity to eat, drink, and be merry, with eight local wineries presenting an authentic “taste of Arizona.” Food choices for festival grazers will be clustered in two “food courts” featuring choices ranging from health nourishing raw vegan treats from Patagonia’s Tree of Life healing center, to soul-satisfying, best-inclass BBQ from the Arizona chapter of Montana Barbecue. More than12,000 people attended the three-day festival in 2014. According to Maclean, there will be more than 120 individual booths and exhibitors -12- | WEEKDEREXTENDED.COM ~ FALL 2015

in this year, “With the new exhibitors, the beer and wine garden, and the enhanced entertainment area, we’ve expanded the festival grounds in the center of town so there will be plenty of room to stroll, sit in the shade, and talk to the artists in their booths. We’ve also upgraded our parking, both for RVs and the car park for our daily visitors. There’s plenty of room for everyone.” Recognized as one of the finest, best attended art festivals in Arizona, the Patagonia Fall Festival is produced by the Town of

Patagonia and the Patagonia Area Business Association. This year’s event will be up and running from 11 am until 5 pm Friday, October 9, continuing from 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday, October 10 and Sunday October 11. Admission is free. Patagonia is located on scenic Route 82 between Sonoita and Nogales, about one hour from Tucson and three hours from Phoenix. For more information contact:, 707.478.6043 or visit www.patagoniafallfestival. com.


Things to do:


the National Parks’ Centennial




In 2016, the National Park Service DENVER In 2016, The National Park Service will celebrate 100 years of protecting the many beautiful and unique national parks across the country. From fishing in one of the deepest canyons in the Western Hemisphere to surfing down the highest sand dunes in North America, Colorado’s four national parks offer vastly diverse and unique experiences. The state is also home to eight national monuments, four national historic trails, a national recreation area, two national historic sites and a river corridor. Below is a sampling of unparalleled experiences for those hoping to get outdoors to celebrate the National Park Service’s centennial in every season in Colorado through-

out 2016 and beyond. For more information on Colorado’s national parks, visit http://www.colorado. com/national-parks-colorado.

Colorado’s Four National Parks

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park —The drama of 2,700 feet of sheer black walls falling into the Gunnison River make for one of the deepest canyons in the Western Hemisphere. Located in the Southwestern part of the state, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park features a multitude of activities offering yearround fun. When snow blankets the ground in winter, snowshoe trekking, cross country skiing and winter backcountry camping allow for views of the snowy canyon

and pure-white overlooks. The warmer months are plentiful with natural pursuits. Rafting, fishing and stargazing are just some of the ways to enjoy the canyon. Expert rock climbers can put their skills to the test on Painted Wall, the tallest vertical wall in the state, measuring at a height of 2,250 feet. Surrounded by mountain landscapes, there are plenty of recreational activities and lodging offerings in the nearby town of Montrose. After a long day of adventuring, four local brew pubs are ready to serve up refreshing suds. Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve—Mountains of sand stand higher in the San Luis Valley than anywhere else in North America at this unique landscape FALL, 2015 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -15-

that was created over one million years ago. In late spring, visitors can soak in Medano Creek, a popular stream at the foot of the dunes and one of Colorado’s best beaches. Guests can even bring flat inflatables to use as they float down the waves. A new type of boarding adventure presents itself in the summer months. Sandboards feature a special design and slick bases for prime sliding on any size dune from the small to the mighty. Late September and early October provide opportunities for photography with unusual contrasts of colorful trees, dunes and snowcapped mountains. The dunes are also great for sledding or cross country skiing in the snowy winter months. Just a few miles from the sand dunes, Alamosa offers visitors scenic wonders, outdoor activities, culture and plenty of history. The hungry guest can find many locally-based restaurants ready to serve up an authentic dining experience. Mesa Verde National Park —As the first park to be established in efforts to “preserve the works of man,” Southwest Colorado’s Mesa Verde takes visitors back in time to showcase more than 700 years of Ancestral Puebloan history. Mesa Verde is also the largest archeological preserve in the U.S. There are a variety of summer itineraries for those who have a few hours to a couple of days to spend in the park. Tickets can be purchased for ranger-guided tours throughout -16- | WEEKDEREXTENDED.COM ~ FALL 2015

the largest cliff dwellings in North America, including Cliff Palace, the park’s biggest cliff dwelling. The abundant winter ecology allows for snowy hikes. Because of Mesa Verde’s bare trees, wildlife is more visible in the winter. Nordic skiing and snowshoeing are perfect opportunities to find animal tracks in the snow. To cool off in the summer heat, nearby Durango has an abundance of refreshing mountain lakes and rivers. After a dip in the water, stay at one of Durango’s many historic and unique lodging properties. Along with many restaurant offerings, the town of Cortez gives visitors the opportunity to buy local and prepare their own foods from the seasonal farmer’s markets. Rocky Mountain National Park—Nestled between the towns of Estes Park and Grand Lake, 415-square-miles encompass and protect spectacular mountain en-

vironments located in the front range of the Rocky Mountains. Trail Ridge Road takes visitors up to 12,183 feet in elevation on the highest continuous paved road in the U.S. A variety of ranger-led programs teach visitors about the park, wildlife and flowers. During the fall, visitors can’t miss the annual elk rut when bull elk gather in meadows with viewing areas available for onlookers. In the colder winter months, cross-country skiing, sledding and snowshoeing are all popular diversions for those wanting to play in the snow. Nearby downtown Estes Park features a charming village filled with shops and galleries, many of which are independently owned. Grand Lake offers a variety of options for those looking to stay along Rocky Mountain National Park’s backdrop including, cabins, resorts, ranches and more.

Colorado’s Eight National Monuments

Brown’s Canyon, Colorado, Canyons of the Ancients, Chimney Rock, Florissant Fossil Beds, Dinosaur, Hovenweep and Yucca House are Colorado’s eight national monuments dedicated to protecting our state’s tremendous history and culture. These monuments include the highest density of archaeological sites in the country, one of the most diverse insect fossil sites in the world, prime white water rafting and stone towers built by the Ancestral Puebloan people. Colorado’s national monuments offer unique learning experiences for all who visit.

Colorado is a four-season destination offering unparalleled adventure and recreational pursuits, a thriving arts scene, a rich cultural heritage, flavorful cuisine, and 25 renowned ski areas and resorts. The state’s breathtaking scenic landscape boasts natural hot springs, the headwaters of seven major rivers, many peaceful lakes and reservoirs, 12 national parks and monuments and 58 mountain peaks that top 14,000 feet. For more information or a copy of the 2015 Colorado Official State Vacation Guide, visit or call 1-800-COLORADO. Follow Colorado on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Foursquare, and Flickr. FALL, 2015 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -17-


SLIPKNOT-Inspired Horror Entertainment


ifo l a C n r e h t r o In N

g Haunted Houses

REE Sickenin H T ut b o, Tw ot N e, n Not O

SACRAMENTO (PRWEB) In a revolutionary pairing this Autumn, horror and music fans alike will flock to Northern California en masse to experience Slipknot’s Screm Park. Slipknot band members Corey Taylor and M. Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan have partnered with Sacramento based Scream Park California to produce an event that explores a whole new, intensely visceral world of horror, as only Slipknot can provide.


Featuring three haunted houses, and thunderous live horror entertainment, the event is expected to attract over thirty thousand attendees from around the world. Said Clown from Slipknot, “Become aware. Stay alert. Know what’s behind every corner. We are bringing our temperature to a haunted house this October. If you suspect that something may frighten you, well then your instincts are correct. Be a part of the new way. The only way.” Masterminding a full immersion in horror for attendees is right in line with much of what Slipknot stands for.

From the band’s very beginnings, Slipknot’s visual and artistic aesthetic tapped into a deep appreciation of the horror genre. Across a career which to this point has notched 40 Gold and 12 Platinum albums and hundreds of millions of video views, Slipknot’s driving forces have been brilliant music and showmanship, coupled with a profound willingness to unsettle. Slipknot’s presence within the horror genre is massive, with their music placed in several films and franchises (Resident Evil, Freddy Vs Jason, Rollerball), while outside of the band, Taylor has acted (“Fear Clinic”) and written bestselling books and comics (Dark Horse “House Of Gold & Bones”). Crahan has directed many of Slipknot’s most compelling videos and short films (and recently completed work on his feature length directorial debut “Officer Downe”), starred in the horror film “Devils Carnival”, and created a darkly beautiful art book “Apocalyptic Nightmare”. Horror is in Taylor and Crahan’s DNA, and they are both executive producers at Slipknot’s Scream Park, taking a very active role in theplanning and production of the event. Scream Park California is known widely to produce high-intensity events, earning accolades such as Scariest in California (HauntWorld), and Best in the West (Forbes). According to co-producer Nathan Polanco, “It’s going to be bigger, scarier, and more intense than ever before. Slipknot has taken us to a whole

new level.” This year, the entire event will be Slipknot inspired, featuring three haunted houses named for the band. Said Polanco in an interview, “the haunted houses have definitely been taken up a notch this year. It’s definitely a whole new brand of horror. Slipknot’s body of work and expertise have proven to be an incredible asset during the production of these haunted houses. These are horror opportunities that were previously unimaginable.” The three haunted houses featured at the event this year are titled Prepare for Hell, Skin Ticket, and Clown’s Playhouse. The band has been tight lipped about the specific contents of each maze, but have let slip that one will be completely dark, with fans receiving only a flashlight with which to navigate endless nightmarish hallways. In addition, Slipknot’s Scream Park has partnered with the Monster Energy AFTERSHOCK Festival to produce the Monster Energy AFTERSHOCK Pre-Party on Friday, October 23 from 7pm to midnight. Combo tickets to both Slipknot’s Scream Park and Monster Energy AFTERSHOCK Festival will also be on sale. The event is open twenty nights throughout October, starting on the 2nd. For tickets and information, visit www.screampark FALL, 2015 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -19-

People to See

LEVI RIGGS Homegrown Country Boy hits the big time as he opens for such country celebrities as Band Perry, Jason Aldean, Travis Tritt and Justin Moore.

By Michael Barnett Sr., Publisher An up and coming country music artist is making his way through the charts as he releases his own songs written from the heart. “You have to have experienced an impact to write a good song,”Gibbs explained at a recent interview while visiting his hometown of Danville, In. As an example, he said he wrote his recent hit, “Headed Home” in tribute to a longtime friend who was killed in a motorcycle accident. The song reached #2 on the inspirational country chart last fall. His most recent release, “Nothin’ I Don’t Love,” is climbing the charts as well. Now 29 years old, Levi proves at every show that he is one of country music’s brightest and fastest rising stars. With his non-stop energy, enthusiasm, and a smile that just won’t quit...Levi creates a style of country music all on his own! When he isn’t on the road with the band, Riggs is home near Danville, IN where he works on the farm and sells grain to those he sings to - the farmers. “They are my audience...That’s who I am,” said Levi. The concert at Summer Sounds on the Square was recorded and is scheduled to be televised on Comcast stations throughout Indiana and Michigan to a potential audience of two million viewers.

See Levi Riggs in concert at the following dates and locations: The American Heritage Festival: 8 p.m., Sept. 26 in Lake City South Carolina Aurora Farmer’s Fair 6 p.m. Oct. 3 Aurora, Indiana For more dates and locations, visit his website at


Things to Do: Quilt a Quilt By Kathy Barnett / Managing Editor


he original Amish Country Quilt Show has been revamped and the dates have been postponed from September 17 to October 23 and 24. The official name has also been changed to the Creative Inspiration Expo. Get your creative juices flowing because there will be more than just quilts this year at the annual event to be held at the Buckeye Event Center in Dalton, OH. There will be crocheting, knitting, scrapbooking and

stamping added to the mix. A variety of free demonstrations will be offered throughout both days of the event as well as displays and exhibits. Several quilt guilds and clubs will be present displaying hundreds of quilts to introduce new patterns and help create new ideas for your next project. One special quilt will be on display for a quilt raffle. Admission is only $7 per person. Hours both days are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, call 412-372-8130.


Things to Do: Dine on the

By Kandy Derden / Managing Editor for Missouri Weekender


enjoy old movies. It can be comedy, romance, action, western or a musical. It’s especially hard to pass up a good mystery, especially if it is combined with any of the above themes. Yes, I know they can be rather predictable, but occasionally they surprise me. In fact, over the years I have stopped trying to figure out who is guilty. It’s more fun to sit back and watch the story unfold.


A few years ago, we attended a dinner theater which was a murder mystery. In one way, it resembled Murder on the Orient Express because any and all the suspects had a motive. Come to find out, the script was written such that the audience participation determined the ending. It was great fun to be involved rather than just watch! From that point on, we were hooked. Anytime we get a chance to attend a mystery dinner theater,

we take it. We’ve been to traditional theaters where dinner is served during the show, downtown restaurants where a stage has been added to provide the entertainment and an arena with live animals performing while guests are served in the bleachers. Our most recent dinner theater opportunity came on wheels. The KANSAS BELLE DINNER TRAIN serves a delicious dinner catered by 23rd Street Brewery.

Dinner Train While in the area, be sure to visit nearby Ottawa, home of the Old Depot Museum. and Plaza Cinema, the oldest continually operating movie theatre. Step back in time where you depart from the over 100 year old Santa Fe Depot to travel aboard the 1940’s era decorated cars. Furnishings and ornamentation are typical of the decade including a flag with only 48 stars. Attention is given to every detail from fresh flowers adorning each table to individual place cards which help personalize the experience. During your journey you may listen to music from the Big Band Era, enjoy live entertainment provided by Theatre Lawrence in the form of a WWII USO show or a melodrama. On other excursions, the genre is my favorite: a good, old fashioned ‘whodunit.’ The Likely Suspects (writers, producers and performers) are well known for original interactive murder mysteries. Due to a lack of space on the train, the cast must be minimal. Passengers are given the privilege of portraying the supporting roles during the round-trip from Baldwin City to Ottawa, Kansas. The result? Great fun for all as each table of guests is guided through the process of creating a detective agency, selecting a name and alias, determining which person from the group will portray one of the suspects, scrutinize each character’s motive as the plot unfolds and then analyze the clues

until the mystery is solved. Every person present is involved by voting for the best guest actor and actress. For more information, directions to 515 High St. or to make reservations go to or call 800.942.7245. While in the area, be sure to visit nearby Ottawa, Kansas which is the home of the OLD DEPOT MUSEUM. Train lovers of all ages will enjoy the exhibits, especially

spects” “The Likely Su passengers interact with er mystery during a murd

the large HO model train layout which depicts the area’s rich railroad history. For more information, go to or call 785.242.1250. Ottawa is also the home of the oldest continually operating movie theater in the world. PLAZA CINEMA owner, Peach Madl, enthusiastically shared the story which began during a street carnival in 1905. The discovery of some photographs taken during this event prompted the beginning of the research that ultimately unraveled more than a century of “Cinemagic” in Ottawa. The very first moving picture to have a story line, The Great Train Robbery, was being shown in a tent. Shortly thereafter, the first movie house opened at 211 S. Main Street. Although the building was occupied by other businesses, a man named Fred Beeler began showing movies in the upstairs hallway because it was the only space long enough to project the picture. Later that year, the local newspaper printed several stories about the benefits of movies, proclaiming them as fascinating and declaring them to be a safe place for children during matinee showings. Throughout the decades, there have been several name changes and numerous renovations. Please turn to next page. FALL, 2015 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -23-

Kansas Belle Dinner Train _ Continued

One of the most recent changes added is a spectacular Movie Memorabilia Museum where you can view props, scripts, posters, wardrobe and other miscellaneous motion picture items. With two cinemas, current and new releases along with aged films and historic movies are available daily. Check out for further information. My grandmother used to formulate her opinion of a restaurant based upon their pie. I’m sure she would have loved KEIM BAKERY located at 304 S. Main street, just down the street from the cinema. Stop by for lunch where you can get what has been voted the best burgers in town, served on buns freshly baked in house. Got a sweet tooth? Finish your meal with one of their giant cookies or a slice of pie. I sampled the Anxious Auntie Pie, named for a favorite aunt. As the story was related to me, she had a tendency to get nervous about overbaking and thus would pull baked goods out of the oven a bit prematurely. As a result, she became known for serving treats with a gooey center. Anxious Auntie Pie was indeed a chocolate brownie-like creation, complete with the gooey center. Delish! I’m sure my grandmother would have agreed. Check out facebook. com/keimbakery. After a full day of sightseeing in Ottawa, be sure to return -24- | WEEKDEREXTENDED.COM ~ FALL 2015

to Baldwin City for dinner at the WOODEN SPOKE RESTAURANT located at 203 First Street. The friendly staff and country décor create a homey atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy a wonderful meal. On weekends their specialty is prime rib, so come early to beat the crowd. Joanne Arnold, owner and head cook has mastered the art of cooking a ribeye to perfection: tender and juicy with excellent flavor. If beef isn’t one of your preferences, try the tenderloin. Each is

hand cut, then breaded in a special recipe of Joanne’s own combination of spices. Try the onion rings for a complimentary flavor to any entrée. But wait. There’s more! Finish your meal with a piece of homemade pie. Apple is one of the most popular flavors of pie, but the variations are endless. This pie was seasoned just right to enhance, not overpower the flavor of the apples. My grandmother would have approved of the artistry involved in such a creation. Call 785.594.2222

for more information about their daily specials. After such a busy day and a good meal, it is time to relax. THREE SISTERS INN bed and breakfast is a beautiful, Victorian Queen Anny style home decorated with period furnishings. Guests have the option of enjoying breakfast in the dining room, tea room or for a special treat, served in your suite. This elegant home is the perfect location for wedding events, showers, retreats, company meetings or a traditional tea party for girls of all ages. Contact Three Sister Inn B&B located at 1035 Ames Street in Baldwin City, Kansas for further information about services offered. Visit or call 785.594.3244 to make reservations. If you are traveling with children, the BALDWIN CITY LODGE provides fun family entertainment. A miniature golf course on the property is free to all lodge guests. Even without the excuse of children, we enjoyed several games one evening. The Lodge offers beautiful new suites with full kitchens, wood burning fireplaces, flat screen TV’s, two person jacuzzis, and outside patios. RV hookups are also available. So make your reservations early for Baldwin City Lodge, 502 Ames St, by calling 785.594.3900 or go to If you are in the area over a weekend, take the free trolley

tour. This nostalgic expedition which departs from the lodge every Saturday morning is a wonderful way to visit multiple sites including the 1906 Santa Fe Historic Depot, Midland Railway, Kansas Belle Dinner Train, Downtown Baldwin City, Baker University and Blackjack Battlefield. Call 785.594.3670 for more information or to arrange a senior day trip. Carriage rides are also available from the lodge. Since we were not able to ride the Saturday trolley, we briefly visited some of the area via horse drawn wagon. While we were being escorted around the area, we learned a lot

of interesting details about Baldwin City. Of special interest is the Maple Leaf Festival which takes place the third full weekend in October. Make arrangements now to be in the area for this citywide event which provides entertainment in the form of carnival booths, crafts, lots of antigue shops for treasure hunting and entertainment on the ‘lawnatorium’ of Baker University. With the abundance of maple trees in the region, all the red and orange colors make for numerous photo ops. If I ever get go back, I hope it is during this time of year so I can see the abundant beauty of this town.




Places to Go Lost River Cave is a seven-mile cave system with a river running through it, with its upper entrance in Bowling Green, Kentucky By Norman Reed Assistant Editor at Far Right...


The kids loved it! When you have two girls and two boys to please, sometimes it’s hard to find a weekend getaway where all involved will have fun. At the Lost River Cave, this was not a problem. They are still talking about it. We visited on a Sunday and had the opportunity to see hundreds of butterflies that had just been released earlier that day in the Butterfly Habitat. It isn’t far from the entrance of the cave to the enclosed garden via the Blue Hole Trail. Unfortunately, the garden is only open from late May to the middle of September. So we will move on as there are at least two miles of easy walking trails

to explore. There were numerous photo opportunities along the way. The kids enjoyed the remains of stone buildings that once stored dynamite. The dynamite was used to help quarry the limestone. There are limestone bluffs all around us and a natural spring. Your child can become an official Young Interpreter by participating in three of five activities outlined in the handy guide book. Everything you need to get started is provided FREE in the Lost River Cave Visitor Center. Once three activities have been completed, the kids receive an official Junior Trail Tour Certificate and a patch to sew on scout

At right is the underground boat tour entrance to the cave while below are photos of our hotel for the weekend, Holiday Inn University Plaza

uniforms or a favorite traveling vest. A good idea when traveling with kids is to start a scrapbook so when they receive little momentos, they can have a place to keep them and help remember the things they learn on their travels. The actual cave tour was the best part of all, taking approximately an hour. We learned about disappearing Civil War soldiers as we headed toward the entrance and our tour guide led us through about a ten-minute hike while telling the tale of the blue hole. At the entrance, make a wish as you duck under the famous wishing rock. Here you can feel the limestone ceiling before moving into a huge room. where the tour guide gives an informative lesson on the history of the cave. There were interior lights along the

way, making the kids feel a lot safer. It was actually comfortable, nice and cool inside for a hot summer day. It was an eye opener for the kids and they all talked about the ride the whole way home. If you are staying for the whole weekend or overnight in the area, the Holiday Inn University Plaza caters to the kids. It’s clean, the staff is very friendly and helpful, and the atmosphere is most relaxing. The kids loved playing in the indoor pool and looking

out over the atrium in the glass elevators. The hotel was recently renovated. and the atrium-style high-rise structure welcomes any weary travelor. It is close and convenient to the National Corvette Museum, Beech Bend Amusement Park and the Lost River Cave. We ate breakfast there, a buffet for all to enjoy. The kids didn’t mind waking up early since they got to choose whatever they wish to eat. What a way to start the day!. For reservations or information, visit www.


People to See: at the

Best of the Bayou Festival will bring together the best in Louisiana’s food, art and music, including National recording artist Marc Broussard and The Revivalists September 26-7. The event will stretch a quarter of a mile in downtown Houma. The Chevron Bayou Boudin Stage, located near the Whitney Bank parking lot along Main Street, and the Peoples Drug Store Gulf Groove Stage on the Houma Courthouse steps will be home to some of the region’s most recognized musical acts including Sweet Crude, Kristin Diable, Big Sam’s Funky Nation, Nonc Nu, Jo-El Sonnier, Lil Nathan, Kelly Willis, Travis Matte and the Kingpins, and Maggie Koerner. Holding to tradition, the Best of the Bayou Festival will also spotlight local artists. The local lineup includes Corporate America, Dulac Smack, Pontchartrain Wrecks, Good Feelin’, Teri & The Fellas, VooDoo Bayou, Waylon Thibodaux and the Cajun Music Preservation All-Stars. “From top to bottom we’ve got all-stars,” said Billy Foster, festival chairman and music headhunter. “Variety is the main theme, with rock, funk, country, zydeco, Cajun, R&B and second-line rhumba all part of the menu. The common denominator is a good time.” The festival will also feature food from some of area chefs and eateries, including Cajun favorite such as jambalaya and bread pudding. A festival marketplace showcasing local art and handmade crafts will also be available for festivalgoers. Highlights of this year’s festival include the Annual Great Gator Race along Bayou Terrebonne, which is sponsored by Stephanie Hebert Allstate Insurance, the 2015 Signature Cocktail, the Chevron Bayou Land Kids Korner hosted by Kids in Motion Discovery Playhouse Museum and an -30- | WEEKDEREXTENDED.COM ~ FALL 2015

open car show sponsored by the Cajun Corvette Club. New to this year’s festival is the Cajun Reebox 5K Walk/Run on Sunday, a downtown fun-run in which participants wear white rubber boots, or Cajun Reebox, typically worn by local workers in the shrimping industry. The festival information and schedule of bands is available at

Things to Do:

LET’S EAT! in Bardstown, Ky.

By Kathleen Walls Editor of “American Roads”

Known as the Bourbon Capital of the World, you will also dine in style. Whatever your style is, Bardstown has a restaurant that will fit it.

The Rickhouse If you’re looking for an upscale night out with fine dining, wine and cocktails that most captures Bardstown’s Bourbon heritage, it’s going to be The Rickhouse. Bourbon is king here with a selection of 120 bourbons. You can do a Bourbon Flight, a tasting of five different bourbons for a reasonable price. The Rickhouse is a tad hard to find but worth the search. They are located in historic Spalding Hall’s basement. Spaulding Hall is home of the Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey History. When you enter the cozy low ceilinged room, you feel are in a rickhouse. While on the trip, we took the Bourbon Tour and learned that a rickhouse is where the barrels of

Enjoying our meal at the Rickhouse & Lounge.

bourbon are aged. Barrels carefully staged around the restaurant complete the feel. My choice for the entree, the Bourbon Blueberry Glazed Salmon worked magic with a simple fish. Others who sampled the thick steaks and the pork chops covered with a Bourbon Apricot Chut-

The lovely dining room at the Rickhouse with barrels of bourbon stored on the racks..

ney were equally happy. Michael from Jim Beam Distillery met us there and gave us an in-depth background of the history of bourbon. Starting way back with the Vikings and moving on to how bourbon got its color. A detail I had never known before but worth sharing. It seems that the settlers in Kentucky, which at that time was a part of Virginia called Bourbon County, had moved here to escape taxation. Essentially they were making moonshine. They shipped it down the river first in earthen jugs and whatever was handy. Then someone got the idea of using the barrels that they received salted food in. Of course

One of a kind Recipes: sprinkled, glazed and grilled with seasonal produce, and quality ingredients. Try the best Pork Chops around!

they had to get rid of the salt. No problem. They decided to char the interior of the barrels until no salt remained. However when the new shipments arrived in New Orleans, one of their main buyers, the whiskey had turned form cleat to amber. However, along with the color, it gave it the distinct taste we know today as bourbon.

Michael explains about charring the bourbon barrels.

Buyers wanted all they could get and began asking for it by the county’s name which was stamped on the barrels, “bourbon.” FALL, 2015 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -31-

Bardstown _ Continued

The Harrison Smith House Another night on the town the Harrison Smith House was the chosen spot. The setting is a beautiful colonial style home. Its earliest section was built in the late 1700s. Washington Irving wrote about it in his “Crayon Papers.” The Harrison-Smith House was established on the belief that Kentucky has an immense amount to offer the food and spirit loving public. Chef Newman Miller, a graduate of Sullivan University’s Culinary School, and his Sous Chef Josh Smouse, try to keep as many dishes as possible Farm to Table. The freshness and originality of their menu attest to their high standards. The menu which

Enjoying our meal at the Harrison Smith House & Lounge.

changes to meet the Farm to Table creed, blends old Kentucky favorites like Hoppin’John, Local Catfish and Sorgum Pie with more exiot fare like their Pork Schnitzel with rice grits and shaved Brussels sprouts slaw and Crispy Amish Chicken Thighs. Whatever

The lovely dining room at the Rickhouse with barrels of bourbon stored on the racks..

your choice they have a wine of cocktail to complement it. They are only open for dinner Wednesday through Saturday.

Old Kentucky Dinner Train One of my favorite dining experiences in Kentucky was on the Old Kentucky Dinner Train. Brandy Farmer, Office Manager at My Old Kentucky Dinner Train, led us on a tour of the depot before we ate. She took us through the old depot, the original part of which dates back to 1853. It was in use until 1953 and is listed on the “National Register of Historic Places.” The train is pulled by one of three 1940s vintage engines It has three dining cars and a kitchen car. An average excursion is about 3 hours. Varied excursions include mur-

Cooking gourmet food in the train’s tiny kitchen

der mysterys, magic shows, wine mixers and kid excursions. Unlike many excursion trains, meals are cooked on the train. Chef Gil Logan was the chef when I visited. He invited us into his kitchen to watch the magic. Since then a new chef, Jeff Sidebottom, is continuing the same tradition and throwing in some culinary tricks of his own. Jeff holds a degree in Culinary Arts from Johnson & Wales University and can hold his own even in the small kitchen on a train. This is a wonderful place to try a Kentucky Hot Brown, toasted bread topped with a generous portion of roasted turkey breast, covered with mornay cheese sauce and topped off with bacon and tomato. It is baked until it is bubbly and golden brown and garnished with parmesan cheese. For dessert try the Chocolate Choo Choo, a chocolate engine filled with Chantilly cream and dark chocolate mousse riding on a chocolate raspberry track. No matter what you try, there are no

wrong choices here. It’s a train ride made in culinary heaven. -32- | WEEKDEREXTENDED.COM ~ FALL 2015

The dining car of the Old Kentucky Dinner Train

Mammy’s Kitchen Another spot that works for any age is Mammy’s Kitchen. Dawn Prystal, Tourist Commission Director for Bardstown/Nelson County, told us “it’s where all the locals eat.” A restaurant can have no better endorsement. It did live up to expectations. The ham slice was so big, I couldn’t eat it all and the eggs were cooked to perfection. The biscuits reached my level of perfection as well. I was impressed with the lunch and dinner menu even though we didn’t get to sample them. The food here is home cooked. It’s not chef cuisine. It’s what your grandmother used to cook. That is if she did recipes like Hot

Known as a family restaurant for breakfast, lunch, dinner AND dessert, the patio is open for dining as weather permits.

Brown or Bourbon Chops along with her Crispy Fried Chicken. They also serve many of the usual comfort-style foods. There’s a kids menu for those traveling with family. You can being the kids here and not worry about the linens or upsetting the maître d. If there is an accident, your waitress will hurry over with a towel and reassure the kids “It’s okay honey; I’ll get you another glass of milk.”

Kurtz Restaurant We ended out trip dining with lunch at the Kurtz Restaurant. Even if the food hadn’t been delicious, (which it was), it would have been worth a visit for its history. The restaurant has been in business for four generations; so that says a lot about the food quality. It all began in 1937 when J. Merrill Kurtz and his wife, Annette C. Kurtz, purchased the land and built a two-story building that they used as a restaurant on the first floor and their living quarters on the second floor. When the Kurtz family learned that The Old Kentucky Home located just across the street and immortalized in Stephen Foster’s song, would be used to present the state play, They expanded. In 1959 the Kurtzes built the Bardstown-Parkview Motel to accommodate the expected flood of tourists. Both properties were placed on the National Historic Register in 2011. The ambience inside is traditional and soothing. The food is Southern plantation style at its best; Skillet Fried Chicken, Kentucky Ham, and naturally, Kentucky’s favorite dish, the Hot Brown. I chose the Hot Brown and in my limited experience found it as good or better than any I had tasted. For dessert I had cobbler. Yummy. Note: the Kurtz closes from Jan. 1 to March 1. wrong choices here. It’s a train ride made in culinary heaven. *Kathleen Walls is the publisher. editor and one of the featured columnists for American Roads, The Ezine for anyone who travels American Roads ( FALL, 2015 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -33-

South Region

ANOTHE Haunte TRAIN ride

Named one of the Top 20 Events in the Southwest!

Blowing Rock, N.C. – For a quarter century, the chilling sound of a long train whistle echoing through a fall High Country night signals that it’s time once again for Tweetsie Railroad’s Ghost Train® Halloween Festival. Guests from far and wide plan their trips each year to enjoy Tweetsie’s family-friendly Halloween celebration and take in peak leaf season in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This year’s Festival will take place Friday and Saturday nights from September 25 through Halloween night. Admission is $34 for adults and children.

Children 2 and under are admitted free. Ordering advance tickets online at is strongly recommended. Daytime visitors can still enjoy all of the Wild West family fun and adventure they’ve come to expect from Tweetsie Railroad. But beware when the sun goes down: the park is transformed into a world filled with new frights and delights around every corner, when the gates open at 7:30 p.m. each night. The Ghost Train will howl its way through the night, taking riders on a frightful three-mile trip.


ER nted e!

By Leah Knepper

Named as one of the “Top 20 Events in the Southeast” by the Southeast Tourism Society, a ride on the Ghost Train is just the beginning. Take a stroll through the Freaky Forest where you’ll encounter dark surprises along the way. Visit the Boneyard where you can try to find your way through a 3-D Maze, a disorienting Black Hole and a mystifying Warp Tunnel. Or check out Tweetsie’s Haunted House, where 13 frightening rooms await only the bravest visitors that dare to enter. Younger guests need not fear: the Ghost Train® Halloween Festival is safe, scary fun for all ages. Enjoy the spooktacular black light show at the Haunted Palace Saloon. Join in the lively dance party on Tweetsie’s Main Street. Take a spin on the amusement rides at the Creepy Carnival. Children can collect plenty of sweet treats while trick-ortreating throughout the park, and are encouraged to wear costumes. Fun Facts about Tweetsie Railroad’s Ghost Train® Halloween Festival: • Tweetsie Railroad’s Ghost Train Halloween Festival began in 1990 and celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2014. • It takes six months to prepare the park for the Ghost Train Halloween Festival. • 200 employees are required to frighten all of the guests. • Professional costumers and makeup artists transform Tweetsie employees into Halloween haunters. • The Ghost Train makes up to 10 haunting trips each night of the festival. Tweetsie Railroad is open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through November 1. The 2015 season ends Sunday, November 1. The park’s Wild West themed hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Ghost Train® Halloween Festival runs from 7:30 - 11:30 p.m. Tickets and Golden Rail Season Passes are available at Tweetsie Railroad is located on U.S. Highway 321 between Boone and Blowing Rock, North Carolina. For more information about the 2015 season at Tweetsie Railroad, visit or call 877.TWEETSIE (877.893.3874). FALL, 2015 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -35-

People to See: NORFOLK, Va., (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Glass Wheel Studio, a contemporary art facility located in the heart of The NEON, Norfolk’s Arts District, has commissioned a large-scale mural by internationally-recognized contemporary artist and award-winning painter Alex Brewer, a.k.a. HENSE. With this public mural project and an incredible schedule of upcoming exhibitions, Glass Wheel Studio aims to cultivate a deep appreciation for contemporary art in glass and beyond. The mural, which will cover the building’s three-story facade on Olney Road, is the perfect prelude to Glass Wheel’s grand opening this November. Brewer developed his iconic abstract style through a mix of

Alex Brewer

formal education, immersion in street art culture, and experience in professional studios. Starting in the early ‘90s, he discovered his love for creating art in the public space through graffiti. He quickly gained notoriety for his work under the name HENSE. Today, Brewer is known for colorful and dynamic compositions that marry the quick, gestural brushstrokes of both graffiti and abstract painting. Brewer has received numerous notable commissions throughout the United States and abroad. His 2015 projects have included massive grain silos in Australia, a substation at Very Fun Park in Taipei (his first public work in Asia), and a site-specific mural created for Facebook’s global headquarters in Menlo Park, CA.

“After months of renovations and prepping our facade, we cannot wait to see HENSE’s mural go up,” said Cheryl White, director of Glass Wheel Studio. “The colors and energy present in his work will infuse our building with the blocks between The Chrysler Museum and The Plot. Commissioning a mural is one of the best ways we could think to support public art and add to the positive energy in The NEON District.” HENSE will begin painting at GWS in late September. The community is invited to a FREE event at GWS on Saturday, Sept. 26 from noon - 4 p.m. The public can experience HENSE at work while enjoying lunch from food trucks, local craft beers, and entertainment provided by DJ Lord Thomas.

The Glass Wheel Studio Brings World-Renowned Muralist, Alex Brewer, a.k.a. HENSE to Norfolk.

About Glass Wheel Studio:

Opening this fall, Glass Wheel Studio is a contemporary art facility located in the heart of The NEON, Norfolk’s Arts District. The newly renovated 8,500-square-foot space will feature two rotating galleries and affordable artist studios. Through stimulating exhibitions and an active Studio Artist Program, Glass Wheel Studio will cultivate a deep appreciation for contemporary art in glass and beyond. It will serve as an incubator for extraordinary ideas and aims to encourage artists across all disciplines to pursue and elevate their craft. For more information visit: www.GlassWheelStudio. com. -36- | WEEKDEREXTENDED.COM ~ FALL 2015

THINGS TO DO: Pigeon Forge, TN - The Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center has opened its newest thrill attraction Outbreak – Dread the Undead, according to Tej Sundher of Kuvera Partners. The year-round haunted attraction joins the Hollywood Wax Museum, Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors, and Castle of Chaos at the hilltop site on Showplace at Parkway. Outbreak offers a high energy, thrill-a-minute haunted walkthrough experience filled with hordes of the undead. The adventure takes place in the laboratory of ChemaCorp, a global leader in biotechnology, medical research, and defense contracting, where guests will come face to face with a military experiment gone terribly wrong. Alpha Strain, a viral compound designed to enhance soldier DNA, has turned test subjects and the entire research staff into aggressive zombies that must be stopped. “Outbreak sets a new milestone in haunted attractions,” says Sundher. “The sets and scenes were created to be as authentic as possible. In addition to phenomenal live scares, we used next-generation animatronic characters which are the first of their kind in this industry.” All of the hyper-realistic look-

tainment Center,” says Mayor David Wear. “To see a great company like Kuvera Partners continue to invest in local tourism and provide popular, high quality attractions is wonderful and definitely contributes to our success as a national and international destination. We are excited to welcome Outbreak and can’t wait to see how we fare ing zombie characters have their against those zombies!” movements randomized with The new attraction in Pigeon unique body motions, allowing Forge builds upon Kuvera’s them to choose how they move success with its original Outbreak each time they are triggered. This in Myrtle Beach, SC, opened gives a more lifelike performance last June. According to Sundher, and ensures that the characters “We’ve about doubled the square never quite move the same way footage and added ten more twice. scenes to the experience in Pigeon Guests are bombarded with Forge. Its size and scope makes sights, sounds, fog, aerosol attacks it one of the largest and most and even smells that blur the technically-advanced, year-round lines between fiction and reality. haunted attractions in the counThe audio in Outbreak was comtry.” posed by two Emmy-award-winOutbreak will be included in ning sound designers who have the new All Access Pass, proworked for more than 30 years in viding guests the opportunity film and television. Five unique to enjoy all four attractions for a scents (hospital, haunted house, discounted price. The facility is boiler room, rotting decay, and open 365 days a year from 9 am campfire) are pumped into the until late. attraction at key locations to make ADMISSION: All Access Pass it all the more fun and creepy. – Four Attractions, One Ticket “We are extremely proud of Price. $29 for Adults (Ages 12+); the growth that Pigeon Forge has $19 for Children (Ages 4-11) experienced in the last few years, For hours and additional inforincluding the development of the mation, visit www.HollywoodHollywood Wax Museum FALL, 2015 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -37-



PRNewswire/ Field of Screams Maryland, the DC/ Baltimore metro area’s definitive Haunt experience will return for it’s 15th season late September in Montgomery County, MD. The attraction’s immense popularity - due to it’s Hollywood-level production value and 40 high-quality scare stations – has led the brand’s creator, Steelhead Productions, to expand into Washington, DC at the request of thousands of fans. Scream City Washington, DC, a 40-minute indoor walk through two intense haunted house experiences opens in early October and will be located at RFK Stadium (WARNING: At-

Nationaly Recognized Haunt experience returns for 15th year as the brand expands to bring double the scares to the DC area, presented by Steelead Productions. traction is intense and not recommended for those under the age of 13). Field of Screams Maryland has long been lauded in the industry as one of the best Halloween Haunted Attractions in the country and is the largest, most popular and most highly rated Scream Park in Maryland, Virginia,

DC and Delaware. In addition to being the Winner of A&E’s National Haunted House Design/Build Competition in 2014 – it’s parent company, Steelhead Productions – has been recognized world-wide as a leader in high-level immersive haunt productions – working last year with the Baltimore Ravens and Hard Rock

Cafe to transform their fun and bright Baltimore restaurant into something horrifying and dark in the matter of days. Steelhead Productions works with various corporate partners and private individuals on creating mind-bending experiences for conferences and parties. The Field of Screams Maryland

d off!!!

your hea Get Ready to SCREAM

ains in place at m re ry to ks ac b e th nnel cakes. Though Twinkies, pizza, and fu new twists. on s ke ta on ti ac tr at y year, each Field of Screams ever



attraction alone welcomed tens of thousands of visitors in 2014. Field of Screams Maryland and Scream City Washington DC are highly detailed and artfully constructed haunts, using carefully crafted back-stories to build the foundation of these experiences. Steelhead Productions is expert at exploiting the scientific spectrum of human fears, ensuring no one escapes their attractions without being scared beyond their expectations. Both haunts offer multiple inter-attraction activities. Field of Screams Maryland is an indoor/outdoor experience comprised of 4 unique fright areas - Haunted Trail, brand new 3D Nightmare Haunted House, Hades’ Hayride and Paintball Apocalypse where guests shoot zombies with paintballs. Scream City Washington, DC is completely enclosed indoors with 2 major haunted houses - the Exorcism Estate and Slaughter

Factory. Concessions are available onsite. Both attractions are Smoke and Alcohol-free and no bags are allowed on the property - everyone is subject to search and the company has an impeccable safety record since inception of operations in 2000. Attendees should prepare for the fright of their lives by wearing sturdy shoes that are good to run in! In addition to scaring the life out of the attendees year after year, the hauntrepreneurs at Steelhead Productions are longtime supporters of the areas they operate in giving back a sizable portion of its proceeds to local charity. A leader in the haunted house ‘Business of Screams’, these attractions create hundreds of area jobs each year providing valuable financial support to the local economies it operates in. Tickets for Field of Screams

Maryland are ON SALE NOW at and Scream City tickets go on sale shortly at - price varies by attraction.

The Details: Field of Screams Maryland – 4501 Olney-Laytonsville Rd Olney, MD 20832 – 30 mins from DC/Balt/NoVa Open every Friday and Saturday Sept 18-Nov 1 and most Thursdays and Sundays See for full schedule Scream City Washington DC – RFK - 2400 E Capitol St Washington DC 20003 1 block from Stadium/Armory Metro (RED line) Open every Friday and Saturday Oct 2 – Nov 1 and most Thursdays and Sundays. See for full schedule.


Pennsylvania’s Foodie Experiences Sample anything and everything

ICONIC FOODS: The recipe for a unique culinary experience should always include a bite of something iconic.

apple from Adams County, where 20,000 of its acres are dedicated to fruit production, or attend the annual National Apple Harvest Festival October 3, 4, 10, 11th at the South Mountain Fairgrounds

UNIQUE FOODS: It’s not just the food that seals a great culinary experience. Take in the sights, sounds, and smells in this collection of unique dining encounters

Eat your face off at The Spa at The Hotel Hershey with an edible chocolate facial. Like the smell of fresh-baked brownies, the chocolate mask helps combat the visual signs of aging.

In York County, tour Martin’s Potato Chips in Thomasville,

FOOD FACTORY TOURS: Munch on a made-inPennsylvania treat as you learn how it is made.

where 50,000 pounds of fresh potatoes are transformed into chips each day. This company has been in business since 1941 when Harry and Fairy Martin sold homemade chips at local farmer’s markets.


By Norman Reed, Assistant Editor

“Pennsylvania is well known for its mass selection of culinary choices, from fried munchies to iconic snacks or farm-fresh treats. While traveling through, consider these one-of a-kind food experiences. ”

TRY A COOKING CLASS Grab an apron and play with your food to whip up something special at a specialty culinary class.

From homemade pesto and knife skills to canning apples and cookies for gifting, Carlisle’s Kitchen Shoppe & Cooking School has a sweet lineup of classes.

Try a Fireball sandwich, bologna sticks, or sweet-corn nuggets at

FUN FAIR FOOD You name it! There’s deep fried “anything” you wish

the Bloomsburg Fair from Sept. 26 through Oct. 3. Then top it all off with an apple dumpling and cinnamon flavored ice cream. Delicious!

Two family-owned candy stores in Mercer County, Daffin’s Candies in

AND FOR THE SWEET TOOTH... Chocolate, chocolate, and MORE chocolate.

Sharon and Philadelphia Candies in Hermitage, also offer factory tours to see how their confections are concocted. Of course, there is also the ultimate chocolate excersion to Hershey’s Chocolate World.


Briefly Fantom Fest is the event that brings together the trifecta of fancons Horror, Paranormal and Cosplay. Meet icons of the Horror Film, Ghost Hunting and Cosplay worlds all in one venue. Demos, costume contest, films...

Fantom Fest San Antonio, Texas - Oct. 9 Henry B Gonzales Convention Center Bannerman Castle Tours Beacon, New York - Thru Oct. 31 Concerts / Dinners / Kayaking/ More

Educational, cultural, historical, and recreational facility promoting heritage tourism in the Hudson Valley There is a Metro North Train Package for 1 day getaways through Metro North. -42- | WEEKDEREXTENDED.COM ~ FALL 2015

Featuring 120+ artisans offering some of the finest work available including jewelry, fall fashion, home decor, furniture, and more. Demos and craft techniques shared. $7 or 336-725-1516

Piedmont Craftsmen’s 52nd Fair Winston Salem, N. Carolina - Nov. 21-2 Benton Convention Center Creole United Festival Sausalito, California - Oct. 17 Dunphy Park

Music - Creole Culture - Food - Dance 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. / Free admission Featuring Andre Thierry - musical performance Taste of the South cookout or 510-331-5575

o Miss t t o N . .S U e h cross t A s t n e v E l l a F es below by emailing

ured in one of the spac at fe e b to t en ev ur List yo n ke ee w @ or it ed e th oto to information with a ph

Celebrate the contemplation of Nature’s gifts. A week of tastings, dinners, games, workshops and lectures devoted to the area’s craft beer industry. Featuring as many as 60 events including opening Pub Crawl.

Join us to meet new friends, learn tips & techniques, and gain kitchen confidence. Our knowledgeable instructors will demonstrate recipes and answer your questions as you taste delicious dishes. All classes - $20. visit

Beer Week Traverse City, Michigan - Nov. 13-20 Local restaurants, bars, retail outlets & breweries

Culinary Classes at The Mill Effingham, Illinois Hodgson Mill Education Center

The Witching Hour Mansfield, Ohio - Sept. 25-Nov. 1 Ohio State Reformatory

Battle of Hampton Reenactment Hampton, Virginia - Oct. 24-25 Downtown waterfronts and parks

Haunted X presents the Haunted Prison Experience: Supernatural III Gates open at 6 p.m. Thursday - Sunday only Tickets are $20 each ($30 speedpass) All new each year!

100 reenactors portraying troops in battle presented by the Hampton History Museum 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Crafts, food vendors and music in Carousel Park. or call 757-727-1610 FALL, 2015 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -43-


t n e t n o c quality

ON OUR WEBSITE - BETWEEN ISSUES Places to go, things to do, people to see Click on the state desired from the U.S. map. It will open to a choice of articles about that state. Click on the topic that interests you most and enjoy! -44- | WEEKDEREXTENDED.COM ~ FALL 2015

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The Weekender Extended  

Long weekend getaways, featuring Halloween Haunts or fabuous foodie fun. Places to go, things to do and people to see in the United States....

The Weekender Extended  

Long weekend getaways, featuring Halloween Haunts or fabuous foodie fun. Places to go, things to do and people to see in the United States....